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Faith Reeves

Although I like this movie theatre, they are horrible. I worked in a movie theatre for a year and I know how it should be maintained and what should happen. They never answer the phones I’ve called multiple times a day and never an answer. I went to see the movie dark Phoenix on June 9th, 2019 the power went out due to a fire and we tried to get a refund and it’s not the 22nd and I still have yet to get my refund or any passes. It’s absolutely outrageous that they can’t even answer a phone so they can continue to have us as customers

Zen Riley23

The only thing I liked there was those leather reclining seats. It was like watching a movie at home. Most amazing experience ever. Everything else was blah.

Keynon Purdy

Really love the seating. Sound sometimes isn't loud enough for me.

Tristan Marsh

"Power outage" again. This place is horrible. Terrible service. The popcorn is not good. Food and trash everywhere. Do not recommend. Will not be back.

Alicia Loudermilk

Best place for movies around the area. The staff are really nice and don't judge a group of 20 something's going into a kids movie. Popcorn could be better and the bathrooms could be cleaner but the reclining seats are worth it. If you're going in a group of people it's easier to have one person buy the tickets and just hand your money to them cause you have to reserve seats.

samantha simon

What I like about this theater is the reclining seats and space. You can be comfortable while watching a movie.... What I don't like about it is that no one cleans lobby area. There was popcorn everywhere, wet towels on the corner where drinks was spilled or someone over flowed their cup. It would've been a better experience if it was cleaner.

Cheri Gahan

Snack bar us awesome with worthwhile deals. Seats are recliners. It is a comfy

Bubba Barton

The seats are very comfortable, the prices are great and even a bad movie like It 2 was tolerable. The only place in town to watch any film.


Very comfortable recliner seats, great sound quality. Very reasonable ticket prices.

Buddie Lynn Phipps

We love the power reclining seats!! Not to expensive either.

Panda Moyer

The best theater with the best prices in Charleston. Could be a little cleaner but it has comfy reclining chairs, a good snack bar and for the most part friendly staff.

Johnathan Siebert

This is the only theater I go to now and I live almost 45 minutes away. The oversized reclining leather seats just make for a so much more enjoyable movie experience and makes it worth the extra drive. They have a great concession selection with beer and wine now too for a decent price.

Photography by Christina Marie

I really like this theater! The recliner chairs are awesome! There's video games, plenty of snacks and popcorn and drinks to choose from..

Crystal Harper

Illegal this is one of my favorite movie theaters! I love the reclining seats! Always have to be mindful not to recline too much or I get comfortable and go to sleep LOL. I also love that you can call in advance and get your seats if I had to change anything it would be the price of the concessions but everything else is great!

Margaret Fulmore

The best yet. The seats recline and you choose your seats when purchasing tickets

Matthew Keller

Love the seating and theatres are clean. The service could really use a smile and the bathrooms could use a little more attention.

Matthew Allen

We watched Avengers Endgame here. The movie was great. The chairs were very comfortable. The food was not very satisfactory. The popcorn tasted old. The employees didnt really care to be there and werent anything special. Theater could be a lot cleaner.

Michael Steve Pina Gomez

Great place for a quick movie. Lots of younger people as the mall is nearby.

julius gregg

Customers services was outstanding and the m k vie theater was very on point

Don Cullinane

They have reclining seats like what you might have in a home theater. Beyond comfortable. My only complaint is that they have Pepsi products vice Coke products. My soft pretzel was great!

Aidan Sampson

in stadiom 11 a seat is broken , and my pizza had one part frezing cold and the other part completely burned there soda mechines are nasty ( i looked under them ) and if they were clean the part that the soda comes out of would have been clear , and when we went there was a fire durren the movie so when we got to the bottom i saw a roach i dont reccomend

Felisa Moniquette

Nice theater. Nice not having a bunch of inconsiderate imbecils using their cell phones. They have the recliner seats and security in-house which is nice. Very close to shopping, food and hotels.

R Thomas

First let me say the price was great for the time of day that we went. Northwoods movie theater was not what I expected from the reviews and pictures online. For it to be very early in the day, the theater was very dirty. The theater had popcorn and paper on the floor in the lobby area also on the floors going to the movie theater room. You would think with it being so early that the theater would be clean and presentable for customers. The night crew or the morning crew should have cleaned before opening. This mess was not something that happened within 1-3 hours of opening that day; this was left from the night before. I was highly disappointed. The bathrooms were okay, the staff was pleasant. The theater room was spacious, the chairs are reclinable and comfortable but unfortunately had paper and Candy left in it from previous customers.

