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421 Bush River Rd #80, Columbia, SC 29210 Located in: Dutch Square Center

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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Dutch Square 14 IN South Carolina

Tisha Walden

They had one person selling tickets and the line was super long... There wasn't anyone checking the tickets they made you stand in line to buy. Snacks were good, theater was chilly but movie played great and theater was clean.

Melody Rush

This theater hasn't been updated with the new reclining and/or prime seating. It is usually neat and clean but the restroom could have used some attention. Staff was friendly and attentive. Popcorn wasn't very good. The cherry coke drink tasted a little watered down. We were supposed to see our movie in 3D but when it started it was not and we were told the wrong version was ordered and they gave us passes for a free movie. Overall a decent experience but hoping they update the theater soon.

Stephen McCauley

Prefer reserved seating, and recliners. Hope they upgrade this facility soon.

Winn Todd

I love the theater but the bathrooms are always dirty...

Alicia Albright

Great time at the movies. Expensive, though.

Willie Hemphill

I loved the place an I'll go back an take my Queen/Wife, it's a great Place.

william mobley

Love e the Tuesday special. This location has better times than the one on forest Dr. Good theater, food is good, was surprised by the quality of the pizza. It was better than I expected. Worth the extra miles for me to go.

Nekeya Watts

Dark phonenix they do the mantee all the way to 5 instead of 10am. Must be AMC change because in Myrtle Beach. They use to do that. Was down there Friday to watch the dark phonenix but there first showing at 4. And Myrtle Beach sell wine now

Jared Johnson

This theater has started to take a steep decline. Which I hate to see because I love this theater and it’s prices. The last 3 times I’ve visited, I have been greeted by unfriendly staff and slow service. Hopefully things will get turned around. I do prefer this theater to the farther away fancier ones.

Crystal U

Love this theater. Very friendly staff and never overly crowded.

Shelah Smith

Went with family and friends. Not too crowded. Fast service.

Phyllis Holmes

I Love This Theater! There's enough theaters that if one is sold out you can go to another in the same building. Maybe a different time but not a different day. The employees are friendly unlike some other theaters in the area.

c wr

The before 11:55 am price deal is excellent. Although the bathroom could be more clean which includes the floor and the sink and around the faucet. They need to use the Comet spray to remove soap scum.

Ray Gladden

Nice place to see a movie and shop. And eat.

Jacq Evens

5 dollar movie on Monday is a hit with me! It has been great having a fun filled indoor activity for the kids! There is a 5.00 that is a great brunch pre lunch snack!

Sweetie 123

Movies have good quality. The theather was clean. Service was fast. On Tuesdays movies are $5 all day with the free AMC stubs membership.

Karey Johnson

Good facility, and competitive prices!

Vonda White

Great experience. Theater very nice and clean

Tom Crews

This theater has started to go downhill lately. Two event shows, Saturday September 28 and Wednesday October 2, my wife and I went to see the special event "Friends 25th Anniversary Special". Both nights events required us to visit an employee and let them know the show hadn't started. 09/28 required two visits and the showing started 20+ minutes late. 10/02 showing was started 10 minutes late after we notified them, and then was started with the pre-event 30 minute special making the show 40 minutes late to start. Both visits gave us the impression that they had no idea what was going on, what was playing and when to begin the projection. My wife and I were extremely disappointed in the handling of what was a supposed Special Event.

Ryan D

This place rocks. Easy to get to. Easy parking. Never crowded during the day. Seats comfortable enough.

Pytell Floyd

Go solo, go as a crew, dosen't matter. Just relax and enjoy the show


Friendly staff but overpriced 4 concession

Bryan Walters

Theater was fine. First visit to Dutch square in decades. Will return for movies

Cheri Bell

Always a great place to get away and spend time with that special someone or just a break during your busy day.

Korrealle Morning

The atmosphere was very nice. The people that worked there had Very nice attitudes and sense of humor. Other than the Loud crowd that came in loud in duration of the movie.....The experience was a

Streetdogg S

Pretty cool movie theatre. Great stadium seating to see your favorite movies at.

megan ravenell

Very low key theater located in a partially empty mall

Laquanta Gaston

Watch the new movie are avengers end game with my son movie but be prepared it's three hours long.

pamela edwards

Mall is dying. AMC is doing good.

