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REVIEWS OF Regal Stonington IN Rhode Island

Ali B

I don't go as often as I use to but nothing has changed. Still have to wait to buy tickets and it isn't always clean. Most of the staff is nice.

Matt Evans

Nice theater but as always the candy/popcorn and drinks are grossly overpriced. Five stars if you could bring your own beverages and candy.

Karen Madison

We went today (Tuesday, May 23) to the theater about 1:15, but a theater employee came to the door asking if he could help us. He told us that it didn't open until 3:30. We went back for a movie at 4:20 and had a lovely time. The theater was very clean and comfortable. All of the employees were extremely pleasant. Also, I had left my movie card at home and they looked my number up for credit at the ticket booth and at the concession stand. We got our popcorn for half price. So win-win! This place is one of the best bargains around.

Kathryn Britos-Swain

Not too crowded for opening nights

Marc Tate

Smells like urine and feces. Sent in a complaint and go a form response back. Go to Waterford or Mystic.

mac genome

Was ok, not updated so small seat and not a recliner but still the same price. Sound was ok nothing like an updated theater

Lois Caswell

Movie was great. Prices for drinks, popcorn and candy astronomical but I guess that's the norm.(total cost for 2 children for admission, 2 small drinks, 1 small popcorn, and 2 bags candy was $48.95) Admission was only $16.98.. But the young lady who waited on us was very nice and friendly.

Michael Devine

Everything was great but the room smelled like a high school locker room. Thanks

Dawn Bock

Great theatre. Doesn't have stadium seating but has very cheap Tuesday matinee pricing!

Jessica Tipton

Theater itself is okay. Not super comfortable, and pretty old looking but clean enough. But the popcorn gets like 1/5 stars. I've tried it on 3 separate occasions (because seriously, it's hard to fully enjoy a movie theater experience without popcorn) and every time it's been terrible. Room temperature, and like they just scraped up a bunch of popcorn crumbs from somewhere and filled up your bucket. Super disappointing. Luckily I go on Tuesdays so it's cheaper. But makes me wonder if the popcorn they sell on Tuesdays is like a month old or something.

Krystian Pearson

Nice place

Christine Hoyle

Nice place and good size. Still like the old theater

Eric Hayes

The chairs need to be updated

Craig Ragan

Nice theatre. Needs to be updated with seating. Kind of outdated.

Max Powers

Nice staff and clean. Little pricy. Dated no stadium seating. Still good picture good sound.

Stephanie Cruise

Nice theater, plenty of show times. Great movie experience. Not stadium seating which is a bummer but not a deal breaker. Knocked off a star because every time i get popcorn, it is stale/not i dont bother anymore. Also, the last 4 times i went, the same toilet was broken even though i told them about it leaking everywhere when flushed. Food and maintenance could be improved.

Isaac Hill

Unbeatable Tuesday prices! Movie sound did mess up but they fixed it before the movie got more than a couple minutes in.

Jennifer Allyn

Not the best theater. I'm now used to the modern theaters, this one is definitely old.

Scott Slagel

I always go here when I want to watch a movie that just came out seats are comfy theaters are always inviting and they have all the good movies

Michael G Whitehouse

The screen is very high up on a short theater making it somewhat uncomfortable to watch. Otherwise a decent theater.

Shannon Keeley

I’ve been going to this theater for years. It has awesome food, good customer service, and this branch always has the movies my friends and I want to see. However, the seats in the theaters need to be updated. They are NOT comfortable for someone with a bad back/hips. It takes away the movie experience if you’re worried about being comfortable the whole time. I hope that Regal decides to upgrade this branch, because it definitely needs it!! I don’t think it’s changed in my whole 24 years lol. Aside from that, my family loves going to this theater!

