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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC College Square 12 IN Tennessee

Anneliese Nyosutoria

The theater is so large and clean. The seats are spaced good and decently comfortable. The price is on the higher side but well worth the sound and picture. Will see more movies there

Jessica Collins

Very clean very nice theater and very affordable

Jr R

Why have they stopped having earlier matinees on Saturday?

Lenora Painter

Enjoyed the movie. The theater was clean, Food was fresh, and customer service was very good.

Everett Knuckles

Great place to view movies,clean,great people working at all aspects.

Amanda Purkey

It is a little overpriced but they get the best new movies

Tonia Boyd

Bathrooms were very nasty no toilet paper no hand soap notified manager on duty didnt really seem to be a big deal for him needs new management bring back Carmike was much cleaner.


The screen had a giant mark on it the seats were nasty food was horrible

Lana Clevinger

Ridiculously overpriced. Was $25 for two.

MasterGamer 2064

Arm rest raise up so you can sit closer to your honey and get comfy

Rick Peterson

Always have a good experience at this theater. Love their Tuesday special. Applaud the management for showing the new movie, "Unplanned".

Carlton Greene

The seating here is comfortable and they always have the latest films for reasonable runs. The biggest selling point, however, is the freestyle drink machine (sooooo good). The popcorn is always fresh and reasonably priced (or as reasonable as the prices can be these days). The sound system is crystal clear and the screen quality is dynamic. I highly recommend watching Marvel films at this complex.

Samuel Cassidy

This is my home away from home. Yes, I miss Carmike, but AMC is always rolling out deals for their customers and providing at least adequate service.

Mike Patterson

Great movie place.

Shannon St. Laurent

Love going to the movies!

Teresa Simmons

Love watching movies here

Bella Ross

Great prices. Friendly staff. Comfortable seating.

Olan Walker

Very comfortable seats and free refills on your drinks

Jeff Wood

Large theater, clean restrooms, ticket lines went fast

Trucilla Shipley

Friendly customer service and great movie seen the Overcomer

Jason Jones

We come here a lot, but the people behind the counter have some bad attitude

Josef Plavick

Clean reasonable offers, for $19.95 month you can reserve 3 movies per week, big savings, love it

Christopher Rodriquez

Movie was good. The service was good. Always a good idea to get there before they stop making

Tina Price

Expensive but $5.00 movies on Tuesday help

Lecia Maloney

Movie Bahamian Rapasidy was GREAT. First time in a theater in years. Wanted a popcorn and small drink till I saw cost. There is no popcorn or coke worth $8 bucks a piece. I forgot about food and watched movie.

Skie P.

Very clean, several theaters so there are always many movie options. Regular price is a little steep, but Tuesdays are $5 tickets so it's definitely best if you can go then. Concessions have a fairly good selection, and pretty standard …

Jill Love

I like going to the movies but with a new name I would have liked to see some updates like new seating. I still prefer going to sevierville to their theater.

Brian Nichols

The movie ticket prices are getting ridiculous. Let's just say I saw toy story 4 . My wife my son an myself to have a popcorn drink an tickets was 65.50.

Brittany Holmes

Always have a great experience when I go here. There is an option to buy the tickets through the AMC app and that makes it a little quicker to get through the lines. The popcorn is hot and the seats are pretty comfy!

Leslie Fleming

Movie was great but seating was uncomfortable.

Ashley Miracle

The movie prices could be better.

Ray Nemeth

Could use an update but still a decent place to see movies.

Tilly Time

For as much as you pay to watch a movie and get popcorn and a drink, this theatre is awful. There were 2 staff at the concession stand on a Saturday. You had to get tickets from the concession stand and the wait was very long. The theatre itself was dirty and disgusting. The bathrooms were nasty, there was popcorn all over the hall and lobby floor, one of the drink machines was broken, the other was very limited on choices. The self serve station was filthy.. I don't believe I'll be attending this venue again.

China Sakuma

Just ordinary movie theater in USA. Extremely chilly in the theater.

