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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Hartsville 2 IN South Carolina


Last night at 6pm we went to see the opening viewing of The Lion King in Theater 2. We sat in the second row on the left. My mother was in the very last seat on that row (the seat to the wall) and throughout the movie she kept scratching her back saying something was biting her & once I rubbed her back I felt bumps forming. Originally I thought it was a mosquito & the bumps & itching would subside but this morning we woke up & the bumps look to be more like either flea bites or bed bug bites. We have taken pictures & we have our movie stubs to prove we were there & we would like someone to contact us about this. AMC seems to have done nothing to this establishment but changed the name on the door & upped the prices. Same dirty seats, flooring, no air conditioning, etc. and now not only getting bitten by unknown bugs but running the risk of transporting them back to your car & worse, your home. Unacceptable!

Ree McAllis

Food kind of high. Pricevof movie Okay

Jessica Iseman

Needs some improvement but the price is great.

Debra Wright

Small but nice

Mi'chelle Davis

Cheap price. Clean


Went with the family to watch endgame. The seats really need to be updated. But you can't beat cheap movies and outrageous popcorn and drink prices! In all seriousness, if you just go see a movie, its an amazing and affordable way to spend an evening.

Mama's List

Bathrooms are beat up but otherwise not a bad place for the age and price. The kids loved it!

Padigela Gangadhar

Watched venom. Quite and nice place in downtown.

Jonathan Pierce

It is an old theater. Only two screens, and no stadium seating. But despite all the downsides, the price is awesome, less than $3.00 for a first run movie!

Helen Stephens

For the price of the tickets, you can't ask for much better. Staff is friendly, movie was clear. My family always have a blast when we go.

Henry Enoch


Don Horne

Very affordable prices and friendly staff. Think I will become a regular. I am a little hard of hearing and asked the manager if he could turn up the audio and he took care of it on the spot. Now that's the kind of service you don't get in the big cities. Thanks for an enjoyable evening.

Gersham Charles

If your into a small cozy space, with no frills, with only two movie options, then this is the place for you. Building a lobby is vary dated, and needs some fixing up. The price however will allow you to look past all of that, at less than $3.00 for a movie little things like that you can ignore.

S. H

Dirty and unorganized. Very outdated, sad for this town...

Ray Hoffman

Always been a great Local well run friendly theatre. Great prices on movies and Concession. Only wish they could expand to more movie screens. I remember going here as a teen to watch House of Dark Shadows, Night of Dark Shadows, the real original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate. Factory, The Exorcist. And many other great movies.

Avery Woods

Great value for the price; at only $3 for a ticket, there is no better bargain

Mr. Corry Stevenson

Great Place for movies

ASHLEIGH Richardson

Good price

Debbie Winburn

Much cleaner, and seats were cleaner, thanks.

Scott Jensen

Cheap movie price but popcorn price ridiculous

Joye Smith

Snack prices are outrageous, so the movie really should have stayed $2, a little disappointed they went up on their prices, other than that we really enjoyed the movie.

Deborah Gandy

Bathrooms need updating but movie prices are the best around with great drink and popcorn prices

Heidi Barton

While the concessions are upgraded, they need to invest some money into the interior and seating, ESPECIALLY the seating. I went to sit down and when I flipped my seat, it slid me almost to the floor because it was broken. You would think with $31 for 2 tickets, large popcorn & 2 medium drinks, they could afford to upgrade the seating by now. And the interior is so 1980s...I mean let's lay some new carpet and at least paint the paneling. Oh, and also upgrade the bathrooms -- fresh paint, bigger stalls and some air freshner would be so nice. Air freshener through out the theater would be great because it has an old, musty building smell. That said, the upgrade to the projection & sound is great. It makes the $31 for 2 people worth it. You might not be comfortable, especially if you are a bigger person, but the movie & sound are worth being STUCK in a kid sized chair for about 3 hours.

bosstrone 59

Love the movies and the price

Gloria Bufford

Good times with family as celebrated Birthdays.


Great prices on movies. Friendly people

Jinny Tucker

Great time for price

Eric Ogilvie

$3 movies! Check website for showtimes.

Sean Brown

Can’t beat the prices and the old school movies house feel.

Chasing Rainbows

The tickets are cheap, and this is perfect for kids or a movie you're not sure if you'll like. The snacks are way way way over priced, and not worth paying.

