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REVIEWS OF Regal Spartan IN South Carolina

Christopher Curtis

I love to watch movies at this theater because my friends live close to it and can go with me. The movies are great but the staff could definitely be more friendly...

A. Iskra

Price for matinee was reasonable. We didn't care for the box office being outside especially in cold or rainy weather. Seats are narrow and barely recline. If you are hoping to cuddle with your date, it's not happening..the armrest doesn't fully go back in between the seats. The theatre was incredibly tidy and clean. If you need water they refuse to charge you for a JUST the cup- you have to buy water for the price of soda, then they offer to charge you approximately 80 cents less for 1 liter of bottled water. Manager on duty doesn't care if you have a medical condition and lacks basic customer service skills. Specifically I'm talking about the manager wearing a pastel yellow dress shirt with gray slacks and the awful comb over. It's all about money folks. Make sure you bring in your OWN drinks and snacks to avoid the pricey concessions.

Reds Outdoor

Nice theater but to much money for the food.

irisrenee smith

It is always great! We took grandbabies to see Toy Story 4.

Marc Miller

What happened to this theater? Understaffed and dirty with super long lines. The place has always been high on price but now with the long waits and assigned seating its bad. Also because they are so short on staff popcorn all over and sticky floors for everyone. If you want to lose customers keep running your operation into the ground!

maria hutchison

Not good at all my first time with my granddaughter she is 4 and we were the like 15 into d movie and the fire alarm went crazy had to go out if the building it was kind of raining my grandbaby got so upset we had to go home she was very confuse

Emily Smith

Just saw Lion King in 3 D it was awesome! Nice escape from the heat

Tommy Cochran

We went to say the line Kingmovie I poured out Dina popcorn We left went shopping at hammer its went back and they let me go in and get her another Box of popcornAnd the L saying goes happy wife happy life's

Matthew Horton

Took my Nephew to see the new Godzilla, staff was friendly and we had a good time.

The Gaming Dude

Always clean and always safe when I go bo matter how late

Hunting the Gaming huntsinger

The only reason I put 4 stars instead of 5 is because the counter help was just standing around and not taking anyone's orders. The movie started at 5:20 and we were still standing in line with about 16 other people. Otherwise everything was awesome!!

Ashley Martin

Love the theatre. Always a good movie selection and the reclining seats are perfect

Jamilyn Miller

Nice theater. Friendly staff at ticket counter. Food prices outrageously expensive.

Frank Nitti

We saw Ma. It was good and funny. Clean theater and friendly people

Alanda Morrison

We LOVED Instant Family!!! And the theater was nice too: large theaters with comfy theater seats. Not too busy on a holiday Saturday afternoon. Wish they had snack package options, but overall a very nice experience!

Supermom Christian

Always good to catch a movie here. Especially on Tuesdays when you can get discount tickets with a regal crown card

Donna Cloninger

I just love going there

Elise ________

Don't want to go to any other theater. Crew is kind (most of the time) and try their best to be quick. Movies are very good quality!

Russell Goff

Fair movie experience. Walls need more insulation to block out noise from blending into adjacent theaters. A little disappointed considering the price. There's a reason I only use free passes to see movies here. NCG across town is a much better experience.

Tonya West Morris

Husband & I went Friday night 1/18 to see "Glass". Employees were very helpful. Pleasantly surprised seeing how well-run this movie theater is. Would recommend for all. We did not utilize the snack bar because they actually allowed us to bring in our own bottled water. Very pleased with the movie & the theater.

Buddy Montana

I really like Regal. It's always clean and pleasing to the eye.

Victoria Fowler

Very nice place. Look forward to going back again.

Mary Donahue

Great theater!! Very clean Tuesdays are only $5 all day

A Google User

The theatre is nice. The people working the concession stand are slow and lifeless. Even though I was there to see one movie, I could easily hear the other playing through the wall. It was distracting.

ae promotions

Cold popcorn! NO ONE wants to pay top dollar for pre-bag popcorn! When will this place learn this smh!

