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REVIEWS OF Manor Theatre IN Pennsylvania

Bob The Biker

Fantastic, love this ish. My locals homies all fux wit it. Great staff.

Hungry Human

Love the vibes here. Music from the 50's, tiny little hangout spot outside the theaters, small bar and concession stand with posters, newspapers and ads from the early years of the Manor Theater hung up on the walls. Intimate theaters with pretty good screen quality. Favorite theater in Pittsburgh.

Scott Schilling

The Manor is an excellent place for a movie and cocktail. Taz0 the bartender is so very talented. When he is not serving. He is performing on his drumset in the lobby. Anther good spot to catch Taz0 is Friday nights around the corner at the cAGE.

Kamina aka Kendrew

I've never had a disappointing experience here. Staff is great, drinks are strong and tasty (oh yeah, they have a bar), and there is always a good pick of independent and mainstream films. If a movie you want to see is here, don't go anywhere else!

Paul Spang

Small theater that shows great movies and has a decent choice of beers. Sound could be better, but they’re doing something that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

Alex Bartnik

Really nice theatre with a bit of a retro feel, and certainly with more personality than a major theatre chain, with very reasonable prices for tickets and food. It loses a star because of 2 small issues. First, the slope of the seats in the theatres are very shallow, so if you're a bit shorter or sitting behind a giant your view of the screen might be compromised, but this shouldn't be an issue for most. Second, if you sit close to the back of the theatre, you can hear the whir of the projector, which I found distracting.

Elizabeth Goldberg

Great theater. Top movies and just the right screen sizes.

Matthew DeFusco

Really enjoyed it! I love that you can bring drinks into the theater and the seats were pretty comfy. The theater itself is pretty small and you could see the reflection of the exit sign on the screen as well as some ambient lighting that was a bit distracting. Otherwise it was great.

Jeremy ReoNason

A very cool, classier-than-most theater with awesome staff

Alex Khammari

The Manor is a fantastic theatre, my favorite in Pittsburgh by far! The selection of movie is comprehensive, from blockbusters to classics. The setting is nice and cozy, and the staff is welcoming!

R. I.

Nice bar, small theatres

Lee Gavlak

My favorite theater

Becky Thatcher Baer

Great little neighborhood theater. Great snack options and a full bar. Friendly staff. The seats are comfy but a bit worn. I would give it 5 stars if the seats were in better shape.

Samantha Spinks

I LOVE this place! Always a good variety of different films. The little bar is great. The old school feel to the whole place is perfect

Joshua Schreiber

Great food, great place to watch a movie

Joe Spike

This is a very cute little theatre. Not to many screens. Honestly its worth a visit but check ahead of time if they're showing a movie you'd want to see. This place is a local staple.

Steven Seegers

Best movie theater in Pittsburgh!

Angeleia Hall

Cozy little theatre. Maybe wouldn't go every time (sometimes a change of ambiance is nice) but worth experiencing at least once.

Libby Armon

Really nice classic theatre. Good prices for the movie and refreshments. Always great to go local and the staff here is much nicer than you get at big chain movie theaters. On certain days they have discounts (as well as a student discount every day). They're is a fee for purchasing tickets online so I do suggest buying at the theater. They have a bar in the theater as well which is pretty unique. This is a great place for families and group gatherings.

Carl Stevens

Wonderful theater for an alternative venue. A little bar with great cocktails, comfortable seating and sincere staff.

Logan Gatenby

Lovely independent movie theater showing the new small film releases bigger theaters don’t find profitable to show. Also a bar inside if you’re willing to shell out.

Scorched Bacon

Great place to watch a movie! Most big movies are shown here, so check online and come here whenever possible to see movies. Great atmosphere, comfy seats and reasonably priced snacks.

Joseph Acevedo

Reasonable ticket prices and concessions are pretty affordable. Staff is also polite

Jim Randazzo

My favorite theatre in all of Pittsburgh. The location in the heart of Squirrel Hill is fantastic. The building is historical as a long standing theatre. There are four viewing rooms. There's a small cafe' with the usual theatre fare and pizza. There's a bar and a cozy little area to hang out. Love their choices of movies too. They have classic movie nights. They have a great web site, check it out, soon this will be your favorite as well.

