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REVIEWS OF Regal Northlake Village IN South Carolina

Brittiney Nicole

The lights in the theatre does not dim very well..its rather bright and annoying. Other than that theatre is always clean. I try to order plain fries instead of loaded but they still charge for loaded. If they can set a price for regular fries that would be great.

Jason Wigand

Great renovations! A pleasure to visit now

Chris Lake

I really love what they've done to the place since upgrading earlier this year. Very enjoyable place to watch a movie.

taja jones

I went here on a date with my boyfriend to see Aquaman and throughly enjoyed my time there. It was clean and the staff was so friendly and helpful! It is reserved seating which I like and it was not over crowded when we went either.

Sandy Shealy

Nice, pre select seating. Clean. Safe.

Kevin R

Comfy seats, pleasant staff. No complaints

Leah Hunt

I just whitnessed a Very Pregnant mother whom specifically requested a Handicap Seat get kicked out of that very seat due to the staff screwing up her and her 3 Children's Assigned Seats! It was the absolute saddest thing I've ever whitnessed! The Pregnant Mother got up and directed her 3 children to the front as she waddled out of the theatre. A few minutes later the Manager, went to the front Row and got in the Children's faces and made them leave their assigned seats! She did not do it subtly! She was extremely rude and hateful to the Mother and her other 3 Children! I left the theatre & got her name! Megan Ledford! If the supposed Manager can have the heart to move a Handicap person due to "Assigned" Seats then you know it's all about the paycheck! Disgusting! I hope this place gets SHUT DOWN OR A NEW TEAM!

Tripp Pollard

This theater received a fantastic upgrade when regal took over, and shows. The theater is quite clean, the staff and attentive and knowledgeable, the food is overpriced (it would be a small miracle if that weren't the case), and the chairs are comfortable. We went to see Ad Astra, and my only complaints with this theater were the quality of the movie, as the resolution or how high definition it was seemed just slightly lower than I'm accustomed to, and the chairs were awfully annoyingly loud when you went to either extend or the chair to sit back or return to upright (chairs are great save for this). I should also point out that the bathrooms are much nicer than when regal didn't own this theater, and that the carpet and walls are very clean as well. Pretty good viewing experience.

Antwain McElveen

5-26-19. I purchased three tickets hours ahead of time (seats E4,E5,E6)to see Aladdin ahead on the Regal App and went to go see the movie here. For active duty military members there is a different rate which is not available online. Knowing this I came early with the rest of my group and asked to be refunded the difference. All was going well until the manager(Megan) refunded me the tickets and went back to purchase them again. She canceled our tickets without telling us to go back and repurchase them and said they weren’t available when she did so there were no seats available. We lost our seats and were extremely disappointed that we were just told that there was nothing they could do now that they canceled our seats. Very disappointed.


Giving 3 stars, only because they were remodeling. Getting into the lobby was confusing due to the large machinery out front, barely a lobby and a restroom with only one stall. The theater was small, but had been updated with comfortable reclining seats. Once remodeling is completed I'm sure I would give a higher rating.

Sam Thaxton

Ok... This place is awesome. The theaters are rather small, but that's ok with me. THEY HAVE RECLINING SEATS!!! Too cool. Of course they have a top notch sound system to go with the excellent screen picture quality. Definitely going back soon.

Traci McConkey

We went to go see Christopher Robin. The staff was really friendly. The theater was clean. The seats reclined and were extremely comfortable. I highly recommend going to this theater. Just know it is currently under some renovations.

Ebony P

Best theater in the area. Very clean.

Lane Edwards

Excellent movie theater very nice movie theater, to bring your kids family and your friends the place is always super clean, the seats are great, and the employees are super helpful. Seriously, and this employee named Ethan helped me and my grandmother with the seats and looked for it for like a solid five minutes until we found it. Major props to him. Definitely the best in the Richland area.

Amanda Derek Price

Its very nice. Remodeling was just the thing it needed. Didnt like coming before but love it now .

