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Love those reclining seats.

Vito Machi

Senior nights are great. Discounts on tickets.

Cathy Radmanich

Haven't been to a movie in a while. Was a bit taken aback to see tickets are done self-serve and with seating assignments. I was very pleasantly surprised to see theater capacity smaller than I remembered and some of the most comfortable, reclining seats. Really made for a relaxing, enjoyable time.

Michele Boudreaux

Clean cinema with fabulous reclining chairs.

Christine Henn

I was very dissatisfied I was unable to sit with my family. We went to see Alladin at 6:15 it was all sold out then was able to Four seats at 700 pm but had to sit in separate seats in different isles I feel like that was wrong

Nicholas Culler

Great chairs

Kevin Mickens

Relatively clean and orderly place with comfortable seats.

Tim Swann

Love this theater! Leather recliners for the win!

Eric Zmijowski

As usual great environment and today the staff went above and beyond what they had too, to help myself and girlfriend to make it comfortable for use. Thank you for the Clorox Wipes.

Joshua Marris

Clean with very comfortable, reclining seating. A good selection of screens.

La Verne Witt

Took 4 children and they loved the movie and enjoyed watching movie from the lounge chairs

Norman Papernick

Best value for your money. The seats are comfortable, adjustable, and well maintained (as of this writing). The screen is bright, the sound is clear and there is minimal sound from neighboring theaters. Staff is polite and friendly.

Mark Braun

This theater is fantastic! It really does feel like a "smaller" movie theater but the place is better than any IMAX, big-time cinema. There is not a bad seat in the theater and the seats recline! Very comfortable to sit in and take in a movie, my kids loved it

Lisa Newell

O. M. G.! This place is terrific! It's not that big and it's not very fancy, but the theaters have leather recliners for every person! Being here is like taking the best of a movie theater and the best of sitting on your couch and mashing them together. Definitely worth checking out for yourself!

Ken Morgan

Best movie theater around! They have awesome, super cumfy leather recliners that have buttons on the side to control the recline. Tons of leg room too in front of chairs. Air conditioning works great too. Its a wonderful theater to enjoy a hot summer day out of the heat!

Brandon Pryor

This is a great theater! The new electric leather reclining seats are the best I’ve seen. There are no bad seats anymore. You can sit in the front row and comfortably recline and enjoy the show. There is plenty of room between the rows so no more kids kicking the back of your seat.

Victor Robinson

Excellent I need to sell blankets that's how comfortable it is

Desirerea Serena

The best seats that I've ever sat in. I love goin here I can sit down pull on the handle on my seat take my shoes off cuddle in a blanket and watch a movie as if I was at home in a lazyboy reciliner.

Eric Kaun

Laid back, comfortable, reasonably-priced movies.

Kevin Kino

Amazing plush recliner seats throughout, top notch audio, love this theater.

Joann Scott-Falls

I love going to the show on Monday You see a movie am free popcorn

chealsy ray

Everything has changed! You can no longer purchase tickets at a ticket counter, they are bought at the concession stand. Which sucks when they are busy and you don't want snacks, just your ticket. They should re think that. Once you get your ticket, the seats are amazing! For $11.25 a ticket they better be! Being able to recline and relax while watching a movie that make you jump every few minutes, feels like home.

Michael Lambert

Upgraded seating. Well kept. Very accessible.

Lynn Hollihan

Comfy recliners, matinee's, reasonable price.

Edwin Wiancko

The giant "comfy" chairs always cramp up my back and neck. I'm sure some people like them though.

James Davis

Luxury reclining seating, small town movie theater feel and never had any problems when I go

Dionne Denise NRCDA

Over priced snacks, unclean movie theaters,way to many previews and the other movie goers talk freely through out your film. Probably just stick to the Waterfront.

Juan Chaparro

The outside and main lobby isn't much to look at, but the seats and theaters are great. Fully reclining spacious seats with plenty of room. The theater was clean, sound and video was good, and we saw a great movie for a decent price.

