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CMB Caspanello

Clean theater, good matinee prices included 12:05 movie. Empty when we went and fast two get popcorn, and soda. Popcorn as over salted and it was almost $15 for medium popcorn and drink. Theater was clean when we went in, chairs are more narrow compared to other new movie theaters but the chair do lean back. Oddly half the theaters are on one side the other on the opposite side but they have two women bathrooms on one side and two men's restrooms on the other side so if you have to use the restroom you may have to run to the other side depending on preference. It is a strange set up. They have a nice bar inside the lobby with a TV screen.

E Lizabeth

I have not been to this theater in years. I was only 2 weeks behind getting to see The last Avengers movie, so now I can get back on social media again. We went to the 11 show, and gott's to see it in IMAX!! So instead of leaving a movie review about how heartbroken I am about spoilers, I guess I can say all of the great things about Hollywood 20. This is, to my knowledge, the only movie theater in the upstate of South Carolina that has an IMAX theater. It also has overpriced alcoholic beverages should you be so inclined as to indulge. However I've always loved this movie theater. I love it when I'm back in town and can make sure I can see a show there.

Lee Rodgers

They had five employees call out sick, so lines inside and outside were huge. Manager came out and complained to customers in line (we weren't lining up correctly). I made their lives easier by going to the Mad Cuban for an early lunch instead.

Kayla Cabe

It's awesome, and it helped me to see the movie that I haven't seen it. I love it!! ❤️❤️❤️

Fonda Briggs

We went to see Metallica S&M2 on Sunday October 13th. The show it’s self was AWESOME, the theater experience not so much. The sound was very low and only in the very front speakers. I let a worker know and they did turn on the surround speakers. We could still hear the sound from the show beside us over ours. I get it may not be the music for everyone but we paid for imax quality and it just wasn’t there.

Kenny D

Perfect! This movie theater is the one I normally go to and everything was good today. No problems :)

Bonnie Repine

Easy access. But when did you start assigning seats? A bit disappointed in that but otherwise a good experience.


I was there when power went out 4-29-19. They “gave me credit on my debit card” well usually it shows up immediately .... but the $21.59 has not as of yet. I guess I will have to go and try this again. This is RIDICULOUS!!!


Clean!! Great snacks- same cost as other theaters. A good time. Friendly staff.

Sean Sexton

I love going to the Regal lmax in Simpsonville, sc ,now they have unlimited movies for 23.50 a month great and good at all the Regal cinemas over the country! I just got done watching the new Hobbs and Shaw movie!

Allen Curry

I think having assigned seats is stupid!! Plenty of seats open and everyone decided to sit right on top of us. We should be able to sit where we want and if it gets too crowded where I pick to sit, we should be able to move away from people who talk Though the movie!!

Jackie Kellett

Saw Dumbo with my Granddaughter and Mom! Great movie! The Regal is always clean and customer service is excellent! Butter popcorn is the best!

Cherokee Bandit

Very friendly, helpful staff. Clean and comfortable theater

Josh Schell

By far, the best movie theater in the Upstate! Well kept facility. Some of the most comfortable seats of any theater I've been to. They are clean & leather-like, as opposed to the usually suspect fabric in most theaters & they rock/recline, so you can rest at whatever angle feels best to you. Been coming here for years & it stays well maintained. Way to go Regal!

Sheila Miller

Downton Abbey...great movie. Good popcorn too

Fred List

I attended a movie with my young adult sons. The ticketing staff were friendly and prompt, the movie was great, and the seating was very comfortable. The opportunity to be able to select our seats when getting the tickets made it easier to determine where to go when we entered the theater

Tom Howard

You now have to purchase tickets at the concession counter. You wait for ever for people in front of you buy their tickets and then buy their food. Really sloooooow.

Raghav Saxena

Best and only IMAX in Greenville. Good place to catch all the movies that deserve a big screen viewing.