Greg Broadbent Real Estate

I like this movie theater. They have a good selection of movies and it is one of the closest to my house. Each theater has a good amount of seating and for top movies it is usually playing on two screens at a time. So I have almost never had a problem finding a good seat. However, they are a little pricey. I go online and buy tickets in bulk and save some money. They don't have brand name candy like Starbursts or skittles. They have some kind of knock off candy. They also don't have the option for luxury seating like some other theaters have.

Miriam Shands

Worst theater movie didn't start on time only got excuses. Theater smelled like mole seats awful. Never will go here again.

Jenny King

The movie deal days are great if you have a large group!

Steve Borsher

I can't get to the link you supplied, so I will respond here. The theater is excellent for screen and audio experience. Unfortunately, the seat armrests are VERY uncomfortable. They really need to be padded.

Kelly DiCarlo

The staff is courteous and the theater clean, but they don't have premium seating or even stadium seating.

cat lady

I love this theater, the staff are very nice here. it was a little pricey but its a movie theater and that's normal. it was also very clean and the staff were very helpful.

Doreen D

Reasonably priced for date or family night! Needs new carpeting...Clean but I can smell the mold. Plenty of parking.

danielle jones

Although the popcorn was super salty and cold the service was great. They friendly and quick and the theater was clean. I was charged full price opposed to the Tuesday discount price which was frustrating but not worth taking a star away.

Ryan Jakub

Third time regal cinemas said a promotional gift is available and then staff at check in says not every regal gets the promotion. Poor customer service- go somewhere else!

uhhh okay

ISsa lit place

Online Mail

Really like the comfortable seats. Staff is actively involved in customer satisfaction.

Dylan Lawrence

Best theatre Stonington. Also the only theater in Stonington. Clean and modern with 3D movies and digital sound. It's not quite IMAX, but a good theatre experience none the less.

kay quinn

$5.50 for a bottle of water really!???

Manny Gonzalez

No posted signage of business hours posted on doors. Not one employee came to the door to ask if they could help my family or I. When in fact clearly online it states open at 11 am.

Steven Hinchey

Nice theater, great parking. Very clean

Nittaunis Baker

I come to this theater all the time. this is a great place to watch movies with the whole family.they have to best popcorn in my opinion, the perfect amount of butter and salt. although, their restrooms are a bit broken down and dark, they are still clean.

Alex Bejan

Nice movie theater. Good prices. Some special events. Food is typical. People are nice. Seats not very comfortable. The place is clean. Overall average.

james chapman

Very good atmosphere and customer service

christina stokes

This place needs to be updated and cleaned a lot better

Veronica Chambers

Clean, friendly staff, good show times and movies :) what more could you ask for

John Kiss

I like the theater but I'm never sure what time a movie starts. Last night I went to see Goosebumps, paper said 7:00pm, Website said 7:00pm, got there and the movies started at 7:55pm. Tonite, we'll try for Steve Jobs. Paper says 8:00pm, website says 7:20pm, phone says 7:20. Can't wait to find out!

austin watson

A local theater with great values with rewards cards and cheap Tuesday prices not suggested for midnight releases or if you want that big movie theater feel

Scott Hunter

Nice theater seats were average comfort

Mike Rzewuski

Regal is always good. Could use an extra person in concession stand especially when the line is long.


There are about 4 or 5 employees at any time and you often have to buy your tickets at the concession stand. The theaters are somewhat clean most of the time and the seats are old and not very comfortable. The only redeeming factor about this place, is that it is the only one in the area really and it is easy to get to. The prices are roughly the average for most chain theaters.

Joyful Alkema

Didn't have to wait outside to buy ticket. What a nice touch.

nathan cerrigione

Huge selection. Clean and friendly


Had an awful experience with this cinema. As I was going in for a last showtime of a movie, an employee saw us parked our car as he ran to the doors and locked them and ran away. And mind you not they close at 11pm. You don't treat people/customers like that. It just makes us not want to come again which I won't ever again. That's just rude and disrespectful as we just wanted to watch the last showtime of a movie. If I could give this place a negative star I would

Jeffrey Clemens

I walked into theater 3 after coming from the concession stand it was late and bright I went to the door and it was so dark I couldn't see and walked right into the wall thought I'd knock myself out. You guys have got to do something to get some kind of light in there because when you come in through those doors your eyes have adjusted yet and you can't see anything so I'm just telling you cuz the next person that's going to get hurt and they're going to sue you just so you know get it fixed

Sotha Keth

I'm surprised by with the friendly stuff and a fresh popcorn I got. The seats is not comfortable if the movie more than two hour long.

