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Star Kitty

Tonight was my first time there and it's hard to say if we will will be back next season. We usually go to Woodland, but they are done for the season. The ticket prices are reasonable, and I understand they pretty much survive off the concession revenue, but their food prices are ridiculous, and there was variety, but nothing was really that great. And there is no option to pay for a food permit like you can at woodland. They also stopped the first movie about 20 minutes in to rudely yell at people about headlights and ruining other people's movie going experience even though I never saw an issue anywhere. The ladies room was a shock. Dimly lit with curtains, no doors. Hot water to wash hands would have been nice.

Patricia Reed

Had wonderful time as usual. Brings back memories.

Diane Alanskas

Mary Hollis

There is nowhere in this entire WORLD better to see two movies!!! 8 dollars for adults 4 dollars for children. The concession stand is always EXTREMELY clean and prices are low!

Aaron Kalkbrenner

Bryan Adams

Tabatha Spence

I gave it 4 stars, and this is why. First I like the fact that you get to see two movies for $20 dollars a car load. The only thing that was bad, was the fact that I could not get over how much I spent in the concession stand. Two buckets of popcorn, two large drinks, a thing of cotton candy was 29 dollars. It wasn't that bad, but it would be nice if they put prices on stuff, because by the time to get threw the line and they ring you up and they slap you with the price, its a little rough to hear that. Also, during intermission between the two movies there is a huge line of people at the restroom, ok no big deal, took the kids in for refills which it is not free on drinks or anything by the way. As we wonder back to the bathroom to use it, I step out of the concession stand and reeked of marijuana, yes you read that right the girls that were standing in line walked to the front of the building and was smoking it while waiting in line to use the restroom. Now mind you this is suppose to be a family establishment, but instead there is older women smoking weed around all these children, I had to take my children back to my vehicle and wait until the very very strong smell went away because my middle child who has asthma was having trouble breathing because of the thick smoke. Totally ridiculous that you can even go to the movies with your children without someone ruining it. Just wow.

Kira Elbel

Rick Thompson

Good place to spend an evening

Misty Goodman

If you don't get there early to get in the front rows it is very hard to see the screen over the other vehicles. They need more bathroom stalls. I probably will not go back to this drive in.

Gabe Carroll

Corey Johnson

Good experience seeing an drive in movie. Great food selection. Security at the facility was a bit dramatic.

Christopher Wright

Amanda Leonard

I always love the drive in but I'd rather go to Clearfield anymore instead of Brookville. Had to go to Brookville this time because it was a more central location for the people in our group. Clearfield offers food permits where Brookville does not. If Brookville insists that we eat their food they need to step up their game. Make a deal with some of the local restaurants to get their stuff at a discount to sell or at least put more of an effort into the food you're selling. We got 2 hot dogs, cheese sticks, fries, popcorn and 3 drinks. The cheese sticks, hot dogs and fries were tolerable. But the pretzel was completely stale and the pop corn my granddaughter got was also stale. They asked if she wanted butter the butter looked old and when I tasted her popcorn it tasted like week old popcorn with the center of it soaked with watered down butter. I do admit the new soda machines and condiment section were really nice. But I believe I would have had a more satisfying snack during the movies if I just made a soup of the condiments. I'm not asking them to put a food chain in there just edible fresh food. The parking situation is ridiculous too. We got there early and have a Kia Sorrento. Which isn't a whole lot taller than a car. In clearfield you can park anywhere. In Brookville you have to park behind the concession stand which is a long way away from the screen. If you parked beside the concession stand you were asked to move. We were at the closest place we were allowed to park and it was hard to see the screen because it was so far away. There were only 2 cars that came tonight and we still all had to park in the back.

Christopher Campbell

Rodney Beck

Now in digital, good quality movie screen, great setting!

Jo Ann Mock

Love Drive-ins, don't like that they frown on you taking in food and their's is pricey!

Jesse Fitch

Kicked us out over a drink, I would’ve walked it up and threw it away but he made a scene and kicked me out over a drink, do not recommend. Owner does not have any type of respect for anyone. Very rude.

harcourt fenton-mudd

I was driving cross country and staying at a nearby hotel. The clerk mentioned the drive in, so I figured I'd give it a try. On pulling up the cashier noticed I had a cooler in the car. He asked if I had anything in it. I replied there was some ice water. He said it wasn't allowed in and I'd have to dump it. I made a u-turn. - I can understand that they want purchases from the concession stand, but this [expletive deleted] was garbage. So because they were hoping for my admission price plus a soda purchase, they got nothing. - It may be a great drive in, but I'm not going to patronize them.

