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REVIEWS OF Ireland Creek Cinemas IN South Carolina

Crystal Phillips

Very affordable movie theater. Very friendly staff.

Tres Waters

Way better than the old theater. The picture is clear and high def and the surround sound is phenomenal. The 5 or so times I visited the theater under previous management the picture was half on the wall, out of focus, and shaking so this is a huge improvement. It still has some rough edges but it's on it's way to being a great place to see a movie.

Allen Mellichamp

It was hot ...need ac on

LynnyDrew Armstrong

Love coming here.

Kyle McManigal

Cheap prices, so that's good. Never sold out on movies so that's good too. Imagine a 1998 Honda civic. Cheap on gas, gets you from A to B, but no cupholders and the power steering doesnt work.

Kimberlee Morris

I went to the local cinema last Sunday (for the first time)and I was very hesitant about going based on all the negative reviews I read. I wore long sleeves and decided that as I got home I would put my clothes in the wash. However, when I went the lobby area could do with some cleaning, but the theater was fine. The seats were comfortable, and inside was clean. I am happy that I gave it a shot, instead of driving for over an hour each way to a larger establishment. The cost was also a lot cheaper than most. I do recommend this cinema. Sometimes it's best to read the book on your own, rather than to let someone else tell you about the book.

Shelby Powell

Every time I plan to see a movie I drive the whole way up there and the’re closed, I check the Facebook page and it says they are supposed to be open. I ask to speak to a manager multiple times and the children running the place go hide instead of dealing with the problem. IF YOU ARE NOT OPEN DURING YOUR NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS PLEASE POST A SIGN OR A FACEBOOK UPDATE.

Kimberly Alexander

We watched Crawl and it was a Great, jump out of your seat scary thriller!

Sam Viking

Glad they re-opened. Good to go to a non-big chain place. Screens are bright, seats are comfortable, inexpensive tickets. Whole family can go for almost the same price as just me and one kid at one of the other big places around. Oh yeah, not usually crowded either.

jennifer thurston

Took our two teenage boys to see Joker. The movie was running thirty minutes behind so sat in the lobby. Got into the movie just in time because there were no previews, they just went straight to the movie. So everyone ( about 10 or 12 people) is scrambling to find a decent seat to sit in. Then, here comes about 8 middle school kids, who actually have no business being in a rated R movie without an adult, running in and out of the theater. Fifty times or more. No exaggeration! It was absolutely horrible. They were talking and were on their phones and moving from seat to seat. My husband asked them to be quiet. He even went and spoke to a male, I guess he worked there or was one of the girls boyfriends, in the lobby. Nothing was done. Finally, I had enough (and this was after dealing with it for an hour already) and went and told the girl we purchased the tickets from. She told me she was sorry and that she had already sent a group of kids home. Well, I walk back in the theater to my seat and they are all still in there being loud. No “usher” or anyone ever came in the theater to make sure all was well or anything. We couldn’t even enjoy the movie because of these kids. I don’t even know why they were in there. They damn sure can’t tell you what was going on on the movie. It was a very disappointing experience.

Rhonda Sauls

I arranged my schedule to be able to see Avengers at 7:45 according to the website's listed times, but they changed the show time to 6:30 to accommodate student employees. Very disappointed!

David DLee

I was disappointed especially after being told about the remodeling and reopening. I walk in to see the same Furnishings from the 90s....stains, smells and alike. Oh but they did get a new sound system(speakers) and maybe new screens (didn't notice). Food prices are LOL but the service was great. I do hope they are planning on doing a whole lot more Renovations and upgrades or Walterboro needs a millennial theater.

Penny Nettles

Nice people running the movie cinema in walterboro. It was clean. VERY Friendly staff. Very good service.nice polite staff Good Quality movies picture and sound. Prices were very reasonable for the movie's. Glad we have Are MOVIE THEATER BACK!!! IT NEED A FEW IMPROVEMENT'S BUT OVER ALL I WAS VERY SATISFIED.

Bonnie Cumbee

Awesome staff but the seats were uncomfortable and the floor was nasty, it was the first movie of the day! Popcorn tasted stale

Louise Davis

Good customer service but not remodeled and out of date

MareBear Playz

I really love this place! I highly recommend! I really like this place because it closed down for the longest time, then it opened years later, once it opened, it was much better! The floors aren't sticky anymore, it looks great!

