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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Movies 8 IN South Carolina

Denfield Wade

I enjoyed the movie and refreshments; the theater was busy. We discovered a long line upon arrival but used the kiosk, convenient. The staff was friendly and courteous and the bathrooms were clean.

Simon Treat

It's great. Can't find a better price for equal experience. Very small so if you go on an empty day, it can feel almost as though you bought the whole theatre for yourself. They care very much about being clean. Only issues I have with the place is that the screen may get blurry during previews, but it is quickly corrected. The concessions are pricey, but name a theatre with cheap snacks! Those are long gone. Plus with the price per ticket, I can't complain at all.

Norma Bowens-Hubbard

They've upgraded so it's better but the pricing is always right

Jose' Marcano

Great prices

Eric Sutton

This is a very nice theater at a great price compared to the other one.

Christina Thieman

The price makes it worth it. You can see a 3-D movie for $5!

Chandler McCubbins

Excellent service. The woman working the concession advised me to get the kids box. Much cheaper.

Letria Rodd

Saw the Emmanuel 9 movie! Our Popcorn was good. Everyone was friendly. The temperature was just right!

Ryan Barnes

Small theater but it's always well kept and clean! No drama as well

Tyasia Johnson

I loved screaming at the movie 'IT'

Photography by Christina Marie

I love Cinemark movies 8 in ladson South Carolina. One of my favorite places to go by myself to treat myself.

Amber Smelcer

The seats weren't that comfortable, but the 3D part was great! All I know I give it i-5 the 3D and I give it a 0 four uncomfortable seats. You know the best seats are at Northwoods Cinema but they don't have 3D or they didn't.

Gail Moon

We had to wait for them to finish cleaning the theater. Kinda of pain but understandable the movie was sold out or close to it. Otherwise our experience was a good one.

Charles Richter

Nice peaple. Great movie( Aladdin)

Heather V

Great movies. Love the prices


Good theater with cheap tickets

Daniel Johnson

Theater is in dire need of an update/renovation. The only reason I gave it 4/5 stars is bc their ticket prices are super cheap for new releases. Unfortunately you get what you pay for, screen clarity leaves a bit to be desired and the seats definitely aren't the most comfortable

Dustin Lee

Prices are great but the seats make you wish you would have paided just that bit more at somewhere else

Ace Möwick

Smaller theater, but decent.

Myrna Ware

It was extremely cold I reported it and nothing happened very uncomfortable


I just love the place. Great movies, great price, excellent entertainment for the entire family.

Sherocket Manneraak

The people are so nice and the movies are so cheap! Definitely going to be coming back!

William Mann

Love the seats!


The employees are helpful and friendly. My theater opinion is not so favorable. The room for movie was nasty dirty! My feet were sticking to the floor from what may have been spilled soda. The order of the room was a horrible stench. The …

Tawana Dees

Ticket prices amazing. Concession stand prices outrageous

bobbie bell

Wish this place could get a small renovation however, not a bad price for the experience. Main issue I had was with the staff. Getting snack nearly took half an hour. Lots of staff but half of them are just staring at you. If the staff would be more optimistic and actually help at the concessions appropriately I would actually go here all the time instead of driving 15 minutes in the opposite direction just for some service.

Kathleen Norton

I was able to get the last ticket to see Aladden. I enjoyed the movie.

Stuart Washington

Enjoyed movie, but not loud enough.

John Hedrick

If ur looking for great quality movies at affordable prices this is the place to come but bring a seat cushion because there seating sucks . There seats have changed maybe once in the 25 yrs I've been coming to this theater...

Kathy Togliatti

Great theater for the price!

Tracey Ard

We really like this theater. Tickets are reasonable and the theaters are clean. Cinemark offers popcorn buckets and drink cups you can purchase annually for a discount all year. Great way to have a date night or see a movie as a family without breaking the bank.

Clifton Tobias

I like how close it is to my home, the staff is friendly, and love the ticket prices.