Rachel B

Nice place. If you order a lg drink and lg popcorn, you get 1 free refill. That was cool.

monica H

Comfortable seats and I went during the day so it was not crowded in the theater. Like all theaters food is pricey. Eat before or after the movie. The employees were nice and worked with me when it was my first time using the movie AP for prepaid movie ticket which helps beat the normal line.

Frederick Roughton

Lots of screens, needs better chairs

Richard Giles

Pretty good theater. Was full so everyone must enjoy it. Good snack and drinks bar. Arcade for the kids. Mall is close by as well.

Larry Staddy

Poor service. Popcorn was already in a bag and did not taste fresh at all. Cinema 12 clearly had not been cleaned at all between shows. The employees appeared as if they didn't want to be there and we're not friendly or helpful at all. Except for the movie itself and the gentleman selling tickets, it was an overall disappointment and unlike any other Regal Cinema I have been to in my home state of Georgia (Regal Arbor Place & IMAX, Regal Mall of Georgia IMAX & RPX, Regal Georgian, Regal Carrollton).

Terri Luc

Service is quick. The auditorium was clean. The seats were comfortable. The sound and technical aspect was great. There is always a variety of movies showing and something for everyone. As with any movie house the treats were very …

Mark Burgess

Excellent experience today, usually go to Hendersonville because it's closer but we received first class service especially when I didn't have to get/stay in the long line for concessions when I was refilling my drink & popcorn, they had me go all the way up to a new that's how you do it!! Nice work Spartan 16!!! ;-) msb.

Robyn Finley

I do enjoy the actual theater as well as the seating. However the almost always long, ticket purchasing line moves relatively quickly, the concession line does NOT. The lines to purchase simple popcorn, drinks, candy, nachos, etc. never fails, in my several experiences, to be LONG and SLOW. I don't get it with this cinema; as I have been to hundreds of movie theaters with long lines, and I have never experienced a consistently slow situation like this anywhere else. I really get to the point of resentment when I am in this line to spend a fortune on average snacks and for some freaking reason, the cashier has walked off for extended periods of time. I'm not implying that the CSR isn't working to maybe, go get popcorn, but seriously, what are they doing for 5 minutes? If it's something like 'waiting for popcorn to finish,' maybe consider taking additional orders so people that maybe just need a drink or something that IS available can actually get and return to their movie. I always get to movies early if planning to purchase snacks, but that amount of time that I allow myself at ANY of theater, doesn't work here. I have been late seating for EVERY movie here because of this nonsense and lack of training for the CSRs. And come on, your a movie theater; HAVE A sufficient supply of the item you KNOW your going to sell the most of here... I want to mention, also, that it has not mattered if I am going to a movie in the late afternoon or evening, it's ALWAYS a problem. To be fair, I do always go here, for some reason it has turned out, on a Saturday or Sunday 4pm; 6pm; 8pmish movies but still. Get it together. If I had a closer theater option, I'd never go to this cinema. And when I do have the option, provided time, I do NOT go here.

TRN__poison_456 o

It was really good but they should add more popcorn and drink choices I give it 5

Isaiah White

The movie have been so crispy and the theatre is ALWAYS CLEAN. THAT IS WHAT I LOVE. The crew is always nice and make the best small talk.

Hank Holden

I had to pick a seat on the computer seating chart. One third of the seat cushion was missing. Also the volume of the movie was extremely too loud. My ears ringed for hours after it was over. It will be a long time before I bring family again.

Tammie Brooks

Enjoyed it. Missed the reclining seats though.

Julie Mcmahon

It's okay. Staff at front window are rude (this was my third poor encounter). Staff at concessions are slow. Theater is fine but given that so many are converting to the reclining seats, this place needs to upgrade.

Paul Gilliam

Great variety of movies. Bargains for families with several children.

Keith Medlock

Well cared for clean theater, first run movies. Lots of choices to choose from. Little high on the refreshments, but what theater isn't these days.