Lunar Productions Fine Art Studio

Great parking, good seating

Random Name

Most comfortable movie theater seats I've been in. Pretty good stuff. Haven't had any problems.

Sherry D

The popcorn had a peculiar flavor and made me and my husband sick. The seats are nice but the restrooms are tiny.

Paul Steigerwald

Rude service buying tickets, terrible air conditioning very hot in theater

Joey B

I totally expect movie theaters to be freezing oh, but I sat in the last row up on top and it was roasting hot. Popcorn was as expected and the quality of the movie play was good.

Jacqui M

Nice theater with the luxury seats

Eric Swigart

Best freaking place to see a movie

Tim Negley

The seating here is phenomenal

Zack Meuschke

By far my favorite movie theater. Very comfortable and spacious.

Mary Ptomey

Went for the afternoon matinee. Bought tickets online. They were $7.50 for 65 and over and $8 for under 65 yrs. old. Very easy process. Theatre was clean and seats very comfortable. They had reclining seats. Also has a disabled persons …

Delia Chatterfield

Comfortable seating good prices nice atmosphere

Carol Glover

I enjoy this place once a week.

Ashley Trozzo

Such a comfortable theatre. The reclining chairs are such an added bonus! And there is plenty of room between seats!

Ronald Festa

Don't go here tired- you'll miss the movie. The chairs are way too comfy! Loved it and now can't go anywhere else!

Stephen Short

My experience at this theater was good, not excellent. This was my 1st time at this theater in about 6 and a half years. Although my popcorn, drink, and candy was excellent. The problem was there were teenage girls in the auditorium that kept talking during the movie, not loudly. And, they had their cell phones on. Even after an employee told the girls to turn off their phones during the movie, those girls still turned their phones on from time to time. The theater now have adjustable seats. And, I may return to this theater in the future.

Renae Green

Not impressed with the concession stand at all, however, I feel the comfort and spacious, but small, nature of the theaters really give me the movie theater experience I've always wanted. After coming here so often, I do not enjoy other theaters, no matter if the food is better. I am strictly here for the film.


It is a calm place to visit with your family and just have a good time and it is definitely worthy a try...check them out

pam whitehead

It's been a while since I've been at this theater, so it was nice to see upgrades (including reclining seats, which explains $8 matinee price).

alex regan

Went to see the movie “kin” with my mom and when we arrived the ticket stand was closed and a sign said to purchase tickets at the concession stand where there was only two workers who both were already working with other families and there were two more families waiting in line ahead of us. The one worker was waiting on a woman with 5 kids and was arguing about there ages and how she wanted one of them to be free because she would be sitting on her lap. Needless to say they took so long that by the time we reached the front the previews for our movie were over and the movie had started. The workers not only had to take the orders but they had to fill them too. They definitely should have had more than two people behind the counter and had the ticket stand open for people who only needed tickets. I am very disappointed in this interaction. We talked to a manager and their solution was free popcorn. 1 Why would I want to wait for popcorn when the movie already started 2 why would I pay to see a movie that already started. I wouldn’t. So now thanks to the poor planning of the theatres management not having enough employees and not having them in the correct areas they wasted my gas and my time. If you can’t staff your establishment maybe you shouldn’t have one

Judy Giuliani

the theater seats were extremely comfortable. enjoyable experience.

Coleen Austin

Very comfortable seating and enjoyed the movie.

Patrick McCoy

This is a nice little theater. They have the luxury recliner seats so you can adjust the footrests. All of the employees have always been helpful and courteous to me and it's just a short walk from the rest of the Waterworks plaza.

Betsy Butler

I love this movie theater. It's convenient and staff is friendly. Love the recliners and the ability to pick seats at time of ticket purchase. A great place to see a movie.

Jo Scoulos

Wonderful place to see a movie. It has been updated with reclining chairs, very clean great location !

Lauri Hoover

Love the seating! So comfortable!

