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Where is Providence Place Cinemas 16 and IMAX?

REVIEWS OF Providence Place Cinemas 16 and IMAX IN Rhode Island

Egar Suarez Arcay

I 've been to better theatres for similar price!

Michael Charron

Best Movie Theatre in the area


"It is what it is". No money's been invested in these cinemas since they opened. Unfortunately the mall is over a river and a railroad so it does have mice/rats.. If I'm dying to see a movie I'll still go that and Imax is rad

Kay Rabbit

We went to see Us. Over all the experience was good. But I could tell that tons of people there were under aged. Behind me there was a boy literally talking to his mom on the phone lying about were he was. All during the movie!! I kid you not it was wild the ushers did nothing it was not enjoyable. But that's what you get when you go to see popular movies.

Ron Benoit

I enjoy the mall mostly when there are few people there! It seems that a lot of people today take up their space and other people's spaces around them! There's really no nice way to put it, people can be very rude and inconsiderate of other people around them! Hey people there are other people out there walking on this Earth!excuse us!

Ayleen Pouerie

Tickets $98 Food $36 See the face of my children full of happiness is priceless!

Vicky Disla

some of the theather room stink

Ella H

Comfortable, too much ad before starting movie

Jacqlyn Andolfo

Was a good experience! New seats are nice and comfy especially during a 3 hour movie!! Place was pretty clean which is always a plus!!

Hallie Feingold

Great theater. Wonderful variety, clean facilities. IMAX just got new seats, so that's a bonus!

Oscar Arredondo

Great mall with superb attractions. Stores, food court, cinemas and places to seat, rest, chat, etc...awesome Providencial place!

Jeanne Andreoli

Although I am late writing this review from 2 weeks ago, it is not a reflection of the quality of customer service I experienced that day. The manager that was working that late saturday afternoon on March 2nd, went above and beyond accommodating my special needs, teenage son, with autism. The manager and I happened to chat in the lobby about it being my son's 1st time going into the theater alone while we went to see different movies.This manager, sensing my nervousness, then offered to check on my son throughout the movie, which he did. After my son's movie ended he then, thoughtfully escorted my son to the theater I was in and provided a chair for him to sit outside the theater, to wait until the movie I was seeing was over. I was pleasantly surprised to see my son safe and cared for. Afterwards I tried to find the man that was so compassionate and accommodating to thank him, but was unable to locate him. I am very humbled and thankful for his thoughtfulness and extra special customer service. All customer service workers could learn a lot from him.... Thank you, manager, Jeanne and son

Curtis David

IMAX was horrible... No air conditioning! And all the seats have been redesigned with less legroom... You are now cramped into your seat and pray you don't get leg cramps like I did. They can take their $19 ticket price and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Brian Logan

The Imax theater is great to see an actiom movie. They recently updated the seats in Imax and they are roomier and comfier.

Nicole York

Movie was great, fast service only 2 down falls is the seats squeak so loud! Anytime someone moved you could hear it and there was fruit flies that kept flying around while watching the movie we were in theater 7

Lau M

IMax wasnt what i thought..larger screen..but i thought it kinda wraps around but not here..i saw was great..i wanna see it again

Jes Brownell

Vastly underage children (elementary age) in a rated R horror movie, playing and being totally disruptive while the "adult" said and did nothing to correct. Not an employee of the theater to be found.

Nicholas Innocenti

Great theaters

Uzair Azhar

Fix the goddam AC in imax!!! Worst experience ever.

Edward Carr

With the exception of it actually being located inside the mall, the place is amazing. Really cool to have an IMAX theater 10 minutes from my house. Staff is mostly pleasant. Snacks could be cheaper but hey, it's a movie theater

Jignesh Thummar

Good place for shopping and movie.. parking is bit complex but still fine..