Joseph Hoyt

Loved it if you liked the first it movie you will like the second one

Kenny Decker

We have enjoyed this theatre for many years. Recently this theater is going way down hill. I’m not a fan at all of the assigned seating. What’s next a scheduled restroom visit or a scheduled time to get something from concessions. Not to mention we ( my daughter and I) had to wait to enter the theatre for cleaning ( which I totally understand) but when we go in I expect it to be clean. Nothing was touched popcorn and napkins everywhere. And the movie didn’t start on time it was 10 minutes late. And then my daughter got an attitude from the employee when she asked if they were aware the movie was not playing. Just very aggrieved and this is my family’s 3rd experience like this with Regal 14.

David Woolard

My group waited in line for 40 minutes for popcorn and drinks before the IMAX showing of the Avengers Engame movie, just for us to get in line to enter and be told their projector was not working! Why didn't they just announce this BEFORE we all bought concessions. Then they told us to wait in line for an hour to get a refund, just to be offered a voucher to WAIT in ANOTHER LINE to get into a later showing. When we went the next day, the overhead lights turned on during the show and they couldn't turn them off! This is a poorly run theater that has no respect for their guests time. I recommend watching elsewhere.

Michelle Walden

Very comfortable & Great customer service

Conservative Patriot

Clean great staff, good food and services. I love coming here.

Hardik Satam

Went for the first day IMAX screening, but the lights went out and we had to leave. Could not experience such amazing movie. Did get a refund though.

Joshua West

IMAX isn't necessarily my thing but if it's your idea of a good time I would consider this theater to be passable at best. It's in a strange location that can be difficult to get to sometimes. The neighborhood is also not that great and doesn't exactly scream "welcoming" when you roll through. It's also a mad-house more often than not for whatever reason. There are always lines and crowds of people just milling around in there for some reason. The staff at this location also seems very checked out at times. If you absolutely have to see a movie in an IMAX theater go here, because it's your only option. If you don't HAVE to see it in that format, just go to one of the others because this place is sub-par on a good night.

Jake Young

Usually an outstanding theater. I've been going to this theater since it opened and have never had a bad experience until recently. Tonight I discovered that they stopped selling tickets at the ticket booth and instead sell them inside. The concessions line was at a standstill I assume because of people trying to purchase tickets. I had two movie vouchers that I had purchased elsewhere. I attempted to use the kiosk to acquire tickets which took way longer than it should have. The kiosk was very laggy and it made the process very frustrating. Next, I had to wait in line for popcorn which was burned anyway. All of this and I was ten minutes late to the scheduled start time. No worries, the movie didn't start until 25 minutes after the scheduled start time. I think that is the longest I've had to wait past the scheduled start time. At the end of the movie the lights did not come back on. This made gathering belongings and leaving the theater a mess. I sincerely hope that this movie theater can get back on top of things but I feel they are moving in the wrong direction.

Scott Medford

Waited in line to get tickets for 20 minutes. One guy watching two others work. Ticket kiosk not functioning. Weak game Regal.

Melissa Lowry

Came with a close friend to watch Tyler Perry's last Madea movie. Theatre was nice and clean. Staff was friendly and the movie was great.

Godfrey Jones

Was a nice place, Friendly employees, clean parking lot. Would go back again!

Yanira Diaz

Has been waiting for this movie for ever but was VERY disappointed we couldn't get the Lion King popcorn combo. How on earth you run out of that combo on opening weekend?!?!?!?!? Sundays are weekends, too!!! Hope you get better prepared for Frozen 2 this fall.

Angela Bivins

I enjiyed my visit. The movie was nice.

Sandy Saye

Love the IMAX in Simpsonville. Great location and great films.

Tim Whitehead

Two stars because during our recent incursion to the IMAX location we were waiting in line to be seated. A young manager came out of a door that my family and I were standing adjacent to and hit us with the door. He never said excuse me, or made any comment. I told the manager "excuse you", but he just looked at me and kept walking. After being seated the movie never started and we had to leave due to a power outage. The concessions we purchased were not refunded and the manager refused to give us any voucher for the concessions. Not even a discount for future purchases. As a family we decided not return to this establishment. I will personally share my experience with all my coworkers and discourage people from attending to save them from the bad experience.

