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26 US-11, Hunlock Creek, PA 18621

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REVIEWS OF Garden Drive In IN Pennsylvania

Joe Neb

Where can you go can you go to pay $8 to see two movies and bring your own food and drinks and have the comfort of your car don't even have to get out

Marisa Mooney

Affordable and fun! Well worth it, you get two movies for less than the cost of one at most theaters. And you're allowed to bring dogs :)

Rob Morris

If you want a double feature outside and have a beer, lol, this place is great.

Jodi Renfer

Great place for family movie night. Affordable and friendly.

Maria Meade

Great flea market every Sunday

Dale Leach

a lot of good deals if you look

abagail gutierrez

They of course have movies but also during the summer they have a giant market. Both are phenomenal. Their snack stand is delicious and super affordable and so is their movies. The bathrooms are clean and always well supplied. And staff is always very polite. Amazing place!

Michael Roke

Great place, snack bar prices are reasonable.

Franchesca Rolon

Had a great time! Loved it! No complaints! The screen might need some brightening, but the experience was worth it. The food was cheap and satisfying. Service was good and quick. My first drive in experience, and I will be back!

Gunnar Nielsen

Always a good time, and the snack bar is very reasonable.

Karen Harrison

Great drive in movies, nice flea markets on Sundays

Jon Bowman

Movie was great experience for my kids, this price isnt bad $8 for adults and $5 for kids. However they only accept CASH and its not clearly posted until you get to the window, you would think in 2017 that they would accept Debit / Credit. Getting in from rte 11 was kind of sketchy with cars blocking 55mph+ traffic.

Cindy Freiermuth

Love the drive in movies

Arthur Lee

Not a lot of vendors there like there used to be.

Master Man

Went to the flea market.

Hello World

My daughter love this place an that's all i need to go back

Rebecca Norman

The flea market on the weekends is a great place to see friends and catch some great deals.

Scott Neff

Nice and relaxing night! Food was good and affordable.

Kaaren Delaney

One of the last drive in movie theaters in the area. Love to meander through all the vendors on Sunday mornings at the flea market.

Shane Engle

Best movie theater ever!!!!!

William Farmer

Awesome flea market! #bodyjewelryguy #life

Anthony Lanzi

One of the last great ones. The maintenance in the area is nice. The detractor for us is the unexplained price hike on the movie/ person, and all concessions. $3.50 for popcorn?!? Yikes!

Claudia Davis

Could be better.

Carle Welter

A fabulous family friendly piece of nostalgia.

Tina Saldana

I love going to the flea market here and to watch a good movie

Adam Austin

Absolutely love coming here. I've never had an issue, and they always are on top of everything. I just wish they're web page was a little easier to navigate.

Dawn Martin

Great place for the whole family movies Outdoors and they have snacks

daniel loughnane

A great way to spend Father's Day weekend with my son

Sheryn Hardiman

Sky's kabasi was great. Cakes by Gail Welsh cookies were very good.

Alvin Cole

Great place to take the kids. Beats being inside a theater any day. Great movies, good food and very reasonable prices. The bathrooms are clean and the staff are all friendly, courteous and do a great job.

Tasha Reider

love going to the flea market on sundays

Resurrect Gaming

Best flea market ever! Lots of new vendors weekly with great finds and great prices!

Randy Yeager

A great place to spend some time on the weekend. It's a good deal for 2 movies, and the food is good too. The fries are highly recommended!

Susan Kosteva

Love the movies and the weekly flea marketn

Tammy ORourke

This place is an excellent place to go with friends, family, or just with your significant other. Great movies to see and enjoy the nostalgic theatre. This drive in is the only one around this area as of now. On Sunday's there is a HUGE flea market that you can spend the entire day looking through stuff to find some great treasures

Jocelynn Clark

I have yet to see a movie here, but I attend the flea market here during the summer. It very rarely gets too crowded, and there is so much to look at! Definitely one of the best parts of my weekends

Jim Davenport

Great drive inn moves, fun for your family, love this place!

Jessica Cloinger

The flea market is very big and nice.

Marian Zelinsky

Not only do they show great movies, but every Sunday throughout the summer they have a terrific flea market!

James Kile Sr

Went to flea market

Chris Shoemaker

Great family place and cheap good movies

Scott Hudson

Awesome spot 8 bucks for 2 movies 5 for kids seen Batman n the wasp n Winnie the pooh

Nick Danger

My favorite flea market spot. Buy, sell, people watch. Great times and french fries for breakfast. The drive in movies are always fun too.

Patricia Sherman

Love the flea market! Been going for years!

Crystal Glu

A place i go frequently, when open...has every movie out each week..awesome food bar usually has what im looking ..taste is unbelievable, staff friendly good parking prices fair , for movie and then depending on what you get, at snack bar..has a wide variety, the atmosphere is friendly and usually busy and decor fits the environment

Rodney Young

An American icon, and great flea market in summer on Sundays!

Stephanie McNeil

I love going to the flea market selling and buying is always great

Kevin Hufford

Flea market is OK, a lot of people who sell there think they are selling at a retail price. It's a flea market not a retail store. Most that do that are selling games and or action figures.

Sandra Nerenberg

Always a fun experience for young and old. I love going with friends who have never been to a drive in theater before

Danielle Houck

Been going here since I was little. Now i take my kiddos. Nice area, good family movies, lovely staff, decent prices.

Matthew Snyder

Poor picture quality

Joseph Irvin

Have been going there for a very long time

Nick Marnell

This is a true flea market. Old and used. Parking is tough but if you like an old time flea market this is the one

Shari MacNeill

Awesome place, always tons of vendors and people!