Rick Labbe

Great movie but the seats were very uncomfortable.

Ellen Dupont

Ticket girl had bad attitude rude, to say the very least

Jo Hayes

Good movie theater! Cheap matinee prices

Sophie Harris

Not the nicest theater but they have great deals for Regal Reward members.

Michael Peltier

It is a nice movie theater. The people working there are nice.

Morgan gatch

It was pretty good

Greg Pendergraft

Everything was good but the movie was interrupted from the noise from the movie playing next door so could hear the movie in a different theatre then the one I was in

Tom T

Theaters are smaller and seating is comfortable. Staff is friendly and helpful.

s. Daniels

Good movie selections. Dated cinema and seating.


Reasonably priced. First run shows

Alzie p

Tuesdays are great because only $5. The disadvantages on Tuesdays you get tons of kids and especially now that school is over but the movie we start today was great and it was fine

Kay Adams

You could tell the staff was annoyed by helping the customers. Seats are not very comfortable. Bathroom was clean but the hand dryer blows out freezing cold air. I have been to much better theaters for less cost.

Jacqueline Nichols-Holden

I really wish they would update their seating like Waterford did.

Amanda Dumont

Half price Tuesday's are the best! We love this theater. The speakers are sometimes a little too loud though

Dustin Postma

Clean nice place.....but......wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many ads....crazy...

Rob Dempsey

Would be much better if they had the reclining seats and had better food and drink options. Often way under staffed.

Tammy Hammond

Clean friendly and over all good

Regina Mosley

I always get warm popcorn closest to the 1 o'clock matinee

Amanda Williams

Don't eat the "soft" pretzels! It tasted like stale bread. The customer service was great and the seats were nice.

Stephen Lewis

First time visit. Regular everyday cinema. Will use again for sure.

April Moresco

The end game avenger movie was ok not what i expected . Theater is nice . Prices a little high for a sunday matinee move only 1 cheaper then there regular prices...

Kristin Brown

Needs to be updated. Smells like mold inside Movie Theater Number 3.

N. Sanchez

Needs Recliner Seating.

Phillip C

Kept relatively clean and the staff are friendly enough. The movies are great but I would suggest eating before you come. Nothing they can do about pricing as far as I know, it comes from the higher ups, don't know why some people complain about it being expensive.

Tonya Turano

Great for rainy days. Being able to watch a movie as soon as it comes out. We sawtpy story4 enjoyed ourselfsl

Grace Brown

Nice theater for the area. Uncomfortable seats and not a whole lot of show times. Concessions are costly, but what isn't nowadays.

Krista Borsher

$5 Tuesday? I paid $32 for 3 kids and 1 adult. 3D costing same price as matinee? We went at 4:10. I dont get it. We were late and I could get a quick answer. Not too happy

Tracey Oliver

I've been here twice. Both times were not great experiences. First time,concession person couldn't get it together, which turned out to be a good thing because no one started the movie...we had to get someone to start it. Today, garbage cans everywhere were overflowing, bathroom was gross, paper towels on the counter, just a gross theater, won't be coming back,,oh, and the best thing is, in front along side of the handicapped parking, are reserved parking spaces for "managers"....we don't want them walking too far to do the great job they're doing.

Nicholas Romano

Arrived at the theatre at the wrong time for our show. Had pre purchased tickets for most of our party, but still needed to buy 1. For some reason, there was no one selling tickets in the ticket booth, you had to purchase tickets and concessions at the counter at the same time. The gentleman behind the counter sold us our ticket and snacks, but failed to inform us that we were an hour late. Upon realizing our error, we went back to the counter and spoke to the manager who graciously allowed us to wait for the next show. All in all a satisfactory experience.