Joseph Watkins

I have traveled around a lot and must say this theater, though small, is quite nice. My only concern is the exit sign at the base of the room on the left would glow onto the screen. Very nice theater and excellent staff.

Eric Kirkley

July 14.. Unless you watch TV with your volume on 2 and you're able to read lips don't waste your money. Something is horribly wrong with the speakers. I won't go back until someone says the sound system has been improved.

Patricia Mintz

I love the price, the staff is very friendly

Mary Fountain

I love taking my family members there. The staff goes overboard trying to assist you! A great bargain and friendly people as well.

Justin Pratt

Really dirty and nasty floors

Julia Cook

Love this place but good lord the concession prices went sky high 2 small drinks and a small popcorn $19.89

Carolyn Langley

Love going to Hartsville Movies. The prices are great. It's ab all around good place to take ur children n grand children. Mine love going. Brett1

Great movie


Cheapest Movies Around. Don't expect any grand features of any modern day cinema. No 5.1 sound. Still very basic with not much bass. If you arrive late you will end up very far from the screen due to the old-style play theatre layout. Ticket lines are usually pretty slow to move.

Kristy Thomas

Kind of dirty..there is a hole in the ceiling of one of the theaters..they obviously don't know how many seats they have because they sell more tickets than they have seats ppl were standing up... manager refuse a refund...prices are reasonable though



Michael Miller

It's a great place to go and it's getting even better!

Andrew Bennett

Small theater but great price.

Calvin Stanton

They have to get a new popcorn machine. I think $9.00 is too much money when it's not fresh. I doesn't matter if you can get a refill when it's not tasteful. Nevertheless, I support the local movie theater.

Bi Rr

Get what you pay for here. No real complaints because of the price. Really appreciate a theater that doesn't break the bank.

Still83 Washington

Good and affordable. Still would prefer they put the movie trailers on the marquee

Jourmany Roderick

change over was good show newest movies

Wood Hard

Love it!

Mariiaa G

I wanted to watch a movie so i got there 10 mins lateeeee and they didn’t let meee innnnn

tbitw 217

Bought tickets online two hours before the movie got there early still was sold out and we was sent home no refund nothing it's crazy that we bought it and didn't get to watch

Billy Byrd

Inexpensive way to watch new movies

Chip Cooper

You might fault the employee's for their service; but, I don't feel it's a fair evaluation. They make do with one concession stand; and it can get busy during a Blockbuster. That said, they do the best they can. At $2.00/adult ticket [2017- $3.00], you can't find what you want in a theater for a better rate. If the A/C occasionally breaks down; well, get a refund or another theater, perhaps if we paid more to get in, they might be able to repair it more often. When it works, it works; and when it doesn't (sigh) go pay more somewhere else; but, it's only happened twice to my recollection in the last three years. And, of course, it will happen the day you decide to go... maybe. Relatively new 2-3 year old seating and the same for decor; but, we in town love the price and the location. Sound system, like the A/C can glitch from time to time; but, all in all, the more often you go, the more often everything works just fine. It is what it is and it's OK by me. For the others, there is always Amazon; but, no... wait, that's for $4.99 or $5.00 by any reasonable standard, and you'll have the comfort of your own home; bring a friend, buy some candy, and you'll only pay an extra buck. Oh, and BTW, the A/C was blowing cold today... 2013/06/22

Ben Sparrow

Removed outside sign. So you can no longer see what is playing. Seats need to be replaced were very uncomfortable and some were broken. Employees are nice.

Kimberley H. Coker

Movie theater is great and IH so cheap. But what puts a hole in your pocket is the prices of the popcorn, drinks and of course the candy. Now that's where it can get yiu. Recommend ... EAT BEFORE YOU GO. Also felt the theater section could have been a little cleaner. But over all had a good time and looking forward to the next movie.


Three dollars for a first run hottest movie. Great popcorn. What more can you ask for.

Torrie Griggs

Always loved this cinema in Hartsville. Friendly and good prices. Enjoy for many years.

Rebekah Paschal

Love this theater

Fred Anderson

Small movie theater

Rodnell Johnson

Parents of 12 kids wasn't very attentive of their kids and no security to stop the rudeness unable to watch movie

Kerlyn Mondesir


Shoshonna Boseman

I love the ticket prices and the deals on snacks!

