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REVIEWS OF Showcase Cinemas Warwick IN Rhode Island

Julie C.

Nice place for a date night. Now has a bar and restaurant. Lots of shows. Enjoyed our visit and the show.

Valerie Martin

Nice place for children

Michael Marshall

Not sure why they staff so few people. They are just hanging out empty cups. Yet the lines for concessions are out of control.

Cherie Binns

Comfortable stadium seating with both a snack stand and a grill as well as a full bar to enjoy with your viewing. I do find that sound volume is ALWAYS excessive and pricing is higher than some theaters in the area , both of which are why the rating is only 4*

Louisette Battey

I enjoy going to the movies . Staff is friendly .

Eric Ferrara

Not the best experience here today. They couldn't take credit cards for movie tickets or concessions. With the high cost of everything at Showcase this will quickly empty my wallet. I tried the Atom app the theater is always promoting to buy the tickets (I could use a credit card this way). They said the purchase was still processing forever and they didn't give me a barcode to scan in with so I was forced to purchase tickets with cash. My family went into the movie and I stayed out to fight with Atom for a refund before I got stuck paying for the expensive tickets twice. They also couldn't use our starpass card so we missed out on all those points for the tickets and the concessions. I understand sometimes systems go down but this was several different systems all at once and it was a huge inconvenience for me. I think I'll stick with Cinema World from now on...I've never had an issue there!

Rochelle Baker

Cold...air conditions to high for comfort.

Beatriz Lopez

They shut us out in the middle of the re-release of Endgame , enough said .

Joseph Martino

Fun movie theater with great parking and many choices of movies. Comfortable seating.

Anders Hellested

Great theater wish they had recliner seats would be nice

Stephanie Cruise

Beautiful cinema! They recently renovated and updated it to have a full service bar/lounge area, upgraded concession stands & kitchen with all the fixings you could ever want for food/snacks, awesome new self-serve beverage machines with a large variety of options and a self- checkout movie ticket counter. Updated to have larger theater numbers & signs so you can easily figure out where you are going. It is truly a luxury experience! There is also ample parking and wheelchair accessibility entering the cinema and in the movie theaters.

Kell Bain

Nice cinema where you can sit and enjoy a drink with friends, before and or after the movie.

silvia vallejo

Comfortable, good location, clean at overall very good service

Cheryl Ann Lainhart

Plenty of parking, no waiting in ticket line. Bathrooms were very clean. Theater #6 was big, lots of seating. Seats are very comfortable. Floors clean, not sticky.

john wheeler

Went to see a movie. It was the first time in at least 3 years. The facility is nice, clean and easy to get around. The actual theater room I was in was comfortable. Great sound and picture quality. My only complaint was the price of food and snacks were outrageous. Small popcorn starting at $10 rising to $21 fir a large with a drink. $4.50 for water, a bit steep I'd say. If you want to see a movie at Showcase bring lots of money.

G Nidia G Palacios

My favorite place to go watch movies with my kids !

Jenny Lloyd

I like the theaters and the people who work there are nice. I've never had a problem going there

Amanda Lambert

Great stadium seating! Theater was clean and staff was friendly.

Sir Kevo

Very spacious. Not crowded. But the movie theater shape kind of sucks.. the seats are faced long way so it isn't really easy to see the movie mid way to the back.


Have not seen much queue here, so less time in ticketing and getting snacks

Leigh-Ann Hernandez

I got there on time for the 8:00pm showing and the movie had already started... at least the first 3-5 minutes...I don't understand why the rush on the movie to start so fast... toy story 4...c'mon!

Jessica Anderson

always loved the movies but it's kind of ridiculous to pay $13.50 a piece for a ticket, also got two slushies, a thing of nachos and a small pack of dipping dots which all came to $30????

Steve Borsher

This complex generally is good, except they chose to put stairs in the middle of the viewing area in many (all?) of the theaters. The sound is good, except not last night when they showed Die Hard for it's 30th anniversary in theater 15. I don't know if it was the sound track or that theater, but my sound at home, especially on that movie, is much much better. Maybe it would be a good idea to avoid theater 15 in any case. The concession are good, with hot dogs and pizza available.

Annie Neumann

Very clean theatre.Love going there. Staff are great to deal with.

Rob Mills

Massive parking lot, massive theaters, massive cost. They usually have the newest movies fairly regularly. In my opinion, everything(I.E. ticket prices, snacks, etc.) is way too expensive. It is a really nice theater though, so I guess it's worth the cost.

Carlos Zambrano

Nice Cinema, it's getting a little dated.

Dinka Carreras

One of the best

Jake Farms

Big mall has everything u need, lots of parking

Krishna Kulasekaran

Big and spacious

Anne Ayer

Kids love going here to watch movies

Halit Pinar

Despite very small and unsubstantial upgrades (including a totally inappropriate full bar in the lobby), it is still an overpriced, low-tech movie theater. Instead of investing in a full bar in the lobby, they should have upgraded their seats and audiovisual system.

