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REVIEWS OF Showcase Cinemas Warwick Mall IN Rhode Island

Robert Toyota

Poor audio. Sound only comes from the front. Needs Surround sound and higher volume.

Shannon Weindel

Always a great experience here. Some of the guests are messy as heck though. The team does a great job cleaning up after them though!

Jody Orlando

Great movie, but so ridiculously over priced for concessions. Also, only allowing one alcoholic beverage sale to a 42 year old adult is a bit laughable

Michael Marshall

The place has improved with cleanliness. It is the lack of customer service. You would think they beat their employees the way they more about. Of course the other clientele makes it difficult.

ken p

Get yourself the showcase movie pass so worth the price and since your at it get the rewards card also.


Nice atmosphere.

Louisette Battey

A nice place to enjoy a movie !

Suzie Perrotto

Always clean, friendly staff

Jean Laliberte

Outrageously priced, stop at a store first if you dont wanna wipe out your wallet.sooo greedy

jared francis

Nice theater, seats were comfy and the prices were pretty good

Diane Derobbio

Cute movie!

J Angell

Great place all-around for movie theater. It would be a little bit helpful if during the movie one of the ushers went around and asked certain people, (LOUD-MOUTHS) that don't know how to act in a movie theater to "SHUT UP!" Sir or Man or please be quiet before we have to ask you to leave. This applies to all the teenagers and people in their twenties that talk throughout the whole movie and crinkle bags. Like have some self-awareness. Other than that I love the theatre and I'm happy you guys got Cherry Coke back after the flood. Everyone who works there is genuinely Pleasant.

G Nidia G Palacios

Never going back to that location! The one in Quaker Lane is the best !!


Great place, 2nd time here. Always clean I will be back if they get another good movie I wish to see

Sébastien GIROUD

Good friendly place

Jamie Hopkins

Good place to catch a movie in the Warwick area without having to deal with Providence traffic/ crowds. The concessions are pricey, but no more so than other theaters. The facility itself was clean but showing its age. The sound and picture quality were good and the seats are pretty comfortable. Went during the day and shared the entire showing with one other family. Parking is good.

M. J. 123

Very clean and fast lines along with Alcohol beverages now.

Theresa Roman

Awful management here I overheard one of the higher up managers "Nicole" talking badly about a costumer who just got done complaining about services to another employee. I will be contacting corporate about her.

Jay P

It's a movie theater. Hard to screw up being a movie theater. Could be cleaner.


The theaters are out dated. No comfort when viewing a film. The food could be better.

she WOLF gaming

I been coming here for a very long time and I think that the experience is real nice the employees are very friendly but the candy is over price :/

Darius Young

This place is great.


They have convenient times, comfortable seating, goodies. Its close enough for our family to see good movies. Its changing though and I don't like the changes in the snack area and talking to other patrons some others do not either., ie., getting your own slows your time up and now we butter out own popcorn too! .what's next? Popping our own popcorn? Prices are ridiculous and now they are selling liquor? Lets encourage drinking and driving! What a lawsuit they're setting themselves up for. I feel,like it's not the movies anymore. I'm on a special diet..I should be able to take in what I need to with no problem. They "deserve the right to check your bags" Nobody will check my bags without a warrant They don't have what I can eat. I'm on a fixed income. A bottle of water I can bring from home costs 4.50. Crazy! They are never checking my purse either that's against my rights.

Dave Barishian

The popcorn & drinks are much more expensive at this location than other theaters I've been to. Over $6.00 for a small popcorn. Ridiculous!

Korgi Dash


Lee Smith

Just saw Captain Marvel. It was fantastic!!!! 10 out of 10. A must see! In the words of the great visionary Stan Lee, "Nuff Said!"

Chris Rotondo

A little outdated. Would like better sound and 3D

William Reyes

Cust9mer service is so useful! Plus great audio for movies and no issues!

KJ Rock

Always clean, nice staff, friendly service, delicious fresh popcorn.

Annmarie Wesolowski

Nicely maintained. Personable staff.

Zachary Wilkinson

In the last few years the lobby has been updated multiple times. The theater is always clean when you enter. The lines never take to long, even if a new blockbuster just dropped.

Jazmin Allen-Collins

Not sure why everyone seems to hate this place. Don't go back I guess? We have a fine experience every time and we're there a few times a month. You can get tickets at Not Your Average Joes for $8.75 rather than 11 something. And the drinks are priced pretty averagely. The food is way too expensive, but so is any movie theater these days. Overall, it's nothing overwhelmingly exciting, but the drinks help. ;)

Norma Pacheco

Love how easy it is to get in an out with out the hassle of paying and finding parking.