Kathy Kenyon

Workers very attentive. The only thing for my time of visit was they played coming attractions without picture. Rectified quickly

Charlotte Ladwig

My 12 year old daughter works a little lemonade stand this summer down by the beach. Mind you money is extra tight this summer, and financially things are just getting worse. She earned money to go see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 3D, a matinee showing, which still cost $23.00 for just the two of us! We were 20 minutes from the end of the movie when I was approached by a lady and a police officer. Apparently the lady behind us reported that I had been recording this whole time!!! I proved that I HAD NOT BEEN and was catching my breath to go back in and at least finish the movie with my daughter (fully humiliated) when the manager lady told me "well I should really ask you to leave" ......WHAT?! Long story short I begged to even just let my daughter finish the movie at least, I suggested that I wait in my truck, or she could keep an eye on me somewhere herself, or detain me in the cop car. My kid has been so excited for this, waited years for this last installment ever released in theaters, and man.....she worked for it. Maybe $1-7 at most earned per 6 hour day. But she stuck it out! In the end, my daughter and I were both fully humiliated and forced to leave. I have never been so humiliated or treated so rudely in my entire life! And all because of a misunderstanding. But everyone wanted to think someone had done something wrong, I know it sounds low, but, my finances just are this bad....I can't even afford to make it up to my daughter even and make it right for her. People at this theater had no right to humiliate and further punish us like this! NEVER EVER EVER going to this theater again!! I want to find the owner and let them know how shaddy this business is being run!!!!

Aaron Silva

Annabelle was dopeee

E Williams

I gave it a low rating for the foul odor that I had to endure. I had to cover my nose with my scarf to be able to get through the movie. I could not pin point what the smell was; it smelled like a combination of urine, tobacco, beer and pop corn butter. The seats were sticky as well. Lastly, who do you complain to about noise when it's the staff laughing on the other side of the wall and the sound carried into the theater. This is the first and last time I will ever patron this theater. I will drive further away and pay more money. Mexico has better and more modern theaters. My next call is to a health inspector. If the theater is this dirty and smelly, I can't imagine the food being safe to eat either.

David Solek

Comfortable seats

Aaron Douthitt

Just saw Han Solo. Very awesome. Loved it. A few impossible scenarios. But was still great. And as close to the books. As a movie can be.

John Hicks

Viewed Chappaquiddick at 5:10 showing. Easy parking. Clean environment. Comfortable seating. Only eight customers. Good experience except for three idiots talking and phone light shining from continuous texting by the ssme.


Nice theater

Joseph Santiago

This place has comfy seats and staff is always friendly. The Tuesday movie deals are the best here.

Narwhal Walrus

one of the best theatres

Alexander Adams

Off the beaten path and not near much, but still a nice clean theater with plenty of screens. Concessions, small game room for younger kids, clean bathrooms. Very nice theater

Shawn Beil

Movies! Never a fight for seats for the times I can go wish the popcorn and drinks were cheaper though. Will go again will bring friends

Alex Florez

Clean and friendly. Men’s bathroom could use paper towels or a better hand dryer but no complaints about the movie going experience.

Sand Declert

Clean and quiet cinema. The conception booth had a boy that I can't remember his name and he was so nice and gave great customer service. It has a nice parking lot. is accessible for handicap.

Dale Andrews

Winter must be (it is) the slow season so they don't really show movies past 7:30 start times. Real nice theater, could use some of those comfy, reserved seating, chairs.

Jeremy Shawley

7 Bucks a ticket on Tuesday can't ask for more

Kevin Fayerweather

Outdated theatre. No reclining seats. Time for renovations.

Jodie Ismyname

Bargain Tuesdays are a great family day!

