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It was great and smell like popcorn

Bob Wiggins

Great movie offererings every week.

Chris Kirby

Awesome theater. I go here every summer when I am at the beach. Small, quaint, cozy, and some of the best popcorn and coke you will ever have.

Marc Van Baar

Pricey, but great art house movies. The place to go if you like a respectful audience who actually are quiet and turn their phones off. Parking can be a bit of a challenge

Alicia Loudermilk

Love coming here for rocky. The actors are great and hilarious. The associates working the counter are nice too.

Ellen Rowe

By far the best theater in the Charleston area

Al Young Cuda

Nice place for a movie and you can hang out in the cool Lobby area

Charles Lowe

One of my favorite places on James Island. The staff is friendly, the concessions are tasty and unique, and the theaters are always clean. It's also conveniently located next to several great restaurants.


It's a movie theatre that sells alcohol. The theatres are modest, but the beer is cold, and they will give you an ice bucket too.

Kayti Thorn

Not sure why this place has such positive reviews. It's just a pretentious version of a regular movie theater. Tickets are more expensive than other theaters in the area, the consessions are the same as what you'd find anywhere else (but the portions are smaller and the cost is higher), and there's nothing exceptional about the facility or the movie viewing experience. In fact, the theaters are small and cramped with dirty floors and frayed carpet. You can clearly hear movies playing in other theaters. The staff is rude and, if you come on a Sunday around noon, your theater will probably have a church service going on inside up until the movie is supposed to start (which I assume is why my movie stated late). I guess the appeal of this facility is that it is different from other movie theaters, but different is not always better.

Cameron Davis

This is my favorite place in Charleston. Can't ask for a better movie theater. Great atmosphere and the staff are very nice. Love that I can have a popcorn and a beer in this place! Highly recommend!


This place is very unusual given its small size and atmosphere. Somewhat of a throwback in today's mega theater world. I really enjoyed it. Parking can be a challenge, so keep that in mind. I'll definitely be going back.

Bill & Lynne Evans

Customer Service A+, Clean bathrooms A+, Seating and comfort A+

Katy Payne

Cute theater with comfortable seating and a large selection of snacks!

lynn moore

Great theater setting. Small theaters with good snacks including beer and wine. Good movies shown.

Victoria Holmes

It was a cute little spot! Great place for an outing or first date. Just didn't like the $1 refills for the drinks.

Ashana Jones

Unique old school theater

Zen Knight

Very nice, traditional style theater. They also fully stocked with beer and wine. Truly a great place to go.

Paul Genegrasso

I really didn’t start going to this theater until the Carmike was torn down, but I sure wish I did. This is easily the nicest theater in the area. It’s always clean and the employees are pleasant and helpful. The coolest part is that the theater isn’t only a theater. There’s a little lounge area with some games that you can just hangout in. Which is an awesome thing to do after a movie if you’re not ready to go home yet. Keep up the great work Terrace Theater!!!

Nick Mazzilli

Could be cooler in the theaters. You think prices are expensive? Go to the Regal in Mount P. The seats here are really big and comfy recliners. Don't splurge on IMAX, not much better sound and the seats aren't new like the rest of the regular theaters.

Adrian Brown

Nice and homey feeling!

Michael Boggs

Nice older theater with a great vibe. Adults will appreciate it more than the kids but a great place none the less.

Amanda Ostrom

Love these cute little cinemas! Leather seats are comfy. Great for dinner and a movie with kids or a significant other. Board games and booths to play at. New movies and some Indy films play here. Nostalgic, old world feel of the glamour of Hollywood. They serve gelato, beer & wine! Lively night life in restaurants 1-2 doors down. Same plaza as the James Island public house and across the street from the Pour House music venue and patio bar. Concession indulgences overpriced. Building can always be updated without compromising the ambience.

Wes Wolfram

Very cool theater, tickets are a great price! Staff were very nice and helpful, and the theater and bathroom were very clean. Pulling into the parking lot is a little tricky coming off such a fast road to a dead stop. I'll be back soon!

Shane Allen

I love the Terrace! I have been attending movies there for 10+ years. I do have to say I would love to see them consolidate and rethink their beer selection. If Regal Cinemas can serve craft and primarily local beers on draft so can the Terrace. It's time to catch up and throw the Mike's Hard Lemonade and four different versions of Bud Light away. Locally brewed draft beer is the new standard.

Jeffrey Kirby

Best theater in Charleston!! Great selection of beer, snacks, movies, and boardgames - what else could you want?!?! Also a great place for a first date! And a second, third...