Barney Freedline

Decent not as clean as the other showcase in Warwick. Picture was at times not great, sound effects was excellent

Vanessa Lachance

Clearly we all know the price of movies have gone up but a very nice theatre.

javier pepin

Better than providence place mall

Manuel Maceia

Great place to visit. I seen Black panther and the Lego movie there.

quanda dunlap

This place can stand to have some recliner chairs. Other than that this is a nice place to watch a movie.

James Paul

Like every where else, pricing is crazy to counter the lower constant crowd of people going to see a movie. Everyone is generally friendly and helpful there though

Julie R.

Great movie theater, quiet nice and clean inside. Seats were comfortable and staff was friendly. Lots of options to chose from!

Michael Dussault

Nice theater. Refills on popcorn and drinks are free. You fill your own drinks.

Charles Parisi

The movie was great the place was dirty


Always friendly staff, prices are expensive but expected, food is good, theater is clean

Shoshanna Sarria

Great place to enjoy a movies .

Elaine Gagne

It's very clean, and the staff is nice.

Shannon Thurston

I wish movies weren't so expensive. It's a nice treat for kids yet it is so expensive

Rebecca B

Nice clean theater with the latest movies at average prices... special prices on Tuesdays & Senior Discounts

sonia javed

Nice place

Viriatus 71

I love going to this theater. There's always plenty of showings and the people that work there are very friendly.

Criss Montenegro

love this place..!!!

Dave R

Good overall experience.

Thomas Paul

I saw Suicide Squad here. I dunno. I guess it was better than people say. I know the script was pretty bad, but it was fun to go with friends and watch a stupid movie like that. I liked Will Smith in it. Anyways, staff was great and stuff. There's popcorn. Overall, it is an above-average viewing experience with all the hallmarks of a typical movie theater.

Jay Curtis

Daughters loved "How to Train Your Dragon"!

Greg Wilson

Good variety of films, 21+ wet bar inside and you can bring drinks into the movie.

john beaudreau

Great upgrades but if you happen to be in theaters 1-7 you are fast removed from soda dispensers but closer to the bar.

Michael Fortenberry

My family and I have been to this movie theater multiple times over several years and have had nothing but a positive experience. The staff members are always super helpful and friendly! Overall this is a great location because it is close to the Warwick Mall and several other restaurants. It’s always nice to stop and grab something to eat at the mall or at one of the restaurants around the mall before catching a movie. Highly recommended!


Really wish they offered student discounts, being so close to CC it only seems logical. But it is a nice theater and is convenient to get to personally

Karen Jencks

Very clean. Plenty of parking and lots of goodies to choose from.

Lynne Dewey

General Movie Theater, nothing special, but it is clean.

Katie Chren

The staff here especially, at the bar are just flat out rude. An employee by the name of Ashley and another bartender Jeff or something similar were extremely rude and unprofessional. The girl was on her phone texting the entire time my friend was ordering something at the bar. The male Bartender had an attitude. On top of all this, the Manager Stephanie or "Steph" as she said was very, very, rude and unprofessional over the phone, and in person. I will never return.

Mike Morris

Good theater just missing the updates of the modern theater like motorized seats

Scotty D

Decent theater. Usually has a good movie selection, and seems like it's well kept.

steven orsi

Good time, kept clean...bring your own snacks


It's your average movie theater. Snacks and drinks are expensive, but not usually busy on off peak times.

Michael Boyd

Seats are awful here. Regardless I like the old vibe it gives off with the interior with the colorful carpet. The ticket lady had an attitude with me for whatever reason till I pulled out my Military ID for the discounted tickets and she started treating me differently with a smile and less attitude.

Grace Flanders

Movie was amazing n the theatre was great

Mike Jr

Perfect place to watch xxx movies

Aaron Sierra

Amazing and the cashier With the nice eyes has amazing customer service honestly. P.s there should be a hair rule because there is one kid with a freakishly large Afro but he is a great employee.

Mike Normandin

Movie went off during the show

Max Benz

Me and my teen friends LOVE to hang out here

María José Guevara Ortúzar

Excelent service and ideal for going to enjoy a movie at a place which is not crowded

Shae Delgrego

Great place to go out

jay allard

It's a movie theater

Deb Bryan

Nice, comfortable place to watch a movie!

Theresa McFarlane

Nice movie theatre. Super expensive even with discounted tickets. Plan on $80 for a family of four for tickets and consessions. It’s actually less expensive for use to get 4 tickets for Disney on ice.

