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Where is Century East at Dawley Farm?

REVIEWS OF Century East at Dawley Farm IN South Dakota

Jeromy Bouwman

Great theatre but seem to have several blown speakers in some of their screens lately.

Davy Is Awesome

The manager is very rude and tried to file a police report on us but all of the other people are just fine and comfortable chairs

Lynora Hintze

Always a clean theater and staffis always polite and friendly.

Cody B

Loved that my kids had the movie theater to themselves

Justin Breems

Hate the bathroom layout but otherwise great facility.

Kara Wevik

Love this place, so clean, so nice, super friendly staff, and the only reason I didn't give them five stars was because of the hand dryers. Movie theatres are the reason people practice fast peeing, so they can get in, get their business done, and get back to the movie so they don't miss anything, and you guys have blow hand dryers. Not even fast ones either, the energy efficient, not even super hot, below average hand dryers. I understand that it's cleaner and better for the environment, but what we really want is to go to the bathroom and not have chapped hands because we're wiping out hands on our pants while running back to catch a great scene in the movie theater you so expertly planned out, besides the bathrooms. You're doing great, just give us some paper towels :)

Gordon Palmer

Staff is always nice, takes their popcorn servicing seriously, always clean, a little cheaper than most theatres in the area

Mason Covrig

An average sized movie theater with a great selection and clean theaters. I give this movie theater a 5 stars because its popcorn is better than Century Stadium 14's.

Mellisa Baker

The lady behind the counter was very unhappy at her job. She got mad when I gave her a pre-paid movie ticket as she didn't know how to scan it and was getting mad. it's not my fault your life is miserable!

Siouxperior Ink

Movies are great

Kathy Otten

Enjoyed a movie with family. Can't resist the snack bar! Like all movie theaters, the cost has gone up.

Mitch Wagner

Great screens and nice seats

Team Daddy

Very nice theater very much like the one in my home town and I live here now Buttt... after I went to refill my pop popcorn n found you couldn't get your pop refilledforget this place. You pay over F'

Brian Broekemeier

Awesome staff and overall great experiences every time I visit.

Darlene Satter

Was great we will go again soon

Dylan Decker

Great atmosphere people are very friendly to work with and will always go there to watch movies.

Jackson Hegg

Best theater I have ever been to. It is also in such a good location. I just love this movie theater

Paws & Enjoy Melissa Black

Seating is very comfortable and lots of space between rows, but somehow elderly person behind me kicked my seat the entire movie...

Matthew Baucom

Very roomy and comfortable seats, great sound system, decent prices. Best theater in town.

Sylvia Larson

Staff are nice and seating is comfy

Kris Albertus

I love going to this theater. The seating here is great and I never have trouble seeing the screen even though I am short. There is rarely a long wait to buy tickets. The popcorn and pop is great. And they show occasional Christian films, and I applaud that!!

John Page

Clean facility, comfortable seating, high quality viewing screens, friendly staff, I have nothing negative to say about this movie theater.

Ramiro Hernandez

Love it

Richard Friend

Theater was nice, clean , good seating.

Heather Jacobsen

Good selection of movies. Slow service at concession stand though, not enough help.

Kira Swets

Pretty good seats.

chad meirose

The East side of town location is better then the west side location. For a couple of reasons. 1. They have butter fountains for unlimited add your own butter. 2. Overall seems less crowded. Also the start times are different then the west side for the same showings, so that can be advantageous from time to time.

Stefan Norberg

Good place to see a flick

Melissa Prostrollo

Gets very busy at times, so lines can get long. No self-service kiosks at this location.

Silas Hoffman

If I could give negative stars I would. Terrible service and terrible system of buying tickets and snacks. Once waited in line 30+ minutes for my popcorn. Ridiculous. If you are considering going to a movie at this theater, you might as well buy a projecter, project a pirated movie on the side of your house and sit in a lawn chair while you eat jollytime “extra butter” and enjoy some mike and ikes. It’ll save you time, money and frustration, i promise.

Jon Ellis

Had to wait for the next showing because the only staff there was going so slow that i left because I wasnt gonna miss the first part of the movie


For a smaller theater it is nice. The professional and friendly staff are top notch. Security during holidays and first run shows makes viewing more relaxing.

