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Where is Regal Starlight - Anderson?

REVIEWS OF Regal Starlight - Anderson IN South Carolina

Alex Owens

Very clean theaters Staff very polite

Kristin Morgan

Love going to this theater. Their rewards program is neat and you can earn enough points to get free movie tickets, just by scanning your card or app when you buy movies/refreshments. Only thing I wish they had would be reclining seats, or at least more comfortable ones.

Ben Wyant

Yes, only 2 stars. I was seeing IT: chapter two and was in a small theater near the back for a movie on opening weekend. The theater was packed full. I have no problem with this, except that the movie was in one of the smallest theaters on opening weekend. Concessions was also slow and unfriendly.

Marial Krenzer

Awesome lobby, especially at night when the star lights turn on on the ceiling. Good service, very attentive, even ID'd for rated R movies which is rare.

Linda Megill

Nice but while watching the movie I could hear some of the movie playing in the next theatre.

Shane H

Could you really not plan to keep the sound of the movie in its own theatre location. Nothing worse than watching an comedy show and the action flix next door triumphs your sound for most of your movie... Just saying

Benji Watkins

Not my favorite theater. Seats are not comfortable.


Good movie selection but way too expensive for concessions....we will never return and if we do we will only watch the movie..

Jake Jack

Wonderful service. Theater wassent freezing , tester prices still but it's a cozy environment and trendy people. Jonathan was especially professional and helpful. My theater of choice. Never really over crowded and I can always find a parking spot. Clean bathrooms and seats .

Steve Allen Cagle

Not as crowded like the other multiplexes. Easy to get in and out of traffic wise.

Mike Hackett

This was my first visit here. I watched Avengers End Game on opening weekend. The theater have plenty of screens playing and seating to pick from.

Tracey Cook

The cinema we were in, #3 was absolutely a mess. There was trash in just about every seating isle. And the guy said he just finished cleaning it. Negative!!

Chris Sharp

There are 20 of us older customers waiting for our movie. The theater is empty and already clean but they have a new manager and won't let us in to wait for another 20 minutes. My wife and I were already sitting down but got kicked out and told to wait in the lobby. There are 2 theaters in town showing the same movies. I won't be back here and most of this crowd feels the same way.

James Gowan

A movie theater is a movie theater for the most part. But this one was clean, the staff was helpful, they serve beer and wine (insanely priced but available). They also offer some discounts for AARP. We don't have a movie theater in Clemson, SC so we always drive 10-20 miles. This one is not in a bad location and the local Sheriff's office is noticeably present during busy times. One of our first choices.

Matthew and Rachael

We had a great time at one of the lunch time shows. Older theater reminded me of the ones when I was a teenager. It was actually very clean no nasty sticky floors and the staff was pretty nice. Has a couple of arcade games but not enough. Could use some sound proofing between theaters cause I could hear the next door movie pretty well.

Alexis Eliopoulos

Ive been living in Anderson for 12 years and this is the first time ive been to regal in Anderson. I had been going to amstar but now i will continue to spend my money at Regal. The food was cheaper in price and received more for your $. The theaters were much nicer, cleaner, and comfortable. The only reason i gave them 4 stars instead of 5 was cause there was only one person at the ticket counter with a long line waiting to purchase tickets. Idk if it was due to short staff or the day in particular but either way i was highly impressed with Regal cinemas

Marie Pusey

Better prices than Regal in Greenville and no reserve seating... thank goodness. Updated 5 stars to 1 Lied to us Said movie had not started It had No good response other than it had just started... $56 to miss the start of the movie.... arrgggh... just tell the truth and I can come to different showing... I will not return... cherry dale it is...

Lisa Shaver

Awesome movie for the kids, people were awesome and really nice

Cathy Rogers

Price of refreshments way out of line. Too expensive. Coke tasted horrible!!

Scott Woodring

Clean and fair pricing. Movies sound and clarity was good quality, too.

S. Holl

Card reader down....oh my...would have given a one point if it had not been for the manager. She was gracious!!!!

Marlene Petersen

Enjoyed watching the movie we came to see there. Friendly staff. Clean restrooms.

Antonio Washington

Enjoyed the theater had not been in a while everything was very nice job well done

Mark Bailey

It's a solid cinema, stadium seats, they dont have reclining seats other than that great!

The Family Coach

Card reader was down...but the little lady training was very professional!