Jenny Lloyd

I love this mall. It has great shops to shop at and a nice food court. I like going to the movies at IMAX and Dave & Buster's

Christopher Thomson

Aside from the sprawling and maze like layout, the place is quite good. Rather steep vertical seating eliminates heads in front. The picture and audio quality is good. The ticket buying is a bit non-efficient, but once inside things smooth out. Additional extras being IMAX is nice. Usually good movies playing.


Great theatre! Lots of attractions and the VR gaming area looks lot a ton of fun I can’t wait to try it! Food and snacks galore, armed with drink in hand head on over to your theatre and enjoy the latest hits

Lee Zettl

IMAX is best place to view a movie, especially a 3D one. With 3D there is no bad seat. You are part of it.


My Favorite Mall in the Entire World. Awesome Food and Stores. Excellent Movie Theater and Arcade

Pratik Gajjar

Pretty standard theatre but need to walk long if you are just in the mall for movie. It is on top floor near food court.

Denzel Wilson

Very good place to watch high quality movies with friend or boy/girl friend.

Patricia Shaaban

They closed to early for game area after movie I want to play some

Manuel Ayala

The accommodations are always top notch. Keep it up

Wildy M

This place is pretty outdated- also the 1st theater where they do not let you bring any food or outside drinks. Which is just annoying when you walk through the food court to get into the cinemax. The chairs are old and the 4 I tried where broken. Old carpet smell and the bathrooms are also funky. I would not visit this place again.

Louie Stravato

Watching Marvel Comics End Game at the IMAX was amazing.

Steve Borsher

I used to take my grandsons to the IMAX cinema, which was very good, and to Dave and Buster's next door, but following the many recent crimes at and around the mall, we don't go there any more, or to Federal Hill either.

Jessica K

The theater was dirty, seats feel like they are going to grab when we sat down and the popcorn tasted stale. It is the end of the night but don't sell it if it's old. The only good thing was the Icee drink and that it was refillable.

Morgan Haibon

If I could give NO stars I would. I will never step foot in this place again. Tried to go see a movie with my boyfriend at 9:45pm and it turned out to be a mess. First a bunch of underaged kids swearing, running, messing around in line. They decided to cut the line until they came to us and realized it wasn’t going to happen as my boyfriend said something to the kid. The kid started talking back and being ignorant and the cashier at the ticket booth told my boyfriend he would not sell him a ticket if he didn’t stop talking but it was okay for the young kid to keep swearing and causing issues. Why are these kids even allowed without supervision especially when they can’t act right and at 10pm seeing the movie wasn’t over until midnight. That was my first issue. As we’re watching the movie or should I say trying to there was another underaged kid on their phone taking pictures and talking with every time the phone went off the lights flashed. Also, there was more kids running in and out of the movie theater yelling profanities. Are you running a daycare? I’m sure my one complaint won’t do much but when you start losing customers because you allow this to go on then I’m sure something will be done.

Anwar Khan

Great movie theater. It is clean and modern. Tickets prices are same as most other theaters. They also support advanced ticket purchases through Fandango. Though I primarily come here for IMAX which is always awesome. Best of all, the staff at the theater box office is very nice & helpful. A couple of times I was not able to get to the theater on time. So I called the box office to let them know and they were able to accommodate me for a different time slot.

Dylan Lawrence

Only Imax experience in Rhode Island. You have to go all the way to Hartford or Massachusetts, for a similar expirience. Good selection of Beer and alchololic beverages available for purchase. It's really nice to watch a movie with a beer. A must visit for any major theatrical release.

bryant lymburner

Movie food and drinks is wat i love so going to see any movie is great eating food is always good drinks as well great thing to with the family get the showcase sub. Save alot of money

Ariana Wujtewicz

The women at the box office were extremely rude. Clearly did not want to be here, didn't say hello, goodbye, or thank you. They made it extremely uncomfortable to come here. The other staff were friendly, auditorium and restrooms clean. Management should speak to their box office staff, or even consider replacing them.

