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REVIEWS OF Regal Sandhill IMAX & RPX IN South Carolina

Nicki Pullmann

The food’s okay, the staff is pleasant enough, restrooms are relatively clean, seats are okay, and getting tickets online and walking in a few minutes before a showing is easily done and convenient. However, I’ve consistently found (in the past year) that the concessions tend to be severely understaffed with wait times of around 20 to 30 minutes, which makes a normally easy experience somewhat more difficult. Beyond this, the singular true issue I have with this theater is its massive lack of security. I’ve gone both on Friday and Saturday nights in the past few months and have had the misfortune of seeing screenings with very disrespectful, disruptive, and inattentive guests. These guests tend to be around high-school age children without their parents who talk loudly with each other, run around the theater, sit in seats that they’ve clearly not been assigned to, and text throughout the entirety of the movie. It’s also evident that many of these children did not buy tickets to get into the theater, since many get displaced out of their seats by customers who have actually paid for their seats. Security, which only gets involved once things have escalated to critical mass, have only marginal success in either controlling or removing these guests. A possible suggestion would be to check customer tickets before they enter the theater to ensure that people who enter are also people who have paid, and to have more stringent security present during showings. I’ve had enough frustrating experiences for me to leave an actual review. While I’ve enjoyed my experiences at this theater in the more distant past, disruptive guests like these make viewings for paying customers a complete and utter pain. I sincerely hope that my higher expectations of this theater will be met in the future.

John Grant

I lost my hat in theater 10 tonight. I am trying to call but no one picks up the phone. I visit this theater a couple times a week. Staff is very nice. IMAX and RPX are both very good. If you find my hat in theater 10 please keep it in the lost and found. Thank you.

Ronald White

Great place a little on the high side but some times u get what U pay 4

rere00 g

9.21.19 Went to see Scary Movies that You Tell in the Dark with my family. Teenagers talked through the entire movie. Cursing yelling out for no reason. I'm very disappointed. Wish I could get my money back. Running up and down the aisle, back and forth from the door. Parents have to be accompanied with children under 6 years...should be more like parents should accompanied teenagers that don't know how to act.

Jd Com

Pretty good theater..Updated seats.(Not the recliners). Subpar restrooms. Other then the restrooms I enjoyed my movie experience..

Robert Gordon

Amazing and helpful staff. I will definitely be going back.

Shawn Caulder

The lights came on half way through the movie. No recliner seats. Inept staff

Madi Hankinson

Great experience. Buy tickets online and save the QR code for quick entrance inside. Very clean theaters and IMAX is great

Hailey Spradlin

Everything is good other than staff, when big movies come out they never have enough people working and can take a long time to even get food inside.

Beau Corder

Line for the concessions were to the door with it curving along the building. We had reserved seating but when we got in there a lady was sitting in our seats and said well I figured since it’s just use it wouldn’t matter. Seats were broken, kept leaning or squeaking really bad. My 3 year old kept having to adjust the seat Bc it kept wanting to close on him. Popcorn was stale even though they just opened.

Michael Driggers

Pretty decent place. Service is really nice but usually a bit slow, but it's really never too busy here so you don't wait too long. I do enjoy the concessions here and it's always tasty, just wish the staff was a bit more alert and picked up the lobby more often. Lot of popcorn and trash laying around in between drops when it's slow and no one picking it up. The theaters themselves are clean and the bathrooms too. Been a Regal customer for a long time so I'll be coming back.

Qimmah Gillund

Went twice within 2 days! That should speak for itself. Enjoy!

Jessica Fullmer

Nice theater. Wish they would have more cashiers. Seems to take entirely too long to get tickets and snacks with one to two cashiers.

Marc Wilcox

This was the first time I saw a movie in 3D. It was a neat effect.

Mariah Jeffcoat

Fandango made the movies quick and easy... no long lines only maybe concessions. Its always a pleasure going to Sandhills Theater!

Gregory Page

I love taking my son to movies every other week we spend together

Nick Bechtel

The cleanest movie theater I ever been to

Giselle Chandler

Does not hve the recliners like in Regal at Bowery but it's good enuff

Randall Brown

My wife and I took our six-year-old son to see The Lion King great movie I went back to the concession stand to get a refill on popcorn waited for 25 minutes for the young girls three of them just ignore me until I voiced my concern


I come often, though I just moved to Columbia, but thisntime, I brought my nephew for the Summer Regal $1 movie. I thought it was going to be an oldie like sandlot or Toy Story 1. Great movies but we wanted to see a relatively new one. We decided on Lego Movie2. Great movie and theater. It was early so no crowd. Standard seats, I guess. Im nit picky about that. Clean. Thanks


Very nice theater. Comfortable seats and clean concession area.