Makayla Smith

This is a nice theater and the staff members are nice. The seats are comfortable and the inside is kept tidy. We go here a lot and have never had a bad experience. This is also the cheapest theater we go to but usually only 2 adults go

Pamela Jackson

Movie was great, concession area was hotter than hell. Air conditioning was broken.

Sharon Hudson

Small theatre with great movie prices, but food, popcorn, etc. is expensive.

Life Changing

Always a pleasure to see movies here! The kids love it!

Jennafer Tomlinson

Great movie prices. Clean and good snacks!

Jessica Farnsworth

You can't beat the prices at this theater. It is so much more affordable than any other theater nearby. It is a smaller theater, so get there early for seats. The popcorn was delicious and fresh. Buy the large to get free refills and they will give you cups to share with your group. The bathrooms were cleaned.

jody kline

The price for admission was very cheap but so was the seats. 80s style, very uncomfortable!

John Courson

Nice, clean, inexpensive older theater. You can see newly released movies here for half of what it costs across town..

Massimo Bernardele

Place is cute, clean, the lady at the entrance was nice, but the guy who checked the tickets not so much, seemed annoyed to be there. Other than that, a nice local place.

Elaine Warner

Best movies,best prices staff is fantastic

Brenda Alston

Love the theater clean and very decent including the restrooms

Ada Martinez

I clicked on the wrong time and bought tickets. They didn't want to exchange or give me a refund on my tickets. They suck!!!

tifflany smith

Tickets are cheap! You can see the same movie like everyone else for 3$ to$6 after matinee

Angie Weatherford

Always a good place to see a movie.

Glazia Brown

Theatre is very cramped and small.

Tammy Stephens

I had a good experience, I would recommend it to anyone that wants to see a movie. Clean environment nice location. Had a good time

cedric Shamley

Shows great movies and they habe great refreshment deals. Stop by. I'm quite sure you'll be satisfied

Robert Pimentel

Best prices on movies in the area! Friendly staff, clean theatres, good selection of up to date features. Highly recommended if you've never been to this theatre, definitely a must.

Jason Key

Honestly the best deal to go to a movie in the area. I just watched Captain Marvel, at a matinee showing, bought a reusable drink cup and popcorn bucket that can be refilled the rest of the year for $4 each. Total cost today between the cup/bucket and my ticket? Under $19.

Moises Rod

It a great place to eat popcorn with some pop. We have four member in my family. 18 well spent. Unlimited refill on both popcorn an drink was worth 14.00. All in all I give it a 4.

Wanda Brown

I had a wonderful time and prices were great

Sandra Thompson

Love this movie theater. Price to get in is the best prices in Charleston. Very friendly staff.

Christina Yates

This movie theater is always clean and welcoming! Their prices are also affordable compared to the other theaters in the area!

Divine Divinity

Great theater. The tickets are affordable, the concessions are affordable and great! Chairs are a bit outdated but comfortable just the same! When I went, there were barely any people in either movie I decided to watch which made the experience much better! All around great experience and I always tell people to go here!

Maryland Kemp

Great place and wonderful prices to see movies.

Linda Powell

Over booked the theater for Mary Poppins Returns. Couldn't sit together even after getting in early. People were coming in 10 min after the movie started.

MGaby P-M

I always enjoy coming here. It's very inexpensive and the service is good. They're clean and you get refills. It's not fancy but your also not paying a ton of money so it evens out.

Cody Kirkham

Best ticket prices! Will pay more anywhere else you go. My favorite movie theater.

Selena Walker

Kobe and I enjoy the clean atmosphere, great movies as well as the delicious popcorn.

Denise Davis

Very courteous and very good prices I enjoyed myself

Kandra Bootsma

Prices are amazing! Food is always fresh and staff is always so friendly.

Tamara Rouse

Cheap movies!! Great for large family outing. Free refills on large popcorn and drinks!

