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REVIEWS OF Regal Warrington Crossing 4DX & IMAX IN Pennsylvania

Stephanie Rivera

The location is good overall. I am giving this 4 stars because the price of the concession stand is out of control. $5 for a bottle of water should be illegal. I paid less in Disney World for one. The staff here Is friendly but they need …

Linda Rogers

We visit this movie theater monthly and it has always been enjoyable. Clean, good atmosphere and friendly staff.

Pray Lord

Nice theater....staff and food are very good. Will not disappoint!!!

Tracy Bolster

Great location, tons or parking, lots of games & arcades in lobby. Lots of food/drink options, Seats dont recline but otherwise an ok theatre!

John Spiewak

Wasn't a great experience. Good movie but there was a crying child in the theater.

Gloria Gundy

The seatsare comfortable

M Kay

Standard theater, nothing special. Seats are ok comfort. Floors are sticky and wet and slippery, seems like they don't clean between showings. They do have imax and regular 3d.

8 Ball Fighter

Has the best 4DX movie experience and the rooms are really big!

Kristina Focht

My husband had to leave before the movie started due to the horrendous smell in theatre 16. He was getting ill. Missed the movie that he paid for. I stayed since I had dropped $28 on food and $30 on the tickets. I don’t think we will be able to go back again.

John Genatossio

Excellent customer service. Good selection of movies. Very clean including the restrooms.

Christopher Burnett

I want to thank Sean for his quick thinking and kindness. I am embarrassed to say but I immediately realized that the 4D screen experience was not for me . My husband and son were extremely delighted. I asked to speak to the manager to see …

Bob Zygala

Fairly nice. Well maintained, but has barely been updated since the 90s

Micah Pak

The lines were long for tickets and for concessions. We decided to skip the concession stand. Waited long enough for the tickets. Movie was good though.

benben deano

It's pricey for a ticket. Two adults for a regular showing was almost $30. Quality of movie was fine. Theater was pretty clean and the restrooms were ok. I never buy food/treats at theaters because of high price, so i can't rate that.

Tia Reason

It's your average theater. It could use a few cosmetic upgrades as well as more comfortable seating. Its a multi plex to the max it has over 20 theaters so you're bound to catch a show without missing your time frame. Personally I'd go somewhere more comfortable and kill some time if I had to pick.

Sharon Kennedy

Normal theater, big selection of films, could use the nicer seats some theaters have now. They have also instituted assigned seating. It has pros and cons. Plenty of nearby bathrooms which is a big plus.

First Ascent Into Legend

Good theater, clean and well staffed. Munchies aren't too overpriced. Glass was a good movie too lol

Alex Pritz

I have been going here most of my life. Never been disappointed by the theater. I have been disappointed by the movie but I guess every movie cant be a winner

Action Jackson

Movie was ok, great theater and concessions were reasonably priced. Got the chicken tender basket and found it comparable to what you would find in a diner setting.

Calvin Shakoor

Date night, it was kinda empty, but that was a good thing, the audio system needs to be upgraded, and the cost of movies is crazy, but the amount you get with your drink it cool...

Chris S.

Great comfortable and recline seating. Large concession stand options. Great for groups.

Marquella White

Excellant theater and THE LION KING was great

Richard Patrick

Very good. They may want to clean the theater better, and use a fresh smelling cleaner. Enjoyed the comfortable seat. Very good sound system.

Steve Yardumian

Too expensive with little to no changes in the last 15 years. Pretty much the same as when I was in high school. If I'm paying twice as much for a movie now, shouldn't I be getting more???

Paragon Greeny

Very good cinema. They have Imax and ScreenX. The ScreenX was a cool experience.

Shirley Eads

It was good, still not thrilled with the reserved seating, but at least the theater wasn't freezing. Concession stand could have used more help.

Daniel Clutch Bielski

My girlfriend and I had passes, so we went to the Sunday night 10:30 showing of Scary Stories. Only 6 other people there. Wide open theater, no lines, no crowds. It was the best movie night ever. Good movie too.

Tyler Robinson

Went to see Us (which was awesome) but the service was terrible. Thanks "Jared" for the 9$ popcorn that was just sitting out under lights for who knows how long. It was barely popcorn at that point, just buttery packing peanuts. Not this workers fault, just the way these places do things. half the bag was filled with the little remnants of popcorn and half popped kernels, you guys know what I'm talking about. And want butter? Hope your cool with the fact that it's only on the very top. Like really with all the money we pay for your incredibly marked up food, I would really like to see you ask me first if I want butter on my popcorn, them go grab it FRESH, fill halfway, butter, shake, finish filling, then butter on top. Sorry, but this is the reason why piracy is on the rise.

