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The only reason I came here was because Harbison wasnt playing Brightburn. Compared to most AMC theaters this one extremely outdated. The only saving grace tonight was the extra polite staff and the fact that the floors were CLEAN. They still have those folding auditorium seats like back in high school. Popcorn was cold and stale and there was some cheese on the seats in the back. Not my worst experience but I will only be coming back to this theater if the one on Harbison isnt playing the movie I want to see. The staff (ticket booth/concessions) professional and polite. Also I didn't really care for the fact that even if you purchase your ticket online you STILL have to go to concessions or the ticket booth to get your ticket. Whats the point? Please update your theater. Its in a great location but its still outdated.

jerome benjamin

My favorite movie theater the place is clean and the employees are always nice

Jakari Adams

They dont know how to do simple math

Darrell Scott

Decent seating but the place always looks a bit run down and in need of a good cleaning. Absolutely hate the all in one drink machines because they never seem to be cleaned and no matter what drink you choose it tastes like you added cherry and/or vanilla.

John Ulmer

Movie prices are better then the competition.

Joseph Ben Jordan

I spend good time over there

Frownieta Randolph

The movie was great but the atmosphere and the lines were horrible. There was a long line outside for tickets on a Saturday night with just one window open. We decided to go ahead and buy tickets online since the line was moving so slow. There was some issue on the inside of the theater and some people who bought tickets online were told they needed to get in the line outside to get a confirmation code. We finally were able to get someone to scan the online purchased tickets. The refreshment line was so long it wasn't even worth trying to get anything. The bathrooms were nasty. There was urine all on the toilet seats and liquid all over the floors. I absolutely will not be coming back. We usually go to Regal in Sandhill or Columbiana. We only went here due to the time of the movie... lesson learned.

Alexandra Mason

The theater is good BUT do not come with cash. I wanted to pay with cash an had to wait 15min for the manager to come and give the cashier some bills. My movie already started and the manager lady wasn’t friendly at all. The cashier …

Tredeci Septimo

Bathrooms are hell. But everything else is pretty chill. Workers are very friendly and helpful

Khoi Phan

Quaint very nice. No crazy lines or anything.

Amanda Williams

Went to go see a movie that was supposed to start at 330. The parking lot was empty that should have been a red flag. No one was at the booth and after waiting 30 min a young lady came to the booth and said that she was the only one there because no one showed up to work!!!! She was going to have to run the ticket booth, concession stand and movies by her self and wouldnt be open until 4. Dont know what kind of establishment they are running but to have only one person show up to work is crazy. Left wont be back .

Seth David

Absolutely filthy Looks like a lot of staff but zero management. Needs a major update.

Connor Addy

Good deals for members but did not feel like my membership was valued. A lot of staff at counter but facilities (lobby, hallways, and worst of all bathrooms) need desperate attention. This is my second only negative review but this theatre was a real let down.

James Lewis

Hadn't been there in a while , but I not only enjoyed the movie and the accommodation also ! The establishment was clean & inviting ! Really enjoyed the movie

Ralph Foster

The only thing which would make this theater better is if it was free!

J Smitty, Spiritualjedi

Nice theater. A bit pricey for concessions, ok, very pricey. For tickets and concessions, and this is with a discount, it was over $60. Overall experience wad nice though.


I bought tickets online but instead of checking into a kiosk and going to our movie we had to wait in the purchasing tickets line just to get our tickets printed out. This was very time consuming. Just FYI if you’re thinking about buying tickets to save time you won’t and completely defeats the purpose of online tickets.

Louisa C Zimmerman

Great family outing! Always enjoy a great movie and popcorn!

Kayla Williams

Ill prepared for Avengers Endgame. Showing is at 11. They didn't open the doors until 10:45, have no one at the ticket counters, and can't verify online tickets without going to concession. They aren't notifying people of what is going on so the line is ridiculous.

Philip Dawkins

Recently, My wife, Grandson, and I went to a matinee. As we walked in we noticed a person who was talking loudly on her phone, using profanity which highly offended us, not to mention, we had our 8 yr old grandson. We confronted this woman …

Jordan Smith

Bought tickets for a 1 pm showing. It is 12:42 and the doors are not even open yet. Manager admitted that he overslept, which is why he is late arriving. This is reprehensible for a weekend in which the worlds largest grossing movie is playing.

Vicki Richardson

Great. Clean. Not very crowded. Paid only $11.75 for 2 people which was awesome and they have a new 5 buck deal for a drink & popcorn.

Brett Jones

Chairs are adequate. Picture and sound are decent. The bathrooms are in poor shape.

Thomas Washington

What I liked was the staff and security

Alice Cade

Always clean and greeted by amazing staff

Tier Garden Inc

The seats are like fluffy barcaloungers


This is a nice theater on Forest Drive, close to places to eat before or after the movie. Tickets are cheaper here than at other theaters, at 5.97. The seats do not recline, but are comfortable nonetheless. Three staff was friendly and service was quick. We saw Bohemian Rhapsody. If you like Queen, it is nostalgic.