Helen Rummell

Horrible experience, purchased tickets, went to see a movie, and was told per policy we needed IDs, even though policy strictly states if you are under 25 an I'd needs to be provided. I am well over 25. And then couldn't even get all my money back. Needless to say we went else where and probably won't return.

James Hearl

Angel has fallen,actually was a good movie.

Franscina Gillard

This Movie Theater is clean and the employees are very nice and friendly. I usually go in the mornings before midday, very peaceful during this time.

nightmare foxy Fox

When I ordered a fanta soda tasted off but we got other drinks and it was good

Love Jones

Those reclining chairs are awesome!

Colleen Pradel

Charged for tickets. Bought snacks, which was higher then movie tickets. Walk in theater and roof was pouring down rain . And they knew about it. Waited for refund forever. No refund on food. A dump people.

Jennifer Rawlings

The theater was fine (clean and decent seats) but the concession prices were insane!

Misti Laws

I love this little theater! Great prices, wonderful staff! Definitely my favorite place to go to the movies!

Anna V Howard

Always a great treat when I go see a movie here...

K. Whit

Great place!! Not alot of kids there when I go. They just need to have 2 cashier's open to sell tickets. The guy was extra slow tonight. Always clean when I go and visit.

Kay Oswald

We really enjoyed watching the Gosnell movie. This was a very disturbing movie about a murderer! I recommend this movie for all who want to see the truth behind the abortion industry.

Asia Parker

It was dirty and drinks were spilled on the floor and the movie started 25 mins late you can tell they were stalling to get more sales

John Flowers

Great prices and theatre

Chang Clifton

Clean theater, glad to see armed security!

Rosalyn Davis/Brown

Great movie but the

Jasmine Rutherford

Staff helpful, food pretty standard, and theater was clean. Movie and sound played well.

Michelle Baughman

Great experience. This theater does not have reclining seats and such but the lines were short and you could quickly get what you needed and find a seat. Bathrooms and theaters were clean. Seats are comfortable. The $5 matinees are the best. We'll definitely visit more and may invest in the family A-list program once it arrives. If I complained about anything, it would be about how dark the theaters are before the movie starts. I'd definitely recommend this theater though.

amanda ghouralal

Was there on 08/14/18 for a 7.30 movie and had a horrible experience. Tuesday is five dollar movies which is great but had to wait in such a long line there was only one person to help with getting tickets. Then there was a long line to get snacks when asking a manager for help with the line because we were in line still when the movie started. That manager said there was no one other than that one person to help with the lines. I believe if you are going to have a five dollar movie day then you should know to have a full staff because you know a lot of people would come in and bring there family.

Rene Sotomayor

I don't know how this place has 4 stars. This place is absolutely disgusting.At the first showing of the day there is no excuse for the theater to be that dirty. After I got into the movie showing and saw the lack of cleanliness it felt like I needed a biohazard suit. It literally feels like you gonna get an STD from just sitting there! The "MANAGER" of this establishment has to be pure trash since he/she is unable to be overseeing this location.

Michael Strickland

This theater used to be our favorite in town. It's now the only one in town that hasn't been remodeled. It's old and dated, the sound system isn't very good. The new program to watch 3 movies a week for $20 per month is pretty cool, though.

Destiny Williamson

Not Crowded. ONLY place I go to see a movie!! Would not recommend the bacon Macroni and Cheese tho.

Aubrey Trapp

The theater is clean and concessions are priced the same as anywhere else. the price of the tickets is about 30% less, you can even get a ticket during the week in the morning or early afternoon for well under $10. if you're not looking for IMAX or RPX or something like that, this is a good place to go. Still good picture and sound but much cheaper.

Iesha Gray

Never been a problem

Vikash Movva

Got to see a solid movie and the place works.

Phil Allison

I love this theater. It's not overpriced, doesn't have reserved seating, and does not have those huge chairs like sitting in a lounger at home. It's a movie theater. It's clean, good sound, and good prices for tickets. It's been around a long time and has been remodeled a couple times over the years.

Jami Anderson

The staff are nice and helpful. My ticket on my phone wouldn't scan, and they let me in. The bathrooms for the ladies were clean and there were paper towels. The popcorn was freshly made and the staff was helpful in other matters as well.

SILAS Pennington

Sunday afternoon some big movie just opened and one person taking care of the ticket counter and two people serving concessions. Not the best management or scheduling of employees

Gail D

It's kind of an older theater. But, the service and snack bar made up for it. No recliners.