Glenda Williamson

A very nice theater with reclining seats. Clean

L.S. Jonesy

The 3d Aladdin was not working so the restarted it and it still wasn't working..35 min GONE!! Then we had to get money back or get another movie time. They gave nothing for inconvenience

Faye Holmes

So many Victims of Auto thief and Burglary committed on this property while enjoying a movie! No policing as they’re suppose to! 8 in One night in all 4 areas of parking.

Amanda Goodwin

We always go to this theater- But, recently they’ve gotten really slack about keeping it clean. Today, when we got there, there were orange peels in the cup holders and nasty candy wrappers. We couldn’t move because of the assigned seats …

Makayla Smith

While the movie tickets and snacks are expensive (as expected) the seats are very comfortable and they do offer a wide variety of snacks to choose from. Plus the mall is right across the street if you buy the tickets early and have time to waste. I enjoy every time we make the trip to this location.


Very good service. Comfortable recliners. Pretty reasonable concessions.

chrissy jones

After waiting a year for the movie and about three weeks after purchasing our tickets to see Avengers End Game my family and I were very excited about the 4:15 showing today. A fire alarm sounded about an hour into the movie and understandably we had to exit. We waited 35-45 minutes and we were let back in. We were told while standing outside that we could get vouchers or wait, so we waited. Why not wait since we really wanted to see the movie. Upon returning to our seats the fire siren was still going off. About 20 minutes went by while the movie was playing and we were informed that the noise would be resolved in another 20 minutes. Once again we could have patience or get a voucher. We had patience! The movie was playing and then all of a sudden it shut off, lights came on etc.... the pre movie trailers came back on about 5 minutes later, then someone obviously trying to get the movie back to where it cut off accidentally went too far into the movie exposing a good bit of the end of the movie. At this point I’ve lost my patience. The end is partly ruined now!!!! I am so disappointed. We left immediately and went straight to get the ticket vouchers. Sad thing is after all of this, people were actually being told they couldn’t get their voucher if they didn’t have the half of the ticket stub. These people had actual receipts for their purchase. It is such a shame in how the staff handled this situation and refused any type of compensation for customers. Not everyone held onto their tickets with all of the commotion that happened throughout the parts of the movie.

Bernard Hicks

Always appreciate the reclining seating but team NSC need to clean the cup holders...I literally had liquid in both...step it up!

ShayShay Jacks

Love their recliner chairs!! Really adds to the movie watching experience!!

Jessica Sinclair

This is my favorite movie theater in the area. I like being able to select my seat when I buy a ticket and their prices are fantastic. Also the seats are huge and have electric recliners. I recommend this theater to all my friends.

Jeffery Wyatt

Love th er new seating. Very comfortable and plenty of space

attention_span_ traash

My family and I go here all the time. Best cinema around and has recliners!

Debby Matthews

My kids from my center to the movies it was so nice I know what they're doing at this theater they got it together an awesome experience for all thank you


Me and my family went to the 4:15 showing for End Game and had a terrible experience. About 1 hour into the movie the fire alarm was sounded and we had to wait outside the theater for about 45 min. After returning to our seats we had to endure the alarm going off while the movie was still playing for about another 45 min. After about 30 min , The movie shut off . We sat there waiting about 10 minutes until it cut back on , When it did the movie restarted. The staff member fast forwarded the movie too far and ruined the end of the movie that everyone was looking up to. After going to the ticket counter we were denied a refund or tickets to another showing even with a receipt . This was very unfair as we waited over a year to see this film .

Sherrie Cease

Movie was great, but our section was very dirty. I had to scrape popcorn off my seat first.

Allison O.

Favorite movie theater. Convenient location to the Northwoods Mall. This theater has comfy seats and offers wine/beer too. The only complaint I have about this place is the bathrooms. They are old and often times dirty. Otherwise, this is the best theater in the area.

Bt tray

Oh my, the seats are leather recliners. Nice and roomy. I will go back for sure.

James Thompson

Love this theater. Every time I come to visit my mother, I make a trip to this place for the awesome seating, lower prices, and overall fantastic experience.

richie pabon

Great Movie theater very comfortable seating & Great prices.

Bill Stevens

Great seats great prices and love the reserved seating.