Andrew Warren

Great theater.just like any other theater though be prepared to spend a minimum of 50 bucks, but totally worth it.


My friends and I arrived over 30 MINUTES early to see Avengers 4. We got inside the theaters concession area. Place was packed. There were not enough registers OR staff to accommodate the number of people looking to get food and get in the theater in time for the movie to begin. There was only 2 drink machines available in the place. One of them was down. We traveled in line 20 feet in 30 plus minutes, didn’t get any food or drinks, and almost missed the beginning of the movie that we arrived EARLY to see. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE OVERALL EXPERIENCE HERE AND DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS THEATER TO ANYONE ON OPENING WEEKEND OF A BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE. Great job, Sandhill Theaters...

Valerie Gerfin

The theater itself was fine. The experience with concessions is what I’m here to write about. The movie over the weekend had the largest opening weekend of any movie all time. And yet, there were only 3 lines of concessions open moving extremely slowly, one of the icee flavors went down and rather than suggest another flavor or even move the customer to the side while they waited to serve others, the employee simply stood there watching it drip drip drip into the cup, and not a single employee seemed like they wanted to be there based on the lack of speed or urgency with which they did their jobs. I stood in line for 30 minutes because I wanted to order one of the special commemorative combos that they had displayed and advertised on every...single...screen. When we got up to the front, they said they didn’t have them. So why advertise them everywhere?? There were boxes thrown everywhere behind the concessions counters, half-open and piled on top of one another. I understand that it was busy, but what bothers me is that they seemed completely unprepared for it.

Chonte Thomas

Love coming to this theater. Very clean ...not too far of a drive for me...and best of's a Regal!

Derek Lee

Movie was good but missed a great deal of it waiting on food. Movie started at we got there at 7; 8 30 we were still waiting on food.

Notary Public Skreiter

IMAX is fun to the max! I want one at home!!! Lol

yonny gutierrez

The screens are big and the sound is great.

Super Awesome Aiden

Went to see the US movie. It was full with suspense and scary scenes. Imy husband and I enjoyed it and was non drama environment. Lots of security and we enjoyed the movie and atmosphere.

Jeremy Laughead

Consistently a fantastic experience. The theaters are always clean, the chairs are comfortable, and the movie offerings are broad enough to provide something for everyone.

Dowling Digital

Clean, friendly staff, and seating for movies. Me and my family always enjoy watching the IMAX in 3d

Ben Angstadt

Definitely would benefit from better line management - they tear tickets right at the front door, which means any backup in the line either goes into the parking lot or gets wrapped up in the box office line. But the IMAX screen alone pushes it to 4 stars.

Melisa Snowden-Fortner

Great staff, the theater was clean and the seats comfortable. The ticket price was reasonable and overall we enjoyed the experience.

Avery Rucker

Clean, plenty of parking and it's next to great places to eat. Never had an issue at this theater.

Victoria Simpson

Clean establishment, variety of food to choose from, comfortable & spacious seating. A little expensive though.

Bertha White

The hot dog was kinda dry and heating the bun made it hard - I think they were under the warmer too long

Steven Gasowski

Didn't use the entire screen for a lackluster IMax experience and for the cost of the tickets I was very unimpressed with it and the seats were horrible. At lower cost theaters with reclining seats and smaller screens would have been a better time. And also, it was like they overdid the volume to attempt at compensating for the lack of everything else. But IT Chapter 2 was everything I expected and more. #IT #StephenKing is the master

Tyler Staley

I love this theatre. Did the unlimited and it's worth it.

Brian Smith

I won't be back. Why did you start a new line for concessions with new people instead of taking the people in line who've waited for 40 minutes? Hire more people and treat your customers better. You make more than enough money. -- I left the line after 47 minute. Only 1 third of he line served. Amazon and a large TV is cheaper than inflated tickets and poor service


Overall, nice theater. However, why in the world are there only 3 concession lines open for the largest expected movie release of all time?? 45 minutes in line just waiting to get a drink before deciding the first 10 minutes of the movie were more important than my coke. If you are going to be this stingy with your employee costs, let us bring our own refreshments.