Mike Upton

Why would anyone want to see a movie here, when there's NCG in Spartanburg? Trash seats, trash customer service, stupid high prices in everything

Susie Walden

It's ok. Just way over priced. Meh....


Love the theater and most of the time the staff is very excellent. I'd work on not having popcorn that sat all day making it stale for $8.00 I expect better. I get that it's a bunch of highschool kids working there but they could be a little less rude and flippant. Other than that I wish they would stop changing management so tangled web could have a solid deal for comic book movies.

Susan Burgess

I love they show faith promoting movies. Staff was friendly.

Tamara Lyles

Great place to watch movies!!

Terrance Gamble

I changed my 5 stars to a 4 because I think it's time for them to upgrade the seating. When you. Sit down I some od the chair you feel the metal sticking you on the back. So Regal Cinemas Spartan 16 it's time to get with the times.

Angie Santana

Had not been here in a bit, things have changed slightly. If you purchase tickets at the kiosk, you will be assigned seats, which you can change by pressing the desired seat. Not sure why they are doing this other then to maximize the seating capacity, not sure if I like it or not.....

Rachel Dill

My family and I attended the 7:45 pm showing of Avengers Endgame at Spartan 16. We arrived an hour early and lined up for the showing. After arriving at our seats I then got in the concessions line. The lobby was absolute chaos. The line I was in, as well as the one to my right did not move for a solid 15 minutes. In total I waited 50 minutes for service. I ordered 3 large drinks and paid nearly $22 only to be informed when they were brought to me that they were out of ice. Why she couldn’t have told anyone before is beyond me. I had $22 worth of room temperature soda that I waited nearly an hour for. I asked her for a refund and was told they would not give one. I will from now on wait to get tickets at NCG and will not be a patron at Regal anymore. It was a very sour experience. The movie was amazing, but the theatre and staff was horrible.

Travis Pierson

An entire row of seats in the theater I was in needs to be replaced. No cushion just springs and metal. After scooting over 5 times I decided to try another row. Other than that visit was fine. Avoid midsection in theater 9 there.

David Sadler

I enjoyed the nice theater. Thank for my birthday gift.

Benjamin Meeks

Big movieplex with stadium seating and reclining chairs.

Drew Paul

I went to see a movie with my husband June 17, 2019. After ordering our popcorn we headed into the theater to wait on the movie. We got there early and probably had been there for about thirty minutes when I went back to the bathroom and to add more butter to our popcorn. After putting butter on the popcorn I realized butter was all over the bag so I looked around for napkins, two of the closest dispensers near me were empty so I walked to the third and slipped and fell into a sticky substance which I assume was sprite. I’m seven months pregnant and NOT ONE EMPLOYEE said anything to me or tried to help me. Thankfully a kind child helped me up and I gathered myself up as I turned bright red with embarrassment. Someone also had the audacity to say to me “You should really watch where you’re going” all while I had pain shooting down my legs and an aching tailbone. I’m completely mortified at the staff for having left such a huge spill when so many people were already there. Not to mention watching me fall and not having the common decency to say a word to me about it.

Gina Greene

Wonderful place. Always so clean. Convince of purchasing on advance. Foods high but great staff

Jennifer Israel

We were highly disappointed the last two times we have been! The movie we wanted to see was only playing here, which is the only reason we went! There was popcorn EVERYWHERE and it looked like it had not been cleaned in weeks! I remember when they built this one and it used to be very nice, even though it was more expensive. It makes me not want to go back to know that it was not being taken care of. I've always worked with people and retail, etc. and to me, that is very important!

