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REVIEWS OF Kendig Square Movies 6 IN Pennsylvania


It's a good "old fashioned" movie theater with good old fashioned prices, the way it used to be. The sound quality was horrible though!! Couldn't make out half of what they were saying in the movie.

Deborah Bradley

Pretty decent really. Prices on tickets and on macks are very affordable. I think they could do something with taking better care of the building. But it's worth going for the fun movie experience.

Juanita Moser

Needs a good remodeling. Floors sticky, seats are too low, and has a weird odor.

Kelsey Madas

Terrible seating and sticky floors, excellent prices and movies that have finished their theatre runtime.

Forrest Black

Cheap all around. Not a bad place to catch a movie

mallory elizabeth

If it was possible to give zero stars, I would. They wouldn’t let me see an R rated movie even though I had parental supervision and the service and theater quality is terrible. I DO NOT recommend going here. Take my advice, you won’t be sorry.

Ruth Martes Thomas

Good if you in a budget

Wayne Mccomsey

Avery good clean place people were very nice and helpful and when I go back again yes the pricing movie you're good hike your

Bronk Glenn

Great discount movie theater for the whole family!!!

Joylynn Valdes

I am personally a huge fan of this place! The prices are unbeatable. Their popcorn is really good and they have an area to add your own butter which is great! The staff is typically very friendly, sodas are refillable, and movie quality is really good! Cleanliness is good, could be better but nothing that's going to harm you. Bathrooms have never been a wreck, and the theaters are fairly clean. I would definitely recommend this place. Great to take the family out, or an inexpensive date. Keep it up!

Mandy Flowers

Easily affordable . Small and clean theaters. Seats are not very comfortable but you get what you pay for.

Paige Allshouse

Nice place for the most part. Although wasn't the cleanest but the staff is kind.

Brianna Chapman

Family friendly , very cheap to have a good family night out and to just enjoy yourself. I use to love going There when i was younger

Jose Nunez Ruiz

Nice, clean , and good prices.

Erik Hendershot

You get what you pay for. $5 per ticket is great and the theatres are ok. Seats are pretty beat and the screens aren't what you would get at Penn cinema, but who cares? It's a cheap ticket and a fun date night for my wife and I.


Extremely affordable tickets, and great show times! The staff were friendly, and the seats weren't too bad. The theater was very clean as well! I will definitely be coming back.

Beth Webster

He gets so much bang for your buck. Yes it is very basic, and the sound is nothing like what you will get at a Regal or Penn cinemas. You also see movies about a month or so after they come out. Totally worth it when you are on a tight budget and still enjoy seeing movies on the big screen it. Also the staff is very friendly

Brianna Rivera

This is an excellent place to watch newer movies for cheap. Small but still good!

Rob Vest

We like it. Affordable. Clean and friendly staff.

Michael C.

Good place for the prices. The chairs are the part I wish they'd upgrade someday...but I understand that's how the control the prices.

Amber Falck

Low prices, very clean. We had a great time!

Donna M Sigman

Love going here. You can't best the price and the staff is very friendly and I don't need a recliner to sit in to watch a movie

Tom Allen

The lobby area is rundown. That being said they have current movies at rock bottom prices. Typicial vending items popcorn, soda, and candy at reasonable (sort of) prices, but if your really, I mean R$EALLY pinching pennies you could go to one of two dollar stores within the shopping center. Oh, almost forget to mention you put the butter flavoring on your popcorn. So if your like me and half way through your popcorn it runs dry, go back and freshen it up with a splash. P.S. spend some money on the vending items, you've already saved a fortune on tickets

Gregory Hripto

It's an older theater -- it's been around for quite a number of years. It's not fancy. They're no recliners. It's decently clean. The price is great for taking a bunch of kids for a matinee. The kids behind the counter was pretty cool and didn't act like a typical teenager who hates his job or was just disinterested, so I went with 4 stars as he put it over the top. We just saw the film "47 Meters Down: Uncaged", and it was a good experience.

Nick Kemp

Affordable movies and snacks! For someone like me who's on a budget, this is the best place to see new movies, or I should say new"ish". They get movies in after the mainstream theaters finish with them, so you'll have to chance the spoilers and wait if you want to save a few bucks. You do however get to butter your own popcorn, I say it's worth the wait!

