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2023 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

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REVIEWS OF PFS Roxy Theater IN Pennsylvania

Paul Goldston

Liked the foreign movies and popcorn

Jesse Y

This is a great theater right in center city. Run by PFS, they took over to save it after the couple that ran it for years retired. Support small theaters!

Jonah Fish-Gertz

Tiny, intimate theatre. Remember your student ID.

Josepf Haslam

Great theater. Small and intimate, crowd is usually quieter than all others. If you go please help keep it that way!

Sreejith Peri

Not a place I would ever visit again. It's more like a big room with a projector on it. We can not call it a theater. The seats are uncomfortable, and I guess they can seat may be 50 people. If I am right. The movie which we watched though, A quiet place, awesome.

Craig Bolton

Wonderful and pleasant staff.

Krissy Haag

Get there early and buy tickets online. They fill up fast because it's super small. Great experience, though. Clean facilities and local theater feel.

Alberta Mapp

Love this place because it's quaint

Barbie Dancona

Great little theater for movies!

James Fennell

Good projection and sound. Great location, but small or " intimate "

Stefan Schreffler

Comfortable theatre with decent prices. The screen is a little smaller than most theatres so maybe don't go see the huge blockbuster action flick, but otherwise it's a great movie experience.

P Parker

I love the small atmosphere. Definitely a lovely find.

John Hyman

Seats are VERY uncomfortable. This theater should be avoided. Prices are higher than most other theaters too.

Amber Bentley

It's nice small movie theatre. They play independent films and specialty films. I love it and would recommend it to my family and friends.

An Kuznetsova

Nice movie theater with great people!


The Roxy theater makes a great school trip to see a documentary or inspiring movie with your classmates in an nice movies environment its the best.

Robert Braun

This is NOT a comfortable place to see a movie! The amount of space between rows of seats is as bad as flying cheap-o tourist class in the back of an airplane, BUT the seats at the Roxy do NOT recline, and as a result, your knees will become all-too-well acquainted with the seat in front of you. Even worse, the theater's ceiling is so low that the A/C equipment (mounted on the ceiling , with the vents facing or aimed straight down) will unmercilessly shoot cold air on your head until the theater reaches its ambient temperature, which I estimated as ~ 68 degrees. AND, because the theater is so small, the cranked-out volume of the coming attractions is even more deafening than in most other cinemas. And finally, when the movie was over and I relished the opportunity to escape, the Assistant Manager could not have been more snippy in telling me to wait to register my concern(s). The bottom line for me is that if this dump fell into a crack in the earth, and was never heard from again, that Philadelphia would not miss it. GO ELSEWHERE, MOVIE LOVERS!

Norman Solomon

Our go-to theater

Amoni Brown

They played movies off of YouTube. It’s way to small and way to hot in here! The lady at the front was lazing sitting there watch her show . The movie was horrible and wasn’t even in English . The seats were tight and uncomfortable. This is the worst movie theater ever !!!!! Don’t come here

Nicholas Scarsdale

Great little venue! I like the small theater vibe. Excellent staff to chat with.

Ash Marie F

Small, cozy, and perfect movie theater. I've seen many movies here over the years. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody on November 2nd.

Robert Block

Convenient location in Philly. Friendly staff. Small theater if your not into huge crowds. My family loves it here. Enjoy the movie!

John Behan

A nice, intimate theater.

Karen lloyd

Perfect location, comfortable seats, clean and good munchies!

Ginny Marmolejos

Hood location, I like is a small place, the chairs could be better.

Adam Twersky

Cozy "affordable" theater. Nice place to catch a flick.

iladelphi Ninja

Great experience everytime. Positive vibes yea.

According to Dana

I'll admit, I'm not a regular movie-goer unless there's something I ABSOLUTELY want to see or unless I have plans to see a movie with friends. In this case, some friends invited me to see "Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again," and I came along. Ticket prices are a tad steep, especially for such a small theater, but they do have student, military, and senior discounts as well as discounts for those who purchase Philadelphia Film Society memberships. They have a small concession stand adjacent to the box office and the bathrooms are clean and well-maintained. As far as the screening rooms, there is ample seating, the rooms are well kept between movie showings, and the image/sound quality is perfect. I look forward to returning eventually for more movies!