William Tester

Decent theatre and serves alcohol. The seats could be more comfortable though.

Keenen Geer

Theater had a disgusting smell and it got worse when the air conditioning came on. Seems to be run down from how it used to be

Poetry LaShom

Would be 5 stars be the seating is a little uncomfortable.

Lisa Imberi

Usually they're fine even though they have old seating, as most newer places have reclining seats these days. But this day they had a note stating that they'd had a power outage earlier that day and wouldn't reopen until 1:30 pm. The movie we'd planned to see started at 12:40 pm so we left. Didn't want to wait for the 3 pm showing.

Ellis Gunter

Good experience. Will return

Michelle Hollenback

This theater offers a great selection of movies. The theaters are well cooled & heated. Downside: tickets are too expensive. Adults & children's tickets are the same price. The concession stand charges triple price for soft drinks & snacks. A family of 4 can spend $100 real fast. It's insane to spend that kind of money for 2 or 2.5 hours!

Lynn Shook

Floors not sticky. Volume good. Temp was a little cool but then it was a cooler day.

Mike Grant

Nice theatre Popcorn fresh service great Will return to spend coins here

Addison Blackman

One of the only movie places in the area makes it the best. They also serve alcohol and offer plenty of specials: like student discounts. Although the theaters themselves could use some updates, they are always clean and presentable. Great date location or cheap weekend destination.

Lee Anne Hagan

Prices a tad high but not any worse than any other theater. Love to go on Tuesdays for economy tickets $6.92 for all shows. That is a great deal.

Terry Watkins

3 people + 3 drinks +1 med.popcorn= $ 70 -Not so much a complaint,well yeah I guess it is

King Sanguinary

Always ebony this theater. Seats are pretty good. Bad back and can manage to enjoy the movie without having to get up. Drinks are mixed right and taste great. Option of beer is nice. Bathrooms are kept pretty Clean considering. Concessions pepple are always super friendly and helpful.


Very comfortable and clean theater. Sound is amazing.

Angela Pickens

I swear I hate the parking lot. But I do enjoy coming to this theater. Never crowded

Alicia Lei

No complaints! Nice theatre along with great sound to accent the movie!

Dwight Fretwell

Great cinema. Great location!

Carol Ford

Clean and personel were helpful. Movie was.excellent. Saw Overcomers.

Alex Gambrell

Nice and clean... It has been 2 years since I been to the movies.

Georgia Williamson

Good service, comfortable seats. And good popcorn. What more can be said.

Jeremy Gunnels

Smaller theaters without the crowds usually. Good for a family outing or such.

William Bilbray

I like the fact that I can take my family here and not worry about our safety bc they have multiple police officers on site.

Crystal R

Always clean and the staff I've encountered are always friendly. Nice screen and good sound.

Christa McFalls

Changed showtimes without updating website.

Audrey M

Concession stand prices are very high. We bought 2 small drinks, a small popcorn, and it was nearly $20. It's no wonder people sneak in drinks and snacks. Seats are typical of all movie theaters. The employees were pleasant. Theater is clean.

Suyash Ahire

Didn't know that the seating is on "first come first serve" basis. The seats are little uncomfortable, the seats in the front make you watch the movie with neck tilted upwards at a higher angle than usual. The sound quality is good. 3D is great. Would recommend.

Lindy Harrell

Projector down. Drove 2 hrs round trip and couldnt see the movie i had tickets for. NOT COOL!

Benjamin Coulter

The walls are thin between the theaters and you can hear the other movies going on. I came here to see END GAME and I could hear the avengers theme song in the other theater during a very somber scene in part of the movie that we were watching. Other than that, the staff was very kind and the theater was very well maintained. I will continue to be a patron here!

Austin Baker

Clean and cozy to watch your movie. Prices are reasonable to me compared to back home in the city.

Misha Shew

Pretty average movie theater. It has all of the basics.

Phillip Larsen

I've been going to this movie theater for years since I was five and even to this day it still has the kindest staff, the original experience, and has great prices. This is a great place to go for family movie nights!

Alex Olvera

The butter you put on the popcorn just makes it better, when I went there the place seemed very clean, and the seats I found them very comfortable

Lori Smith

Awesome, clean.

tom barden

Watched the movie "Overcomer" (highly recomended!!) Comfortable seats, clean bathroom. Tasty popcorn.

