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Great movie clean.

Essie White

Yes the concession stand is pricy and to get anything you need to be a drug dealer or refinance your house. But the popcorn is always fresh, the pop is always bubbly and the seats arent scary and my feet never stick to the floor. Use your points from your app and you can buy your tickets from your app. Had a great time seeing Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindlewald.

Jess Wilson

Damn the seats fill up quickly here. And for some reason, this theater hasn't quite caught up with the rest of the world and made it a decent place to sit, even if you're stuck in the front row

Bryan Spence

There are two seats that allow you to put your feet up and we were able to comfortably watch a really fun movie I recommend this show.

Jack Hayes

Much better movie theater than the cheap one full of crazy people, I promise!

ray hoffman

Great theatre. Awesome crew. The Hit movies. The Original Soft Drinks Coke products including my fave Coke Zero Sugar. Best experience is that they have returned to Popping Fresh Hot Popcorn during all showings. Clean auditoriums, and Clean restrooms. Friendly Staff from Box Office, Concessions as well as Ushers, door greeter "tickets" taker to Mgmt.

Deborah Richardson

Everytime we visit florence sc we go see a movie very nice movie place to see a movie

John Carroll

It have watched a lot of movies here and enjoy it. It may be a little bit more expensive but it is worth it.

Jan Kyzr

Too expensive. Way too loud.

Chandra Spencer

OMG !! Swamp Fox is my go to. I went to see Venom with my Aunt and my Cousin, then I went to see Greta with my Aunt and my Cousin again, then I went to see The Curse of La Llorna with both of my Aunt's, my three cousins, and my Mom. All of them were awesome. There's never been a time where we go to Swamp Fox and the lobby hasn't been cleaned or the bathroom dirty. The ticket master (man/woman) is always professionally friendly and the vendors are nice as well and they all (ticket master and vendors) work as fast and as effectively as they can while still being respectful and cordial. I would highly recommend the Swamp Fox theater to anyone. I definitely wouldn't go anywhere else!!!! ✌

Brooke Murray

Great movie experience but it got very cold inside during the movie. We had to keep our jackets in the entire time.

Angelyne Green-Davis

Great atmosphere!

Marqell Campbell

I love the reclining chairs, love that the arm rests move out of the way so you can cuddle! I’m also fond our their corn dog bites :) only issue I have is their pricing. If it wasn’t for the military discounts and regal points I wouldn’t be able to see movies until they come out online. I appreciate the military discounts the most! Many places in Florence no longer do military or veterans discounts. Way to go swamp fox.

Tyrone Hicks

Clean, no problem with seating

Rosemary Winter

Julia4 is way nicer! More comfortable seating, better concession prices, too!

John Cox

We saw Return of Mary Poppins. The theater is fine. The popcorn was freshly made and you add your own butter. I liked it.

Geneva Peay

It was was great....popcorn was delicious.......bathrooms were clean

Patrick Ridenhour Jr

Not much personality from the staff but the theater itself is clean and it was a pleasant experience.

Ray Hoffman

Fresh Popped Popcorn. Serves the Original Soft drinks of Theatres., the One, the only, the First......Coca-Cola. No Generic Sodas like Pepsi sold here. Only the Refreshing, The Real Thing....Coke. COKE is IT.

Darlene Campbell

It was real nice. and clean.

Ebony McCullough

First the ticket price is ridiculous! The concession is even worse. I can go to Coastal Grand put my feet up and be comfortable. The adult drinks at Coastal Grand is cheaper than the popcorn and soda. And the seating is hard and uncomfortable. I'll just ride to the beach here on out! Oh Hellboy was good

Shelia Skipper

Good but cold please take your jacket

John K

Very clean and comfortable theater. About average in pricing so no complaints there either.

Kayla M

I've had a very pleasant experience every time I have been here. I've never had problems with seating or outrageous bathroom lines. I always go to the early showtimes and I believe that always brings better crowds with no problems.

