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Im15 and I’m no longer allowed to go alone even if it is a pg movie I am disappointed in you this has been my hangout since I was a little kid


Overall a good theatre. A little dirty sometimes though.

Roy W. Richardson

A great little movie theater. As it is a smaller theater, we only get the most main stream movies. The popcorn is great and fresh. The place is undergoing remodeling so it will look even better soon. They have stadium seating in most theaters which is really nice viewing wise. The sound quality is good and projection issues are rare and handled quickly. Nice staff. It is rare this theater would get an Indie or foreign language film. Probably only 5 out of 9 of the movies that get nominated for Oscars make it to this sleepy little down theater.

Carl Johnson

Friendly staff, reasonably clean.

Peter Jozsa

Only theater in town. Good popcorn, sound system and comfortable seating

Brooke Lee

Great people, very clean.

Michael James

I'd give it 4.5 stars but the option isn't there. Old school ticket prices, v very modern up to date theater feels like home only bigger. And the free refills on drinks, including slushes, she popcorn were the added half point. We will go there when we come down from Noon Yawk again.

Juann Edmondson

Awesome, modern theatre with self check-in and self-serve refreshments.

Michelle Gardner

Too many credits before the movie starts

Tammy L McDaniel

First time I have been and I really enjoyed it with 2 of my grandbabies Mase and Madi, We went to see Toy Story 3.

Dan Fehr

Free refills on drink & popcorn! How awesome!!

Craig Southerland

Safe place to watch a movie

Jason Hite

Updated and decent pricing. All drinks and popcorn are all you can eat and drink as well now. Great for sharing.

Kim Phillips

Enjoyed my experience


It's a good experience. Sometimes it will be warm or it will be just right. Overall its good.

Patsy Jones

Enjoyed The Lion King

Paula Drew

Nice, clean theater.

Jeremiah Heikkila

I liked the price. The movie theater and bathroom were well kept, however the theater itself smelled of extensive water damage. The ticket attendant and cashier at the concessions stand both acted like they wanted to kill themselves if they had to help me.

valerie hershberger

I didn't like first experience walking in, the stink made my first impression want to walk out, It smells like musky in there. Over time carpets with food get moldy and collect oil from the popcorn and food and drinks spilling . It's not just popcorn you smell it's also what's left in the carpet , Overall had a good time.

Jamie Styer

It's clean and neat. The summer free movie program is really nice way to give back to the community. Also self service Drinks and popcorn make getting refills quick and easy. I will definitely go back

Nate Gallian

Tickets are usually cheap, I come to this theater often

Savannah and Oliver K

Nice staff clean theatre but VERY high food/drinks

JoLynne Thompson

Fun times

Hunter White

Good atmosphere. Great service. Sound quality could use some improvement.

mika chan

Very nice staff, clean theatres and handicapped accessible seats and restrooms.

Andrew Walker

Nice and clean expensive but what do you expect

Sharecka Byrd

Great service as always.

Skip grant

Awesome had great time#CDB

Travis Perrin

Great looking movie theater. They got 3D movies for action movies.

Lydia Ruiz

I ve been their twice. The first time we sat in a big theater, the sound was great, the seating was not bad but could be improved. We bought cotton candy with two colprs. The kids ate the top blue color happily but complained that the other pink half tasted weird. I tried it and it was not sweet at all. The second time we sat in a smaller theater that had B.O. smell. Some basic cleanliness upgrades could make it more appealing for people to want to come back and not just because its the only indoor theater in town.


great theatre to go to not packed at all and the quality of the picture is great and the sound is amazing would highly recommend if your looking for something a little more enclusive

Mandy Clevenger

Clean facility, friendly staff, current movies & the best buttered popcorn!

Steven Henderson

Very well run theater, 10 screens, and the other usual stuff

melissa hunter

Went to see MA good movie

Steven Hope

Nice facility. Self service snacks and bottomless drinks. I have a visual impairment that is quite pronounced in low-light settings. The theater had all of the safety markings and lightning on the aisles. Not on the ends of aisle seats however. (Now I grasp the wisdom of vented lighting at the ends of aisle seats in theaters of my youth!)

Adrian Duncan

Love the fix your own pop corn idea... Exceptional movie sounds and quality. Only down fall is the prices are high!

Morgan Mendenhall

As a smaller theatre they're just fine. I wish new releases had a few more times but that's my only complaint. It's fairly clean and very open and easy to get through lines.

Tammy Usher

The theater is clean and well kept up. The staff are friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my experience at the movies.

Tami shaw

Love this place. Staff is always nice and helpful. Great movies and clean seats.

Tank Abercrombie

Awesome movie theater love the upgrades they made to it! Very Nice upgrades for getting you In your seat faster nice to be able to serve yourself. Family oriented family chill zone.

Brianna Davenport

Reasonably priced movies and snacks.