Tyler F.

The best movie theater in RI hands down. I came here yesterday to watch the new Fast and Furious with some family and enjoyed it very much. The theater was very clean and roomy with an arcade off to the side. It’s almost impossible for this place to get too busy because it’s so big. Definitely beats the one at Warick Mall.

Kelly Beach

We love the movie and the staff was great.

Shane Gumbs

Service was good, didn't wait long to get a ticket, and movie selection was pretty good as well.

Cindy Desnoyers

The Showcase Cinemas in Warwick are always great. Yes, they cost a bit for a ticket but you do have options of getting tickets at AAA at a discount or go on a Tuesday, which I think is only $5. I would hate it if any Showcase closed so I don't mind supporting them. We saw the movie "Breakthrough" it's a wonderful true story based on a tragedy in Missouri. If you didn't believe in miracles before, you will now. A great Easter movie to see, speaking of miracles.

Marie Kehoe

Great love the nee Thusday 5.00 movies.

Lindsey Goulet

Biggest theater around! Very clean and lots of showtimes. Been going here since I was a kid. It would be really cool to see if they upgrade the theater (maybe half) to a Cinema Superlux theater with servers, food, and dessert options. I love the one in Chestnut Hill and I think it would really do well at this large location if they also still had the regular seating option for people with families. They also just upgraded their exterior lighting and the parking lot is not much more lit up and nicer looking.

Trisha Blair

Seats made me itchy the whole 3 hr movie and the air was off so it was like a dutch oven inside with a touch of popcorn farts and body onions... I mean odor!

Norberto Echevarria

Great place to bring your family

James Engel

Comfortable seating, good sound and screen size, fresh popcorn.

Steven Thompson

Comfy seats. Clean and not crowded. Enjoyed my visit

Francisco Ramirez

Clean, good service. Latest movies always out there.

John Azzarone

Always a good time to goout


Great staff and friendly.

Daniel Krause

Old school cinema, but definitively a hometown feel to it

R Wheeler

It's been awhile since I've been to a movie. Yup, sticker shock with the ticket prices. Same stick floors & weird people.

Debbie Abruzzini

New self-serve soda and butter on popcorn. Lots of soda combos are great. However, I personally don't like jocking for soda covers (that are stuck together) during flu season. I also feel I've taken someone's job away. They do have a great monthly pass for frequent movie goers that is definately worth looking into!

Kristen Dexter

Expensive (What theater isn't these days?) and the floors are always sticky, but the seats are comfortable, and good customer service.

Patricia Paulo

Always clean. Very nice staff.

Marc Guillotte

Great place to see a movie with a full bar and friendly staff. Bargain nights on Tuesday and get the showcases pass. Earned a free movie tonight!

Mehdi S

A.C broken in 13! My luck!

mr t ar swag rivers

Good customer service

Kassondra G

Always clean, fast service.

Scott Nettleton

Dont like how they jack up the price of candy popcorn and soda... sell tickets dangit.

Mike Nice

At 13 bucks a ticket you would think they would have a human at the counter available to sell the tickets.

Jahosiphat Bojangles

Sat in the theater for 34 minutes past the show time for someone to come in and say that theater was broken and we had to move to another theater and wait another 40 min to be able to watch our movie. Now I have to stay past 9 pm with a child. This is unacceptable

Marta Houde

My favorite place to go and see a movie great theatre.

Rene Billington

Great .... Thank.

Bio fire 7

Pretty great if you go at night, they dont tend to card you for R rated movies after 9pm


Seats could be more comfortable. Air quality is fair. Dated interior.

DONNA Spigel

Told staff that it was freezing in theater even with coat and scarf. Never changed it. Made it very uncomfortable to enjoy movie. My husband and I were frozen by the time the movie was over. Just show movies in the parking lot

Kim Hawko Vitiello

Best theater in mid to southern RI. Usually clean and has great movie selection.

Allan Lester

Humongous and cavernous. Once you know which theater is where you can park accordingly near your exit. Entrance is in the rear, not where you drive in; confusing.

Aurora Paul

Old teathers. Staff is just ok

Kathleen Wilson

I'm a movie buff and love the Showcase Cinemas at Warwick Mall and Quaker Lane. Become a Starpass member and earn points towards free movies and refreshments. Also check out the $5 special on Tuesdays.

Michael Donegan

Had a great time seeing a movie here! Nice and clean theater and decent selection of snacks.

Melissa Monreal

The lobby is really nice AND bonus.. there's a bar! The seats aren't luxurious, but the sound and video quality is still what you could expect from a good theater

Cindy Viveiros

Love the movies, great date day with my son!