Nathalie Herrera

Nice theater and now has a bar

Nick Cataldo

Enjoyed the movie

Ron Baker

It's still the same showcase now with a bar

Randy Charlska

High quality cinema. Great sound

Mr. Graywulf

Great bar!! The theatre was disappointing in the fact that on a 90+ degree day with the theatre packed, to set the thermostat at lord knows what temperature that caused all in there to sweat for 3hrs is not acceptable. C'mon y'all!! Step into modern times and put in an airconditioning system that can handle it or are y'all that cheap that y'all keep it set on OFF? I'd have given a one star rating but not for the bar.

Andy Clemence

We went to see Aquaman which was really good. It's one of the best DC comic movies in a while. The concession prices are climbing to outrageous prices though unfortunately.

Shirley Stafford

I enjoy going to this theater and watching movies always had a good experience

Tina Mason

Its an ok place to see a movir

April Shaw

Saw the Halloween movie here. The staff were friendly, the facilities were very clean, and the quality was great.

Melissa Medenciy

Facility was clean and workers were pleasant. The theater seats are comfortable, but are showing their age. Film presentation wise no complaints, good sound and video.

deborah leong

Arrived late for the movie ... no problem. They processed my ticket very quickly and got to see my chosen movie pronto!

Tammy Crider

Comfortable seats, fast line at the concession stand. Tickets price not that great but they have specials.

CV Hopkins

I used to love this theater, but I went around 3pm today and the staff was incredibly hostile. I went to see a R rated movie with a friend. I'm 17 but I left my ID at home. Understandably, they wanted ID, but I offered to call my parents so I could get my ticket. No dice. I had my parents drive from MA to give permission. Nope, they made my mother watch the movie with me, even though she verified my age, and I went with another person who was of age who was given a ticket. This was a rated R movie, not NC17. Very disappointing. I wouldn't come here during the afternoon again. Facilities were fine, and the theater was clean, but watching Deadpool 2 with my mother? Unforgivable.

Stephen Denis

Movie prices are decent. They've made some renovations to the lobby area, adding a bar and lounge. But the theaters themselves need and major upgrade compared to regal, cinemagic, and AMC.crammed seats, no reclining option, and the sound system in the theaters has so much left to be desired. Saw endgame last weekend and felt like all sound was coming from the screen and nowhere else.

Deborah Franks

Had a amazing time with my Mom and sisters. Saw A

Rene Sandoval

It's the movies. I always have a great time.

linds b

Great theater. Comfortable seating. Lots of concession selections and movie showings.

Mario Alberto

Great Cinema! Love it better than Providence mall cinema

O Shaba

Good place to see a movie with huge free parking

Mike Phillips

Good service.

TheNuke 922

Lines are sometimes long, and the price is a little high but it's worth it.

Seth Shippee

If you want to see new movies this is the place to go. Don't forget your star pass.

Joshua Johnson

Seats are my only complaint, great theater

Michelle Camara

Took my son to see The Meg. Staff friendly & I love you add butter to your own popcorn yum.

Kelly Wood

Comfortable seating. Bar inside. Good sound and visual quality. Lounge seating.

Soumyadeep Mukherjee

I like because of its convenient location and close proximity to the Warwick mall. We use the Showcase subscribe plans and frequent this as well as the Quaker Lane locations most often. The people are nice, and the facility is kept neat and clean. You can spend some time in the mall and the food court if you arrive early or need a quick bite, though the theater has its own popcorn, etc.

Michael Riley

nice & clean staff were very nice only thing is thay the prices were to high!!!!!! for food & drinks!

Kathy McBride

This is my favorite regular theater and when my daughter was visiting we went to see Queen which was just great

Ramon Albino

Nice place

Jen Perry

Lots of space and an open bar! Also right next to the Warwick mall! Convenient.

Erica Parrillo

It wa very cold in there!

Sharon Bernard

I Love This Place

Catherine Fay

This place has good movies and popcorn etc.


Overpriced tickets. Overpriced garbage food and yesterday's popcorn. Gross unclean theatre. Ignorant Tweens who talk the whole movie. No wonder why people watch movies online. I don't like feeling robbed after a night out.

Peter Chin

Very comfortable seating with good visibility. Not at all crowded at the matinee

Donna Hansen

My family of three goes to the movies a lot, and bonus for my adult friends and I is that they have a bar. Obviously not a lot of selections but a beer and a movie are a wonderful combination. Also if you go on their website they have a lot of older films that they show randomly through out the months, which I find pretty cool. Yes it’s expensive but what movie theater isn’t. On Tuesday’s they have discounted rates which is pretty cool as well.

