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Where is Regal Manchester - Rock Hill?

REVIEWS OF Regal Manchester - Rock Hill IN South Carolina

Michael Brown

Prolly not coming back $12+ for ticket. Took forever to get popcorn. Under staffed. Theater 9 seats were small and tight.

Wimble Womble

Good cinema. A little dated but nice

Kamron Jones

the prices are ludicrous and the theater we happend to be in smelled like body odor and nachos, very nasty.

Joshua Wilson

Seats are too narrow and not very comfy. For kids the seats are fine, but when you have broader shoulders you tend to be shoulders touching with others and if you are sitting next to someone else that is broad shoulders it gets awkward. Limited fountain drink options compared to competition and you can't wait upwards of thirty minutes in the concession like e because while they are kids working the counter most of them seem to not care how long you have to wait. We have been in lines that had two people working concessions and the lines were ten deep and employees were just sitting around and socializing. I would consider this poor management.

Erica Greene

This theater is ok. If you're vegan and you like to snack while watching a movie then you better sneak your own snacks in cause they don't have any vegan friendly options. The box office cashier charged me for 2 kids and I only ordered 1 child's ticket so I had to get a refund. Plus she forgot to give us our 3D glasses. And my mother-in-law ordered 2 tickets and the cashier only sold her one. She had to go back to the box office to get another ticket. The seats are uncomfortable but the sound and theater are good.


Very comfortable seats and delicious food. Staff seems not too enthusiastic. Overall, not an unpleasant location.

cyIan YT

Went to go see the new spiderman movie, clean rooms and great sound!

steve tater

Just because I love movies...

Matthew Selin

Average movie theater. Expensive food and drink. Slightly dirty but not too bad.

Clasee Azphuk

Absolutely horrible... Went to watch the world premiere of IT CHAPTER TWO. Entire right side of theater speakers were blown out so all the sound was coming from only the front and left side and every time a deep bass hit the right side …

John Weaver Jr

I frequently spend two or more hours a week here and the only reason it doesn't get it's due justice of Five Stars is because it just doesn't compete with the RPX and IMAX screens of it's other Charlotte area theaters!

Daniel Foster

Oh yeah... So good to have a place where the family and food is not too foreign to simply enjoy!

Babikir M. Babikir

My experience at this theater was quite interesting. My bag was checked for security reasons. At first, I didn't think too much of it because it's for my own safety but then other customers who had bags were not checked. I went to my movie and the whole time there were customers making backhanded racist comments (you can't force people to change their views and I let it go). I left the movie half way and complained to the manager about the bag security check..I informed him that I felt singled out while other customers with bags were not checked. He told me this is standard procedure. I was offered a free ticket and I appreciate it but my issue is on weekdays this theater is a walking in closet. People go in without tickets and no security check either. My advice to management is if you want to implement the regulations then please do it for everyone and at all days and times.

Tiffany Alsabrook

Waited in line for a very long time to get a ticket and walked in to find 3 employees just standing there. I told them there was a long line outside and they just said "that's just the way that it is". Not good... very very poor service.

Yolanda Lipscomb

The theater was clean and comfortable. The only problem i had was that they only had ONE person at thr ticket booth and the line was out into the parking lot. I was there 15 minutes before my movie start time but by the time I made it through the line, the previews were over and the movie had begun. I didn't even have time to stop at concession. Maybe because it was Sunday they were short staffed. I paid close to $13 for my ticket but was to frustrated to enjoy myself.

Jessikuh Adkins

Nothing like the movie theater in Knoxville Tennessee, but it's well worth it.

Darryl Worthy

I hadn't been to the movies for quite a while. The staff were really helpful. courteous and friendly. I truly enjoyed my movie.

Beverly Burton

Happy to be able to watch with no loud obnoxious teenagers or cell phones burning bright during the movie, but then again, we were the only two people in this theater at the time. Lol

Loria Bennett

Movie was great. Not crowded.

Michael boyd

I've been to this theater for a long time they've had a lot of car break-ins here and at Walmart

Lisa Heider

Great day at the movies today! Staff very pleasant.

Edward McKnight

Really nice theater. Clean with good seating. Ticket prices are on the higher end for movie theaters. Good location with a few restaurants in walking distance. Plenty of parking.

Aubre Mcconnell

It was nice... easy to find your theater and great quality

Leslie Gibson

I moved to Rock Hill 2 yrs ago. I've visited this location on many occasions and I can honestly say I love the environment, it's comfy, clean, neat and the staff always make me feel welcomed. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

Julie Cordora

Nice, traditional theater with numerous showings. It seems to be an AMC Classic rather than a full AMC and therefore does not have some of the refreshment selections such as the Coke machines.