Ami Shenenberger

Great prices but needs better seats

matt davis

Could use a good cleaning sticky floors seats dirty but ok for the money

Autumn Fisher

Saw a movie and for a cheap little theater the set up was great. I hate going out to movies due to price and you can't beat a $7 movie per person.

Distinguished Airs

Great second run (no frills) theater. The service is great and the price is right.

Davian 21

If your in to latest movies I recommend coming here and there's no disturbance during the movies

Brian Feather

Still so cheap! Late / second play movies for three dollars before 4pm and 5 dollars after. Small screens but empty and fun. Sound is loud as can be. Selection is limited but you cannot beat the price.

Mark Lively

Older movie theater. Not kept up well. Seats not the greatest. Some even missing. Shows movies that have been out for a while. Sound ok at best. So why 4 stars? Because it's cheap. Like 3 dollars per person. So you can take your family out to a movie on a big screen get popcorn and sodas ( which are also reasonably priced ), have a good time and not spend your whole paycheck. This is not a place for a romantic date. Plus local flavors always has specials on it.


Their chairs do not recline but are still very comfy.. Their prices are really good compared to regal and anywhere else; where a stupid bottle of water costs 6 bucks.. The seats do not get higher as the go back, so they are all at the same level, but I've never had a problem with that since nobody is ever really there when I go.. Which is a shame because its a great cinema.

TJ Lewis

Great discount movie theater. They feature movies that have been in regular theaters a few weeks already, but their prices are less than half those for regular theaters. The snack prices are also very reasonable. You can easily see a movie and get refreshments for $10 or less per person. The staff is also very friendly.

Scott Weih

Great movie theater. Will go again

Tara Pease

Alright so listen this is not regal where you have to sell a kidney to get a ticket (I love that place too it's just a lot more expensive). For the price I give it five stars. They clean up after every showing, the bathroom is probably cleaner than most people's bathroom at honestly, and everything is cheap. Yes the floors in the theater might be a little sticky sometimes and the seats don't recline but it's worth what you pay. The staff are always very nice too!!! Thanks kendig square this place makes me think of my childhood

Colin Underwood

Look. I spent $15 for two tickets, a large drink and large popcorn. That would be $15 each almost anywhere else. It isn't the hugest screen and the seats don't recline but damn this place is great!

Roland Smoker

I would be fine with this low budget theater if they allowed us to drink water. Preventing my pregnant wife from drinking water so they can sell it to you is just low.

Slim Wizard

A little run down but at the prices they charge ($4 or $5 for a movie not $14-$17 like the other theater in the area) it is well worth it. 2 people w/ popcorn & drinks for $20! Movies are a little behind other theater also (about 2-4 weeks) but for what you save a family can actually afford to go here w/out taking out a 2nd mortgage-lol.

Miranda Bacon

Always a joy. Popcorn is thee best! Seats not the comfiest, bring a blanket. But still always a good time and for less! Courteous staff. Clean theaters

Michele Hess

the price can't be beat. good place to take your kids without going broke. the only problem was the soda. I got a diet coke which looked amber in color. they must have had just a dash of syrup so it was like drinking slightly flavored water. didn't drink most of it

Julz Bo

Our first time here. Seats in our theater were newer and comfortable. Yes, the place is small and older BUT you can see a movie for THREE dollars! Get popcorn and soda for less than 10. Its great. Will definitely go back.

Jerson laboy

Great movies fresh out of heavy rotation. Prices you can't beat. Sometimes the movie sound is really low, just ask an employee to turn it up. Besides that, you can't go wrong seeing movies here. Free refills and soda and popcorn... enjoy your film.

James William Krapf II

Nice inexpensive night out for the family

Alex Sheehan

Decent price but noone at concession stand when i wanted candy during movie

Lain Weitzel

Kendig is not a movie theater I would go to all the time, more often then not their movies are released when the DVD is coming out. Also the area is very sketchy and if you go here at night I would advise bring a friend. The popcorn was probably sitting out for a long time and was not seasoned well (I also added seasoning) the staff is not too kind but other then that it is a good place to watch OLDER movies

Nate M.

Love this place! They are clean and friendly. Never had an issue with movies not starting on time while I was there. And you can't go wrong with the great prices.

Joyce Brangan

Theaters small seats not the most comfortable, but for the price for movies and concession stand well worth it.

the gamer990 0

They messed up audio on adventures endgame and overall too pricey would give zero if could

Tammy Wilson

Nice place

Richard Rogers

Great way to best the heat. love the throw back summer movies

Teresa olvera

nice place to take kids

Terrance M

Friendly staff very reasonable prices

Ray Dunn

So hot in the theater that it was hard to watch the movie but it is great for the price.