Chasity Wessinger

Good theater. But I think now that the theater near me has updated its seats and everything, that this needs to do the same

Michelle Rosenthal

I love the fact that this is still a classic theater. It is a family friendly environment. The gourmet popcorn is the best.

Jonathan Rice

Considering that all the other theaters in the area are upgrading, this theater could do much better. Prices for food and drinks are a bit overpriced in comparison to others, seating is the standard seating, however the AMC on Harbison now has full reclining and heated seats. Overall a moderate experience in which one is left wanting a better way to spend their money.

Abel ramos

excellent theater !! I love " Rocketman"

Shirisha M

Not a great movie theater. I am used to the movie theaters on Harbison that are much newer, nicer and have recliner seats. The tickets were just as expensive! We bought a bottle of water that cost more than $4!! In the theater, the seats were bad quality and not comfortable at all. The floors were very sticky and not well maintained.

Michael Waddell

This movie theater is great and is really only going to get better! I hear they're putting in recliner seats soon! The only thing I would change would be more shops set up in the mall to kill time before a movie. Also, sometimes they only have one or two cashiers at the concessions which is kinda of a bummer. If you get there early it's not a huge issue. Otherwise, the staff is always a pleasure and the theaters clean.

Mark Baxa

This place is a hidden jewel. Nice, clean, not too crowded. Parking and access super easy (we were there on a week night). We'll be going back!

Chris Calhoon

Everyone was kind not alot of people at the movies so it was enough room for it to be more of an exuberant experience

Chi Green

Went to see Overcomer. Great movie, awesome theater

David Bellows

Thanks for the great time

Toshia Chaplin

I guess that I am spoiled with the reclining and heated seats at Columbiana grande and the Carmike. It was just an ok movie experience.

martha cohen

Clean great atmosphere

Dmb327 how about the ten Tell's

Nice clean quiet never too crowded Love catching matinees here

Leroy Green

My second favorite theater. It is only my second because I moved. I used to live a mile from this theater and it was perfect. Never too crowded, always clean, and a courteous staff. If you go park behind the mall side with Burlington and Office Max. Nice little hideaway and a straight shot to the highway.

Amber Meza

Absolutely horrible movie theater. I usually go to one a little bit closer and Columbia but the movie that we wanted to watch was not playing at that location so we ended up going to Dutch Square. The lines are ridiculously long with one cashier. The staff is not friendly whatsoever and I noticed a lot of them have long long hair no kind of hair nets being worn with them serving food. My biggest complaint would be the seating and the theater itself. The seats are old and horribly uncomfortable. And the theater has a old smell to it. My back was killing me by the time we left out of there. This theater needs a serious makeover and an update. I would not go back here again even if the movie I wanted to watch was only playing at this location.

Laura Simmons

Friendly staff, great prices, especially for matinees

Katrina Austin

Its soo cold You cant enjoy the movie

Miriam H. Samuel

The Movie theater needs a bit of remodeling. The water was not Able to be drunk, because of a Water advisory. The ice machine was still in use, so that raised concerns for me. I truly hope my husband and I do not get sick from using the ice. The Popcorn was tasty. The Fountain drinks were not operational, because of the water advisory. We paid for a small bottle of Coke, with a cup of ice.


Pretty good theater went to see black panther and Creed 2

Jackie Keitt

Best popcorn in Columbia. I went by the theater just to purchase the popcorn

Kayla Amick

Guy running concessions could've told us about a promo 2 for $10 deal going on to save us money instead of us paying $20 for a box of chocolate raisins, medium popcorn and drink. The theater was clean and in good shape.

CeCe Me

Purchased tickets online via AMC stubs, just to have to STILL wait in the regular line just so we can have our tickets scanned and verified. What was the point of having an option to purchase online ahead of time? Never again!

Anthony D'Elia

AMC Dutch Square is located in the near defunct Dutch Square Mall. The mall is overall a little sketchy and contains limited stores; however, the AMC is one of the actually nice establishments in the Mall. Sadly, this AMC has yet to install the high end seating you will find at other movie theaters nearby, ie Harbinson theaters. Still the it remains easy to get a seat in the large auditoriums, which is a plus. They are perpetually very slow at the concession stand and not as polite as some other stores of the AMC brand. All things considered it is a decent movie theater.

Jackie Gantt

Good place to go look at a

Makram Sarieddine

Expensive food... but nice cinema!

