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REVIEWS OF Odyssey Grand 8 Theater IN South Dakota

Dustin Bormann

I go here regularly and would highly recommend it for anyone around the area or even families passing through. Great quality, comfy seats, and a extremely friendly staff. As far as theater experiences go this is just about the best money can buy while not forking over fifty to a hundred dollars at the movies for 2. Hands down best theater in the state. I would love to see something like an arcade or a restaurant of some sort. Not sure if their is space for a restaurant but feel it is something that would be very convenient for the moviegoers and profitable for the theater if they added this. Overall amazing theater but always look to improve!!!

Bludgeon the Velociraptor

I have to agree with all of the awesome comments about the theatre. I love going to see movies there.

Sonya Lawrence

excellent customer service-highly recommended!

Matt Thorson

Great theatre and seats with awesome sound

Michael McNamara


Darla Estwick

Great Movie Theatre !! Very Comfortable recliners and nice screen and sound.

Brandon Nelson

Awesome theater!

Drew Reetz

The most inadequate service I have ever had the chance to be in the presence of! The movie was flickering and glitching constantly, probably something wrong with the film, and then my 5 year old, UNVACCINATED son who just wanted to see Avengers Endgame was patiently waiting until his tourette’s got the best of him, and we had to leave early during our nearly 30 minute wait for the movie to begin. I would not recommend this theater.

Mike Boswell

Good place to watch a movie

Havilah Holdahl

Great movies, good food. A little spendy

Brianna Murphy

The new theater is pretty cool. Fancy recliners and the prices aren't too bad! Easy to get in/out.

jeff baird

Great seats nice clear sound forsure will be back.. Couldn't go 5 star only because I've been to similar places with better options like beer warm food service at your seat... But still was a great place over all

Lynsy Ford

Good date night

Brian Schumacher

Outstanding! Great movie experience. Super comfortable power reclining seats.

Angelina Schaefer

Service at concessions could have been (much) faster. 110 show.

Christopher Hughes

Very clean with comfortable chairs! Staff was all quite friendly. Glad to have this, we'll be back

Bella Joella

I love the seats and the atmosphere. Really takes me into the movie.

Liz Kirschenmann

This is the worst theater I have been too! Since when do u tell a handicap they have to do stairs if they want to c the show. They wouldn't even let her sit in the wheel chair spot because she had a walker. So she set by the entrance . Will definitely tell everyone ! Would Not Recommend this place!

Jodi Nowick

As always a great time at the movies in Watertown! Awesome seats and great movie!

Victoria Seaboy

Love the new theater, my kids like the new seats and the popcorn. Good atmosphere and they have good deals every Tuesday.

LuAnn Steen

Worth the drive! Super nice theatre!

Shanah Hoffman

It's a nice theater

Lois Hauck

Too cold inside

Ricky Albright

Very nice seating and very nice and polite workers.

Paula Johnson

Love the theater !

Joni Jacobsen

You pick your seats before you go into the theater which is nice. The chairs you sit in our recliners very comfortable.

Francis Stelzle

A movie theater with 8 screens. Amazing seats. Cool discount occasionally for LATI students.

Ellen Munter

Great theater, but the bathroom is a little small.

Glenn muscato

Good place to go and relax

Shawna Kretzschmar

Amazing, Updated New Releases & very clean. Screens are amazing along with the reclining chairs.

Mandi Kuper

Love the reclining seats

Mason Jorgenson

Great place to watch a movie. Love the new reclining chairs. Good prices, love the new big screens

T. R.

Buying tickets online is great. No waiting in line! Clean and comfortable theatre. Recliners are awesome! Also, Tuesday is $5 Movie night! Very kid friendly and have a family bathroom.

Rochelle Hunter

Awesome movie theatre! Makes person forget they are in Watertown. I love the on-line scheduling feature

Wade Jorgensonyrtu

Most comfortable seats I've ever sat in in a theatre. Great sound system. Get tickets about 3-4 rows from the front. Front row is too close.

Seth Duncan

Best theater in South Dakota!! Super comfortable reclining seats and really clean. Big screens and great sound! Party room for birthdays and great concessions. I drive 2 hours for a movie even though we have a theater where we live. Its that good!

edgar rubio

Nice place real comfy recliners, but this was my first time here and the speakers in theater 4 sound like they need to get replaced they were busted and made the theatre tremble

Ian Alverson

Excellently designed theater. Brand new, power reclining seats, reasonable prices, and all the latest movies.

