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REVIEWS OF Mystic Luxury Cinemas IN Rhode Island

Lesa MacKay

Very comfortable seat neat and clean theater

Jesse Rhodes

It sounded like some of the speakers were blown and they turned up the others to compensate. Sounds went from flat and muffled to ear piercing depending on the direction.

Nicole g

Love the theater! Seats are comfortable. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because some of the staff members have no personality.

Grace Lou freebush

Recommend for kids please put corn is fairly cheap I am loved reclining seats

James Robertson

Amazing seats! Amazing food! 5 stars! Bravo!

mac genome

Good theater no foot rest though that's my only complaint. 13 bucks for an adult

Jay Shugg

Awesome! Way better than the chain places!

Trevor Chandonnait

Great semi-luxury seating. I wish they had foot rests. I know. First world complaints. I also wish I could preselect my seats. The best part is you can enjoy a good craft (Beer'd) beer and tasty (Jonathan Edwards) wine with your movie. Although at movie theatre prices. Nice to see some independent theatres still surviving though.

Jennifer Porter

Great little secret spot! Comfy seats that accommodate a larger patron. Only has 3 screens, so the selection isn't extensive but they always have something available for everyone. They also show lots of not-so-main-stream offerings.

Tom Morgan

Love the comfortable seats!

Cheryl Headley

Clean, movie started on time. Large popcorn was huge.

Stephanie Menard

The theater itself was not bad however we were not able to see the movie. Their copy of Warren Miller would not play. We sat for over an hour waiting before we left and asked for our money back. Then we had to wait in line again just to get a refund. Was not worth the aggravation and won't be back.

Silas Holden

Always a great movie experience! Comfortable and clean.

Craig Ragan

Accommodating and quaint with drinks available. Fine cultured theatre with showings not seen elsewhere. Great and friendly staff.

Aurora Clinton

Great place, yummy popcorn, and very luxurious!!

Albert Haughton

Great place to see a movie. Beer, wine and reclining seats... can't ask for more.

Hector Rivera

Movie inside the theater sounded a little quiet. Chairs were very comfortable

Miles Olivetti

Love this local theater!!! Great service and awesome employees! Have seen countless movies here.

Jack Woodmansee

It is very comfortable theater and even when it is crowded you have the feeling that it is not. The seats are large and they conceal people. Also they are spaced apart from each other that you are not distracted by the next person's movements. It is darker than most theaters so this adds to the seclusion atmosphere of enjoyment.

Jasmin Flores

It was small but great

James Connolly

Nice relaxed Cinema with an excellent selection of movies is about the one in.

Justin Whalen

Nice seating, can order a wine or beer at concessions, and last but certainly not least...they have the shortest previews around so you can get to watching what you came for about 20 minutes faster than other cinemas.

ben T

Great theater with good prices and specials. Like on every Tuesday $7!!!

Beth Frank

Friendly staff. Comfy seats. Amazing popcorn.

Steven Rain

Great setting pleasant staff Prices on food little steep Guess ok for families Comfortable seating audio and visual exceptional

Joel Watson

Beer, wine, popcorn wide selection of sweets and recliners what else can you ask for in a movie theater

Robert Fabel

Comfortable chairs, great matinee price

Denny Wood

Went to see Deadpool 2 on the second night after it was released. The line went very quickly. Staff assisted with friendly service at concessions and then I was assured into an immaculate stadium style theatre with reclining oversized seats. VERY IMPRESSED.

Gloria Molonson

I frequent this theater and usually never have a problem. Today, I took my kids to watch Jurassic world. As the theater started to fill up it got really warm. Halfway through the movie it got hot. I went to the concession stand to ask them to turn the air on, the response I got was "Theater one? Oh we've been having problems with that theater for a while now I'm sorry there's nothing we can do about it." Are you serious?! If there was a problem with the cooling system in that particular theater it should have never been opened up. It was nearly a 100゚ outside! My kids wanted to stay regardless but I wanted to leave. It'll be a while before I return to this establishment maybe by then the cooling system will be working.

Mark Buck

Great local theater.

Karl Herman

Stadium seating so 5/5

Fabian Feliciano

A must do when in Mystic. Nice cozy cinemas. Very nice upgrade. Great popcorn and beer.

Xavier Suter

Comfortable seating

Nehemias Hernandez

Awesome service... they literally helped me carry snacks to my seat. Very clean and nothing short of luxurious. My favorite theater in the area.

Frederick Hunt

Always a great place to see a movie. Prices are decent and they have beer and upscale conssesions

Leslie MacDougall

Wonderful! Plush cinema seating that recline with small attached swivel tables for drinks and snacks. Extra wide aisles.