Rodney Trout

Great place to see a cheap movie. Popcorn was not the best.

Ana W.

A solid second run movie theater. Everything is a little beat, but it is economical and the staff is friendly.


We love this theater! It’s perfect for my young sons. For $20 my family of 4 can see a movie and have popcorn with a drink. Really can’t beat that!!! It’s nothing fancy but that’s why I like it so much.

Donald Miller

Great local place to go , chill , watch a flick unwind..

Vicki Kitch

Love Kendig Square!

Elsie Muniz-Cusack

Up to date movies, clean theater & restrooms, friendly cashiers.

Nathan Snyder

Great value, and a nice little theater! You won't see anything super fancy, but the seats are comfortable, the screens look nice, and EVERYTHING is affordable. Before 4pm, tickets are 3 bucks. Two of us paid a total of $15 for tickets and large drink and popcorn, refills included. We'll definitely be back!

Eric Davis

For the price, it's a pretty good deal for just a night out. Took the kids to the late movie on a whim...

Bonita Fansler

Chairs not up to date but we're comfortable today. They have older ones way too low for me. Welcomed served well. Popcorn great. They have some good movies, reasonable prices

Shanaseth Boston

Cheap movies. Air-conditioning.

Manny Bodega

Good value for family on a budget, a bit dated. But for the price its expected.

Simon Emma

Cool place to watch movies for good prices

Kim Anne Good

Gotta love their prices!!

Bill Onderdonk

What's not to like about inexpensive movies, popcorn and soft drinks?

Mary Goldberg

Great cheap little theater nothing fancy but for the price Good

Tara Olson

Great prices! Free soda refill. Layer up your own popcorn and see 'just out of theater' movies! The bad side is unfortunately patrons are not kind to this place and they run with a minimal staff to keep costs liow. After many years, the single male urinal is fixed/replaced. Floors get pretty sticky and the chairs are kind of rough, but enjoy a movie on a budget and the kids will never k ow or care,


Nice place and clean you cant beat the prices !

T starkey

Great pricing; Perfect viewing if you've missed it at a regular theater, or a great price for a second viewing of a new movie you've already seen. Snacks are VERY limited, popcorn is not fresh but they do carry multiple flavors of popcorn. Perfect for a first date, as there is only a few people in each theater.. 3 times we had the theater all to ourselves!!

Zephro Carnilean

Great little place.

Lisa Myers

Older movies but this is a affordable place to take a family to the movies, if your a single parent or on a budget you can still afford snacks.

David Tompkins

Great pricing, but the staff can be very rude at times. A good mix of movies for families of all ages.

Josiah Gensler

Never particularly clean, but it's very affordably priced. $5 for an adult ticket is more than reasonable. It's pretty easy to bring outside food in, even though it is officially forbidden. Never had someone check or even ask if I had snacks unlike many other theatres. Edit: Dear Kendig owner: please get on your employees about cleaning up the place. It's been a mess every time I've been there in the past 9 years

Brianna Brown

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqaaaaaaaaaaaaas get their popcornnnnnnnnn

Angie Chelton

Best little movie theater. Extremely inexpensive tickets so you can spend generously to support the business. Comfy chairs. Screens new movies about 4-6 weeks after they first come out in theaters. The ONLY way my family can afford to see movies in the theater! Drive 40 minutes to visit this theater- it's worth it.

Bruce John

Great movies at a great price

T.K. Ly

Family-friendly and very affordable. Took the gang of 4 kids out in the family station wagon and enjoyed a good movie with food and drink for $30.

Jessica Jellison

This is a weird place, it is all flat!! I have never seen that. Prices were great!! Looks run down but it was very nice. People were friendly.

Eddie Mercado

Great place movies selections are great, cheaper than other theaters great to take kids or a cheap date hahaha, no ,their popcorn is the bestest you put your own butter people (whattttt) yes ...

Pablo Bartelotte

I love this place, the staff is friendly and you can butter your own popcorn . You can't beat $3 matinees or $5 regular times.

Olatunde Fadahunsi

Nice inexpensive tickets. Place needs to be kept up with in cleaning though. Last time I went there were no customers in the lobby and two employees but popcorn all over the floor.