Victor David Bautista Hernandez

Confy chairs and nice people also great popcorn

Steve Brandenburg

Leather reclining seats and is a great place to take the family since movies are only 6 to 7 dollars for early movie. Late night isn't to expensive either.

Craig Kellstrom

This used to be a decent movie theater now it is a dump. The bathrooms are filthy. Instead of having the liquid soap in the dispensers the bags of it were just thrown on the counters. No paper towels but there were boxes of Kleenex on the counters. There are no ushers for the theaters. We unfortunately ended up sitting next to a group of teenagers that talked, yelled, played, and interrupted the movie for everyone in the theater with no respect for anyone. Take my advice and spend your money elsewhere.....

gareth ferrell

Great place to watch a movie. Reclining seats, preselected seating. You can also order beer and wine.

john baker

Very strict about letting people in before their movie showing. They could be making more of a profit letting people in to play the arcade.

Wolfie Maus

I like the movie theater it's the closest one to me. But why everytime i go there there's an issue going on? I went there today to see the chapter 2 IT movie and as soon as it started playing everyone had to leave cause there was a fire broke out. I had already paid for my movie. When am I going to get my refund back? This is the second time I've been here and this happens.

Shajunia Snider Brown

Great place to watch a movie! Recliners and reserved seating is the best. The seats were so comfortable I almost feel asleep during the movie.. lol

Jessica Masterson

Reclining seats are great! However, halfway through our movie someone pulled the fire alarm. The NCFD was quick to respond and we were back in the theater within 20-25 minutes. We're still not sure if there was a fire or not. Once we were able to get back into our theater, there was this loud, high pitched, continuous beeping. After 15 minutes of this going off, an employee came in stating "the manager is working on it". 15 minutes later, it's still going off. And now they announce that we can't wait in the theater, "we must take a pass" because they don't want other shows to run behind! More than a pass should've been compensated. Poor management if you ask me.

Jerrika Morrell

After the renovations to the theater, it's a pleasure to kick back and enjoy a movie here! There's no more purchasing tickets and hoping to sit with your family and friends anymore now that they've gone to reservation seating - which I love! Refills on popcorn and drinks are free making prices more reasonable compared to other local theaters. You also pour your own drinks, without having to wait in line. Theater seats are large and comfortable with automatic reclining. Bonus: There's enough room for people to pass down an aisle without disturbing anyone. My only complaint is cleanliness in the lobby! Although I realize it's probably impossible to keep clean with popcorn.

Kevin Torrick

Bathrooms need some better care, strong urine scent similar to that of a run down roadside gas station where a murder may or may not have taken place.

Clive Wegner

Easy to get tickets. Assigned seating. The seating is amazing. Gigantic. Comfortable. And reclining. The prices are great as well. For tickets and snacks.

Tiffany Mckellar

Recliner seating makes this theater nice. Other areas such as restrooms could use some updates to make this theater nicer.

Christopher Lukasik

I love the recliners in the theatres and decent movie prices. Awful popcorn though.

Aaliyah Patton

I purchased two tickets to see Avengers Endgame and a fire alarm went off so everyone had to exit. Came back to auditorium 12 (where we were viewing the movie) and an ongoing siren was interfering with the movie. Then we were told to wait until someone came to fix the siren but after 20 minutes they told everyone to leave because the wait would be too long and that we were going to be given vouchers so we can see our movie another time. As soon as my boyfriend and I approach the ticket box we were told we could only get one voucher because we only had one ticket despite us having a copy of our receipt showing that we purchased two tickets. The woman in the front refused to give us the other ticket we paid for. I will longer be going to this theater because of this awful experience I just had today, truly disappointed.

Michael Fowler

Seats were great, like a recliner in your den. Lobby is run down, theater feels old. Concession stand needs a lot of help; poor service.

Donna Walker

Great prices and relaxing environment

Chrisey Gregory

This has become my go to theater! They have updated their theater with leather recliners and their concessions is one of the most reasonable around.


Horrible experience. First time going here and someone was in our seats. Went to get an employee to assist me and nobody came after 20 minutes. The ticket guy told me to go get the next showtime and the person at the ticket window said come on, I'll get them out your seat. I refused because we already missed 20 mins of the movie. Then he tried to charge me more for the next showtime. I asked for a refund. Very disappointed!!

