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REVIEWS OF AMC Bellevue 12 IN Tennessee

Gayle Nelson

Haven't been here in a few months. Tonight it's dirty, no one is checking for tickets. If we hadn't bought ahead of time we could've gotten in free. Only one working kiosk and the people ahead of us had trouble with it. We just decided it wasn't necessary to use it. This place will start losing money for sure if it continues to be like this.

Jake M.

Extremely nice theater. Very comfortable recliner seats. Comes in handy when you pick a 2.5 hour movie.

Matthew Knapp

A great little theater, comfy seats that aren't too worn out. Always enough selections to get a good seat.

Meghan R

The staff is friendly, food is good, and everything is clean. We love the seats at this theatre and there's a mini bar in the lobby too. $5 Tuesdays are pretty incredible too, since we order ahead of time and get great assigned seating. Parking is usually pretty good, and we always skip the lines with our online ordering, but it never looks too terribly long.

Jacob Bear

The general manager TJ Collins very rude. Would not honor the benefit of being a stubs member. When I found the benefit online and showed him- his response was “I was wrong” no apology and still would not honor it. Cancelled my stubs membership.

Ellee Ford

I had a good experience at amc bellvue, but I noticed how hard the workers were and how badly Ryan was treating them. I had asked to speak to the manger and he came to talk to me. He was so incredibly rude and degrading to the employees. I hate seeing hard working employees being abused by there boss and he definitely was not someone who was in any way kind or helpful. Amc needs a new manger! (He also apologized to me for how he was only allowed to hire stupid “high school kids”) so sad. These poor employees.

Steve Perry

Clean modern and good choice of movies...

Drew Doehring

Went to a 3:45pm showing in theatre 4. The seats were the new reclining type and were comfortable, but some were dirty. Especially the cup holder/arm rest parts. Soda and popcorn crumbs spilled everywhere. It was a little gross and more than a little sticky.

Jason Graham

Love this theater...... pick out your seat online so you can get the best seat in the house and if somebody is in your seat just tell them to move or go get somebody who works there to do it... The food is way way way to expensive and there is no reason other than greed to make it that high... that's why I sneak my food in along with half your other customers, so if you make your concessions more affordable, I would bet that you still come out making just as much money, if not more, because you wouldn't be missing out on so many customers who can't afford your concessions... but what do I know... love your theater...

Stafford Rist

Great theater, good sound and nice seating.

Carol Chaparro

Love the seats! They are almost too comfortable.

Barb Morgan

Loved the theatre! Nice and clean, relaxing place to watch your favorite movie!

kyle bean

Head reclining chairs and the theater room service was good even had a liquor stand where you can buy beer shots of alcohol it was amazing place to go and relax and watch a good movie

Michael Sandefer

Awful movie theater...has really nice reclining seats but a glass window pane that sits about 20% into the bottom of the screen. I mean, it’s cool if you like a line going across your movie but I don’t. I’ll never come back to this theater because whoever decided to put this glass pane in that spot is an idiot and they don’t deserve my money.

Russell Acklin

Had date night at this location to see "Dark Phoenix", with the other half,and it was a great time. Unlimited icee was the high point of the night!

T Buffo

I have never been to a dirtier theater. Every cup holder was sticky and had some form of wrapper in it, gummy bear bits and old gum on the one to collect tickets. Huge line for food/drinks/tickets..if you didn’t use kiosk. First and last time for me at this theater...and high prices to boot! Buyer beware...(note: I have never given a 1 star review before, but felt I had to share my experience in this case)

Kevin Nelson

Love this theater! Clean, comfortable seats with all the options for regular, 3D, RealD3D viewing.

Apeezeh Martin


Rita Greene

Clean staff friendly and helpful comfy seat great theater

Victoria Jones

Best theatre ever

Jamie Vines

Love the recliner seating. The staff is always friendly for the most part. Generally clean and well maintained theater considering the volume of messy people that come through the doors. Kiosks available for fast convenient tickets in a hurry.

Charlie Gilbert

My favorite Nashville movie theater. New construction. All of the AMC perks and very clean and well maintained. Never had a bad experience. Standard movie theater food and a complete bar.

Zbuddah Graham

We just happened to be in Bellevue one day and wanted to go see a movie. We stood in line and ordered our popcorn,drinks and tickets for the show. Just before paying, the lady says there are only 3 seats left for the movie and shows us three scattered seats.....So wait. We cant even sit together? We have our 6 year old daughter with us. What is she supposed to do? Sit by herself? Needless to say we drove to Dickson and watched our movie at the Roxy. Much cheaper too. We wont ever go back to Bellevue.