Ryan Mullarkey

Overall a nice theater, recently remodeled, only draw back is the flat floor. No stadium seating so the first few rows you look up at a pretty tight angle. However the nice recliners do allow you to make up for the viewing angle.

Veronica Ryan

So great that it was hard to stay awake! Very friendly concession employees

Pam Stephens

I purchased tickets that were for seats closest and to the side of the movie screen because they were the only ones left. Horrible view! Left with a crick in my neck and it was very difficult to see the entire screen that close. I felt …

Maggie Simard

Aways a great movie experience. Not to mention comfy!!!

Brenda Lane

Loved the reclining seats...sooo comfy Thoroughly enjoyed watching the cramped legs or stiff neck Way Awesome And the popcorn was delicious too lol

Charles Burgess

Love the home movie experience. Lazy boy seats

Ryan Gallier

They really did a good job updating this theater. It's fantastic now. Reserved seats. Huge seats that are power recliners. The sound system in each theater is now excellent. Great we don't have to drive to Harbison anymore for a good theater. Highly recommended.

Tim French

The new recliners are amazing. I have never enjoyed a theater experience more. Furthermore, we had an issue with our tickets purchased online and the staff was completely helpful.

Jesse Brazell

This is probably our last time there my wife had a horrendous Mother’s Day there we watched avengers end game. This young woman who is manger I am guessing co manger or shift leader was rude and told us we could all leave now and cut off the credits she called corporate well took many weeks but we finally were told that she was sorry for her behavior and that it would be dealt with. The manger Justin super nice tons of the stuff we’ve never had problems with. This young girl gave my wife fake number to corporate all while the lady was being rude then came today we were hoping Justin was there as my wife really changed her mind because of him because he truly made her feel as if this was just a big mistake. Well Justin has left like 10 minutes before lord I wish he wouldn’t have. He said any Manager would gladly get them for her. It was the same young lady who she had had problems with previously. She was very nice and respectful two other employees witness this. She walk to the back and she came back with an envelope handed it to my wife hear you go my wife said thank you have a blessed day. My wife had no grudges at all had let everything go right. She gets in to the car and i jokingly asked what did her love letter from Justin say as she was talking with him a lot about this problem and they just kept catching each other on bad times. She opens it up and reads it I open up the tickets and they have spit on them and I looked at her and said oh they must’ve gotten wet she looked over and said omg that’s F-ing gross that’s spit I throw them down she picks them up and records this video and took a photo. Two other employees Mr.Jacob West and Ms. Peyton Smith Bear witness to her slander Among other things. I would hate if she treated other people like that this is the second time honestly I didn’t want her anywhere near me at concessions After this she was constantly cursing saying things that Mr. West couldn’t even repeat in the hallway as my daughter was present in the hallway. Spitting in someone’s tickets even if you are mad or angry at that person is very childish. It shows that you were immature and that you do not need the position that you have been given. I found out that Justin Johns is the general manager. So tomorrow morning I will be contacting him again. Hopefully he got my email and this person will be taking care of this time. This is supposed to be a movie theater where people can enjoy a movie not come to be harassed or feel not welcome or scared to come. The old me would’ve just looked good in Orange over this crazy mess but I am being the better person and go though the right people. Apparently this is it the first time this has happened I just must be the only person whom wants to stand up about this. I won’t be treated like this and co workers shouldn’t have to deal with it either. Sorry half my husband wrote and I just took over. Mariah Brazell & Jesse Brazell

Threather Champion

Recliner chair, snacks in hands, big screen you know the rest. Heaven........

David Williams

Very nice since they upgraded the place

Diana Brooks

Although it was a smaller theater, the customer service was the best!


I use to go to this theater all the time. Last movie we saw was Incredibles two. The new atmosphere was horrible We haven’t been back since. I’ll just wait for the movies to get on dvd

JP Jones

Comfortable chairs. Clean.

Ashley Arnone

Less of a hassle than schlepping to Irmo. The renovations are great! The place is clean and efficient.


Wow! What an improvement from the past! Will definitely be back! Customer service was great, food looked good and Mary Poppins was fabulous as ever!