Elizabeth Tetlow

Great, independently opened theater. 4 screens, beer and wine on tap.

christina stokes

Clean and comfortable. Very enjoyable experience

Joseph Stacey

Nice comfy theater with a variety of beer and wine plus the typical theater snacks and popcorn. A bit on the pricey side but you don't get comfy recliner style chairs and tables just anywhere. Since the theaters are smaller arrive early for popular shows.

Evan Nadeau

best place to see a knew movie coming out, seats that recline and seat tables you can eat and drink on, what is better than that.

Duvaul Malachi

Here now seeing The Joker with my wife...amazing

nathan cerrigione

Unique and super friendly. Great place to have a good beer and watch a movie.

Judy Hausler

Mystic Luxury Cinema is a wonderful little cinematic gem. Lower volume of visitors makes for a more intimate experience so that you can be part of the movie rather than simply a spectator. The seats are large and recline, a small swing arm table instead of trying to balance your beverage and snacks. For a theater this size, it is just about unheard of to see them with a headline movie...just amazing! Staff is courteous and very accommodating. THIS is a theater where you will enjoy a movie, but I do advise you to buy your tickets ahead of to avoid standing in line only to be told that the movie you're dieing to see only to be told it's sold out.

Kathy Kat

It was a nice cozy theater..comfortable seats.

John Carbone

Smaller theater with very comfortable seats. Not the biggest screens, but definitely doable. The sound is good. They offer food beyond the normal movie fair of popcorn and candy... like chicken tenders, etc. They also serve beer which is cool for the responsible adults.

Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

The beer, wine and food is great. The people are terrific. Comfy seats. The movie are tastefully chosen. This is my movie dream palace.

Tom T

Nice theater, friendly staff

John Walenczyk

They only have like 3-4 theaters but the seating is comfortable. The snack bar has a variety of drinks and alcohol. Staff is always very friendly and accommodating.

Luke Gauthier

Awesome theater with comfy seats. Watch new releases for $6 on Wednesdays.

Beth Lockwood

Just the best! Does a broad range of films - both current and independent and who does enjoy a glass of wine with a movie? Seats are the new comfy ones and staff very friendly. Highly recommend.

Anjin Luzuriaga

Nice theater

Kay Adams

Nice place to see a movie. I like that it's small. Seats are comfortable. Has a good arrangement of snacks at decent prices.

Jacqueline Nichols-Holden

Always a great place to see a movie!

Nikolaus Gerhart

Great place to watch a movie. Small town and family feeling.

Kevin Degroft

Fair prices

Joyce Adamcewicz

I prefer declining sests.

Dana Holmes

Very nice seats clean

Ran Danburg

Awesome people work there. Very nice environment.

Olvin Velez

The poorest customer service! I was charged $65 for three 3-piece tenders with fries, three sodas and a glass of wine. Then was told it was a 20 minute wait. After waiting 40 minutes and the movie about to start, I went to ask about my items. Two of the three orders where sitting in a warmer. The third order wasn't even started and the movie was finishing previews. Then this happened that made it the poorest customer service. The "overwhelmed" and agitated microwave oven "cook" said to me I would need to wait 20 to 30 more minutes for my tenders. I said, "No, that won't work for me, I was told it would take 20 minutes 40 minutes ago and the movie is starting!" He snaps at me and says, "Well that's what happens when you order so much food! If you don't like it then you gonna have to speak to my manager!". "GET IN LINE to speak to him!", The line had several parties in it on both sides of the counter so I replied, "No... I want to speak to him right now, this is not my fault!". I was scolded at with such disrespect and hate. I felt his lashing out was due to more than just being overwhelmed by three tenders orders. His tone revealed a deeper hatred towards more than just myself. Feeling incredibly humiliated and powerless from this experience, I resort to this as my only way at finding justice.

John Michael Saylor

Really nice, new leather seats with little tray tables for your exorbitantly overpriced concessions. What's new, right? Theaters have been gouging us for cooked corn for a long time. While this is a luxury theater and they do have alcohol and other nifty food items that are good, I think they should drop the price of my sugar water by a dollar or two in respect to the common man. Though, it's a very nice theater, and on Wednesdays they have special pricing that bring ticket prices back into the single digits.

Ian Goodsell

I’ve seen a number of movies at this theater and completely recommend it. The owner is a movie fanatic who loves his job and is very friendly and helpful. They have beer, wine and a good selection of snacks. The seats are very comfortable.

Micah Milligan

Nice low key spot to grab a beer and watch a movie.