Megan Burcham

The first time we went to AMC Bellevue when it first opened it was great. However the last two times were terrible. We saw the Joker yesterday, the bathrooms didn’t have toilet paper/paper towels. The movie was supposed to start at 2:00, …

Blue Moon

I go here every weekend. Love this theater

Virgilia French

A newly built movie theater in Bellevue.Was among the first customers when they opened their doors. Can truly relax while watching the movies here. The recliner seats are just awesome! Clean and new!

Brent Moseng

Nice theater seating. Clean during our visit.

Jared Henderson

I'd give it 4.5. Great theater, clean, friendly staff. Minus half a start for not opting for the heated seats, though.

Fred Young

The AMC Bellevue theater is well maintained, well staffed and extremely well laid out. The staff was friendly, neat and helpful. The stadium seating was comfortable, and the theater itself very clean. The location is very well managed.

Jonathon Cunningham

I met Nav here, and we watched Ready or Not. It was pretty cool. I touched his biceps. Dustin gave Monet and I a ride. Adam was supposed to be there, but he took a "nap". I think he just bailed.


I was dropped off with two little ones to watch Pokémon Detective. They were so excited , I flinched when 3 small bags of popcorn and 1 small drink cost over $31 plus tickets we had spent over $70. Still , we went to our seats smiling...and then the trailers started- the sound was excruciatingly loud! Theater 6. One child crying begging to leave all of us covering our ears. I noticed others complaining, some left. We couldn’t-I tried knocking on door to camera room and several phone numbers for help but no answer. It was truly the most miserable movie experience ever. We had seen Uglydolls there recently in another theater (5) and it was great - no response to emails I’ve sent since this happened last Saturday.

Georgia Lee

Took our granddaughter to see Wonder Park and she loved the recliner seats not to mention she could get an Icee at the movies. Since we went to the first show time, the theater was clean. Our only negative comments are it was cool at the start of the movie and it just got colder in the theater. So glad we wore jackets, other wise we would have froze in there!

Eric Adkins

It was a Sunday evening and the place was PACKED. The theaters these days are always under-staffed, but this one was not. It was however, still pretty crazy and not very clean. Trash cans overflowing, theaters were not well cleaned but I'll go back to give them another shot. Had a good time tho!

Scott Finley

Best theater ever! Bar, recliners and spacious seating. You can even pick and reserve your seats online!

David Wildfire

Great seats but so pricey

libby young

Tbh me and my friends went to go see a movie but the lines were extremely long and they were low on imployees so we didn't get into our movie on time! Other wise it was fun

Christina Ferrell

Amazing place. Will for sure be back

Deadera Nunn

The theater is state of the art! The staff is very polite !

Tom Becker

The only problem I have is why is the concession the same place where tickets are taken it would seem faster if they were separate and would be much quicker instead of waiting on someone getting pop corn or drinks

Noni X

Awesome experience! I love the recliner seats!

Glen Hutchison

Reclining seats are standard. Icee and come machine in lobby for customers to fill themselves make this an easy choice for our family.

Vandit Patel

I have visited this theater many times and I enjoy coming. The staff are wonderful and always helpful. The theater is usually clean and has reclining seats in all of their theaters. With a spacious parking lot and prices that aren't too bad, it makes for a convenient experience. If your looking to watch a movie and enjoy yourself, can't go wrong here.

Tiffinney Rhodes

I love the comfortable reserved seating. I love the bar.

Michael Graham

Good movies - very good staff - the treats are good and well prepared!!! But I gave them only 3 stars because they will FREEZE you too death. My wife was even cold and she likes it cold inside. I heard others in our theatre talking about being cold so take ya a blanket, sweater or jacket. It is better to have one and not need it than to be miserably cold during a 2 hour movie you paid hard earned money on ;-)

Scott Burgan

Great venue to see a movie. Easy access. Plenty of parking. Recliner seating and you get your seats when you buy the tickets, so no searching. And of course... consesions.

Ace Kapone

Comfy. Clean. My favorite place to watch a flick. Can't be a little pricey but not bad. They bring food to you and you can get a beer.

L Merritt

Clean, comfortable and enjoyable. Love the recliners.

Joe Diaz

Great movie theater...reclining seats..comfy..