Maryam J. AbdulRazzaaq

The movie prices are reasonable however the bathrooms and facility could be cleaner.

David Souther

Not a bad movie theater. A little dirty and unorganized but the service is great and the staff is always friendly.

Jamal Walls

It's a nice pleasant cinema but the cleanliness isn't up to standards as it should be. Could use some improvement. The menu could use some upgrading also. The people are OK so far.

Lannet Hackler

This theater felt very old. It looks clean but doesn't feel clean. The seats are the old style of seats that do not recline. The fabric felt old and dirty, ind of like it needed a good cleaning but is so old that in no time it would feel the same way again. It didn't stink, no bad odors. The employees were attentive and good at their jobs. The screen quality was ok the sound quality was very outdated. In my opinion it's time to either uodate this location or turn it into a $1 theater.

Jessy Westfall

Clean movie theater and a nice staff.

Dontrell Johnson

The place was clean and the process of obtaining tickets was simple and fluid. Thank you Tyler for your wonderful customer service and that awesome smile. #movienite

Deborah Hammond

Nice theater

Rachel Moore

Please if you aren't going to man the ticket window, get 1 person on a register for guest who only want tickets. No fun waiting behind a dozen people inline and having to wait on all of them to figure out what they want to purchase.

Iris Green

Great place for friends to meet and hang out

Krishaira Cruz

I feel as if theaters should feel cozy & comfortable. This place feels so awkward. Concession stands doesn’t seem to offer that much but other than that it was ok. I’ve had better experience at other movie theaters

Carla Medley

Not as busy as Sandhills. All of the best movies. Unlimited icees make it that much better.

Daevon Jones

very clean. great atmosphere. wonderful experience

diamond Da

the theatre wasn’t clean AT ALL when we came in, there was pop corn all over the floor and it was very sticky. a woman in front of us almost fell because her heel was stuck to the floor and her foot came out of it.

The Only One

The place to go to see a good movie and be comfortable.

Ben Green

Staff was great but when I got there they sold me a seat they didn’t have! Brought me a folding chair. Really really in acceptable, then Megan the manager asked me how can she make me happy. ! . Like seriously......

Cla. Cus

Good Price To View Movie. Didn't Get Any Snacks So No Input On The Concession Stand. They Were Selling Tickets From Concession When I Went Which I Thought Was Weird.

Ryan Monroe

This place was filthy. We went for the very first movie showing of the day on a Wednesday and none of this place hadd been clean from the day before. Trash cans are overflowing, popcorn and trash on the ground everywhere, the theater we were in still had empty cups from the night before. Again popcorn on the ground in front of all the seats. Doors are sticky. Place smells more like a gymnasium instead of a theater, reeks of either sweat or mildew. Highly recommend avoiding this place in my family and I will not be back ever again harbison is not that far. We LOVED IT when it was Wynnsong

SC Grenville

Nada a Perder 2 Nothing to lose 2 The most exciting real story of the current gospel; Loved!!!

Robbin N.

Well, we came to see The Grinch, but something broke in the universe. The staff was friendly and offered options on reimbursement. Also, the idea of having to buy your tickets and snacks at the same time might be a good idea for SOME business models. But what about the person who cant eat snacks, must they wait in the same line to purchase tickets? What about the person already IN a theater, must they go to the back of the line of people who are waiting to buy tickets and snacks? Or was this just a holiday/short on staff strategy?

Rhonda McCoy

Good Customer service, and Movie Theater feels safe and clean

Reach Church

They need to clean up regularly the bathroom also

Morgan Chandler

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. The establishment was SO filthy. I can’t even describe how disgusted I was, even from the minute I walked in. I decided to give it a chance since I bought tickets. We walked into the theater room …

dia gallon

Just came here to see a movie that starts at 9 but the theater is closed...?? I have never had this problem before.

carol saldana

Needs updating.... But price is right on Tuesdays

willie starks

Caught a mid day show. Small intimate theater size. Good sound.. Fairly clean rest room. Reasonable concession stand..

Chloe Jeffords

The nastiest public restroom I’ve ever been in.

Richard Parker

Amazing theater hidden in the back behind Golden Corral. Tickets can be purchased inside if you want to get concession as well. Tickets purchased online? You will still have to get in line to have them printed, box or concession. Recommend …

shanetta shuler

Had a great time will be back

Marvin Nelson

Quick and fast service

Ashley Sims

Had a great time from the ticket booth to the snack bar not mention the lazy boys in the Theater ( o yeah there heated)definitely worth checking out with a friend,or loved one. Also it’s reasonably priced

Cherri Betterson

More of a muscle Gym. Ellipticals are outdated. A lot if broken equipment.


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