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REVIEWS OF Elks Theatre IN South Dakota

Dustin Willett

I love the Elks. The place reverberates with history and harkens to a bygone era. If you prefer ultra-modern theaters, you may not enjoy it as much as I do, but the movie ambiance in the Elks is just awesome. The main screen is huge, with balcony seating - and the upstairs (up a lot of stairs) room has an intimate "home theater" feel to it. It's neat to sit before the feature starts and think about the fact that performances were taking place in this theater before they even started carving Mt. Rushmore. Cool place!

Joyce Schlim

The new seating is comfortable and roomy the picture and sound quality are excellent in a nice and clean theater.Enjoyed the show

Justin Johnson

Best movie theater around, love sitting in the balcony area

Robert Kcisaw

This place is great. Cheap seats, chill environment and the place is dripping with history. A great little chunk of Black Hills culture.

Stephanie LaGrande

Great theater. Reasonable prices. Good food and nice new chairs. Always my first choice.

Stacie HellN Tail

I love this place!

Tony Dodd

Good theater, although the temperature is either way hot or way cold.

Phillip Browning

Great place to watch a movie. Lots of history in this place, they don't make theaters like this anymore.

Merissa Athans

First time there to watch Avengers Endgame again and it was amazing! Absolutely good service! Was extremely excited that I got to have carmel corn! Will be back again

Bright Star Win

Friendly service...thx!

Carla Brutico

The Elks Theater has recently remodeled and still has the best popcorn in RC! Seats are comfortable and there is always a movie that you missed in other theaters. I often take the grandkids there to catch a film they missed or even want to see again. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and can be reached by phone - no kidding, no recording before opening hours. I have attended their film festivals, which are always great. There is also a film series featuring film classics.Their website has all the info.

Kelli M

The amount of stairs to climb to the upstairs theater was crazy. But the theater was nice.

M Moses

As good as the other theatres in rapid except tickets are $5.

A Mothers Love Richardson

There's probably nothing at the Elks could do to make me stop going there except for close. The people they hire are excellent management staff especially Miss Christy are superb. The deals you receive are wonderful I could go on and on about the Elks Theater

Christopher Holloway

I personally love the old history and feel if this place. The workers are polite, the popcorn is fresh and it's clean.

Elijah Schafnitz

My very first and still my favorite movie theatre.

John Schwarz

Nice and cheap movie night, thanks

Sanford Ader

Great place for cheap movie night


It was nice.

Amy Gibson

Classic movie theater of days gone by! ♥️♥️♥️

Diego Dominquez

Love this place! Great snacks and films! And such a historical place to visit! Also! Its weird how this place is haunted by a man named Jimmy who is seen at night sitting in the main screening area.

Rosetammy Groves

Awesome movie theatre. So much History in the place.

Heidi Coffin

Our whole school went here for a field trip. They did an awesome job.

Jessica Ford

One of the best. Good movies and great prices. Love the atmosphere!

Paul Schell

Really nice theater. Amazing sound.

Mr Sir

What a movie theater should aspire to be. Friendly staff, great deals. Atmosphere second to none. We love the Elks!

Keasby Knight

Wonderful movie theater. Huge screen, great popcorn. Definitely a local treasure.

CJ Engel

It was Great...the staff was friendly and helpful...Sure brought back lots of memories of when I worked there along time ago ..everyone should go to the Elks Theater...

Vicki Hobbs


mami and dadi sneath

Love going to the movies with our kids. The new seating is great. Very comfortable for a bigger person.


I never thought I would say this about a movie theater, but hot damn. The staff were incredibly warm and friendly. Also, the balcony is where it's at.

Hector Burgos

Has charm without the crowds

Jenn Stedman

This is our family's absolute best movie theater in Rapid City! Everyone is very friendly, and the prices for tickets and concessions are reasonable!

William Clayton

Watched a great documentary film in the upstairs theater. Long stair climb that might not be for everybody, but comfy when you get there!

