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REVIEWS OF SouthSide Works Cinema IN Pennsylvania

Michelle/Chelle Chelle's lifestyles!

It wasnt disturbing. The people there was friendly. Not too many people bother you, or try to get on your nerves. So it was quiet enough to enjoy a movie.

Matthew Brind'Amour

Its a movie theater. Stadium seating is good. Prices are too high like they are everywhere. Feels a bit dated at this point. Don't like that they locked the back door which is the best way in from the 2 parking garages next door. Also hate having to pay to park to see a movie, though it's obviously convenient and walkable to folks living in the South Side which is the benefit.

David Wiggins

This is a really great theater. It's in a very convenient location and the auditoriums are spacious and comfortable. I'm not sure if it's standard but the movie I went to had no ads beforehand which was an extremely welcome break from the usual theater experience. I would gladly see a movie here again.

KrypticNinja Gaming

Awesome theater and very clean. Staff are always welcoming.

Andrew Sullivan

From the time we walked in the door, it was a bad experience. The escalator was out of service, causing me (recovering from cancer surgery and on chemo) to have to walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor. The gentleman at the concession stand was the only person doing any work, as the manager and I assume another worker were watching videos on a phone. The theater itself was dirty, bits of food still on chairs, broken chairs, and plastic bags over chairs. Fifteen minutes after the expected start time, I had to literally call the theater to ask when our movie was going to begin. Worst cinema experience in years, and our family will NEVER be back.

xxx Oodles and Noodles xxx

Nice view in the back, comfortable seats and kind staff. One thing I didn't like was their seats weren't pull out but overall it had well quality.

krishma parekh

The theater is good in terms of ambience but I feel like there should be more than just butter popcorn served to increase user experience. Caramel or cheese can be the new flavors

Melissa Goetz

Good location next to restaurants. Modern building. Nice

Marc Pryor

Dark and chairs were worn BADLY. LOVED TOY STORY 4 THO

Shawn Ervin

Nice place if they showed 2 movies it would be great then.

marlo jones

It is a good place to go to because if you want to go see a movie you can go see what movie to go watch a movie tonight

Anita Mayer

Lovely area. Nice for walking. Lots of good restaurants.

Becky Frey

Beautiful theater.. Makes you feel like you are having a special night out!

edward grassel

This place is a mess. So so dirty. Theater smelled like urine. One person working. Total mistake. Don't come here.

John L

Clean place. The limited staff that remain are friendly and helpful. Good quality projection and sound

Jane McCaslin

7 ladies met at The Cheesecake Factory last evening to have a farewell dinner for a very sweet & dear friend. Everything was just perfect. The delicious meals we all had, the unbeatable cheesecake desserts, and especially our waiter, Paul. He went over and above for us, which made an already great time even more special

Mary Ptomey

Nice theater. Plenty of seats.


Beautiful place. Excellent shopping. Allot of Great restaurants. Parking can be teeny though. There's everything you need there. From Super markets to home depots... There's even a gym!...

Tow Doctor

I liked this theater. It has limited screens but it's right next to the cheesecake factory and its trendy. You have to go outside the city for movies. This is really the only place In town.

Jim Losi

One of the nicer movie theaters that I've been to in the Pittsburgh area. They have a large amount of screens so you can usually find a time that works for you if the movie has recently come out, and you can get tickets in advance so that you're not surprised by it being sold out when you arrive.

Molly Welch

Its a cute theater just off Carson St. (Which i HIGHLY recommend you stroll down. Tons of cute shops to explore and good eats too!) There is shopping on both sides and a Cheesecake Factory across the street. If you're looking for a pet gift I recommend Pet Value located in the same square.

Neuronaut Alpha-1

Young Urban Professional Heaven

gabriel yeniceri

This cinema is mostly clean. They provide cups so you can get as many refills as you would need. this is useful because you don't need to spend a lot of money on getting drinks. The only downside is the drinks are not very cheap and only pay off when you get many drinks. The food is expensive like everyone other cinema and the seats were comfortable enough.

Andi B

I've always had a pleasant experience at this theater. I appreciate that they have a discount day which I believe is Mondays. Definitely get there early though on those days because there is a long line.

Priddy Ja'Kour Savage

I love going here especially on "discount day"

Phillip Lyle

Not Crowded.....My type of theater....We are not worried about all the fancy stuff.