Ryan Voyles

Good seats, good staff, lots of room. Best of the theaters in town

Eric Krueger

Pop corn is fun

Michael Woolheater

All Cinemark theaters are great. The last time I went to this one it was for a little girl's birthday party. They had a separate party room and little snack packs for the kids. Top notch experience for kids and parents.

Pegleg Swantoon

A very nice establishment, well maintained and clean. The staff was very friendly and helpful, I would gladly recommend this establishment, though make sure you are prepared for the high concessions prices( over $17.00 for three Large sodas)

melissa Bohn

Love the seats

DeeAy03 GamerGirl

very neat and clean

Deb Heeney

GREAT experience and movie left you wishing there was a sequel to it. Nice staff.

Chelsey Crawford

Great friendly quick service

Ashley Feuerstein

Clean,great atmosphere like every theater over priced

Annalysia Volk

Very, very expensive for a night at the movies. But high quality movies, snacks, and comfy chairs.

T. F.

Love going here!!

Phyrne Doyle Nelsen

Clean theaters, helpful staff. Expensive, but for the money you get a decent place and a pretty good time.

Jonathan Faust

It's the smaller theater in Sioux Falls. They don't offer discount days like most Theaters. Nice seating.

Sherry Ford

I have been coming to the Cinemark Theatres for many years now, either at this one on the East side or the one on the West side. I like the matinees because you can get in for a lower price, and who doesn't like to save money. Every November they come out with a deal where you can purchase a bucket for your popcorn and a cup for your pop for refills. The refills are considerably a lower price than the ones they sell not for the buckets you purchase for a year. If you frequent the movies weekly, I think this is the way to go if you enjoy pop and popcorn during the movie. I also like the chairs they have. They are pretty comfortable.

Mike Sandstrom

Good service. Refills on large pop and popcorn.

Linda Johnson

Always enjoy going to this theater


good experience.

Estelle Veronika

I recommend this place to everyone seating is great n sound system good food is expensive. But overall very nice ;-)

Ceylee Kryptonite

Somewhat good service. Everyone there seems to be in not that great of a mood and just wants to go home. My popcorn always seems to be at the bottom of the bucket. Always a bunch of kernels unpopped or broken. Waste of money for popcorn there. Spend just as much on food as I do tickets

Dylan Jasper

Screens are amazing and always satisfied when I leave after eating their buttery popcorn with a ice cold Coke and just leaving a great movie

Rick Olivier

Theater is clean with modern movie tech and seating. The concession line was pretty slow but I think it was because of a new employee behind the counter.

Pam Knopf

Clean, friendly and arranged a lot better than west side theater PLUS they have an area where you get to add your own butter to the popcorn (don't try this at the west side one.'s mustard). Down side: not enough staff

barb zirpel

Enjoy going there !!

Katherine Ashworth

Ok staff. Clean theater popcorn was a little stale popcorn.

Erica DeRycke

Nice seating but not as clean as it's counterpart on the other side of town

Samuel Ball

Its a great theater. It may have some competition but in the end it comes out on top.

Jordan Hewlett

Not as nice as the West Side theater. Staff here is rude.

Fire Blaster

Was very clean, and helpfull and great looks feels good, movie was really cool. I enjoy this and I definitely, would recommend this theatre, and would keep going.

Casandra Eimers

Good clean

Cody Glaser

My family love this theater and would pry go more often but don't like the food prices. You cant go to the movies and not get popcorn! So we do not go as often as we would like.

Maggie Urwin

Went to a late showing. Nice and quite. Staff were great when I arrived. Concessions reminded me though why I dont go often! Definitly too expensive!

Shannon Kubik

Love how they have their own butter station for you to put it on yourself. Clean theater and stadium seating

Bob Sedelmeier

Basically the only movie theater in town

Jaradyn S

Great theater good customer service

Brad Lewis

Been waiting in line for an hour for a movie to start. Very under staffed

Siouxsie X

Clean but everything is over priced

Antonio Soltero

Greats service and well organized. Great clean up crew so you won't be stepping on popcorn and candy wrappers. Overall a great location to see a movie.