Gambling Fun

The new chairs make it the best theater in town

Byron Roach

Balcony seats and sound system set it apart from all other theatres

Sonia Jahan

Large movie theatre and good sound quality with cheap ticket pricing. You can get them all here.

Rosey Ocrotty

Great historic theater with very reasonable prices. I love this place and so do my kids.

Delbra Eastman

Very pleased with the service and atmosphere. Comfortable seating.

stetson pahdocony

Good sound good picture seats are comfortable third floor is difficult for some helpful employees. Prices are good

Roberta Marske

Tuesday Are The Best Time At The Elks Theater. You Buy One Ticket And Other Gets In Free. Also On Pop And Popcorn. You Buy One And Get The Other Free. Saw The Mule, It Was A Really Good Movie. Love Most Of Clint Eastwood Film's. Was Excellent Experience All Around.

adam smith

This is my favorite place in town. I love the upper seating despite the tiny legroom.

Bob Oliver

Large screen and comfortable seating all far a reasonable price.

Elliott 1

Love this place!

M Goertz

Great prices...Awesome people.

Lisa Steinken

Love this place. Their popcorn is so good it'll ruin other movie popcorn .

Fox E.

The Tuesday bogo is why I go here. You get two tickets for $5. It's great for family night out. They are in the process of some remodeling. So, don't mind the boxes and plastic wrapped on some of the chairs. I recommend arriving early. Downtown parking in the evening hours, especially when the weather is nice, can be difficult to get.

Wilderness Productions

Very cool historic building. Great prices. Perfect movie experience.

Carmela Terviel

I believe this is the best movie theatre in town. I love the deals they have, like buy one get one Tuesdays. I like there popcorn more than any of the AMC theatres. Everytime I go I always get the best service.

Michelle Janis

Love coming here to watch movies

Jeremiah Hale

Updated but Classic feel. Prices are right. Tuesday BOGO free. Can get two of the concessions for a third of what the other guys charge. I'm willing to wait to see movies... It's well worth it here.

Brad Derby

Love the elks. Best place in town to catch a flick.

Sandra Lynn Hocking

I love the new comfortable seats. I am however disappointed that they lost access to the elevator to get handicapped patrons up stairs.

Jennifer Jones

Best movies at the best price

Lyndsay Jenkins

Always my favorite place to go for movies!

Charlie Nichols

Woot clothes optional theater


Very cool theater, you should check it out

Kathy Diener

Nicely restored classic theater with huge balcony. Prices are very reasonable and the staff are friendly and courteous.

Julie Marsland

Elks Theater is the BEST! Best employees by far, best screen, best seating, best concessions! Rapid City is so lucky to have this outstanding movie experience.

Will Giardino

One of the last great theaters in the area. Very affordable too.

Katherine Ashworth

Bought a large popcorn on Tuesday the buy one get one free night and didn't get the free one also didn't get my refill on the on I got just because I couldn't come to the sold out movie not even a month ago we got both our popcorns and refills on a Tuesday and didn't stay for a movie and only paid5$

Suzanne Reeve

Always loved the Elks, but it it is even more amazing now with comfortable new chairs. Fantastic military discount, too. We also really enjoy the summer family movie program.

Jim Anderson

Great relaxing venue..never crowded to the point of being uncomfortable

Erik Figuracion

Inexpensive night out at the movies. This place has character and the snacks are not ridiculously over priced.

Wendy n

Very cool theatre! Nice prices.

Peter Grarup

Older theatre, but the seats are comfortable and the screen and sound great. And when did you last pay only 5$ for a movie. Even the candy and drinks won't ruin you.

D Wishon

I love the old timey feel, and the staff is very friendly. I also appreciate the opportunity to see movies in theater I may have missed the first time. Cheap movies, great atmosphere, great experience!

Justin Farrier

best theater in rapid City. Probably the best theater in all of South Dakota.

Ann Koenig

Good prices and great place great movies live Tuesday nites

D'Anne Thompson

Beautiful decor, very clean, comfortable seating and a great movie experience at a reasonable price!

