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REVIEWS OF Regal Manor IN Pennsylvania

Trevor Roy

Spacious recliners and seat reserving make going to the movies more palatable than it's been for years.

Tanya Williams

LOVE this theater. The people are friendly and helpful. It's clean and so, so , so comfy. The recliners are AWESOME!! So far, after many visits to this theater, I have not had a problem. I'm sure if I did, someone would make it right.

Deborah Bradley

A little costly but you get what you pay for. Good food. Updated seating, helpful staff, nice environmnet. I would go again.

James Cox

This is a great movie theatre. I love how you can pick your seats and arent scambling to get the good seats before anybody else does. The seats recline which makes it more enjoyable if the movie is a longer one. The popcorn is always great and they also sell a lot more food items now, burgers, chicken sandwhiches, french fries, etc. Prices are pretty average to any other theatre ive been to.

January Danubio

We live in an area without any large theaters so must drive over an hour to see a movie. This is the best theater we've found, although it's an hour and a half away from us. The theaters are large with reclining seats and leg room. The seats are leather, which feel a bit cleaner than the cloth ones. The theater itself is much cleaner than some we've been to. Everything else is what you would expect from a Regal theater.

Kate Lynn

The women's bathroom was on the discussing side but other than that the place looks great. Very comfortable seats.

Sammy Alemany

It was great there are so hospitable and respectful that i had an extra ticket 4 a friend that didnt show up but they refunded that ticket right away

Al _

Lights were left on for the first half hour of the movie, my assigned seat was broken and would not recline, and the theater got way too warm like the a/c was turned off on us. Penn Cinema never has these issues. Step it up.

Doug M

Great place to see a movie. I've been coming here for years but it's been awhile. All the assigned seats recline. By the way my back is hurting me to beat the band so there's that

Melanie Metzger

Great theater! We go a lot when the weather gets cooler. I love the reclining seats. They have a wide selection on goodies at the snack bar. You can even get whole meal selections. It is clean and the staff if friendly.

Nelson Myers

Comfortable and clean. Good sound. Clear picture. Comfortable room temp, good popcorn. What more can you want

Harlie Sadler

Love this theater and the reclining seats! Not even from the Lancaster area but I come to this theater bc it’s clean and the seats are best.

Justin Korczynski

The staff was nice. Great size seats. The price is a bit more then what I typically pay, but you hey your money's worth in the seats.

miss chris

Comfortable recliners and lots of seating. Clean theatres, and great picture & sound.

robert slaseman

Very nice one of the best movie theaters I've ever been in

Jarryd Gerz

Movie was bad. Holmes and Watson. But I never have a problem with the movie theater itself.

Name Name

Firstly, I've had to change my reviewers name because I actually fear for my safety. (I’ve left a copy of this same review on yelp.) I already spoke to management about this and 5 stars to them for being very concerned about my issue with an employee at their theatre. 1 star for my experience and so people will read this. I went to see a children's movie with my young daughter. The man who was stationed to tear the purchased tickets and direct you to your theatre door (white male, older, whiting hair, heavier set) asked my daughter what movie we were seeing, he was a little overly friendly but whatever, my daughter is too young to pronounce the name so we just proceeded to our movie. On our way out the man asked if we enjoyed the movie, we said "yes, thank you" and left. We take the bus to certain locations and were riding the bus that day. We went to the bus stop and sat for about 10 minutes before I realized it was going to be an hour before the next bus so we did some shopping. When we returned to the bus stop, almost immediately a rusty old white van pulls up and it was the older man who worked at the theatre who tore the tickets. Speaking to us from his car window, he asked me where I live/what direction I was heading and I obviously did not respond. He said he was just noticing that I was riding the bus and told me to get in so he could give us a ride. I was mortified and I asked him to be on his way. He proceeded to say he was offering "out of kindness." First of all, people who are waiting at bus stops already have a ride, it's called THE BUS. Secondly, we do not live in a world where men pull up to women and their children and ask them to get into their vans out of "kindness." I was clear that we were not accepting a ride from a him and tried to ignore him hoping he would leave, but instead of leaving he proceeded to continue try to talk to my daughter! "Did you like the movie?! How was the movie?!" I asked him to leave. His behavior was extremely problematic. Parents work hard to teach their kids not to talk to/accept rides from strangers and this man is pulling up and telling us to get in his car. There was no familiarity other than us being two of MANY patrons to the movies that day, and absolutely no reason for him to approach us outside of that theatre at a second location. I felt stalked, targeted and very afraid for my child's and my safety. As I mentioned, I already brought this to the attention of management and I'm not sure what their protocol will be, but I strongly feel like this also needed to be highlighted on a public platform for the safety of others. If you are a woman, parent with young children, or if you send older kids to this theatre alone, please be careful in case you are targeted/followed by this creepy employee! Going to this theatre was one of our favorite mommy and daughter activities, but sadly we can never come back as a safety precaution.