Ramona Hornsby

Heat didn't work but the price can't be beat

Dawn Watford

Great pricing for tickets.

Matthew Baur

AMC is a good movie theater. The coworkers are nice and polite. I been going there for a long time

Eva Caulder

Loved the vibe from everyone in here. The employees were so nice and respectful. Brought my family to see the IT movie last night and I had a few coupons and they didn't give me any issues when using my coupons! The Facility is so clean and the only issue I had was the squeaky seats but I work in construction so I would gladly just spray some WD-40 on the hinges of the chairs and call it a day. This is a gem! Love this theater!

Thomas Andrews

Great value! Current movies at an extremely reasonable price. Popcorn is great too! Only downside is they don't serve water as a drink option, but they do allow you to bring it in.

Jon Hacker

This place is great. Movie ticket was super cheap, and with a drink and candy total came out to like 12 bucks.

Mark Knockemus

This theater is awesome! It is like stepping into a time machine and coming out in the 1970s: incredible prices, smiles, and polite employees. Each time I go to Florence to see a movie, I cringe at the prices and impersonal service.

cyndee picc

Cheap movies are awesome, could use a cleaning though.

Brittany Farmer

It. Was. AMAZING!! I recommend going!:3

Rob Prue

Little expensive

Kathleen Bullard

Technical issues kept us from watching the grinch tonight. We will try again later in the "movie week"

Jeff Owen

What a great little movie theater, fantastic price and outstanding staff. 5 stars all the way around

kenya brodie

Had a great time as usual! Nice and clean... Price is 4.99 for adults as opposed to the 2.50-.75 it used to be but I certainly don't mind paying a little more for the extra variety we get with drinks and snacks. Plus, it still cost much less than other movie theaters. The employees are so friendly and sweet!

Daniella Cardenas

Movie was Only $2.99 large refill popcorn was $8.00 They only had 2 movies playing Staff was friendly.

Jessica Lynch


Nearer Amerson

Great ticket prices drinks are a little pricey though .Overall good theater.

Chris Mcmanus

Great place

Patsy Davis


Cynthia Wagner

We like going here, wish the lobby and bathrooms were updated.

Samantha Sumner

Always so sweet when we go. Great prices.

Toni Charles

Boys loved Incredibles2

Mallory Pierce

I came about 30 mins late to a movie because I was staying at a friend after the movie (who was already in the movie) and this WOMAN wouldn't let us in. She informed me that it was a waste of money and time but my two dollars would have gone to that woman's paycheck. She literally refuses to sell us tickets 30 minutes late to a movie we had money for. She was honestly too lazy to reopen the cash register even though it’s sis’s job. She informed me and my friend (we're both 13) that we can wait in the lobby until the movies were over at 12 am it was currently 10:50 pm. We ended up using our friend's credit card to pay for the tickets because she wouldn’t let us pay with cash. She made us miss about an hour of the movie. She acted as if we were little kids, and needed to be bossed around. So our friend being the person she is walked back into the theater and got her father’s card.

K. Witt

Ok, it's old and kind of grubby, but it also has dirt-cheap ticket prices and a great staff. I'm a very satisfied regular and you probably will be too if give it try. See you there

Shirley Robinson

Good hometown theatre. Good prices for tickets. A little pricey for food but unlimited refills. Love taking the kids here.

Kristi Thomas

The tickets are really affordable and it has a nice laid back atmosphere that my family and I enjoy.

Richard Jackson

bought tickets to movie online using fandango earlier in the day then showed up for the movie 30 minutes before to stand in the cold waiting for the place to open. After everyone without tickets got in line we were told that mobile tickets werent accepted and we had to get in the back of the ticket line to get physical tickets before we could be allowed in. What is the point of buying online if I have wait in line to get tickets I already paid for?

Alan Szablewski

Always an enjoyable afternoon at this well run movie theatre.


Tickets are very reasonable, but snacks are very high for such a small place. Fourteen dollars for a large drink and nacho

alice selle

Took my grandboys to see Emoji movie. The ticket price makes it affordable afternoon.


Watched Deadpool 2 and loved it seats were comfortable as well

Ashley Windham

The establishment was clean and the staff was very accommodating and quite pleasant in dealing with our large group. The price of the movie was more than fair. I plan on returning with my family.

Kenny Black

Nice family oriented place.