Jessica Pierce

Went and seen Hobbs and Shaw. Great movie and theater

Mike Burtch

Not sure about the movie experience but almost no video games for after a movie

Reagan Head

My sister and I really enjoy all of our trips to regal cinemas. They have better prices, the employees are very kind and willing to help, and cleanliness is obviously very important them. Regal cinemas is better than any other movie theaters I've been to.

Matthew Deweese

Probably my first movie I've been to in about 5 years.. We came to see Toy Story 4. All staff that we interacted with were very nice. We got some nachos, popcorn and some drinks. I thought it was really cool they serve beer and wine now! Better choices than most places too. The prices are a little higher but that's expected anyway usually with theaters. I really liked the lobby, it had a cool layout and the ceiling was really neat. The movie played smoothly which isn't always the case with theaters. The floors were clean along with the seating, and the bathrooms. I think I may be coming to movies more.

Meghan Dosier

I've been coming here for years. Always a good experience. The popcorn is great and the theaters are just right.

Floribama Fitness

Me and my kids go every other week to this location. Excellent service. Clean facility. Only negative is food cost does not match food quality.

Felicia Latten

Nice movie theater

Sandra Usrey

Clean, yummy popcorn, friendly staff.

Danielle Cobb

Best place in anderson to watch movies

Cassia Bennett

Fantastic! I enjoyed it very much!

Clara Goh

The cinema is clean, spacious with a simple layout. Theatres are right ahead with all the rooms within a glance. Ticketing window is right outside. You wouldn't want to be caught outside waiting in line for tickets one days with cold rain or heatwave. Highly recommended if you aren't fussed with opening days and bustling atmosphere. We loved it.

Tonia Worley

Great place. Wonderful staff. If you want to save money, download the regal app. Also, get a regal crown card. Popcorn is half price on Tuesday. AT&T does one ticket, get one free on Tuesdays. I don't go anywhere else. As for the person who complained about the service dog. If you have a service, tell them you have a DISABILITY & NEED a service animal. Sorry, your cat, your yorkie & your hamster ARE NOT SERVICE ANIMALS. My daughter has autism & the staff is wonderful to her. Also, the staff is very attentive so I feel my daughter is safe going to the bathroom or snack bar by herself.

Marcel Plathe

This place was great, candy counter staff was fast and helpful, ac was cold so bring a sweter, but late night viewing was very comfortable , clean, and safe

Bonnie Metz-Neumann

It's a pretty nice theater, can't complain. I like that it's less busy than the one near the Civic Center. The seats are definitely on the older side, but overall comfortable. The AC works good, might need a light jacket. Sound and picture were up to par.


The theater seating is comfortable and the theaters are climate controlled. I have found it is best to take in a light jacket or sweater as it can become a little chilly. The screen and volume are nice.

Andre Smalls

This theater was pretty good. It was clean, and staff was friendly. Better than where I live in las vegas. Matinee showing and they were actually popping popcorn. Cant get fresh hot popcorn from regal back home. 5 stars if I couldn't hear the sound from another movie in the theater next door.

Roxy Vogel

The manager and employees need to be trained on what they can and can’t ask a disabled individual with a service dog. I was asked by the manager to show my service dogs ID. This was around January in 2018. I told her that I did not have it with me, and she then told me that if I don’t show identification for my animal that I won’t be allowed to come back. I have a service animal ID, but it has my disabilities listed on it. Typically ADA individuals like myself only use our ID when we board a plane or travel to another country. We are not required to show our ID to anyone at any time. This is because of privacy and respect for our disabilities that we don’t like to discuss. It is actually illegal to ask an individual for their service animal ID and is punishable by being sent to federal prison. Please train your employees to know this so other individuals like myself don’t have to explain it to them. I do commend that the seats, food, and service are all great. But please fix this problem

Ari Williams

I went to watch Joker this weekend. The line was long and the guy at the register had an attitude. Would give three stars, but the girl in all black (I believe her name was Natalie) was so helpful. All in all a pretty good experience.

Lemont Wharton

Nice, clean theater, horrible movie though. It was a decent experience, it didn't seat a million people, so the atmosphere was cool. I would recommend this theater.

Marc J

A smaller theatre to begin with. That's not inherently a problem, but the biggest issue here is being able to clearly hear what's going on in the next door screen in louder sequences. The place is clean and the people are nice, but it's very difficult to get over this issue when I'm trying to watch a movie.