Zach Akers

The AMC popcorn bucket is a complete joke. Not even the managers follow the rules and regulations on the AMC website. Manager was extremely rude and would not provide name. Update, General Manager provided his name and business card after requesting at least 3 times. TJ Collins was extremely rude and does not know the rules to the store that he manages. It took over 30 minutes of arguing and speaking to several employees for them to finally admit that they were incorrect about paying for a refill of popcorn. Once they admitted they were incorrect they not only did not apologize for being wrong, but they did not even offer a refill. AMC has lost a total of 4 $20 monthly premier members over this horrible customer service experience by TJ Collins.

Angie Haney

This movie theater is great! The food and candy was a little lacking the chocolate assortments I usually like to choose from, but the huge theaters, comfy chairs, extra room, and clean areas more than made up for it. No walking over people to sit down, lots of room and the chairs recline!

Zakiya Brown

Friendly bar tender and never over crowded!

Angela Fussell

Very nice theater. We saw a 3d movie and my grandson had a great time.

phyllis rose

Going to the movies in Bellevue is fun again. The theatre is clean and it's well staffed. The lines move quickly. And the staff has been very helpful getting us set up on the app, and helping my husband with hearing impaired devices.

Austin Becker

Understaffed. Always something that should be easy, has a “reason” it is not. Movies crash and can’t be completed. When this happens, you must wait in that never short line (average 1/2 hour unless you buy an “upgrade” for the year) and …

Ret Ahimsa

Too cold. Movie too loud. Great selection of movies.

Allison Appleton

I frequent this theater often and love the reclining seats but sometimes they are understaffed at the concession lines.

William Alderson

Very good theater. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The movie seating is excellent. The seating was a new experience for me reclining chairs. Sound and Screen are both very good. I did notice one annoying light on the stairs that was trying to sign in my my eyes while I watched the movie. Everything else was just about perfect.


Really nice ! Need more concession workers.

Amanda Mccoy

Major volume issues. For the thirty minutes of previews before the movie started it was blaring! Reported this and asked if this could be lowered. I was told the volume went down during the movie. My 9:30 movie started a few minutes before 10, and my ears were ringing by then. The movie was fine and the facility was fine, but I'm not sure I'll return.

Scott Honeycutt

I really like this theater. Recliners are awesome. You also don't have people walking all over you. It would get 5 stars but they don't support the 2nd amendment so it is a gun free zone here.

Charles Livingston

I recently had a superb experience here; the customer service was fantastic, taking extra care that I got my gummies that I almost forgot at the counter. I believe it was Canaan that helped me, we stroke up a nice conversation about the excellent writing in the new Spiderman movie. Canaan, he's a rockstar. After the movie the bathrooms were cleaned and fully stocked. A stellar theater for casual fans and experienced enthusiast alike.

Kay L

Worst concession stand. People joking and playing behind counter while there is a line nearly extending past the doors. If the employees want to play then they need to go back to kindergarten. I understand it is good to have fun at work but there is a time and place for these activities. Who ever the manager is needs to be fired or at least retrained on how to train employees.

Terry Fieth

They have great showtimes and seating. If I am going to go out to the movies this is always the place I go! Most comfortable, clean and affordable!

Alayna M

Their seats are the comfiest in Nashville area, and everyone is very nice. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is if you don’t order tickets beforehand, it’s a little confusing and takes forever to get a ticket.

Joy Jackson

More attention needs to be paid to the self serve refreshment area. Multiple items were out on the drink machine. Spilled beverages all over the floor.


Very clean, friendly employees, comfy reclining seats

Lyn LaCava

This new theater was clean and comfortable. My grandchildren and I had a great time watching the movie. We all loved the reclining seats!!!

Sherry Street

Normally we love going to this theatre. Unfortunately today there was no one scanning tickets, and we had to stand in line (although we purchased our tickets online, and are A-List Members) for nearly 30 minutes. People were sent from the counters to the kiosk to purchase their tickets. There were not enough people working, and the lines at the concession/counter we soooo long. We went inside and took out sets with about 20 secs before the movie actually started. My husband went back for a drink and popcorn. 20 minutes into the movie, he returned. We were very disappointed. It's Saturday, Easter weekend and not nearly enough people.

Christopher Rains

Movie started 26 mins late and it was so cold it ruined the movie. Over priced and poor experience.

Anna Crutchfield

Customer service is not the best at all, but the facilities are clean and I enjoy the reclining seats.

Cory Tidwell

We went there to experience the food service only to find out that location doesn't offer the service. It's no different than any other theater. That was the only reason we drove past all the other theaters to go to that one. Tickets were too expensive. Ticket ordering process took too long. The website kept freezing up. I tried calling the theater five times about the issue with no answer. The popcorn was stale. The drink was flat. The chairs were uncomfortable and dirty. The bathrooms were disicusting. We will never go back there.