Finesse The Kid

Horrible just simply terrible

Shonder Cannick

The staff was friendly but the candy needed to be more plentiful and the Decor on the sign would be nice ..

karrie lariscey

Everything was great. It a date night for my boyfriend and I. Clean and the workers are very helpful

Princess Pey-pey

Worst movie theater ever. Our movie stopped 20 minutes in and rewinded to the beginning and they let it play. Bathroom's where nasty and unclean. Will never go back.

Mikey deLonge

Had a blast!! Soon sorry we didn't visit sooner!! Can't believe all the money we've thrown away driving all the way to Summerville and Charleston to watch movies. Visited the Ireland Creek Cinemas to watch I Can Only Imagine and had an awesome time. Only met 2 of the employees, the girl at the ticket booth and the girl who was working concessions, and they were both polite and professional. The theater still needs a little makeover but the screens, sound and picture quality were perfect. The seats are comfortably warn in we actually enjoyed them. We were blown away by the fact that the full movie experience cost noticably less than half of what we were used to spending driving to Summerville to see a movie, and that's not even accounting for cost of gas saved by staying in Walterboro. Nothing but good things to say about Ireland Creek Cinemas!! ❤️❤️❤️

Michael Seagroves

staff could have been more friendly. The popcorn was slightly warm but still ok. The kids wanted nachos but they didn't have any y all only sell popcorn nachos and candy how do you not have enough for your customers. with that said the actual movie experience was great.


This place is a dump. Nothing was remodeled, just reopened. Popcorn machine is filthy, butter machine is equally gross, and butter was cold. Chairs are broken and too low, and no lighting in theatre. Whomever took this theatre over should be ashamed!!


Theater floor a little dirty, but employee's were very nice. Thanks

Christian Oliver

It a local place and it has the up to date movies and I don't have to drive far to enjoy myself and it's not costly.

matthew clites

I was super excited to see this place re-open so many memories from my childhood. So excited they updated the screens and the sound. Just wish they replaced the seats.

Nic Bustamante

Great price compared to what it used to be before they reopened it. Not as many games for kids to play now.

mr turtle

Needs to be cleaner but outherqise its a good place to go

Samajema Davis

Old school for sure! The seats were comfortable and the prices weren't bad.

Duncan & Patricia McDowell

We have been at least twice and have thoroughly enjoyed the movie, the service and the food.

Betty Johnson

This is my First and last time here since the theatre has been reopened. Went to be seated for the movie, it was filthy and funky smelling popcorn and sodas all on the floor; No one cleaned in between showings. Maybe they need to address the workers on their job duties, cause it's the same way before they closed before.

Ebony Sanders

Still under construction, good for small town movie theater. Staff was very nice.

Travis Morehead

Must say my expectations were higher than the reality. Cheap, accessible entertainment but dirty, broken seating, and we had to go remind the (only) worker to start the movie. Possibly will visit again due to price and proximity to family but it will be down on the list of options.


Interesting and cheap but got the job done. Looks like they're updating the place. Staff was very attentive and helpful.

Gina de Leon

It was not a very comfortable experience for me as a visitor from a roadtrip... the bathrooms was with water in the floor (every where)and very dirty, when we got to the movie room we couldn’t see no lights in the floor(this can cause an accident) and it was extremely dirty and the popcorn had a old taste... definitely we decided to leave without watching the movie

kristen metty

Older theater, but still great. $9.75 for soda/popcorn with free refills!

Ashleigh Fletcher

Thanks for not changing your times on your website and upsetting 2 kids. Just because you're out of town, get it together you own a business!!!!

Danielle Parker

Intimate theater to enjoy with family

Sharlene Linder

Great prices. Current movies. Seats could use updating.

Kathy Heckler

Love going to the movies and this place is of course work in progress but great service and current movies showing

Lakelya Haynes

The new owners are doing a great job of restoring the place.

Matthew Smoak

Love the fact that they are open again.

Jessica Bishop

Popcorn and mountain dew was really delicious. Movie called Shazam was amazing! Seats need to be updated. There was a humming noise in the screen before the movie started. Overall, it was pretty good.

zane brown

Really have tried to keep my bucks in the boro, but when I go to a 5:15 movie on Saturday and drink lukewarm diet drink because THEY HAVE NO ICE, then it's back to Summerville each weekend. How much trouble & expense is it for an owner or manager to get a couple coolers of ice?