Nick Jager

Reclining seats, refillable drinks, great sound and screen = a great experience.

Bob Grape

Absolutely fabulous You just have to be there!!!

Katherine M Larson

Was Fun at the Moment!When to some Popcorn! Line long,couldn't wait!Movie was starting. Left,Came to seat Five!These Three Hairy Guy's! Took my Seat!End in Eight! But I was right in the Middle With Jesus!Anyway.Amen!

Mik Lund

New clean nice size prebook tickets if you want

Judi Allen

Great theater! Best room seats I've ever seen!

Anna Garza

Great place! Seating is awesome with no crowding and reclining action... love the "at-home" feel of seating! And the screen is great from any angle!! I Love It! You will too!!

Steven Hoaas

Very nice theater, super comfortable recliners seating so much so my parents have fallen asleep during a few movies here. very clean theater and fairly reasonable prices. I wish I lived closer so I could go to movies here more often. My parents attend many movies here, they go to 4+ a month some months.

Pat Burns

Love our new theater! Only negatives were very minor: Concessions were slow, could probably use twice as many restrooms.

Tabitha P

Love the reclining seats! Actually like the assigned seating too!

Martin Gapinski

Reasonable pricing throughout and the seating is spectacular.

Anonymous 9000

Amazing everything. Awesome relaxing seats

Wyatt Kuiper

Went to theater today. Paid $10 a piece for my wife and me. Turns out theater 2’s air conditioning was broken. 80 some degrees sitting it vinyl recliners. Asked for a cup for tap water and was told to buy a full priced soda. Would have been nice to know what we were getting into. Would have rather waited and bought it when it came out.

Jason Crow

We're fortunate to have this nice of a place here! First of all, it makes it really easy to get your tickets online and pick the seats you want before you even get there. So that will save you a lot of time. Then when you are there, you can tell that they really thought out the design and layout of the theater to make it really efficient. And on top of the traditional movie theater food, they have some cool new addition such as White Castle burgers and pretzels now. Of course one of the best things there is the powered reclining movie theater seats, it really gets comfortable and still maintains plenty of room for people that need to get by. The movie pictures are superb, the sound is excellent, so all in all, it is a fantastic place to go to watch movies.

Beth Luckhurst

Very comfortable recliners, great snack bar. Eight movie theaters, with matinees and senior discount.

Carson Riter

They are a really good movie theater

Craig Johnson

Very nice clean stellar sound leather recliners

Kristi Barz Mashek

Comfy seats, a little spendy.. picking your place to sit? Different..

Falcon Punch

Its super clean, cozy, and fair. The prices are same from the last theater and the seats are really nice definitely worth going if you wanna see a movie.

Marci Glines

Awesome movie theater! The reclining individual seats are awesome! Tickets are cheap but concessions are way over priced!

Kirasha Keshnaier

Super comfy seats!

Austin Iron Star

Nice theater like the chairs

Itz Fe4rrliciaa

I LOVED IT! The chairs were comfortable, the screen is big if you can't see well, friendly people and service, good popcorn and food, you even get free refills on drinks! I have been there only 2 times in a row, the first time I loved it so much, the next day I went again! You get to pick where you want to sit, even the ads are interesting! Now I want to go there every weekend, or when I can!! Go to this theatre! It's the best one ever! The seats even recline! It's clean too! (Well, except for some popcorn in seats, but that's other people's fault!) This theatre is now one of my FAVORITE places to go now! The prices are affordable and reasonable... it can't get any better! And if you find out the seat you picked is in a bad spot, you can switch! They update their movies... For the kids AND adults! If you're looking for a good theatre, GO TO THIS ONE!!! Trust me, it'll be worth the time. And if there were more than 5 stars as a rating, I would rate this theatre an infinity! Have an AWESOME time if you go there! You won't regret it!!!

Conrad Toutges

Comfortable reclining seats. Plenty of leg room. Allow time for snacks; they could be more efficient.

Larry Taylor

Upgrades from the old theater are nice but are already falling into disrepair. More than once now I've found the new reclaiming seats have broken bases. Its unfortunate as it really is a nice theater. They also seem to be a bit under staffed at times as well but they always seem to handle it well despite it.