Hillary Padilla

It's alright..prices are outrageous so it makes us eat before coming or bring our own water bottles ..there is no reason for water bottles (no name brand) should be sold for $5.00!! Ever. Anywhere. It is appalling. Even $2.50 would be an upsell..but $5?? No.


I like this theater better any other. Nice movie watching experience... especially 3d

Tryturningitoff andbackonagain

Well, here we are. Sitting here with half of a plastic cup of beer foam and half Trifecta. Movie was supposed to start 35 minutes ago. It’s a school night so we thought we would catch an early show. There are a total of 7 people in here. Seats are hard, there’s a smell from the lobby to the theater, the sound from the movie next door is clearly audible, definitely Bumblebee. I would rate this experience zero.

Hannah Mangan

Clean and fancy, slightly above average and worth the trip if I want better than my smaller stuff.

Billie Steel

Nice movie place decent prices good people

Lauren Kathleen

Never had a bad experience in my years of coming here

Curtis Collins

Awesome as always


The seats were slightly uncomfortable, besides that a pleasant experience.

Ty Simpson

It shows the best movies ever and I love that

Timothy V. Hyatt

Great place to enjoy a movie. Unfortunately the norm seems to be to charge you for concessions outrageously. Can't beat movie theater popcorn though.

logan Fields

Wonderful people who were nice enough to tell us there was going to be a delay in the movie. Ive gone here for years and this is my first time a movie did not start on time. Only problem was the bathrooms can get messy

Londyn Scotland

Old theater with a bad smell. I just go bc I am a regal member and get free movie, popcorn and drinks on Thursday nights. Yet they do have better popcorn than Amstar!

Elaine Joseph

Very good place to watch a movie. Clean place, and friendly staff.

maxine jenkins

It was great , lobby and theater also the restrooms were very clean . Thank you for being so aware of what is needed to keep customers coming back .

Ritch Simmons

Clean, not too crowded. Fair price.

Brittany Sheriff

Great theatre and location. Lots of food and drink choices, including beer and wine. Friendly and helpful staff.

Joshua Durham

Nice place friendly associates

Kenny Durham

Saw a movie. That's it

Beverly Harper

Great place.

Karen Forrester

Very nice! Had a great time watching boss baby


Clean, and only took a 2nd morgage to biy our snacks, what a bargain!

Stephanie Latham

We came here to see a movie that was posted for 4:45pm. We arrived at 4:35, my son was so excited. We went to the window to purchase our tickets and were told the next showing wasn’t until 6pm. I pulled up the website! The kid at the window, “ yeah, another customer showed me that. I guess I’ll have to tell my manager to fix our website “. You think?! My 6 year old was disappointed! Thanks a lot!

Jonathan Hudgens

The tickets are selling at the concessions counter(+) - but their organization back there is inefficient.(-) The staff seemed friendly. (+) Unfortunately, theatre #8 smells like dirty gym socks.

Joey Hill

Great movie theater the only thing is they do need to update the seating to leather chairs and better arm rest.

Aram Vardanian

Was very good

Michael Morris

Sign at ticket window says to buy your tickets at concessions. There is no dedicated register for buying tickets, nor is there a kiosk to purchase a ticket like Amstar. You have to stand in a concession line and wait, wait, and wait some more...while other people buy tickets and/or concessions. None of the attendants were in a hurry to help people. There was also no attendant taking or checking for tickets before entering a theater.

matthew mcanulty

Most of the time we really enjoy coming to this theater. We have never had a bad experience until now. We showed up for a 1230 movie after waiting 20 mins we went and talked to them. 10 mins have passed and still nothing playing. This is very very disappointing to us..... movie started after 1 and no previews. Most people would probably enjoy that but I actually enjoy seeing them.

Rob Davis

Nice theater but admission prices are outrageously high, like most of the theaters.

Unique Cuddles

I hate that They don't serve food like Am Star, it's not conventional

Carolyn Livingston

They have few selections of current movies and then they are there far too long. Ex. Green Book; took far too long to be shown there and it's been there for way too long (it's on PPV too). Why not put something current, say Gloria Bell or The Aftermath? They could sell far more tickets if they played movies people want to see. By the way, the Lego Movie needs to go been playing there two months and if you've not seen it by now too bad!


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