Tim Mizerak

Came here to see Fantastic Beasts shortly after it was released. The theater was nearly sold out but staff were great at getting us through the busy snack line. Having adult beverages available is a definite plus. It is an old theater so seats aren't that comfortable, but the price is right and it's nice if you're in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood already.

Stephen Short

The Manor Theater was fine this evening. I went to see the movie "Green Book". The movie was excellent. There are a lot of food choices at the Manor other than popcorn and candy. For the adults, there's a small bar. The movies range from new big screen releases to art and independent movies. I would highly recommend this theater. It's a great neighborhood theater.

Laura Dickey

My favorite place to see a movie. Comfortable, great sound, great selection of movies, welcoming neighborhood place.

Crystal Daughtry

It is just a wonderful artist theater. The stars is just lovely as helpful! I love that there is a bar with a great bartender who know my favorite drink. Highly recommend the Rosemary Baby!

Anna Marie Joyce

Convenient clean and they have a nice bar area inside

David Snyder

I dont usually like going to the movies, but this place changes my mind. It's so low key and comfortable compared to big theaters.

Pamela Macklin

Great movie always, customer service good, seating very comfortable, facilities very clean

Faria Madhumita

A perfect local theatre just as you expected it to be. The staffs are great. They bring good movies. Their tickets are reasonable. If you go before 6 pm on weekdays, it’s really cheap. They also offer cheap tickets late night. It’s one of the best attractions of Murray avenue. It gives the look of a small town downtown to Murray Avenue. We love this place. You can go watch your favorite movie, get that local flavor, come out and get some sweet treats from the stores around it and take a walk through thus happening street. You’ll definitely love it and come back.

larry weidman

Always a pleasure to walk to my favorite neighborhood movie theater for a matinee.


Super clean and very reasonably priced

Mark Weisler

Meter parking but incredible options at concessions.

Chris Ober

Classic style theater. One of the few like it in the area. Not stadium seating but I kind of like that cause it is cool to see a movie in an older style auditorium from time to time. The theater was kept very clean from the front to the lobby to the auditoriums. Professional establishment. The box office cashiers are always knowledgable of their films and helpful to any extent. I love that this theater gets a lot of independent films the larger chains do not typically get. It is always a pleasure and well worth the time to see a film here.

Joseph Corll

What a great little theater! 4 screens with split aisle seating. Screen 3 is where my showing was. I was eight or nine rows up from the back. The first thing I noticed was the odd dip in the seating slope about one third of the way back in the theater that actually made the first few rows a few inches higher than where my seat was. Thankfully the screen is high enough that it didn't impede my view at all. The seats are incredibly comfortable for a movie theater. Adequate cup holders are appreciated. It was a bit stuffy and warm in the theater though, I'm used to the overly air-conditioned "big-box" theaters. The Manor is in a lovely neighborhood with MANY eateries around. I absolutely love Squirrel Hill. I would definitely go again. I am putting The Manor on my list of hidden gems in Pittsburgh.

mark wilkes

Great Neighborhood Theater & They Don't Show Trash!!!

Carol Smith

Favorite movie theatre on the planet. Adult beverages at the bar and typical popcorn, snacks and beverages. Seats are comfortable and staff is always friendly.

Sam Faller

Love this theatre; it's small and not usually crowded. The folks are nice, the seats aren't bad. It's a perfect spot to just walk in on a whim and watch a movie.

Lynn Patricia

Not like corporate cineplex theaters. Very pleasant historical theater. Screens films beyond the mainstream blockbusters.

Kenneth Labuskes

This is a movie theater. There is not a lot of variation in movie theaters. They had popcorn, candy and soda like you would expect. There were very comfortable reclining chairs. We went to see Wes Anderson's isle of dogs. The attention to detail was amazing. Wes Anderson has the most interesting universe in his mind. This movie is great for children and adults.