Misty Jenkins

Awesome took my young kids for their first movie they loved it great and clean theaters


The movies was nice. The people surving popcorn was rube as heck. Well the guys was and no eye contact. The girls was nice even when they notice the guys being rube the girls would step in and smile and hlep you. Other than that the place was clean and comfortable.

Jon Sexton

The better of the Regal theaters in the area, and I live within 3 minutes. IMAX is nice and the only one in the area. However, security at Regal theaters (at least in this area) is lax at best with only a few uniformed police officers on hand on weekends and signs posted advertising that no law abiding citizens there are carrying concealed weapons. All the makings of a mass shooting. The chance is slight of course, but why risk it when Anderson is 30-40 minutes away and AMC's AmStar theater welcomes those with concealed weapons permits.

April Forever

Captain Marvel was the show we saw. Great experience over all!

Eric Traynham

Good location. Good popcorn.

Fundropto Gaming

Good movie theater. Big screens , good movies, pricey food. So basically every theater.

Joseph Botone

Great experience also I work here

jonathan t

Was a great movie theater till they closed the ticket counter and now everyone has to buy tickets at the concession stand which makes the line ridiculous

Brandon D

One of the best Regal theaters I’ve been too. The staff here is very friendly and goes above and beyond to help. The theater is always very clean. Parking is very abundant and I have no issues finding a space. The seats are also very comfortable and have plenty of room.

Channing Phillips

Comfortable seats just too close together though. I do like the fact that you can have reserved seats so you can pretty much sit where you want to.

Erin Combs

Good experience overall, but the food was nasty and the popcorn undersalted

Jake Sapp

My favorite cinema! Very clean, upscale, and great employees. Keep it up!

James McClain

A wonderful experience and a very comfortable seating . I was thoroughly pleased with every aspect of my visit there . Not often do I get the opportunity to relax and watch a movie so I am appreciative for the courtesy of the staff and I will definitely be going back to visit there again .

Addison Reuvers

People there are sooooooo nice at Dollar movies

Hozie Reese

The best way to watch any movie in my opinion.

Meredith Wood

There were about 8 movies starting all within 40 minutes of each other when I went so the wait for popcorn and drinks was ridiculous. Probably waited 20 minutes in line. Maybe that's what happens on Saturdays but I think they could have scheduled the start times better or had faster service. I saw Godzilla in IMAX. Being over 50, I appreciated the larger screen but it kind of seemed like a normal screen should be. Again that could be due to my age. IMAX was loud for sure. Not sure what other advantages it was supposed to have for the extra money. Theater was relatively clean and comfortable.

Norman Marino

It's my favorite theater. Comfortable seats, usually clean. Unless very crowded, concessions service is pretty quick.

Sherrie Lawson

Saw lion king it was great and bot a lot of people.

paula ann

this theater is all around a really good theater and it's very big and always clean and everyone is so nice there I had a great time seeing a movie this weekend

Kitty G.

This is a pretty good Regal. I went to a weekday matinee and there were no lines at the box office or concession stand. Comfortable, plush chairs in the auditorium was a plus. Layout of the theater is decent, not too big, not too small. I do not see IMAX films often, but it is nice that the theater has one to offer a premium experience for those who want it and are willing to pay the premium ticket prices. Concession offerings were a bit generic, nothing special. Bathrooms were fairly clean. Overall, a solid 4/5 stars for this Regal location.

Rachel Johnson

Over priced concessions...truly rediculous...maybe people wouldnt sneak food and drinks in if they weren't so rediculous on their prices.....

Kevin Daly

This was the 1st time I've been to a theater in many years. Movie price was ok, popcorn and drink prices were high. The theater itself was clean including the restrooms. Seats comfortable, easy access from parking lot, friendly and helpful staff. Overall a good experience.