Christian Lerback

The young man selling tickets could have moved a little faster but Alayna made up for it with excellent customer service at the concession counter. Great night out!


Best movie popcorn in town!

Bruce Keller

Cool old style theater. Great black hills film festival.

Ritchie Nordstrom

Very comfortable sitting while the unveiling of the Oboma statue took place. Too bad many people were turned away.

Seal sar

The perfect theatre! Tickets are usually cheaper than the big chain theatres and the location and aesthetic is fantastic. If they're showing what you want to see i would definitely recommend here over amc!

S. E. Vidrio

Hands down the best popcorn in Rapid City, in my opinion, & they have some special root beer that is delicious as well. Add to that the friendly staff & historic building & you have the perfect combination to win my business. They also do a "Nostalgia Night" series every Sunday from January through March where they show old movies from the 30's - 60's which is really fun. I will say that, being a historic building, the seating arrangement is a little different & larger people (such as myself) may find some of the rows lacking in legroom, but if you sit near an aisle it isn't too bad & even when you go to a crowded movie & have to be a little cramped, the positives still outweigh this minor inconvenience for me--but your priorities may differ.

Kara Azevedo

Always clean, very friendly and helpful staff, affordable, kid-friendly, and the snack bar won't break the bank. It's the only theatre we go to in town.

Mick Travors

Great movie theater. Very cool having the two screen sizes. Some movies we wait to see on the smaller screen for the more intimate setting while love the huge screen for the action flicks! Only reason docked one star is that the movie schedule for the weekend does not come out until the end of the week. By then we have made plans and have missed a couple movies we would have gone to instead.

Miss King

Awesome theater!

Trey Medina

Great small movie theater

Andrew Koupal

Such a great asset to Rapid's downtown. The staff is friendly, the theater is great and the price is exceptional.

Jay Manning

Wife and I went on military appreciation night and I think it cost us $3 total to watch a movie. They may not serve beer and wine on reclining seats like the newer theaters, but how can you not enjoy going to an old time theater.

Robert Burns

Big screen great movies at low cost

XGrey EmersonX

It's so fun.! The sound is great and everything... except the seats.. everything else is amazing.!

Joseph Budd

Always a fun break, theatre shows second run movies fresh popcorn and now pizzas and hot dogs. Watched Ralph breaks the internet. Great sound quality.

michael balander

Very friendly staff good prices very clean


The popcorn is great here and the ticket prices can't be beat. for a long time we couldn't really afford to take the family to the movies, but the Elks makes it possible with family-friendly prices on tickets, popcorn, soda, and treats.

Jean Smith

Wonderful old theater, comfortable seats, great sound. $5 for adult tickets. Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody for the second time.

April Purdie

Absolutely nothing better than going to the Elks for a family movie night!!!

Karen Burger

Just love the staff at the Elks Theatre! Great location downtown. Prices are affordable.

Alex L.

Tuesdays are by far the best to go! If you buy a ticket, you get one free, and if you buy any popcorn or drink, you get a free one along with it, sooo nice. Love going with family and friends. The downstairs seats are amazing, and I would say even better then the amc theatre’s seats!

Brooks Van Pelt

The elks is a wonderful theater with 2 screens. There are plenty comfortable seats and tickets are a decent price. However, I wish there was more staff supervision of the theater during the movie, especially up on the balcony where popcorn likes to rain down onto the people below. Overall, its a wonderful theater. (Best theater popcorn in rapid city.)

jason warren

Watched movie in upper theatre. Lots of stairs and no elevator. Very hot no ac or air flow. Will not watch another movie in upper theatre again. Movie and price was good though.

A Quinn

Great prices and friendly staff...

Paula Fischer

Love this theater! Classy, clean, great customer service! Great sound, big picture in the main theater! Most fun and affordable way to see movies on the big screen!

Tami Downs

Great place for a cheap date or to take the kids. Friendly staff. Supposedly haunted, so thats fun too! Never seen anything the 10 times atleast I've been there.

Marcus Geyer

Excellent service and environment.