Deb Tatro

Very nice theater, historic. I think I was told it's 96 years old. Has the usual theater fare, reasonable prices for popcorn. Also serves alcoholic beverages. Nice neighborhood with cool food establishments around, would be great for date night

Stan Burleigh

Neighborhood Theatre with the top movies out. Wonderful drinks and gr8 bartender. What more could u ask. OK buttered popcorn, they got that to.

Saurin Parikh

Cute little theater that offers student discounts!

Christine Ferguson

A terrific place to see a movie! Always a selection of the best and latest releases, a warm welcome at the entry, good popcorn and a number of other snacks as well as real food and a bar for a cocktail before the feature. This is a terrific place for a date night. Lots of good restaurants are in walking distance of this Squirrel Hill neighborhood spot.

William Woodward

Love to be here to watch movies. I love the bar and the food here. Quality of sound and seating arrangement was nice.

Judith Kroll

A local movie house with four screens and a nice mix of art house films and big screen ones

Emily Constantine Mercurio

I love this place. A small theater and more cozy and relaxed than the big movie theaters. Nice little bar to grab a drink. A great place to meet friends for a movie.

Antonio Song

Cozy and nice theater. I only go here.

David Downey

This charming theater, originally opened in the 1920s, is nothing like any other theater I've ever been to. The atmosphere is very classy and stylish, and makes seeing a movie a much more exciting cultural experience. However, the crowd is a mix of young and old depending on the film and time of week. The concession stand is affordable for drinks and popcorn. The food offered is not bad although it is more expensive. There's also a cocktail bar that serves beer (non-draft), wine, and mixed drinks. The specialty cocktails are custom made and very tasty!

Mike Wallin

Favorite movie theater in Pittsburgh

Jake Coffelt

Great theater with good movie and food prices. They show a good range of blockbusters, award eligible films, and art films. The theaters are a little older, but they have a great feel and comfortable seats. They also sport a very nice bar/snack bar.

Christopher Schmidt

This unique neighborhood cinema has been an institution since (I believe) the 1930's. I have watched it adapt to the times over the years, and it remains modern, yet old school all at once. They now have a smart little bar, which is a plus. The things that set them apart from other cinemas are, specifically, the movies shown, and the staff. You can bet popular films will be on the bill, but always balanced against more nuanced offerings. Independent films, and art films are staples here. So, great, they show indy films here. Lots of places do that, right? Go chat up the knowledgeable, super-friendly staff about your favorite movies sometime. I guarantee you will walk away with new insight. No 'hipper than thou' attitude here. I am so lucky to live in walking distance to this treasure.

Mandi Skeegan

Wonderful small theatre runing first run films. They have wine and liquor. Great ambiance

Pia Colucci

I always try and support the Manor as it is my local theatre. It is very upscale now,great seats cocktails, I love it

Robert Rixey


Ken Foster

Saw Amazing Grace. Wonderful seats, cup holder if you have a drink.

Rory Monaghan

Enjoy spending all my money here, and at the commonplace around the corner of course! ;)

Love It

Nice theater, not many screens but definitely a homie style of theater. Kind of a hipster vibe, but still quite nice.

Marissa Rose

The Manor Theater is great I love the movies and I love the people working there they're really nice so thank you Manor Theater

Sean Harris

Amazing prices to sit in a comfortable sized theatre. The drink with a large popcorn deal was great, the option to get a refill came In handy even though I didn't think I would need it. Definitely recommend The Manor to anyone looking to enjoy a movie.

Kenny Dawkins

Great movie in a great classic style looking theatre, helpful staff, clean bathroom. Enjoyed very much will be back.

Daniel McCaffrey

Generally the staff are very friendly and courteous, and the theater is always very clean, both in the lobby, concession stand and the auditorium itself. The bathrooms are kept up very well. In my lifetime I have seen roughly 100 (or even more) films here, and it's got a great history. Most of the time the chosen films are of a higher caliber, and it's not common to see tentpole franchises or exceedingly disposable trash here, and thus, it attracts a more literate and discerning crowd, perfect for a neighborhood theater.