Rebecca Beauchamp

Highly overrated as its the only imax theater. Very overpriced but good for the kids to see 3-D

NightFall Gaming

Huge screens and unlimited refills on slushies and drinks

Trinere Bowen

terrible customer service, My friend and I left in the middle of the movie that cost $25.00 which is way over price because of they're MICE!!!!! problem yes I said mice when we reported it to a employee they were very rude and blamed it on the food courts , they're reasoning was Quote on quote "what do you expect we are above a food court" which is disgusting and throwing all the food courts under the bus not to mention after speaking to four employees and a manager they seem to be aware of the mouse problem they choose to be nonchalant if the manager doesn't fix the customer service/staff or the mouse problem I'm going to corporate!

Nicholas Russo

Went and seen Aladin in 3D was a good movie must see these new remakes of the Disney movies are fire about to chase them all down The (

Corey Pearsall

Big mall. Lots of stores to choose from

Stephanie Negron

I wish the seats weren't that uncomfortable for a cinema de lux

keith odell

The Imax is CRAZY screen is HUGE!

Ismail Feyisitan

Nice to watch movie if the immatures that never shut don't show up to watch the same movie as you are. Other than that, great place to watch movie

Maelis Rousselot

I love this place its like if your tired of watching movies on your phone or TV go to see it in the big screens. Its great for family or friends time. The only problem with it is the pricing of the snacks(but were there for the movie not snacks).

Finney Guerrero

Love their imax theaters just watch SHAZAM

Wanda Cameron

Enjoyed my experience wasn't too many people in the theater

Alexa Rojo

I love this movie theater. High quality movies. This is my favorite movie theater. Clean seats. Good service.

Justin Stockard

Clean, nice, but the theater we were in was hot. In the 80's. Get the AC working.

Kerry Perez

I went to see the joker at around 2pm on a Thursday, the movie was great, but the sound of the movie wasn't loud enough and so many immature people go there that cant shut up and are loud during the movie

Kagome Higurashi

Amazing experience ~ if you do 3D Movies either go IMAX or go home

Cleo Zani

Other than (like most other movie theaters) the exorbitant pricing, it's a very nice place. Comfortable reclining seats, and relatively clean floors.

Iram amir

Actually I never been go to there's that why I have no idea I am sorry I have no comment.

Victoriano Hernandez

The only way to experience a movie is in IMAX. Every summer blockbuster is enjoyed from the comfort of these IMAX seats! The theater experience is lacking at the concession but you can’t beat reserved seating and an AWESOME military discount.

Ms. Beerus

It was ok. Nothing spectacular.

Danny Goncalves

The a/c in Theater 10 wasn’t working it was so hot..and the sound quality wasn’t good..I should have gone to the movies at Lincoln mall

Cee M

Very clean. I max is good.

Kelli Noonan

This is probably the dirtiest theatre I have ever been to, management is rude, seats are uncomfortable and small, movie goers are loud and generally unruly.... in big need of a remodel. Plus if anything bad were ever to happen in this location, it would be the most unsafe place to be. It's convenient that it's in the mall but that's about it. Go elsewhere if possible.

Mike Maven

If the theater management wonders why their seats are not filled, the answer is simple. They allow all out social events to take place in their theaters and do nothing about it. I swear this one group was standing and yelling at each other, sharing food and drinks like it was a barbecue the entire movie. The subwooers were broken in the theater so the sound had no impact. I live down the street and I'm never coming back to this theater.

Alexis Newell

Their cashiers don’t know how to count. I paid $20 in cash for $8.75 ticket and got back $4 instead of $11.25. At the time I thought I had a $1 bill wrapped around a $10 but unfortunately trusting the staff there was a mistake. Since there is “nothing they can do for me”, I’d just like to urge other customers to please always double check your change there because they will keep your money.