Mike Jr

Movies here are top notch. (*)(*)

Alverta Gaines

Nice theater. Clean and easy to get to. Lots of parking makes it easy.

Mark O'connell

Very nice looking and feeling theater. Feels like a psuedo-multiplex. They have a very wide selection of movies and keep most of them very long, which I appreciate. They also have special screenings every so often. Service was very quick and the employees very very polite. Although this was during a time when there weren't many people there. Also they have a small arcade along with a place for children's birthday parties. Overall very nice experience.

Mr. Kris Kumaroo MBA, MS

Not the 5 star theater establishment I've been used to in major cities. Some upgrades would be nice.

Mike Kelley

Meh.. small screens but not too crowded

Rita Hansen

The green book was a heart warming movie.

Jay F

Getting tougher to say let's go to the movies with the availability of services at home but... It was great to go see the big screen with the big sound and what? yes adult beverages too. No matter how hard I try, I haven't been able to get the exact match to theater popcorn. I also tried the atom app. It worked seamlessly. Already planning our next visit.

Isaac Owen

plays movies. big cinemas with decent seats. did i mention they play movies?

Dawn Huntley


frances wilson

Love going here a lot of movies to choose from

Dottie VanderPyl

Always a fun time at the movies. This theater is clean and friendly. Loved the Book Club.

Marianna Beres

Clean, comfortable. Big variety of movies. They serve alcohol. Large concession stand

James B. Sprole

Staff was fine, needs to be updated.

Scott Byrd

Movie was great, but they didn't bother to turn on the surround sound. I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody and had heard the audio effects were amazing. Was kind of disappointed to not get the full experience.

Aaron Noel

Great theater

david bailey

Nice inside

white noise

Clean, comfortable and tons of parking. Easy access to route 4 and 95.

deborah leong

Huge venue. Multi screan offerings the lastest shows. A concession stand offering all one could crave at a movie.

Renee Picillo

It's a movie theater, it has a bar and Starbucks. I thought with the new menu the food items would have improved but they have not, in my opinion. We were running late and thought we would eat there, since the renovation the menu changed and looked fancier, but it was the same food. I think they should pull in chain or local favorite and it would increase traffic flow..its usually not busy.

Benjamin Joseph

I only go to Providence Place Mall, the two Warwick theaters are so moldy and gross I can't do it anymore. I don't mind paying 7 dollars for a small popcorn when I go out, dazzle me, entertain me, charge me 10 dollars for a handful of popcorn no problem. Don't make it cold and stale though. That's pushing it. You want good popcorn, try Tarbox Toyota. Fifty times better. I bet my house on it.

Robin Gillette

Nice place to see your fab film

Miguel Marrero

I visit this location every week. I love watching movies so when i do I always go to the best theater in the area. Always friendly always clean. But like any theater the prices tho lol

Michael Disalvia

Pricey but fun night out

Stephen Pecchia

Good movie, stale popcorn!!

Mike Phillips

Good service

Allison Bernard

$5 Tuesday movies is a win

Tatiana Trenholm

It was fun to be 1 of 3 families. 9-30 time appears perfect with small kids

Carlos Monce Records

Not the best but the movies are great

Renee Cavanaugh

Quiet not many people in the theater which was great for us

Scott Davidson

Good seating and sound system! Movie experience was good however the popcorn and soda prices are OUTRAGEOUS! $17 for a large popcorn and medium!

Stargirl 88

It's fun and has good speakers

Soumyadeep Mukherjee

This is the one of the most common theaters that we visit to watch movies. The Showcase Cinemas at Warwick Mall and the Showcase Cinemas at Quaker Lane. Me and my spouse both have the Showcase Subscribe membership. So we watch 2-3 movies each month, and both if these places work well for us. The one at mall is nice because we can hang out at the mall and there is a Target close by. The theaters are spacious and well-maintained. Nice and convenient.

Joseph Brazil

Love that place

Sarah Renzi

Great place to watch movies

Scott Collins

Just okay because although the place is clean and kept up well, the food prices are ludicrous.

Manuel Perez

The place was spotless and organized. The movie started about 15 minutes late and I got a little ticked off that someone actually had to get up, go out of the showing room to ask for the lights to be turned off 5 minutes after the movie started

Gary Pickard

Nice movie theater! Recently remodeled. I like how they let you now, put as much butter on yourself!

Alexis Daluz

I won toy ducks

Steve L

Wasn't very busy, staff was friendly and theater was clean. Both token machines in the game area had issues. Over wouldn't work at all and the other only took cash. These machines are inoperable often.


Both the movie and roticery chicken was excellent 10/10

Jennifer Weisberg

There was a red balloon in the ladies room. I was pretty concerned that the clown from it was there. I ran out pretty quick.

Ann Walkup

Good popcorn, great seats, screens, and sound.

