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REVIEWS OF The Logos Theatre IN South Carolina

Elaine Stowe

This theatre is nothing but professional and mind blowing. You will not be sorry to go here. Always delighted every time I go

Dave White

The Logos Theatre production of ‘The Horse and His Boy’ was the best play I have ever attended. I am a long time fan of Lewis’ ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ and was skeptical that the ‘Horse and His Boy’ could be adequately told via a play. But Logos pulled it off - spectacularly!

jenny jones

The shows we have seen at The Logos were just fantastic. The props, costumes, acting, script...everything was top notch. The friendliness of the staff and actors make the experience over the top. Highly recommend!

Richard Wickett

This is the best kept secret in Greenville for artistic theater's. Going there restores your faith in our young people an Christianity.

Maranatha Weaver

I visited this theater twice for different shows, one of which was an incredible professional premiere of C.S. Lewis’ “The Horse and His Boy” on stage. This production was truly astounding and by far the best theatrical production I have …

Linda Carrick

My daughter and I went to the Little Women play done as a musical. It was wonderful. Well written, great music, wonderful actors with great voices. Never been disappointed with Logos Theatre! Best keep secret in Greenville (Taylors). Look it up you will not be disappointed!

Rebekah Blake

I love plays and have been to many many over the years including Broadway productions and the Logos theater is one of the best! The quality for the size of the theater is absolutely superb. I will be a season pass holder for many years to come.

Deborah Steel

The Logos Theatre: Made up of sweet, humble people with hearts eager to serve, whether showing you to your seat, helping you find just what you're looking for in their shop, or taking your picture with cast members -- or with Douglas Gresham himself! Attending The Horse and His Boy on opening weekend was a delight for my daughter and me. A top notch performance, done by real people! A highlight of our year!

Trisha Williams

I had an awesome experience at the production and found the people to be Caring and friendly.our strong finishers (Senior group) is planning on attending 2 productions this year.what a blessing we have rigjht here in Taylors S.C.

Ian Harris

A Broadway quality theater in Taylors SC. I saw The Horse and His Boy at this theater and was shocked at the high production value and professionalism of their actors and crew. Absolutely worth visiting.

Norman Bunn

Wonderful performance. Incredible! Can't wait for the new performance hall.

Amara Gardner

The production of this play was enjoyable and professional. The puppetry was masterful and the costumes were dazzling, led by a captivating cast. It was a gift.

Lisa F

Highly recommend seeing The Horse and His Boy!!

Cheryl Eaton

I'm a season ticket holder now and will be there tomorrow. I expect the same excellence on this performance as all the others.

Doctor Zaius

My son Mandy wanted to touch Aslan Lannister after the play. For some reason there was a weird dentist hiding in his ribcage, he handed my son a brochure about autism and vaccines before vanishing into a puff of rainbow smoke. In all still a better ending than Game of Thrones.