Rina Walk

Nice clean theater with plenty of seating. Clean restrooms. Popcorn is always yummy. Sr, matinee and military discounts.

Karen Spinner

Its a nice clean theater

nina mielke

I have always liked this cinema. They used to have lots of seating and tables in the lobby, but they have taken that away. I miss that. However, since you don't want the tables then place some benches in there. People do wait on others if …

Monecious Woods

Overall it was a good experience but the prices of food and drinks are ridiculous. Then they don't have a combo menu

Alicia Bresler

Good but the prices for movies is insane.

Julian Secondino

Great popcorn. Nice people at the concession counter. I like the seating in the theater.

Angelina Murphy

Went to see Solo in a Friday for the 2:45 showing. Nice and quiet. Pleasant personnel. The seats were straight up, but it was still comfortable enough. Good picture and sound. Wish concessions didn't cost so much after paying a hefty ticket price.

Ricardo Hernandez Rivera

I enjoy visiting Regal cinemas across the country, as while being the same brand, they do possess slight differences between each other for each cinema to stand as its own. Compare this to a place like McDonalds, which regardless of location they all look pretty much the same.

Ric Allison

Although it was a Friday evening, it was incredibly empty. I was not happy to find the cinema that I was going to was hot as of people had just come out. I had to tell one of the staff to turn the AC down cooler for that room. I wish I had told them the room stank.. It really needed to be fabreezed. Makes you wonder if they even bother that late in the evening to clean.

aNita L

The kids and I caught the first show the bathrooms were extremely clean, the seating area was clean and the floors were not sticky loved the movie show. But buckle your seatbelt or the prices I got a large popcorn 3 small drinks for $27. A bit pricey after paying $14 for 4 tickets.

Anita Love

Loved the show. The seats are comfortable, a great angle so you are not looking around the person in front of you. Love that it is clean especially the ladies room.

Jon Mowery

Nice theater but I prefer theaters with the reclining seats

Sally Ramirez

Seats are straight, hard, old fashioned.

Deborah Sistare

Awesome theatre but as usual for cinemas food and drinks are outrageously expensive.

HerCrown HerGlory

Friendly staff, good seats and pleasant temperature throughout the movie.

xavier holbrooks

In some of these theatres the sound doesn't sound the same...sometimes the subwoofers barely work..but overall its a really good movie theatre

Jh Js

Afternoon movies are no longer cheap! My wife and I bought no treats or drinks but just my Dad's treats cost almost as much as the overpriced movie tickets. The seats are ok but other theaters have reclining chairs. Medium popcorn is almost $9! I'll stick to other movie theaters or watch from home for cheap!

Alissa Hall

It's a good one. I wish they had the reclining seats though

Joanna Reynolds

Always great to see a movie on their screens, great picture, great sound, good snack bar. But too expensive to be able to see movies there frequently.

Ron Brown

Nice theater and central location to shops. I've been visiting this theater for almost 7 years and I enjoy the variety of shows. Nice that they accept my AARP card for concessions value options as well.

Ricky McKellar

Change the whole lot since last time I was there no police on property

Kathy Fowler

Overpriced by it's a nicer theater I had discounted tickets


We have always enjoyed this theatre but our visit last night mixed with the lack of manager making our experience right has us not wanting to go back. We went to see IT chapter 2 at the 7:15 showing in stadium 2. My husband had to go tell someone that the picture was black, only audio could be heard for first 15 minutes so we missed all the previews. The sound was very low for a theatre so it wasn’t easy to hear the movie when it started playing. The whole time we were watching I was itching. When we left the theatre I was still itching and came home and went to bed after taking a Benadryl. I woke up this morning still itching and inspected myself only to find I’m covered in bug bites. I immediately called Manchester and spoke with a manager to tell her that we paid $46 for two people to watch a movie and split a popcorn and drink and I’m covered in bites and my husband has bites on him aswell. No reimbursement was offered, no offer to come back on Manchester to make up for this incident, nothing was said except they would check theatre again. Kinda sad bc we can only afford to go here about twice a year and it’s a big deal for us to spend the kind of money, especially to miss the previews, barely hear the movie and itch the whole time from then through til the next day. We will be driving the extra distance next time to pineville and hopefully won’t run into this kind of experience again. Shame on you Manchester

Brendan Jones

Get the UNLIMITED PASS it's well worth the $20 a month!

