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REVIEWS OF South York Cinemas 4 IN Pennsylvania

Susan Schlomann

How can you beat a $3 movie, comfy seats, great AC, clean room? To top it off, it was a really enjoyable movie! Going back, and back, and back!

Shirley Millward

We bought our tickets early tonight and walked around. On the way back, we noticed the sign outside that said senior 60+ are $3 all the time. NEVER saw that before. We've been bringing our granddaughter here and coming here ourselves for a looong time. I went back in and asked for a credit. Was told...Sorry, you have to tell us BEFORE the transaction. Seriously?! You'd think after years of service and overpaying at $4 each time...that we'd at least get a free popcorn...but nope. I felt like we had a ...Gotcha... moment at our expense.

Shirlean Santos

Overpriced stale popcorn, but good overall

milo tock

Somewhat stale popcorn (free refill), free refills on soda, and cheap movies! I love this place. It's clean and affordable to bring your family to. I enjoy this place.

Jesse DiMura

For the price, it is worth going too.

Brian Sandhaus

Great prices and if you don't mind waiting for a little bit for movies it's really a great place to catch a movie. You can get 2 movies, large popcorn, and two large drinks for the price of the other theatre down the road.

Vicky Mathias

Good deals through Groupon. Comfortable seating. Only complaint it's was freezing cold in theater. Had a hoodie and a blanket and still cold. But prices are great and nice cozy little theater.

daddy daughter podcast

Great prices and great cheap food. Only downsides are sqeaky old chairs and the noise From the speakers really bothered my daughter's ears. We have gone to dozens of different movie theaters and this one is the only one she's complained about. If the speakers got upgraded a bit and the seats. I'd give 5 stars anyday. Staff is incredibly nice.

James Baker

If you have not experienced this place, you need to. Adults, I believe are $5.00 in the evenings at 6:00 PM or later, before 6:00 all seats are $3.00 & Sr's are $3,00 all the time. The movies arrive here about 6 - 10 weeks after their initial release. They have all new chairs that are comfortable, they do have high backs so if you're super short they could be a problem, but my wife is 5'3" & I'm 6'4" and we are both very comfortable. If you require stadium seating and a bar at your movie theater, this is not the place for you, but it's perfect for families not looking to drop $100+ to see a movie and for Seniors!!


Nice staff and good movie and snack quality

Mark Mcleod

I took my grands here while visiting York and the reasonable prices were amazing. My five year old couldn't see the screen without kneeling in her seat. I don't know if they have boosters, because she is "too old" to use one.

sara tran

unfortunately i can’t rate it no stars, so i had to rate it one sad. the place is already sad looking enough- so why force yourself to go there when you can go to a high quality theater with high quality service?

Adrian Thomas

Good Theater!! Senior Discounts too!


I went yesterday. Was good for the price can't complain good ac.very relaxing

Marie Branch

Saw 2 movies this evening. Both good. The theatre was well maintained. The food was fresh and delicious. Will be back the next time I'm visiting friends or family in the area.

Lorrie Lesh

Went to. Chinese restraint .it was excellent.

Alyssa Thompson

Was About a 45 minute drive to see 22 Strong do worth it. The women who sold us tickets and snakes was WONDERFUL. Will go back again

Kristen H

It was cool. Liked the small theaters.

Robert Thompson

Old school atmosphere playing movies you want to see. Fairly priced and good times.

Tracey B

Wonderfully inclusive and accomidating theatre. Thank you for always being a supportive judgment free zone!

Daniel Luber

I liked the place. The staff was nice and they kept the place clean. I enjoyed the experience!!

Verna Crone

A cheap movie place. We enjoy go find a movie to watch n eat ur popcorn.. it was very quiet

Dan Marinelli

Best place for the price. No long lines and no trouble finding a close parking.