Christopher Russell

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy stage play feels as if Andrew Adamson had directed it himself. Keeping true to the same format of the movie openings of Narnia 2, 4 and 5, there is a surprisingly welcome prologue that gives important information regarding Shasta's origins right up front. Very epic! Positives: Bree's jovial, John Rhys-Davies type personality is wonderfully captured from the pages of the book. Prince Rabadash's by-the-book Calormen-brainwashed mind is captured with surprising flare. The set pieces used for Arsheesh's Riverside Cottage, the realm of Tashbaan, and the Hermit of the Southern March's House are all brought to life on a level that easily matches the visual quality of the movies. Even the recaps of Aravis and Prince Corin's backstories receive brief flashback enactment. The sheer genius of this play is just how much from the book they managed to squeeze in and fit onto the stage. Things only die-hard fans will notice: The 4 throne chairs the Pevensies use are the same as the thrones used in the Royal Coronation scene from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The East Indian atmosphere of the Calormene culture is nailed to perfection with the same narrative angles C.S. Lewis intended for readers to pick up on as they read the text implications on his pages - one scene in particular features an atmospheric and mesmerizing "zen" musical score, which occurs in the Tisroc's Palace. I thoroughly appreciated this scene, because I think it effectively conveys the Calormen culture's moral and social isolation from everything related to Aslan and Narnia. The Calormenes' sugarstick phrases, such as "Oh-my-father-and-oh-the-delight-of-my-eyes!", and the frequent verbal refrains of "The Tisroc - may-he-live-forever!" are all included. Negatives: Strangely enough, the only disappointment I felt in the play - and the 1 area in which I feel some improvements could be made was how Aslan's character portrayal was handled: Unlike C.S. Lewis' book descriptions of Aslan being someone that, though all-powerful just like God the Father and Jesus the Son, and could successfully convict the hearts of most all the characters he meets, you still couldn't help but be drawn to Aslan, even if you felt ashamed being in his presence, this Aslan seemed to lack all essence of genuine warmth and compassion on stage. The lion stand-in puppet used for the production has noticeably no fur and no warmth in his eyes or voice. When he spoke, it felt like a cross between Davy Jones and Oz the Great and Powerful - like he was more interested in intimdating everyone he talked to, than actually helping the other characters grow. The one scene where this portrayal suffers most is the pivotal forest scene when Aslan comforts Shasta and lets him know that he was never alone in his journey. All the lines of dialogue were correct, but the deliverance, emotional tone and believability of the exchange in that moment get lost in the severe edge in Aslan's voice. In that scene, I could feel emotion from Shasta, but sadly, not from Aslan. To me, the book gives a very strong impression to the reader that in this scene, Aslan's sole focus on what he wishes to accomplish in the forest with Shasta, is to first and foremost let him know that there is someone in the universe who genuinely cares for him - whether he feels it or not. As such, I personally think that while in the forest, Aslan would be much more gentle and tenderhearted in his words and explanations, because Aslan already knows that is what Shasta needs at that point in his life - a comforter. Closing thoughts: All in all, this is a very thorough and faithful adaptation of the 3rd Narnia story. I hope and pray every day that copyright privilege is soon granted to make the DVD of The Horse and His Boy, so that other families who never got a chance to come see the play live can have it as a treasured part of their Narnia DVD library. Would gladly return to Logos Theatre to see stage plays of The Magician's Nephew, The Silver Chair, or The Last Battle.

James Duncan

I am excited to have such an outstanding entertainment opportunity in my neighborhood.

Lougina Pannell

We took 3 of our Grands (12 years old) to see "A Horse and His Boy". They were entranced and amazed by the scenes, puppetry, storyline and the actors. Even PaPa stayed awake and is still talking about how much he enjoyed it! I loved the play and loved the ministry/learning aspects Logos empowers in today's world. Thanks to the creators of this concept and to the entire staff!

Deborah Howell

I have attended many performances at The Logos and have never been disappointed. The productions are incredible. The casts, the settings, the props are awesome. I love that each performance opens with prayer and the pledge to the flag. I cannot say enough about the good things happening at Logos!


I took a group from our church to see The Horse and His Boy. It was a wonderful performance - professional, entertaining and exceptional. We will certainly return for more.

Paul Coss

We saw "The Horse and His Boy" from the Chronicles of Narnia. The production was excellent and exceeded my expectations. The puppeteers did an excellent job with the horses. This production was probably the highest quality play I have attended. I went with my 7 yr old and she loved it too.

Mark Watson

I just wish we could have gone backstage. I would love to see how you stored all the sets. The play was awesome. I highly recommend it.

Nathan Cripps

Recently brought my daughters to the Logos Theatre to see the production of A Horse and His Boy. It was amazing to see how life like the horses were on stage! Can't wait to go to their next production!

Jared Roper

The Horse and His Boy was the GREATEST production I have EVER seen!!! Wow! Amazing! Great actors, awesome puppeteers, seamless transitions! Thank you, Logos Theater for bringing my favorite story to life!!