Leigh Hiatt

The location is great for those that live in Lexington, however, all the theaters are small. Even with the recliners it's hard to see over the person in front of you. Beyond the theater, friendly staff and clean.

Scott Edgar

Hell of a lot better than it was before the refurbishment. Wouldn't get caught dead spending my money there before. Now I might just decide to come here instead of driving all the way do the stucco jungle.

Kimberly Felder

Great customer service and the theater was awesome! Seating is great too!

Bears game land Bugs game land

Love the new recliner seats

Arin Levy

Great service great seating the new reclining chairs were awesome! A great experience for my sons first time at the movie theater!

James Crum

Nice reclining seats,very clean. prompt concession service.Would go back again.

My Maven

They have scaled down the seating to make room for better chairs. The chairs all recline back very comfortably. Feels very much like watching a movie in the comfort of your own home. All that was missing was a blanket. :) As you are purchasing your movie ticket you also select the seats you want to sit in. You can't change your seats once you are in the theatre, so choose wisely. All in all the experience was very nice. I would totally recommend this theatre and I personally will be using this theatre from now on. At the time I went to see a movie they were doing construction on the theatre.

Nikole Martin

Preordered tickets got to theater and someone was in our seats. Manager was not accommodating. He could have at least given us our money back or passes to another movie. Unbelievable!

Stephen Shales

Wish I could give this theater more stars. The exit sign light in screen 4 lit 1/3 of the screen. Especially on the darker scenes. Employees are nice and the theater is clean and the seats are great. But I felt like I was looking at an exit sign for half the movie.

Kaitlyn Butler

They turned the movie and lights on while we are watching the movie

Brian Larmon

Very nice after recent renovation. Super comfortable recliner seats...I believe in all theaters. Entire theater super clean and modern. Yeah the concessions are expensive but that has always been the case. Took my 2.5 yr old to see The Grinch and she loved it. Only complaint would be they don’t furnish booster seats and I thought they would.

Loretta Nuzzi

I like what they did to the new Regal Theater the seats are so comfortable love love love them that's why I like going to the movies now cuz of the seats but before I hated them.

Cora Walker

Our theater had some sort of defect with the sound system. There was a loud annoying metallic rattle that kicked in with the bass. Poor customer service response really added to the frustration. I guess I should have gotten up during the movie to get the staff to verify as it appeared that my complaint wasnt taken as worthy of anything more than a “thanks we’ll look into it”. Can’t say I’d recommend this place. Really disappointed given it’s local and recent remodel. Maybe just a one-off experience but felt worthwhile to share. Peace world!

Ron Reid

Good if not too busy. Bad if busy. It's the movie's so that's not hard to figure out. Cons is it's just too small and the space doesn't always seem to be used in the best way seating-wise. Pros is the staff is very friendly and the facility is kept clean.

Lauren Brown

The new seating makes all the difference

Carmen Malsbury

Very nice & cozy theater,

Melanie Reynoso

Friendly staff. Very clean. The seats recline and are very comfortable.

Becky McHale

Can not believe how this theater has transformed. Reclining seats, roomy, CLEAN, great service. Choice of refreshments greatly improved, still pricey, but all theaters gave pricey food. Friendly employees.

Phil Allison

The revamp of these cinemas is very nice. They've added in the new reclining seats. The seats on the edge of the small theaters are awkward; you have to turn your body to watch the movie. It would have been better to have at least angled the seats.

Linda Hindman D'Amico

Tiny screen, this is nothing but a glorified television. They should warn you. Yes it was cheap but we are seniors. Seriously, 3 rows of seats??? By about 12 seats wide. That is all there were, no joke! Stuck in the front row with a neck ache!! Wish we had waited for the DVD and just sat close to the TV! You have to fully recline to see in the front row so you have to sit up to drink. The screen has a visible grid, like you are looking through screen wire. Maybe if you were not so close, it would not be visible...