James Hanchett

There were no lines the popcorn's great in the prices aren't too bad

Angela Lawson Sisk

Needs renovations. But other than that pretty good place

Cynthia Barfield

No crowd, no childeren were in...saw madea cute movie

Amy Lampert

Horrible service!! Came today to see Alladin NO AC No WARNING!

Kyasia Jamison

Great movie quality and great service as well

rob brown

Nice cheap family friendly movie theater


It's a pretty good place but the seats aren't high enough from each row

Lee Stuart

Cheap place to see a movie. Popcorn is stale and drinks are flat but not bad.

Ron Plunkett

Best price on movie tickets anywhere around.

Shellie Shober

Can't beat ticket prices.

Charles Haynes

I drive the extra 10 minutes to this place cause it’s cheap! This is the place I go when I take the kids to the movies cause it’s cheaper than the other places.

TeeJay Mahone

The movie was great. The audience not so much. It's not the theater fault. The price was unexpectedly cheap. I would go back

Heather Hall

Great deal for the price, but the movie theater is outdated.

Amy Miller

Good cimena and they try compete with the super nice cinemas in the area, their seats could be a little more comfy and the concession prices are a bit steep but the movie ticket prices are amazing.

Queen Kreashunz

I like this theater because it is small and quaint.

Belinda Creel

Great place to go if you want to go to get caught up on 2 movies or more. I always go b4 5, I think the tickets were 3.00. There food sucks, and seats are not so comfortable but price of tickets makes up for it to me.

Liza Jurey

Awesome time. Not to crowded for the afternoon showing of Aladdin. Very clean and friendly.

T. Duncan

Great theatre, Great prices, very pleasureable experience, No need to drop $50 at other theatres when this place offers the same experience for a QUARTER OF THE PRICE! PLUS THE HAVE GREAT GAMES!

I'm Sorry

The tickets are extremely cheap and there are plenty of food and drinks to choose from! The movie rooms are not very spacious but the Film is very high quality and loud for you to hear. I would 100% recommend this theater over any other theater.

Tiffany Dorris

Chairs are uncomfortable, bathrooms are messy, but the sound is good and the patrons were considerate. Worth the money.

John Alexander

Good prices on movies but the floors are sticky everytime I've been there.

Denita Binion

Lower price. Good for family on a budget

Jessica Nicole

I enjoy going to this theater! My boyfriend took me here, after repeatedly saying they're robbing you at other theaters (price wise) It was definitely an older theater. It may not be perfect on the inside (older seats, the arms don't raise up, not a ton of room from the other seats if you're in the middle, etc) but I'd rather go here. They have a good variety of concessions, and the staff is pretty friendly as well. I've never really had any issues when going there, other than the ID thing. They also have a ton of shirts, plush, blankets, and more for sale with current movies on them! It's pretty cool!! The only thing I don't like is when you go for rated R movies. I completely understand not wanting under-age kids going in. But.. I just turned 21, my boyfriend is 25. I don't always bring my purse in, so it's annoying having to bring mine as well to show them mine. Especially when it states you can go as long as you're accompanied by someone over 21. We'll he's 25, so why I do always have to waste time showing ID. They also have a no outside food or drink policy. I understand every theater does, unless it's a Drive-In Theater. This one isn't as strick as the others, but I've never been somewhere where they want to search your purse. Being from West Virginia, that's never happened there. I also lived in Ohio for a few months, and it didn't happen there, same with Kentucky. I've been to Imax theaters and whatever else the fancy one's are, and I have never been asked to show my purse. Again, this one isn't bad. But the others in the area are!! So just be aware!! The ID thing, and searching purses are a huge issue for me.. But, the price is what really gave them a 5/5 for me.

Rose Sacks

Doesn't have the premium seats of some theaters or the size, but locally you can't beat the price.

Rosaleen Cook

Good theatre for the price. Small and kinda dingy, but good to take a family if you don't want to pay full price.