Roni Stroud

Love this place use atom to reserve tix and pay ahead for snacks so no waiting in line.

D.D. Jones

Today's visit was very pleasant, beginning with the pleasant employees at the ticket booth and the greeter at the entrance. The bathrooms were very clean. The temperature inside the theater was not freezing cold, but very comfortable. I enjoyed the experience, and especially enjoyed the movie, "OVERCOMER." Thanks Regal Sandhill for a wonderful experience.

Jennifer M

Not really a convince when the iPod that scans tickets that are bought online doesn’t scan then you have to go to a desk and wait on someone to come help you.... the tickets prices are high for the old school sitting. Just wondering why they haven’t tried to add in the recliners. Getting a drink takes about 20 minutes as well. Never complain but just wasn’t the best experience.

Allen Lowder

My wife and I have been going here for 10 years, and she and her family even longer before we met. While the nostalgia renders us a little bias, we believe it's a great theater with friendly staff. The wonderful young lady taking tickets is always so kind.

sam worley

Nice place to work for sure. Love it and the movie theaters are always nice!

Christian Manganelli

Went to see the joker movie. Noticed there were at least 4 to 5 armed security guards in the lobby. I felt uncomfortable with all the firepower concentrated in one space. It is not because I am uncomfortable with guns, as I have been in …

Faith Gainey

Good experience with the theater. Too bad there were young adults that acted like kids.


Still in need of alot help. The seats need to be fixed. The staff needs lessons in being more friendly. The bathroom had more non working stalls than working. This place has gone down hill from just a few years ago

Moe Turman

This theater might benefit from a few upgrades but the movie we saw was good

Terry Mulholland

Website said 10:05 movie for Breakthrough. Drove there but the first one was 12:50. The girl said maybe a different Regal. No, it was this one Regal at Sandhill. I guess I will choose a different Regal.

kay pate

Love this theater!! Concessions are expensive so eat before hand but great seating and clean too! Recomend ordering your tickets online so you're not having to wait in line outside.

Edward Ruggles

It is a really nice theater, lots of room. I felt comfortable with the security measures in place here. The only bad thing. . parking is hard to find. But the restaurants around the theater make for some good eating. So, I found my parking spot and walked around and found a great place to eat. I'll be back

Miranda Moore

I went to see US, it was a good horror movie with a lot of suspense. The movie started on time at 12:30pm. I thought I had the entire movie to myself until a couple came in so it was just us 3. The theater was clean, now they're assigning seats. You get to pick where you want to sit if seats are not taken. A bottled water is $5. I snuck a snack in with me. I wasn't buying anything. The food clerk gave me a free cup of water. I was just fine and content. The best time to go is when tbose bratz are in school and their parents at work.

Jasmine Batey

Staff is nice which is why I gave more then one star. Everytime that I have went, which has been several, it usually is never, ever clean. Sticky floors, popcorn all over the seats, seats are old, sticky, and not clean, I always take …

Jennifer Givot

This theatre has gone completely downhill. I will drive further to another theatre to not go here. After checking on line for a movie time that was confirmed at the theatre, the cashier told me it wasn't playing and the next time was 2 and a half hours later. We had to leave and not see a movie. Very disappointing theatre.

Ellen Welsh

I was very disappointed in the IMAX theater. The floor was gross, covered in popcorn, and sticky. The film (Endgame) was blurry until somebody finally fixed it. The absolute worst was the oppressive heat. It had to be over 80 degrees in that theater. People were pulling on their shirts and fanning themselves with hats. It was very distracting. I usually stick to AMC theaters but I thought I'd give Regal a try because it was convenient. Never again. The only reason I'm giving two stars instead of one is because the young man who took care of me at the concession counter was very nice and polite.

Perfect Impressions

We love this theater. Great area. Nice theater with and without IMAX. Great costumer service and menu is good. It is always a treat to treat ourselves and this is one of the places we come to see our movies. The shops surrounding this theater make it an enjoyable versatile experience.

Steve Boykin

The staff was amazing. My only complaint was it was way too cold in the cinema. When I go back I'll definitely dress warmer. Not freezing would have gotten you a 5.


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