Cheryl Hartnett

Great seating options. Very roomy and they recline. Concession staff friendly and accommodating. Theater was clean, as were the bathrooms.

Alicia Coleman

I have been here once like years ago. I'm talking way over 5 years. But I gave it 5 stars because who doesn't like the movies! Not only that they say there are recliner chairs in there. I have been dying to see these chairs but due to funds it's not that easy for me....But my goodness the theaters have come a long way!!! Enjoy everybody! Dying to know about these chairs, and tell me, are the rumors true?

Pax Callow

great theatre! easy to navigate, comfortable seating, not usually overly packed

Jake Healy

The place is clean and has a friendly staff, but on my multiple occasions going there lines are long, unorganized and slow. The movies are hardly ever at an acceptable volume (more often than not they're about the same level as you'd keep your TV.) if I'm paying for a premium experience, I expect one and unfortunately I don't think you get it here.

Qiana Devani

Great movie theater just wish the food prices weren't so high

Erik Hendershot

Theatre setup is great and booking tickets online is a snap. No need for paper tickets since you just have to scan the email they sent to your phone. Pretty cool. My only gripe is the sound during the pre movie ads. The mids are WAY too high to the point that anytime someone talks in the ads, it is painful. I had a hard time talking to my wife during any of the ads and we were right next to each other. If they just got bumped down a smidge, it would be perfect.

Cindy Harrimgton

Nice place. Theatre was clean. A lot of popular movies so concession stand was very busy. Bathroom could have been cleaner

Kent Dickason

We always like the movie experience here. Food prices are ridiculous.

cory smith

Great movies nice place but really overpriced conssesions

Whitney Venus

We took my 5 year old to see Toy Story 4. The medium drinks are HUGE! Also, there are places with the fancy chairs that my daughter has slipped though because of the spacing on the backs. These were really comfortable- for her and me! Thank you for a nice experience.

Kyuati Bethea

Very nice and cozy. Pretty cold but seats were very comfortable. Staff was courteous

Holly Skiles

Always a good movie selection, comfortable seating (recliners), good food selection, pleasant staff. Have never had a reason to complain. And, the (free) Regal Cinemas card has given me quite a fee discounts &/or free sodas; well worth it!

Christina Sirgenson

Seats are comfortable

Wade Pond

Always loved this theater.

Bonnie Jean Criswell

Nice comfortable seats we saw Dora the explorer the lost city. I would go back again.

Laura Mccamant

Grandpa enjoyed the movie with his grandson.

Agustin Cuascut

Comfortable seats and very clean. They always have a great selection if movie times.

Kenneth Weaver

Went to 2 movies New Years Eve. Ticket person , young man, had a huge line to deal with, but was very nice to everyone.

Shelia Murray-Hargrove

Son and daughter movie day.

Aurelio Romero

Since the recliners went in a few years ago, I have really enjoyed watching movies here. Sometimes you have to put up with loud mouths but generally a decent and fairly clean place to watch movies.

Chumly Martinez

I always loved this theater because it was able to get me in get my popcorn and scan my ticket to see endgame with my family and friends thank you for being a great place and I'll be sure to come back to see spider man far from home.

Frankie Davis

Great theater experience. Not the newest systems but definitely quality.

Julia Bare

Me and my friend are 16 and we went to see us and it’s rated r and my mom came in and said we could see it but apparently you must have an adult with you to see the movie. Ruined my plans

John Farrah II

Great movie theater! Order tickets in advance or online, pick your seats. Reclining chairs; 16 theater screens (possibly?). Next theater comparable is Penn Cinemas in Lititz.


I go a lot and have a great experience every time.. And they have huge comfy recliners. The prices though are ridiculous. A stupid water for about 5 or 6 bucks.. Like really?

Carlos Reyes

I been coming to this theater since I was a little kid and i must say they have come a very long way. The upgrades are amazing and the new reclining seats are just awesome. It's very clean and the staff are pleasant and always smiling .

Shaun Grove

I want to see the new Spiderman in 3D but the local theater in Lancaster has planty of times in 2D but only time it has in 3D is at 9 or 10 pm. I have to walk about an hour and im not walking at those hours of the night in the city.