Jimmy Duncan

Employees were nice, building was clean. The seats were the most uncomfortable that we have been in in years. The matinee prices over $10 was very unexpected and $9.00+ popcorn was just excessive. We got 2 drinks and 4 regular size candies was over $40. I know the cliche comments about movie theaters, but I believed this was excessive for such an old theater with the small screens and non-reclining narrow seats. The employees truly did seem to care about the job they were doing, but we will be going to the Charlotte area for movie theaters going forward.

Joe Denton

The Good Sevrivce

tyler jacobson

Great popcorn and saw a few of my high school friends working there. Also when you say extra butter mean it bc be prepared for lots of it !! I love butter so it was no problem but if u ask for it u gotta mean it!!

Joe Cheeze

Really great place to catch to a movie. Feels like a chain, but the staff is excellent and makes it feel like a mom and pop place. Great experience.

Stephanie Hungness

Seats are very stiff. They do not recline at all. Also, not much leg room and the theater temperature was very warm and muggy.

stephanie williams

Need to hire more staff after purchasing my ticket I had done missed 20 minutes of the movie.. then finally get to sit down now my food cold had to take it back and miss more of the movie.. just for the manager to say she’ll heat my nachos and bring them to me... HIRER MORE PEOPLE DURING THE WEEKEND

Elliott Worthy

Great place to see a movie, popcorn was fresh clean theater will go again soon

Karen Ellerbe

The facility is nice and clean. The employees are courteous and helpful.

Brenda Strain

Need more security on the weekends. The children without supervision tend to act out and disturb the movie!


Good theater with an easy to read layout. Large comfy seats. But no assigned seating which is a bummer.


I was shocked to discover that a 1:00 PM show on a Tuesday cost over $10 for a ticket. This was a normal 2D showing. You can buy tickets at other theaters for a 3D or IMAX matinee for less. The management needs to either renovate the …

Tini Sonic

I would love if they upgraded to the recliner seats, my family will drive to theaters farther away just for the seats because Manchester does not have them. But it’s still an ok theater.

Daniel Fieldstone

Went in here to see a movie once. The staff was good. The place was clean and orderly. It was a great experience. This place is more of a movie theater on the upscale end of things.

Matt Barrett

Chairs are old and outdated. Service at the snack counter is below average. I timed it after the first two people, but someone getting a soda and popcorn should not take 5 minutes. It’s beyond ridiculous and slow. There are more and better options, you better step up your game Regal.

Lisa Gaston

They really make you feel welcome and the regal unlimited is a great thing to get.

Brian Hollen

Great place.

Rachel Mannlein-Hochman

The building might have a new paint job, but inside the theater is old. The ceiling in women's room is not very nice. Also, my mom misplaced her phone and I went to the concession for help. Person I spoke with didn't seem to care, no sense of urgency and was basically of no help. Sound for movie was good. Red Stone 14 on 521 much better choice!

Jennie Freeman

This theater is great! Love that the seats are still general admission & not assigned!

Noname Noname

Everything you would expect out of a theater. We got our times mixed up so we asked if we could come back later to see the movie we want and they allowed it without much hassle. Nice people.

Caleab Morris

It's nice and the foods good.

TJ Sonius

Kinda wish they would revamp their chair style to compete with the newer AMC theatres. Good theater overall though~

Beth Faircloth

The theater is ok but it took 30 minutes in line to get snacks. If you see a movie here, get there early so you don't miss the start of your movie!

Traci Williams

Teenagers ran in & out of the theater the entire movie. Parent allowed his child to swing on the back of our seats majority of the night! Loud talking was very annoying. We received a refund.

Dennis Primeaux

Very clean theater and nice staff.

Kevin Nally

great movie snd employees

Keith Sellers

Outstanding venue. Comfortable seats, nice sound. Great picture.

Sonya Elo

It's gotten expensive to take my granddaughter to the movies... One adult ticket & 1 child = $22.50 and another $ 13 on small popcorn and a bag of candy

Thomas Limpo

Dated and uncomfortable seating. Chairs are too upright for any comfort and armrests are so word down the plastic edges dig into your arm.

DJ Patterson

Enjoy coming to this movie theater; always treated well. Any issues are either resolved quickly, or compensated for at the end of the night. Rock is a great guy to get to know and has a really good staff working for him.

Scott Penberthy

Was good but my 5 year old son and I cost $22.50 to see a movie. Rent must be high.