Shirley Plumley Blackburn

Needs much cleaning inside & out This could be a hopping place for all people glad we have it.

Kevin Tully

Movie quality and sound was good, not great. A bit disappointed by the customer service, at the snack shop. Snack Prices were higher than expected but average for movie theaters. Definitely needs updating.

David Thomas

I have been going to Ireland Creek Cinemas since they first reopened, but I have to say that it has steadily been going down hill. Today was the low point, we went to see the 1pm showing of Avengers End Game, first of all even thought the movie was supposed to begin at 1pm they didn’t open the box office until around 12:50, so by the time us and everyone else got their ticket and concessions it was already time for the movie to start. Then at around 1:10 the sound started but no picture, we went up front and was told that it would take a while before the bulb warmed up. At 1:30 everyone in the audience was still sitting there waiting for the movie to start I went back up front and was told that they were having problems and it would be another 15-20 minutes. I told them that this was poor customer service and that as soon as they had a problem they should have informed the customers, one of the employees got mouthy with me and said in a very sarcastic tone “well we were trying to fix it” I said that’s not the point you have customers that have been sitting here for thirty minutes with no word on what’s going on. I asked for a refund of both my tickets and concessions and was told at first they could only refund my ticket but not the concessions “because we had already started eating” I told them that was BS, and I wanted to speak with the manager, the young lady said she was the manager, so I asked to speak to the owner. I was told he was in North Carolina so I asked that she get him on the phone, she ran off and got another young lady who said she was the general manager and I explained to her that I wanted a refund, she eventually gave me a refund on both. But all of the employees including the so called managers didn’t seem to understand what was wrong and why I was so upset, I guess the idea of customer service escapes them.

Vonzi Jay

Friendly staff but this place needs a serious make over. The bathroom reminds me of the bathroom at a gas station. It's so gross. 4 stalls with no bath tissue. Everything is so dusty and dirty.

Barbi Settimo

New theater that remodeled and opened this year showing latest movies. Love the free refills on a purchase of a large drink. Staff is friendly. Good value for newest movie releases.

Dometreeo Slayer

I would advise anyone to not go here so you want have the same bad, weird experience I had encountered here. I went inside to purchase my ticket as instructed by the side on the outside ticket window. I arrive inside and after I told the young kid what movie I wanted to see, he ask if I was alone, I replied yes then the young lady got off the floor from making a sign then aknowledge me and her and the young kid said they don't show movies on Thursday because it's start over day. They did offer some popcorn or food since they wasn't showing movies because of something cause start over and ask me to come back tomorrow night (friday) I explained to them I wasn't from there, I couldn't just come back tomorrow. I don't know why they couldn't have advertise that they wasn't going to show any movies on Thursday. be aware of this problem before coming here.

dina crosby

No one at window to take money for tickets Popcorn cold.,tasting hours old. Order a refillable bag and no made popcorn to refill it


Good for a small town. I've been here 5 times since opening and it never disappoints

Mark Axford

Bathrooms leave a lot to be desired but good popcorn, cold soda, and new movies without driving an hour and paying an arm and a leg

Pissy*Piss 1999

Had a awesome experience! Excellent service, very nice attendents, will definitely try again!!!

Clarissa Richardson

This place was great when it first opened. Now it's gone down hill. The bathrooms are nasty and the employees are only there to socialize. They ignore you and talk to people who are visiting them and half the time they are all out front hanging out. Its very conveniently located, so I don't have to drive 30 minutes away but I might have to start to because of the employees.

Heather Whitten

They are not always open on the days they advertise for show times listed online for movies. My family and friends have attempted to see a movie on at least 4 separate occasions just to learn that showings were canceled that night or place locked up and deserted when we arrived. Even when we stopped by earlier the same day just to make sure the evening show time was a go....."yes it will be"......, then arrive at designated 7 something time slot to a deserted parking lot and locked doors. Just not dependable as a business. We have kids, we tell them we are going to the movies and they get excited, just to be disappointed when we arrive. They need to do better if they plan on staying open in this community.

Beverly Hiott

My favorite place to go for lunch.