Angel Samo

Not bad

Aaron Ide

Old school 90s movie theater,no stadium seating, no luxury seats, just a bunch of empty hard plastic seats with cupholders and stained fabric.

Joey Adcock

Typical movie theater. Best thing they offer is discount admission on Tuesdays. Regular seating not raised.

Chris Boyd

Superb theatre..

Theresa Oberg

Neat, clean


clean, nice... not crowded... great if you have a Regal club card...

Dmitri Torruella

Make sure you have plenty of dough

Patti Burdick

Excellent theatre!

peter vocatura

The claw prize game is rigged to not work

Bruce Starkweather

Seats could be alot better


This theater is nice and huge. They do not have luxury or reserved seating but that means there's more seats available, they're less likely to be sold out and there tickets are cheaper! I enjoy watching movies here just as it is.

Tracey Summers

I like the AMC movies there

Rene Sandoval

Cinema entrance was a bit dull and it seemed out of date. Theater seats were outdated and uncomfortable, however the sound was great.


I like going here for movies, not the cheapest but its definetely the closest to me. Good service and this time good popcorn

Rebecca Mandes

Great night spent with family.

Joshua Levanti

Nice theater, generally clean and have a friendly staff.

Philip Weston

Clean. Very polite and friendly staff. Good concessions. Small arcade area to use to kill time. Not an IMAX, but better than most chain theaters. A good experience will be had. Consistently fun.

Roger Brisson

The only issue was the very dark parking lot could be a security issue and it was difficult to locate my car.

Joy Simone

Saw the movie. Ma. It was ok.....

Kevin Lambert

They do a pretty good job keeping up with technology. The $5 Tuesday and half price drinks are a good deal.

Karen Hodgdon

The theater is clean, seats are a bit close together, but comfortable.

Warren Bridgewater

Clean place, and customer service is good. To pricey but what movie theater isn't.

Michael Fox

Seats are uncomfortable.

Keith Cronin

Free popcorn - yep.

Adara Leach

it's always clean and they have good movies. they don't charge too much


Great place. Has great movies and great service. Great place to spend an afternoon watching a movie with delicious popcorn.

Zachary boudah

Great seats, great movie, great popcorn.

Stormy Saunders

Worst theatre I’ve ever been to. Went to go watch the 50th anniversary of the movie bullitt with my bf because it’s his favorite movie. Was super excited at first, but then when they showed the special before movie preview the audio didn’t work and someone complained to the manager who didn’t bother to go fix it till it was basically over. Then the movie started and the lights stayed on the entire time so you couldn’t see anything that happened in the dark scenes and it was extremely distracting all throughout. Manager had at least 5 or more complaints throughout (even by me) and he made it very clear he had no intention of fixing the problem. 0/10

Robert Tripp

I get 2 free movie tickets on my birthday each year from my job. We live close to here so this is where we go. It's a nice, clean theatre. Nothing too special about it but it's right up there with most. The snacks are overpriced like all theatre's but it's clean and the staff is usually pleasant. There's tons of parking and it's conveniently located.

Peg Getchell

Love this movie theater

Los Laces Up

Place smells like mildew. The consession people were ill equipped to change the nacho cheese. Gave me half the cheese tray filled. $6 bucks for crumbs in popcorn. They didn't even realize that I didn't even pay in full. Don't even know how they stay in business. 2 stars for the ticket price

Mark Comito

clean friendly safe.

Lisa Guillen

The amenities in the building are WAY OVER DUE for an upgrade especially with the surrounding demographics (the reason for this review being short 1 star) However the staff is very friendly and courteous, the bathroom was nice & tidy & we love the fresh popcorn (which is rare to find @ the Waterford, CT Regal). I didn't have enough hands to carry all of my concession purchases & the manager who was ringing me up went out of his WAY TO assist me in carrying my items to the auditorium. Superb customer service in this manner is very hard to find these days. I guess the previous Manager Jackie left a lasting impression on her staff !!!! PLEASE REGAL .... CAN YOU UPGRADE THE SEATS so we don't have to go to the Rude Waterford theatre anymore !!!!!??????