Vernadette Barbour-Godfrey

Had a wonderful time. The only thing I didn't like was the floors in the movie theatre was very sticky.

Art Martin

I've never seen such slow service. However the water fountain had cold water even though the compressor made a funny noise.

Susan Odom

We went to an early movie on Christmas day 2018. The theater was too cold! We needed a blanket. Please turn up the heat, especially for elderly customers. There were only 2 people working the concession stand and that caused quite a bottleneck. I do appreciate that you were open that day, but you need to improve your Customer experience.

Jen Ulasiewicz

We prefer coming to this theater over any other theater in the area. Never had any issues here and there's not usually much of a wait to get in. Concessions take a little bit longer but that's to be expected. Overall a pretty clean movie venue with nice friendly staff :)

William Merriman

Great theater

Randy Lucas

I took the grands to see Aquaman. Very pleasant atmosphere, courteous staff and clean seating.

Latasha Britt

I love this place..especially since they have the unlimited movie pass now

Michael Samuel

I went there to watch movie yesterday and I love it there

Elaine Wilson

Nice theater but they really do need more employees! They normally only have one ticket booth open on the outside! Line is long! Then on the inside they only have one cashier line open at the concession stand where there's also a long line of people waiting.

Fallon Zoey

This is a good theature. Good sound, good seating...wish concession prices were lower, but I expect high prices at the movies!

Patrick Hay

Just like you expect from any movie theaters these days it's going to be pricey if you want a decent experience. unfortunately concessions is on the rather high-end compared to other theaters I visit. They do offer a birthday party package which I did use for my son it was nice to have that available. Still as I mentioned before it is rather pricey they do offer military and student discounts at the ticket booth besides that expect to pay.

Chris Stowers

Doubt I'll ever go back! Over priced concessions with Very sub par popcorn that had very little taste no matter how much butter you put on it, not to mention no option of extra butter throughout the bucket because you have to put it on yourself after the bucket is filled, uncomfortable seats, my first 3D experience was very pitiful because the sound was horrible and couldn't hear anything when the actors in the movie spoke softly, and what I thought would be terrific surround was non existent. I have better sound from my Vizeo sound bar and surround speakers at home! I'll continue to go to the cheaper competition across town that has better of everything I listed above.

Phillip Marshall

Service buying tickets and at the concession stand was great. Sat down in time for previews and had sound but no picture. Took going to office twice by different customers to get it fixed. Screen looked like someone had thrown a large soda at it and floor was very sticky. I expect more from a Regal cinema. Theater # 13.

justice bull

Comfy chairs, good lighting... Great quality for your money

Anthony Thompson

Best place around to see all of the newest movies. They also have 3D movies and IMAX movies here. Large selection of times and good number of individual theater rooms, so you should be able to get in no matter how busy. Prices are not too bad. Staff has always been very helpful. Good selection of snacks available.

clown Face

Its a pretty good place to enjoy a movie if you can beat the crowd. . The closer rows are not so comfortable. I would suggest getting there alittle earlier.

Soft Swag

We saw A Star is Born. Great movie. The theater was very clean. I really love the layout of the theater, almost no seat is a badd seat. The sound is good as well. They have a senior discount on the tickets too.

Brittany Pinckney

Good more to choose from than the Julia better snacks and friendly workers and even better they serve hot dogs the Julia doesn't

Debbie Rucker

Alittle pricey unless you're a Senior

Seth Harrison

I really love that movie MA

Nikki Wilson

Clean theater. I like how you just could not walk in and out of the building. You had to go past the ticket agent to get in and they checked bags. The concession lines moved fast and I don't think the prices were too outrageous. The theater was too cold for my liking but otherwise good experience.

Sandy Watford

Combined ticket sales and concessions.... Super slow... Even using the app to purchase tickets.. You still have to wait in longggg line to get ticket at Theatre

lisa jay Miller

We went here on February 9,2019 on my 50th Birthday to see What men want

Tate Williamson

The theater is decent. Prepare to have people talk the whole movie, people to use cell phones the whole time and kids/teens walking in and out the during the movie. It has potential to be a nice place if management would enforce any since of common courtesy.