Jenn Zmitravich

It was alright.. Screen coulda been bigger!

Ron Mccoy

Nice place

Manny B

Always a pleasure, clean and wonderfully stocked concession area, reasonable pricing, friendly and helpful staff, it is truly an amazing experience everytime I go.

Katrina Stoneberg

Food is a little pricey. But can also pay to bring one food or drink. Parking could be better but always have a great time at the drive in

Tina Songer

Easy to find. Current movies. Decent snack bar. Accept debit and credit at entrance and snack bar which is super convenient if you're not a cash carrier. No option to pay a fee to bring your own food. Ladies room leaves a LOT to be desired. Curtains for stall doors, micro sink... but they have always had soap!

Gutz Rage187

Brings me back to when I went with my parents to the drive in. Good prices on food and great prices on admission. Rain or shine have fun watching movies outside.


Awesome drivein movies

Blaine Laird

Great experience, food needs improvement though. I love supporting the drive inn and buying food from the concession stand is a big part of that. Just think they could improve a lot in that area.

Jacob Getch

Couldn't see the movie very well, and the sound didn't reach my car at all. Mostly because I was at the bowling alley next door. Other than that, exceptional service. Will go again.

Derrick Shepler

Great place

hockeyboysoccerboy castner

Josh Harold

Garret Hogue

Very nice. Be prepared to spend a little extra on food. But it is well worth it from the savings of the watching price for the movie.

Stephanie Held

Wonderful drive in! Come out and visit and see two movies for a great price!

Mary Barnoff

I like that there are 2 movies for the price of a matinee. There aren't many of these places left, so it's a unique experience.

Jessica Renfrew

marty geer

Won't be going back, too bad! Just went last night to see "Finding Dory" paid $8 apiece and not permitted to take ANY outside food or drink in...OK we agreed and left it hid in the scrubs until we left. I like the idea of the star spangled ever the one they played was WAY TOO LONG, the intro was 1 minute at least!!! They want us to sing along with an OPERA version? It was way too slow and then when you thought it was over they come up with a second verse??? I been singing the star spangled banner a long time and I don't remember a second verse. So I saw quite a few people who did stand up but then sat down before it was over. I remember when you could buy a permit and bring your own food and drinks, I suggest you bring that back! Super 322 allows you to buy a permit for $8 I would gladly pay $10 to eat my own food which is healthier then the fried, over priced, and over cooked food offered at the snack bar. Is anyone in the concession stand ServeSafe Certified? In closing it would be nice to have a non-smoking side to the parking as well, the folks next to us smoked like chimneys, so I went home hungry, frustrated and with a headache! Sorry Brookville I won't be back and I will spread the word. MG. Like the movie though, you go Dory, "Cupcake".

deb schurr

Rude staff. High prices for food/snacks/drinks. Never again! Indiana's so much better.

Walter Hilliard

Old school Use or lose

Darrell Asburay

Evan Schill

I love this Drive Inn. I try to make it out as often as possible trough out the year. Great price to watch 2 movies, awesome selection at their Concession Stand. From Popcorn to snacks, you can also grab dinner here if you need.

Jaime Peer

Favorite place to visit when I come home during the summer months! Great movies, great people running it, and good food :)

Matt Gaston

Shirley Hadfield

Nice big screen

Molly Cronin

I have been going here for many many years. Prices are extremely reasonable plus you get a double feature. Great place to bring the kids. As long as they are there I'll continue to support this business ! Thank you for being one of the last remaining drive in theaters.

Lynn Wingard

Fun time

Jason Hollingsworth

I've been going to this drive in since the late 90s and it has really gone down hill. There is literally an armed security guard walking around spying into every car looking for contraband (food and drink). While I was there recently I saw him harassing so many people for what appeared to be nothing at all. If they catch you with any outside food or drink they will kick you out with no refund. I don't think I'll be going back, they wont even let you bring in a bottle of water!? The concession stand has gross food which basically adds insult to injury. If they need to sell food to make any money they should just raise the ticket prices. I'd be willing to pay more to be able to bring in food and not have some creep with a gun spying into my car.

Chuck Tromm

Robert Lahrman

Great place to watch movies. Concessions a bit high,buy where aren't they.

mike Lipuma

Love this place great food,people,and atmosphere.