Memet Topal

Great place. I really like the seats they have. You can lay in first row and easily watch a movie. Very democratic)

Denine Hornezes

Love the new seating! Makes me feel like I'm in my livingroom!

desirerea serena

Love love love this movie theater. You may pay a few extra bucks to see a movie but it's well worth it the seats In the theater are big puffy recliners. I was so comfortable while watching my movie. I try to go here Everytime I go to the movies

Tonya Repass

Nice place I don't like how you have to pick your seats now a days

Jerica Atkinson

Most comfortable, relaxing movie theater seating in the Pittsburgh area! Be careful not to doze off.

Donni nadeja

Nice movie theater. Well kept and clean. Have great recliner chairs to relax in while you enjoy your movie.

Me Myself & I

Comfortable seats, good service and snacks

Cheryl Morris

I like the new popcorn flavors

Mark Weisler

Other than the cold hot dogs it was great.

Tweela Azeez

Clean and the chairs in the theater were really nice they made my experience comfortable. there are buttons in the chairs to lean your head back and rise your feet.

Diane Stuttler

Best seating around. No real butter for popcorn though. Bummer

Josh Giesy

Nice reclining seats. Assigned seating. Always has multiple theaters available for your blockbuster movies.

Bruce Golightly

I would not enter this place again if they paid me to come. Some years ago, my wife and I went to senior's matinees at Waterwirks Cinemas. Then they decided to put in fancy new seating and raised the price. We stopped going. Today AARP was sponsoring a showing there. As AARP members, we got free tickets and went off to see a film. Since popcorn is, for me, an integral part of the movie experience, we waited in line to buy a popcorn to share. I asked for a large. The girl at the counter filled a bag with popcorn and rang up $8. The posted price for a large is $7. I questioned that, and was told, "This is our new large " I will not pay a price higher than advertised, and told her so. We left. We will not return. Ever.

Bob DAlessandro

Great theater. But where are the bike racks!?!? In fact, they have signage that says no bicycles...what is the deal with that?


Kinda pricey but just make sure your pockets are right before you go.

Angela K

Love the seats. Room to relax & not bump arms with the person beside you.

Josh A. Grossman

This quite a nice theater, has the good motorized seats, ok snack bar, but is Pepsi centric

Robin M Tate

FREEZING!!!! It is winter it felt like the A/C was on. Other people had blankets. I guess they have been there before. As my first time i loved the movie the reclining chairs and space. Popcorn was not hot and not that good..I didn't know that was possible. $8.00 down the drain..$36.00 for 3 tickets which I would be fine with as it is entertainment but I feel that I paid 36.00 to watch a movie outside in winter...not even in a car with heat. Friggin pass out hot chocolate then. If I try this again I will make sure to ask what the temperature is before hand as I dont want to miss the movie. Not happy as it was a good movie...

neerja bhagat

The best Pittsburgh movie theater Full reclining seats with ridiculous leg space Afffordable tickets Ability to pick your seats when you buy them at the counter So much better than AMC, which feels like economy seats on a plane at a higher price too

Quinn Rathmell

It's a generally good theater with descent seats that recline with the press of a button. But as comfortable and big as they are, they also take up a lot of space causing it to be more challenging to find a good seat. The location is a little odd and the food is expensive.(but what else is new).


Since they upgraded this theater it has been a great experience everytime.

Lori Oertel

Saw Lion King at Waterworks Cinema with my daughter and grandkids. Excellent movie-loved the remake of the original. So realistic


Movie chairs are so nice now with the reclining option!

Bruce Atkins

A friend turned me on to the reclining chairs and free bag of popcorn and going has become a weekly routine.

Jon Williams

My favorite theater but from where I live to here is quite a journey. Prices are solid and the seats are so comfortable it's like being at home cozy and all.

Clay Checots

Always an easy experience coming to this theater. All the staff interactions have been easy and helpful. Always clean wherever you go in the theater. The reclining seats and enough space to walk past easily make it one of my favorite theaters to go to

Carl Brown

Okay, good movie.