Kevin Pettit

Local venue that has a great mix of bigger movies and independent films. Usually some fun throwbacks in the mix as well.

Samantha Silverstein

A theater for film lovers. A lot of work must have gone into transforming that space into a functioning cinema. Staff was great and the seats were comfortable, especially since the movie my friends and I saw was a bit on the long side. Will definitely be back. My next trip will likely include concessions.

Nemanja Grgic

Nice small theater, polite staff

James DiMartino

Only house in town showing rare film, intimate, clean always a pleasure.

Jessica Marie

Cute, retro theater. Comfy too!

Octavia S.

I enjoyed the intimate space of the theater, it's a great place to go as a group. It's clean, staff were friendly and seats comfortable.

Laura N

Great theatre for blockbusters as well as lesser known films. Standard ticket price, but the snacks are cheaper. Great location for getting a bite to eat before or after, too.

Tal Si

Good little theatre. The only problem is that it is pricey for the quality of experience you receive. You can get better experience in other theatres for the same price.

Virginia Kelly

Small theater with reasonable prices and good staff. Would definitely choose to go here if I wanted to see another movie any time soon.

Kevin Sharkey

Love the theater. Has an "old school" vibe. Small theaters 6 seats across in the whole theater I was in. Screen was smaller than your average AMC but the picture quality is awesome and the sound is top notch. Amenities aren't anything crazy but has small bags of popcorn and water, soda bottles. Seats are not the most comfortable. I come here to avoid crowds. It's perfect for solo movie trips. Tickets are a little pricey though but since it's independent I don't have too much of a problem.

Carl Lamar

Nice place low-key place especially if you can't stand big crowds

Stephen Vanacore

The seating is cramped and the theaters are a little small. But they put on indie movies you will not see in other places. Snack stand is what you would expect of an independent movie theater. Bathroom situation is a little tight as well. However, they offer discounts for students, veterans, etc and that was nice. You should also aim to get there early to either find street parking, or finding one of the pricier local lots.

Trevor Adams

Get there early. The front 3 rows offer incredible picture and sound. Love the staff.very cool-low key environment which is very surprising in a huge city. Go here!

Lola Heffernan

The screens aren't as big as most large theaters but this place is so cozy and relaxed. The staff are always nice and chill. This is a great place to see movies casually.

Teresa Nance

Just saw the best movie, Blinded by the Light. The small intimate screening room was perfect for this movie. The Roxy is great.

6220 Eldridge

Decent place. Small theater and good crowd. Center location. Sure you will enjoy

Audrey Troutt

This is a cozy tiny theater. The staff is very nice and they have popcorn and bottled drinks for sale. The screen is smaller than the larger theaters in the city, but you don't notice once the movie has started.

Lauren Rodgers

Cute, small, indie feeling theater, with great customer service. Sight lines for movie viewing are a little rough if the theater is crowded.

Addie Johnston

I adore this theater! Wednesday night showings after 7pm are BYO for 21+ (beer and wine only, $3 convenience charge), which is quite a treat. They always have great movies and the theater is small so no matter where you sit, you can see the screen without hurting your neck. I would highly suggest this over any other theater, unless you're specifically looking for an IMAX experience.

andrew cucinotta

Pretty awesome little theater. Recommend this spot for sure.

Mike Broderick

Awesome little theater.

Stephanie Thomas

Saw Miles Davis movie there. Was ok.

Alice de Stefano

Great choice of films! My problem is with how moldy the theater is. Every movie I've been to I've had a stuffed head and itchy eyes halfway through the film. As soon as I got outside into the fresh air it started to clear up...

ShrisCmiths RECEIPTS

Great theater easy parking nice staff! And no long walks down endless hallways everything is perfect

allen davis

This off the grid location is one of center city's Hit or Miss locations, if you enjoy an intimate setting on a date or in need to check out a movie solo, then this theater is for you. check showtimes for what's playing at the theater so that you won't be disappointed, but it's a must do.