Adrian Carneal

Great experience cept for screaming kids

Jeremy Glenn

Love it

Daniel Engle

The "Drive-In" experience is alive and well at the Moonlite Drive-In in Brookville. Recently they have been running "$20.00 a car load" specials. Last night 5 of us saw 2 movies for $2.00 a movie! I have read reviews about people complaining about the cost of the food and that you can no longer purchase a food permit to bring in outside food. Drive-ins need the concessions money to survive. All things considered rhe drive-in is a great value for family entertainment. It also helps if you bring a battery opperated radio for the movie audio. Load the car up and bring the family and enjoy a movie under the stars!

Jennifer Dudek

Love going here, so much cheaper than the movie theater and much more comfortable!

Lauren Zezenski

Great drive in movie theatre! Food is awesome, great priced. Love coming during the summer and watching a double feature for the price of ONE! It's a BLAST from the past! Thank you Moonlite!

Paula Graham

Great family place. Gate price is reasonable but snack prices are way out there like the theatres. I know that is how they make money but holy

Michelle Jacobson

Laura Morgan

Great experience loved the movie

Marcia Lenusky

My Favorite Drive-in! Good movies and good food. I don't usually eat french fries but the fries here are the best!

Jay Dolby

$8 a person for 2 movies!!! That's a steal compared to the movie theater ($10 a person for 1 movie). Food prices are not that bad but the food is average at best. I will continue to watch movies at this establishment.

Dan Robertson

Love this place! The nostalgia alone is worth the trip, plus you get the movies!

Myranda Burkett

Love going to watch movies here... dislike that we can't take our own food in...

Adayna Ansinger

Amanda Young

$20 for a carload to get in, not bad for big families, not good for little ones. $8.90 for a large bucket of popcorn that tastes like stale cardboard (seriously- its bad, my kids didn’t eat it after I spent $20 on 2 buckets, I wasn’t pleased) $3.90 for large fountain drinks. $4 something for nachos that’s a small serving (didn’t buy- only observed portion size) Prices are purposefully not displayed and they gouge hard for food that is mediocre at best. I watched a guy get kicked out before the start of the movie for having 1 bottle of water and he had a newborn in the car. I’d rather spend the same amount of money going to a real theater. Don’t do it.

Ashley Toy

The movies are cheap and it's lots of fun! Our battery died and a nice person quickly helped get it started again. I love going here with my family! The snacks are expensive but they should be considering that's how they make their money. Don't bring your own snacks because they will check!

Angela Storms

BrownBark Tree Service

Elena Baker

No outside food or drink. 1 med soda, 1 lg and a lg bag of popcorn was $13. Popcorn was kind of stale, even though bought before the movies started. Security guard walks around to check for outside food/drink and if caught, you'll be banned for life.

Robert Birch

Good food and great movies

Nickia Glatt

Movie hasn't even started And we were kicked out. Just pulled in from camping and had a bag of chips left over and a poweraid warm as hell from our camping stay. Yes I outside food or drinks allowed....but i didn't search my vehicle before we came in. I was surely unaware that it was there No one was eating the chips they were just in the back of the van and visible. Security sees it and tells us we have to leave even after I asked if he could take it and throw it away. He says no he has to kick us out and there is nothing he can do. YA BUDDY THERE WAS. YOU DIDN'T MAKE THE CALL YET AND COULD HAVE JUST TAKEN IT FROM MY CRYING CHILD AND TOLD HER SHE COULD STAY BUT TO REMEMBER TO CHECK THE CAR NEXT TIME. Instead, he radios the front and gives them my plate number and says "I have outside food here" I drive around and ask the front booth if they can take it and explain the situation... they say no and refuse to give me the $20 back. The movie hasn't started....we literally got there picked a spot and popped the hatch. Instead they say we can come back tomorrow and don't offer a coupon or free admission since they wouldn't give us money back. Now I have three crying children and two upset adults trying to do something new for family night. I even asked to speak to The owner to personally apologize and they said he is to busy. Told me I could call tomorrow and ask for my money back but they don't do refunds We WILL NOT BE BACK AND WILL TAKE OUR BUSINESS ELSEWARE. The moonlight is not the only drive inn ....but now its the only one we will not go to in the future. Thank you moonlight for ruining family night. You sure made great memory.

bone boy

I highly recommend checking the weather before coming here. It is a great low price place to come and watch movies in the comfort of your own car or lawn chairs.

Christian Jenner

Crowded and rowdy.

Douglas Palank

A truly magical experience ... an authentic drive-in movie theatre, with a fantastic setting of trees all around to block out light and noise. Tune your vehicle's radio to an FM frequency and listen to the movie with your own built in surround sound system. Ausome!

Linda Y.