Mark Lee

This is a great theater. The staff are always friendly and helpful, things are kept nice and clean, and the sound system and projectors always work.

cody fobber

Excellent theater, good quality and great service. Very clean

Larry Gipson

It was a full house,,but it was all very smooth,, ticket and food line was very long,,but the service was quick and took no time at all . Had a great evening.

Carolyn Hart Watkins

Great facilities. Great movies. The staff is helpful and friendly.

Brittany W

Love coming to this theatre. The matinees are always a great deal. The popcorn could be hotter and freasher considering what you pay.

Zack Fehl

It's the one closest to my home, so I go here a lot. My biggest issue here is that they never have more than maybe 2 lines open at once. Even during really big movies they still only open a few lines. Don't expect to get really …

Ashley Zabel

Had so much fun with my kids at the summer movie camp! Will be coming back!

Randy Schuh

We only go to the matinee's as it is so much cheaper. I only have two complaints. One.... the sound is perfect before the movie starts but when it is time for the movie the sound increases to deafening levels. I am going to report to health department as I have repeatedly asked for volume to be turned down and it never does. We should not have to wear ear plugs to enjoy a movie. There is no reason to subject your customers to hearing loss. Second.... there is no handicap access to theater. It is very hard to open doors for wheelchair users. And don't even get me started on the lobby space taken up by wrap around lines. This was never an issue before. I know nothing will ever be done about the complaints so we are going to be driving to other theaters even if it is further away. Much rather sit in comfort than put up with these conditinons

Daniel Rainbolt

Great movie theater, drinks and snacks were a bit pricy as with most theaters. But friendly staff and decently clean.

Jannell Sherles

I enjoyed this visit so much The theater was packed but the climate was excellent so I highly recommend it!!

Henry Taylor

Good movie experience with the family.

Andrew Rhea

I usually go at not so busy times, but I barely ever wait in line and the staff always seems cool. Always a smooth moviegoing experience.


The mall is updating stores to stay current with the trends, but I would recommend adding other stores to attract more customers. The addition of a gym is very resourceful.

Charles Lambert

We enjoy like it very good people was very helpful

Ashley Shipley

This movie theater is very clean, has nice staff too.

Sheri Vermilyea

In need of cleaning and having all the advertised flavors in the pop machine.

Brian Rinehart

Nice clean theater. Nice setup. But too many previews before the main attraction. Over 20 minutes!

Rich Housley

Best place to go in Morristown for movies. ;-)

Jim Harris

Nice theater. First run movies. Prices are too high.

Floyd Johnson

Typical of multi-screen theaters. Snacks are super expensive. Seating is very comfortable.

Lisa Duncan

The theater is clean and viewer friendly. Weekday afternoons may be the best time to go if you like having the theater to yourself.

Clinton Hale

The prices are so unreal it makes me sick. I'm glad I'm only married and don't have two or three kids because I hate to think going to see a movie and just buying tickets and a drink would cost me more than $125.theaters like this are the …

Yulma Alvarez

I like the fact that with 10 bucks on Tuesdays we can watch a good movie .

draw fire

Popcorn price was outrageous!!! It was cold and old popcorn. There is NO WAY it was popped fresh. It was identical to the already popped popcorn u by at the store in those tins but NO flavor , unless you pump the liquid butter on it n then it's just oily. Saw HALLOWEEN it was great !!!! Love , Love Micheal Myers !!!!


just terrible. Met up with my cousin in the bathroom

Marcos Malpica

One of the better spot we have in Town.... expensive but it's either that or don't go so I choose to go! Comfortable chairs i always find parking the mall is next to it.....

Matthew Clouse

Good to have a great place to go watch a movie in Morristown.

Dan Carmichael

Movie was Mule , popcorn warm ,drink cold, seat comfy, and companion was beautiful, can't ask for much more .

Josh Petitt

Seating isn't comfortable at all, seats doesnt recline. Would think they would've added reclining seats after remodel. Make people go to concessions to buy tickets instead of at the ticket booth. Which causes extremely long line just to get tickets.