Gerald Gullion

Excellent place to watch movies if you don't mind watching after they have played in the big theaters. Good deals on food and drinks

Sally Strickhouser

Can go on a date with my hubby to see a movie and get popcorn and soda for under $15.

Connor Tobin

Bare bones old school theater, typical snacks and soft drinks. A bit run down but you really can't beat the price, and thier beat up second hand seats are still more comfortable than some other theaters recliners.

Mary Summers

Ive enjoyed this place well over 20 years, Thanks for all The Memories with My Now Grown Kids!

Barbara Baker

Love going here. Reasonable prices so can take the whole family.

Rico Rivera

Old school feel, low prices. Not a luxury lounge type place, but that's not what you're paying for either. 6 bucks for two at a matinee that normally would've cost me more than double that? Yeah, I'm good.

Louise Carpenter

Great place to catch up on movies that have left the big multi-plex theaters. Lots and lots of selections at half the cost of the big multi-plex theaters. Good stuff at the concession stand; prices reasonable. Movie times are convenient, ranging from 10 a.m. to evening shows. Lots of restaurants nearby, plus a Super K-Mart. Wonderful place to spend half or an entire day!

Jozlyn Davis

Awesome value! Get to see big name movies but miss the big name price tag. The theater misses some of the comfort measures of newer theaters but you can't beat the price! Especially for kids movies. Bring along containers to share the large popcorn with everyone in your group!

Jocelyn Lopez

There popcorn is tasty, and doesn't kill your wallet

Mervin Fansler

Parking close by. Small theaters, but plenty of seats available (old style ). Helpful friendly staff. Audio was good, not loud.

Carmen Ruiz

Great place to watch movies with the kiddos VERY CHEAP PRICES!! Venom is at this location in case you missed it! All under $6 per person. I believe 1 day out of the week it's $4 EARLY in the day.

Julia Thomas

Tickets are a great low price, the popcorn and other snacks are what make you spend just about the same as normal movie theater prices after you spend $10 on a popcorn combo or family popcorn combo.. save your snack money..

Joel Henry

Best price for a movie in Lancaster. It’s not a “perfect” movie theatre but for the price it’s pretty dang good. A great place to bring kids without breaking the bank. Popcorn is great and they even let you put on your own butter. Be like me and bring your own cups for water, brown paper bags for the kids and order the Large combo for a free refill of popcorn, everyone fills up for $8.

Kevin Valudes

What can you say about this place? Great place to catch a movie if you know what you're getting into. Which you should, because tickets are so cheap. It's a classic place to go and we will continue to visit!

teddy allison perez

We have been going here for 25 years. Love that it's old fashion theater like when we were children. Love the prices that are the same as back in the 80's. My family doesn't mind waiting for a month to see new movies here. We can afford for all of us to go, buy popcorn and drinks and not feel like we spent a fortune.

jesse holloway

It's good to come here with realistic expectations. It's not fancy, and that's okay. The staff is friendly and helpful. The tickets are cheaper and the snacks are cheaper. Movies are on their second run. Sometimes (though pretty rare) there are technical difficulties, but the staff is good about making it right. It's a great place to bring your kids to the movies. I bring mine once or twice a month because it's a good deal. The two of us can see a family movie, share popcorn and a drink, and get some candy for about $15.

Sarah Fritz

Not so shabby these days, plenty of parking, and low ticket prices for fun movies that are worth going to see in theaters! I loved watching a children's film in the evening, after a lovely sushi dinner next door, and then decided to stay for a second round of action movie with affordable snacks and drinks. I have always loved making the trek to this theater, and the food in the plaza is quite yummy making for an all around enjoyable night out.

oscar torres

Very good prices!! On tickets and food! Love this place..

Luke DeMusz

if you procrastinate and wanna see movies in theater but miss them upon release this your save spot shows movies a good chunk of time passed release for dirt cheap and it has a Wendy's to boot! good things!

Luis Alejandro

Sure they offer second run movies but it offers a a great value for the money

April Yannuzzi

I love this place, so cheap good snack foods still and friendly staff!

Gale Adams

Great place to go for a cheap date. My teenage son takes his girlfriend here.

Christy Levan

For the price you pay I guess its what you would expect. Seats and concessions are nice but we were in theater #6 for Dark Phoenix and the projector was really loud (noisy) and the volume of the background noise/music in the film was louder than the talking so some parts were hard to make out. Not sure if it was the film or the theater speakers. I do however appreciate a theater having newly released movies.