Aimee Slaugh

John Wesolowski

Vicky Walker

The funniest thing is that the price range for this establishment is only one $ when we got popcorn, fries, a pretzel and two drinks and it was almost 30.00. On top of the 20 we paid to get in. The worst was that there were no prices listed anywhere! So you had to go through this cafeteria style serve yourself line and had no idea how much it would be until you were through. The lady ringing the sales was so slow that we missed the opening of the Lion King, and on top of all of it the whole place literally smells like cow manure. HONESTLY THE WORST DRIVE IN we've EVER been to. The only thing great about the night was who we spent it with! What a rip off! 50.00 for TWO people to go to the drive in!

Jay Barnoff

The family and I love the drive in you get a great value for watching two movies. The food is still pricey but it is good. It's the movies.

Holly Schreckengost

Michaela Sheetz

brian pfendler

Typical drive in great timely . ....

Lisa Matters

This is a great place to take your family

Gary Keith

food prices super high and food quality terrible.

Mary Jane Friel

Charles Turnbull

Great food with a great variety. The presentation was awesome!

A Bright

Movies are always better under the stars- plus you get 2 movies for the price of one! The food stand is priced about the same as any regular theater, but with better options. We always go early and throw a Frisbee or hula hoop. Good times!

Jim Knox. Jr

One of the last drive ins left but you can't take food or drinks in. Which sucks.

Jammie Milliron

Don't go to the drive in with a brand new sports car or you will get harassed to the point that we couldn't even enjoy the movie. We ended up just leaving after missing so much of it.

Jonathan Bowers

The Christmas special was awesome! Good was good and at a fair price.

Mindy Potts

Love taking the kids.

Yuuki Sasaki

eddie antonuccio

Harder to see the screen if you don't have a compact car - the rows from the concession stand (3 rows from the screen) to the back are for SUV's, trucks and vans. I understand the concept, but if their hills for parking were raised, it wouldn't be an issue for anyone to see. Food there is also rather expensive, and you can't bring your own drinks in. They have you save them at the entrance or throw them away before entering.

Amber Greeley

Marie Sheila Demotte

The food police confiscated my iced tea and candy bar at the ticket booth and said we could be kicked out if we got caught with food in the car. We paid 20 dollars to get in. I was a little peeved by about the whole experience.

jason brooks

Amanda Robuck

Enjoyable drive in with 1 screen. They always show 2 movies sometimes 3. Only bad thing is the parking area gets pretty muddy in the spring and they dont do free popcorn/soda refills but the prices are reasonable so I guess that's the trade off.

Susan Kaltenbach

Tammy R

Food is outrageously price and taste terrible and the sneak around looking in your car windows to see if you brought your own food and drink. It's creepy!! I'll go to 322 drive in in woodland first. Prices are reasonable and food is good , plus they don't spy on you.


Really nice

A Google User

Sovario Peperina

Clean and family friendly. They have one of the best drive-in menus I've seen. Parking can be hectic and very disorganized. Audio quality is okay. They play the national anthem before the movies, which was really nice.

Gavon Raymond

Justin Waltman

This place is too expensive. There are cheaper drive in options in the area. I commented on Facebook but they deleted it. They dont want to blemish the owners huge ego.

Tyler Pearce

Food is absolutely ridiculously priced and they remind you how expensive it is by putting a screen in the shack that says "Were not McDonald's". Security threw us out because I had my own pop and chips. STAY AWAY

dee wolfe

It was very nice, employees were sweet, movie choices were fantastic...

Christy Freeman

Shasta Walker

Erick Merryman

Rodney Simpson

Excellent place for the family


Maggie Montana

We were there as a thank you promotion by Johnson Henninger Dental in Brookville......thank you, Dr. Mike! It was clean and nice, just as it was as I was growing up.

Winter Shobert

Despite the man who goes around before the movie starts and asks people to put their trunk doors down so others could see, people still left their trunks up after the movie started. Even after being handed a rope to hold it down. The food isn't so good and is ridiculously expensive. Also, the version of the national anthem that they play is super long and the video is kind of lame.

Nat. Twenty Gaming

The food is terrible and over priced. I would understand the prices if the served good food with decent portions. The workers inside the concession stand are rude and pushy. The man near the popcorn tonight walked upto me, sighed heavily, and said "what do you want?" I told him that I was waiting on my girlfriend and he said "whatever, ok." When I got to check out the went on for 5 minutes trying to get me to buy more. All I wanted to do was buy my stale popcorn and go. Then when I didn't bite they tried guilting me, saying " boy if I were your kids I'd want more then that." In conclusion do not come here, not good for kids, not good for anyone. You'll spend the same going to the regular movies and you'll be more comfortable and better fed. Im sorry this place used to be good....