Karen Blackwell

Always clean and shoes are on time.

Michael Pierce

Very clean!!! Nice family environment!!!

Cliff Henderson

Sound was good but picture quality was a bit blurred. Seats are small and too close. It was so cold in the theater I had to ask a employee to turn the heat on which they just did. We could see our breath it was that cold. Not a good experience.

Cheryl McGill

Good movie theater. I always enjoy it. John Wick III was horrible. It was all fight, kill, fight, kill kill , one sentence of dialogue and start again. Don't waste your money.

Barbara Matthews

I have waited all year for End Game and unfortunately the movie was visibly blurry to the point that it hurt my eyes to look at the screen. Everyone was talking about it, so I know it wasn't just me. That will be the last time that I pay that much for subpar quality.

Tay Dodson

It's about as good as a theater can get. Great picture and surround sound in the auditoriums, and great customer service.

Scott A.

Nice facility but like all theaters these days, overpriced. Also, not a fan of the new policy that has you going to the consession stand to get your tickets. Bad idea

Cody Futrell

Auditorium 14 had a messed up blurry screen, but excellent customer service and generally just a nice environment

Keyondra Brounson

Cozy seating, good food, and a clean environment!

Dev Smith

Decent pricing for tickets but the concession pricing is ridiculous

Susan Craven

Downton Abbey was excellent! Excellent service. Clean and confortable!

yonny gutierrez

It's a movie theater clean and the seats are Comfortable. With is important. Nice people.

Jonathan Lancaster

It's busy over the weekends but the staff always seems to handle the crowd well. Very enjoyable place and food and drinks taste great. Some of the seats can be a little rickety sometimes though.

Rosina Simpson

The theater was ok like all regal theaters. Had issues with the teenagers that were in the theater taking pictures with flash on throughout the whole movie and being loud and disruptive

Shannon Ellisor

I very much enjoyed the Fathum Events showing of Chonda Pierce Unashamed. It was the first I've seen of this type of presentation there at the theater and it was great. I was joined by several ladies from church and we were able to get seats together and enjoy the show.

Bob Lee

Very Nice Business & right near the mall.

Author Rae Baker

It's usually pretty nice and clean. Busy at times. Just the food drinks and candy are super over priced as any theater now days I guess. But a nice place.

Karen Ellerbe

Our family love this location because of its location. It is near the mall and other shopping centers. The facility is kept clean and the employees are ]professional.

Michael Floyd

This place is laughable at best. Don't ever see a movie after 10pm. They advertise concession staying open until the last movie is over, however they close it down at 11pm. so much for buying a large drink and popcorn for the free refills when they're not open to serve you. And the manager for this theater is a douchebag. I hope you don't have any complaints because she sides with her employees no matter what. They need to close this place or sell it to someone who knows how to manage a theater.

amy oakes

I love going to the Swamp Fox with my friends and my family. The staff have always been very friendly to me. The chairs are comfortable and I really like the stadium seating. The staff strives to keep the areas clean. I have never had a bad experience at the "swamp" like we call it. I know the food is pricey but I also know that is how the theatre makes their money. So I really don't mind the cost so much. I especially like speaking with Angie every time I go there. She seems always happy to see us and she really makes us feel like our business is appreciated.

nicole clay

Love it tyler perry movie was great

Khaleeta Gethers

Great customer service from the guy at consession stand. Rude guy where you buy tickets before entering. If not for him would be 5 stars. Arm rest is movable in theatre. Seats very comfortable unique style. Plenty movies to choose from.

Antoine Thomas

Great. Not noisy was able to enjoy the movie. A little pricey with drinks and popcorn.

linda Zemlo

Love the popcorn and reclining seats. Very clean bathroom and certain rooms were cleaner than others . The hot dogs are Nathan and very good as well. Download the Regal App and can earn more points to qualify for the popcorn or free admission much sooner.

