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205 W Blackstock Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29301 Located in: WestGate Mall

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REVIEWS OF Regal Westgate Mall Cinema IN South Carolina

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Very peaceful, enjoyed the privacy.

Christopher Curtis

I love going to this theater because the cost of seeing a movie is much lower than other movie theaters in the surrounding area. Also, this theater plays older movies which gives my friends and I an opportunity to see a movie that we may have missed!

Natasha K

Cheap tickets, lots of seats available of a Friday night!

Ken Vreeland

The absolute best

Shyniece Anderson

Seats are small but the prices are great!

Robert Bossier

Nice time .

Jim Ruby

We really enjoyed the Flashback movie Batman. It gave me a chance to see it with my daughter. She never saw it in the theater before. We hope you do these again next summer.

irisrenee smith

Love it.

Shannon Rochester

Good place to see a movie,but their popcorn,drinks,and candy is ridiculously too high.I paid more for that than I did the movie.

Rose Michels

Truly enjoyed the summer classics on Fridays. I hope it becomes a regular addition.

Ronald Goodman

Nice mall

prasaoth keut

The theater was nice and clean but I didn't get to watch the movie that I want to see because they don't have new movies like Captain marvel so afterwards I went to NCG theater and watched Captain marvel.

Lyvonne Copeland

Great price and location

Richard Pillé

Not bad. Alot quieter than Spartan 17.

leslie arnold

Nice theatre

Matt Bryant

Okay movie theater. Theaters are a Littles small though. Probably because it's actually in a mall.

Amanda Ferris

Closed during the day

Victor Ingram

Absolutely no crowds. I have seen 2 movies there and was the only.patron both times. Consequently the popcorn isn't the freshest, but it is still good and the staff is freindly.

Chester Nash

8.79 for LG. Popcorn and 6.49 for a large coke. Completely ridiculous. You folks are out of your friggin mind.

Jennifer McGuire

The movie was good but the seats could have been a little more comfotable. Also the light in the room above was on the whole time which was kind of annoying. But overall good time.

kelly romaine


Shawndel Bridges

I enjoy this theater. I always try to go before 6 pm. The movie ticket is only $6.50.

Isaiah White

Amazing movie theater


Gr8 place

Jason Groves

Busy place

Hank Turner

Food court is ok below Cinema.

Iliana Hand

Offered China restaurant

p.j. henderson

Good movies good snacks

Samantha Hamby

Very clean. Great local movie place.

Beverly Floyd

Enjoyed the experience.

Phil Pfister

2 senior and 3 child tickets $40 5 popcorns and 2 bottles of water $49! Something is wrong here. Never again. Concessions are an absolute rip off. Also. Being bomb blasted with commercials beforehand is irritating.



Sylvia Hagan

Quick and simple for an afternoon movie. Plus the popcorn is always fresh!

Kelvin Newman

To high price

petyah pererva

First time .not too bad price is good and screen is better

shuntrell coleman

Great place to shop

Jasmine Velazquez

It wasn't the best of the best but it was okay because when I went there, there was only I girl there that was selling tickets and selling the food too so lines were long and slow and the projector was not working either so I had to wait awhile to watch the movie. But overall I would give it a 3.5.

Matthew West

Over crowded and over priced NCG Spartanburg is a much better theater.

Debbie Phillips

I love going to the movies! It's a bit pricey $$$ ,now days . However, I have to get my choice at the concession stand, & get settled in my seat to watch all the previews. Then the new premier begins ! I feel like a child going for the 1st time !

Colleen Dixon

Parked and waited on grandson to go inside mall.

Gerald Gaston

Went to see Captain Marvel with my son. Great seats and easy picture purchase using inside kiosk. No line.

Blue Pikmin

Mall was ok, movies were terrible selection.

Mandie Breedlove

Out-dated but charming little theater (I have nostalgia to thank for that).

Karl Olsen

Signage from the road is very poor. Signage from the parking lot is inadequate. Mall directory just inside the mall door is missleading. Escalators (41 steps) are not working. Theatre was warm, almost hot until AC was finally turned on only three minutes before movie was scheduled to begin. Movie began 15 minutes after it was scheduled to begin. Three stars may have been overly generous.