Lew Palmer III

Nice clean theatre so sit back and relax

Ryan Wojcik

Nice place to catch a flick

OB Carter

Nice theater. Good seats, could be redone. Free parking. Around some decent places to eat. Plenty of screen options.

Robert Watts

Arrived to the theater 20 minutes early. Already had tickets purchased. Went to the concession stand and placed my order. After it was tallied, I gave my card to Cypress for payment. For some strange reason, his machine wouldn't take my card. I went to type the numbers in, then told me my card didn't have enough numbers. I went to read the card off to him, and stopped typing midway to retrieve my card again. He swiped it up and down 3 times and said it wouldn't take. He didn't ask his manager for help or anything. I ended up going in another line, waiting about 10 more minutes before placing the order again. That cashier's machine seemed to work fine. Need better training.

Ron Holliman

I went to the theater on 09/08/2019. I experienced a problem from the time I stepped in. First off the attendant ask to search my son's diaper bag. Ok we allowed it,nothing to hide. Then my other children wanted to play on the arcade machines, so I purchased a game card for $40 only to find out they were not functioning properly. I did not recieve satisfactory results from none of the staff. They refused to reimbursement my money I wasted on a card I will probably never use. To top it off I'm at the concession stand and my order came to $51. I gave the attendant a $100 bill. Everyone and their mother had to examine the bill as if a black man couldn't possibly have a REAL $100 bill. So insulted,as hard as I work for my money


4DX - Absolute waste of money. Poor sound from Klipsch lacking depth and clarity. The 4D effects hardly get utilized. The heavy pricing is totally not justified for the overall quality and experience offered. This is more to fool audience into believing something big while its not. Advise to close this meaningless experience. IMAX would be a far better option with premium quality visual and sound experience where the price point is actually justified.

Heather Mccrimmon

My husband and I went to see The Endgame this past weekend. We arrived an hour early with pre purchased tickets since we knew it was going to be extremely busy. After standing in the concessions line for over an hour to order two cups of coffee the cashier asked if we wanted candy with our order. My husband explained our movie had already started, we were in a hurry and we just needed the coffees. The cashier stated that part of his job is he is required to ask each customer and continued to ask multiple us if we wanted anything else. We explained again our movie had started, we only needed the two coffees. Finally after checking on the coffee we would told there was none and we'd have to wait 10 minutes if we still wanted it. When we ordered a soda, the cashier then asked AGAIN if we wanted any candy and began to argue with us before ringing us out. We missed the first 15 minutes of the movie due to extremely poor customer service.

Robert Cloer

No personality in the people that work there, its like a morgue

Slycore Thomas

I went to a late movie and it was awful the popcorn was bad and when they gave me mines they threw the other popcorn away then my drink was hot because for some reason the ice wasnt cold enough never heard of that one before if you go here go in the day time night service is bad

Daquan Boyce

Saw Dragon Ball Super Broly here. I have to say the movie was AMAZING. The seats were very comfortable and there was ample seating for every one of us Dragon Ball nerds. The bathrooms were very clean. The staff was amazing. 10/10 would definitely go here again.

Nan Bow Bow

Great place. Clean. Movies on time.

Jeff Smith

Godzilla was such an incredible film with nail biting action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I saw this in IMAX and the sound system was definitely put to the test. With every roar of Godzilla you could feel it going through every ounce of your body. Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah made quite an entrance when their screen time came up.

Rachael Toth

I was here last night to see Rocketman at 9:10PM. I am extremely dissatisfied with my service at the concession stand. The register had jammed and the cashier was unable to complete my transaction. Instead of taking my transaction to another register I waited while everyone behind me went to the next cashier and had quality service. The cashier called for the manager where I waited and waited. My date and I saw the manager socializing with people so my date approached the manager to basically be shrugged off. The manager saod he would be right over. At this point we are close to missing the beginning of our movie. This is when the cashiers finally took my transaction on a different register. First I stand and everyone pays before me while I have my drink and food. Next the manager doesn't want to help with the issue. Last I will go to Penn Cinema next time.

Kyle Brockett

Nice place. Good movie selection. Easier parking even in a busy night. Food is reasonably priced.