Philip Serino

Nice place but pricey.

Mike Millen

No one there for 415pm show...but water is almost $5 and $8 popcorn not so good. Way cheaper else where. Going stay with movie 8 in South county.

Margo Gallucci

Always a great time at Showcase Cinema! We were there for the premier screening of "Vault" ❤️ Fantastic!!

Steve Marques

Love this place

Lazarus Ameno

The staff at the counter are usually friendly as well as the concession stand. The seat arm rests in the theater do not move up unfortunately so if you want to get close to someone or need extra room, you're out of luck. They are clean and the staff are always walking around cleaning the floors.

Kay Puddles

This place is BEAUTIFUL. I love the bright numbered signs so it is easy to find your movie. The bathrooms are big and fairly nice. Sure the food is expensive just like every other theater but what can you expect? They actually have people checking your tickets so if you a parent and don't want your kids to sneak off into an R-rated movie, allow them to go here with their friends.

Al Ashworth

Large scratch/blemish on the screen was distracting. Outdated, squeeky chairs need replacement.

Sarah Peterson

Food over priced. Clean bathrooms at least! Only thing good is bargain Tuesdays.

Nichole Wright

I love hat they have special event shows like The Dark Crystal and The Wizard of Oz.

Jeremy Smith

Always fun how can u give a movie night a bad review maybe the movie its self but the theater it's self as long as they shut the lights off and the chairs rock I'm all good

Lawson Gunn

Sunday night, at about 7:30 to 8:00, my wife and I were watching The Lion King when the movie stopped, the lights came on ,and sirens went off. We were told to evacuate the building. Then the staff came out and told everyone to get away from the building. It was very scary, so my wife just went home. What happened!!! I haven't been told anything. Not from the news or from you!!! Please let me know what the heck happened!!!!!!

Anthony Centore, Jr.

Great movie theater with good selection of movies and snacks

amy putrino

Always clean, well staffed and friendly

Joey Vegas

Showcase Cinema is fantastic. As a star pass member I always try to take advantage of their $5 deals on Tuesday. It's the best time to take your kids. I get cashback on every $50 I spend. And I love the self serve drinks. I've never seen so many options of drinks I can mix all the drinks I can get all the drinks it's fantastic!!

Diane Graham

I find regal theaters more economical

Francine Proulx

always a great experience!

Nancy Campbell

Love the location. Its near many stores, restaurants. They serve liquor as well as your cinema treats. The bathroom are very clean. Staff was pleasant and sociable. A/C was more than sufficient. Recommend bringing a sweater or sweatshirt you will get cold before the end of the movie. Parking lot is very big and W/C accessible. That's it for tonight. Sweet dreams to my loyal followers.

Maria Fera

Clean theater with comfortable seating. Just way too loud.

Stefan-Mira Kostadinovs

Very pleasant clean. There is a bar you can get alcoholic beverages in addition to popcorn.

Kenny Bats

The cinema itself is nice, BUT....took my family there today. 2 adults, 2 children, 3 drinks (non-alcohol), 1 popcorn, 1 nachos, and 2 boxes of candy cost $90. Absolutely insane. It's simply not worth the cost. Haven't been in years and likely won't be going back for years. I'd rather just wait for the movies to be streamable and enjoy for much less in the comfort of my home.

Elijah Perez

I went to go see child's play

Kayla Stone

I walked in and the entire staff was huddled together at the bar. They looked at us and just turned around and continued talking. So I decided to walk down the hallways to enter the movies, no one stopped me rather just laughed that I was walking to the movie. I decided to leave. Service was awful, staff was rude, definitely not coming back. P.s. check your cameras 09/10/18 10:16 pm

Bill Phillips

Me and my family just went to see captain marvel and purchased 4 number 5'. All our drinks we're flat, spoke to a staff member and she said she didnt know what to do. I wish I could of just had a refund on soda instead of having coke water.

Michael Wheeler

Honestly pretty much the only option around besides a drive in or providence place mall. Cleanliness could definitely improve. But overall I guess it's alright. Happy they added the butter and salt area so you can add what you like instead of being disappointed when you ask for extra and dont get enough. But this experience was better than my last as my feet were not sticking to the floor in the theater itself in literally every row of seating. This time was pretty clean no sticking. Like I said only option close by so kinda stuck with what we got or we can wait a few weeks and watch it at a drive in.

Eddy Jean

Great popcorn

DawnMarie MeOW!!

needs updating and seats r very uncomfortable

Andy Lowe

Great place. Watched this one movie there once it was great. Guy was all you complete me and show me the money. Think it was call human centipede.

Spacey S

Been going here for 25 years. I love that unlike most cinemas they have tilted seats so it makes it more comfortable to watch a 2 hours movie. Not really impressed that they serve alcohol.


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