James Jones

Always clean and staff is great

Sheila Goddard

Great ppl. Good with the kids

Bryson Burdette

They doing a good job.

Chris Saverance

Friendly staff. Long wait times to purchase tickets. Only 2 of the self checkout machines where working when I was there. Had a great time tho. Will be back in the near future.

Sonja Gray

Loved movie

George Haltiwanger

Got here early again for previews but screen # 6 had sound only had sound only. This has happened the last 3 times we’ve come to the movie here. What’s the deal. Don’t they want our business. Does the advertisers know what they are paying for?

Omayra Reeves

I loved it the movie was awesome

Tonya Spann

Daughter and I" Saw Lion King " Clean and Friendly Staff

Michelle Wright

The remodel is looking better all of the time! Its much better than before! It would be great to have at least one IMAX. I'm loving the self service stations!

irene georgina

Nice audio and visual aids

Ashley Enwright

Here to see widows. A late Thanksgiving night movie. Drinks and popcorn all you can eat. Enjoyed the experience.

Aurora Robert

I like how they changed things.

sky merritt

My husband and i went to see the new Halloween movie. The kids working at the counter were polite but not very friendly. The theater was nice and very clean. We had a very enjoyable time

Don Marshall

This theatre was in decline until new management made it an enjoyable place a few years ago. Free refills are appreciated. Good seats. I like going there.

George Green

Really Dirty. Popcorn EVERYWHERE The theater smells bad. Prices OUTRAGEOUS

Carol Ann White

My family and i enjoy this theater.

Latoya Hill

Wasn't packed enjoyed show

Samantha Watts

Had a lovely time here for date night. My partner and I both had concessions and the service was friendly and fast.

Dennis Childers

I Read the reviews they are not accurate when it comes to popcorn must be planted reviews. The self serve feature is bad for popcorn it's ground to bits. You can hear and see the grinding process. Nothing but bits and pieces Popcorn sucks now. Every thing else is great from the remodeling. Very nice clean relaxing atmosphere. Loved every thing but the popcorn. I now get nachos instead but it's not quite the same.

kelly styer

It was a free movie and cheap popcorn and drinks. Great for a family.

Pauline Wooten

They need better lighting when the movie is over

Chris Foggie

Friendly staff, you can get your own popcorn, and an all around welcoming place. Only thing i didnt like was ONE of the rooms all the chairs were on the floor (no Stairs)

Booketta Dean

Staff is always great and the place was clean

Johanna Bishop

Very good theater! The customer service is good and it is always clean.

Sara Brooks

Great movie "Thr Art of Racing in the Rain"

Ben Smith

Love this place great family time

Allan Pliego

Great place and at the end of their night its kinda funny because when i left for a refill on soda it had said that all tge movies playing was trolls

Ripley Getlone

I'm spoiled by better seating these days. I was uncomfortable after awhile. Also, why pay extra for self service?

Tonya Digiacomo

It's good. Only option. No real extra perks. Friendly staff.

Khaos LeCroy

It was really well I'd go back

Ashley Mars

Theater was nice & clean, nice employees... and love how u can get refills for drinks for free now... and can fix ur own popcorn just how u like it

Michael Babb

Great afternoons prices

Anjelica Timms

This is an ok theater. To be honest, it is the only one in town ;)

cynthia terry

Enjoy going to Greenwood Premier Cinema

Will Thompson

Love the new all you can eat popecorn!! Can't want for the reclining seats!

Vanessa Hensley

We love going to the movie theater at least once a month!

Patty Kuhl

We love to go to premier cinemas. They have the most wonderful movies ever. their staff behind the counter serves the public with smiles and a listening ear and prompt service. Today we went and I had the opportunity to view the movie that has just come out it's called breakthrough it is based on a true story it has a happy ending and I recommend it to anyone no matter where you are in your life you will be blessed and your faith will be stronger if you watch this movie. God bless each and everyone of you.

Ashley Bishop

Reasonably priced with free refills on popcorn and soda. Clean theaters and not too crowded

Kathy Roger

I am so happy the Overcomer was still playing! Great movie!

Jason Perrone

I dislike the self-serve ticket purchasing. It just feels weird and some of the kiosks were not operable and the people in front of me couldn't figure out how to buy their tickets and there was no attendant to help the process along for the people that didn't seem capable of using the system. The actual theaters are fine.

Karen Brown

Had a lot of fun at the movies. Just wish they could clean their carpet more often to keep oders down.

Kathy Goforth

My issue isn't with the actual theater, it's with their seating, they are VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, they truly need reclining seats like the theater in Simpsonville. Other than that, I like this theater, always very clean and attendants are pleasant

Roberta Merideth

Had a great time and saw a very good movie. The people were very nice

EK Reed

They had a rat or mouse in the theater but great people .

Nicholas Finley

Went to see the new avengers movie here! Really enjoyed myself.