Davonte Clardy

Always smells, n they need to upgrade the seats.

Touch Ofclass

Nice And clean is the only good thing i can say about this theatre seats are too small and tight and uncomfortble it was sooooo cold i had a headache i mean it was freezing in there. No offense and everyone that work there has a disability and could hardly reply to your questions without taking almost 2 minutes to answer will never go back again


By far one of the nicer movie theaters in Central Bucks County. When we arrived we were able to pick our seats ahead of time and the theaters are always clean and nice. To my bewilderment, I saw a giant display for the 4D Max theaters that are supposed to be coming to town. I cannot wait for a 4D sensory experience. The sooner the better!

Mrs. Johanna Gonzalez

Totally love it its a friendly and family environment its out of this world experien

Lisa Cornelius

Love this movie theater!! Tons of choices & good service. Come early if you expect it's a popular movie though because concession lines can take a while. Otherwise, great spot!

Paula McGovern

My new favorite place for movies. Great selection and comfortable seats. Also very clean.

Dave Barnhouse

What is this stuff I am hearing about assigned seating? I haven't been to a movie in a while, but I don't plan on going back until this assigned seating policy is changed. This is a movie theater, not a concert hall. That said, I don't see how this chain can compete with its one and virtually only competitor when you can go to the competitor and pay $5 per ticket on any Tuesday. This theater, however, thinks they can charge $13 because they added an IMAX a few years back. Thinking about taking a job here? Let me tell you about that. Whether you want to or not, you likely will part ways with the company within a few months due to their practice of changing schedules without notice and the rapidly accumulating black attendance marks you will receive. I especially liked the part where the coward of a manager needed to have a second guy in the office with him any time he fired someone because he was afraid he would get his head knocked off. Hmm, maybe you shouldn't be depriving people of their livelihoods. You seem to enjoy a good one, shopping at one of the few remaining Sears in the country. I can only assume that the management has turned over since those days, but I am confident that the management-style hasn't changed a bit.

Deborah Kline

Bigger movie theater...more variety of movies and running times

Jenny R

Very nice theater. While the seats were a little close together, they were comfortable.

Adam Aaroe

The seats for standard movie viewing were awful. Too small. Stiff cushioning. Bad. Rows are too close. Never going back

Ryan Beers

this is your slightly better than average movie theater where newermovies can be watched in reserved seats stadium seating in the air conditioned during the summer and heated during the winter this movie theater is climate controlled whith concessions (food,drinks,snacks and such..

Cristian Miller

The worst regal theater I have ever been to. Out of my over 100 visits in the last year only my visits to this theater have been absolutely horrible. Most of the employees are not remotely professional sometime doing push-ups and other exercises instead of doing their job. Had a complaint and the security guard walked in for 3 minutes at the bottom of the stairs and did nothing. I understand how unreasonable it would be for him to stay for the whole movie. But 3 minutes and then not even coming back is unacceptable. I also understand that the guard had to witness the action to remove the party. But how can you witness if your not there or there but not close enough to see or hear anything. I mean those theaters are huge. If you are looking for a good regal go to Oxford valley stadium or if that's too far go to the regal barn down the street.

Fotios Malliaris

Nice clean theater, only wish they had recliner seating.

Mitchell Cherny

I'm not sure why there was an extra premium for a seat in imax as I've been ij much nicer imax theaters for less. The like for concessions was about a 40 minute wait I heard from the person in the seat next to me. I gave up on popcorn after 15 minutes because I would have missed the start of the movie. I will probably never come back to this theater

Terron Beckett

Tried the 4dx theater it was awesome, a new enjoyable way to watch movies movies like spiderman and aquaman are perfect for 4dx

Sherry Butterworth

Everything fine until I had to stand to let folks past. My shoes were stuck to the floor! I had to sit and pull them up. They NEED TO CLEAN!!

kirk halupowski

Decent but needs seating upgrade

Lorie M.

Theater was clean. The volume during previews was way too loud! It was about 60F outside but the air conditioning was on full blast for some ungodly reason. BRRRRRRRR -- cold!!! I generally don't do movies. I HATE endless previews, cellphones in the dark, dirty theaters, loud noise and self-absorbed moviegoers. The movie was good. The moviegoers were great. But the loud icebox of a theater made it an unpleasant experience. My experience tonight:

Raquel Serafin

Steven is my absolute Favorite Usher at Regal Cinema Warrington PA! He is very attentive, friendly, and he always goes out of his way to help guests, & guides guests to the correct theater! Thank you for all of your help Steven!