Brent Kukrall

Friendly helpful staff... comfortable seats :)

Keri Holmes Rojas

Beautiful "destination" movie palace. There is limestone and art, sharply-dressed staff, and recliners in the auditoriums. I felt like I had stepped into a classier time when going to the theater was still a dress-up occasion.

Sam Legg

Very happy with our experience

Grindking 10000

Always a great venue to see the newest flicks. Highly recommend.

Selena Collier

Love this place! Best seats!!

Meghan Randall

We love this theater. Seats are comfortable, staff is friendly, and I like the variety at concessions.


Best theatre I've visited yet. Reasonably priced and amazing seating (literally). You can't go wrong with cushioned power recliners ;)

Judi Jones

Awesome movie!! Popcorn, drink. The reclihers is what brings us to enjoy the show!!

Riley G

Very clean and super friendly staff!

Abbie Johnson

Just had a bad experience. Paid for tickets online and paid $0.60 per person (6 people) extra for a convenience fee to purchase tickets in advance and not have to stand in line. When we got there, we tried to use all the kiosks to retrieve tickets. None of them worked and sent us to the long line to retrieve tickets we paid extra for in order to avoid the line... When we explained to the clerk that we shouldn’t have to pay for the convenience fee since this wasn’t convenient and no refund was extended. Nor did she allow us to speak to her manager to explain the situation. Her only explanation was a sheepish apology saying sometimes these things don’t work. Don’t make people pay extra for something they don’t keep in working condition.

G-Force 1 1

I love the seats and the quality was great.

Katarina Bens

New theater for Watertown. Very nice, reclining seats, clean floors, lots of space between rows, fresh snacks although rather expensive. We went to the matinee so was a lower price than evening, and less people.

david thompson

Awesome theater. Doesn't keep movies playing but for a couple weeks. Concessions take a fortnite to get through. Better treat it like an airport and show up two hours early to get to your movie on time.


nice movie theater!

Julie Goodroad

Great theatre, super comfy seats. Enjoyed the popcorn.

Frank Fuller

Fantastic new place. The screens are good, sound is great, and heavily upholstered recliner seats! The only thing I could possibly say ill of it is that you better not be too tired if you recline all the way, because with the heavy chair padding, you might fall asleep. ;)

Kay Loken


Lance Bennett

By far the best theater ibahwv ever been too. Ticket prices were very reasonable, snack prices were a little high but we expected it to be honest. We utilized the website to buy our tickets and print them when we got there. We drove down from Britton for the day am we will do it again for the big movies that we want to see. So well done, brings back a great movie experience. I rarely give 5 stars but this place deserves it.

Mark Panek

Theatre is very nice clean comfortable....sound from movie next door was too loud....

Arla Maynard

Great Comfy seats

Matt Spencer

We drive an hour and a half just to go to this theater! Our own theater is so old and so under maintained that it is unenjoyable to watch a movie at.

Christina T

Wonderful. Friendly staff. Could use more parking, another exit would be nice, and ladies bathrooms were needing attended. Of course, be easier for staff if people would be considerate, not in hurry or a slob. Just my 2 cents. Otherwise awesome place.

Mariah Sandburg

It's a passable movie theater but the staff is often non-caring or just out right rude.

Michael Bunke

This is a fantastic place. We traveled from Aberdeen just to see a movie here.

Nick Voss

One of the best movie theaters I have been to. Love the chairs!

Tina Frederics

Great seats!

Kayla Pinkert

Absolutely love this theater! I live an hour away, and will gladly drive the hour to watch a movie at this location. Comfortable seats, cheerful staff, and great food!

Angie Scotting

Good service, love the reclining seats, but wish there were more seats. With a family of 5, we pretty much have to get our tickets online in order to sit by each other.

Kristy Hayes

Love the seating, popcorn is so yummy. Need more staff for concessions but better than they were when they were in the old building. Much cleaner too. The staff they do have is very pleasant.

Racheal Schmitt

Great theatre! Always clean facility with cheap snacks and friendly staff.


We drive from Aberdeen to see movies here. The chairs are so comfy I could sleep in them. The staff is very friendly. The picture and sound of the movies are amazing. I highly recommend coming here to watch a movie.

Perdue Antonio

Pricey but guess you pay for luxury. My kids ticket cause the same as adults did..