Matt Lee

Not as comfortable seats asbsome others but over all a good theater

Robert Planitzer

Took grandson to see lion King and had a black woman with a crying 2 yr old through whole movie gets up with about 15 minutes left in movie and starts at the top of her mf everybody in theatre and she is coming to get everyone a ladies next to us called police and after movie we seen her taken away in handcuffs. Why does a 6 yr. Old have to see this

Sheila K

Great theater, very clean. Seats a little uncomfortable.

Bill Kalin

Nice movie theater.

William Lightner

One of the best movie theaters I've been to

Melissa Dawn

We thought it was too warm inside... Otherwise, okay.

Zach Halewood

Theater was very hot. Also not updated with new seats, etc.

Monica Jones

Went to see Avengers Endgame. The lines were really long for concessions but very clean and friendly service

Jeri Sullivan

Nice but way too many previews

John Knapp

This is a really nice theater. It's very clean and the staff was very friendly. The only downfall is that you can't reserve your seats like you can at other Regal theaters but otherwise I enjoyed my first experience here. I highly recommend this movie theater!

L Howell

Great clean theater, need more salespeople at concession stand

James Gagnon

Just saw Avengers endgame! Theatre experience is the best for anticipated movie. Theatre has 5 to 6 concession lines, video games in lobby, and conveniently located to shopping and restaurants. Always clean.

Margarito Beltrán

Really good customer service

Maggie Momeyer

There was a long line for the concession stand and little help. We skipped and went in to start watching the movie. I went back out 10 minutes in to get my niece water and popcorn but the line was still long. I waited and missed about 10 minutes of the movie. Update on 12/28:. Christmas break on a rainy day and two people working the concession line. Two lines backed to the door. We couldn't wait or we would miss our movie. We got there at 11:23 for an 11:25 knowing we had at least 10 minutes of previews. The ticket guy finally called the manager who sent him behind the line to help. I asked for more help and was told that was all they had. Poor planning, I will not be back.

Jay Burns

This is the most GHETTO theater I have ever been to in my life!! There's a reason police are on the premises at all times. Some one walked in the theater in the middle of the movie and started yelling for their friend who wasnt even in there. Then somebody's phone rang and they answered it and had a whole conversation during the movie. People started telling the person to get off the phone and there was almost a fight! I've been here 2 times too many!! Its so worth the drive to drive to Charlotte!! Never will I ever subject me and my family to such foolishness!

Thomas Criminger

I ordered a large popcorn and large Mello Yellow they where good but a lot of crumbs in the popcorn but the experience was wonderful.

Brittney Nicole

Air conditioning pretty loud but otherwise very clean and wonderful staff

Ami McKinney

This was my first time back to this theater in 10 years and it hasn't changed much. There was only one person working the box office, which was fine because it was around 11 am, but the concession stand was a little backed up with only 2 young men working. They worked as efficiently as possible, but maybe scheduling more people on a holiday week would be a good idea. Other than that, the restrooms were clean, theater was clean, and sound was good.

Julius Davis

Cold old popcorn, employee acted like they didn't want to be there. Theater need to be cleaned. Movie was good.

Brenda Campbell

Super service... great people

Amanda Greif

we bought tickets online. .... no waiting in line in this 38°weather! got in bought 2 bottles of water, that's was $10. the movie was great and guest were respectful to guest. - but 10 bucks for water, never again!

robert harris

Slow service at concession stands and seats are uncomfortable and the 730 show didn't start until 815

Amaro Innovations

I like the theater, it's very clean and has a good selection of food, snacks and the concessions. They have a nice screen and lots of seating and the arm rests fold up. They don't recline though and after a movie close to 2 hours or longer the seats can get a little uncomfortable. Over all though it's a nice theater and good location, clean, great sound and picture and decent seats.

Palmetto Paintball

Good quality theater. Not caught up on the reclining seats yet but thats not a must have. Like every theater prices are a bit high but overall its worth a visit

Rhonda Hylton

I really like this location. Fairly small, and quiet, place. Very odd parking lot. Very good location: close to freeway access, food, and shopping. The place is clean. Employees are courteous. The movie selection is usually pretty varied, and has something for everyone.

santiago rodriguez

It's an ok theater. If it's close to your house or everywhere else is sold out then go here.

Brian Nelson

Would give 5 stars but you have to purchase the tickets outside in the heat.

Austin Mccabe

Good theater. I see alot of movies here and I'm always pretty happy with the experience.


Lots of parking, the cinema is nice and clean, prices are high as usual (food&beverage). Seats are comfy. Nothing to complain about!


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