Chrisanne Ayala

Can't be any happier with this theater. It is clean, comfortable and so spacious. Love the leg and arm room. Great watching experience. Don't bother arriving early though because previews last 20 minutes.

Willoughby Adventures

5 dollar ticket Tuesday is great value. Super clean very nice theaters with reclining chairs. Great sound and screens. The kids prices are very reasonable. The drink and icee machines are wonderful touch.

Ann Gwinn

Great place! Comfy seats, spacious, ya don't feel like sardines in a can. I could wish the concessions were not so expensive, though.

Charity C

Love this AMC - probably the best one in the Nashville area. It’s super clean, you receive great service, they have recliner seats, and the sound and picture quality is good as well.

Esther Wicks

In general, many movie theaters don't provide great service. One pays to be a premier customer, stands in the premier line, and the workers assist non-premier customers first. It's a little difficult to locate for the first time using Google Maps (had me drive past and said I arrived when I was in front of a dark house).

Ricky Harris

Beautiful theater...great comfortable seating

Susan B

Great atomsphere saw Brad Pitt

Chocolate Glows

Super Duper comfortable. Went to see Avengers- End game and it was definitely worth it. Had to reserve seats way ahead of time.... They were selling out like hotcakes!

Troy Cowan

Very clean! Very very comfortable! Definitely friendly folks in a friendly and helpful environment! I prefer MY movies HERE!

T.V. Edwards

I LOVE this theatre. I have been many times and prefer it over any Regal theatre. The seats are comfy, popcorn is always fresh and not doused with salt and I love the self serve drinks and butter station. Let's not forget the bar

Georgia Crowell

Great thx!

T Fay

Great theater! Nicely renovated comfortable seats!

Dobby Beach

WOW. This place is awesome. I guess it's been too long since I've been to the movie theatre, but things have really changed. I selected seating, like one does with a concert, for example. Seats- in particular, are electronically reclining / adjustable, comfortable, wide-enough plush chairs. Lobby is massive and I anticipate it would handle a decent size crowd without getting too congested. The lobby was clean, bathrooms, & our viewing room. Overall a really nice place to which we will surely return.

Bradley Poelstra

Great theater! Good picture, sound, and comfortable seats. Starting to see some dried soda spills, otherwise generally clean. Can walk in late and get your assigned seat.

carguy tone

One of the best movie theaters in Tennessee I've would recommend it to anyone kids love it

Mary Helen Rheinecker

Fully into the amenities that they will need going forward. Always relaxing to go there.

Dimitri Mariutto

I love the new trend in movie theaters;, soft plush recliners with lots of room. Problem is, they are so comfy, you might end up taking a $15 nap.


Nice and quaint!FRIENDLY STAFF


Really nice theater, good food selection, and pretty clean. Really love the old school meets new school feel of the AMC theaters. Would be 5 Stars, but the cashier kept giving me dirty looks while I was ordering snacks.

Travis Harper

Great theater. Reserve seating, power leather recliners, stadium seating.

Lisa Harper

This theatre is great. Never too crowded and the seats are heavenly.

Nima Rakhsha

I've never written a bad review, but this place was awful. It was so dirty and there is this glass partition in front of the seats that was filthy and so distracting to watch the screen through it. I reached out to customer service and they were completely useless. I don't feel good about leaving a bad review, but this theater is so terrible that it warrants a one star.

Paul Devera

One had one problem with tickets I ordered early. The manager was on it and took care of me fast and politely. Theaters are clean. Glad it's the theater closest to my house. Service seems to be pretty fast. Really haven't had a problem there. Just great times.

Gary Schnaper

Great theater! Seats are sooo comfortable! Full reclining with footrests.

Allen Shockley

I think it may be a mistake to combine ticket purchases with concession purchases at the same register as it illustrates just how very expensive a trip to the cinema is today. 2 tickets, 2drinks 1 large popcorn, $60. To be fair it was in 3D, but only because it was the only show time. All else was a comfortable movie going experience, nice reclining comfy seats with plenty of legroom and armrests with a large screen.

Josh Schafer

A long line for concessions and only 2 girls (working hard on their part) behind the counter. There should be at least 4 behind the counter and this is on a Saturday. Feels like I'm at Walmart waiting. Not a great first experience.

Kenneth Alonzo

Great new movie theater with better seating than Franklin and Green Hills.


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