Roger Williamson

Went with friends to see the movie JUDY. Theater was packed for the movie. Great show. Great movie theater. Great people working there. I will be back.

Arturo Garcia

They play new and some old movies. Beers are at a reasonable price (pretty much what you should expect to pay for at the movies) the staff is very friendly and helpful. Everytime I see a movie here I have a good experience. (Only downside is that they don't have reserved seating)

Bo Powell

They got board games and beers. And they play movies nobody else will.


A very cute, artsy theater showing most new films. Great concessions and atmosphere

Jim McHugh

This is my kind of movie theater: great decor, signed posters on the walls (lots of Bill Murray), Rushmore clip before the movie, board games in the lobby, cold brew, popcorn, snacks, & BEER!

Ramona Bennett

A nice place to watch movie

Megan Cox

An older theater which is what I love about it. It has character. Beer and wine available too. Not a big popcorn person but love theirs.

Richard Hayes

It is a fantastic place to watch movies. It has all the great independent movies. And the refreshments are wonderful. It's anything about Chester movie.

Mom by Chance

Loved this old fashion theatre, made me feel like I was back in LA. They had lots of seating & games to play while you wait. Lots of fun snacks & the popcorn was great. Magnolia Plantation & Gardens had some Volunteers there with some animals for us to see & touch in spirit of Lion King. The theater was clean, the seats were comfy & rocked which was great for baby & I!

Mae Olson

A quaint theater that plays movies other theaters dont always normally play

Raven Lee

Love the art house/intimate feel and old theatre vice. It's a little pricey for drinks and snacks but it's a good treat yourself experience.

TJ Gross

This is a quaint movie theater that I really enjoyed visiting. The staff was friendly and polite even though they were turning people away because the movie I was going to see was sold out. Luckily my date and I had pre-purchased tickets using Fandango and were able to get in and get seated very quickly. The concession offers popcorn and also beer/wine, so if your movie sucks at least you can get hammered.

Amber Hardy

Basically my favorite theater ever

Sarah Oros

A unique small theater on James Island. Always clean with a unique food and beverage selection (including beer and wine). Parking can be hairy at time!

Kate Lindekugel

Good food and alcohol selection. Much older with smaller screens, but brand new extra large seats. With some minor renovations, it would get 5 stars.

Daniel Simpson

Service was great.

Lacie Rinehart

As always it was a pleasure to see a movie at the Terrace Theater. Loved being able to pick and choose so many different snack options! Wonderful place for a date night.

Andrea Shane

Love this theater, family owned, good service, clean, great atmosphere. Great variety of Beer. Nice place to watch a movie.

Katrina Reeves

The smaller theater makes for a cozier experience. Enjoyed a glass of Chardonnay and a good movie with my best friend. Appreciate that the movies are curated for a slightly more discerning clientele.

Robert Burfeind

Very nice theater, great seats. Very cosy place.

Everett Stewart

Decent theater but more pricy than most.

Peg Lentz

Great little independent local theatre. Atmosphere is super cool. Great snacks to choose from. And beer, wine and liquor, too!

Darrell Weaver

Great afternoon watching "It A Wonderful Life"

Phil Uomo

Lovely little independent movie theatre!

Kay Oleen

Comfortable seats and elbow room.

Jeff La Rue

This was my first visit to the theater. It was very nice and the beer selection was really good. No complaints about the theater or AV quality.

Thomas Smith

Best place to view a movie if you don't want to be interrupted by someone chatting or texting, plus you can get a bucket of beer or bottle of wine!


Great place, great popcorn and seating. Don’t have to deal with noisy or rude teenagers playing games on their phones or talking during the movie. Truly an adult atmosphere. I bypass 5 other theaters to drive here which is :45 min away.

Shara Dri

No free refills on drinks.. everything else was nice. The bathrooms were clean

Sarah Nia

Located on Maybank Hwy, the TT offers a unique place to view's as if you've taken a time travel to the 1940s.

William Hodges

It is always great

Mike Ladd

Awesome neighborhood theater that shows everything from indie films to mainstream movies. You can purchase alcohol with your popcorn, which is also nice.

Bob Long

This is our go to theater. Several small theaters showing eclectic films as well as some more popular ones. Good snacks, beer and wine available.

Eric Davis

Phenomenal theater! This place has free valet parking, and a really cool vibe. I'll absolutely be back.

Andee Dawn

Wonderfully quirky, cozy theater. The sound system is amazing and seats are comfortable. Why leave the island to see a movie?

Isabel Alexander

I have been to this Theater many times throughout the years. Each time I go I could kick myself for not seeing every movie there. Outstanding.