Andrea Crickenberger

Went there on a Sunday to see Avengers End Game. Great prices and snacks. Other people there ruin it. What happened to common courtesy? Putting your cell on silent or off while watching a movie? ,Keeping your feet and legs off the seat in front of you, and being quiet so others can hear and watch the movie

Cheryl Smithem

Very nice theater. Seats could be a bit more comfortable. Better sound insulation between theatres would also be good.

Arica Fishback

We love going to the movies here. Clean. Good popcorn. Friendly staff.

Christopher Dipietro

Nice theater, good sound. Very overpriced consesion stand. Only other thing I would love to see is upgrading the seats hopefully with the semi reclining style like Northwoods.

keta maybank

I don't always go to this theatre but I do really like this one. Its comfy and inexpensive. I also would like to acknowledge Troy. He's always so nice and very helpful. Makes the whole experience better

Corey Thomason

This theater is a great place to take the kids to see a movie and save money on tickets so you can actually buy stuff from the concession stand, which allows them to give us these prices for so cheap! No delay on national releases.. if the high priced theater has the new movie then so will this theater. Literally, the only bad thing is the seats aren't very comfortable if you're pushing through a 3hr long movie lol but for less than $4 for a movie ticket I will just stuff my face with that deliciously overpriced popcorn and other unhealthychoices! Haha! The only thing that could have beat this was the oooooold $1 theater across from North Woods Mall.

Nikki Hockaday

I like that matinee tickets are so cheap. However, the seats are getting really torn and nasty and need to be replaced.

Mychal Wright

An excellent theater with reasonable prices for tickets and a great atmosphere for families. Customer service is top notch with their employees. Furthermore, the travel time to it is awesome.

James Mott

Good price and place is clean, staff was friendly and courteous

Chassidy Jewell

Love this theater. Cheaper prices and friendly staff. Comfortable chairs and clean theaters. Will be back again soon!

Warren Philbeck

Cheap movies. Best part

Lisa Jenkins

Love this theater you don't have to mortgage your house to go here and enjoy a movie

Bee Safe

Seats could be better, but movie sound & sights good to go

Trevor Driggers

A great and affordable theater, fast and friendly staff. The picture quality and sound has always been superb. And it is a great alternative to other theaters.

Elizabeth Harrelson

This movie theatre sucks. Honestly your employees need to get some manors. They steadily have bad attitudes and its bad for the service. If you would like to have customers come back then mabye you should get ur employees to fix their attutudes cuz it is uncalled for. Thank you for you unkind service!!!!!


The prices are the lowest anywhere in town and the staff is professional and very friendly. The screens are okay in the sound system is just okay as well. The biggest issue for me is the seating. The chairs are uncomfortable to sit in for …

Sandra Carrillo

Great movie selection, great prices, good food. 5stars

Elizabeth Bell

Great PRICES GREAT THEATER!! LOVE IT! WILL Come back! Highly recommend.

Sa'Mone Webb

Last time I went to see a movie the movie wasn't playing in the correct theater. Went to see the manager who said that they are not showing that movie. I showed him my ticket that had the time, date, and theater number on it and he continued to repeat himself about them not playing the movie. I told him I already paid for the ticket so he said he would put it on for me. While I was waiting for him to do that I mentioned to him how a previous movie was interrupted because the fire alarm went off. I gave him details about everything that happened that day but because I didn't have my ticket for the movie, he disregarded me. He was very rude to me throughout our entire conversation and I will no longer spend my money at this establishment

Zach Kemp

Great theater prices. Concessions seemed to have gone up in price the last time I went.

Nyosha Brown

Good movie prices. EXPENSIVE food. For example, almost $5 bottles of water.

Shomari Haynesworth

Nice just busy due to heavy crowd and new movies I guess. Line wad past the the outside of the building

Ultra Cap

The outside of the movie theater is good, the bathrooms are somewhat decent and clean, the actual move theater however needs some work and repairs. During Avengers: Endgame I had to sit on a broken chair, which was not comfortable for over three hours; I was not pleased. Besides that, everything else is okay.