Joshua Rainwater

Clean & comfy.

Rosie Rembert

Clean and spacious, but is expensive.with television and Roku and Netflix, I think the price should be lower.

Patrick Daniels

Movies are always just eat before u go. Prices are thru the roof

Roberta Turner

Nice view. Friendly staff.

Phillip Sylvester

Last time I went the theater was hot. This time the focus was off. I informed the staff and they said they would fix it. Stayed blurry the entire movie.

Dequentin Scott

Went with my family to see Angel Has Fallen and bought our tickets all to get turned back around on the inside. They tell us we can't take our baby into an R rated movie. We've watched so many R rated movies there with all of our kids and not ever have we gotten turned around before. I asked if that was something new that they started doing. They said "well, we were always supposed to do that but we haven't always done it."

Matthew Boan

Decent theatre seats, but very expensive across the board.

Jamie Watson

Very clean an a nice place.

Chanel Porchea

Love this place..Great service and clean

Adam Brown

One of the side speakers was blown in the theater and they didn't fully focus the film.

Stevie Burroughs

Everything was more than I expected and some. Made my daddy daughter night a complete success!!! Awesome!!!

Zaneta McCummings

Love this theater and their snack selections. Hate the prices. Great for a date night. However with my family of five, we come out better just going out for dinner and going to the julia cinema instead.

Toni Charles

Great summer movies. Kids love it

Bryan Michaux

Always an enjoyable time when we go to the Regal Swamp Fox.

Brandy Kelehear

My son & I always go here for our "Mommy & Me" time...

John Marlowe

Clean, comfortable and kind staff

Bobbie Phillips

Clean!!! Decent priced.

Tawiana Milon

Great experience! My mother and I went to go see the movie US at 7 pm. It was great! Service at the concession stand was great. I purchased my tickets off of the Regal app! No waiting in line! Everything was awesome!!

Where the Chicken

I just saw a 10:15 movie. The lobby was filthy and covered in popped corn. I spent a lot of money on concessions for my family, yet so many people brought outside cans and chips in. No one monitors this. Maybe we all should smuggle snacks in as well. For the money I spent I felt I was gypped. I'm also fairly sure a couple was close to getting on in the back row. Again, no supervision to ensure the enjoyment of all patrons. Probably shouldn't give it 2 stars, but I liked the movie, which shouldn't factor into the rating.

Rhett B Butler

Theater six could use speakers placed near the rear as soundfield is cast from the front and center eliminating true surround sound.

Tyler Cook

The best theater in Florence. A bit pricey, but that's the movies. Great concessions area, clean bathrooms, friendly staff. Picture and sound are good. Just waiting for those recliners!

Thomas LaGon

Comfortable seats clean restrooms good selection at the concession stand

Jeanette Jackson

It's our only movie theater. It could be cleaner.

Amanda Watford

My fiance and I went to see End Game tonight and it was awesome. The theater was nice and clean and the staff was very friendly.

Thomas Campbell

I'm a big movie fan and usually try to go a couple times a month. While we only have 2 choice of movie theaters in town, this is a great theater. The atmosphere is nice and it's always clean. It may not be as cheap as the other option, but I'd rather pay a little more for my ticket and have a better experience myself. The seating is nice and the screens and sound is good quality. The only drawback I'd have is that the concession stand seems a little overworked sometimes, as the lines always move slowly and it usually appears they need more workers. Overall, a great place to see a movie.

ju flegler

I had a Great time Great movie... i wish i knew a way to get discounts or earn a free movie

Dwayne Rouse

Fun places to get away for a few hours.


Nice place...a Lil pricey but clean and roomy.

Colleen Clark

This place is awesome

Ronnie McKnight

Went to see avengers in 3d,when we went inside the theater it was burning up. Come to find out the ac has been broken for 2days ,so why sell tickets tothat theater, especially when it's a 3+ hour movie. Fortunately there was a regular showing of the movie and a my money was refunded for the difference.