Justin McCoy

The screens are tiny. The only thing going dor this place is location and the fact it is inexpensive.

alena voronova

Of course, dessert, of course, cheesecake!!! Trying different dishes, there is nothing that I don't like!!! A place where it's nice to come, both alone and in a big company

Laurie Lajeunesse

Really enjoyed the experience. Movie was awesome.

George Tilley

Kingdom Men rising, any man in need of answers of (past/present) n direction present n future do yourselves a favor, you owe it to yourself. Enjoy

Natalie Greene

Nice newer cinema in heart of Southside Works. Comfy seats & good deals for off peak shows. Only issues are that you have to pay for parking and sound is too loud.

Charlie Gallop

Convenient $5 mondays!

Lincoln Jeffery

Nice building. Great customer service. Movie quality is excellent.

Dorion Hall

Crazy setup, dirty, and unkept, used to be nice. I wouldn't eat there

zachary travis

Boom still up to date with old school charm

cynthia clemons

This is actually Outside The Cheesecake Factory it was totally awesome they say water fountain for Animals pretty cool

Cheyenne Vining

my work experience here was the worst..i thought I’d enjoyed it yet I didn’t at all..from the way the managers make you clearly do all the work out front while they sit in a office most of the time. I found it highly unfair they pick and choose what they decide to do it felt like. One day they lock the cabinets due to “low stock” making my job TWICE AS HARD to do when serving customers and always having to request the manager to unlock them. Then out of the blue they r unlocked so..i just found it strange that they keep switching back and forth like that. I couldn’t even have my availability changed at all because we had to have two weekends and two weekdays available..and you’re REQUIRED to work on either a Saturday or Sunday even if you don’t want to..and to make matters worse they make u work 9 hours for a Saturday...when three people come in at 6 to close so y have morning people stay til 8 when they come in at six. no offense..but sometimes you have to carry your own weight because some of the floor staff will choose to not work at all and you have to literally direct them what to do and that shouldn’t have to be my job at all for a floor staff member. What’s the most problematic part is I DIDNT RECIEVE NO TRAINING AT ALL I had to learn off my coworkers and the managers never showed me how to do tasks on my first few days..what’s sad is they didn’t even tell you that you have to call in two hours before your shift to let them know you can’t come in for your shift and they write you up for that. they also don’t care you got going on outside the job I had important events going on and yet they still scheduled me to work and I literally had told them three weeks before then I had a special event going on for me I even written it in the request book. Yet again they still put me on to work so I had to call the manager that I couldn’t work in which again I shouldn’t have to do if I have written it in the book and told other managers to relay the message to the scheduling manager. You don’t know the managers schedules for some odd reason yet they can know ours which I felt that was unfair if we all work at the same movie theater. The floor staff around there never last long because of the work environment and during my time I saw six people quit during the time I worked there including myself. If they had good management and knew what they were doing maybe people wouldn’t decide to leave so quickly or feel the need to do better in employment. Then I went to go cash my paycheck out at cashing place and they said my boss didn’t sign my check so I had to waste my free time to go back and have my check signed only for the managers to say they didn’t have the authority to do so and I had to wait near three to five hours to have my money. ALL BECAUSE HOME OFFICE DIDNT SIGN MY CHECK plus I had to work my shift right after. Anybody who is young and looking for a job in the movie theater business at a amc or a cinemark theater. Personally I’ll never choose to work at a movie theater again. I wish I could give zero stars because this place has bad management and needs to be fixed asap.

Mohamad Nayal

Ok place but handled crowds very poorly. To their credit it was the busiest showing of the year but the system they employed was very unorganized show up very early if anticipating a popular movie showing

Justin Nitsuj

This is probably a great place when there's events. I went when it was still cold out and it was pretty boring.

Erica Miller

Not the nicest theater I've ever been to. Escalator was broken. Seats were dirty. Floor was chipped and shabby. Seats were meh. And the movie was not in focus. I swear to you, the image was blurry during the whole movie. I gave it two stars because it's in a great shopping and dining area. I hope the rehab this theater and make it awesome.

Kyle Bridenstine

Excellent movie theater! The staff is very friendly, the prices are great, the snack selection is good, the establishment is clean and modern, and the screens are nice and big with good audio and comfy seats. It’s also in an excellent location with lots of restaurants right outside where you can grab dinner and drinks before the show. I’ll definitely be going back here often!