Heather Marie Schiefer

We visited for a screening of At the End of the Day, hosted by PFLAG Spartanburg. The movie was organized by Tugg and scheduled to start at 6:30pm. When we arrived we were greeted by a rude teenager who rolled her eyes and pointed is toward the PFLAG table set up outside the theater. When we got there we were informed that management had forgotten about the screening and wasn't prepared. The film would start "closer to 7:00". At 7:10 someone came into the theatre and informed everyone that it would be 7:30 before they could get the film up. A bit after 7:30 the PFLAG president had to get up and check again, at which time the film finally started. Spartan 16 had hosted these screening before without incident. At the end of the movie they are supposed to turn off the audio so that the event host can speak about the movie. They could the audio before the movie was actually over but then immediately turned up their own promotional audio so that she couldn't speak at all. I was terribly disappointed by our treatment and the lack of respect for the event. Thankfully most attendees stayed, since they had paid for tickets. The staff was dismissive and very unprofessional.

Jennifer Cal

Not a bad theater. The seats are a bit squeaky but not too uncomfortable. Although the movie next room overs sound was overpowering the movie we were seeing it still wasn't a bad experience

Elizabeth Brennan

It's fine. Reasonably clean. They do seem to be low on staff.

Danielle Kirsch

Very expensive. 2 adults $23 lg drinks and a lg popcorn $24..= $47!! We wong be back.. big e in Gaffney definitely more reasonable with their prices.

Benjamin Cook

I've loved this theatre since I was a young boy. Watched The Lion King with my wife and sister today <3

Rose Krisko

I think it is a very clean place and the staff their are very professional I had surgery and they were very caring!

Nia P

The only reason me and my boyfriend goes there because it is the nearest theater with 3D movies. It's pricey, carpet stinks, seats are super tiny and very uncomfortable with funny smell always. Don't buy food but it's pricey, may be we could get sometimes if it's little reasonable. Also it's a movie theater so I can expect carpet full of popcorn but you need to provide clean place with comfortable seating arrangement for the price you charge.

Stefan Montgomery

Good popcorn but the butter dispenser was broken. Nice seats.

James Beam

The movie I saw was ok, the seats were reasonably comfortable. The price of a medium soda $5.99 + tax ridiculous. Are they kidding me!

Jonna Pantelis

Love this theater but sound really leaks between the theater.

Braeden Sullivan

Nice service and friendly staff but the facilities are a little dated such as the seats and screens.

gene ruppert

Everything was great, except prices were way to high for a pop and popcorn, was outrageous. That was a real rip off.

Rob G

This theater never disappoints. Highly recommend the Tuesday night shows, very cheap, usually not busy either. Food is good and theater is clean.

Jerri Stoilkov

Popcorn good, movie good, seating good, and clean. Price reasonable.

Lynn Patton

Love this place. However, you have got to have more concession help at peak movie times! Having only 2 working concessions isnt working, especially since most movies start about the same time. That would be 5 stars!

Carol Butler

Watched Overcomer. Great movie! The popcorn wasn't as good as it used to be.

yo' mama

We always have a good experience at this theatre

C Parris

First time here. Saw detective pikachu. My kids loved it. The kids were free, which was reasonable cause the adult prices were high. The place was clean and they gave the kids free pokemon cards.

mary marquis

The love and care that they give these animals is truly professional Thank you

Peggy Ponder

Great movie. Good prices and clean. Great food

Iris Mathis

So... some friends and I had been planning to see Ma at Spartan 16 since Monday, and we decided to go to the 7:35 PM show tonight. I even checked the website this afternoon to ensure I had the time correct. We get to the theater around 7:30 PM to buy tickets only to be told the movie was no longer showing. Other patrons were also turned away. The associate at the window couldn't tell us why the showing was cancelled or why it still displayed on the website. Sidenote: This is not the first time I've experienced a movie time displayed on the Regal website, but not playing at the theater. But this is the first time I've bothered to email. I was actually looking forward to enjoying this movie and concessions. Not only do I feel like Spartan 16 wasted my time, but it also lost valuable business.

muddycowgirl boots

Me and my husband go often and we have a great time. The sound and picture quality is perfect and great service

Shannon Childress

Regal was great! I'm in a wheelchair and was a little worried about going to the movies. I actually got in free. If you are in a wheelchair and someone assists you, there is no charge for you. That was a nice little surprise today. Everyone was super friendly. The lines moved very fast for movie snacks. I will definitely go back

david lafountaine

Great atmosphere for a theater of its size.