Karen Allen

Best reclining seats in any theater. Clean, good snacks & best movies!

Tom Lot

Very clean and friendly workers. We are very lucky to have such a nice updated cinema close to us.


The seats r fantastic now, each seat is a la-z-boy recliner

matthew johnson

Upgraded seating from what it used to be back in the day, huge leathet recliners. Almost too comfortable. Really impressive

Lindsay Bujalski

Great seating and comfortable recliners in all of the theatres! Our favorite cinema.

Leon Bender

Great location great atmosphere great seats great quality picture and sound

Robert C

Reasonable price and the reclining chairs were super comfortable. Very clean also

Jaime Connors

Love this theater! It's our favorite place and it has the comfiest recliners for every seat!

Doug Dillon

Staff was pleasant and the theatre was clean. Ticket purchasing was not explained well. Rattling from loud movie next door was a little distracting. The seats were comfortable and there are no blocked views.

Jim Ashbaugh

Nice and clean. Good place to watch a movie

Christopher Byrne

Been to this movie theater a couple of times over the past few years. The reclining chairs are a great addition and really change the experience for the better.

AliKat #SketchEm

I love how you're able to pick your own seats there from the screen of a tablet, and how they have recliners now.

Sue Russell

Really nice place. I've been here many times. Reasonable prices. Everyone should try to go at least once. Ill be back soon.

Krizia Berg

Great theatre, fair prices, super comfy chairs, reserved seats. You can't lift up the arm rest and cuddle though. The projection could have been higher quality but it didn't distract from the film. We drove all the way from Morgantown WV to …

Just Add Water

Best seats around. Most comfortable way to watch a movie.


I love that you can buy your tickets and pick your seat online. The new luxury seats are AMAZING.

Jonathan Ulrick

Food selection is limited, but it has less previews and very comfortable seats

Ronald Rollins

Great place to enjoy a movie. .

roger artice

Close to home, reasonably priced, good night out

Jordan Russell

Always have a great experience and they let me change my movie time. Seats are amazing.

Kim Lenz

Great prices, good selection of movies. Though not happy they raised the prices of the popcorn club refills.

Beth Seiler

Purchased tickets through Fandango and breezed in. Seats were large, comfortable, and could recline with foot rests. Theater seemed clean and safe. Parking was easy. There were nearby restaurants open nearby to grab a drink and bite to eat afterward. Definitely a good place to go to watch a movie!

Lisa Scarlett

Price is good for the movies, food is expensive. Always clean & love the seating & atmosphere here.

Jason Hall

They probably have the best recliners seats in Pittsburgh. Pretty good food and a diverse crowd.

emily hickey

Had Tickets for toy story today But could not o because of the flooding all roads closed Called to see if I could get a refund They said only if I could get to the theater with in 1 hour He must be sitting on his A- - Because i tould him all roads were close could not get there I will be going eleswere to the movies Hate talkind to stupid people

Monica Wallace

Staff is Always professional and curtious. My family always enjoy ourselves there.

Lanre Agbasi

Best time ever with the kids.

Jim Dugan

We had a great movie experience. I highly recommend the movie The Green Book.

Richard Hutchins

I am super impressed by the cone up of this theater. I stopped going to movie theaters years ago. Just wasn't fun anymore. Now with the new renovations it's a lot more comfortable. Now they should reconsider the high prices on mediocre food. If I'm paying high quality prices I need great tasting food with more smiles with service. Great theater overall.

harley Osselborn

Best theatre in the area. The staff is always friendly and willing to help out. They offer popcorn bucket refills with the reusuable buckets as well

Jennifer Wroniak-Bzdziak

Love the new seats, hate the prices but i can still remember when movies were like $5. And not on a special day. But its 2019 times change and they have to pay to upgrade stuff so its whatever

ryan shaner

Cinema is one of the best ones I have been too! They have comfy leather recliner seats and you have picked assigned seating. This makes it much more help because if you walk into a packed movie theater with you and another person, you know there will be seats next to eachother.