Dave Cameron

Fantastic independent movie house in the heart of Squirrel Hill.

Nicole Weigand

It is a bit of historic nostagalia in Squirrel Hill. It's a wonderful place to meet up with friends before a movie. Extremely clean facility and very friendly staff.

Faithlynn Spano

A staple of Pittsburgh. Cozy yet refined interior. The staff is always nice. They have a mix of mainstream as well as independent films. There’s also a nice bar and lounge.

Michael Ryan

Fantastic local theater. After the recent renovation they have large comfortable seats and a bar with good cocktails. They have 4 screen in smaller rooms they people are used to today and it makes for an intimate enjoyable movie experience. They are sure to have whatever the current biggest block buster is along with two small/ art films.

Seth Kurela

affordable tickets & concessions, favorite theater in Pittsburgh!

Longxiang Zhang

It's a pretty old fashioned theater, chairs are somewhat wobbly but comfy, rooms are tiny but decent. All in all, it's a decent theater wothy of its name, and it does play some interesting, maybe nostalgic shows that no where else shows.

Abhinav S

I like the place purely from a convenience point of view. The tickets aren't expensive as well.

Marta Fordos

I loved the movie, Pavarotti!

sara sierra

Vintage cozy place. Excellent movie image

Steph Paylor Raufer

We all need to go here more. Neighborhood movie theater. Old, cute, wonderful.

Donald Nemchick

Best locally owned movie house with fresh popcorn and comfortable seats.

Patricia Bailey

A neighborhood favorite

Barry Belknap

Great movie experience!


My favorite theater in the Pgh area. Historic, cozy, and extra comfy seats.

Ace of Spades

Has an old timey theater vibe, leather seats and good screen quality.

Jessica Freilich

Lovely theatre, very reasonable and in a great location. I'll be back for sure!


Haven't been here in very long time so it's all "new" to me. Liking the setup,revamped lobby & concession,cash bar! Helpful,young,smiling staff--they leave their troubles(& attitudes)at home. This is very important to me in a Service Industry. An excellent experience overall,even though the flick I saw(which i won't mention here)was oh-so disappointing. Did I mention cash bar?

Ian Cain

Great little independent theater in the heart of Squirrel Hill. I think quaint is the word. They always have a nice mixture of current, art house, and repertory theater films. There are adequate concessions including a small bar and the theaters are cozy & comfortable. Plus don't miss out on the $6.50 Wednesday all day pricing!

Olivia Wells

Best neighborhood movie theatre

Thomas Wood

Love the little bar in there

Chad Proudfoot

Great independent theatre tucked away in the Squirrel Hill area of Pittsburgh. Very clean and nice, with a friendly staff. Great movie theatre food options, including alcohol. Wonderful experience!

Jane M

Excellent choices of films in a great neighborhood.

Scott Kundar

Great place to watch a movie

Emilio Rossi

Best around no one will ever keep this theatre down

Upasana Sridhar

Feels like watching a movie in Bill Murray's house ( pls watch Zombieland). The combination of a movie theatre with a prohibition era speak easy is wonderful to bring friends to.

sarah w pgh pa

I have great memories of going here many years ago and I was happy to go back to see a movie that was only playing in limited release here. I was impressed by the food, bar, etc. The theater itself is a lot nicer than I remember, I look forward to returning. With so few smaller theaters remaining, I am happy to see how nice and updated this one is. It was a pleasant surprise.

Andrea Hanna

Awesome old fashioned style movie theatre. Their prices are much better value than big theatre chains and the experience is much more novel and intimate. They also have a bar and food area which proved popular.

Aaron Clark

Greeat theater

Bob Ruefle

Great movie theater

Manuel Calongos Curotto

It is a very cozy place. The only bad thing is that some seats are in bad conditions.


1st time there with husband and kids. We were both impressed and in awe. The building's history alone is impressive. The pizza I had was delicious. It didn't disappoint for its size.

Gregory Shearer

I like independent movie theaters and try to patronize them over the big ones. This one has four screens and a bar so come early and have a drink.