Kimberly Lee

We like this theater for convenience and price. The staff is usually very nice and friendly. However, it smells slightly like gym socks to me every time I visit. That's the only reason that stopped me from giving 5 stars. Dutch Square mall is pretty dead and I'm thankful the movie theater is still there.

Brittany Gonzalez

Good deals for movies. Floor in theater was sticky, though.

Khadijah Hunter

Had a good time as always

Christine Kniep

Great theater!!

E Lew

The theater was very clean. They don't pop fresh popcorn BUT I actually enjoyed the store bought popcorn just the same. My experience was horrible only because of the loud, obnoxious, rowdy group if unsupervised teens sitting at the top row. Not only were they disruptive in the theater but afterwards they were hitting each other, running through the corridors, etc. The security card observed and did nothing. I would have gone to AMC Harbison but they aren't showing Maleficent. This may be my last time at Dutch Square.

Fred Bartholomew

Best all around theatre in Columbia. Clean & fairly priced if you are a stubs member. Because of location parking is typically not bad as well. AMC has nicer theatres but in comparison to the rest of the theatres in Lexington/Columbia area this one is on par.

david shisler

The seating did not have enough leg room so trying to watch a 2 1/2 hour movie was not so fun especially when it cost over 20 bucks... I recomend going to Harbison where they have recliners for about the same price. So I doubt I'll be going back.

Sdc Clt

Service is pretty slow

Joe Bartlett

Good theater. Could be great it had an imax or at least a prime theater and had reserved seating available.

Don Mcrae

Took my grandbaby to see the Lion King. He loved it.

brianna fulton

Nice theater and excellent service. Popcorn was very nice and warm.

Sally Acorn

Meh its ok

Felton Zeigler

It's okay nothing spectacular.... an

momma stace

clean theater, friendly staff, clean bathrooms, best place for matinee prices and matinees 3d pricing. never had a problem at this theater.

jessica dillingham

Great theater. I have been going since I was a kid. They are one of the few theaters that still have very discounted tickets prices in the mornings and with multiple kids, that is a great thing to offer. It is not overly crowed early either. The concession prices are reasonable as well.

Cody Snyder

Been going steadly to this theater since moving to Columbia 4 month's ago, sadly the slide into degradation is easily perceptible. Never seen a manager making rounds, lines are never long, but staff seem poorly trained and move slowly. Staff at concessions disappear forcing multiple lines to awkwardly merge into 1. Combine that with being connected to a mall where half the shops are closed, and it makes for a very unsettling experience. Pay a few dollars more, go to the new AMC on Harbison, and drive past this testament to poorly aging mediocrity.

J Kam

Don't like that they've taken away the dedicated lines for Stubs members.

dee dee

This is the best movie theater. Out of every thing I love.AMC is on the top.

Arthur Lozano

nice family atmosphere and clean seating areas. prices are very reasonable for the movie but the concession stand price for items are a little pricey.

Cloe Haynes

The theater is a bit outdated but so is the mall. The rooms are always clean. The staff is always polite. I've never experienced a line. The snacks are tasty. What more can you ask for in a neighborhood movie theater.

Carla Watson

There is something special about the atmosphere of the movie theater at Dutch Square! MAGIC. And the staff is considerate and they feel like family.

Sonya Davis-Lewis

The area is not the safest. This theater is old and extrenly small. The seats ate uncomfortable and the theater smells stuffy

Larry Shirley

Very well maintained theatre. The soft drinks are ice cold, and not "flat". Keep up the good service.

Antoinette Weir

Had a great time there. I received a free ticket to Black Panther. This was an amazing movie. Well done.

Marci Sanders

Everytime I have been here it has always been nice and clean in the theatre and especially the restrooms.

Melisa Judy

It seems that this theater is going downhill. Only one concession area was open, and the other side looked completely abandoned, and like it hadn't been used in months. The bathrooms had NO paper towels to dry your hands after washing them, and everyone was having to grab napkins from the snack areas to dry their hands. This used to be my favorite theater...

LaCinda Mcknight

Great experience. Clean and great customer service. Only issue, for me, no recliner seats. A little uncomfortable for me at times, but still one of the best movie theaters around.

Brian Keller

Nice theater and less busy than others in town.