Holly BonnybrookeES

An absolutely wonderful performance of the first Lewis' book that I ever read-The Horse and His Boy. I'm looking forward to attending again!

Robert Cassar

Talent & opportunity are in the same place!

Caroline Witbeck

The Logos Theatre does an amazing job to deliver astounding performances every time! We HIGHLY recommend it!

Marion Weaver

Three words to begin: Professional. Original. Riveting. My family and I have enjoyed the productions at The Logos Theatre for over seven years. They never disappoint! Recently, my family and I had the opportunity to see the final performance of a musical rendition of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, which included original music. It was a moving and powerful stage performance indeed. In more recent years The Logos has taken on the challenge of performing the stories from The Chronicles of Narnia, including The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. They have been just as well done (if not better) than what I have seen in other Broadway productions. They are now rehearsing for The Horse and His Boy, which will be performed starting March 1, 2019.

Benjamin Lotter

Great stories and well told. I can't wait to take my family back.

John Gullick

Fabulous performance! You can hear AND understand what the actors are saying. Padded seats are very comfortable. Scene changes are incredible and at least as smooth as the best I’ve seen on and off-Broadway in NYC. Costumes are a delight to …

Ralph Keefer

The Best Plays Ever. Fantastic Christian People and Excellently Played. Loved It.

Charlene Scarlata

Amazing production.

Evelyn Sturgill

Best theatre in the entire upstate!!! So much talent and would recommend to everyone!!!

maria garrison

Wonderful. Saw it advertised on fox morning news. Took my daughter in law for her birthday. I came from NJ. We would go to Lancaster, PA to Sight and Sound theater. I really miss the grand shows there. Hearing about the plans in Mauldin have me so excited. I know God will provide.

Mark Davis

Great Narnia shows, top notch productions

AJ Talbert

This place strives for quality and excellence as they put on incredible performances.

Allen Boichot

A very different theatre experience. All senses will be touched from walking in to leaving a different person being touched by all around care and showmanship in any performance and it's adaptation for anyone's pleasure to enjoy.

Griffin Propeack

When Aslan came off the stage and engulfed a child into the void that was his stomach I knew something was up.

Nalas Dentist

The play was great. They gave us the opportunity to go and see the animals afterwards. I give it 4 stars because Aslan's ribcage opened and swallowed my gay son. I found him working at an Arby's later. As a result of the trauma he moved to Canem and started a quartz farm that he traded for chocolate milk with the natives.


Definitely one of our families favorite places to go. You never have to worry about your children seeing or hearing anything inappropriate. All plays have a Biblical view. You will laugh, cry, and some times jump out of your seat. We love it. Our youngest child is only 2 so we can't take her. That's one of the best things about Logos, there aren't babies and toddlers needing attention during the program. We love to buy tickets to watch the show and to support the ministry they have there.

Theresa Hall

Excellent performances! If you have never been, you need to go!! You won't be disappointed!

Joy Walker

Drove from north Charlotte to see this incredible production of the Horse and His Boy on a whim (purchased one of the last seats available the day before the performance). Could not have been more pleased and the drive 2 hrs there and 2 hrs home (yes, I just got home at 12:40am) was well worth it. I've been kicking myself all night that I havent been to performances before now - I had seen them on Facebook for perhaps years but never decided to go. The performances were downright solid and I wasnt sure what I was getting at this Christian theater in a small town, but was pleasantly surprised. The puppetry was...magical. At times I completely forgot the horses were puppets on stage - the puppeteers did an incredible job that I cant stop raving about; bringing so much life and personality to the roles. The setwork supported the story and had amazing attention to detail. The revolving stage was used to great effect and not a simple gimmick - it aided in advancing the plot and telling the story. The goodness! I cant think of a single adaptation of a book that I've ever seen so faithful! Line by line, as I know so much of the book by heart...I could tell the playwright was definitely a lover of the book. The theater itself...a smaller space, but they've done an excellent job with "making it work" for what they can do. With a full house, lines were sort of long for concessions and restrooms, but not unreasonably so. They squeezed a souvenir shop right into the back of the theater, which effectively works as their lobby - stepping into the building I was immediately inside the theater, which threw me for a minute as I entered. In the halls and stairwells are actual movie props from each of the three Narnia movies produced so far...and in speaking with someone, found out there are many many more in the collection that they hope to house in an experience ine day. All in incredibly inspired and joyful I was able to discover this gem and see their inspired performance tonight. I will certainly be coming back for more.