Rachel Kuecker

I love the Elks Theatre. Great service, awesome movies. Superb prices! Military discount is a plus too! I swore off paying full (over) price for a movie and will only see it at the Elks. Seats are comfortable and popcorn is always yummy!


Great old theatre. A real treasure.

Tina Cadotte

Great prices! Wonderful employees! Clean and friendly atmosphere.

Brian Verheecke-Bloom

Usually great, but hot this time. Great staff.

Brett L

First time I went to this theater I fell in love with it. It is quite Charming and its own way. The movies may not be the brand new releases. but the prices are very reasonable. Reminds me of my hometown movie theater where I remember taking many dates to.

Alycia Bermea

The staff are friendly, the bathrooms are clean, and the new seats are great! I love the affordable prices and the buy 1 get 1 free deals.

Jan Bachman

The seats are wonderful. Slight reclining.. very nice!

Jeremy Vollmer

The new seats are nice and the movies are a great value.

Maggie P

Good movies for a good price. It’s a fun cheap way to take out the family. It’s clean, the staff is nice, I love going here. I would recommend anyone go here for some fun at the movies without the hefty price tag.

Dwayne Cole

Cozy nostalgia all wrapped up in a great price

Jerry Mexican

Great theater with awesome classic vibe and way more affordable

Nichole Towns

Nice place not too crowded and decent prices

Adam Harrington

Best theater in Rapid City. The biggest screen, and strikingly good quality picture, great audio quality. You can tell they didn't half ass it; they actually spent the time calibrating the screen and audio. I feel like I shouldn't have to say that, but sadly some theaters just really do suck. The sound at the theater by the mall is terrible, really harsh and not pleasant to listen to. I normally find surround sound distracting but they had the rear speakers turned low enough that it added detail to the sound rather than being distracting or sounding out of place like every other theater is to me. The place is very nice and not run down like you might think since it's a pretty old building. Excellent popcorn, very friendly people. I'll definitely be coming back. I think it's one of the biggest theater screens I've ever seen. Really, a big case of don't judge a book by its cover. A beautiful old historic building, but upkept very well.

Vickie Schott

The website needs clarification. We drove 50 miles to see a movie, only to find out it was closed for a private party. It should clearly state that it's unavailable for viewing on a particular date. Subtlety omitting the date is very misleading. The staff was apologetic & polite, but driving 100 miles for nothing wasn't our idea of a date.

Jimmy Davies

These guys never have a movie at a convenient show time. Gets old fast.

Oliver Stubbs

Nice theater with a great location downtown. Older building with some more character and style with updated seats, sound system, and screen. They also show some unique shows and have a variety of different features and events.

Dianna P

Love this place. Have been going there since I was a kid many years ago. Friendly staff.

Nicole B

Amazing!! Thank you for having this!!

Daryl Speirs

Great movies at a good price.

Andrew Kennedy

Great place to catch a movie. Seats are luxurious compared to any other theatre. Staff is very friendly.

Shannon P

Beautiful theater. Well taken care of in the heart if downtown. It is truly a gem! Old and new movies play here, the tickets are affordable and so are the concessions!

Tim W

Very hospitable staff. Amazing prices and amazing daily deals. Also very comfortable seating

Jerry D Howell II

Tuesday buy 1 get 1 free

Michael Jass

This is an awesome home town movie theater. Located in downtown Rapid City near the Alex Johnson hotel. It offers several different viewing screen from a large area to a more cozy setting. The rates are only $5 a person per movie and they offer a military discount whether active or retired. Concession stand was very reasonable. They have recently updated their seating to a more comfortable chair. If you would like to visit a nostalgic Hometown theater this would be the one to see. They show modern movies up-to-date.

Chelsie Taylor

Great service. Excellent customer service!!

Lyn Wagner

Nice new comfy seats - leather like - in main auditorium. Great sound and visuals! Not a bad seat in the house!

Dustin Tacohands

Who doesn't love cheap movies... Kinda run down and dirty though.