Marie Hayes

The theaters are always clean. We go to see the movies during the time frame of 4pm-5:30pm because the tickets for an adult are only $5.99. It's not something they advertise, but I tell everyone about it I know. It saves a lot of money now that movies are so expensive. They have all you can drink drinks. Restrooms are clean. Staff is always friendly and accomodating. Seats with cupholders are very comfortable. I absolutely recommend this place. Go between 4pm-5:30pm to save a lot of money!

Robin Julian

Theatre was dirty and the young folks working would rather be on their phones. Popcorn was fresh and Coke Freestyle is great. Didn't give me my AMC points for being a stubs member.

ashland hensley

I only go to this theater! Compared to size of the snacks, prices aren't terrible either!

Donna Lane

Great place

Randy Wright

Too hot in theater 5! Enjoy the movie material but me and my wife passed our ice cold drink back and forth to press against our faces. It had to be 90 degrees in there. Since we were from out of town, we pushed through. AMC, you won't thrive with conditions like these. We were comp'd 2 passes but ya gotta do better.

Denise Soto

Needs an update. Seats uncomfortable, understaffed popcorn old..

science curious

They have plenty of help but just stand around letting a line build. The object is to get paid up so you can get into your movie.

Cathy Davis

I luv going to this movie theater

joanne zarnetski

Staff polite an helpful. Theater was clean an tidy. Was comfortable. Sound was good. Enjoyed the movie.

keith frazine

Movie theaters clean however it's overpriced. Where are the good old days when the movie was affordable

Brenda Mead

Really nice theater. Comfortable seats. Each theater has ample seating and clearly marked exits. They give various discounts. Senior ticket pricing is very reasonable.

Nancy Dalton

A good family place to take your family.

Tonya R

The theater seemed clean and my limited interaction with the employees was pleasant. That's the good part. It's unfortunate that everything shuts down within 20 minutes of the actual showtime for the last movie of the night. Everyone knows you're going to sit through at least 10-15 minutes of previews before the movie starts so having so little time to decide on concessions is not ideal, especially if you're someone, like me, who was running behind to meet my family. I literally had to have the door unlocked in order for me to be allowed into the theater. I'm not local to Morristown, so this is unlike any movie theater I routinely visit. The norm, in my experience, is for movie goers to have at least 45 minutes into the actual movie before they are no longer able to make a purchase and I've never heard of the doors being locked before the first half of the movie is over. Perhaps there are factors I'm not aware of that necessitate this practice, but I was certainly unhappy with that aspect of the visit. I don't look forward to going back anytime soon.

RJ Farley

Sound will beak your eardrums, and the drink and popcorn 15$ Not to mention the cost of the tickets. Then the cost of the earing aids you will need to have once you realize your hearing is gone, there 3 to 5 thousand dollars!

Gregory Crawforth

The movies and prices were good but they need better seating for 5 stars

Dianne Daniels

Expensive but good. Fresh popcorn and clean theater

Zada Holbert

Good service and great food but expect to cost 20 bucks for 2 people

Hunter Shelton

they never start movies on time and they are way over priced and omg if there was another theater I'd go to another one but i don't have a choice. and employees are to young to be working here goof off to much. I'm done ranting now

Karen Skye

The cashier that waited on us today was awesome! He was very nice and very helpful. Overall we were pleased with everything today.


Not upgraded to more comfortable seating but what they have isn't terrible. Everything else was great but watch pricing. We went at 445 to get the 5.99 tickets & 2 rang up at 19.00. I questioned & it was changed & lady was very apologetic but had I been buying concessions I may not have noticed! Picture and sound quality was great!

Mary Jenkins

My favorite theater! The only thing I don’t love is the price. A little pricey but nothing terrible!

Victor Shelton

Staff was so friendly and helpful. I asked about a special popcorn seasoning they used to have and the gal went and asked the manager. The view rooms were nice and clean.

Teressa Owens

I love this theater

Tate W

Staff was excellent and helped out with payment options. Captain Marvel was great too

Samantha Anselmo

Could be updated a little but overall a good experience.