Leavy Murphy

Came for the 9:45 showing of The Lion King and when i got here they said "movies closed catch us in the morning". If youre not gonna stick to the online schedule, don't post it.

Mike Stack

They can't even keep their show times straight, not to mention it's a rat hole of a place. I'll be going somewhere else! I suggest you do the same!

Maurice Simmons

Prices are good for this area...just need more ppl going so they can continue to update it

Brooke Herndon

Great. Friendly staff!

Sonya strphens Stephens

Great place to take your family. During the summer on Tuesday through Thursday they offer free movie during the morning for children. The movie starts at 10am free for everyone. Bring your children and enjoy.

Khayla Williams

If I could leave 0 stars I would. I drove over 30 miles (this is the closest movie theatre to my house) and get to the establishment and they are closed. There was a sign out front saying they would open up at 4 PM with the movie I was there to see starting at 4:15 PM. I got to the theatre at 4:10 PM and waited until 4:30 PM and no one ever came to open the theatre. I even called the number and the automated system even confirmed the movie times for the day.

Mary Morrow


Keitha Vaughn

This location is still under some construction, but it has already made some great improvement. Staff are always friendly and we still love being able to go to the movies locally.

Lisa McWilliams

They didn't have air conditioning and the movies playing were not the movies advertised on their website. The liquid butter for the popcorn was nasty and didn't taste like butter at all. We left half way through the movie and I threw my popcorn away. Very disappointing. I'd rather go to the Druve-in in Beaufort, sc


Could use work

Tygotda Juice

The most nastiest place ever

Sara Polly

The staff were incredibly friendly. Cheap popcorn and soda too. The theater, however was filthy. The seats were the only thing that was clean. The floor was very very sticky.

Ferlisha Warren

First and last time ever coming here to watch a movie. Service was terrible and there was not one adult present. I had to ask them to start the movie because they didn't know what time it was supposed to start. Inside was freezing cold. I asked them to turn on the heat and they came inside to check the temperature afterwards. I asked to speak to an adult and they said he's upstairs and walked off. Don't waste your time or money. They are very unprofessional here.

Jermaine Thomas

Movie theater just reopen. They've been having up-to-date movies. Will continue on coming

Kaylei Taylor

It is a good place to hang out with friends, but lacks in the snacks department. They change their movies regularly and have the latest films. Staff is friendly and polite.

sandra reid

Went to see Meg. Date night was wonderful

Bruce Fisher Jr


Phil Smith

Run down and poor service

L. Phillip Oquinn III

Really great improvement from the old theater, screen and sound are comparable to those in Summerville! Will definitely go back,really good experience!

Zachery Driver

So the first experience with Ireland Creek movie theater since new owners totally sucked. Trying to see the new Avengers movie and apparently, they were having issues with the projection bulb. Instead of letting their customers know what was wrong they decided to argue over who came in late and who was early together with other things. There were three teenage girls working and apparently they had no training in customer service or manners. We had to request a refund and was given attitude when they were told everyone could hear them arguing. There should have been someone in charge on duty. Point is I will never step foot in that business again nor will I recommend it to anyone else. They want you to keep money locally but that experience today is why you can't always do that. So Hwy 21 Drive-in is where we will go to see this movie. If I could I would take away the one star for sure not worth it!

Christina Shaffer

If you are looking for cheap family fun, Ivanhoe is probably the answer. No, it is not the newest nor nicest facility around, but for $4 a movie, you can't beat it. My family would see a new movie every weekend if not for expensive theater prices. So, if you don't mind an older screen/older facilities, your family would likely enjoy (and not go broke over) a day at Ivanhoe.

Mystery Guy TV The Original Channel

Popcorn was bad. Seats were broken and the auditorium looked liked it wasn't clean. The theatre is essentially managed by Teenagers.

Brent Hughes

There was no air conditioning!!! They were using a industrial fan in the middle of the aisle and a little House Fan at the doors. So there was a loud hum the whole time, plus the sound quality is horrible in the first place. Your feet will stick to the floor and your elbows will stick to the armrest. And the seats are from the Northwoods Malls theater remodel in the 1980s. It's a shame that the owner doesn't do more to this theater seeing as how it's the closest one within 45 miles or an hour drive away.

jacqueline France

Small but decent


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