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REVIEWS OF Island Cinemas 10 IN Rhode Island

Rene Fleurent

Nice place went last night. I made a rode trip to George's in Galilee (great food and service). Staff although very young was extremely cordail and helpful

travis anderson

Luxury seats are the only way to watch a movie!

Jessica Gemmell

The staff are friendly and the sound quality is good while you're watching the movie itself; however, during our most recent visit, the theater had an odd odor -- my boyfriend and I couldn't place it

Colleen Hench

Love the new seats

Jason Yurek

Went to see Captain Marvel. They had you pick your seat when you buy the ticket. Theaters were very clean. They had reclining seats, which I hadn't encountered before. Very comfortable. Price was reasonable. I'll definitely go there again.

Karen Botcheller

The renovations done early this year are really great! Theaters have reclining seats that you are able to choose when purchasing tickets. I can't speak for all of the 10 screens, but the theater I was in was so comfortable. I'm so glad to see that Island Cinemas was thoughtful in their upgrades and I'm going to continue to support a local island business!

Pablo Rivera

Seen black panther in 3d with my son and we both loved it

Michelle Lacey

Comfortable seats and very clean. The only downfall is that you can hear the movies in the other theaters.

Heather Westgate

Comfy seats and yummy popcorn

Azel Torres

Well the workers were very nice and the chairs were very comfortable

Paul Ford

Plenty individual theater screens showing different movies. Food is priced fairly, was clean but theaters were sorta small for my liking. On a up side it had spots for wheelchairs inside the theaters.

Jeremy Hannegan

Please do not use this theater. I have been to better theaters while I was in Iraq. Make the trip to Providence instead. It's a long drive but it's worth it. This theater has crappy seats and the movie screens are smaller than usual ones. Please save yourself the this bad experience and drive a little further.

James Kosinski

Nice local movie house that has just updated their facility. While still seeming a bit dated in its overall look and feel, they've recently installed some rather cushy reclining seats. Snack prices are typical but matinee tickets are a bargain. If you don't require your theater to be a perfectly modern experience in all ways this theater will do nicely. Personally, it's my local favorite.


Been going here for years, it's a great way to see a movie close to home at a reasonable price and just as good as going to one of the chain theaters. What's not to like?

Joseph Paquin

Ease of parking

Liza Chan

Family friendly theater, comfortable, clean, and not too crowded. I highly recommend this theater, the price is affordable compare to an AMC and the commodities are similar minus the food service.

Jack Kratoville

Ask locals how to find this "can't get there from here" location. GPS will have you circling the building. Not too fancy, but the theaters and screens are huge.

Charles Roderick

Average local theater with a below-average concession stand. The theater is also "difficult to find."


The chairs are extremely comfortable and the movie great

Joe LeClair

Comfortable reclining seats. Delicious light popcorn. I like their community display. Never saw a business do that before.

Zach Everhart

Solid movie theater. Best in Newport.

Heather Julian

Only theater on the island..I think they should totally renovate..the island needs it!!

John Buncio

Newly renovated, power reclining seats, very clean, very friendly staff, clear screens and great sound... ZERO COMPLAINTS!!!

Abigail Rose-Craver

Extremely pleasant first experience at Island Cinemas. It seems that the poorer reviews were from before the theater was renovated Spring 2019. Super comfortable reclining seats and everything, including the floors, was very clean. Temperature was comfortable. Concession prices pretty average. Please note that you must choose your seats when purchasing tickets. Will definitely be returning!

Will Creary

Kind of small theaters. Weird setup.

Lester Allen

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody in theater 1 matinee, good price, comfortable, clean, great movie but we could hear bleed over from A Star is Born coming from another theatre.

Craig Perkinson

Discount night is a nice time for a family outing.

Oeil Photography

Great theater but small. Never packed, once i had an entire theater to myself.

Linda C

I'll echo another's comments. Food is pricey but service is great. There was a time when I had quit going to this theater because of the annoying behavior of the children and teenagers who are dropped off there by their parents. I cannot thank the management enough for coming up with the solution of placing someone in line of vision of all theaters to prevent this from continuing. I've been happy with my viewing experience again since they did this.

Kristine Caton

This is an older movie theater on Aquidneck Island. The prices are very reasonable, the popcorn is good and fresh and the staff are very friendly. Some of the theaters are very small but they serve the purpose. If you're looking for one of the brand new theaters with exceptionally comfortable seats that serve alcohol this is not your place!

eric martin


Cynthia Kirchner

The new seat are great, and popcorn is always fresh. I think this is a great local theater, not too big but enough screens to have options for movie choice with a good selection of movie times. Concession prices are high, as with any theater, but "reasonable" for theater prices. Ticket prices are fair for the local theaters and the senior deals and matinee prices are great.