Robin Topher-Smith

Perfect place for movies.. easy parking easy to find tickets and movie theater aren't miles away everything is nice and close

Michael Joyce

A small theater in a great location that shows first-run movies. It has two small screens which look good but are a bit small. Both theaters are clean and were renovated a few years ago. Concessions are a little limited and they only serve Pepsi products. The staff is always very friendly.

Alex Spencer

Nice indie theater with all the mainstream movies but in a more intimate space

luke hansen

Picture and audio quality are good and I don’t mind the older seats or small screen, has a an older theater charm but no fresh popcorn at a movie theater is criminal.

Tiago Monteiro Brás

It's too old, but the sound system is really good. They keep movies longer than most of the cinemas, but for me the fact that the theater is small, and that the screen projection is older makes me give them only three stars.

Ernest Peebles

Small, screen and seating small as well as theater. I would imagine the ambiance lends itself to an intimate arts venue.

alex courtney

Charming and small but I have seen bigger pictures at my friend's movie night on his projector against the wall in his apartment. I understand the small aspect but, dam this was tiny.

Jen Simms-Miller

Nice, quiet, intimate theatre.

Brittany E

Fantastic small theater tucked into center city. Always a good experience.

Deion Arias

The place was clean and nice. I had a lot of fun here. And I am looking forward to come back

ashwindra kumar

This theater is in centre city Philadelphia and features latest movies. The place is cozy and the sound and picture quality is good. The seats are comfortable. I have been there twice and the service has been good.

Neil Braim

Great little place.

Andrew Pollard

Despite its small size, it has perfect picture and sound quality and wonderful seats in it's rooms, along with a smooth, cozy, vibrant atmosphere and experience. It also has nice, experienced employees and nice, tidy restrooms.

M Tamimi

Small theatre, comfortable enough seats, and convenient location. I would definitely go here again and recommend seeing movies here if you are nearby!

Sonya Harley

It's a small old and rustic place to be. They only show 2 movies at a time. They have a great pop corn seasoning station. Different flavors and the people are nice

Kaheem Thomas

Awesome time will be here again.

Michael Clancy

Sound and picture quality were top notch. If your looking for an old town movie experience this is the right place, friendly staff and a very clean environment. If your looking for comfort this may not be the place. The seats do not recline and the arm rest are wooden. Plenty of space but uncomfortable. The concession are prepackaged bag popcorn, candy and beverages. Great intercity location.

Lisa Tyburski

No frills theater but close to home. Friendly staff.

Debbie Mcfaddin

First time there very nice enjoyed myself

Skye Nicole

This is the worst theater ever, they are playing movies off of YouTube in a very very very small and very very tight room playing movies in French with very very small fonts that they expect us to see, this is like a wholeeee house with one bathroom with one stall and you can’t even enjoy the movie while eating a nice little snack, I do not recommend!

Isabella Nicole

Small venue movie theater with friendly staff

jason dyer

It was cozy little spot. It didn't have much of selection for snacks and drinks. However it didn't take away from the entire experience. I'd definitely recommend it.

Jim Hood

Nice theater, good seats and clear view.

Robert Blake

The Roxy is where we (me and my girl) goes when we want to see a movie in a nice clean cozy environment, showing timely movies. The staff is always pleasant and while the concession choices can use an upgrade like for soda flavors, hot teas, coffee, (lets go a little crazy, Hot Dogs with Brown Mustard and Sauerkraut), The Roxy is one of only four venues in all of Philadelphia that serves popcorn with real butter, instead of the artificial butter swill served on popcorn by the big box movie chains. The screen size and sound system has been upgraded since it first re-opened a few years ago, from the long ago closed original Roxy that served a niche audience. So anyone who was turned off by the small screens when it re-opened a few years ago, I suggest considering returning for a much better experience. There are just two screening rooms, both small compared to big box theaters and one a smaller than the other. But if you are in the mood for an intimate viewing experience with fellow movie fans who knows not to talk loudly, disturbing others watching the movie, The Roxy is perhaps the only movie theater in the city that offers this experience. Highly Recommended. I give it four stars because I sincerely believe more energy should be put into expanding the concession stand choices. P.S. Parking can be challenging, so plan to arrive a bit earlier to allow for finding a parking spot.

Celeste Miller

Fabulous little cinema showing great films


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