Morgan Ham

The Elks is a great place for movies. It might not be the newest of shows but it is all fair in price and accommodations. It's a place a person can afford to take their kids or drop them off for some entertainment and not break the bank before entering the doors. I have no complaints at all about this place. Tickets, snack, drinks, ad options are all very reasonable to me based on the cost difference to the mainstream movie theaters that are around.

Shanna Kerner

Went to the movies with my daughter and her friend during the kids shows and it was very nice the staff is so friendly and the seating is great , love that theater!

Mrs. Allen allen family

Absolutely love the elks theater! Super affordable and fun experience for kids and adults. We go as often as we can

Mia Lee

I love this theater! They have great prices and amazing popcorn!

Danny Scolaro

Great value $5.00 per ticket Tuesdays = buy one ticket get one free. Thursday = one free refill of bucket Big screen, balcony

John Colhoff

Movies, popcorn, soda. Lower cost. Love it.

Kristie Wheeler

Wonderful prices and service

Holly Couture

Wonderful little theater. It has two theaters and prices are amazing! I stumbled upon this on a work trip and fell in love! Definitely check it out if you are in the area!

Brittany Harrington

Such a great place to go for a movie theater experience! You walk in and can feel the history! Chairs were pretty comfy and the screen was huge!

Kendra MacDonald

I love the Elks! It is so cute! The prices are so worth it and they have a rewards card that gets a free movie after 9 movies. They staff are so friendly and there are good deals on certain days. They are updating their seats, and still maintain their quality prices.

P Burns

Wonderful deals and super great employees

SD Local

Always good service. Popcorn is great for movies at home. Even late.

T Mel

Great fun, but wow wow wow 52 steps to get up to our theater, while holding our food and drinks, puff puff puff

Nathan Salway

Had a great experience. Very clean and friendly. I'll be waiting for movies to hit this Theater before seeing them.

James Halpain

Been here twice now. 1st time was good, got a hotdogs on a end of night special. It was time and temperature abused. I got food poisoning. Go here for the movies but don't invest in the specials they run to get rid of food.

Joshua Fletcher

Upper theater sucks. Other wise it's a good discount theater.

Susan Hudgens

This historic theater is a gem in terms of architecture, inside and out, and is conveniently located in downtown Rapid City. The owners and staff are unfailingly friendly, welcoming, and the facilities are clean and neat. The movies are offered at a reduced price, and at times, special showings of other classic movies or Independent films are also shown. I highly recommend this theater to anyone.

Sara Jensen

Great movie lilies of the feild

Benjamin Hodgens

Good theater value.

Jennifer Layton

Love the Elks Theatre! So friendly and can't beat the prices!

sean woolston

Really cool old theater, with a great history and really comfy seats. Reminds me of going to the movies with my pops when I was a kid.

Sue Joyal

Elks is consistently a good experience! Can't beat the Tuesday prices and the help I'd always friendly!

Tara Sirles

We love the Elks, frequently visit. Parking can be a bit interesting unless you just opt to use the parking garage, not a far walk.. maybe a block and a half. We love the low prices, family friendly with booster seats for the little ones, movies are a couple months behind , the big theaters, but that's ok with us. Love that they help the schools with the summer and winter movie programs.

Amy Hook

Updated, historical theater with a small business feel. They are true members of the community. They help with fundraisers, community events, and remember you when you come back. Love the Elks and their kind, friendly, and helpful staff!

Chandelle Brink

My favorite theater in Rapid City! Such friendly and helpful staff that keep it looking so clean and inviting.

Brooke Noel

It’s a pretty cool older building with I’ll assume has a lot of history to it. Quite a beautiful place with helpful and kind staff. I’ve never had a problem at the Elks :)

Paul Reddy

Great like seeing movies here.

Scott Lyon

Nice budget movie theater

Jeff Cecchini

Great value. We enjoyed it and keep going back.

Al and Melinda Stone

Well-maintained historic theater with friendly staff. I always enjoy going there, and it makes movie-going affordable.

Drew W

Why are there seats directly behind structural supports?

Jan Williams



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