David Young

Mike, the usher went above and beyond the call of duty. Making our experience an utter joy. Jaylin who sold us our good was patient with our antics, ultra courteous and sweet. Mike also informed me he is well treated as a valued employee.

Adam Cohen

My wife and I go here when we visit Lancaster every few months and really enjoy it. Very nice and clean theater.

Steve Spencer

Went to see the Halloween movie It was a great movie. Great chairs. But way to expense for popcorn and a drink.

Tamara Holbrook

I enjoy movies in comfy seats!


Pricey. But you know that going in

Gabriel Cortes

Forget Penn Cinema. Regal Manor is better overall. But I wish they would turn up the volume. The kids running around the last row were louder than the movie.

Nate Stevens

Lines at the food stand were slow and the recliner didn't work.

Carlos Ralat

We love the recliners, the room and nice staff. Our last visit to watch The Lion King in auditorium 7, the sound was flat without any bass and the picture seemed blurry. I brought it up to one of the employees attention and the sound was improved shortly. I guess we are getting spoiled by our 4K displays at our home theaters?

Justin Shelley

Worst experience yet. In the past I've had to tell them to turn off the lights during the movie, the sound quality in the last movie (The Lion King) was so awful. It's like someone forgot to turn the bass on. Not to mention they apparently allow babies in the theater (got hit by a shoe from one and another wouldnt stop crying..) The image was off, they didnt have it in the correct aspect ratio. Leaving the movie they never turned the lights on forcing everyone to use their phones flashlights it was so dark. Go to Penn Cinema, have yet to have experiences like this. P.s. a long time ago my first experience at this theater was during the Aliens Vs Predator movie and a fight broke out in the theater. Does not seem like this trend is over... again go to Penn Cinema..

Sara Gowin

Love the reclining seats

Vasu Patel

Has an amazing selection for international movies especially for Indian movies

Mario Saccucci

Love the recliners to put your feet up. Pro tip bring your own snacks

Traquai Cornish

Movie theater was great. Movie itself was a bust

Stacey Murphy

I love the reclining seats. They're so comfortable. I also like how the rows are further apart to accommodate that. The stadium seating is great. Food and drinks are unreasonably priced. $5 for a bottle of water. Clean bathrooms and good staff. We had people talking through our movie and ended up leaving. They not only refunded the tickets, but also gave two free tickets to come back. Pretty great.

Sandra Coleman

Food inside movie is too expensive. Othet than that it is a nice place. The seats are very nice.

Inacia McVey

This movie theater has reclinenable large chairs, so comfortable you can totally stretch yourself out. I always love to watch movies there. Others theaters may be bigger but none beats" Regal Cinemas Manor 16".

Jim Shumway

Always clean. Recently renovated with reclining stadium seating.

joseph bishop

Great place. Plenty of room for individuals, groups and families. Highly recommended!!

Juan Cena

Umm so I went to see alita with my gf and when we were getting food Michelle said “10 more seconds till your food will be out” and i timed it and it took 51.70 seconds...very unhappy about the service after telling me I couldn’t see a rated R and my gf will not return :(

Ken Kiedrowski

A nicely run small city theater. Sound in my auditorium deserves a B Projection A+ Would have been nice if the curtain was set to the correct aspect ratio. Id be happy to return.

Tara Doyle

Was a nice clean theater. Long lines everywhere. Disnt seem properly staffed, when the movie started a fellow patron had to go out and ask them to turn the lights off. The chairs were large and comfortable . The only problem for me overall was the screen is a standard size and the theater is so much larger it seemed small. In addition to the sound system being what I think is not adequate for the space. You couldn't hear the movie if any noise was being made.

Cathy Zimmerman

The movie theater was clean and comfortable. The drinks and snacks were so outrageously priced that I passed them up. 499 for a small bottle of water is way too expensive. I was visiting the area and wet with friends however if I ever go back there I'll remember to eat and drink prior to going to the movies.

Veronica Isabella M

Not sure if the speakers were broken or what, but the movie was super quiet! It really ruined the Lion King experience.... the movie is all about the music and sound it was super bad almost everyone came out complaining about it... my last review was a good one, but this experience really ruined it for me.... my work gives me a discount for this place, but even with it ... it wasn't worth what I paid for... :( I've been coming to this theater since I was a kid... kinda disappointing

Brooke Chambers

The seats are able to recline, and there is plenty of room to sprawl out and relax. I have been to this theater on several occasions, and their hot food selections are nothing short of amazing. Though it takes a little while to get it, I'd highly recommend it. I'm going to see endgame this weekend, and Regal Cinemas is my go to!