Johnny Exama

When I’m in town and have a chance I enjoy this theatre staff and popcorn


I went for our first visit to their sensory screenings with my autistic son. It started at 10 AM. The floor in front of concessions was sticky and trash littered from the previous evening. The butter machines at the end near our screen were both not working or empty. I asked an employee who kept coming out from the back but not doing anything if they were broken but he just shrugged and said I should try the other end. So I had to get all of our stuff and by myself go to the opposite end of the theater to butter my $15 popcorn. Try explaining this to a nonverbal child in a completely new place! All of the booster seats were sticky and dirty. The movie is supposed to be less dark and at a reduced volume but it started normally and was 30 minutes in before either someone complained or someone noticed. So we didn't even make it an hour. Worst $35 I have ever spent at AMC and I would pay much more for an enjoyable activity for him.

BeverlyN Berry

Nice, clean theater with family friendly movies.

The Only One

Went to see a "reservation" of the movie Black Panther at this location, very comfortable and adequate situation for the occasion.

Bridget Felder

They need to upgrade this theater. The Restrooms were dirty. The smell was like old mildew.

Gloria Nelson

The theater was dirty Popcorn and cups all over the floor I went on Saturday morning they just was opening the gate so I know it was there from the day before and also the guy that was behind the ticket counter overcharged me when I asked him why it was almost $5 more he stated it was a 10% surcharge over the tax i would have left and went to harbison theater where the rate on the ticket is what I would have paid and a cleaner environment..but I had 4 kids with me so I figured I can call later.. wrong! no one answers so I learned my lesson..first and last time at this place even though this is closer to me I will take the extra trip and go to harbison it’s much cleaner and I will pay what my ticket says not more.. if I could have gave zero stars I would have.

Brandi Tabor

Tried to take my kids to watch and movie but had to wait in the concession line for over 20 minutes because a line was full of day care kids that couldnt makenup there mind. Not to mention the employes are moving at snail pace. They need to have a better handle on these groups so everyone that is not with the daycare doesnt miss half of the movie. I have to give the manager vredit he did try to make things right. That is why the 4 stars.

Fiona Adeniji-Adele

I love it here. The cheapest tickets in Columbia for new movies.

Charise Byrd

Good for purely seeing a movie but location wise, if you're prepared for loud, complaining or over bearing people this is the place to go


Prices for popcorn and drinks are way too high...the old seating hurts your bottom and back after about five minutes. You have to constantly change positions and you never get comfortable. Never going back here until they update their chairs and will never get concessions unless they lower them.

Robert P

This theater has been my go to theater for over 15 years, but as other cinemas upgrade to huge, comfortable recliners, Dutch square remains butt-numbingly "classic" It's still a good movie theater though.

Tamisha Brown

We had a great time and the attendant was very helpful.

Gail Lee

Wow 100.00 for 2 children 1 adult.

Christian Manganelli

Beautiful theater excellent experience nice modern and comfortable however it is very pricey so if you want a good movie experience go there but be prepared to spend some money.

Sharod Edwards

Mediocre theater it was clean. The staff was nice.

Tanya Thomas

First time visitor to a AMC theater.....Definitely enjoyed the show(Upgrade) thought the theater was very spacious with less than comfortable seating. I am spoiled by Regal Cinemas reclining seats. Besides the long ticket and concession was a pleasant experience

Thomas Bell

Always a pleasure!

gennifer branham

Not the cleanest but we enjoy it

Eva Strosnider

Movie theater is ok. Pretty clean. You don't have to buy a particular seat ticket. Seats are first come first serve. Don't use the back parking lot. Someone broke into our car there. The whole experience definitely knocked a star off. Other than that, it was ok.

Anne Ratchford

Great seats and loved reserving seat in advance


Went to watch Ant Man and had a group of about 8 kids movie hopping being super loud and obnoxious. I walked out of the theater and saw that other people in different theaters had already complained and a employee was looking for them. I politely asked for a refund so I could see it later. Ended up with a re-admit pass which was completely fine by me. I didn't see the kids getting kicked out or anything because I left to the next AMC with for their last showing quickly but liked that were quick to apologize and give the passes. Will come back when in the area!

