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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Dyersburg 9 IN Tennessee

Kenneth Dwyer

Fantastic enjoyed move it was grate. Lot of special effects in it and employees


It has been around for quite a while and is a good standard theater. The prices are good for these days and the concessions are okay. Not a fancy theater and that is part of its charm.

Jason White

The dyersburg movie theater was the worst theater I have been 2 in a long time I took my kids to see the lion king movie at 1:00 and got 2 regular size drinks and 2 regular size popcorn and spent $ 55.00 dollars they did not have ice for the drinks and did not have butter for the popcorn. The bathroom was a mess and the theater was a mess. It was a worse day ever..

James York

I enjoyed my trip there besides the movie being good the service is also quite nice and the theater I was in was quite clean. I recommend it to be a good place to go. Went there again and was pleased to find out that they had dropped the price. All in all I really enjoyed going there.

Kathy Hodge

The newest management is great


Enjoyed the movie! Nice and clean.

Amanda Haynes

Clean, decent theater. Standard seats, nothing fancy.

blake cable

AWFUL! Drove an hour and a half to see the "Friends 25th Anniversary". 7 o`clock comes and the screen is black. They waited till 8 o`clock to tell us the movie would not be shown. They could have shown it another night or in a different theater but they refused! NEVER USING THIS THEATER AGAIN!!

Ken Smith

The best theater in a 60 mile radius of Dyersburg.

Mys Martin

Went to see the movie little movie theater was clean and neat

Stephen Lynch

Much needed of updating to the facility

Bryan Bross

Nice facility and people. Good location.

Kira Jordon

Nice food and staff. Good Cinema

Dillion Jackson

I live in the area and I only go to this theater when its convenient. Prices are to high for such a poor theater. Needs a lot of updates. A lot. To say the least especially room #9.

Chip Tabor

We went and saw the intruder this was a really good movie good movie theaters really awesome and that have a bucket of popcorn you can buy for 25 bucks that's unfillable all year long

ruth porter

Loved the movie we saw. Love the frozen coke machine being out on this side of the concession stand now. Upgrades to the seats and bathrooms would be nice. Concessions are expensive. Way too expensive.

erica king

It was okay.The employees were nice & helpful.I didn't know it was that small tho.

Amanda Walley

The movie was really good.

Coco Coco

The sound won’t work on the brand new avengers

kim holland

Sunday 5 o'clock showing of John Wick 3. They would sell you a large drink but the didnt tell you BOTH drink dispensers were out of everything but diet and fruit punch. Yes they gave our money back after ee stood in line to get our drinks. Get it together.

Will Armour

Always enjoy a great experience here. Food and drinks were great. Movie was awesome!

Tammy Servin

Enjoyed it with 3 of my grandchildren but I bought the return $19.99 bucket of popcorn then noticed when I got home, it's only good until December 31st. ??? WHAT!?!? Someone working there should have let me know, we're already into August. But again, Loved the day out with my grandchildren and have always enjoyed The Lion King.

Jordan shawver

I am not trying to be a "Karan" and I'm not the one to post about my bad experiences at places, but I cannot keep quiet about this one. I was at AMC in dyersburg and I was just minding my own business while watching the new John Wick movie and while I was eating popcorn, I went to reach for more when I suddenly saw the biggest ROACH I have ever seen on my hand (while I had popcorn in my mouth) and I threw the popcorn I had in my hand and roach as far as I could and I just freaked out for real. I had to apologize to the people who was also watching the movie because I was just legit freaking out. If there wasn't but 5 minutes left of the movie, I would have left right then. Also, I couldn't complain to anybody cause everyone left and all the lights was off by the time the movie was over. We also saw two more roaches before we left the parking lot.... I love that place and all the people who work there and have worked there but I will not be returning ever again.

Tracy Smith

We saw The Lion King. The threader was very clean and customer service was good.

Phillip Cashion

Friendly atmosphere and good ticket prices.

Latonjo Booker

I bought tickets and when we got there my 19 year old could not watch without adult wow so the online didn't say with a 19 year old you meed an adult so paid for tickets and he and his 19 year girl friend had to be treating like they we're 12 with a chaperone just terrible

Allison treece

Great clean big theater

Jodie Martin

The movie played fine, decently priced tickets, theatre was well cleaned, but the prices for food & drinks were pretty steep. Especially since the popcorn was not good. We couldn't even finish it. It tasted like it had been sitting all day. The drinks were okay, but the drink machine wasn't working properly. They need to improve their quality of popcorn if they want to charge $20 for it.

Leonard Brown

Always a great place to see the latest movies

Joseph Hogue

Overall it's a great place to watch a movie. They have the projector bulbs turned down a little dim for my liking, but I'd rather they save on costs than go outta business and leave us theater-less.

A Baillères

Worst theatre I’ve ever been to! It was so hot in the theatre! No a/c! Attendants were polite and helpful but: RUDE skinny girl with long, fake black, ponytail in charge. Lots of attitude, typical high school kid. Luckily I don’t live here and will most likely never come back to this theatre.

Amber Haynes

Really nice staff, concessions were very expensive, but were offset by the matinee pricing @ $5 for tickets for early shows. We will return, very good experience.