Taylor Horeth

I give it 5 stars, bc over all its always great to come to this theatre, BUT to have assigned seats, a little much. To get folks riled up before a movie is not very settling. Today there was a couple of issues. Even a rude man had to exit and have a talk with one of the managers, before he could come back in!

Lee Parks

Great location and clean, nice building. Two star deduction for not hiring enough people to sell popcorn and drinks. 30-45 minutes waiting for food is poor business management.

Colleen Barnes

Theater is usually clean & presentable... The floors are kept clean so your feet don't stick to them. The popcorn and candy are WAY overpriced but that's the way the movies are (always have been). Definitely love you can butter your own popcorn (because they never put enough on). Would love to see sweet tea offered/available.

Leah Gee

Employees at the front counter were great. The person who took our tickets left a lot to be desired. The beer was good but quite overpriced.

Rami Michael

Convenient and clean movie theater especially the IMAX screen

John Kerber

Fine movie house. It now has assigned seating. It was clean and comfortable, no issues, but for the price of admission it seems like it was just OK.

Tracy McClain

Our go to place to see the biggest movie events!!! Loved seeing Avengers Endgame in Imax 3D


We like coming to these theaters, even though they are a little further away from us than the one in Greenville. We’ve always had a great time here, and the IMAX is unbelievably good! Totally worth checking out!

Koni Freeman

They were all awesome, but when we went for a refill we wanted candy. They said they couldn't sell anything, just didn't refills cause it was late

Molly Schulz

The movie was great, the seats were comfortable, the theater clean. However, the wait time to get concessions/tickets was terrible and staff did not seem to hurry folks along. Will buy tickets online and skip concessions next time.

Harriet Paton

Based on staff. Purchased my ticket and was told to pick my seat, so I told girl where I wanted to sit, got my tickets and receipts and went in then realized she put me in wrong seat, wrong row, wrong area of where I want to sit. Went to counter and was told that seat was taken pick something else, so I did. She asked if I wanted to make a donation to their charity, I told her yes and how much and she didn't charge me for amount. Then go in to get a popcorn and drink, was asked if I wanted butter and I said light, and she scooped in bag and handed to me w no butter. They really need to train their staff, (all of whom look like teens working first jobs, congratulations for learning responsibility), but still need to learn to pay attention and listen to the instructions.

A Cubleno

Power was out and I couldn't get a refund they decided to continue to sell tickets even tho it had been out of power with nothing to watch...

Teresa Fields

We really enjoy this theater. Noticed today (most likely because I was wearing shorts) that the seats are cracking. My legs were rubbed uncomfortably. Other than this, we've always had a great experience here. Its our theater of choice, but now I know to wear longer shorts.

Greg Branham

On a HOT day... go see a matinee movie... Men In Black! We loved it!

David Bridges

Inform your customers that if the IMAX theater is out of commission that they would need to make other accommodations. I came into today without any notifications indicating the IMAX would be out of commission until 7pm, no email, no Fandango notification, ... NOTHING!!! I am assuming this is due to management. Don't worry, I'll just continue to take my business elsewhere.

John Wood

I saw Midsommar at this theater and there were a couple of issues that really detracted from the experience. The screen quality was the worst I've ever seen in a movie theater. It looked dirty, like a giant sneezed all over it. It was especially evident during bright scenes, which was pretty much the entire movie. The other issue was the sound. During quiet moments the sound bled from other theaters into our theater. I'm giving 2 stars because the seats are comfortable and you get to reserve your seats.

Carolyn MageCraft

I love this place! Been here to watch Mary Poppins, Spiderman, and so many more. It can be a tad messy sometimes, but it is still a great theater. Recommend it if you like the big cinema experience.

Julia Ortiz

Love this place convince and always clean

Ben Davis

Always understaffed. Forget going at any prime time or new release, unless you just enjoy standing in line for a half hour at a time. Of course, you could buy your tickets online. They hit you with a $2 "convenience fee" for that. So they're slack, and we're supposed to pay for it.