Brian Swartz

Bought presale tickets for How To Train Your Dragon for my daughter's birthday. More than 30 minutes later and it's still not working. We're sent able to see the movie and sadly disappointed my daughter for her birthday movie. Wasn't reimbursed for money spent on popcorn, food, and drinks spent to enjoy during movie.

Shawn hatesue

The seats recline lots of space

Sara Rodriguez

Friendly service, clean theaters, and comfy, spacious chairs.

Curtis Kaminski

Reclining chairs to watch the movie in!

Mitchell's Services

Movie Mondays are awesome. $6.50 tickets and a free 32oz. popcorn. Very comfortable reclining seats, better than being at home. Snack selection average to below average. Popcorn is good.


comfy reclining seats and reasonably priced

Christopher Field

Great family owned theater with high end amenities.

Sannetta Amoroso

Stingy with the butter on popcorn! But, comfortable seating with great sound!

jessica cutenese

We love the comfortable seats!

patricia thompson

I watched this theater go through several changes through the years and always managed to make it better. I don't know why they got rid of the arcade games but they still have Monday special. You pay less for tickets and get free popcorn. You still have to pay for drinks. Maybe one day drinks will be included for $10 altogether?... we'll see!

Gerald Mcclendon

Very comfortable and clean theatre. It was close to 100 degrees outside, but very comfortable and in cool inside the many reclining seats theatre's they have

Roseann Hearn

Got right in with the help of a lobby kiosk assistant. Where we actually got to select our sets for the movie. Made our way to the correct theater. And what a great surprise to have recliners to watch the movie. Very clean and had a curious staff.

Tess Kenney

Great theater. Very cozy and spacious seats. Sound quality cold have been better.

Nate Legler

+++Powered reclining seats. -Aisles only on one side of seating row necessitate interrupting everyone in row if you need to get up for any reason during the film. 3/5 I go often for matinees, but would not choose this theater for opening weekend showings.


Seen If Beale Street can talk. This is oscar Regina King won on. It a must that all cultures all ages should see. This will hit home for some that may have experience something like this.

Tyler Stay

Great theater, very comfortable seating, very hot though

Greg Covington

The theater is small, but the experience is better than a majority of the larger theaters. The price is nowhere near some of the other places ive been. Gotta get the popcorn fresh but they will saturate it with butter and salt if you ask.

Jordan Walthour

Electric recliners are awesome. Recently seen mission impossible, great movie. Sound is good Workers are very polite. And do not try to harass you over your ticket. 10/10

Kayla Franks

Love the upgraded seats since the last time i was home. It was comfortable and my 3 and 5 year old neices sat down for the majority of the movie because they were comfortable. I love that i find this theater to be child friendly overall.

Robert Sinicki

Very comfortable seats, almost never too crowded. Very enjoyable, downside - not the fanciest theater in the world

Jade Dukes

I always come here to watch movies and tonight I went to see the premiere of It: Chapter 2 but in the particular theater room I was in had an issue with the A/C. It was uncomfortably hot and my significant other mentioned it to one of the staff members. The staff member offered to let us move to a different theater room that was showing the same movie that also had air conditioning but the movie is long & I had work in the morning. The staff member thanked us kindly for our business & offered us complimentary tickets to see the movie again at our convenience, along with two free large popcorns. We will definitely be back!

armat lien

Fair prices for movies. Good deals regularly.

Cassandra Mock

it was a nice clean theater. Employees where very nice.

Dallas Boughman

very comfortable reclining seats! Free mini popcorn on mondays.

Steve Muniz

The entrance and concession area really need to be updated. But the small theaters and reclining seats are amazing.

Michael A Peoples

I always like going there. The prices are reasonable, there's ample parking and the hours match the times I need. Staff are friendly and helpful.


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