Sam L

Uncomfortable seats and dont recline.

Patrick Crough

Brought our almost 4 year old daughter to her very first movie theater experience here. We saw The Incredibles 2 on $6 Wednesday and had a blast! The staff were all very nice and the seats were so comfortable!

Jefry Shields

We love this cinema... friendly, comfortable, premium snacks and drinks - just right!

Laura O'Brien

Great!! Enjoyed the movie/easy to buy tixs online.

Mike Guertin

Solid experience. No stadium style seating. No reclining seats. But a comfortable way to watch a movie. Feels like early 2000's movie watching.

Maureen Minecci

Very friendly staff, and very helpful....will be coming back.

Andra Davis

Comfy seats!

William Wonka

Difficult to find for your first time visit, but we all had a lot of fun watching Rocky horror picture show here, with a love shadow crew called the Rko army.

Raul Hernandez

They raise the price of their tickets every few weeks. Decent sound, but small screens. Comfy seats, just wish they were full recliners like other theaters instead of them just being able to lean back a little bit. Only actual "Luxury" is the overpriced food and drinks. At least they play a few popular movies now and then.

Ben Studer

Showed up right before the showing and there weren't any seats together. Hassle free refund and apologies from the staff!

Matthew Bilodeau

This cinema has been totally revamped with excellent comfortable seating. All movies on Wed are only $6, and the first showing each day is also $6. Good food options in addition to standard popcorn and candy. Large popcorn and drinks have free refills.

Nancy Teixeira

My favorite theatre. Small, clean , comfortable, great food & beer options and friendly staff. Big thumbs up from me

Ray Willis

I love this place. They show the best selection of films plus NT LIVE and other special events. Staff is wonderful. Thanks for being there!!!

zander mander

My favorite movie theater! Cheaper than everywhere, and the seats are cozier, popcorn yummiest, and they sever alchohol

Sand Declert

Very comfortable reclining seats. Nice exposition of art in their activities room and they serve beer and wine. Heaven for an adult.

Thomas Giannelli

Excellent theater, comfortable, great viewing

Denise Stetson

This is the place to go for both mainstream and smaller movies, as well as other venues. Super comfy seating! Bargain Wednesdays! Next to great restaurants and other attractions. Today we went to the cider mill afterwards.

Lynne Mitchell

Friendly staff in a family owned theater. Immaculate facility, reclining seats, with reasonably priced matinees, specialty events and a diverse selection of foods and liquor license. Worth the travel to such a fine establishment.

All Political

Go on Wednesdays, the tickets are super cheep on Wednesdays. The seats are those awesome recliner ones you can melt into as you watch the movie... without the leg rest. -1 Star for that. Otherwise very nice to go to!

Bruce Wilkins

Wow...the seats are excellent

Lisa Izzo

Very comfortable seating, great theater!

David Conley

Comfortable seating, but no leg rests.

Sean Gilbert

This is easily the best theater I have ever been to. This is really just my opinion because I don't believe it necessarily has the best screens or sound system, but it has huge, comfy, reclining chairs with plenty of leg room. It also serves hot food and local craft beers. So the whole experience is really like being at home with a giant TV. Just great!

Cheryl Dawson

Before we found this Cinema I always hated going to the movies because I fidgeted in the seats -- not here! They have THE MOST COMFY SEATS ANYWHERE! I can recline and curl my legs right up into the seat. We saw Echo in the Canyon. Cinema has fantastic unusual movies as well as current hits.

Ciara Richardson

Loved it here, the price of a movie ticket are cheaper than where im from. Only thing is that it kind of smelled like horse poo.


AWFUL experience. It was my birthday and also the opening night of a movie we wanted to see. I purposely bought tickets online the day before to guarantee we would have seats. We arrived before the scheduled movie time, showed our tickets, and the employee told us which theater to go to. We walk in and of course it was packed. Not only were there NO seats available, but there were people STANDING in the back of the theater. I went back to the cashier who told me he could either refund my tickets or swap them for another time. I should have asked for someone to make seats available for us because that's just not right. We paid ahead of time, our seats were supposed to be RESERVED. Don't waste your time or money. Go somewhere else, they will not do anything to accommodate you here.

bob lighter

The staff that greets you were very pleasant. Bought our tickets then walked around for a couple hours and killed some time. The theater itself was very well maintained. Big, comfy, red recliner chairs. Why did I give it 1 star you may wonder? The patrons that go to the theater ruin it for others. After we were harassed by some underaged patrons randomly we returned to the counter to ask for our money back. A girl, maybe 18 turned around and started to harass us. It was still at the point where previews weren't even playing yet. My finance and I both looked very confused. We assumed maybe she had been drinking or possibly on drugs. Moral of the story, bad people ruin things for good people.