Samuel Everist

Almost always a great time. Of course lines are to be expected. Good thing they have matinee showings for almost all of their movies. Could be better with better customer service. Maybe just a smile.

Racheal Graff

Plan on spending 50 bucks for popcorn and pop

Michael Lafrentz

Great movie theater with tasty treats and clean seats

Adam House

Always a quick and clean visit to the movies at this location :)

Kevin Kruse

Facility is clean and staff are friendly. Reason for 3 stars is popcorn line often takes longer than it should and you pay $8 for $1 worth of popcorn. Overinflated prices in my opinion but that is not just this theatre.

Doenise Bliss

Always friendly & efficient.

Maura Park

Great movie experience

L Landgren

Always clean and friendly staff

chuck roesler

Easy to get too close to my residence. Nice place.

Nina Nuyen

Amazing movie theater

Tony Stark

great place.

Matt Digiulio

Nice place with handicap seating.

Mike Frey

Nice Theater, concessions are always slow

Justin Mouw

I’m a USAF veteran and in the Aladdin move the general manager tried to kick my family out of our seats the general manager Jason accused us of throwing someone’s keys the guy was saving five seats in a row I moved the keys a seat over so me my wife and son could sit he made us scoot over go to the front row or leave we left this is absurd manager said they where getting snacks the had no food or drinks when sat down, I talked to him in ticket both where he lost his temper and the manager took over and gave us a refund , kicking a vet out on Memorial Day not very American I hope he is at least reprimanded or fired I’m not finished with this injustice

Hailey A Christiansen

Love the theater itself but maybe you guys should change the age requirement for horror movies. Adults shouldn’t have to go into the movie with there 16 year old children. Like 12 year olds I can understand but the requirements should be 13 and up. Just saying.

David Catalan

Friendly Staff I've never had issues, wish they had more options for snacks like some other theater chains. Other than that great place to watch movies

Junk Mail

Nice clean theater. Would give 4 stars if didn't have to visit box office when using tickets purchased from their Movie Club rewards program.

Matt Blomquist

Went to see a movie this afternoon with my family and wasn't very impressed with the service, but the theater itself was clean at least. There was pnly one person selling tickets and one girl selling consessions, and she wasnt very friendly and didn't listen to orders very well. There was a long line and we almost missed the beginning of the movie because it took forever to get through the lobby. When we left, there were several messes in the lobby and the concession person was sotting behind the counter on her phone, I didn't see anyone else working. Im on vacation and from out of town, I definitely wont be back.

Adam Mcaninch

Not as crowded as other theater in town

Christopher Little

Where else can you and your date spend $50 on a movie and snacks. (I prefer West Mall 7)

Zarah Jade

Love the movies & friendly.

Sawyer Feenstra

Nice movie theater

Eric Tooley

Clean comfortable seating, crazy prices of food and drink, which is normal for a theatre, huge almost perfect screens with great sound.

Millenial Hustle

Hands down, this is the best theater in the Sioux Falls area. It has digital projection and even top of the line 4K projection in some auditoriums. The atmosphere is a bit more classier with a slight vintage feel, but still very modern. If you are not a fan of 3D movies, this theater does a fantastic job of balancing out the show times. At many theaters, the 2D screenings are at the most inconvenient times, however, that is not the case here. This is now the only theater I go to in Sioux Falls.

Andrew Engdahl

This is the best of the theaters in the Sioux Falls area. It’s generally less crowded than the one off of Louise...that way you can enjoy the optimal seating position of your choice.


Great movie theatre. Of course, the concessions were excessively overpriced.

sauvage wraith

End game AWESOME movie

Aurora Denney

A great place to watch new movies at a decent price!

johnny theophilus

Went to see The Foreigner. didn't feel like a foreigner.

Les Hollenbeck

Great atmosphere for movies.

Dave Miller

Great spot to catch a daytime movie with much less people. I almost thought it was only going tp be me and another guy hit it filled in. Always like it when I am alone fells like it was all for me.