Matt Lowe

Reclining seats are great..but had one trip where the seat didn't work, which sucks - they push you too upright if that happens. Concession prices are cheaper than most, though the containers are smaller than some places. They still have …

Jon Hardacre

Once upon a time, this was a great theater. The past few times my family visited was not that great. The service has gone down hill (rude staff), the seats are almost always broken (won’t recline), and the theater was hot (poor air …

Randall Schirra

Pick your own seats ahead of time and the chairs are the best. Service kinda sucks but have gotten in for free simply because only knew person showed up for the shift and their register wasnt working for seating.

Divine Rydia

Very good. Went to see malficent 2. It was amazing!!

Kandra Bootsma

I consistently choose this theatre over any other! Seats are extremely comfortable. Theatre is always clean and staff is friendly!


These stadium seat recliners are the best, very comfortable

marcella mendoza

absolutely my favorite theater in the area I love those chairs the temperature inside the theaters are always so comfortable and I love the assigned seating! I have been three times this week

Lee Ann Schaffer

I CAN NEVER SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE SEATS!!! --and Aladdin was pretty great, too!

Jay Greezy

Horrible experience!!! Worse than dealing with TSA. Just came back from Myrtle Beach, decided to stop and see a movie on the way home for my daughter's birthday... Made my wife open up her purse and remove everything including personal …

Jeff Shokes

Great staff but needed cleaning. Floors dirty and spilled drinks on them. Counters were dripping and wet -drink machine had ice overflowing in trays. Bathrooms untidy. Great staff but could take direction on sanitation

Ron Baran

Seats are awesome! Decor is a little outdated, but was there for a movie. Tickets and popcorn is surprisingly cheap. You can put as much butter as you want, haha.

Xavier Bailey

Military discount available. Very comfy chairs. Large auditoriums and you can reserve seating. But the best part is the people. Very friendly and helpful! Thanks guys :)

Jackie Onezine

Clean cinema, comfy, reclining seats & friendly workers.

Nyrasia Quest

Fancy recliners. Had a cool deal . CHEAP

Heather Martin

We paid for our movie and went in the use the restroom. The lady stopped us because they have a 30 minutes policy. Can't enter 30 minutes prior to movie playing. Understand but asked since we are paying customers can we at least use the …

Matthew Strusinski

This is a great theater. There are no bad seats here. Even if you end up in a corner seat, you'll still have a good view and a plush leather recliner to enjoy. The snack, beverage and food prices are rediculous (like any theater). And like most, this theater loses a star for it. But, great seats, clean fixtures and floors and quick staff keep this one at a solid 4 out of 5.

Lucia Wattrick

Amazing cinema experience! I don't know why we've never been her before - it's our new go to place for sure. The extremely comfortable seats are the best!

Skyler Wylie

I am actually an employee and I believe that Northwoods Cinema is one of the better theaters in North Charleston. We did have a fire alarm go off an hour into Avengers: Endgame but, we did our best to give viewers a chance to get a free movie voucher or wait to continue their movie. We apologize for any messes and other displeasing experiences you may have experienced.

Elias Da Hora Jr.

It’s a nice theater and I’ve been here before but never again. Management is super rude to their customers. I totally forgot the lady’s name but my wife and I were on time for a movie but decided not to watch it after like 10 mins. The woman in charged used an excuse “I saw you walking around you were late!”. This was a Friday night with lots of people coming in and out. Then I said “no were not and it’s only been 10 mins into the movie can we please get our money back or push to a later time.?” I was super calm and this lady had the worst customer service skills. She then goes on to say “ Well it’s our policy I can’t” I understand if it’s company policy and IF IT WAS then SAY THAT FIRST. Not the first thing she said like 5 year old comeback. Her attitude ruined the night!

Izzy Moes

nobody cleans up anywhere??? there was left over food and trash all over the theater i went into. the lobby was also disgusting. popcorn everywhere and cleaning staff just wipe crumbs right onto the floor which was kind of gross. choose a different theater maybe.

Raini Hylton

People in the theater won’t shut up and they will not refund you even though you can’t hear the movie over the other audience! Every other movie theater employees will be in and out checking on things. We actually had to get up and tell management and then be told we can not be refunded.

Shíbàliì Todichiinii

Enjoyed a relaxing movie at this cinema. Recommended for u.