5☆ A++.. We went here with a couple friends and absolutely loved it... For a small town they have the big city cast.. We was very impressed... This was A Christmas Carol and they had an incredible large and very very talented cast. We stayed to meet a couple of members afterwards we would highly recommend this to anybody.. We will return...

Karry Edmonds

My daughter and I saw "The Horse and His Boy". It was very well done and we enjoyed it very much.

Casey Johnson

This theater is outstandingly professional, from the children's plays to Christmas Carol and the Narnia series. It is worth your time to come over and over again, even to see the same play twice. You can't get it all at any one sitting. …

Bobby Holbrooks

Everytime we come, each show has been amazing. We will continue to come and support such an amazing ministry.

Heidi Christina

So this is a very interesting place. I tried to buy tickets for a show in greenville. The site i was on advertised the logos theater. We just assumed it was in greenville. Luckily we had a car. This is really a Christian based facility. …

Emiliya Klochko

It was amazing experience. The play was excellent and all actors were playing natural. Will definitely see other plays.

Paul Fallaw

One regret -- no forethought to have tissues for tears and running nose that I had multiple times doing the production. True to the founder's promise, the Bible came alive. I could teach and probably have taught the story of Joseph, but until today, I had not felt the hatred the brothers and other family members felt toward Joseph.

Steve Keyes

This is our LOCAL and one amazing place for sure! All of the shows and performances here are VERY family friendly and powerful in their stories they tell. The actors are as good and ANY theatre in our city. We are season ticket holders and LOVE each of the dramatic plays and musical.

A.T. Smith

Wonderful Theatre, Wonderful - Dedicated Staff....Broadway has nothing on Logos !

jen fortain

What an absolutely stunning production (The Horse and His Boy)! A lovely venue with lovely people and great quality shows--what more could one asked for?

Blake Werley

High-quality, Broadway level productions. Prince Caspian in April 2018 included very impressive sets, talent and performances. Great concessions and easily accepts cards.


The logos theatre is a amazing place to visit if you want to see a very professional preformance of stunning actors. The summer programs are also very fun and provide a lovely learning experience, the atmosphere of the logos theatre is also very particularly different in a good way.

Colleen Chiles

Felt like a Broadway play. Very magical and emotional! Thank you Logos Theatre!

Mrs. Waldrop

This is a lovely place! We saw the production of "Radium Girls" on opening night. It was a wonderful play. The cast was amazing. They told the tragic story in the best way possible. Ill certainly be returning for future productions!

Dreco Faria

The very spirit of the Theatre is far different than any other theatre I know of out there. Due to their excellent content, God has shown me such incredible things about Himself. No matter what's performed, you will come away impacted.

Ronald Hughes

Wonderful production. First class!

Emily Godwin

Outstanding performance! Just as good as (if not better) any larger scale productions you could go to! Customer service is perfection, flawless performance, good concessions, staff/cast/crew are so professional and hospitable! I will for sure be back!

Samantha Gustek

It was funny, exiting, emotional, and a wonderful adaptation. It simply cannot be described. You must see it in person!

Teresa Holbrooks

Such a wonderful place to take your family for great entertainment and training. My grandchildren have loved every single play and learned so much. Thank you Logos for being such a wonderful testimony for the Lord!

Keith Storm

Our daughter’s had a dance recital here and it was great. Loved the venue. It had a lot of charm.

André Von

Beautiful theatre and great performances. We saw Prince Caspian and liked it so much we bought season tickets!