Yelinton Adolfo Galvez Ramirez

Ok, some recommendations: about movies with on this place. It is my favorite cinema on Providence area, you earn points every time you use your showcase membership card, that can give you free movies, free.popcorn etc. But as a general rule for movie fans if you love a movie and it's available in IMAX; don't hesitate watch it on IMAX the screen, the sound is awesome and beautiful. If is on IMAX 3D, I won't recommend it. IMAX 2D it's more enjoyable. But it's only my opinion, it will be always your choice. Thanks.

Luis Mauleon

Air conditioning was down and they didn't tell anyone not good for business!

BSAR Patel

Love many options and long hours. I wish they have access directly from the parking garage

Denise Nagbe

Needs new seat and more room between them. Some people with long legs tend to be a pain in the back, literally.

Manuel Beltrán

It is a great place to spend some quality time with your friends or family.

Sean O'Gara

Spent of 70 dollars to see a movie and the place was filthy like a 2 dollar theater. Trash bins were overflowing and the seats were covered with soda strains.

Peter Wiernicki

This place has more.scteens than I can count and is legitimately awesome.


Super dirty sneakers sticking to the ground trash everywhere in theater #13 for the 830 showing of toy story.. people in front of us on their phone taking flash photographs of the movie and their legs kicked up on the chair in front of them.. super loud trashy people .. $48 for my girlfriend her niece and myself .. gross

Eugenie Rose

Movies are such a must. Espically with the kids! Their staff is welcoming and loving. If in need of guidance you can count on the Providence place cinemas staff !


Screens 15 and 16 are billed as "IMAX", they are not. They're nice big screens with decent seats, but no stadium seating, no IMAX projector, normal movie theater sound, etc.

Cathy Bender

Nice atmosphere, nice bartender

Ryan Matthews

Ticket said movie started at 7. It started at 7. The futures nuts bro

Andrew T

Ignorant people who think they need to commentate on every scene or just play around and scream because we all paid to see them..... Why go here when Showcase Cinema in North Attleboro isn't very far. Better seating, staff, snacks, and customers who have respect for other's.

Michelle Goewey

MONDAY 04-08-19 early evening showing of Shazam: Staff at both the ticket booth & the snack counter were friendly & helpful.


Seats are getting squeaky.

Andrew Vanner

Good screen, gave away posters, has good collectable popcorn buckets.

Timothy Killilea

Protip: Reaching the theatre will mean walking up to a half mile. Plan ahead because it's not as easy as walking into the main entrance. Providence Place Cinemas is a giant sized place with sixteen theatres and a few Imax theatres as well. There is a bar available and snacks with the usual high priced popcorn and candy. Some meal options like nachos are available, but the bar is fully stocked with Starbucks coffee available. The process of getting to the theatre and buying a ticket can be time consuming. First, you'll have to find parking in the parking lot which should be used as an urban obstacle course race. Depending on busy days, you will have to go to the top floors to find parking. BUT, the good thing about the parking garage is that there is a system of red/green light that can tell you if a spot is open or not. Next, after finding parking, you will have to reach the third floor food court. There, an escalator will bring you up another floor. Take a left, you go to the movies, take a right, you go to arcade games and overpriced beers and food. So, the process to get to the movies takes some time and distance, so plan ahead. But, enjoy the walk and exercise, and then the previews, if you get there in time.

Brandon Murchison

Great place 4 movie n family

Jay Patel

Can’t believe parking is free at this place. It’s in the middle of the city. After a couple of hours, they will charge a couple of dollars but nothing horrendous. The mall itself is very large. Much bigger than what you would expect for Rhode Island. They’re always working on improving the place. Various restaurants are located there. Fun place to spend some time.


THE SMALL THEATRES were not great. Non spacious , too small but a light kept flickering off above us during the whole movie.

Evelyn Siler

I was going to be an hour late to a movie and they were very nice about letting me use my tickets for a later show that evening (I had to pay an extra few dollars because late movies are more expensive but I didn't mind). The movie experience was great and the seats were very comfortable. I will say that the theater is very hard to get a hold of over the phone - I recommend calling the mall number to transfer to the theater's actual phone rather than trying to go through the showcase number for thirty minutes.