Nancy L Marron

Pleasant Service. Comfortable seating.

Robert Schwabe

Nice movie theater. Clean


I love that they have hired the elderly and disabled to work. It is very very clean and accommodating. You will have no issues except for the food price as with all movie theaters. However, the walls between each auditorium seems to be thinking because we could hear the other movie being shown next door.

Victoria Clayton

Loved my experience the staff was nice and polite. I highly recommend getting the app so you can skip the line by preordering your tickets. You also get points to redeem at the snack counter.


My favorite movie hub not too far from home. Saw a fantastic movie with Taraji P. Henson! First time going to the movies alone in my entire life..not bad at all

Joseph Cullinan

Excellent very nice the only thing I would suggest is having the lights come up after the movie. I have poor balance and it is difficult navigating with poor lighting. Thank you for your consideration. Joe cullinan join

Charlie Dicanio

You'll pay a little extra for the 4DX, but totally Worth it

Becky Rabchuk

Comfy seats, and had assigned seating for a big opening movie. No waiting in line three hours early for a good seat. Friendly staff, very clean.

Charlotte Buglio

No reclining chairs, but the chairs were comfortable. Popcorn and a small seltzer cost more then the movie and you don't get to put your own butter on your popcorn!

Debbie Holt

Went on a date night with my husband to see Avengers and this theater was dirty, smelly, long lines and we were baking in theater number 7, room full of people and no AC, I requested twice to Jeremy to make it cooler and it just got hotter!!! When you spend all that money on the movies you should be comfortable!!! Shame on you Warrington Regal!!!

Kareen Harding

I thought choosing seating is a bummer before going into cinema but I go when less crowded so not so bad. Big lobby area I like

Chuck Watt

Disgusting. Watched employee not wash after bathroom. Same employee handling concessions. Same employee that made fun of a challenged co-worker. Rot in hell.

Tara G

The theater was NOT clean and smelled like urine. My kids even commented on the sticky floors and horrible odor. We decided to stay because we were so excited to see The Lion King!!! Movie was suppose to start at 5:15 and did not start until 5:45. The reason? They forgot to start the movie

Jim Smith

One person to take movie orders at the window with a line of 20 people? I concession stand register open with a line of 7 people. Asked to pick a seat which slows the line to a crawl. We picked 2 seats for a movie that had 10 people in it yet another couple chooses to sit 2 seats away from us. Now I no why we rarely go to the movies . I forgot she had her food on the seat next to me and when I knocked over her 3/4 eaten nachos she said that will be $8.00. I said the cheese is gone and the nachos are still in the bag. She again said $8.00 which I said "that not happening" Fun Sunday night!!

Steven Kielkucki

We paid a premium for an action movie and ended up with '80s quality sound and a ripped screen (screen 10). This theater also doesn't have recliners. This is why we wait for movies to come out on video. The movies are better enjoyed in the comfort of our own home with a premium sound system and TV. I wouldn't recommend this theater.

Casey Dolan

Very nice theater, counter service is as slow as you can get though. 4D movies are very cool, but expensive. Ample parking and a few good places to easy within walking distance.

Dean Hagans

Very clean and comfortable.. Food and drink prices are on the high side.

Carly Cowan

We saw a 4D movie. Don't waste your money.

Timothy Vile

I thought the service was great and the people were nice and the lead- girl named ....Jen Martin was especially helpful and nice

George Lutz

Comfortable seats and clean. Good movie? "GREEN BOOK". This shows pushes lots of buttons but often in a very positive way. Fastest 2 hours I've had in quite a few years but, then, there is "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Ritchie Borja

Watching the latest movies with my BF. Very big theatre. Lots of parking spaces.

Monica M

There wasn’t too many people in the theater so the lines were nonexistent. Prices could be more reasonable but that might be set by Regal corporate.

Bette Danko

Easy access. Latest movies Could use renovations due to age, but still comfortable.

Samira Pitts

It's clean! Ticket prices are very reasonable! The staff very personable! I enjoyed myself


Clean and big many theaters to choose from. Imax was a great experience too. Not sure if it was just me but the volume seemed too loud. But i would reccomend and return in the future.

Kevin Thompson

I love this theater. I did the 4DX. I enjoyed it and thought it was a nice way to see a movie. 4DX is expensive but worth it for some movies.