Dalton Groff

Nice place but food and drinks cost a little much

Zachary Hendrickson

Comfy seating and good pricing.

Linda Erb

Love the stadium seating, clean, very nice!

John R

Not sure if all the theaters they have recliners, but the one I had did and it was NICE!. I still refuse to give ANY theater 5 starts as long as they insist on price gouging patrons for drinks and snacks.

Adeola Williams

Went to see MIB. Mechanical recliner sucks was almost catapulted out of the chair. Everything else was clean and relaxing


Comfy seats. Friendly staff. Good popcorn. Excellent sound system.

KS Weachter

Great seating. Best to purchase tickets in advance

Michael Feiner

Friendly people & comfy seats. Never had a problem of any kind at this Regal.

Aingeal Leanbh

We had watched Scary Stories to tell in the Dark. In response to the question... We are hoping to see 47 Meters Down Uncaged. My husband is a huge fan of sharks.

Kelly Brosey

Don't waste your money here. We went to see The Nun tonight and I never heard the N word so much from teens... It was so loud in the theater and they had no respect for others. I will not return here anymore. I was not happy and they are rude here..

Michelle Blecha

This is by far the best theater I have ever been too! Chairs recline and amazing concession stand! So worth going again!!

Thaichmara Rivera

I had a great experience with my friends watching a movie I recommend everyone to go there couples,, family's, friends is very enjoyable.

Wilson Perez

Great place, nice sound, love the seats and regal members club rewards

Roselle Roman

Nice place to enjoy a movie with the family

Jacob Mooney

The seats recline are are pretty well spaced. The theatre was clean and it was all around a good experience at the theatre. It wasn’t outstanding, but it wasn’t a bad experience either. The one big piece of constructive criticism is the salt situation. I’m just going to say it-i like salt. The only way to get salt on your popcorn is to bring about 20 packets of salt from the end of the concession counter with about 10 salt crystals in each. It just seemed so unnecessary. It’s wasteful and annoying. I feel like there is a better solution out there. Okay, done with my salt rant.

Sharon Adams

First time their and would definitely go to this theater again. Comfortable seating, great customer service. Over all great time watching a movie and great time out with my Son.

Becky Gatti

Not enough help at concession stand. Wanted to refill popcorn tub but only 1 person working. Ridiculous.

Dee Englehart

I live close to the theater so it benefits me to see movies at this location. Most of the time I attend a matinee during the week because it's less crowded. The recliners are comfortable and if I had to pick out something that should be changed, it would be the cost of the snacks and choosing seats for a matinee. There are very few people that attend during the week in the late mornings or early afternoons so I don't think you should have to choose a seat when purchasing a ticket. There have been times when I've been the only person in the theater so I should have been able to choose any seat I wanted when I got in the theater. I think you should only have to select your seat when purchasing tickets for the movies after 4pm because that's when the theater becomes crowded, especially on weekends. I know the cost of the snacks are par to other movie theaters, but this is something they all should address. There's one other issue and that's something I saw with a woman that was there at a matinee. She brought her own candy in and was told she had to throw it away. She explained to the employee that she was a diabetic and couldn't have the candy sold at the snack bar. She even pulled the bag out and showed it to the employee that it was in it's original bag showing it was diabetic candy. I think there should be leniency when people bring in something like this because not everyone can have what is sold. Either that or maybe the theaters should begin offering snacks to people with medical issues that also would like to enjoy a snack with their movie.

Bill Deck

Awesome seating. How to train your dragon 3 is an excellent why to to conclude the series.

Victor Carter

Clean and Comfortable . Foods a little pricey.

Shelli BlackRose

Nice clean theater. Not a long wait in line for anything. They could provide more benches in the lobby, though.

Tara Olson

Normally I would give Regal 5 stars, the place is comfortable and clean... While I have seen mice twice in the theater itself, I let that slide with all the popcorn, candy etc dropped which is a critters paradise. I am docking 2 (and contemplating a third) simply because of the time to purchase tickets. We arrived 30 minutes prior to the 7:20 showing of Captain Marvel. There was one guy in the ticket window with the line wrapped around past the arcade and the private party area. There was at least 6 people working concession (possibly more, but we were in a hurry as by the time we got our ticket it was 7:25 and no time to stop to get anything since the three or four lines were backed up to bump up against the ticket line. This was on a Friday night no less. Sure we could have paid four bucks for the convenience of buying online, but talk about e-Armed robbery! Hire enough people and pay them enough to stay instead of trying to extort convenience profits in your pockets!