Tony Plahn

Excellent handicap seating in 3D theater. There is a ramp up (assistance is necessary to get up if alone) but the handicap seating is a few rows up, so I did not have to strain my neck. The commercials before the previews were extremely loud however. I had to put on my noise cancellation headset for that section (I did not use them during the previews or movie as those sections sounded as one would expect for a movie theater). The theater was clean, as was the restroom. The stall was properly sized and equiped for handicap use, though main bathroom door and numbered theater door did not have handicap automatic door. No staff available to open these doors, only other customers. There wasn't even a ticket taker. Moderate to light crowd. Saturday noon matinee. First weekend release of Star Wars: Last Jedi.

Jeff Storment

It is the best theaters in Sioux Falls,the newest as well. The other Century Theater (on the West side) is its biggest competition. All seats in this location have high backs you can rest your head against and all the seats are rockers and love-seats (arm rests that can go up or down) The West side Century has either rocker or love-seats depending on what row you pick. The East side also has other advantages like a butter machine to put extra butter on your popcorn, westside doesn't and 2 men's and 2 women's bathrooms, the Westside only one.

Jen Roos

We love the movies!

Jamie Rackow

Theatre seats are very comfortable. Have cup holders that go up if needed. Concessions were good and staff was very helpful.

Tyler Elliott

Clean and friendly. My theater was small don't know about the other screens.

Jeri Zachow

It's a very nice theater it was clean and the popcorn was delicious! We saw A Star is Born and it was fabulous!

Debra Selken

Our favorite theater. The only thing it's 50 to watch the movie & 50 in food. So that could come down a bit. Almost 8 for popcorn is a little over the top.

Josh San Miguel

This place is awesome. It's close to home and * almost * never packed when I want to go.

Barb Swain

Nice theater rewards program not great

RayChil Lee


Paul Gillaspey

Good theatre. Comfortable seats

Maria Sebastian

Went to see Glass and it was amazing. Very loud and great seating

Dallas Petree

They do assigned seating now, takes longer to buy a ticket and u might get an assignment next to another person in a nearly empty theater.


Horrible service. The workers swore around children and took forever too get my food. There was dirty seats and stuff left everywhere.

CD Hanson

Theatre clean & room temperature good.

Gary Anderson

Very pleasant

mikayla P

Nice place!

Kevin Lopez

Absolutely love catching matinees here. Nice and quiet on the eastside. Definitely a must if you are going to the movies. 41st can be quite congested.

Josh Klein

Not worth the money. Overpriced (as are all movie theaters) I'll wait to see a movie at west mall 7 or the drive in. Spending $60 for 2 people to see a movie insane. I can go to movie and out to eat for $60 with west mall.

Sergio Valenzuela

everything that i notch service excellent environment

Mike Dudley

Nice movie theaters

Duane Christensen

My only 2 complaints are that food prices are crazy high, and I wish you'd at least start the previews at the time you say the show is supposed to start. Instead, I'm stuck watching ads. I already paid... why am I forced to watch ads past the showtime?

Taylor Ference

I like this theater much better than the one on the west side. This one is very clean and organized. The people here are very friendly and care about their customers. I would recommend this theater to everyone!

Anthony Boddicker

Great movie experience with all the modern conveniences.

tyrone gorman

Great time always

Cathy Hale

This is a nice theatre! It has stadium seating and the seats are comfortable! The theatre is very clean and ticket prices are reasonable! We enjoyed the movie we came to see!

Jolenna Branham

The seats were super comfortable and the staff are super helpful


We enjoyed our time at the movies. Our family prefers this Sioux Falls theatre because it’s more organized, clean, and less chaotic. We choose our seating upon paying for tickets then got refreshments before the movie. The staff was friendly and helpful. The theater and bathrooms were spotless.


They sell great movies good place to go with family and friends go enjoy your movie plus I have rocker seats

Rachelle Mahoney

Clean, good staff.

M Lohnes

Shows movies.

Baker Audiology & Hearing Aids

Very nice theater! Friendly staff!

Ron Brower

Always a good time here! Update 2019-9-1. I do not like that you have to pre-select your seat. I can understand why they do it, it is just annoying.