Gaelle Piriou

Nowhere to seat waiting for the movie room to open, and not that clean. But the movie room was really great, good sound system, and comfy seats

Danielle A

Heard they recently had upgrades done to the theater. Movie selection is good and prices arnt bad. Check there website they offer a discount day.


This theater was very run down on the outside, and somewhat run down on the inside. But it was not busy at all and we were able to see a movie with only a few other people in the theater with us. We were able to get 2 tickets, popcorn, and candy for under 30 dollars which is pretty standard for most theaters. The theaters themselves were pretty small, and the picture wasn't as good as some newer theaters but that was okay. My biggest issue was with the seats, which were not the upgraded, wide leather seats I've come to expect at theaters. They were narrow and not extremely comfortable. If the theater is nearby and convienent for you, I think it's a nice place to see a film. But don't drive longer than 15 minutes to see a movie here.

patrick kennedy

Nice place seating is comfortable, sound system not so good

Brenda P

Recliner chairs!!

Elizabeth Seveney

Easy parking, good selection of movies

Jesse Rio

6 months ago I would’ve rated 4 stars, but they have updated their seating and rearranged the lobby. The staff is friendly, they have great options, and it’s usually very clean. I go to this theater regularly.

Thomas Silvia

Shanny from the outside but clean and nice inside. They really need an outside face lift

Brent Gragg

Shabby looking on the outside but great and comfy theater!

Andrew Urban

Great little movie theater in Middletown. It's no imax, but the tickets are cheap and there's usually not much of a crowd. Also I highly recommend the movie popcorn.

Eric Grigoriew

Great old style theater. Usually not too packed.

Jared Weaver

Good matinee price. Screen had a tear at top of screen which was distracting. Otherwise good cinema experience.

Jason Flanders

Good basic movie theater. Nothing special but good enough.

Randall fernandez

I mean this whole movie theater needs an upgrade!! You can't even sit down and enjoy the space! Theirs no leg room what's so ever! Everyone that's tall needs to sit up front just to get leg room! Things need to fixed! And if your gonna sell food there and have it pricey at least make the food fresh

chrissie dourant

Comfortable seats......good movie choices......concession prices are expensive.. .but the theater is beautifully and comfortable......not liking picking a seat number at ticket was dark and hard to find my seating and there weren't many people in the room.......ushers should be of assistance for seating or making seating numbers more visible

Barbara Derecktor Donahue

Saw the long awaited Phantom Thread - interesting, classic, Danny Day Lewis - always intense and amazing

Jacey DeMieri

Best movie theater I've ever been to! I absolutely love the recliners!

Van Lester Orengo Cancel

Calm and good place to enjoy a good movie night

Quetcy Oquendo

We always went there because it’s close but after remodeling, WOW! I love those new chairs!

Alanna Leslie

Always love going here. Alone, on a date, or with friends. As all movie theatres, concession prices are killer but the movie experience is amazing. The big screen, surround sound; feels like you're really there in the movie. If you've ever been to a comedy movie with me, I always get complimented on my laugh; went and saw Deadpool 2 different times and was complimented on how I made the movie more enjoyable with my laughter.

Michael Dube

no refills on the popcorn? Gtfoh


It's a good theater not the best but does the job at a decent price

Owen Bradley

Hard to find, but the seating reclined and had leg rests which was very comfortable, and we were able to show up right before the movie started on opening weekend and still get 5 seats next to each other. Not too busy and good ticket prices!

Frances Ortiz

its a good theater but like another person said the food is stupid pricey. Just like the tickets, the tickets are expensive as well. Other than pricey tickets and food it's good

Megan Gumkowski

Great local theater

Fallout Forever

Nice movie theater. Excellent staff, Very nice overall

Jenn Victor

Love this theater! We go almost weekly and enjoy the local feel and great popcorn! They also have a rewards card that gives you points for free drinks, popcorn and tickets.

Amalfi Elibo

My family and I love that little cinema. Is very clean, the staff are friendly and they have renovated the place, the chairs inside the theaters are modern and very comfortable, even for a back-injured person like me. It is a little overpriced though, just like everything else in this Island. That is Just how Newport is. ☺

Laura Viveros

It's a good place to watch a movie when you're on Aquidneck Island

Linda Anderson

One of the nicest theatres I have been to. Clean, modern, friendly staff and reasonably priced. Great experience.

Michael Fortenberry

Always a great option over the higher priced movie competition in central Rhode Island. Great staff, good surrounding community....Ocean Point Church is next door!