D'Ayana Jones

It was good. My family nite's will be held during the week more often. No big crowds to deal with...

Miller Perry

Great sound and even better seats!!!

Ken Stewart

This Regal is clean and we'll kept overall. Saw an IMAX 3D show, and enjoyed the format. I chose the theatre because of this format, and it didn't disappoint. Sound was a bit heavy, but didn't have to worry about annoying noises from the audience very much. Location is easy to find, and it never feels very crowded. Only thing that I would have enjoyed would have been reclining seats (spoiled by other experiences).

Bull Cobra

The prices have gone beyond ridiculous for the movies and the concessions should be ashamed for unbelievable prices. Rip off is an understatement.

Nick Visintainer

Very comfortable seats and it's a easy location to get to.

Karen Nesbitt

Didn't know they had assigned seating. Annoying! The movie wasn't full. Kills the sitting together experience. Bad idea Corporate. Have a nice day.

Jacquese Wright

Had a great time good customer service

Mary Iacovelli

Great theater and a great area to live. Contact Exit Realty Unlimited to buy or sell!

Tammy Dalton

Enjoyed the movie. it wasn't crowded and the bathroom was clean

Timothy Whitehead

We have always enjoyed our visits. The assigned seating allows us to know exactly where we will sitting. I do appreciate the organization and structure this presents. The concessions are prompt and orderly. The manager is fantastic and I've seen him helping the staff on many occasions. There is a gentleman with a disability that works there which shows great moral character for the theater. I reccomend this place for the IMAX experience, the concessions and the overall quality of the staff and manager.


It was awesome and we will be going back again that's for sure nice people there and very friendly people there that works there .

Melissa Kessinger

Food was good but way and I mean way over priced. Took my son to see Toy Story in IMAX, he had never seen a movie in IMAX. The screen size was very disappointing. $61 for 2 adults and 1 child, for that much money the screen size should have been a lot bigger but it looked to only be about 6' wider and 6' taller than the standard. I saw an IMAX movie in Charlotte a few years ago and the screen wrapped around the walls and ceiling in a half globe shape. Regal should be embarrassed. Also, this theatre has assigned seating, yes, just like we're all children.

Robert Brackett

I have been a loyal customer of this regal cinema since 2012 when it went by another name. Use my regal club card all the time. I do not know what has happened here recently. No ticket sales outside at least for daily shows. Tried to go to Downton Abbey today at 1:20 and lobby was packed. Stood in line for 25 minutes and barely moved. It was 1:40 and still not through line. Went to Hollywood cinema for 3:55 show and walked right up to ticket counter. I hope you improve this or I will just keep going to Hollywood regal. By the way there were many senior citizens like me and at least half walked out after we realized movie had already started. My wife tried to see if the movie had started 10 minutes late and the ticket taker said you must have a ticket. Whatever.

Bedford Business

So the imax went down on the day of the Avengers endgame release and I had bought tickets online for the next day. So 24 hours after the imax broke it is still not fixed and no email was sent to me to let me know. I drove 45 minutes to get here and now I can't even see the movie, and to top it off there is an hour long line to get a refund with only one person working the line. They knew this was a big release and it should at least be staffed to handle the situation. No apologies, not even a refund but a ticket swap for a regular theater. I understand that there was a power surge but this is crazy how it is being handled. This is my last trip here and I will be posting this on every review site I can find so other people can avoid the horrible experience I had today.

Thomas Turner

Surroundings and building were clean, comfortable and well kept. Personnel were attentive, friendly and helpful. Movie was great!

Joshua Robertson

Expensive but theatre is nice and clean!

Richard Sabo

About as good as a movie theater gets.