Jeremy Overstreet

Great seats. Not a bad seat in the place. Super expensive concessions. But that's not surprising, is it?

Susan Westermeyer

The reclining seats are absolutely fabulous. People can walk past you and you don't even need to go to an upright position. Great way to see a movie.

Moonlight Aadland

Nice, clean, friendly. An they have $5 Tuesdays!! Perfect for a family movie night

Lynn Bren

Always a wonderful experience!

Marcia Gangl

Very comfortable seats! Very clean theater!

Anna Banana

Had a blast and was easy to walk around even with my crutches lol

Bowen Fladland

Great Movie Theatre Best Ive Sat In. Spend Soda But Hey Its Just Business Lol

Kristi Johnson

Its reasonably priced and so very comfortable!!

Ericka Kopman

I love the experience! Although the employees are yound and kinda awkward, I still love it!

Tasha Stanford

Went to the movies with my daughter the place is wonderful! Loved the chairs! I was a little confused on prices they said one thing on the board an rang up more expensive then what was posted. Not sure i lome the seating arrangement of havi g to pick a chair when u get there, what happens if there's multiple and not enough seating?

Elijah Larson

Best theater within 100 miles. Very comfortable seats that recline too.

Millisa Wegscheid

Great place to relax and watch a movie with kids and family

selena tobey

Great screen and sound effects and service

Julie Leonard

We love the new movie theater in Watertown

Cody Valnes

Tuesday is the night to go. Clean and comfortable.

Lisa m

The seats are recliners and they are fantastic. The ticket pricing is cheap in my opinion. The mega bucket deal is a wonderful idea!

Jeffrey Herold

It's nice that our little town finally got a cinema upgrade. And it is pretty dang fine too. Reclining seats, plenty of leg room (and butt room), and the ticket prices are reasonable for all that luxury. As is usual though, concessions can be pricey, but that is any theater you go to anymore. Its still going to cost you to see a movie, but at least now the experience isn't uncomfortable seating, sticky floors, and god only know what was spilled in the hallway. And you get to pick your seats.

Trey Cass

Comfy seats and good food

Molly Kass

What a great experience!! Big, comfortable seats, huge screen, wonderful place to take the family! Beautiful place!!

Jason Brudwick

Bring a blanket and relax.. it's like being at home.. possibilty of also falling asleep no matter how amazing or funny movie is. Great...amazing...clean, fun place to relax and spend quality time watching a movie with family, friends and loved ones

Tellacky Kavishe

It's clean..comfortable recliner seats Fast affordable and good services

Heather Casey

Great seats super comfortable wish they went back a little further bit still great. Tickets are reasonable but candy and popcorn and drinks are rediculously high. They would sell more if the prices weren't so high. Less people would smuggle stuff in if prices were lower. Just saying.

Robin Robertson

Prompt servicr

Josette Lee

This was my first visit to this theatre and had the most enjoyable and memorable days of my life! Everyone was so pleasant and helpful. It was more comfy than my own living room. I can't wait to go again.

Joseph Anderson

This is a very nice theater in small size city. Very comfortable and clean. The screen was a great size with great audio to accompany it. Would highly recommend!

kathy tesch

Good place

Karen Gloe

FREEZING cold. only reason for a three otherwise the place is awesome! Take your favorite blanket.

Cody H

Amazing theater! Sound and screens are amazing. Reclining chairs with plenty of room to move through the aisle. Many people drive from Aberdeen to go to this theater. Very nice!

Kelly OCAllaghhan

Great service! Fantastic seats, sound and lighting! Greatest movie experience!

Shane Larson

Stadi seating , self check-in, lots of staff at concessions make for a good visit every time!

C Braun

This theater makes me never want to go to a regular theater again. The seats are comfy and spacious with the added bonus of reclining and the theater is kept remarkably clean. The concessions had a wide variety of snacks and refreshments that made the experience even better.

Le Chicken Almighty of le chickens

Awesome seats. Good quality movie theater.

Jules Goodroad

Great Customer Service. So comfortable. Almost like my Lounge chair at home only better. I can't make buttered popcorn like they do. Bring your bucket!

Nick Fox

By far the nicest theater ive ever been to. Amazing seats and clean theater. Bathrooms could use being cleaned more often is my only complaint


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