Anne Murphy

Theatre is clean. Snacks are a bit expensive. Good selection of movies and not at all crowded.

Matt Campion

A good local cinema with cheaper price for movie tickets than other chain theaters. Screens however are a bit smaller and the seats are not the best but are still comfortable.

Amber Royal

This movie theater could be better with good movie times but the times are so inconvenient. There is never an 8pm movie or any variety between 5-6.

Derek Cannistraro

I would give 5 stars but the really hot girl that worked at the snack stand left to go to college :(

Kim Hawko Vitiello

Nice, clean theater! Comfy seats and better facilities than bigger theaters in the state.

Louie Lou

First off the chairs are nice recliners and are by far the best chairs on Aquidneck Island. though the chairs spacing can be tight since every recliner is right next to the other ones but the recliners are big and you do have your room. If people are sitting next to you you will have to share the cupholders so eat every recliner does not have their own individual cupholder

Dennis Hofer

Best multiplex on.the island!

Janet Miller

Would rate ZERO if that was an option. Single parent taking kids to family outing, expecting great time like AMC in Dartmouth; UNFORTUNATELY, Amy, Nicole (asstmgr), and Melony (mgr) have NO/ZERO understanding of Customer Service. They need to visit AMC to learn what good customer relations are rather than make hmmfff sounds and tell paying customers they can leave. With these 3 working, understandable why theater loses money. Being only theater on island, they must not really care about their customers. As already noted by others, overpriced tickets, overpriced food/drinks, and TERRIBLE understanding of customer relations.

Ted Olson

The new upgrades (March 2019) bring this theater up from a 3 to a 4 star rating, especially the new seats.

Grand Canyon


Brainpower Hill

The movies they show are top notch, even the ones I haven't seen. The games are nothing less than addictive! All of the snacks are good choices so I recommend any person to go.

Jonathan Pruden

Don't let the outside fool you; this place is nice!!

John Pires

Was very quiet. The movie Venom was a very awesome movie

Rhody Ginger

The theater has been renovated now! Really comfortable leather recliners like you might find at an AMC or the new Fall River theater, new soda machines that are like the Pepsi equivalent of those Coke Freestyle machines, and overall just nice renovations like new carpet and paint and such. And the staff is still super friendly and accommodating as always. I will certainly be coming here more often now! This was my review before they renovated, much of it is still true: This place is a staple of Aquidneck Island. I can agree with the other reviews in that outside of the theater needs work (it used to be a bowling alley while the theater was off to the left more, it hasn't changed too much besides signage), but the interior is much nicer. Good service, good food, and the theaters are generally pretty clean. It's not luxurious like AMC Dartmouth, but that's not what you're paying for. If you're just on the island wanting to see a movie on the cheap (especially Matinees), this theater has got you covered.

Alan Clayton

Only theater option other than Jane Pickens on island. Decent theater, employees are generally all awesome, nice local feel. Much better than the old holiday cinemas that was at this site.

Avalon Collier

surprisingly great. it kinda looks rough around the edges but they have amazing reclining seats great prices great food. it was just so lovely I'm going back tomorrow to watch once upon a time in hollywood i can't wait

Gregorio Sanchez

Good theater

Mr. Kris Kumaroo MBA, MS

Surprisingly Newport doesn't have a modern movie theater. I felt like I walked into the old Randolph Theaters in Rockville, MD circa 1979 (now a Salvation Army thrift store). It was clean, and the service was fine, but the theater experience was sorely lacking. When you've lived in major and even small towns like Newport, across the country you expect a little bit better. Upgrade the seating, screen resolution, get rid of the 1970's feel, and add some bathrooms in the movie wings (the only one was near the ticket tear podium.

Bryan Joseph

The renovations are amazing! More intimate feel, very comfy reclining chairs make the theater more like a screening room. No more kicking felt on the back of the seat...a real game-changer. Now, I'm gonna go OUT to the movies more!

Jonas DeCastro

Pricing better than most theaters around and seating is actually comfortable

Terri Roberts

So comfortable and clean. I love this theater!!


Comfortable, clean, and friendly! Reclining chairs and fantastic sound made for an awesome experience, I will surely be going back!!

corrado marcucci

2 people working, only one selling tickets, line almost out the door. Got to theater 15 min before show time. Waited in line for 20 missed the first 5 min Terrible planning.


My experience wasn't bad, compared to back home the food is slightly lower price wise (AMCT in Tyngsboro, ma). Although I come from a state that taxes almost everything. The tickets were also lower, back home it's almost $14, here it was about $9 a ticket. The movie didn't fail (picture wise), the sound was great, and I do like the stadium seating. I'm not a big fan of leather because it feels more rigid and needs damage in order to ease back, the cotton seats I easily miss in cinemas and this one did have them.