Lisa Usry

Awesome! Like a theater should be!

Bill Cox

Great atmosphere. Also first class bar.

Clive Wegner

Love this place. It has the ambiance of a classic oldtime theatre. They have a bar. Great snacks. The seats are not that bad for an older theatre. The one gripe I have is the parking lot. It's criminally small. They have 4 - 5 restaurants in the area and 1 parking lot for all of it. But still a great theatre.

Jen Lewis

I love this theater because it's so quaint and adorable

Carolyn Neal

Had a blast at the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Nanci Hanks

Older, smaller, eclectic theater. Fun and quaint vibe. Smaller theaters with regular theater seats (Don't recline). Great location. Tricky parking. We go often :)

Joyce Becwar

Always great. Interesting selection of movies and concessions. Comfy seats. What more could you ask for?

Larry Freudenberg

Eclectic theater . Nothing like it in the Lowcountry. Local and hip.

Cindy Harry

What a cool movie "PALACE". Unique, fun, friendly!! Lots of snacks for your sweet tooth. Comfortable seats, high quality movie showings at this local theater. Lots of local eats very close by. Will be back over an over.

Stacy Brown

Rocky Horror Picture Show, best time(first time) ever! Will return

Paul S Cantrell

Comfortable seats and lots of refreshment choices

Robert Dunlap

I love this theater. Old school. Elegant with a style that newer theatres have lost.

noah garcia

drinks are a bit pricey but the atmosphere is relaxed

James LaBonte

I was looking for a certain movie that only played here. It was sort of far from my home in Summerville, but I figured I'd give it a try. It didn't look like much from the outside being it's in a older strip mall. Once I went inside that all changed. It looked amazing. They really make it look like a theater I'd want to go to. They had a ton of snacks and drinks and they staff were really accommodating. The rooms where you watch the movies looked nice and decorated. The screens looked great. Not to small and like every other movie screen in this area not to large. The seats were nice and it was a great experience. If you are a movie lover like myself and haven't checked out this theater yet I think that you should. Hey, grab a popcorn and a drink and cool off here at the movies.

James Nguyen

This place gives an throwback, intimate vibe. Alcohol and food were on point and the theatres remind me of all he good times I had growing up. Saw avengers endgame it was a blast here

Gail Dupuis

It's unique, fun, has games to play, a lounge area, very cool decorations and great movies.

John Strong

Lovely little theater with comfy leather-like chairs and great movie selections. Not the typical, bland multiplex, but a place that has character and good decor. Good snack and adult drink options too.

Stephen Hunt

The theater is fantastic, a real gem. However, your experience may be impacted by choice of film.

Lisa Keenan

I love this theater. It's small and funky. They show the movies I like. I like that it's not a big chain theater.

Jessica Taylor

Great time at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. First Friday of every month! Check it out.

Debra Campbell

Such a warm, eclectic spot with a good vibe with plenty of restaurants within walking distance to grab dinner before the show. They even have Christmas movies in the season!! It's my new tradition!!

Kate Hopper

This is a small theatre that offers movies and a great place to hang out. They have some very good gelato and a few other cool things to snack on. There is also a great lobby area where you can hang out, play board games, or chess.

Judy Handal

I love pizza hut


If this theatre were not the only one in town that offered less standard fare along with blockbuster dreck, I would never go there. The staff is routinely less engaged and more surly than the typical teenaged workers at the multiplex. The admissions are higher, the seats less comfortable, and the screens smaller; one room has seats with views blocked by a large projection of ductwork into the space. The worst thing about the management is that they seem not to understand what a runtime is, so the next scheduled is while the previous showing is still on. When the next seating wasn't "called", I had to ask for a refund after missing the opening minutes. When I suggested that they needed a better system, I only got a rudely dismissive "OK" from the unapologetic cashier. Charleston deserves a better art theatre than this.

Devon Gamble

The theater is close to home, small and serves good snacks. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Caitlyn Frederick

Horse of a different color is a good description. Comfy seating. Wine Beer Soda Gelato and candy. But pricy at times.

Kristian Themstrup

Small, classy, and with just the right amount of style. Friendly, helpful staff and the perfect spot to see something indie.

Marn Taylor

Nice atmosphere, they serve beer and wine. Good movies, some not shown in other theaters.

Amy Robeson

Quaint, independent theatre with 1940s vibe. Theatres are small, but chairs are comfortable. An experience itself.

Miss Maureen

I live on the island and think it's great to have so many locally owned businesses over here. This one is a real treasure.