Sean Powell

This smaller theater has nice selection of movies. It's NOT one of those newer, modern places with deep aisles, ultra stadium seating or reclining seats but you also don't didn't an arm and a leg to watch a movie. My only complaint is that the seats are so high that younger children have trouble seeing the screen. They do have booster seats but when two kid movies are playing at the same time, you NEED to get there early to get one.


I love coming here. It is a good theater and I have absolutely no complaints about the prices. Heck I'm getting away with highway robbery with how little I spend here. And it's always very quiet. If you like dirt cheap, quality, and no crowds here is the place

Donna Dingle

Love this movie prices are fair and close to home

Michael Fort

Love this place. Clean small theatres. Cheap tickets. Decent price for consessions.

Zak Fuhrman

Great prices. Excellent staff. Great customer service. Very affordable to take a family of 4 to see a film

Ricci Tyson

What do you expect for cheap seat theater??? It works.

Ann Cam

Good prices, nice staff. Seen Transylvania 3. Loved it! Bathrooms were clean.

byron kehr

They are taking the "no outside"food or drink policy way too far! I had a bottle of h20 from the outside with about 2" of h20 in it. I had it sitting in the cup holder. After the movie was already in progress.. the guy from the front counter came roaming around in the dark , taking water bottles from everyone who hadn't purchased it there(as well and food.) He took me by surprise when he approached me in the dark(interrupting me watching the movie). He gave me the choice to drink all of it or he would take it! I was totally stunned. This is totally unacceptable & inappropriate behavior! If you see someone bring food in, it's one thing, but, to sneak around in the dark confiscating people's water, food ,etc is ridiculous. When I said something to him afterwards he directed me to"vacate!" I've gone there many times, enjoying the movies, price, etc. & never witnessed such absurd behavior. What about people with food allergies, etc? This is over the top as far as I'm cocerned!

Kimberly Bunting

Nice place. Clean, seats comfortable. Small theaters. Screen easily seen. Would definitely go again.

Chris H

The theater is like 120 degrees. No air and insanely hot.

Adrienne Sharpe

Great prices for movies that you may have missed when they first came out in theaters! Cheaper popcorn prices!

Joann rodriguez

If I could give them less than one star I would! The staff here is so rude. The one woman behind the counter had the nerve to raise her voice to my child with special needs. That's just completely unacceptable.

Rob Ford

Love this place great prices and a friendly staff

Marty Riddell

Great price, but, the seats around us smelt like B.O. we moved to avoid the smell. Maybe a good cleaning or Febreez sprayed in the seats.

Bridget Brewer

A great value, overall. Our family has been here often and most of the time, the staff is friendly. Theatre seats are in disrepair and parts of the theatre have a faint musty/ urine smell, but still a fair place to watch a movie. Last time we were there, we got booted out of the theatre because we brought in food from the outside, which is strictly prohibited-- yet their snack bar is thinly stocked and overpriced.

Mia White

Run down, grimy and dated. Floors are disgusting. Looks like they haven't been mopped since 2006. They got new cheap seats a few years ago and they're junk. Their temperatures are never comfortable. You freeze in the winter and sweat in the summer. Everyone working there seems miserable. They charge $3 and $5 for movies that are already at redbox lol. I can go across the shopping centers to Frank's on Tuesdays and see a brand new movie for $6 all day long.

Marta Ortiz

I dont know we wasnt there

Christine Sharp

Went twice in 3 days in today's economy it's great having a place to take the grandchildren for a reasonable price. They love going to the movies and enjoying soda and popcorn. People don't know what their missing. This place should be mobbed for the reasonable rates and it is clean . Bought gift cards for the kids.

Iris Nesbit

Inexpensive family entertainment with great snack packs with refills. My grandchildren love going here

Rob Reznikov

Good service, clean and cheap movies . There older movies but cheap 3.00 to 4.50 I believe . Staff is nice.

Shawn Grubb

We go here a lot to see movies that have been out for a little while. Much cheaper and easier to do with younger kids. Staff is very friendly, unfortunately the last time we went the audio for the movie we were seeing wasnt working but they gave us double the free vouchers to come back again.