Amy Connolly

Had tickets for a 2:30 movie and got there before 2 to get popcorn, ect. Good thing I did- waited in line for 40 minutes. Customer in line in front of me missed beginning of their movie. When he finally got to the top of the line the cashier was rude and threw his card at him. Finally got my order- was charged for items I didn't get and by that point was so frustrated that I just accepted the charges so I wouldn't miss the movie. Terrible service. Won't be back!

Patricia Southerland

I would like to say thank you to Regal Cinema. My daughter losted her cell phone and someone turned it in and they reached out to me. Kudos and great job

Tanya Quiles

I would of love to give regal a 5 star but i cant. I had a great experience watching avengers in 4dx, However the bathrooms in tht theater were horrible! I get its a opening wkd to a huge movie but ppl need to b in there cleaning or at least taking the paper towel trash out tht pile literally was bigger thn me and im 5'3. If thy tidy up thn thy can give a 5 star. I would go again only bc thy have 4dx ill just make sure i use the bathroom at home. I went in april 27 2019 730pm 4dx showing

Kionna West

One of my favorite theaters to frequent. They always have a good selection of screens and even have a mini arcade on the grounds, for locals this is the “go-to” movie theater.

Kendall Rienzo

I thought thy had reclining chairs...

Brittany Cleghorn

I was just here today with my son. We had a really nice time. Buying tickets was easy and there was hardly a line. Buying popcorn was also easy as there was no line. We went at 4pm so it was not crowded and made things so nice. The seats were so comfortable, the floors were clean, the staff was friendly and helpful.

Kathy Noble

Good time selection and clean and cool theater. However, sitting through 25 minutes of commercials and previews is too much. If you say the show starts at 1:30, start it at 1:30, not 1:55. We rushed through lunch for nothing.

Team DD

Last night went to see endgame with my wife. Theater 7 was really hot and smelly asked for the air to get put on never happened . Number seven needs renovations with those cloth seats hopefully I don't have bed bugs after last night.

Alex Aguilar

This place deserves a 5 star. I love it there and love that they have 4dx because it is truly the best experience. I've be going here for over a year and I will still keep coming here. I truly recommend coming here for a great experience

Bernadette Messina

I posted 5 stars over a year ago and I take it back. On a Friday night you dont have one person at the ticket booth with customers almost out the door. Which we were late getting into the movie. Couldn't get refreshments.. One person serving the freshment booth. Then in the theater the AC wasnt running at all!! With 65 degree weather outside. Made me and my daughter ill and had to leave the theater.

Benjamin Roberts

Clean. Comfortable and amazing staff. Went to see 2001: A Space Odyssey in! The picture and sound were first class all the way. No expense spared so that movie goers have the best possible experience. From ordering tickets, to concessions to the film. I will be back for sure! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Elliot Anderson

MASSIVE theater with tons of options. 22 screens with at least 2-3 IMAX setups (and increasing). They will be showing every movie that is on the bill and will have multiple times for all of them. As they phase movies out, they still have times every day, but often will choose odd times as they likely squeeze them in around the other movies schedules. Parking can be annoying near the theater, but the complex is huge so you will be fine!! Big tip: BUY YOUR TICKETS AHEAD OF TIME. Sure, the line for tickets can be fast occasionally, but if there is a movie premiering that night or even a few days in, you will want to pass that line that often goes out the door.

Nicholas Fonteix

Its a super cool looking theater and the elder gent checking tickets was a delight, but otherwise our visit kinda sucked. Theater 2 smelled a bit of urine. Movie started without sound, people had to go and complain. Popcorn was hella stale, even by movie theater standards. And staff wouldnt give us a refill on our drink (at $4 a drink, yall can afford free refills).

Alex Rudaskov

To be honest I have never been in such cinemas before. The 4DX format is really cool. I will give you 4 stars because the screen was not too wide. However, I will visit you again for sure. If you will add IMAX screen to your 4DX auditorium that will be awesome!

Tom M.

Great theater. Comfortable seats and very clean.

Frank Pearson

The theater had a horrible odor. Had to leave before the movie started. Was getting sick from the smell. The one star is for the friendly employees.

LaShonda K.

The theater is a little outdated. The seating is pretty tight compared to other theaters. Other than that it was okay.

Robert McBride

Reserving our seats online what's a plus. Being that it was a rainy day in schools were off the theaters were packed. What all the concessions were open and all the people were very pleasant. Great experience for a very crowded day.