Rhody Ginger

Good experience visiting the standard cinema side of the theater. Definitely an older retrofitted location with standard stadium seating but it's certainly well kept. Popcorn was good. Some of the staff could be better but they didn't ruin the experience outright.

Joanne Wood

Excellent place to go to watch movies!! Very comfortable seating & fab audio!!!!

Eden Improvements

Watched Lion King great movie. But there was no AC on a day of 103 degrees. Unexceptable. Not even a discount

Susan Arkoette

Affordable IMAX prices with a good selection of snacks and drinks (including alcohol). Large theater, clean and comfortable seats. Quick turnover between seatings. Friendly staff (quick service at IMAX concession 4/4 3pm).

nathaniel barnes

Other than the children being very noisy unattended by an adult it was pretty good

Carlos Muniz

Still my prefer movie experience in RI, something about walking down to your theater holding your popcorn and soda that makes feel like the kid who loves going to the movies, looking at the posters and listening to the sounds, those were the days, so yeah this places is nice and nothing beats watching a big summer blockbuster at the IMAX

Bryan Gaudet

Went to the IMAX theatre yesterday and saw that the seats were replaced. They are high back to support your head, highly cushioned leather like material. There is a wide upholstered arm rest with cup holder, it lifts up if wanted. A nice upgrade.

Jillian Flanagan

This is my favorite place in Southern New England to see a movie. My cousin is always ranting about how great the graphics are and he’s right. I’ve got to go here more often because ordering a movie on demand isn’t the same as actually going to a theater to get the full experience.


Abominable issa A1 movie

Suzanne M.

Great way to spend a rainy afternoon

Joseph Medeiros

Alita : Battle Angel was CRAZY GOOD. Best movie I ever seen in my life. IMAX did it justice. The 3d view of this movie is an experience I'll never forget. Comfy seats, clean environment, and a great way to really be IN the movie.

Vin Ortez

My family and I absolutely love watching 3D or larger than life movies at IMAXX. If you're gonna see a movie heavy in CGI or larger than life like Godzilla or Pacific Rim, this is the best place to see it. The screen is huge and the sound system is incredible. I only give it 4 stars because there is only 1 screen like this.

little_J games

It was amazing 10/10 experience loved it

Benjamin Joseph

Average. A little newer and cleaner than the rest. Popcorn isn't great though. Definitely one of the best theaters in Rhode Island because Warwick is gross and that's the main place. The two Warwick theaters should be condemned by DEM but they never do their job. It's worth taking a trip over the border to Mass for the Seekonk or Swansea theaters.

Kerolos S

Great showcase cinema! Clean environment, you can buy food at the location and they have amazing theaters! Very typical but, what else can I say?!

Stephie Bandz

The movie theater is always a pleasure but they could upgrade the seats to something a little more comfortable and the spacing between the rows could definitely be large! I do not want anyone's Head on My Feet or anyone's feet on my head, the end

yes tab

Great. It has a curved screen

Meghan Jimenez

We came to the movies today because it is crazy hot outside and decided to pay extra for IMAX just for fun. Unfortunately, this was the worst experience I've ever had at a movie theater. It was uncomfortably hot in the theater, although though lobby felt cool, the leather recliners didn't actually recline, the audio was so loud during the commercials that I was covering my ears so that they didn't hurt, and the light was left on in the projection booth throughout most of the movie. I'm generally not one to post reviews but this really was a terrible experience and I will definitely not be coming back to this theater.

Dhruv Patel

Great place with a lot of options.

silly syl

Love IMAX!! New seats are great!! Staff always friendly and its always clean!! Only way to see certain movies!!

Faith Marie

Whoever is at the IMAX counter tonight, 03/19/19, 8:45 is insanley rude. This was my first time ever being here and she acted like i was the stupidest person for not knowing which counter to buy tickets from. Or that the movie i wanted wasnt in that theatre. (Since it doesnt say anywhere on the website what movie is in what theatre) If you cant leave your miserable life at home when you come to work; dont work customer service.