Micah Snare

Working at the Logos Theatre was definitely some of the best 2 years of my life. They teach you so many practical skills and Biblical truths that you will keep for a lifetime.

Katrin Dulanto-Hassenstein

This group of people are all about being a blessing and sharing the gospel in a such creative way. Thank you.

Seth Hamilton

Their productions are first-class. If you get a chance to attend one of their Narnia series, take it! You won't be disappointed!

Judy Swaim

We attended the Aug 2 showing of The Horse and His Boy. We were not expecting such an outstanding production in such a little space. The puppets, mood music, revolving stage, scene changes and acting was truly amazing! Congratulation to Logos Theater and staff.

Kathy White

Fantastic production of Dickens A Christmas Carol. We'll definitely be going back.

Inquisitor Owl

The performances were fantastic, and the people were very friendly.

Shirley Harp

I took my granddaughter to see princess and the vagabond and we really enjoyed the show. This is an amazing and quaint Theatre.

Firefly Nanny

Outstanding story, acting and direction. The way they make their props and giant animals will really impress you. I enjoyed every minute of Prince Caspian. My pictures are from their area at Artisphere.

Katie Pilz

The Lagos is a small gem of a theater! The plays are well written, directed, and preformed! Everytime I have been amazed at the set designs and costumes. The plays are so well attended that they are starting to run out of space. If you are short or have back problems bring a cushion to sit on. The chairs are wooden.

billy mann

My family and I really enjoy the family centered entertainment at the theater. The setting is intimate and the productions are very well done. This experience gives my children, wife, and I the opportunity to experience live theater at a fraction of the cost of the larger downtown venues.

aaron roadnight

Excellent shows they are Broadway level productions

Abigail Causey

It was an outstanding performance!!!

Buck Brothers Projects

The Logos theatre's plays are the best I've ever seen. The sheer size of the stage is amazing. The ministry in general is a great experience. You will always learn something new, I highly recommend getting involved in some way, either by …


Best stage productions I've ever seen. You won't be disappointed!

Billie Fingers

They have made a carbon copy of Max Humphries Asian puppet without his consent. This is utterly dispicable and unacceptable.

Autumn Oates

Went to see "Our Town"it was an absolutely wonderful experience, a well casted performance and beautifully executed. I can only hope to be apart if something that life changing. I spent the entire third act crying

Charissa James

I can always count on a spectacular performance at The Logos Theatre! So much attention is given to detail, from the realistic props to the believable acting. Every performance has exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to many more.

Angie Berkshire

Don't be fooled by the small auditorium, old building, etc. This theatre is MY FAVORITE!!! They excel in every area!!! They put so much energy into each performance, into the props, costumes, etc... into the play itself. Every play is …

Brett Ragland

These marvelous actors in sweet little ol' Taylor's, SC rival the east coast's best. We love them so much. Have been following regularly for a little over 2 seasons & have NEVER been disappointed. Thanks, especially for bringing Narnia to life & for providing a wholesome environment in which even my youngest children have wholeheartedly embraced the theatre.

Debbie R.

The shows here are amazing! The actors draw you into the stories (no questionable content to worry about for younger audiences) and the costumes and the sets are beautiful. My 5 year old watched a two and a half hour production of Prince Caspian and was on the edge of her seat the whole time.

Nicole Martin

I love this theater! I love costuming so always the first thing I look at. Their costumes and stage setup is phenomenal. I don't know how they make so make happen on such a small stage. I have bought season passes the last 2 years and look …

Melissa Thackrey

Great performance. Spiritually touching!

Douglas Lowery

Wonderful cast and performance of Little Women! As professional as any Broadway Musical I've seen!

Akira507 BB

Absolutely amazing and fantastic production and great theater!

Ben Everson

Astounding work.

Karen C

This is a wonderful theater that put on a very professional play! We saw The Horse and His Boy and thoroughly enjoyed it. We sat on the ground floor in theater style chairs. I'm looking forward to going back for their next show! There is limited food at the snack stand and they may run out of something you want to eat. But you don't go for a snack, you go for a great show and you get that so it's still 5 stars from me!