Charles Gainey

Best movie theater I have ever been to by far very reasonable prices on tickets and food and drinks I love it and it's not as big as some others but that's a plus too because if you are in the back you can still see great because the seats doesn't go very far away from the screen

Donna Criswell

Our family loves going to the movies and this theater makes going affordable. If there's a movie we want to see and it doesn't come to this theater OR the similarly priced Julia in nearby Florence, we just don't go. Normally, there are 4-8 of us going at once. We won't pay $10+ each so we go to Hartsville. Sure, this isn't a flashy theater like some, but the picture quality is good, the staff is friendly & helpful and the price is right so you can afford to see 20+ movies a year. Yay!

Betsy Thomas

Always clean

Herschel Wells

Went to movie in afternoon and evening. There appeared to be no A/C during the evening showing. Theatre was muggy and very warm, maybe 85’ish degrees. Low ticket price allows for a lessor amenities but A/C is a must.

Matthew Gunn

Great use of an old theater. Adds a little nostalgia. Staff was super friendly too.

Lynda Szablewski

They REALLY need a marquee

Katrina Robinson

Great prices on popcorn, and new movies.

Wes S

Cheaper prices, less people

Michael Gardner

Very nice place and the people r nice as well but they need to replace the seats though

Megan Wilson

The movie theater its self is great popcorn and candy prices could be a little lower. oh yeah and there is this one staff member I believe the bit overweight manager he will talk you ear off!!!!!

Equella Wright

Cheap. Great to take kids or when ur on a budget.

Cilicia Toney

It was great.

Brenda Benjamin

Wasn't enough action

Haylea Powers

Went to see Hotel Transylvania 3 with my daughter and had a great time. Very inexpensive with friendly staff to help with anything you may need.

corey blair

My family lives less than a mile away, so for us the location is great. My kids love going to this theater and because of the pricing we can go often. Love having this in hartsville!

Jon Bloom

The total cost for one adult to have a large popcorn and a medium soda was around $17 for a small theater in E-Town I am more used to cost such as the Wonderland in Niles Michigan which has first run movies where an adult during a non matinee time with popcorn and a soda can attend for less than $10 see you later was clean although it is a bit dated and some of the chairs were broken in the theater I was at I would consider coming back here again but it seemed that the ownership by AMC during the previews to the movie was more interested in commercials and trying to sell their Club membership

Ryan Elijah Watford

You paid 7 dollars for a drink and they were out of over half there drinks also the bathroom sink was broken. The movie also started 10 minutes late.

Morgan K

Great ticket prices and service.

jacob tootle

Cheapest movies around and great prices on popcorn and drinks. Great staff too.

Rob Paski

Great value, clean and good staff

Angel Fang

Awesome just the theater had no ac. Way too hot in there.

Akeelah Wilson

AMC theater was amazing I would like to go again

Jena Engelbert

Movie cut off then proceeded to rewind the movie back to the beginning. Then had it to where the movie cut off, then rewinded it 30 minutes prior to where we were. Then didn't play the end credits where is a must to watch for any marvel movie!!! Worst place to watch a movie..

Alvaro Navarro

Good place to visit... really good ticket prices

Rhonda Welch

cheap and nice movie theater

Lacole Isaac

Great movies. Great price. Could be a little cleaner

Madisyn Britt

This was the absolute worst movie theater that I have ever visited. I will Definetly not be back! Very rude and unfriendly workers!

Joann Jackson

I loved taking my kids here, now I take my grandbabies here. It is cheap to get in an the service an movies are great.

Annette Beane

Nice well aged movie theater. Maintained as best as possible for today's movie goers. We got there and popcorn, and other trash had been left behind with little time for staff to clean between movies. It was Wed, and they were out of coke, Mr. Pibb, and rootbear and we were told they did not get it in except on Mondays only. I would like to return, as they had Avery comfortable seat for me and my medical condition. This is not a cold environment theater so dress for some heat.

Deborah Russ

Great movie prices, but the seats are average.

Krista Ketter

I'm from up North where the movies is 15.00 so for 4.19 you can't beat the price. However the popcorn machine broke so there was no popcorn and the air felt like it wasn't on. But for $4 I can't really complain

Colleen Ingram

Older movie theater that could use a remodel but the price was great, the popcorn tasty and the staff was friendly and helpful

Rachel Moody

I love going to the old movie houses to enjoy a great movie..

MaLisa Milledge

Air was broken, lobby was trashy


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