Christina Springer

It's what you would expect of a discount movie theater. Concessions are reasonably priced.

anime sHippers

Zero stars if i could i fell on my hip after getting out of my seat! I told the employee and she said she missed a spot. The seats were greasy and the floor wet and buttery. My friend got pinched in the seat. Will never come back and its sad bc i have always came here with my parents when i was a kid.

Marie Hardesty

More than half the theater was roped off with caution tape and the seats are so low my kids can't see the screen. Staff is always friendly though and for the price you really can't complain (even though I just did

Tara Seaks

Very good theater for when you're on a budget and want to take the family to a movie. I've been going here for my entire life and have always enjoyed it.

Shirley Collins

It's quaint... very affordable..

Vicky Jones

Movies went up on prize should still be 2 dollars.

Dena Tyndall

Great place for movies on the cheap. Popcorn is great! Seats are standard not the recliners. Clean every time we have been. Can use some updating, but it serves it purpose. Friendly staff here too.

Mike Venezia

Small movie theater a little difficult to find but offers great values with their vintage movie Nights great Classics on the big screen from your childhood

Michele Mack

Good movie. Great snacks. Good prices. The one thing I can say that I don't really like are the chairs (seats) in the theatre. The backings are high and the seat are a little low. Other than that its fine.

Yvonne Scott

Nice place for a $3 movie. It good to have a place to watch some movies just before they hit Redbox

Angela Oakes

The staff was so nice to my two little girls. Made their entire day and mine. Thank you.

Daniel Joyner

Best priced movies around. Clean for an older theatre

Blythe stein

This place is awesome! Great prices! Love the summertime morning movies. Great place to take the kids on a rainy day.

D21 Hardbody

Old movie prices

Brenden Aston

Such a hole in the wall, in both the good and bad senses of the word! Price is great as , especially if you have lots of little ones. The amenities and snacks are standard fare, what suffers is the comfort and layout of the theater, which is lacking in upkeep. The trade off is that they have some great film offerings including old classics and recent blockbusters.

Cherokee Rose

The theater has poor sound and picture quality. It's also very dirty. I know it's a cheap place to go to catch a movie but I'd rather wait for the movie to come out on dvd then to go in that place.

Kim Smith

It's always a good time and reasonably priced


They have slightly older releases here, but plenty of selection and they add movies often. Very affordable prices on the tickets and snacks, check the specials and promos.

Glenda Howard

Reasonable prices for movie theater

Zenon Feo

You can't beat the price! The theaters have been updated with nice seating. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Lydell Muldrow

Great price, old fashion fell and good movies.

independent mama

Comfortable seats and cheap tickets.

Amy Guynn

We love this place. Great movies cheap. Popcorn deals are very reasonable. My whole family loves to go here. Family of 4 movie drinks and popcorn for arounf $20.

Kenny Anstine

Very disappointed in how abrupt manager was. Prices are getting too high for refreshments. Slowly getting worse in every aspect.

David Davis

While it is a smaller theater it is big in charm. It would be what going to a movie would be if the giant chains had not cookie cuttered them with huge mega-theaters.

Calvin Shingleton

I really like this theater. Very reasonable admission cost and treat popcorn prices WITH refills.

Emily Shermeyer

Love the discounted movies. They try to keep it clean....I would just prefer if the seating was vinyl but they did recently replace and install new.

IceSkate Angel

5 people. 5 drinks. 2 large popcorn for $42. Can't beat the deal here.

Cassandra Weas

This place is a great way to get the movie theater experience for half the price. Because they only have 4 theaters the show times can be a little sporadic so you have to check the website and plan to go. The only other down side is the seating is not stadium-style. The pop corn and candy are more reasonably priced then a regular movie theater but if you still like to bring your own snacks giant is right next door.