Rachel Landeros

Not very friendly at the concession stand!! I tried to use a reward from the Regal Cinema app and she seemed irritated that the scanner wouldn't pick up the bar code, she actually had to pick up the scanner to scan it. Wanted extra cheese on the pretzel bites, said she couldn't do that. She left our drinks closer to her so we had to reach almost across the counter to get them. If you don't like your job, I think McDonald's is always hiring!!

Ryy_guy YT

Nice movies. It can be noisy at some point but they come to quiet it down.

Jasmine Carmona

Very poor They had a fight in the middle of the movie And we were not happy at all.. they had to escort the person that started the fight so it was not I did not I wasn't happy we missed quite a bit of the movie

Daniel Bitterman

Very good place to go to watch a movie. Very comfortable seats with arm rests, a nice big screen to watch on.

Dana Albright

The theater is clean, the quality of the movies are good, and the customer service is okay.

swizzy styles

Cute little theater...Will visit again


Nice theatre with recliners

Spanishjazz 1

Comfy seats good food great movie

Derek Byrne

I went to see Midsommar tonight and it was phenomenal. Unfortunately, I had to step out of the theater twice to tell the staff that the lights were never turned off. It took them around fifteen minutes to get the overheads off. This isn't the first time this has happened, and I've missed the openings to a few movies to go tell the staff of the issues. Other than that, the place is fantastic.

Ro andrade-gorman

Everyone seems great. Prices good..The chairs are just ok Personally I can't seem to get comfortable. I will be back.

Benjamin Mandela

It's a nice enough place to catch a movie. Comfy, spacious seats. Nothing out of the ordinary.


Nice place , good employees , but too expensive, for two sodas , one pop corn and one chocolate $25!!!!


Everything Was good, but not great. The popcorn was mostly crumbs after the top layer and I found my legs were cold. The seats and the screen were great though. Good job.

Sean Copper

Nice clean theater. Friendly staff. Mens bathroom floor near the popcorn stands is always very greasy and slippery but other than that it's a great place to watch a movie. Prices are insane but all theatres that show new movies are so that makes it fair prices in that regard. Parking can be horrendous at times but theres always spots if you dont mind walking.

Tickster's Videos

First time in a theater in 20 years! I'm impressed with the cleanliness as well as the fresh popcorn!!!

Princess Clark

Was a good place just the seats weren't as big as the one I been too. Also the recliner are basic pull out not the electric one I been in. Food is good and the lines go quick.

Lester Deimler

Excellent place for movies

Chris Patton

I love the recliners but it is showing its age

Steve Kanode

It is a nice place to view a movie. I liked the reclining seats. It was my first experience with those. It took me a while to figure out how to make it recline. I am not in the habit of purchasing snacks at movie theatres due to the expense, so I cannot address that issue. I was at a Saturday matinee (2:40) because it cost less. I saw, 'Gosnell,' which I would highly recommend. I would guess there were less than 12 people at that showing. The ticket cost was $10.25 plus $1.50 convenience fee for ordering on- line. Seat selection is part of the ordering process. That could be a plus or minus depending on how things work out. Thanks!

Craig Lenhard - rvrguyd

Can be loud at times. Chairs are showing their age. Concession stand prices are outrageously high.

Bearded Glory

Very underrated theater! Love coming here!

John Gomez

Thank you! Wonderful staff..

Elizabeth ruby Castro

Make sure to eat before you go other wise a matinee can easily still cost you 30$

Hollander B

Plenty of theatres, not overcrowded, comfy seats but not as nice as some others. overall good and satisfied though


Clean place and the seats in the theater were comfy and well sized.

Dr. Belisa Kinnard

One of the theaters that DOES NOT offer sensory sensitive days. But the recliner seats are nice and comfy. Childcare services would be a nice touch.

Barry Heckman

Clean place and great service


The place is clean and modern. The chairs are mostly comfy. It gets a bit chilly, so try to get something to wear inside if needed. The food prices are as outrageous as any other theater, so not a downside I guess, but would be nice if they had cheaper options.

Brian Dougherty

Love the recliners grandson LOVED the Lego MOVIE

CindyLou Bachman

Awesome theater! Clean and friendly!