Dean White

On vacation nice theater!!!!!

Devonta White

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that excite me. Island Cinemas won me over with the REAL movie nachos. I was excited to feel like a kid again. Had a pleasant experience at Island Cinema. The staff was friendly and the movie theatre wasn't packed at all to see a new movie (X-Men: Apocalypse). Good Times.

pogoxyz Smith

Decibel levels from theater speakers was too high - painfully** loud in recent action adventure movie. Had to cover my ears every time there was a car chase or guns sounding off or actors shouting. Not a healthy situation for patrons. High decibels cause permanent * ear damage. Shouldn't have to bring ear plugs to movie theater. Parents need to be advised that sound levels at their children's movies could be too loud Management needs to monster speaker volume settings for **every movie room daily to be sure speakers stay within safe healthy decibel levels.

Suzanne Hole

Amazing theatre I lost my Airpods in one of the recliners. I went back a day later and the Airpods were stored in lost and found, Wrapped up with a description of the movie, and what time they were found. Remarkable, absolutely remarkable. stand up management. Refreshing to have an experience like that

Juan Varela

Seats were confortable, but there is a smell.

Corey Murphy

It's the only theater I know about on the island. It's a little out of the way but once you find it it's what you expect from a theater with reasonable ticket prices and the standard outrageously priced snacks. Seats are comfortable but nothing to write home about.


Nice little theater!! Each theater is on the smaller side but for the island it's a good size!! Prices are standard high movie prices!!!

teshowme marshall

Nice cozy little movie theater. Loved the reclining seats.

Cynthia Davis

Tucked away spot friendly and helpful staff

Jeff Dupre

Very good movie theater and easy to get to.

Brian Jr Spero

You'd think a theater this small would get at most a three star rating but they actually have decent projectors and speakers, it's always clean (in fact it's usually cleaner than other cinemas I've been to), and it actually doesn't ANY major disadvantage except MAYBE that they should re-think their schedules to allow better showtime placement...

R Oliver

Great seating and friendly staff... Popcorn and butter tasted different than expected

D`Artagnan Cody

Pretty clean, and low traffic. No outside food allowed.

Gabe Fleming

Pepsi products at this place. And no Pibb or Dr Pepper. They have good deals on concessions though. There theatres themself aren't that bad.

Joshua McKinney-Zarrilli

Love the new look!

Stephanie Campbell

Seats are comfy. But sometimes the movies malfunction. Wish they had more snack bar items besides the usual fare. But as the only cinema on the island, it is what it is

debbie barandiaran

Easy parking. Easy ticket purchase. Great seats! The sound is always a bit too loud.

Kevin Yang

Average place. Seats are outdated but clean.

Matt McIntyre

I've been here a few times, I definitely appreciate the good prices on matinaes, and the seating is extremely comfortable and clean.

J Patrick's DAY

Getting renovated to include reclining chairs.

Sarah Chapman

This place is really nicer, now they remodeled all the seating. But they raised the prices to compensate.

Pat Doyle

I love this theater and can't wait for the new seats that they are installing soon.

B Free

Love the new look. Seats eere extremely comfortable as well as clean.

Shaun Cooper

Great brand new seating that reclines

Steven S

Island cinemas was a good experience. Went on opening night for Shazam and it wasn't too crowded. The reclining seats were comfortable and sound was great. Not the biggest screen, but good enough. And it was clean. Prices were good compared to big box chain cinemas.

Just Nat

Worst movie experience ever!!! Literally can’t hear the movie, because all the loud talking the teenagers are doing in the back row! Never have I witnessed this much disrespect for other movie goers.

Dan Aquidneck Dying Light

Its one of the two theaters on island. Its nice to have movies here but they are way behind in seating styles and a dated look.

Lyn M

Adorable little cinema! Cute place to catch a movie :)

Whitney Sands

Fun time. Clean and affordable.

Jose Jimenez

The seats are amazing! They were very gracious and understanding. We had to leave in the middle of a show and they allowed us to come back another day to watch the movie.

X magi

They upgraded big time

Zahul Puello

Good and comfortable.

Chris Walgenbach

Those reclining seats are comfy! Excellent sound system, better than most theaters I've been to.

Taylor Crockford

Nice clean cinema. Comfortable seats. Newly released movies get the bigger theaters which I like (makes sense) and older movies about to expire get the smaller theaters which are a little too small for my taste. Overall I appreciate the location close to my house and the fact that the cinema is kept very clean

Matthew Brown

Not the most comfortable theater, but it has pretty much everything you would need and is rarely busy unless it's a rainy summer afternoon.