John Sayers

A really nice theater. Clean and modern with Tuesday being discount day

Linda Wessels

Always a great selection of movies! Staff is always friendly and helpful!

Vickki McNair

Really cool theatre

Eric Watson

Great seating layout, there isn't a bad seat in the house.

Eric Little

Great theater except I don't get the assigned seating people still sit where they want.

Jon Stevens

I really like the box office and updated seats

Tommy Nguyen

My little sister and I went to go watch a rated r movie. I'm 24 years old. My sister is 16. I don't understand why the cashier asked for my ID and hers. I'm her brother. I basically raised her. The policy was that if you're 21 years old you're qualified to take anyone. The "manger" was not acting like one. He just swiped a card back and forth and didn't give me a receipt back to let me know my money was back On my card. Very very very poor service from him and his employee.

Shelby Bouwman

Service was fast and great. The employees were very friendly and knew what membership I had. Thank you Cinemark for the GREAT service!!!

Christopher Morgan

Not up to par with other theater options. No adult beverages, average screen quality, no reclining seats, no ability to preselect seating and still the high prices, behind the times.

Elliott S

People that complain about prices of popcorn, candy, drink, or whatever don't understand that is how movie theaters make money. The movie studios, most large budget films, negotiate 100% of ticket sales to go to them....not the theater. Sometimes for longer. After the first couple of weeks that % goes down to 75% and as more time goes on maybe down to 50%. Ask any owner of a theater and they will tell you they are in the popcorn and candy industry. So every time one of you cheapskates sneak in whatever you are pretty much committing theft. West Mall 7 is a different story because they are getting the movies basically when they come out on video and can keep most of the ticket $$. That is why the pop, popcorn, and candy are also less expensive that a movie chain. If you don't like the prices.....wait for it to come out on red box or just don't even bother. What really needs to take place is to attack the studios for taking so much of the ticket sales. These are facts. Stop being so cheap and dishonest (theft). Quit being an ignorant person and do a little research the next time you complain.

Tanya Daene

Good seat, kinda pricey

Josiah Kelley

Okay theater. I walked straight past their 3 designated empty ticket registers. Their 'box office' was one register at the food counter. 10 minute wait for tickets. Clean theaters and comfortable seating.

Joey Worley

Always clean and kept up to date

Tabor Brock

great place. parking was difficult especially when it's cold.

Rebecca Trobec

We arrived on the Tuesday, bargain day. Only one staff in charge of both ticket sales and food. Otherwise, a good experience, clean facility.

Kevin Knowles

Best place in town for new movies.

Brian Gochal

Clean, clear screens with crystal sharp sound.

Bernadette Merrill

Nice theater

Chris Heinemeyer

Newer theater so everything is still nice and clean, however it is a small building with smaller auditoriums and only one snack bar that can get some pretty long lines at time. Overall a good place to watch a movie.

Rand Carlson

Good theater, however their concession staff is lacking during peak times, so plan on waiting 10+ minutes for your items

Vanessa Garcia

The staff was polite. It was a busy night, but my tickets didn't even get checked. So I probably could've just walked in without paying. I still feel it is necessary to follow policy even when it's busy. The floors were so sticky my feet were getting stuck as I walked. But like I said it was a busy night, so maybe it's not always like that.

Lernernerner Tschetter

I go here for most of my cinematic experiences, and it's a pretty average place but it does its job. It's clean-ish, the prices are as expected, and their employees seem only a mild bit as though they've given up on life itself. It's really no better or worse than the other major cinema in town, another place that just sort of gets by on being a cinema and little else. Sometimes, when I go see movies, I like to pretend we live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and the movie theaters in Sioux Falls do a lot to make it feel real.

TR Risk

Comfortable seats, high prices. Just like every movie theater, the concessions are wildly overpriced. The theater is usually pretty clean and the staff is very polite and quick to resolve any problems.

Jerrid Wingert

This is by far my favorite Cinemark. I've never had an issue with any of the staff or ticket kiosk. My only complaint is if you go during a very busy movie weekend the lines can get really long for concessions

Jeremy Calar

Best theater in Sioux Falls! Always polite and courteous employees and never as busy as the west side of town.


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