Sooo expensive. Only worth going to if going solo. A family of 6 needs a mortgage to go to the movies here.

Suzin Weber

I was surprised that you had to select your seats at the time of purchase but they hadn't upgraded to the power reclining seats you find now in most theatres.

Joanne Arthur

Popcorn soda etc expensive movie 33 dollars 4 seniors? 2 people

Wanda Beitler

Clean theater. Employees are courteous and polite. So far I haven't had a long wait to buy tickets or snacks :)


Had a great time

David Stein

Seats are narrow and the arm rests don't raise to compensate. Snack bar was good though, bottled water was COLD! Theater was clean and audio/video were good quality. Will probably return to check out Godzilla in IMAX but if that theater is uncomfortable too, I'm done.

simon mcivor

Great theater and very comfortable seating. Wouldn't hurt if the floors were a bit cleaner. I could feel my feet sticking to the floor while watching a movie. I know it's hard to stop people from being rude during movies but it seems that every time I go here there are kids in R rated movies talking loudly, playing on there phones and being generally annoying. Would be great to see someone in a theater who keeps an eye out for these people who spoil other peoples enjoyment.

Rachel Hicks

I like the theater it has a modern but old fashion feel to it. The bright lights, large lobby and large concession area are great. Popcorn was fresh. Not too salty and the prices are affordable. I even like the set up of the theaters. My only complaint is that even though the theaters itself is clean. Which I love. The theaters smell bad... I don't know if it's an old feet smell or from food spilling over time. The smell wreaks. Because I am sitting in tbe theater for an extended time you get a little used to it. But honestly it stinks. I wanted to give 5 stars but I can't. Please fix the smell...

Tami O

This was our first & last time at this theater. Let's start with our server at the concession stand, Jen. She kept walking away from the register, going into the back. Mind u we only ordered buttered popcorn and a soda. For some reason she had problems with the soda machine when no else did. It was 10pm and the restroom was the filthiest. I'll tell you if anyone wanted to catch a slip & fall case it would most definitely be warranted. This place just needs a major upgrade.

Ronald Bigham

Nice clean theater. Comfy chairs angled for unobstructed view. Great sound system.

John Tomlinson

My favorite theater. Super friendly staff. Always happy to help.

Miguel Dtunef

I'll never do 4DX again. Cool for a few minutes and that's it.

Mike Blankemeyer

Seats are too close together, staff is really nice though


Movie was great. Only reason I put 4 stars is floor was sticky

James Walsh

I love the Regal Warrington theater!! I've been going here for years, as far back as 2003 when I remember seeing Return of the King as a kid! Although I live a half hour away (slightly more with traffic) I still make the journey out here to see movies. Whether it's a quiet weekday matinee, the jampacked opening night on the weekend, or for any movie i see in IMAX, I enjoy coming here all times of the day. I never personally had issues with the food, restrooms, theaters, seating or employees at all. Being a Regal Crown member is great too with the discounts and free tickets/food! I do recognize some of the issues that other people bring up, such as select seating, parking and lines at consessions. For me personally I always order my tickets on Fandango to reserve seats and skip the lines, and I have seen the large parking lot full and the consessions backed up even with many lanes open. What can I say, it's a popular theater in a great area. I usually park on the side and give myself plenty of time before the show to get situated. It is a shame they don't offer more IMAX 3D shows, but not much I can do about that regular IMAX is cool too! All in all, I really enjoy coming here to see movies and it is a pleasant experience each time, and I look forward to many more times seeing movies here in the future!

Jennifer LoCasto

The theater has so many theaters and I like it there because if you wait a bit after a kids movie has been out you have less of a crowd. Very nice theater

Jeff Czekaj

For a premiere weekend of Endgame, concession stand was a little overwhelmed. Good thing we showed up early.

Vincent Coles

Huge theater. Nice selection, huge parking lot

heidi nuessle

I have received a full refund! Thanks Regal! Bought tix on my phone and had trouble. Had to enter info twice, and didn't realize the date had reverted to default which was next available my guests and I missed our show and lost 85 bucks in the process!! I wrote to them but received no response. Boo! I have been promised a refund! Thanks Regal! I have

Sea Sky


Michael Chadwick

Saw 5 feet apart, we were the only people in the theater. The sound level on the previews was painfully loud, we asked some one to turn it down. Not much of a change. When the movie came on, you couldn't hear it..... Had to go ask someone to turn it up. Missed the beginning of the film..... :(


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