Janet Vanco

Very enjoyable. Clean and relaxing

Chasity Wessinger

Love this place. Great new look. Amazing lay back seats. Great staff

Matt Young

Remodel was great and much needed prices a little high but nice place

Chip Cooper

Small theater with big theater amenities. Reserved seating, theater food and snacks. Clean restrooms. Comfy reclining seats. Cozy and quiet.

Leonard Pressley

Very nice staff, great screens, great sound and not overwhelming. Theatres are smaller than usual but no drawback from me. Would be five stars if there was some type of stadium seating for an unobstructed view

David Lynch

Nice seats. Nice staff. Preorder your tickets they do assigned seating.

Carlton Lamb

Great theater great staff very nice leather recliner seats.


they have seats for disabled people 5 stars

Robert Burton

Very nice since the updates. Reclining seats. You must reserve the seats. I highly recommend getting the regal app on your phone. There are pay kiosk inside, but can take a while. Concessions are include burger, chicken tenders, and fries. no more hot pretzels.

Mac Pierce

It was a great movie theater

Ralph Brydzinski

Movie theaters great chairs are great

Todd Robinson

I like the new seats. I don't like that there is no box office to buy tickets. You have to go to the concession stand. I also am not keen on the reserved seating picking plan. My wife and I couldn't see a message via we wanted to because we couldn't get two seats together.

Levi Ricard

Love the place, It has the best seats and popcorn. But prices can be just a tad bit high

Hillary Scales

Great theater! Super comfortable seats and good snacks. Wish the selection of movies was bigger but we always enjoy movie dates here!

juanito Gonzalez

Well the place is fantastic, but did not have hot dogs in the menu... and so many other things to eat.. still great place to relax and to enjoy with Family...

Delilah Hendrix

Really love this movie theater! Very friendly people && very comfortable atmosphere

Caleb Smith

It was a best time I had in there.

Ben Angstadt

Happy to see some long overdue renovations. The seating and screen quality has gotten a major upgrade, as have the common areas. My biggest gripes are still the inadequate sound proofing between rooms... at loud parts of neighboring movies, you can hear them clear as day, especially when viewing a quieter film. And the seats feel really, really close to the screen. But again, big step up from where they were a few short months ago.

Austin Ervin

Good ticket prices. Typical ridiculous pricing on food and beverages. Recliner seats are beyond noisy.

Elaine Swain

Decided to give the newly remodeled Pastime a try after avoiding it for years. The experience was horrible. We arrived 20 minutes early in order to get snacks and not miss the previews. The lobby area is very small. You are supposed to be able to purchase tickets and snacks in this small area. We stood in a line that didn’t seem to move for about 5 minutes when a lady came and seemed to be opening another register. We switched lines and were second in this line behind some folks that were picking out their seats. After being in this line a couple of minutes a man in a suit who had been standing in the lobby area the entire time we had been there asked us if we were purchasing food or tickets. We advised food. He then said we couldn’t be in this line because it was for tickets only but the company wouldn’t allow him to put up a sign to warn folks. He said we had to move back into one of the other lines. We moved back and were now at the back of the line pressed up against the doors of this small lobby. We were late for the start of previews when we showed up 20 minutes early. We bought around $30 worth of snacks and the popcorn was so salty you couldn’t eat it. I never post reviews but felt I needed to let folks know of my experience. I Have gone my first and last time. Do yourself a favor drive an hour to Augusta and go to the theater there or at least 15 minutes to Harbison where there are more options and a larger place. I wish it would have worked out because I live less than a 3 minute drive to Pastime.

Steven Mcelveen

First time going to this theater. Easy in and easy out. Me and my son really enjoyed the recliner seating. Fun times!

amber dahlgren

The theater is nice and updated but we stood in line for 16 min to get to the front and the guy says he only sales tickets and that we have to go to the other line for refreshments. We go to the back of the other line just for the lady scanning to say they arent allowed to put up signs that says which line is for refreshments and which one for tickets. Maybe the person scanning your ticket at the door needs to say something to all guest about which line is which.

David Gregory

Awesome remodel. Very comfortable and people very friendly.