It is a very nice theater. They offer a wide variety of things. And the employees work really hard. The seats are definitely comfortable. The only things I didnt like is that there wasn't any drink holders and the table platters in the seats were really easy to move and could cause food and drink spills.

Dan Denbow

Comfy seats are much better than most theaters. A little pricey but worth the extra few bucks in my opinion.

Nathan Kantt

Not a great theater by any means

Melissa Falcone

My whole family loves this theatre.

David Wilson

Great theater, great service

Joshua Zinewicz

Still my favorite place to catch a matinee even after all these years. Small, clean, and above all quiet. Prices are reasonable and kids are welcome. Free popcorn for the little ones is not unheard of...

fernando montes

Great atmosphere and comfortable chairs


Show interesting films. Nice concession stand with beer. Comfortable plush seats. Not reclining, but price is lower. Do not expect large screens here.

Dorothy Thompson

So comfortable.

tess swiecanski

Real butter on the popcorn, reclining chairs, and a variety of artsy films...what more could you need! Saw Free Solo here, highly recommended!!

Chris Hammond

Great remake of an old theater. Friendly service. Good beer, food and snacks. Local brews and wines. Comfortable seats that wide. Small to medium size thearter rooms that are nice and cozy.

Philip Weston

Great staff and the most comfortable seats anywhere! Reduced ticket prices on Wednesdays! Highly recommended!

Doug Jastremski

My entire family loves this theater! The seats are awesome and it is run by some very nice people that love what they do! Two thumbs up!

Stacey Soumahoro

Nice theater it was only three of us there there a comfortable but they don't recline.

Bettie Lewis

We loved the red leather comfortable seats


The nicest movie theater I have ever seen. The leather recliners are so comfortable and this theater is immaculate. Exceptionally clean. I will never go to another theater again. Staff was very friendly and if you go see a movie before noon, it's only $6, Everyday!! And all day on Wednesdays. Kudos to the owners and their staff!! This place is a gem!!

Lynn Flynn

Staying at Misquamicut beach, rainy day. Decided to go to movies. Mystic Luxury was recommended. Glad we went. Nice theater, really comfortable seats, little table for drinks and snack. Staff were friendly. Would recommend.

Kathy Trammell

Comfortable seating, great popcorn, and Jonathan Edwards wine...need I say more!?

Kevin McCabe

One of the real true hidden gems on the Southeast CT coast .... great theaters for film as well as occasional live JAZZ and blues music

Lorren Kleinkauf

Seats are clean and comfortable, tray tables are convenient and they have a good beer selection. My only gripe, and it’s a big one, is that the seats are situated directly in front of each other and the slope of the floor is too subtle to give a proper height advantage. If you want to see the movie and you are seated behind somebody tall, you will be looking at the back of their head. Seat rows should be staggered.


It's an awesome theatre. Better than the big guys.

Michael Fox

Awesome chairs

Brooke G

I have to give this 4 stars because of the great films they show. The upgraded chairs are nice, but not as good as Regal Waterford (no foot rest and no leaning back). The theater is uncomfortable in cooler months - my toes nearly caught frostbite on multiple occasions. The popcorn is served warm, but way over-salted. But again, who else in the area is showing these high-quality, independent films? Have to recommend it for that. ON EDIT: They've fixed their over-salted popcorn issue. Their popcorn is now the best in the area. Great place!

Myrna B

First time at this movie theatre..i enjoyed it... nice n clean...reasonable prices...i would of given a 5 star rating except I felt one of the employees...( a short tomboyish looking girl... sorry I didn't get her name) had sort of an smile...seemed to be bothered when I asked for something... the other employees were all so friendly and smiling...

Zachary boudah

Best popcorn I have ever eaten. Enough said.

Alex Pazsak III

We loved this theater. Very cosy. The new seating is plush and so comfortable. A small drawback is the seats come with a small pivoting wood tray for food and drinks. In the dark, it is very easy to spill everything since the wood is smooth with no edge borders to stop your bucket of popcorn from going to the floor. Otherwise, the staff are great and prices are good. Definitely will be back.

Bob Denend

Loved the lounge chairs!

Richard Freeman

This is a great spot to literally sit back and watch a good first-run movie. The theatre has recliners and lots of legroom. You can fully recline and people can still walk past without struggling to get down the aisle. The snack bar is upscale.

Ellin Grenger

Comfy seats and good popcorn!