Rhonda Brian

People would go to the movies more often if the snacks and drinks weren't so high

Shawn Carrico

Good place to walk around and do some shopping

Crystal Cummings

Let's see, paid for a 2:15 movie. Showed up by 2:11pm and the entire theater was closed. Windows dark, no one to be found other than one other couple that looked equally confused. by the lack of any presence. Wandered around a bit thinking maybe it was moved... maybe we'd find someone... finally called, was told we were in exactly the right place. When I told them no one was there... "staffing issues." I came to find out that the manager who was supposed to be on duty didn't show and didn't answer her phone and no one knew where she was. Two other managers were called in, but it would be half an hour and for some reason, no one could figure out how to operate the projector the movie was scheduled be in. So we returned at 5, because hey, just wanted to see the film, and any concession purchases were now no longer going to happen. The one star you received centers on the young man who did everything in his power to fix a situation he never created. When we returned, I heard a person or two hiding in the back offices chatting, but no one but him every came out to apologize for the blatant lack of management going on. He bent over backwards to figure out how to operate a machine he wasn't trained to handle and make it right with us. He is more deserving of a managerial position there than the three piles of rubbish you currently have.

Courtney Ware

Very nasty in the movie theater.

Mike Wakefield

Went to watch Transformers movie the other day first off waited at ticket booth for 15 minutes before anyone showed. Then went to sit down arm was broken on one seat second seat wobbled and finally just sat down in one with cusion hardly at all. Theater 5 was so hot i couldnt breath I had to get manager to look at thermostat. Young blonde guy with glasses came and turned it down (thank you sir by the way). Over all the four of us where very unhappy with the over all experience. I don't know if we will try this theater again.

Linda SUE

Great to catch movies that have already left mainstream theaters.

Ezra Anderson

A very nice theater. Clean, well-kept, friendly staff, and a decent selection of movies. However, the selection is fairly small. A great pick as the viewing area for a movie of your choice!

Myra Wood

Great Movie Complex with terrific discounts! Will come back again soon!


This cinema is like any other except, is that when they show movies they are not completely up to date when there is a new movie they won't have it till a week or two later, but other then that they are pretty good

DeWannaLee Marshall

So much cheaper than their sister store, Regal Spartan 16!!

Ashley P

Decent theatre. Not big and needs updating

Shelly McKee

Not enough people go to movies anymore and it shows in the prices

Lesly Godsey

Seats aren't comfortable but the theater was clean

Jean Pinkston

Huge theater. Movie played a little too loud for my liking but the whole place is extremely clean & staff is awesome

J Dowd

Nice uncrowded theater

Julia Green

No long lines!

Chris c

Low prices an not many people go here so you can watch movies cheap almost by yourself

Patti Jo Mould

Good Cinema for movies that are in their way out. Never a crowd

Jim Smith

This place is way over priced.

John Keilly

Clean and comfortable but wines are pricey.

Cindy Darr

Popcorn is good and nice and clean theatres.

Rashunda Williams

Great price

Julie Robinson

A little musty smelling but clean in appearance.

Jewel Steier

Small but makes for a nice night out

Matt D. Smith

Love it

Jeri Means

Still playing old movies

Oneill Carson

Nice clean theatre


I purchased a gidt card for my son. Good customer service,nice facilities

Ilya Glazunov

West gate mall sucks but the movie theater is on point

Constance Guy

Typical movie theater. Quite on a week day. Pleasant young man working the concessions and tickets.


Amazing dood. Good movies dood. Good movies.

Luigi Bentley

As a famous space smuggler once said, "What an incredible SMELL you've discovered!" It was not a compliment. They offer a range of new and old movies, I simply feel the average price is about $1.50 too much for the atmosphere. Has great potential to be enjoyable.

Pamela Ponds

The theater needs a facelift, it feels old and you could hear the other movie playing in the next theater very loudly.

Septic Yolo 2019

Great place for movies anf food.the people here are the best.the movies are high quality and the popcorn is very fresh.i also recomned this place for parties.

Ryan Byrd

Great movie theater

london blackmon

This place will forever be a classic to me.

Tom Litteral

Spend too much money

kyle miller

A little old school.


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