Sheri Holt

It was great!

CR Pike

Lion king ...great.

cool dude566

Good but when I saw Shazam they forgot to turn of the lights

Sharon Ferrell

Went with my daughter and granddaughters to see The Lion King

Stuart Simmons

Great movie theater, clean and good selection of movies and snacks. Expensive but all movies are high these days! Go see a movie here and have fun! Perfect for date night, outings with kids, and they even have special events sometimes.

Jeff Goins

I love this theatre I been going their for years even back when the first Pokémon movie first came out!!!! But the down side is that their tickets are so high so go on Tuesdays they are the best price!!!

David Osborn

Very clean theater, i really enjoyed coming here, alot of screens here to, not a bad price to me, very reasonable

Nikki Williams

We went to see the new Joker movie. Expected to pay outrageous prices at the concessions. It's all part if the AMC experience, right? What we didn't expect was the concessions to close, with over an hour left to our movie. No popcorn …

Larry Harrington

I decided not to eat before going to movie because I had seen advertisements that you would sell food (other than popcorn). I ask for a hotdog and was told that you had none (this is the second time this has happen in the last few months) I am diabetic and missing a meal can cause me medical problems or I would just blow this off. Seems to me if your going to go to the trouble of advertising food you should have available. This was at 6:30 PM on Friday night and there was a big crowd (092818). Just thought you should know. I will make sure I eat before I come next time.


Prices are super high but place is clean and employees are friendly.

Judge Jury

Needs a lot of upgrades. Movies are up to date.

matthew stewart

Good place to take family or a date to watch a movie. Nice facility's, clean theaters, and clean bathrooms.


The movies is crazy expensive these days

jack booth

Clean.Good place to see a movie.

Olives and Ovaries

We have an annual popcorn bucket and I highly recommend. Great concession stand options.

Mary Rainbolt

They was every nice to me and that a good thing

Lisa Esmond

Very nice theater.

Anthony Fidis

The date is April 4, 2019 and it's a Thursday. And I just have to say this location is such a wonderful place to go to. And to Invite friends and family. Plus not only that I wish this location was a dininn theater.

Trish Byrd

Very disappointed, had reserved for 1130, started calling at 1045. Was on hold for 25 mins then on hold for 28 to chat. By the time I got someone it was to late. Had a emergency so had no choice but to change day or refund. Iv learned not to buy tickets with AMC online, I'll stick with our local theater. Lesson Learned, no compassion!

Momo sayhello

It was great. The lines are pretty short when it's a weekday and the theater's are empty too! Pretty good experience.

Lee Stone

The lounge was clean inside and parking.The movie night Tuesday is great half price on tickets .The scary story was awesome great SE .

The_Anime _Tor

It's a very good theater and the staff are friendly

Patricia Edwards

I love the great movies and can pretty much have my choice of any movie I like at any time but since they have taken away the bottles of seasoning mix for the popcorn I refuse to order popcorn from them any time soon. I am not a big fan of popcorn anyway and all their drinks and candy are overpriced so I either bring a snack or a drink or I eat or drink before I come there


Difficult to maneuver in site. Hard to find what you need when you need it not self-explanatory

Brooke Haynes

I had previously given this theater 5 stars when AMC took over. Since then, it has declined rapidly. The equipment needs to be updated in the worst way. Issues are inevitable with each visit. The floors are disgusting and sticky - a deep clean is needed. It’s always trashed and dirty in the concessions area when trying to fill my cup. The bathrooms are not up to standard. It’s just not been pleasant on my last several visits and I likely won’t return until updates are made.

Zachary Cannon

Very fancy place to go to. Lots of variety

whitney brogan

It was fun. Food is overpriced & the sound system is alright but lacking the larger loud experience you'd want in a movie theater. I mean it's a big screen so we need big sound also. Otherwise it's cool

Barbara Cannon

I love going to the movies it had been over a year since we went nice and clean

Kristian Shaffer

Better than carmike


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