Kevin Ramsey

A great place for movies.

Keisha Collins

Second time going here for a movie love it better than cherrydale

Angela Henderson

Good place to see movies. Not as clean as I would like, but never gross. No sticky floors or anything, just popcorn and papers. I like to go to NCG better, but sometimes they have the bigger name movies here.

TeaSpill Sis

If i could give 20 stars i would! I'm 12 and me and my dad go here all the time when we wanna go see movies and all u people that are giving 1 star that's false because every time we go i see good movies, cleaned lobby's, great prices, and even when we didn't want a drink they let me and my dad bring our water in! Thanks Regal Cinema Spartan 16!!

Mary Bailey

Someone pulled the fire alarm right before our showtime for the Lion King. Two firetrucks came and closed the theater for the night. I payed our tickets online and was disappointed. They did give me free tickets for any movie, though. I will try and see the Lion King, hopefully tomorrow.

Cameron Lusk

Movie experience was decent. Seating is a little small. I went on a Sunday to see "Us" and it was half full at 5pm. The lobby was filthy and obviously understaffed. There was popcorn all over the floors through out the halls and near concessions. Bathrooms were clean. All around an average to decent experience. Could have been better.

Katie's Keto Journey

Staff was friendly and the movie theater was nice but one bathroom stall had flooded from feces and the water was in the floor and the stall wasn't blocked off or cleaned

Scott Clark

Place is amazing. It's always clean. The staff from what I can tell loves working there. Also are willing to have a normal conversation with you while you pick your food and movie out.

Shannon Smith

Our favorite place to see movies. Very clean and comfortable love the stadium seating. Only thing is that the food and drinks etc.. Is VERY over priced but other than that..everything is wonderful!

Ms. Sabrina Fletcher, LMT

Nice! Clean theatre, nice temperature settings, attentive staff and comfortable seats with a rock to them and nice cushioning! Very pleased, this will be our new theatre! No crowds or overly packed lines!

Travis Garrett

Went and saw Wreck it Ralf 2. Everything was good. I don't buy the food or drinks though. Kids loved it. Sound was just right my little one wasn't trying to cover her ears.

William Anderson

Many movie choices. Comfortable seats.

Joline Nemire

Little warm inside the theater this time. But still good. Ticket prices and snack prices are high but that's to be expected.


Comfortable seats. Nice sound system.


I saw the movie "Unplanned". I'm so glad that I went. The theater was clean and the seating was excellent. The snacks are a little more expensive that other area theatres. The wait in the snack line was lengthy, but the workers were very nice. Get to the theatre 30 minutes early if you want to get through the snack line and be in your seat when the movie starts.

Cyndi Harrell

Always under staffed. Prepare to go an hour early just to wait in the long lines.

Jamal Posey

Very clean and modern facility. I loved how nice the staff members were. The snack and drinks are still priced on the higher side but I appreciate the student discount added to the ticket price. Overall, I would recommend Regal Spartan movie complex.

Septic Yolo 2019

Regal Theatres is a leading US multiplex theatre chain and the best way to watch a movie. Watch a huge range of the movies.Regal employs fun, enthusiastic and engaging people. In return, we strive to match that enthusiasm and create a welcoming work environment that is exciting, safe and enjoyable. Our goal is to be the best place to watch a movie!

Clyde Mayberry

Understaffed and slow as hell! It should not take 23 mins to place an order. Theatre was clean but they need to hire more people... it's the freakin summer and you have 3 blockbuster kids movies... do they not expect it to be crowded?? Why can't the hire people??

Nick and Silke Jager

Located just behind the mall in Spartanburg, you will have no problem finding this theater. Ample parking and a clean lobby made this whole experience that much more enjoyable. The seating is comfortable and the sound is superb. With three movie theaters in Spartanburg, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. This one has a current movie selection and many available show times. Highly recommended.


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