Good picture and sound. Very dated seating.

pete B

Theater was great...popcorn delicious........Halloween was a very good redo.....

Bao Thach

Slow service at the food counter. But overall good experience. There was a foul smell during the show that came and went.. think it was someone bo??

Lindsay Martin

Decent sound and picture setup but the prices are awful, the place is disgusting (walked into a showing and there was popcorn everywhere, cups still in holders, etc.), and the people just don't care. Walked out after the film finished to find absolutely no one working anywhere.


Its ok they need the luxury seats and I'll give them 5 stars

Michael Allan

It's a nice theater. Not too big, not up to date on modern style seating, but they make up for it by having a great staff, and I like their card membership for discounts. The place is clean, and the staff is very nice and helpful.

Kay Puddles

Quiet theater not much going on. Their food is expensive. You have a chance of being alone in the theater room. They also have no one that looks at your ticket. You could go to any movie pretty much

Drew Eco

Quality theater, reasonable pricing.

Clare Madigan

Needs updating. Restrooms need updating. Outside needs more lighting. Too expensive to buy candy and soda. Pop corn is way over priced

Mary Romano

I went to Regal Cinemas tonight and found out that they had closed the ticket window and were selling tickets at the snack counter it was an absolute mess and they really should rethink that decision completely. I'm one of those people that goes to the movies to watch the movies I don't visit the snack bar and I don't want to.

Richard Bunch

Small but nice

Dewah Smith

Small, clean and friendly

Boofa Bill

The only thing that lets this theater stand out is the fact that it is close to where I live. The seats are old and uncomfortable. The most recent time I had been my seat was broken and so were the ones near it. Also, for such a low quality theater the prices are too high. This theater needs an update very bad.

Michael Lewit

Theater was clean. Courteous staff. Almost nobody in the movie so seating was no problem.

Richard Entwistle

Brian Hurd the was a great help to me and my girl and our experience was a A+

katie kurtz

Very big. We were a little late, but there was another showing of Spider-Man 10 minutes after the other! It was great

the fun one

Don't use the 3D. We did and the glasses had the lenses inside out and one of my lenses popped out

Jason Evans

First time there, got everything we wanted for food, entertainment, and more! The guy up front was very friendly and focused :) people behind us waiting were very patient and it was overall a great experience and memory for me and my two kids :)

Sue Brown

Standard movie theater. What I like about it is that I am picnicker at movie theater. I bring my own treats. The staff knows this and lets it slide and they don't mention anything or hassle me like some other theaters have.

Donald Dunning

Needs to be updated and haven't got fresh popcorn yet.

Mary T Shelton

They are very nice and it is very clean and very warm..

Katie Bixby

Left something in the theater and tried to call and find out if they'd picked it up, but I couldn't get a hold of the theater directly. The phone number directs you to a general Regal Cinema's recording and only helps you purchase tickets (which, as it often points out, you can do online). I tried calling for 20-30 minutes to find a way to talk to an actual human being about my forgotten item, but to no avail. I just want my raincoat back.

Trinity the x

Love them. They make their popcorn!

ronald larocque

Nice movie house . It's not close to my home but it's a nice ride for the wife and I .

E. James Ford

Nice clean no frills multiplex

Elvis Navarro

Good, no complaints.

Presley Villa

When we called to pick up something from the lost and found at 8:30 they said yes you could come pick it up we show up at 8:40 to get it all of the doors were locked!!! As we were at the door banging and calling the movie theater they still wouldn’t answer. Now that a huge scene was made they finally opened the door. This is the worst theater ever

Curt Snow

I have edited my review and raised it to a 4 star rating. There appears to be new management and the housekeeping here has improved markedly. The smell that was present in my original review is now gone and the theaters are clean and well swept. I hope they keep up the improvements!


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