Laura Cross

Bought tickets on Fandango for a showing. Arrived, redeemed tickets and purchased concessions. Entered the theater. The 87-degree theater that evidently had a broken air conditioning unit and no airflow whatsoever. Before the movie even started, we decided to go out and ask for a refund. The manager refunded tickets and concessions without argument. He said that he couldn't run the ac fan or plug in fans or prop a door open or even close the theater due to various policies. Acted mostly like he really only wanted to let everyone know that it wasn't his fault. But what they certainly COULD have done was warn anyone going in that theater (and it's the tiny one, so it's not like that would be hard) BEFORE they stand in line for concessions and go sit down just to be surprised. I realize that Fandango would not be able to relay this info, but the guy who scanned my code and told me what theater to go in surely could have. I'm guessing they were banking on people not bothering to speak up. And to top it off, they could have at least let us keep the drinks as a courtesy for the hassle. But the manager was sure to slide everything aside. Even a restaurant will let you keep a baked potato they accidently sent to your table before they throw it in the garbage. I guess they foiled our master plan of spending 30 minutes of our lives on a mission to get a free coca cola. Will not return to this place. The broken air was an inconvenience, but the true problem is the way it was handled. Poor, poor service.

Melonee Hayes

First time being here since renovations and all I can say is WOW!!!!! They had recliner chairs and the whole place was just beautiful and they didn't even raise prices! Great place never going to Harbison theater again!

Diane Bown

New remodeled, bought tickets online a breeze fast to get un. Seat are AWESOME, popcorn hot, sodas cold, bathroom clean. It could be cheaper, but I think they are the going rate price wise. Definitely a recommendation.

Charkrin York

I love this theater. The reclining leather seats delivers a real home feel.

Eric Powers

Not bad. Screen seemed a little smaller than some other theatres but overall a good place.

Tonilia Andrews

I really love the remodeling of the place, and the staff is so helpful and friendly the facility is clean and if there's a mess they are quick to respond....I enjoy taking my son to watch our movies here

Karyne Worthy

The new seats are very nice. I love that they are popping the popcorn now. They are still doing some work, but I think people will still enjoy the experience.

Ronald Stevenson

It is a movie theater. Enough said.

carroll hudson

Great place place only 1 kiosk working though.

Paul Cribb

Clean theater and friendly staff. Would have given five stars if not for the long wait for our food. Overall I would recommend this establishment.

Lynn Eash

What a nice movie theater, reclining seats, cup holders, lots of room in front of you. The only complaint was that it was really cold in the theatre. That made it hard to enjoy the movie.

Sally Acorn

Best movie ever just watched the new spiderman movie and it was so awesome

David Branham

Everything was good,just the food $ so high !! I know you don't have to buy it..

Alyssa Stuart

Great place! It's a smaller theatre which we didn't mind for a weekday 1pm movie. Might have had a different experience if it was a weekend night. The staff was very friendly and patient with our concessions order.

Ronald Elkins

I go here to Charlie Mack hair salon. Angie who cuts my hair works here. The staff and stylist are always friendly and helpful.

Jamey D.

Reasonably priced. Assigned seating. My only gripe is the butt-sweat from the vinyl/leather(ette?) seats.. otherwise super comfortable.

Tammy Bowen

I hadn't been here for a long time because I didn't like the theater seating but they have since remodeled and it is now fabulous. The recliner seating is awesome and there is plenty of room for people to walk even when seats are reclined. They have done away with the traditional ticket booth and now you buy at an auto attendant or online. You choose your seat just like you would at a concert. Very up to date. Are steak dinners next? Who knows?

Nancy Metts

Really enjoying the recliner seats, such a comfortable way to watch a movie!

Richard A Little

My first time here since the Pastime Pavilion was sold to Regal and is now the Village 8. WoW! What an improvement! I have never been some comfortable in a movie theatre in my life. The almost full body-length, reclining seats were simply wonderful. The theatres, since construction some years back, was packed with traditional movies seat many of which rarely saw a patron sitting in it. There were apparently too many seats for the customer base. I did not count but there now appears to be 25 or 30 of the large, comfortable seats. They were almost all full during this outing. It was really nice to be able to select the seat I wanted to sit in at time of purchase. Why 4 instead of 5 Stars? It all boils down to obnoxiously loud commercials!! The volume level during the film and the previews was fine. The volume level during commercials was almost painfully loud. I will not even consider purchasing anything advertised simply to object, indirectly, for inhumane treatment during commercials. In the future, if I go back at all, it will be close enough to showtime so as to miss the commercials. I o not believe that your advertisers would like that.