Baby Mac

This place has good seats that recline that's the only plus. They charge for kids under 4 as the same as an 11 year old. The facilities are filthy and the hallways full of food in the carpet. Cheese for nachos comes in a little cup and is not hot nor out of the machine.

sarah bryan

Seats are comfortable. However they do not allow outside food in to the theater. I would understand if I wanted to bring in my own candy and soda that the theater would have. However I would like to bring in my own food, Healthy options to …

Joshua Widener

We really enjoyed going to this movie theater this weekend. The chairs are out of this world. They are actually electric recliners and are super comfortable. I do wish they gave buckets of popcorn instead of bags. The bags are messy and that can be seen by what the floor looks like around 10 pm. Anyways, try it out.

Austin Igel

Great theater, great amd friendly staff. Tickets and seats are reserved so order ahead!

Jason Long

Haha this place is a joke. "Come inside to the concession stand to buy your ticket...yes wait in that terribly long line of indecisive people buying concessions just so you can buy your ticket which takes 3.7 seconds" thankfully I saw someone else use the online pickup so I got into fandango, set up an account, bought my tickets and put in the code to print them all before those behind me made a few spaces forward. I pressed past the line and looked for someone to take my ticket and saw no one so I asked the guy at the concession stand who acted like he didnt hear me and blew me off so I just went in to the movie. Next time I wont bother buying a ticket. They dont seem to care.

Jonathan Ready

Dirty, and I mean Dirty! Please don’t waste your time... better off watching at home

Hunley Pants

Best Theater in town. Get your tickets early because it is reserved seating. To me this is great. You don't have to wait in line you have your seat number. All the seats are electric recliners and you can have beer and wine!

Holly Cruz

Clean. Food selection is on point and affordable. Stadium seating with reclining chairs.

Carson True

Cushy reclining seats! Assigned seating makes sure you don't get stuck somewhere you don't want to be. Free popcorn refills! Yes, of course it's expensive for popcorn, but at this point in time, if you go to the movies and expect to pay like $1 for popcorn, you might want to get out more. Props for figuring out a way to make me not feel ripped off at a movie theater, I feel like I got my money's worth.

Parthengia Kitchens

The place is not bad, & I love the seats. I was in the middle of my movie when the screen went black. We were told it was going to take a while for them to fix it. We could either get a refund, or get credit for another showing. Then the fire alarm went off right after, so we all had to go outside. It took so long, that everyone went home. Going back to get a refund.

Orlanda Williams

We love the seats but don't go on opening night of any new movie it will be packed. But love the recliner seats. No other theater has that.

Brittany Wilhelm

Came to watch Avengers End Game, one of the most highly anticipated movies in existence. Fire alarm goes off barely an hour through, evacuates the entire building and we wait for about an hour. We get in and another hour goes by. The alarm is STILL going off so it’s hard to even focus and hear what is actually going on. THEN the movie cuts off about forty mins before it is over and the lights turn on because that’s when the movie was supposed to end originally. Another ten minutes go by and the movie cuts back on and is FAST FORWARDED to the end. Completely ruins the movie for everyone and REFUSE TO GIVE A REFUND. Thanks for ruining this experience for me and a hundred other people.

Twilight 843

Expensive but what movie theater isn't? LOVE THE CHAIRS. They have reclining chairs and it's not cramped. You choose your seats and they are labeled which makes going with other people easier because you don't have to worry about where you'll sit.

claudia garth

The movie was great. An the service was awsome

Anthony Checchia

Great seating options. Kids last much better than standard seating

M Greene

The Theather was okay, but the bathroom was terrible. We went early in the day for matinee, so you would think it would have been clean. CLEAN UP YOUR BATHROOM PEOPLE. I would have given you a higher score.

Bill Conley

Best prices, great seats, excellent service

Mark Coffey

My new favorite theater.

Edward Going

Went to 1:00 matinee of Downton Abbey. There was no one taking tickets, had to stand in line for the consession stand in order to hand pre-purchased tickets to the 2 people doing both jobs. The line was out of the door and VERY slow. Service was terrible during movie as only 1 person was working and could not sell alcohol. Had to wait nearly 10 minutes for someone to come out from some backroom. They have a serious customer service problem.

Gold Wolves

The movie I went to see was Spider-Man far from home it was a great movie they give people the best things ever 1-10 I give it a 10

Dominick Hankle

Excellent price for early shows, very good adult popcorn and soda special.

L Bennett

This theater is amazing! The staff is very friendly and helpful. The snacks are well priced and they now also serve beer & wine! This theater is always my first choice due to the seating! Keep up the wonderful service you guys provide!!!!