Kathy Daly

Nice, clean movie theatre

Robert Maiale

Wow nice seats bit they need waiters now lol

Mira Serrill-Robins

It's old inside, but they have a variety of new movies, and it's clean. The staff is friendly. Signs say they're installing fancy new leather reclining seats. The cloth ones there now are old and a bit stained, but they're still well cushioned, and the fact that they're a bit rickety just makes them recline a bit (yeah, they're a little freaky). Movies don't really start on time and they have a weird mix of previews and random commercials, but the actual feature starts about 11 minutes after list time, which isn't bad these days. The concession stand is average--popcorn, soda, coffee, candy. I love a theater with more exciting real food, but I don't hold it against Thai place. There's plenty of parking. I've only been a couple of times, but I've never seen it anything like full, so I really hope it stays in business because it's tough to get to another large movie theater showing lots of new features.

Evan Trafton

Good quality local theatre


Staff was kind and it was clean!

Olivia Banister

The food is a little pricy but the service is great. There is an arcade, some nice bathrooms, and a fun atmosphere.

Jeannette Clarke

Favorite movie theater. Supporting local business. Reasonable and yet up-to-date set up.

Georgia Viruet

Loved the black panther

hollie mello

Excellent theater.. comfy and not packed usually.

Pamela Laynor

Outdated theater in need of complete renovation. Staff was very pleasant. We enjoyed our movie and popcorn. I guess we're spoiled being used to today's nicer theaters. The ladies restroom was very nice and clean.

Justin Morse

Island Cinemas is possibly the best theater I have ever been to. Standard pricing meets maximum comfort. From the reclining leather chairs to the new mix-it-up flavored drink dispenser, not a single dollar will go wasted when you choose to view a movie here.

Rich Booth

At first glance, the theater looks like it is in need of repair, as the exterior is somewhat dated. Inside is recently done over and visually appealing. Good and drink were good. Theater was a bit cool for my liking, but movie projection and sound was good. What they haven't done outside, the have done inside. Parking couldn't be any more convenient. I believe this is locally owned. This is my new favorite theater, I prefer going here rather than that other big chain theater.

Stephen Hudak Jr.

Run down theater that has seen better days, but doesn’t charge a fortune, especially if you can get a matinee showing. Many times at 1230-130 you may be the only ones in a particular theater. Food is obviously overpriced but there is a dollar store right around the corner…

Rick Meli

Great seats!#

Tamar Gladden

A good classic historic movie house has always been my favorite type of place. Nice prices and lovely atmosphere!

ian kelly

My favorite theater. Cheap and good food stand prices. Plus it's close to my work.

Nicholas Miller

Convenient. Standard movie theater.

Matthew Henricks

Quiet, quaijt little theater where there usually aren't too many people.

TruGarbag Garbage

Service was great clean but damn those were the most squeaky seats ever. Time for for new ones it killed my experience every seat was that bad!!!!!

Diane Graham

Awesome place! People in the theater we're courteous and respectful

Sir Guinea Pig

Amazing now that they refurbished everything (can do without the church next door though)

charles casper

Good selection

Charlene Bond

Always nice and clean and service is always good. They've made updates, reclining chairs, flooring, soda machines. Looks more modern and added to the feel good movie experience. Good so quality and sound. would definitely recommend.

Jennifer Jacobs

Screens are small and not quite perfect, but it had nice seating and concessions, and the employees were nice.

Jamie Wisenbaker

The seating is amazingly comfortable and prices are decent. Love this place.

Sean Kearney

Very old interior. Seats are ragged. Movie presentation (screen and sound) standard.

Charles Heap

Love the big comfy chairs. Just like curling up in my living room if only I had a 50 foot screen

Meththini Gibson

Relatively not bad.

John D'Amato

I actually like this place quite a bit. The employees are polite and courteous... They loose one star for their prices at the concession stand. Medium popcorn and coke costs as much if not more than the movie. Seats are clean and comfortable... they recline ever so slightly

Roberto Sosa

It was ok

Suwanna Anika

Love the new chairs and prices are great


love to go with my friends a bit pricey but still over all great

adriana deutsch-schumer

Comfortable seats and always the most recent movies

Charles Harris

Doesn't look like much from the outside, but $8.50 movie @ 140 pm. Seat recline and comfortable.

Blaine Anctil

Good pictured and nice new updates to chairs.

Tom DivesTwo

Upgraded seats, excellent sound, a whole lot better than before.


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