Paul Knerr

Great place to watch a movie. 3 movies for less than the price of a theater. Concession stand was expensive and the food was so so. Brought back wonderful memories from my childhood. I understand why you can't bring in outside food or drinks, but a step up in quality would help with paying the inflated prices. Overall I really loved it and will be returning in the summer.

James Martinek

I wish I had the money to just throw at them! I love this place! Food could be better but overall I love it! If we want this to last we need to support them.


It's the best!

Jade Pauline

I've been coming here for years, I've always loved it. It's a special experience coming here and watching a movie or two. The service is friendly and it's a great place to make some memories. It's reasonably priced, they do special events and such. Always showing a good movie. They sometimes even do triple features. I can't imagine a childhood without coming to the moonlite. And I can't wait to continue coming here.

Christina Klingensmith

Love this place

Lisa Guerrero

Locally owned and run. Two movies for the price of one. Good tasting snack bar food.

Sheridan Bouch

Was great, could use more bathrooms though lots of room you can sit outside best movie theater I've ever been to.

Joshua Sass

Terrible. The tickets are almost industry standard, but they're about $1-2 over. The food is overpriced and terrible. Spent $13 on a bucket of popcorn and a footlong hotdog. Popcorn was stale and tasteless (extra butter was offered, but it was probably $2.) And was served in a Starwars The Force Awakens bucket, so it made it seem even older than it was. The hotdog was almost decent, but the case style and flavor was just overall bad. And the signs surrounding the place made it feel like I was entering North Korea. They whine when someone bring in outside food, saying that they can't survive without the income. Do what Clearfield does and have passes. Not be a whiny group of fools about it. Go to clearfield, don't waste your time. Enough said.

liz h

Super fun experience! Great food, and an amazing place to make memories.

Crystal Mcqueeney

It was excellent

Matt Gerald Smith

Interesting reading previous review as my experience was almost identical, however the cashier was a woman. I was on a trip from Eastern PA and stopped for the night in Brookville. The Drive-In was nearby and not ready for bed decided to go. The car was packed and when asked if I had anything to eat and drink I answered, honestly, there was water in the car. I was told to get rid of it, and after trying to explain I was traveling and kept water in the car got me no where I turned around and left. I intended to get something to eat there so I ended up getting something at Sheetz and watching a movie in the motel.

renee huey

Jason Smith

Awesome movies. Great atmosphere for the whole family!

Holly Mckinley Weaver

Love it!

Amber Uplinger

Russ Knarr

Chris Carroll

Good place to spend time with the family

Brett Rooker

Drive ins are always fun.

Bruce Wiant

Michelle Gray

Josh Volchko

It's a great place to go with your family or a group of friends! Screen is big and easy to view even from the back. Reason for only three stars is because the food is outrageous. It's almost weird of them to ask you to not bring in food or drink of your own when the even the popcorn sucks. My biggest thing going to theaters is the popcorn, and they somehow managed to mess that up. It sits out in a glass container so it doesn't taste fresh and its not warm at all. Also FYI, don't get the extra butter on the popcorn. It's watered down, it tastes like chemicals and it just ruins your already mediocre $6 small popcorn. Overall though, it's a great place if you want to see a double feature for half the cost of what it would be at a Carmike, I would just suggest sneaking in food in your car without their knowledge like everyone else does because their food sucks.

Heath Gaston

Not allowed to bring in outside food or drinks, and then charge like $10.00 for a popcorn or $4.00 for a bottle of water.. never going back I'll wait for it to come out on direct TV. Only giving one star because I can't give zero and still leave a review.

Pam Llewellyn

Wont let you bring food even if offer to pay food permit

Amber Pratt

Andrea Lander

Great line up! And the personal were friendly.

Austin DuFour

It's a great experience. Very opposite of what Joshua Sass said.

Adam Powell

Best drive in in the area


I love going here!

vickie haywood

Great place!

Elissa Deible

Great family fun! Thankful for the hard work and dedication that the owners put into this beloved pastime. We are so fortunate to have this in our backyard!

Eric Ogden

Really nice!

JA Rein

I don't like the food drive in is cool

Joel Post

The projection and screen quality are very good, and the staff is friendly. The food is actually pretty reasonably priced. The bathrooms are not what could be called nice, but they are generally pretty clean.

Rich Smith

Great place. Well stocked snack bar. Plenty of space. Great time

James Frantz

Needs to update the bathrooms


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