Kellie Brandner

This movie theater has an amazing feel to it when you walk in. You feel like you’ve stepped back in time! They have bored games to keep you occupied while you’re waiting for your movie but there’s a few things that definitely need to be improved!! Concession stand : The popcorn I had was terrible! No flavor / no salt at all and tasted very stale. This theater has a large assortment of candy. (Please get some new popcorn!!!! ) I’ve tried to call the theater on many occasions over the past year and no one ever answers the phone. No voicemail either. After it rings, it says remote access code and there’s no way to leave a message. I was also looking for an email so I could reach out to them Versus doing a mediocre review. I don’t like to write negative things for the public to review unless I’ve taken it upon myself to reach out to management and address my concerns. Since I’m not able to do that, I’m utilizing this forum to express ‘my’ opinion hoping just to make things better overall for everyone else when they visit this location. The other issue is that you have to wait for someone to call out your movie to be seated. Three out of the four last movies that I’ve seen I’ve never heard anyone call it out so they must be whispering. I always end up being late to see the show. Another time I just walked in when I didn’t hear my movie called 10 minutes after the showing was supposed to start and I was asked to leave so that someone could clean the theater first. Whoever is announcing the showing of the movie needs to speak louder so that you can hear your movie being called no matter where you are sitting in the lobby. The staff could certainly be a little friendlier as well. Some of them act aggravated that they have to be there. A friendly smile and a kind voice goes a long way! One night I came out of the movies and all the lights were out in the lobby. It was pitch black. It wasn’t even the latest showing. Two people in front of me had to get a flashlight out so they could see their way to the door. At least leave a few lights on people! This place has GREAT potential… They just need to make some improvements! I will continue to go there because I love the atmosphere… It’s actually one of my favorite places to go so I hope to see some improvements if anyone in management reads my review. (employees are the lifeline of your business) ! I’m certainly not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings… I just want a better overall experience when I come in :-) thank you so much for your time!

al brennan

Nice movie complaints.

PV Linton

The theater shows first run movies which is great. There is also a full bar and good concessions. But, only 1 ticket seller so long lines at peak times. The worst is parking: limited spaces and super narrow.

Daniel Robinson

The Terrace is the best. The vibe and comfort can’t be beat.

Jennifer Johnson

Casual, fun place to see movies. Convenient spot if you live on John's or James Island. Usually not sold out so a good place to see big budget movies on opening weekend.

Christopher Parsons

Nostalgic movie theater in Charleston SC. Great place definitely will be back

Carrie Eggleston

I can't say enough about this place! Very unique experience unlike any movie theater I've been to. Sweet lounge area with board games, full bar, huge wine selection and old Hollywood decor. Love love love it!

Tom Vattimo

Great local theater. Have a few drinks while watching a flick. Always a good time.

Michael Mcmanus

Great! Wonderful funky vibe going back to its roots as an "art films" theater now showing first run top tier movies

Stephen Johnston

Nice small theatre. Has beer and wine at the concessions. Plenty of restaurants nearby. Parking can be difficult, so arrive early.

Scott Curry

Great theater and good popcorn

thomas finocchiaro

Great place to watch a movie very friendly staff great owner.

Rachel Lindsay

Great theater reminiscent of theaters from the 60s. Love their selection of films and that beer and wine are available for the movie!!

jeanne b

great theatre, arm rests are a little too wide. serve beer wine and gelato in addition to usual overpriced theater choices

Lauren Freeze

Nostalgic decor, cozy places to sit pre-flick, variety of food and beverage both traditional and non. Small staff, went during a matinee and we had the place to ourselves. Perfect component for a dinner and a movie (tapas next door) date.

Kevin C.

Cool little movie theater!

Emmett c

Great place very exotic and cool wish we had one back in Delaware!!!! Even though our candy was a couple months past it was awsome. Where else can you eat popcorn and drink booze! Jeanne hated it but who cares she is a princess.

Olivette Peterson

Always a nice experience. Quiet and entertaining!

Susan Garfinkel

Always enjoy Terrace Theater. Charming. Great movies. Wine, coffee and other fun snacks. Tables and chairs in lobby to relax while waiting for movie.

Andrew Duggan

Cozy, romantic, big chairs, good popcorn and convenient

Susan Weston

A Big thank you to Craig and staff last night for accommodating our(13 of us) Women's movie night out! We had an awesome time...Love the Terrace!!!

Lucas Chase

It's always nice going to the terrace theater

Jennifer Finnemore

Great place great atmosphere great service great popcorn

jamie kiser

Great little theater

Anand Patel

A small theater with its own unique feeling. Had a picture of David lynch on the wall, which I thought was cool.