NIKKI G #crusoulproductions

Great theater near everything #phillytopittsburgh

Shawn Hagewood

Don't go after dark or you might get mugged or shot! Nice theater other than that though.

Dave Sorber

Crab cakes we're all filler hardly any crab meat, lobster nachos were fake lobster meat clams were not little necks they were huge over cooked and served with oil not butter and no crackers

Dan Shields

Nice non mega chain theater with relatively reasonable prices and specials.

William Kottner

Southside works is a great place to shop and eat on the southside of pittsburgh, locals and tourist, could easily spend an afternoon there, never went to cinema but walked by it

momma shi

Love that it's a smaller theatre. Also love their sales on Monday and Tuesdays. Miss their snack specials though.

Denise Kubina

Whole area is wonderful

Ammie-Marie Littke

Fantastic place to experience American youth in all their glory. The whole theater is basically run by a teenage staff. From overly buttered popcorn, to the LONG, and I mean LONG, flight of stairs up to the theater, SouthSide Works Cinema offers an experience you'll never forget... or never want to remember. This is the only theater on the southside, so I have to give my respect. I saw Drag Me To Hell here back in 2009. I couldn't sleep for like 6 weeks. Unforgettable!

Robert Vasko

Worth the drive when we wanna have dinner and a movie. It's a good night out. Low key

N Gumbert

The most comfortable seats i have ever sat in at a moive theatre

Bee Madd

Meh... just a run of the mill movie theater with small screens

Annette Frontz

Yesterday during the 1:15 showing of Endgame, someone in the projection booth was listening to something so loud, you could hear it over the quietest parts of the movie, the very last 15 minutes. I went out to complain and ask that they stop and ended up missing a very important part of the movie. It was super disappointing. I won't be returning.

regina yochum

Love the theater. Nice and spacious and the employees are very kind. If you go at the right time, you can be the only one in the theater!!

Brian Martin

I haven't seen a movie here. I love the area though. Plenty to do before or after the show.

Colleen Pugh

Nice theater. Stadium seating. Comfortable. Concession food & drinks are a bit pricey but otherwise a great place to watch a movie.

Michael Santucci

Going downhill... There was a strong odor in the theatre that my wife described as a blend of "Stale vagina & foul feet". Also, one of the speakers popped and buzzed for 3/4 of the movie. Seats are cramped, but the bathrooms were nice.

Donny Pulakowski

Nice place to see a movie.

Taylor Reighard

Never let me down yet

Rita Belloma

Theater was clean, saw Avengers Endgame, great movie.

Ramon Velazquez

The best thing about this movie theater as the reclinable chairs they have to me that alone is the best movie theater there is

Jim Yaeger

Great place to see a movie.

Thomas Moore

I feel like this area is only half finished. It's a very nice area, but it needs more to see and do.

Jan Johnson

Southside Works is a fine movie theater. Sometimes the wait can be long to get your tickets, so it's best to arrive 5-10 minutes early. This theater doesn't keep as many movies as a larger theater like AMC, but they offer some good deals, especially on Mondays.

Totongua M

Great place to see a movie

Sanchesu Asakura

I love 5 dollar movie nights especially when avengers infinity war first aired. the audience we're a breath of fresh air as well , very good way to spend five dollars.

Elizabeth E. King

Best Movies and $6 Mondays are great!

Jessica Do

This could be a great theater. Great location, good prices. I've been here a handful of times and there is always a problem with the movie. Either it doesn't play, or we only hear the audio and then need to talk to someone to turn on the picture.

Tristan Smyth

Always a great place to stop off for a movie

Duchess Lorde

Love it there and it has such a calm and lazy feeling to it.

Jon Ernst

Convenient location and very nice theater

Christie Stiefel

I love going to this cinema. Its easy to get to if your in the southside.

Kenneth Maben

Theater is nice! Just not as good as many others.

Shar LaShawn

Great location and great customer service

Dee Norwood

Nice place to frequent

Kayvin Robertson

Catch a movie and grab a bite to eat. Win win in this centrally located outdoor mall with a movie theater.

Nathan Lippert

Line to buy tickets is very slow because it's the same line as concessions. Chairs aren't that comfortable. Screen had a small mark/tear near the bottom that was distracting.

james hays

Good service, great food, fantastic ambiance!


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