Ananie O'Hawk

Love to go here with my family. Especially on $5 Tuesdays. It's not as fancy as the newer theaters but it's good enough for a night out at the movies. Only thing I wasn't happy about... Needed to be cleaned. Ticket and concession stand was fine, but the specific movie room I was in had not been cleaned and I was in for the matinee.

betty ben

Great place for movies

Brendan Sturgeon

The Movie A Dog's Way Home was Excellent Enjoyed It I Look Forward To Another Awesome Experience

macie armstrong

Went to Rainbows the staff was great.very helpful


Prices for tickets are good which leaves more money to buy food at the concession. I always enjoy this theater everytime I attend. If you get cold easily, I suggest a jacket or small blanket for your child.

Edward Ruggles

Went to the movies there with my wife, but first we ate at one of the many different restaurants there. The AMC theater was very nice, clean and easy to get our tickets. The line move very quickly and we got to our seats with plenty of time to talk before the movie. We will be back for the great food shopping and of course, the movies.

CardiCream Beats

Watched spider new movie with my some here....great time!

rodney shelton

Great location nice for a first date not to crowded. Awesome time tonight

scott bryan

Not very crowded. We went to a 10:25pm showing of "Tag". Funny movie!!! Bought tickets on Fandango app so we didn't have to wait in line. They needed more people to serve at the snack bar. That line kinda moved slow but theatre was clean especially for that time at night. I go there all the time

Branita Nichols

Great the staff was awesome and kind. As well as informative.

Earline Carter

Had a great time there. Food's a little expensive. Very expensive.

Stacie B.

Theatre was cold but still enjoyed movie

Tammi Michelle

Very disappointed in the cleanliness of this theater. We took pictures of the filthy cloth seats and showed management. We were told the seats are cleaned monthly but they were absolutely disgusting. The theatre is unkept and flat out dirty. I will NOT be visiting this theater ever again and highly recommend that you also choose elsewhere! The ONLY reason it is given one star is because that is required in order to leave a review. What is more disheartening is the fact that other AMC theaters in the Columbia area far exceed this location. Hopefully upper management takes notes and gets a grip on this theater soon.

Fuze Fire

It was great, great food, service

Blane Edwards

Best place to watch a movie before lunch time.

Raynell Coaxum

This theater is one of the older theater types in the area. But at the same time, it still holds a pretty decent amount of nostalgia, while giving off that nice, friendly atmosphere. The food is pretty standard with the popcorn, large drinks, and even the hot dogs, but you can also change it up a bit with large soft pretzels, nachos with cheese, and even a chicken and waffle sandwich. On most days, you will have a really quiet theater experience with a couple of people in the audiences. Perfect for people who are not into large crowds. But don't be fooled by that appearance. I've been to this theater to recently see the Avengers: Endgame movie and I'll have to say that people were climbing up the walls just to get in to see the movie. It was so packed that the people who couldn't get in to see the first showtime had to make a mad dash in hopes of seeing the next showtime. Basically, this movie theater is not at all dead and it makes for a great night out for big crowds when it really counts. The only cons that you will encounter at this theater is that it is not reserved seating like other AMC theaters, so if you are planning to find a good seat for your favorite movie, try to get to the theater at least 30 minutes before for a common theater to an hour for a big end movie. You also won't get that nice heated seating nor the plush leather seats like the other theaters either. This theater does not show PRIME movies either so don't expect to see any of those. However, it still shows RealD 3D movie on top of the Digital/Standard movies so if you are trying to save some cash while still having a great movie theater experience, then this is the best place theater in town to go for that.

tonya arthur

Theater 10 for the movie The Intruder had no air. The movie was good though.

Brandy Jeffcoat

Needs some updating but it serves the. purpose.

Michael Gantt

I couldn't see the movie I wanted to see because the aic condition was down.

Tonya Scott

very nice..pleasant staff...

Michael Eleazer

Great experience overall - needs some remodeling because everything is looking fairly worn.

Octavia Gadson

The whole ticket counter/concession experience took longer than needed. This theater is not busy weekdays, but on weekends they should have additional staff.

Donald Steinbock

We went right in. Everything was good.

Tisa Collins-Williams

Short staffed, they only had one employee at the ticket counter. The line was super long but Matti I believe her name was, she was very nice, patient & worked fast as she could. Marti need a raise or some help up front.

Quinton Howard

The floor was sticky but overall nice theater.


Nice people, good snacks, comfortable theatre, chairs, temperature, good parking. Excellent movie I saw. Happy me.

David M. Asbill

I love this place but it's a little dated. They need to come way down off of their prices. You pay five times more for food then you do the movie ticket. If you can hit a matinee early in the morning then it's only five bucks and change.


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