Jeromy Lease

Super friendly staff. Nice cozy theater. Comfortable chairs. Good selection of drinks.


Very cool little theater that shows films of all kinds. Love going there and getting a different movie-going experience.

Robert Marriott

better than the big chains and some good eating nearby, such as Public House .

William Goad

An old, but much loved theater. Eclectic movies, but first releases as well. Who wouldnt go to a theater where you can have the usual fare, but a beer or a glass of wine?

Steve Pottichen

Love the terrace. GREAT ATMOSPHERE

grand slam

Outstanding Boutique and Arts Theatre. Food and Staff are 5 Stars

Jackie Rivera

Great old time theater! Watched Aquaman

Xonn Patch

Nice neighborhood theatre. Grab a beer and a movoe

Aliix Plaxco

I Always enjoy the terrace.

Sinley Vera

Great vintage bar and theater. They have board games in the lounge and it makes a good hangout spot. The collection of signed posters is amazing. Also this is where they host the Rocky. Love it.

Atena Kamali

I love this little theater! Retro feel, but updated with big leather seats. Concessions include a large selection of beers/wine. Very clean and well kept, with a good selection of big budget films as well as independent ones.

d stanton

Nice independently owned theater, presenting both big box office releases and art house films. Serves beer and wine.

Michael McGuinn

Not your conventional movie theater. Low ceilings and unorthodox layout, along with retro eclectic decor makes for a unique experience for movie goers!

Caroline Tucker

Fun and cozy!

Troy_McClure 15

The atmosphere was really cool and the snacks were good. My only quarrel is that the employees were not friendly at all and seemed very stressed. Other than the poor service, I would definitely recommend this retro looking theater.

Ian Smith

Quirky old theater serving alcohol. We enjoyed the nostalgia of it. Seats weren't spaced great so people routinely leaning back into my knees, but a fun experience. Very limited previews and no commercials, which was a nice break! Odd that rows of seats were in 5 when most people go as couples.

Dorene Robinson

Cool theater, nice staff.

Andrew luciano

The Terrace Theater is the vintage theater we need more of. This theater is equipped with a bar that has a wide variety of drinks to choose from. I was fortunate enough to see Stan & Ollie at his little theater and the whole experience was worth the drive.

SECoastal Breeze

This is what going to the movies should be like!! Wonderful locally owned cinema where the staff is friendly and go the extra mile ! Great place for independent films and documentaries!!

Emme Raieta

Came to this theater to see Bohemian Rhapsody and left knowing I would never go back. The moment I arrived at the parking lot I knew it was going to be a nightmare--cars are circling like vultures looking for an open space in the insultingly small parking lot. Many cars had resulted to parking in the grass or in spaces that weren't proper parking spots. It was 10 minutes past the movie time and I still hadn't been lucky enough to park my car. At this time, my mother, who is currently walking with a cane, and I would have had to search for the last few open seats had we ended up parking. The Terrace Theater doesn't do pre-assigned seating as many theaters do today. We decided to just give up and didn't even get to see the movie--I wish I could get a refund for the overpriced tickets.

Doug Smith

Nice quant movie theater. Seating was nice but old.

Ryan McClure

Best theater in Charleston hands down

Kati Sharpe

Love this place!

Ryan Beach

Small but comfortable affordable

Or Bar-Ziv

It's the cooler theater I've ever seen! I love it! So unique and special. In addition, there are great restaurants around. A great entertainment area for all family! #Movie #movietheater #Jamesisland #entertainment #date #fun #popcorn #nightout

Sailor Awesomeness

It's a nice theater. Different from all the other ones I've been to. I saw toy story 4 and the kids there were very noisy. Especially before the movie started. They were good as the movie played but then towards the end they were running around. If you bring your kids to the theater. You really gotta maintain them and tell them to be quiet. Overall the seats were nice and the theater itself.

Molly Johnson

Comfortable theaters, decent beer selection. You can get 6 bottles for $25. If you're waiting on the far side of the main area you might not hear them say when your theater is ready, though, and the two guys working were rude when we found out we missed the beginning of our movie. They should get a speaker system if they don't start movies at their listed times.

Kurt Walker

Great place for cinema!

Gary D Brown

Lovely Place


Great place to see a movie! Comfy seats and very clean.


Chairs are super comfy. They are nice and tall so if someone has a big head the person Infront of you will not block the whole screen. Restrooms are clean. Popcorns and soda is expensive (just like any other movie theater) and tickets are pretty reasonable. Overall good.


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