Rick Hopper

Had a great time. Place was clean and big comfy recliners

amber robinson

Awesome seats but like all theaters to $$$ 1 child 1 adult 2 kid zap packs (small drink small popcorn and a fruit snack) $30

melissa Kelly

Very nice inside,the reclining seats put me to sleep..


It's been a while since I've been to the movies. They now have Uber comfortable recliner chairs!!! It felt like I was at home but with better TV and sound. I would have liked a little better surround sound on the back row but otherwise it was amazing!

Virginia Blackmon

Loved the recliner seats. Wish I could take them home with me.

Joshua Grubbs

Comfortable seats, and the Regal Unlimited is an amazing deal.

Kitti Crouch

Best theater. 10/10 would sob openly while reclining on those amazing seats again.

TammyLynn Foote

Comfy seats that recline. Not many seats per theater which is very nice. Ticket prices weren't as bad as I was expecting @ $8.35 each. Very clean. Friendly staff.

Amy Gunter

Small movie theaters, but I love the updates! New reclining seats, online check-in went fast at the door. $6 for smallest drink. Glad we have a theater in Lexington with my kids just starting to drive. Good place to take their dates wihout driving way over to Harbison.

Alexa Cantu

Very comfortable reclining chairs, I literally fell asleep!! Lol

that_weird_ kid_katie

Love going to the movies here. Always clean and friendly staff

Shelandria Jones

So I have found my new favorite movie theater. This is not a big theater. When you walk in the first thing you see is a concession stand. You purchased the tickets from the machines on the side of the concession stand. This theater has leather reclining seats. Because the theater is not that big it won't hurt you to choose seats towards the back.

Mark Brousseau

Awesome New Seating, now if only you didn't need a mortgage to get a popcorn and soda.

Mike wallace

I had initially given them a low rating but in the past year they have made a major overhaul of the theatre. A better look and presentation have greatly helped. New seats and and a facelift have really helped.

Mandi Vandett

Watched It 2. It was nice we watched 2 to last showing on a Sunday night I accidentally left my phone there and they waited for me to get back up there and helped me find it

Anne Snelgrove

Great seats and a comfortable experience in the theater. I feel the need to give a shout out to Skylar in concessions! Even though it was Christmas day and they were very busy he was friendly and efficient. The only reason for the lost star was the popcorn was was waaaay too salty and the drink seemed to be lacking carbonation!

Joel Weiss

This theater is a gem. So much nicer than it used to be. Seats are big and comfy electronic controls to recline. Sound in the theater is excellent. Clear with surround sound that doesn't blow your ears off. Staff is super friendly. Great to have it in Lexington.

Tina Russell

I spoke with Logan because of a ticket issue and he was friendly about the situation. I was able to get my issue resolved quickly and it's all because of Logan. I had even called the Regal Headquarters and they directed me back to the cinema. I thought all was lost ($31.00 in tickets from online) but they weren't and I truly thank Logan for that. They are renovating but it's still a comfortable place to be.

Monster Guts173

Went here to mainly experience the newly renovated theaters. Matinee pricing was not bad, though AMC at Dutch square is a less expensive. The theater was nice, but very small. only 2 and a half rows of seats, no stadium seating so you are right in front of the screen. I do love the recliners and the wide aisles. The staff was friendly but you have to get your ticket either online or at the kiosk, which is fine, but a bit impersonal. Overall I like the theater at Columbiana Grande a bit more, but thats a farther drive for me and more expensive.

Local Seafoodlover

Great movie theater! Recliner seats were big and fully recline, very nice!