John Best

Trusty local cinema. It's insanely expensive, but so are all theatres. They don't get mad when I bring in McDonald's from across the street.

Peter Bellisle

Fine theater, standard issue prices ... meh popcorn, and yeah, that makes a difference to me.

Gaian Luck

Very accommodating staff, tasty snacks, about what you're looking for in a good theater. Seats are not as cushy as the N. Attleboro location, and their menu lacks alcohol and keto options.

Jeff St Germain

Movie was great. Cost of snacks is ridiculous. 5 bucks for water. 8 bucks for medium popcorn. No wonder the theaters are usually empty.

Brenda Pacheco

Lines move fairly quickly and service at concession stand is fast as well.

Kenneth Herard

Very nice

Alicia Carl

Getting pricey, $7 for a small slushy !


I love that not was crowded Saturday afternoon, they have everything Ineed for enjoy at afternoon family movie.

Kay Puddles

They don't ID. Sometimes they don't even check to see if you have a ticket. It is kind of pricey but most theaters are. The floor could use a vacuum. Not spacious foot room. But other than that staff was great and I had a good time.

Michael Jarvis

I love this place especially with its location close to the mall but I can't bring myself to come back. The staff are great and friendly but the management is just awful. One of the female managers named Steph yelled at one of the employees in the middle of the lobby. She obviously doesn't care about who sees or hears this.

Britnay Leonin

Great service but the managers are so rude! That younger manager, Steph I think, was terrible. When she wasn’t talking to the ushers, she was giving everyone dirty looks! Will NOT be back!

Karen Stone

Brought my elderly mother there for Mother’s Day. She went to wash her hands and NOTHING BUT FREEZING cold water! I don’t understand how a place that makes so much money cannot afford hot water. My mother is elderly and cannot bear the cold on her hands. There are disabled people that visit everyday and this is totally unacceptable!

Ronniegb's Reviews

A great theatre comfortable seating. Nice screens and sound system. A lot of theatres in one however the priciest in the state next to Providence place.

Timothy Gering

A bit pricey now but still a nice time out in a clean environment.

Paula Casey

It was great good movie and great discounts

Brian Canfield

Just like most movie theaters....stay away from the bar. They have premixed drinks that are barely alcoholic but cost an arm and a leg. Too sweet...just order a beer

Michael Iavarone

Nice place. They have a bar and sell alchol!!

Kevin LaPerle

The Showcase Subscriber Program is awesome. It has made using MOVIEPASS not required. With Moviepass, there were never any shows available. With the Subscriber, I've never had a problem seeing what I wanted to see.

Pete DiLo

Bar is nice but the theaters are old , seats are old

ashley cerrito

Always a good time at the movies!

Mark Ahlquist

Nice place, but movies are so expensive these days, dagnabbit!

Jason Schneider

I was gonna give one or two stars because the movie I was watching, there were some annoying high schoolers who wouldn’t shut up and some took out their phones during the movies but then a manager/associate came into the theater and told them, “no talking during the movie” and rightfully so! High schoolers need to start coming with a parent to all theaters lol

Howard Cimaglio

Could have better seats

Germaine Amoh

Bad bathrooms and staff not washing hands after things drop on floor. Staff allowing customers to put bare feet on chairs and watching staff play around

Glen Verduchi

Cuz of Rambo

Antonio Hinton

Decent cinema with current movies. Recent addition of a bar, food and drink overpriced by 2-3 times. Better to eat beforehand at the nearby mall's food court or the Newport Creamery (also in the mall but apart from the rest of the food vendors). Tickets are 10+ dollars each, with military and other discounts. Overall not bad, but it's better to go to the IMAX in Providence Place Mall instead.

Seth Louis

Its clean, there is a bar and lounge area. Nice amenities

joanna leigh

Awesome. Except for the miserable teenager that worked the ticket counter.

Paul Chacon

Comfy seats

jack e

the food is way too overpriced, everything else is good

Steven Ogden

Nice cinema food and snacks choices is great. Friendly staff and lots of movies to choose from


Nearly every theater has a fantastic screen and sound system. But I have to take a star off for them not always having the sound at a high enough volume and at times the theaters are not cleaned very well between shows.

tina fontaine

Great girls night out for a movie

A Zz

Comfortable seats, full screen

Jason Place

Clean theater, comfortable seats, volume just right. Had a great night.

Tori Ethier

Great place clean, friendly and comfortable.. very expensive and but a great place if you can afford it


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