Crystal Olden

Prices are the best around, for tickets and food. Only theater I'll go to around town. Can't beat the prices with reclining chairs included!!

The Immortal

Worst customer service. Rude staff and would never go back again. Would not suggest going there if can avoid at all costs! Seats are uncomfortable. And i understand movie theaters can be messy but the seats were covered in leftovers and the floors extra sticky. Electronics malfunction and was constant beeping that they could not fix. Would avoid if you don't want to ruin your movie going experience and again the staff do not care if their customers are happy or not they just care about the paycheck and could not care less about having happy customers.

Jason Williams

Great prices! Love the seats. Fire alarm went off in the middle of Movie but was able to go back in to Movie after the sexy fire man left! Hot!

Veonn Exline

The theatres are always hot. No AC. I was sweating in there today. Our "normal" movie had a narrator for the blind talking the whole time. Seats are good, employees are always nice and popcorn and soda are free refills. I'll be trying other theatres in town.


It's extremely filthy. Top heavy on the staff with no one cleaning. When we walked in there was sticky floor, smashed popcorn EVERYWHERE. The bathroom had no paper towels and "wet stuff" all over the floor. Not sure what the wet stuff was. Toilet paper everywhere with stalls that needed to be attended too. I saw 2 staff walking with a broom and not attend to the mess that was ALL OVER the front entrance. I won't be coming back...i think they put recliners in to make up for the lack of cleaning. Just gross.

Joey Kircher

Best movie theatre I've ever been to. Electric leather recliners

Tammy Lloyd

Can't go wrong with buying your assigned recliner seats early!!!

April Turner

Nice and clean. Popcorn was not hot, but refills was great!

Kirsten Lawton

While the idea of the reclining seats is appealing and the matinee price is comprable the condition of this establishment is absolutely deplorable. There is food and trash absolutely everywhere. We went to the first showing they had and the place was trashed, as if there had been no cleaning from the night before. Dirty rags from employees under soda machines and in the corners on the floor in theater. The bathroom was absolutely filthy, floors covered in toilet paper and paper towels, soap bags from dispensers laying on the counter. The concession stand is just as disgusting. I would assume with the state of the rest of the building and the appearance of the concession stand that they have never even considered to clean the machines where they are preparing food. I will never choose this facility for another visit. It is absolutely disgusting.


It was pretty nice, the seats were comfortable. The place looked clean but it was also dark so that's why I say it looked clean. Had already eaten before going there so cant comment on any of that

Wendy Evans

Reasonable prices, reclining seats, clean theater.

Jennifer Rogers

This theater is Awesome! I love that the seats recline. Also the prices at the concession stand are very reasonable!

Alan Thompson

My wife and i are here watching the movie, DOWNTON ABBEY and we are enjoyng the movie. The theater has power reclineing seats and very comfortable.

Denisha Wright

They wouldn't let me bring my snacks into the cinema they are mean and greedy for Money

Andrea Lee-Mumford

Very relaxing and comfy. Drove out of town for my baecation and we had a ball!

Christen Warrington-Broxton

The. Recliners. Are. So. Comfortable. Why go to any other theater? And there is space for other people to walk by without putting their butts in your face. There is literally no other theater now!

Mikey Nazario

Recliner seats, decently priced popcorn and drinks with free refill.... Clean, except occasionally the bathroom

david Morrison

Great place to go for has space when seated in chairs watching movies. But down part was seats in between movies need to be checked for items left and then also trash left. Bunch of trash was left in our seats the day i went and along with others finding random stuff even cords left from previous people. Made it a bad experience.

Angela Ford

This movie theatre is off the chain!!!! Finally went to watch "Godzilla" and the movie experience was SUPERB!!! The price for the early bird is very reasonable and cheap. The concessions was also priced fair and my soft pretzel filled me …

Sherry Hatcher

The seats are the only reason we continue to come here. It’s filthy and the customer service sucks. I’m not sure when the last time they cleaned their toilets or mopped their floors. Everything is sticky and dirty. It actually makes me worry about the cleanliness of their soda machines and popcorn makers. How often are those cleaned? What about the ice maker? The Health Department should check them and makes them clean the place. I understand the workers are teenagers and don’t want to clean, but where are the managers? The owner? This place is disgusting.

Malachi Casad

Love the chairs here. The movies aren't bad either

David Cohan

It was great no wait recliners for seats

Hannah Payette

Great seats and was clean. The seats recline and have a foot rest which is very very nice.


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