Danna Fisher

The Nutcracker and Four Realms - the movie itself was great but the 3D quality of the movie was horrible. Took 8 children, so you can understand the cost I spent just to end up listening to children ask why do my glasses not work, the movie is so blurry.

kay jamison

I have experienced good service always. The people that work there are always helpful and friendly.

chip Tabor

Me and the wife stopped in here and saw a movie.. great place!! $4.99 movies

Kenya Wallace-Davis

The movie was good. Bathrooms need some improvement. Seating is terrible! There were a number of seats in which had no cushion & they were extremely small. Barely any room to rest your arms. Just so uncomfortable

Tammy Adair

Friendly staff, clean, nice bathrooms and the prices were cheaper then most... Nice time.

Dawn Hill

It's an old theater. Matinee prices are reasonable. The food and drinks are way over priced.

Jesse Dean

reasonably priced theatre, clean, and they also have 3d movies

Amy Hawkins

Great staff, decent screens, good price, always clean... But so many of the seats and arm rests are broken or horribly uncomfortable. I know of several locals who will make the drive to Jackson because of this.

Tabitha Fortner

Concessions was very nice and short line, but we did go to matinee on Sunday

June Peterson

Love it. Good selection but prices are high

Jack Medlin

This AMC is much better now that it has AMC behind it. The screens are a good size and the popcorn is great. The management is nice, but I think the interior needs to be updated. The carpet looks nasty and the walls are very outdated. As a whole, though, this theater is a good spot

Catiyus White

The place had good food and drinks. So if anyone wants to watch a good movie go to this place


I Love this Theater! I love going here with my family! Don't worry! We are coming soon!

Bobby Rainey

Movie was great as expected. There was no heat we should have had blankets.

Hayden Haynes

Seats aren't that is a little to costly..... They push membership to get cheaper food... However the price of tickets are pretty cheap compared to other theaters. The quality of the films are perfect. We enjoyed the added security of a police officer walking around inside. We only got to this theater these days.. the only reason for the 4 starts is because the seats are really uncomfortable.

John Pan

Older location, dated, needs a remodel, friendly service but sometimes under staffed.

Michelle Batton

Great movies!

Dillon Carson

Great place to watch a movie.

Tyler White

The bigger screens in the theatre are very nice. The smaller ones are fine as well. The prices are on the high side. The main downside for me are the chairs. They are fairly uncomfortable and aged. If they were replaced it would be a very nice theatre for this location.

Charles Short

Great and cozy theater. Good prices nice and helpful staff.

Lori Hicks

Attended this theater to see Black Panther. Facility is spacious, clean inside and out and outside lighting is okay. Tickets were on expensive side, paid for tickets at concession area (???) Viewing area is large, seating is small and uncomfortable, I feel it needs updating, I had to set my soda a whole seat away from me as sitting it directly on my seat was awkward, good thing movie wasn't crowded. The technician forgot to dim lights after movie started for at least 10 minutes into movie, finally a customer went to front to complain, and lights were dimmed. Screen size is nice. I stayed for the after movie trailer credits, as usual per Marvel Movies, and technician cut the sound on the second trailer. Overall experience was decent, I probably will return.

Pam C

We were the only ones in our 4:25 movie on a Thursday night. Comfortable place with variety of movie choices.


Went to watch a movie at 645, sat there until 717 before it even stated. I had to ask them to start the movie, imagine that.

Janet Prater

Movie was great, theater not so much, bathrooms dirty, service slow, the drink station was a mess.

John Green

I read the previous reviews, decided to take a chance & go ahead & give them a try because I was in the area. I must say, the staff was polite, the atmosphere is definitely AMC classic yet clean. I did experience a bit of a sound adjustment towards the beginning of the movie. Yet over all no real issues to report. Me,& my wife had to pretty good experience. Yet, please people understand what classic doesn't mean modern. It means Classic !!

Terry Parker

Didn't hate it,but it's in need of renovation!

Abe Flansburg

Nice local theatre, usually clean.

Ronnie Terrell

Great staff, very friendly and attentive. It’s hard to keep things spotless when they’re super busy, but I always see them constantly cleaning and staying on top of things. Very refreshing to see!

Sara Robertson

Very nice movie theater. With stadium seating, there's never going to be someone kicking the back of your chair. There's more than enough room. This is really one of the nicest movie theaters around. The prices are very reasonable. Tickets are cheaper than most. All in all, it's a great way to get out and see your favorite movie and relax with friends.

zachery jacques

Seats could be better is about all

Michelle Lacy

Clean, great seating, snack bar was well stocked, soft drink machines were great selection.

Pamela Tinkle

Great location.

Janice Alexander

It's nice and popcorn is delicious

Loner Forever

NEVER play the claw machine. I tried to get my girl a stuffed animal and no matter how it grabbed the toy or how small it was, it would instantly let go as soon as it reached the top. The movies are good but the games of course are rigged. The food is alright. The most redeeming factor is you can put all the butter you want on your popcorn

Katie Whittle

I love the Summer Movie on Wednesdays! But, if you are going to offer something so awesome, it really needs to be better staffed. There were only two registers open, and the two coke machines only had about 5 out of who knows how many options. The movie starts promptly at 10, which is great, but there are families still waiting in line to get tickets and drinks. The employees working this morning worked very hard to get everyone in as fast as they could, but they really need more hands. I never saw a manager once. I'm not sure there was a manager present. I told one of the girls working the women's bathroom didn't have any paper towels about Midway through the movie. When it was over, we went back to the bathroom and still no paper towels. I was very disappointed with today's experience. 6/27/2018

Kelly Wilburn

Theater is nice but both times I have been here their fountain drink machine was out of almost everything


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