Eddie Duncan

Watch The great movie at a good price

Sarah New

Everything was good besides there being no sound for the previews.

Ethan Wise

This is a pretty average theater. Nothing special.

Tonya Gordon

No human interaction. Everything is computers and self serve. And the ones behind the counter just stand there and talk. You can pay people to stand behind the counter and hand out cups, trays, and buckets, but they can't fill a bucket with popcorn? I won't go back! I'd rather drive to another town or state. Ga ain't that far away. Computers are half of what's wrong with society today. And no I'm not an old person either. I just prefer people to computers!!!!

Mart Martinez

A great friendly place to watch movies. Big rooms and small rooms. Very clean and organized. I've been going here for years.

Teresa Mccary

My only complaint was it was kind of hot in there

Tom Edmondson

Very nice movie theater

Jonathon Weston

Really bad smell in screen 4!! Manager said the ceiling was leaking. I walked in and almost vomited. A mix between fish and mold. Manager sprayed air freshener and as you could guess the bad smell came back in 20 minutes. I began to get light headed. I watched the movie with my shirt over my face. They need to shut down screen 4 before somebody gets sick! And I seen a dead roach in the front row. So keep your popcorn covered up.

Lorenzo Brown

Don't care for the popcorn dispenser because you end up getting a bucket of crushed popcorn instead of whole kernels of popped corn. 3-D didn't work very the early part of the movie.

Andrew Morris

Great great place since they remodeled it. Still only one size cup which makes me upset at the concessions. I can only imagine it not being very difficult to add another size cup. If I'm gonna pay 8$ for a soda it better be big and allow me to not get refills often. Free refills arent much of an incentive if I have to leave the movie to get em. Otherwise it would be 5 stars


I watched a movie in theater #6, and as soon as I walked into the theater it smelled terrible. Management should consider shampooing the seats IMMEDIATELY!

Kevin Oxner

The seats in the theater stink. Not because they are un comfortable but they really have a bad odor to them. Guess its all the stuff that has been spilled in them

Sincerely Me

There is no customer service here. In fact, it is almost totally self serve. The popcorn machines are huge, causing the popcorn to sit for far too long. Theater seats are nasty and stained. I've been to this theater in the past, and I'm not sure why the changes were made (cost reduction?), but the decision to do so was an error in judgment.

Ernest Willis

It was good....saw Lion King.....they left a few details out from the original....but it was enjoyable.

Meredith Brown

People are wonderful. Good seats, clean. Three stars because the popcorn machines crush the popcorn and it is mostly popcorn bits. ;(

Anita Lee

I was not pleased at all the power went out half way through the movie everyone went to the front all that was said was that it would be 30 to 40 minutes and the staff serving popcorn had to tell everyone it was very unprofessional management should have apologized to everyone and explained the situation. I'm in management and know that's how I would have handled it they did refund our money however we should have gotten a ticket to come back another time I am a single mom that works two jobs with not a lot of time to spend with my kids and we had planned that evening to spend time together and didn't get to do so I was not satisfied at all. Anita Lee

shurrenda morgan

Saw Overcomer! Excellent experience overall

Maggi Palmer

This is my home movie theater and this one may be small but it is just as good as the big ones.

Crystal C

It’s okay overall, do wish they had better seating

Orlando Grant

Enjoyed going to the early show where it was less crowded and relaxing!

Brenda Roberts

It was clean. All staff nice and helpful

Libby Emler

Great theater with an authentic feel. The staff was friendly and helpful. We were there at the free matinee & even though it was quite chaotic, the staff remained friendly & helpful (their credit card machines were down adding to the stress). I would recommend that they make more fresh popcorn. Ours had been there for awhile and it was just 11 am. At the price we paid, we expected better quality. That is the only reason they got 4 stars out of 5.

Jessica Villena

Had a great time with kids watched Avengers

Alice Robinson

Good movie and clean place

jm lindley

We go to this theater often. Tickets are now purchased at a kiosk. No attendant. Snacks are now ordered at the counter. They provide containers and help yourself to popcorn and drinks after ordering. Staff behind the counted is always friendly and attentive. Ticket prices are really good.

Adam Tube

Saw a movie with my grandparents. Lots of pleasant memories.

Kayla Flippen

We have been to this theater a few times, our most recent visit was to watch the film "Us". This theater is cheaper than Anderson and you get just as good quality. Comfortable seats, clean and nice customer service!


Food and service was great but the place smells like loads of

The 30 Year Old College Student Tiger87

Decent amount of screenings

Nilyak E

In order to get water you have to either pay for a full drink which is going to cost you $5 at least or buy a bottle of water which I didn't even ask the cost of. If y'all are worried about people getting the wrong drink get clear cups

Casey Blackwood

Would give it 5 stars but it's always warm in the theater like the ac isn't set low enough.

Pedro Hernandez

Good but a little expensive


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