Justine Liébana

We stumbled upon this gem while looking for something special to do for our anniversary. We were blown away by the quality that we found in this "hole in the wall" and have been to multiple shows since then, all of the same caliber. Because of the quality, we enrolled our elementary-aged children in a week-long summer day camp, and it was a wonderful experience all around (they are still singing the songs, months later - and the songs are good, so I don't mind!). The only thing that prevented 5 stars is that the seats aren't very comfortable (unless you're in the front rows, which are more expensive) and the nearby train sometimes runs in the middle of performances and is loud. But they have new property and are looking to build a new campus, which should be awesome! It will be 15-20 mins farther away from us, but we will make the drive as it will be worth it!

New Salem

My family and I have been truly amazed and inspired by the quality and professionalism we've witnessed at the Logos Theatre. The performances are stellar! We believe that is a result of the care and diligence the staff pours into each of the young performers, and their attention to God's Word in all, above all!

Leah Crespin

Just saw The Horse and His Boy (it was the third production I've seen there in the past few years) and it was so wonderful! As always, the screen play was well written, the sets were amazing, and the cast was very professional. These are the kind of productions I would expect in a large city. I highly recommend anything they do here!

Denis Ellinger

Very intimate theatre. Good sound and ample parking

Donald Black

I can't say enough positive things about Logos Theatre! The show was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! The actors, the puppetry, the leadership, and the staff were all astounding! This is Christian faith based, patriotic …

G0d’s Mistake

Just The Horse And His Boy, it was good. But after the show I talked to this dentist and he was trying to sell me gay conversion medication. He thought my son was a little too flamboyant as he petted the decaying husk of Aslan, our lord and savior. Anyway still great show, would recommend.

Josh Baker

Broadway level productions, small town southern hospitality. Entertainment value worth way more than they charge!

Janet Menasian

Absolutely amazing performances throughout!!! Costumes & stage sets were fabulous! The horse puppets were just so beautiful & Aslan, the lion bursting with power!!! The puppetmasters made them all come to life!! We were so thrilled to get to see this play! We are already looking at what to see next!

Tracy Wilson

An amazing place!

Mike Arnold

Great small theatre and fun place to see a show

Tonya Bodie

We had the opportunity to see The Horse and His Boy at Logos Theatre. It was an amazing experience and a beautiful retelling of a beloved story! It is totally worth the ticket price (and any effort to physically get there) to see the …

Jennifer Davis

The Logos is such a great atmosphere for families! I feel safe bringing my children to the Logos Theatre because I know they are not only in a good environment but the content presented at the Logos is wholesome and edifying to us all! 5 stars for sure!

Leigh Pfenning

We went to see The Horse and His Boy. It was very well done and we had a wonderful time.

Pati Gatas

Excellent performance. Loved every minute of it.

Rebekah Walton

I had some problems with the ticket I bought to see the Horse and His Boy Play, but, when I contacted them, they were very helpful and fixed my problem immediately! Great service!

Faithe Thomas

We drive 9 hours to be in their summer camp! Three words: Quality, Integrity, Truth.

Rebecca McClurg

I went to see The Horse and His Boy and it was absolutely astounding! I had friends who saw it and told me about it with rave reviews, but I was a tad skeptical. When I heard the horses were puppets, I thought "oh that's cute" but when I went, I was blown away! They were so lifelike, and all the acting was so good! I went to see the play again the next week and may try to go again before it closes. I highly recommend the Logos Theatre productions. The quality is top notch!


I saw The Horse and His Boy, it was pretty good, except for one weird bit. There was this part where Aslan's limbs elongated to impossible lengths and embraced all the children in the audience into his gaping maw. My life hasn't been the same - I hear scratching at my front door whenever I come back from the Bojangles. Play was good would watch again.

Shelbel Beauty

Like Broadway! Kind workers!! Amazing costumes and performances!!


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