Phillip Miller

The movie theater is clearly dated and could use an update but the prices are crazy cheap so I'd rather see a budget friendly movie in an outdated theater than the other way around. Concession stand prices are also cheap, but still good. Would, and have returned.

Blair Speese

Kendig Square Movies is the only place you can still go to take your family to the movies affordably. The staff are friendly and courteous and the building may be outdated, but it's always clean. What more could you want?

Kyle Conaty

I’ve only been here once. Older movies than what is in theaters but they’re not really that old. The tickets are really cheap and you get that big screen up close experience!! Worth checking out what movies they’re showing and it’s also a great place to take kids! Kids don’t always need to see what just came out, they will enjoy any movie with popcorn at the theater!

Harold Ryder

Shopping at KMART good place to shop, Went in for a Toy for my my Granddaughtes birthday found what I was looking for was in and out Good toy selection

Tina Mooney

Good place to go

Edward Lee

Days and Years may pass, but a good moment last forever. This quote greets you at the outside box office. Inside you will find a great place to return with family or friends. Great middle of the road pitstop for a few cheap (older) movies without breaking 20 buck budget.. Get the card its free and you will be using points in no time earning free movie visits. Great location for Willow street / Kendig shopping.

Ruth Frey

Very affordable and good selection.

Elizabeth Traffas

Love this place! Seeing movies at a cheaper price, awesome! Rocketman was great!

Matt Rodenbaugh

Wife and I just had a pretty good visit. Overall price to value was pretty good. Even though the screen wasn't perfect and there were some noisy children it only cost us $15 for adult tickets, 2 Waters, and an order of pretzel bites. The seats could be better though as both of us were shifting back and forth due to discomfort.

Rachel Hartnett

Love cheaper movies but the bathrooms in the place are always gross.

Byron Patrick

I will not return to this location again. I came to see the 10AM showing of Pet Cemetery. There was a larger crowd than I expected. Partway through the previews a family of four (2 Teenagers of at least 14-15 years of age, a woman presumably their mother and a man in his early forties) entered the theater. They continuously talked, kicked the seats around them and were generally disruptive the entire time. This did not escape notice of the other patrons who attempted the shush and guilt them into behaving. Things just escalated. I got up to run to the restroom and inform management but there was no one out front. Another lady also tried to find management. We ended up having to tolerate the bad behavior of the family of four. Now this next part is just unbelievable but it did happen. Even though the movie had around ten minutes left with the credits included, the stout woman who wore eyeglass (we thought to be the manager) turned the lights up full several minutes before the credits and was waiting with broom in hand at the side of the seats. Two of us spoke with her as we were leaving and pointed out the boisterous group that plagued the showing and listed their intrusions during the feature. The employee said, "What do you expect me to do about it. You should have said something earlier." So the bad guys left without any consequences and those of us who attend the movies regularly at Kendig Square got reprimanded. What is right about that?

Theresa Lehmann

Excellent, family friendly theatre. Not upscale, but what I remember from being a kid. Great prices! Clean theatre. Run by people who love movies.

Trevor Kuenzli

Nice service seats could be upgraded but it is nice and cheep

daliana marcucci

Its clean Nd its cheap. We are a family of five and we pay less than $50 for tickets and everyone gets popcorn and a drink. Not to mention its unlimited drinks. Movies are not as new but they are up to date. For example. Incredibles 2 came out maybe a month and a half ago and it is just now playing here. Great way to splurge on the kids without breaking yhe bank.

Cynthia Sheddy

Family friendly and low prices. Great popcorn and snacks too.

Robert Alvarez

Who wants to pay an arm and a leg to watch a movie when it first comes out? Well luckily we have a great movie theater in Willow Street called "Kendig Square Movies" where you can watch a movie about a month or two after it first comes out and pay $3 for a ticket. Dude you can take your whole family to the movies for about $20-30, depending whether or not you get food. Oh and did I mention that the food is reasonably priced? Forget the other theaters, come to this one.

Donald Swavely

Has been upgraded, and very affordable. Not a bad experience at all!

Debbie Carter

Great prices on second-run movies! Friendly staff, too.

Michelle StClair

Good place for seeing a movie at the theater for cheap. Would be 5 stars if they replaced the worn out seats and had a friendlier staff.

Donald Burton Jr

Love the $4 matinee prices! And even though the movie selection isn't brand new, they keep the good ones.


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