Mary Williamson

Enjoyed a free small popcorn because of birthday using regal crown club. Enjoyed movie. Bathrooms were clean but they definitely need an upgrade.

Sam Ervin

It's the more pricey theater in Florence but you're getting a larger variety of movies to watch and larger theatres. The concessions are good and the theatres are always clean in my experience. There is a play area for small children.

Darrin Davis

Speakers at the Julia are better. Its overpriced for the quality you get

Lynda Szablewski

Very unorganized. Girl assigned to ticket sales also on her cell. Concessions slow . Went to see downtown abbey. Movie stopped 20 minutes before the end. NO ONE knew how to fix it. There one job is showing movies, and could make it work. And the movie started from beginning for the next show time.

Maibritt Tunstall

Great afternoon with my familie


Most of my experiences here are good except for the over priced popcorn and drinks. I don't buy it anymore. Unfortunately, today I had a bad experience. Went to the 1:10 PM show. At 1:20, the screen was still black. Another movie goer went and asked if they had forgotten to start the movie. Yes, they forget. Someone came in to say the movie would start soon. Well, 20 minutes later, the manager came in and they were having technical difficulties. She moved us to another location. After a total of 35 minutes, the movie finally started. With this inconvenience, she could have at least offered free popcorn and drink. After all, there was only 4 of us viewing the movie. By the way, the movie "Overcomer" was AWESOME. I highly recommend it.

Misty Smith

Always love the movies here

Kristy Munn

The movie was pretty good. But the "immature wanna-be adults" behind me that kept kicking my seat and threatened to throw food at us for asking them to stop ruined the whole experience!!!

Michelle J.

Saw a movie here while on vacation. Seems like a nice place. Staff was friendly. Place appears clean. Had the usual selection of theatre munchies. Overall pleased with my experience.

Michael LeBeau

Watched the new spider man with my son tonight. Had a group of about 15 kids wander in pushing their weight around continuously talking, making abrupt noises, kicking and bumping seats intentionally running off several paying customers and or making them switch areas of the theater completely. To my surprise upon leaving the security guard on duty tonight stood up for all of us, when apparently no one else would, approached us all and offered refunds and free movie passes for the inconvenience. This gentlemen deserves a promotion and pay raise for standing up for his customers tonight. Job well done sir. Keep up the good work. 5 stars for this guy. 3 for the theater as they need to employ more people such as him and make a better effort ensuring non paying and or troubled "customers" stay out.

Joanne Chandler

I frequent this theater often. I find the theater overall a clean and comfortable place to spend two hours for some entertaining viewing. The staff have usually been friendly except for one worker that is always rude and disrespectful every time we go in and she is working. Her name is Ashley although she spells it a little differently. She is abrasive, arrogant, dismissive and down right rude and nasty. If she is working concessions on the day we go, we will not patron the concession stand just because of her attitude and horrible treatment of the customers. You would be wise to find others that would do a better job and kind service and friendly engaging behavior.

Janet Mardel Jackson

Pop corn everywhere. A little noisey..good movie..Julia 4 was much cleaner


Nice quick check in using ticket from Atom. Very cold, bring a jacket

shannon adkins

We waited inline at the concession for 30 minutes and there were only 3 people ahead of us. Another couple came up and said the same thing.

Shealyn Williamson

This theater could be very nice if it was renovated. It is extremely expensive for it to be located in Florence, SC. Also it is not extremely clean.

Allen Candon

Yo drinks yo popcorn are HIGHHHH so HIGH

Jon Bloom

I thought prices were high in Hartsville, SC foe a movie, woo whee, 13 dollars for a small soda and a small popcorn. 9 dollars for a movie before 5. Give me a small town movie theater any day. Up home a movie date for two, with drinks and popcorn is less than 20. You know this isn't a better theater than a local owned hometown one, but they sure must think so. Theater was clean, as was the restrooms. I'd say the area is ripe for a hometown local owned theater to move in. At these prices I can rent from amazon 4 or more movies

Anthony Beigay

Mostly clean theater, seats were not the most comfortable and the screen seemed a little small. Otherwise, it was OK.