Connor Capizzano

What an experience! When compared to Regal Cinemas in Stonington, the Mystic Luxury Cinemas is immaculate and extremely comfortable. Despite having fewer showings than larger cinemas, they have great matinée (i.e. "early bird") and Wednesday night prices. I've never had any issues with parking, loud guests, or lines. After online streaming services, this cinema makes me want to see a movie in the theater again.

Lynne Ensign

Wednesday all shows are $6.50.


Great sound. Reclining seats. Real butter on your popcorn.

Mega Mawile

Small but with HUGE comfy seats.

Adam Smith

The seats are huge and the theater has a good slope so you feel like you're the only person in the theater

Drew Eco

Great theater!

Norma-jean Chandonnait

Excellant movie, clean theater with great seats. Great value , $6.50 for any movie before noon.

Lee D

Absolutely love coming here over the traditional large movie places.

Eric Roy

Bought tickets on Fandango but our family of 4 couldn’t sit together as we got to the theater late, so the manager gave us passes for another time. Went to the next showing, and what a great experience! Clean, comfortable and great sound! My heart goes out to the staff keeping it as clean as it is...the condition people left the theater in makes me embarrassed! It was so clean going in, and people used the floor as waste bin! People, bring it in, bring it out!!!!

Jack Mello

Wonderful theater and I love the price for matinee’s 6 dollars. The only thing I would request is that they change their TRIVIA. It has been the same one for a really long time and I hope that they change it someday. Now I have basically memorized it lol.

Dewah Smith

Quant little theater

Jillian K

I come to this theatre all the time but this evening I came with my grandmother who is hard of hearing. At first we asked if she could have the headphones so she could hear and they don’t provide them. Then I asked if they could put on CC and they couldn’t provide that either. Very disappointed that no options are provided for the hard of hearing/deaf community

Phil DiMarco

Nice small theater, was cozy and comfortable. Staff was very pleasant.

Jeannie Reay

Comfortable seats, decently clean. Only reason I don't give it 5 was the staff taking 20 minutes to give me my food. Good thing I got there early.

AJ Wright

Cold loud and the seats are terrible

Chris Heller

Quaint cinema, and they sell beer and wine!

Paul Smith

Love the place, only wished that they offered assigned seating like Waterford.

Mike Van Sickle

Favorite Movie theater. Early bird movies only $6 and every Wednesday is $6 all day can't go wrong and comfortable seating

Justin Marquis

The only theatre I'll visit anymore. The staff is always enchanting even if the movie wasnt. Comfy seats, great pricing, and even a glass of vino or suds for a home away from home experience. Five plus stars.

Norman Bailey

The theatre still is offering great films, some not at other theatres in the area. However, the new seats are a very big problem because they are extremely soft, offering no reasonable support for someone like me with any kind of back problems. I am so disappointed in these changes. I visited a theatre in West Springfield recently and their seats were roomy (though not as showy), but had decent support. I wish someone had considered the issues of likely patrons before choosing the chair design.

Brian Clinton

I love this place, it is a hidden gem. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. It is small and only runs about 3 or 4 movies at a time. It has the big comfy seats, sells real food, and have beer and wine. What really makes this place great though is the staff.

Sindi Mannochi

Prices are 6.50 all day on Wednesdays! Very comfy comfy seats. Concession stand offers popcorn with real butter and even local wine and beer. I've seen movies and some concerts here.

eileen lemontagne

Comfortable. Best selection of films. Art house choices.

James Vincent Czbas

Wow, I can't say enough about the Mystic Luxury Theatre; I go on Wednesdays when all shows are only $6.00 all day and night. The Seats are huge and recline, theatre is very clean, bathrooms spotless, staff friendly and professional; plus they serve a plethora of Local Beers and Wines from Connecticut, making your movie experience a very special one. And you can have special events at the theatre like Birthday Parties, Anniversary, and more. This theatre epitomizes what Connecticut Businesses are all about.

Christopher Haig

Come on, comfy recliners, huge leg room, tasty draft beer....what more can you ask for.

Barry Pinkowitz

I find it one of the best places around to see a movie

Jim Innes

Nicest seats I have ever seen in a theater. Smallish theaters and good sound.

p Picken

Comfortable seats, friendly staff

Curt Snow

This is probably the nicest movie theater we have been to. It is comfortable and super clean. The movie prices are a tad on the high side, but that's to be expected for a small place with such nice accommodations. 5 stars.

Sean Murnane

The AV may not be the best of the best, but where Mystic Luxury Cinemas lacks in that department they more than make up for in comfort. Plush reclining seats and concessions that offer not just tasty normal box office faire but local wine and craft beer make for a most relaxing experience.


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