Chad Mclaughlin

My wife went to take our 3yr old daughter to see Lion King which was going to be her first movie at a theater. I understand if a movie is sold out, but when they were in line it said the movie wasn't sold out. My wife ask the little boy at the front with the iPad why it wasn't showing that it was sold out and he was so rude to my wife that it made my daughter upset and start crying. I called the theater after several prompts I finally got someone on the phone. I asked to speak with the manager and the girl without asking why I was calling told me all of the managers were busy to call back later. Needless to say I will be up there when they open tomorrow morning.

tanner craft

Great place to relax for a movie. Great staff.

Ilaisaane Parker

Great theatre, small and all rooms have great and comfy seats that lean back and are faux leather'ish

PrettyLil' DingoEars

Updated theater with reclining chairs. B/c of that seats are assigned, so I recommend buying tickets in advance (online) for opening night or busy weekends

Michael Robertson

Great new seating that is assigned Best to order tickets online because you have to wait in line at concessions with everybody getting popcorn if you don’t

JoJo Poppy

Small but such a fun place to see a movie! Girls night was AMAZING there!


Great location, and even better with the new reclining seats.

Shawn Derrick

Awesome new seating arrangement! Power leather recliners,plenty of room to stretch out... impressive.

Rachel Stuckey

The theater has been redone(at least the screen we were at) They now have recliners and new bathrooms. Very nice. Front is laid out a bit awkward with no box office, just everyone having to go to the concession stand and not a very big lobby area. We will definitely go back.

Chill Dad

It's a great theater, meant to 5star it. My bad. This place is clean, on point with good popcorn, nice people. I recommend this place for sure!

Randy Sosa

Not had seat was hot

Jeremy Correia

The theater was recently renovated, and now it's worse than ever. You have to use a kiosk to buy your own tickets, but it's full of problems like not allowing cash payment, not being able to redeem digital coupons/promotions from the Regal …


Theaters always clean. Employees are always looking to help you find the items you may desire or need. Foods, Beverages, snacks. They are busy during weekends as are most theaters. They now have children's movies during the summer for 1.00$ nice to get out of heat and keep the kids happy. I enjoy myself everytime going there.

Doug Learn

Nice upgrade with comfortable recliners

Lisa Harrell

Recently renovated. Pleasant viewing experience

Krystal Nye

Been going here my whole life. I absolutely love the upgrades.

James Clement

This movie theater wad awesome. Nice, clean facility, and normal movie theater prices at the snack bar. I hit the matinee and was so excited to see the seats were recliners.

Kasey Williams

The management there is awesome! I had accidentally threw away my phone at the movie theatre.....I know super dumb. Lol but they went and searched for my phone, couldn’t find it, offered to use the search my iPhone and at the time I didn’t know my username or password. Ended up taking my phone number and said they would call me if they found it. The next morning my husband figured out the location of my phone and it was in the garbage can behind the theatre. I called the theatre and they were more than happy to let me go through the But whenever I got there the manager went above and beyond to help me find my phone whenever he was on his shift. Of course it was my responsibility to go through the trash but he was more than willing to help on his shift that morning. We ended up finding my phone on the very first trash bag we went through. I am just amazed the manager came out and took his time to help when it was my mistake of throwing away my phone! Thanks again to that manager for being so kind and going out of your way for helping me even though you didn’t have to.

Sharelle Lucky

My husband and LOVED this place!! Worth every penny the recliner chairs are marvelous

Nicole Edmond

Best movie theater ever❤✊

Jill Raedels

So excited that I no longer have to drive to Irmo to have the fancy Reclining seats. Also it’s awesome to know that you have a great seat reserve before you arrive to the theatre. Game changer for me and Lexington SC.

Eric Davis

Great seating and gifs service.

Sheila Moody

Theatres are small since the remodel, but nice.. like the reclining seats.. hard to get seats together sometimes.. recommend reserving seats online..

Minii Zeus

Saw the new spiderman movie on 3d and it was godlike

Brian Allen

Nice seats that recline. The theater was clean and being able to preselect your seats is a great feature.


Regal Northlake Village en South Carolina
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