Edmond Velilla

The theater is good, but you can hear the neighboring movies, and twice there a movie has stopped altogether midway. The staff is good about fixing it, but it's a 1st world inconvenience.

Adisha Blackmon

Hey i do get a break family time , allways #1

Victoria Hicks

Favorite movie place

Smart Sam

Go early to avoid queue at tickets counter. Nice place to watch new movies with family and friends. Helpful staff

Digital Blood

Went here to watch IT chapter 1. The theater was nice and right at the mall. Ticket prices were decent and so were the food prices, no assigned seating, which is a plus in my book, cannot stand to be told where to sit, let me chill not going to rant here. Anyway, clean bathrooms, and floors, and friendly staff, would recommend anyone in the area to stop by and watch a movie.

SCgetin Money

overall very clean and pleasant enviroment. would recommend you eat before you get there.

The Push Creative Channel SC

It was awesome all the way around. You get what you pay for. IT was definitely worth the money. HAPPY CUSTOMER

hunter miller

A little dated and over priced but decent movie display.


Great, clean movie theater & nice staff. The ticket booth to buy your ticket is outdoors. As soon as you go in the ticket taker is right there. We went on Christmas eve so it wasn't crowded at all. We ordered food easily & did not have to wait long. The theater was big with plenty of leg room. Comfortable seats. If you don't have the regal app & regal rewards card you should definitely get. It's free & we earn free popcorn, free movie tickets & much more. It is great!

Frank Oliver

Best Visual and Audio movie viewing experince in Florence, but you will pay more for it.

Mopar Rell

My recent experience was pretty good

Caitlin Foxx

Hard chairs, but great prices

Kristian Greene

Power surge in beggining of avengers... WOW. Overpriced

Bonnie Mehl

Too cold! seats too low to the floor and wait too long in the lines. They need more staff

Deborah Cattell

Nice theater... Worst popcorn I've ever had.

maurice smalls

A little too expensive. We will not be returning

Kimcountryfav Mcclenny

Ok. Nothing special about the seats but the old arcade games were nice to play

Dave L

The stadium style seating makes for really good viewing regardless of where you sit. It's always clean and well staffed. I gave it four stars because the concessions is extremely over priced. I'm not sure why some movie theaters charge so much for these items. I think I would rather pay a few dollars more to watch a movie and be able to bring my own snacks and drinks.

Julie Gandy

Prices should be lower. I don't know how a family can afford to go to the movies these days.

Christy Hill

Hate that it's $10.00 a person even for kids but had a good time overall.

Jonathan LeBleu

So, I go to Regal AFTER MOD told me to come back and that we could use free movie passes on another movie if we come during the week. So my girlfriend and I show up, and Abi, the MOD tonight, says she can't let us see the movie that the other manager said we could see. I got a refund on my popcorn and drink, which was over $15, and went to the Julia theatre and got the same concessions for $8. And the staff was much nicer. That was my LAST trip to Regal. I'm posting this on Facebook so all of Florence can see this.

greg davis

Very good. Stadium seats. Probably could stand some new chairs. But were ok. Not crowded. Good picture. Good sound.

Samuel Devan

Came to watch the lion king with my family. Box office line was long but went through relatively quick. The concessions line however was way too long and it looked like the stand was extremely understaffed. Then I saw two managers just standing around talking while the line was packed. It took me 27 minutes to get up to the counter and when I had got there the boy at the register told me they had run out of their kids packs and had to wait for a manager to go get them more. I understand money but really, BOXES?!? Once a manger had finally decided to get them we got our food and went into the theater which was still a mess from the last showing. It was just a really unpleasant experience

Christopher Taylor

My experiences here have never been disappointments. Very friendly staff.

Patience Hall

First time here! Good service,theater, and concession!

Randy Loveless

Ticket prices were a little high, but the concession prices were ridiculous. Over $15 for a medium popcorn and medium drink. REALLY????


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