Austin Vazquez

Absolutely love this movie theater it is very clean compared to most and the IMAX theater is one of a kind it is great for a treat as the price is a bit steep but it won't disappoint and the regular cinemas are also great and much more reasonably priced.

holyhell kelly

Popcorn was insanely stale and they no longer honor veteran discounts. I will never use this theater again

Brother howard washington

Good prices movies and foods

Todd Bowes

Great place to go with friends. Or by yourself.

Dylan Shack

Nice experience, comfortable seating, has the Coca Cola freestyle machine which is always great

Amanda aka HAZEL Slavin

Loved it.. was my first time.

Kathy McBride

I love going to the IMAX theater with my son's! this place is loud exciting in the screen is so big I don't need my glasses

TimeTravel NEWS

Terry Jahumpa

Very quite Friday night at the movies. I thought it would be crowded. Enjoyed the movie, the only problem, was they put too much butter on the popcorn and it made me sick.

Jesse Sullivan

This theater is in need of an update and new management

Claude Cayard

See wonderful movies like animes if I'll be able to see this one.

William Rodriguez

I went at 3 p.m. to a matinee movie it was a clean environment and there were only a few people.It was nice spacious very quiet, clean, and had comfy seats. So yes I did enjoy myself. No staff in and out with flashlights bothering people at all. In fact it was a very enjoyable experience.

Sergio Ruiz

It's a theatre in a mall, which don't usually get as nice as this one is. It is a full sized theatre, meaning that all the movies that are coming out get shown here on time, there's only the release date wait. Lovely place for a date. Treat military very well.

Royal Sage

Service is great. Theaters are great. Food prices are high. Seats are comfortable. If you are into IMAX theaters, they have one here.

Kenny Firm

I always enjoy going this theater because of the mall. If you go early enough. You get to shop. You can eat some decent mall food. And relax in an imax seat.

Deb Singh

My husband and I went last week to see John Wick 3. They did not except our movie gift card but we really wanted to see the movie. Inside the theatre there was no AC and it smelled very stale. The seats near us were either loose or almost broke. Had it not been for the movie we would have walked out. This place has become a dump and is not worth the high price it charges for a movie. Save your money and go to a Regal Cinema location where the seats recline the place is clean, and the theatre big enough to enjoy a movie. Providence Place Cinema has 16 theatres but all are very small and cramped.

rogelio maldonado

Absolutely deplorable filthy conditions. Movie theater room 10 in thefront rows where infested with ants. It appears that someone spilled their drink because the floors were extremely sticky. This lets me know that they never clean these theaters. For all the money we are spending a clean sterile environment isn't much to ask for. I even approached management about this issue expecting him to offer a second chance to redeem my confidence in his establishment by offering free tickets seeing as how our experience was poor at best. No such offer was made and instead we received a half-hearted apology. I did not know how to reply... Okay no problem we paid money to be exposed to your aunt's..!? I will never be setting foot in this theater again unless management provides me with replacement tickets to a clean theater experience. Until then my rating will stand.

Karyn Werner

I went for a 6:55 movie and I had to walk out of my movie. I told the ushers about people in the theater talking and on their phones and they didn't do anything about it. A few minutes later the disturbance continued of people talking and on their phones. Walked out and got my money back. The manager was very nice and helpful that was the only good thing about my experience here.

Ibrahim Abdo

So cool

Monique T

I love this place. friends and I come here every month to watch movies.

Jaexon Sowell

Great staff, friendly, knowledgeable and you can get a drink if you choose to kick it up a notch.

Greg Hogan

The theatre itself is fine, movie experience fine, but for an 11:00am movie with my son they let you in at 10:57. Not that it’s a big deal but taking kids to the movie a nice 5-10 min window to sit before it starts isn’t unreasonable. Go up to the concessions at 11 they don’t have registers yet. Just seems poorly managed.


generally an enjoyable experience. a little more expensive than other theaters but worth it because it's the closest and most convenient one.