Life As Brielle

The seats were comfortable and relaxed sound was awesome and food

Misty W

I gotta say although it is expensive to go to the movies these days, every single person who works at this place has an incredibly positive attitude and a big smile on their face and is extra kind. That can only come from management insisting upon it and making it a good place for young people to work. As for the theater itself, I could live without 25 minutes of previews, but the sound is really good the screen is really good and you can't beat those incredibly huge very relaxing chairs! The price of popcorn and soda is outrageous but the excellent service from the young people behind the counter made it bearable.

johanna Stewart

The movie was good but this is the second I've there in the last 2 months and they really need to work on this nice problem. I couldn't enjoy the movie because we kept looking at the floor and all around us. Smh this place makes tons of money their should not be a problem like this.

Linda Gilpin Snyder

Best movie theater I've ever been in! Seats were large and super comfortable with a reclining feature and wide space for a large popcorn bucket between us so we didn't have to hold it on our laps and pass it back and forth. Bathrooms were clean with a hook for a purse/jacket and bath tissue that was almost shoulder level: so easy to reach.

Luis Alejandro

Love the reclining chairs and the movie going experience!

Emily Hagan

Very clean, everyone was nice

Jason Geiger

Bought tickets online because Regal in West Manchester was sold out.... actually paid almost 10 dollars more for the same tickets at this location. Saw endgame an wasn’t disappointed... sucked having a maybe(and that’s a big maybe) a 2 year old sitting next to me for 3 hours talking and throwing popcorn was cleaning,concession stand was fast. Usher directing tickets didn’t seem to care if he was there or not....been awhile since I’ve been to this location and probably gonna take another sell out before I try again

david micheal

The movie theater is nice the staff were friendly the place was clean first time visiting this theater.

Max Spangler

Wasn't too bad. The lines for the concession stand are wayyyy to long. They need to work on that. But overall I thought it was a good experience.

Justin Troupe

Nice chairs, but their sound system is stuck in the early 90s

Tina M Morant

Had an awesome time celebrating my birthday with my son and his girl at the movies!

Sean Figueroa

Order food and get it delivered to your sofa/bed (seat) awesome lights and sound perfect for the long movies 2 snaps and a circle

Steve Schneider

The theater seats were comfortable, but the place was beyond the temperature we all needed. It was 90 outside and somewhere below what anyone there should have to endure. The movie was great, but the concessions were crowded and slow. It seemed correctly staffed, but people were not being served in a timely manner. We waited with everyone else for far too long, but perhaps that extra time before going into the freezing theater helped. If it wasn't for the strength of the movie, we would have walked out.

Ruth Frey

Clean and comfortable.


Totally enjoyed going there. They have reclining seats. Good food. A little pricy but fun.

HarleyQ DemonGurl

Clean sound was good and Cheeto popcorn is amazing. Just wish there was less commercials and all beforehand

George Torres

Beautiful day that nice and comfortable good location

Bacon Gaming

Seats are comfortable but snacks are expensive

Hendrlcks Jackson

Very comfortable seats.


Went to see Avengers: Endgame and the staff were pretty bad. We ordered a large popcorn from a man named John (glasses, his mustache was basically going into his mouth) but were given a medium, normally this would be fine except our receipt was thrown away by the employee. He didn’t even ask if we wanted it. The food took forever to come out. It was decently busy and there were only three people actually working while everyone else went in and out of the kitchen. Overall the service was just bad.

Leah Crouse

Although it's pretty pricey (as I'm sure all new release movie theatres are) it does provide a high quality experience. The recliner seats are very comfortable and it's usually pretty clean. There's always seats available as long as you dont go in the first two weeks or so of a new movie. The movie and audio quality is always great as well.

Cynthia Sheddy

Very comfy. Great seating. No bad place to sit. Very clean. Pricey though eat before you go.

Angie Nauman

Big comfy seats, theater wasn't freezing cold and the movie wasn't too loud

corey burton

Too damn expensive but had a good time

Bellmanforu Sam

Big seats, great sound!

Donald Swavely

Clean, enjoyable movie theater!

Seth Mariscal

Staff is super friendly and efficient even though the interior is a little shabby and I found an unexpected little buddy - a mouse I called Steve. I'm pretty sure they caught him because I haven't seen him around but one can guess that where there's one, there's usually more.

Jo Osh

Very nice theater. Loved the recliner seats! It was a great experience. Prices for concessions was a little high but I do understand that they don't make much on the tickets. Definitely will go again. Just as a side note, the only complaint would be the 2 rude women who were in the wrong seats and insisted on sitting right next to us in a theater with only about 8 people in it.


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