Christian McDewell

Independently owned. Beautiful. Comfortable. This theater is my favorite in Pittsburgh. While the number of screens and thus the variety of movies is limited, they often show films no other theater does. It was one of my favorite things to do to walk to this theater and catch a movie.

Derek-Jan Love

Love the home time feel...

chelsea schnuerle

Cute local theather

Rhiannon Kirshner

Bar staff is so kind, beautiful theatre, very clean, great experience

Reinhard Schumacher

It's great to have a local movie theater like this.

Will Powell

If you want to see the best independent films, the Manor has got you covered. While they also feature Blockbusters, this is the place in Pittsburgh to grab a cocktail and see some of the greatest work by both established and emerging directors. This place is the movies done right.

Matthew B

I genuinely wanted to like this place, because I love independent cinema and it's one of PGH's better options. My experience (overselling tickets plus extremely rude customer service) left a bitter taste for me, though, and I haven't been back yet. The Manor is probably perfectly fine on nights when it's not too crowded, or for movies that don't have high demand. I had a bad experience, though, trying to see an indie movie (Phantom Thread) on its opening weekend. Assuming it would be crowded, I bought a ticket online the day before, and arrived to the theater 15 minutes prior to showtime. The first issue was that there is only one line, even for pre-purchased tickets -- so I had to wait about 10 minutes to get in. The second, much larger issue was that they had OVERSOLD the movie! So by the time I arrived at the register to pick up my tickets and enter the theater, I was told that I could go into the theater if I really wanted to, but that they couldn't guarantee a seat and that I would probably have to stand. I did check inside the theater, and as they had warned, there were no seats. When I returned to the register and asked for a refund, the person working the register was very rude when I asked for a refund -- he acted as if he had never heard such an imposition from a customer, and he also refused to reimburse the credit card fees from purchasing the ticket online. When you've just ruined a customer's moviegoing experience, you shouldn't nickel and dime them over a $2 credit card fee. You should probably also apologize, rather than act like they are inconveniencing your business.

Jaekun Kim

Pricing is alright, even cheaper online. Seating arrangement is a bit strange in that there is one aisle down the middle. Also, all the seats are the same elevation so don't sit behind someone tall! A bit old but the employees are nice and it's in a good location.


Great little theater. Nice place to grab a cocktail before a show. Neat old building.

Ty Sweeney

+ Great prices + Inside bar and cafe + Shows indie and popular new releases + Available street parking - Small selection of films - Thin walls means you can usually hear the movie next to you

Jorge Luis Saviñon

Great private cinema, lots of places left for a Friday showing. There are student discounts!

Gibson Musisko

Nice little cozy movie theatre with great priced stuff.

Christine guy

Charming, personable and updated theatre! I am a frequent patron and have NEVER had anything but a positive experience. The films shown at the Manor are cultural relevant, thoughtful and often provocative. The Manor is my theatre of choice!!!

Alexandra Frederick

The BEST place to see a movie. It feels like home! I love this theatre because it is small and intimate, has history, and is welcoming and adorable. Whenever I get a chance to see a film here I do.

Mike Healy

Old theater feel. Sound system could be better but enjoyed the experience. Felt like the 1980s again.

Leonardo Solano

One of the best movie theaters in town, such a good wine

Chris Singel

Lovely theater, great staff, five stars.

Karing Coyne

Our neighborhood theater. Love walking up the street to see a movie and have a drink in a more intimate setting.

Arie Beresteanu

This is a neighborhood movie theater in Squirrel Hill. It has 4 screens and each screening room has about 200 seats. I Have seen many movies there and always liked it. The commercials at the beginning are much shorter than in a big chain movie theater. They have a nice popcorn and snacks stand and decent bathrooms. The best part is that it is in walking distance and after the movie you can go to numerous restaurants, pizza places and ice cream parlors around it.

Benj Marcus

The Manor is an awesome local, small business place to catch a wide variety of movies from the newest mega-Marvel movie to little know documentaries.

Sarah Flanders

Friendly and comfortable and you can get a nice cocktail to drink before or after your movie.

dITA ForYou

Cheaper prices...even a bar


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