G McDonald

Saw Endgame on the big iMaxx screen after having seen the same movie on the regular screen. Was blown away by the experience. At times it felt like I was in the movie! Highly recommended.

amber lamb

Saw my first money here reasontly with my bf and step son. I loved it

Lee Parker

Drove from Gaffney to see THREE FROM HELL

Orlando Estrada

Well Regal has decided to make your movie experience just a little bit tougher. Feel like walking up to the ticket window grabbing your ticket and going straight into your movie? No more. Ticket windows at all Regal locations are closing and you will have to buy your ticket through the concession line. Regal Regal what have you done?

Carl Hamilton

We were just at this theater and our 22yr old daughter was denied access to an R rated movie because she did not have her physical drivers license. I even tried to speak to the manager who was a total jerk about the whole thing. She had a picture of her license on her phone and she was there with her parents and was still denied access. As long time Regal members and have had many nice experiences at this theater and have never been treated as we were this time. We will no longer be frequenting this theater based on the behavior of the management there and will spend our entertainment dollars elsewhere. If I could give zero stars I would

Cyndel Henson

Go to see Godzilla in IMAX and was hoping for the full on IMAX experience. But one person had to complain during the new movie previews about how loud it was. So the staff turned it down. So instead of getting the full on experience sound and all I get a subpar experience that I could have saved money and went to a subpar theater. If you can’t stand the sound then you need to get earplugs, go to a subpar theater, OR you could just watch it at home when it comes out. Don’t ruin the experience for everyone because your weak ears can’t take it.

T. Lowery

Great First Experience at this location. It was Clean, we were greeted with Smiles, and the theaters were comfortably sized.

Sabrina/Hi/Blah Wilson

It was overall pretty good. But I wanted it to be a little cleaner in the actual theater.

DEKU Bajan_bonnie

It was fine I guess but I'm weird so never want to go back sorry it's a cool place but no just no.

Deanna Renick

We always enjoy ourselves when we go to the movies. The only 2 things I can suggest are to have the concession staff move a bit faster and to not make it so cold all the time.

Aaron Winner

Very nice theater that is comfy and updated. This is our place of choice to go as we live equal distance from most theater in Anderson, Easley, Greenville, and here. Typically busy but never really crowded (except for opening weekend evenings). Not quite as pricey as it's Greenville neighbor.

Nanci Arnold

We went for a Saturday matinee and they closed all the ticket booths making you stand in line at concessions, all the lines moved very slowly and we were late to the movie. It felt like a terrible rip off and we are not happy with managements decision to make us wait so long just so they can increase sales on consessions. Plus, the kiosks were supposedly out of order. Otherwise, it was just fine. We enjoyed the movie and the bathrooms had plenty of toliet paper and hand soap. Trickery is never appreciated. Making people wait is never a good thing.Its the only theater in Simpsonville! Should not be a wait on Saturday afternoon. We are managers, too. We don't like your decisionmaking.

Marco Smit

Nice theater with good screens and sound. Very difficult to spot from the road. A sign or so would be great as it is easily passed.

Joe Macaione

Great movie theater that is a stand alone building. I'm used to theaters these days being chained together with other shops. Very clean inside and friendly staff

Katlynn M

The food here is really good. We were raving about the pretzel we got and the Hot Cheetos popcorn is a guilty but good pleasure. It’s nice that the theater is newer and includes a bar. The seats we’re very comfy as well! I’ll continue to drive a little out of the way to visit this Regal theater compared to the Woodruff one.

Nathaniel Jones

This is a fantastic theater! They are the only local IMAX screen near where I live so that is very convenient. The theater itself has a small arcade, a small bar, and plenty of concession stand access and the theaters and bathrooms are clean as well! The employees are helpful and there are plenty of screens showing movies so there is a high chance a movie you want to see is playing there. I highly recommend this theater, it won't dissappoint and is a fantastic place to see any new marvel movies!

Amanda Hughes

Can hear nextdoors movie playing... staff at the concessions was awfully rude. And even ruder when I asked for cups or trays to share popcorn with kids.... will spend the extra few minutes and go to woodruff rd....


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