Great place , for a affordable date night!

Christine Smith

Low prices doe newer movies and great awards with app

Jo LeMasters

This theater is pretty fantastic and stays fairly full, there are only 4 registers at the concessions stand and sometimes they are not all open and it will get crowded with backed up lines. I have been here many times, the prices are great and so is the service!

Simon Adobah

Nice people. Clean but needs improvement on their seats(chairs)

The Meyers Crew

Can't beat the prices!

Dan Rivera

Very nice small movie theater which carries all the newest releases. Great for the family as well as us seniors. The concession area is well stocked with drinks as well as munchies. Very good deal.

Martha Kuntz

Everyone was $3.68 a person 2 seniors and 3 children ages 4-12

Shawn Miles

Just always been a great experience.

Anthony Singleton

Chairs worn but price is great

Milli Bee

Good prices. Matinee's only 3.50!! Whaaaat! I'll take all the kids from the neighborhood!


It's cheap, but trashy as hell. Like people yelling at the screen and cracking jokes the whole movie trashy. trashy as in cops there every weekend to handle the trash. But you go on an Friday night release of a new movie and I swear it's only like $3.50

Michelle Fox

Cheap price good movies nice people

Heather Register

Great ticket prices and good concessions. Seats could use a bit of renovation to make them more comfortable.


super clean, updated screens and seating as well as matinee showtimes

Amanda Winter

The theatre we were in had no A/C in the middle of summer. Not even a fan. We went and saw a kids movie with actual children in an oven. Not cool. . . Literally. Feels like Cinemark has gone really down hill

Philip Buskirk

Very nice people working the theater was very clean and the movie was great

Tehuana Hodges

I love going here. The staff are friendly, the price is right and you get first run movies.

Lynne Xiaoyu

Always wonderful experience!!! Absolute BEST matinee PRICE$ in all of town

Jonathan Franzen

Decent theater. Priced just right. Speed of the snack stand could be better. Comfy seats. Wish the layout of the seats were better and not just to the left or right. Overall not bad.

Francis Bello

It was fine, the only thing I didn't like is they play a lot of commercials before the movie.

Cassandra Hamilton

Me and granddaughter got there 10 minutes late to see Captain Marvel so went to see Little, which was great!!

Marisa Feathers

Our family's favorite local theatre for nearly 30 years.

Jason Blair

I took my family of 7 and it cost me less than the cost of 3 tickets at the other theaters. Yes its smaller than most but very affordable!

Angela Fischetti

The same movies as the other guys but cost less. The seats arent the most amazing in the world but arent the worst either. Staff is always friendly. Concession prices are normal movie theater prices. Its the only place I go for movies cause I'm cheap lol


Best place to see a matinee movie in Summerville/Oak Brook area.

Frank McCladdie

This place is garbage. It's smarter to just catch a matinee at Northwoods if you want to save money

Toni Tarplin

They just put in new rocker seats. They are pretty comfy.

Jamaine Franklin

Cheap, and good movie theater with out all the thrills!

Virginia Dews

I can say that I was laughing so much. I loved it.

Richard Mcgough

Good price good movie

Craig Yoho

Certainly not the nicest theater around and definitely not fancy, but tickets are 1/4 to 1/5 the price of most other theaters. If you're just going to sit in the dark and watch a movie, what more do you need?

David Cohan

It was an amazing movie and a great value theater

Gabriel George

Can't beat the price for movies and concessions! Large popcorn and drinks were free refills and the theater seats were surprisingly comfortable.

Ian Turton

Good. Cheap tickets but snacks are crazy price. Go in the day if you can. Odd food place next door which was very slow to the point that we walked out.. so go after eating.

Melanie Gray

Great little theater. They did some remodeling and it looks very nice. Prices for tickets are competitive with the area which is great!

Wilfredo Rodriguez

It was great!


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