Michael Rowe

4 and 5 dollar movies!

dj immaculate

great popcorn great prices great movies

Owen Mackenzie

Super cheap and inexpensive and the movies they show are actually not even that old!!! (Unless they are supposed to be, they have events and stuff on certain days.) Not the most comfortable but for the amount you are paying this is a bargain!

I Am Wondertwin

You cannot beef prices! you can tell that the staff that works there loves her job everybody that was working there great attitude. Several of them interacted with all the kids. And it wasn't forced at all, it was definitely organic. And I appreciated it very much they did a wonderful job there a theater was remarkably clean or how much business and they do all day long they seem to stay on top of it and there is always somebody standing by as soon as the movie lets out she go in and clean up behind anyone who unfortunately has made a mess. This is a new theater us especially when we take all the nieces and nephews out to a movie. I think the manager of cinemas should hold their head high because we are a big crew, and they more than that of the challenge.

Michael Reigart Jr.

Great little old school movie theater, with good prices and deals. Awesome place for a nice family night out. They do second-run movies so it's not going to be the most current movies but still good stuff

Brutal SxkeAU

It was good

Dawn Botterbusch

Cheap place to take the whole family to see a movie.

Kim Poncavage

A great value. There is always a good selection of movies to choose from and it's the only way we can afford to take our grandchildren for special day of movies and treats. The seats are very comfortable and the popcorn is fresh and delicious.

Vincent Lauer

Second run of the movie at a discount price we go here all The time

Whitney Canales

For such cheap prices, it's totally worth it! My kids couldn't see the screen, so boosters are definitely needed for little ones.

Joshua Read

the cheapest theater around. never any problems with video or audio quality. some seats might squeak. the food and drinks are good quality and good price.

Michael Raadgep

I love this place! Date nights on a budget! I can now afford to take the kids to the theater! It's great to see certain movies that I don't mind waiting for, especially kids movies.

Yasheca Rhoden

Love this place..

Holly Bells

Affordable! Great fresh popcorn, great fast friendly service. Good for families.

Rob klein

Cheep movies good time

Kayla Linn

If I could give it a one star rating I would My friends me wanted to see the nun but because my friend was 16 and not 17 like we were they wouldn’t let us in so we asked someone to buy the tickets for us there was no rule saying the person had to come in with us just that someone over 21 had to buy the tickets but the man at the register got an attitude saying the nice lady had to come in to see the movie i just thought I’d share my expiernece because there is no law that the person buying the tickets has to go in just that they have to be over 21 to buy tickets for someone under 17 he was rude and disrespectful

Garrett Harper

Nice little home style feel, nice staff, and awesome how they offer group viewings. My son had his preschool field trip there and all the kids and adults had a great time watching Ferdinand!

Brett Newman

Indtead of bootleg see it on the big screen!


Great place to take the family at a low budget not for picky person

Lynn Maxwell

Great prices on tickets and consessions! Clean place, friendly staff. Comfortable seats.

Joshua Weber

Stop by here to see new movies just a few weeks after they release at a huge discount. Matinee tickets are only three dollars and snack are actually cheaper as well. They've updated the seats not long ago. But they are not super fancy, recliner seats like at the new movie theater. The theater is also on flat ground, not stadium seating, The screen is a little smaller, but that's fine since the theaters are smaller and you'll be closer. Men's bathrooms are always a disheveled looking. Overall you can't be the value.

George Tribull

Not bad like most movies places nowadays things were expemse


Not the cleanest but the best price for tickets and well worth the monies. Gotta remember u get what u pay for but this place is great. Specially when u have lots of kids youre taking

Catrina Vivas

Took my 2 grandkids to the movies for the first time. I figured we'd go to see a $2 movie, in case things didn't go so well with the 3yr old. Spent $30... minus the $6 for the movie, what did I spend $24 on? Popcorn and drinks...2-kids & 1- Med for my self...the kids didn't even get candy with their orders, and they didn't have soda holders to make things easier for me. Wow! That just defeated the purpose of going to the $2 show.

Ashley Wynne

Nice and cheap


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