Tatiana Garces

Great place, right in the middle of the mall

Tina Johnson

This theater is a little pricier than some, but it has many screens in comfortable, inviting theatres. A full bar is available for adults and a great variety of food and snacks. A self-service drink station is also available.

Granny Apple

Imax is always the best and only 3 bucks more than a standard ticket


Clean, relax,silence love it

Ian Placido

Outdated & uncomfortable seats but otherwise ok

Nadine Thompson

Movie theater very clean, staff friendly, and pirces reasonable

African Girl

I went to the movies n watched the lion king. had the whole theater to myself, nice n empty n quiet. loved it

Ronniegb's Reviews

Providence place cinema/imax is just like the Warwick theatres with the added bonus of an imax theatre. The imax itself it fantastic. With great seating, two huge theatres. And all the perks an imax has to offer. Great sound systems and state of the art large format screen. Prices are high (15.25) but if you want to see the next block buster in the best way possible this is it.

Joanne Buckmire

Very pleasant and clean

Pratham Patel

Nice place to watch movies

Edward Rolland-Domenichello

Pretty good spot. Hardly ever crowder for matinees, however forget about going on the weekend.

Joey Vegas

it's a movie theater. It's got 16 screens. That's always a good thing. You can always find a movie that's playing. But what I love most about Providence place cinemas 16. Is the fact that it's right across from Dave & busters. So if you hook up with some friends. You're not just going to go catch a flick. But you can go get some food you can get some drinks and you can go play some games and have a good time and then wrap things up with a good movie. It's a great theater it's a great location. If you're going to go see a movie this is a spot to go. Not to mention the fact it's the only place I know that has an IMAX in the area. And that is a plus.

Questing Beast

Clean, air conditioned, spacuous.

michael Paliotta

New, modern cinema. Nothing like when I was a kid in the 1970's that's for sure! Big comfy seats, first run movies, cheap matinees, what more can I ask? Its right downtown and the bar is good here (they have a bar!) and they have video games in the lobby! Since its inside Providence Place, across from Dave and Buster's, its my favourite theater for first run and iMax. :-)

Person One

The arm rests are sticky and felt nasty sitting in the chairs especially seeing mostly everyone put their feet up behind people sitting next to them. The staff didn't come in until the beginning and end of the movie so the whole time the respectful people would have to deal with immature kids yelling and talking during the movie. The popcorn taste kind of stale had to ask for a batch that was fresher but onto of that the popcorn was salty. The more I ate the more salty it was and my lips were so numb and buttery and jaw hurting by the time I was done. I like the amount but the taste and quality can definitely be better.Also the prices are high everything is like double to triple without the tax alone. You would think going to the movies would be a quick fun cheap thing to do but not anymore. Dont go here without a good 40$ to 50$ for a couple more for family deal day on tickets is Tuesdays can catch a break some money. I hope this helps I prefer to go to Warwick anyway more attractions there and cheaper

SexxyNetta Peavy

It's either I'm old as dirt or this day and age prices to watch a movie is bananas... In other words $12.75 to watch a movie what???? That's inane last time i went to the movies it cost $9.00... My personal opinion its good to spend time out with family but it's not cool to spend crazy amounts of money of movies; 98% of the movies after 2008 aren't that good anymore. Just because your the only theater within the 10 miles radius doesn't mean you can upcharge prices of movies. I wanted to get out of the house in have fun but I won't be going to Providence Place Movies. I was told Lincoln mall movies cost less....

Roberto Sosa

It is very nice. Awesome picture and sound.

Olga Pinho

Very dirty. Seats were dirty with popcorn between the seats. Floor near soda machine very sticky.

Maggie Miller

It's a little dated. I am spoiled with all the new comforts movie theaters offer nowadays. It was clean.

Kimron Pierre

Great mall. Good food options and shopping centers.


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