Mike Petsko

Free parking with a clean environment

Ed Kupstas

Locally owned and operated drive in movie theater and flea market. Two screens, clean snack stand and reasonable prices. The Sunday morning flea market is a fun adventure. Get there early though! It starts at 7am and you don't want to miss the 'good stuff'.

Andre Chandler

Come early enough to enjoy the ambience of those drive in's from back in the day.Love the price of admission and be comfy as home.Not to mention two movies for one price.


The sunday flea market is always a good time

James Cooperman

We were there Sunday morning for the Flea Market. Get there early because parking fills up fast.

Tamara Dunn

I love this drive-in. I have been to six in the area over the years and this is the one I return to the most. The staff is friendly and the concessions are reasonably priced and tasty. Plus, the flea market is great. I've been both a shopper and a booth operator and have had good times as either.

Bernie Boyer

It's not just A drive in

Cha Cha Ramos

Great place! Great prices for 2 movies. Only 1 of the screens pretty far from the concession stand.

Leroy Wolfe

We love the drive In movie experience. Even better? The Sunday flea markets. Huge farmers market too.

Mary Jo Piazza

Sunday flea market. Always find something good.


Great flea market

david finogle

It's ok

kellie montrose

Highly recommend the drive in.. went on a Friday night, very slow night & plenty of parking. I usually go to the flea market on Sundays..the concession stand has everything you want from candy to burgers. The grounds are always clean.

Anonymous Anonymous

Great family place to see a movie outside good food too

Dale Smith

Awesome movies great place amazing Sunday flea market.

Bill Hizny

Good size drive in. Prices are reasonable and is enjoyable. Bugs are a little bit of a problem but it does border the river.

Joan Heilbron

Flee market is up and running. Lovely day.

Hugh Jorgan

Excellent flea market on Sundays. Great variety.

Katie Harrington

Always clean and friendly people working the ticket lines. Depending on the night, the concession workers get a little snippy. However, I recommend to bring snacks and you can avoid the rush but if you're in the mood for popcorn during a movie then go grab some. All the food is good no matter what you get!

Flash Barchik

Local people, local entertainment....great for our area!

Michael Gendler

Went in the morning to the flea the evening we went to the movies.nice day all together

Michele Brunner

Great place to go for a nice flea market

Mike Kolarik


Zach Weitzel

Absolutely love this place. I really love the flea markets on Sunday mornings! I think they do need to lower their prices for the spots for the flea market. But, I would be very saddened if this place ever closed. This is one of the few drive-ins left. They better stay around. :)

Rachael Branas

Great place to go. Friendly staff. Decent food. Good prices.

Sheena Warman

I don't usually get here for the movies, because I fall asleep before the end of the 1st one....but usually stop by a few times in the spring/summer for their flea market. They're the only drive-in in the area, and the only outdoor flea market (that I know of). It's worth stopping by for either. Great experience.

Mert Potter

Great place

Holly Joy

I love this place. Affordable and overall a really nice place to make memories!

Gary Nemetz

Great American Flee Market.

ryan siley

Had an amazing time with my family it was very quiet and clean the movie picture was perfect the sound was even better

Amanda Hopkins

Oh I love this place! We are lucky to still have this in our backyard!

Susan Davis

First time here. Very enjoyable. Great hotdogs. Very reasonable

Angela Cook

The Garden Drive In Flea Market is, and has always been, a great way to spend a Sunday morning in NEPA. Great bargains, odd finds, fresh produce and yummy foods! You can't go wrong! The whole family can spend a morning together without spending a fortune.

Clifford Hughes

Always a good time

Debbie Vanbuskirk

One of my favorite ones to vend at they run it good and the price is very reasonable

Mellanie Marino

Love going to this drive in daughter and I always have a great time. The people at the ticket booth are always very nice and welcoming.

dirty Sanchez

On a good day there could be so many vendors, huge space. Lots of parking, cant guarantee you'll find something but it'll definitely be worth your while.

Candace Williams

I liked the drive-in. I didn’t like the clientele. Is it too much to ask that you show up before the movie starts? And if it has started, can you quickly pick a spot or just stay in the back? We had to move our entire setup because someone came in 20 minutes after the movie had started and parked right in front of us. I personally don’t think late comers should be allowed in, but I do understand they have to make money.

Mr Andersonboss

Two movies for one price

Princess peach

Love the drive ins. Tonight unfortunately they had the screen so dark we could barely see the movie.

Alice Dolengewicz

My son came here to PA to visit for the weekend... He's never even seen a drive in, let alone gone to one... Had a nice time...

Heather Lake-Harvey

Great drive in movie theater and AMAZING huge flea market every sunday!

Marybeth Sprague

Great family fun

Warren Schriver

Always takes your money

Stephanie Hallman

It was amazing

Debbie Webster

Love going to the Garden don't like their new hours

Patrick Montague

The prices are great. Even popcorn is cheap. The quality of the food far exceeds the price. And of course, the movoes are 2 for 1, cheaper than most theater tickets for a single showing

Todd Tucker

Price of movies is great 8 bucks per adult and 5 per child so it's a 3rd of the price of the movie theaters but the food stinks nd over priced

Jim Too

We attended the flea market here. Could have used more sellers, but a good place to spend a few hours.

Gloria Radcliffe

It was a good crowd for the first wk

Jordan H.

So good got free cards

Francis Goretski

Nice old school drive in! Miss the speakers you used to put on your door! Radio works in your car!

janet mcroy

Awesome place for movies and on Sundays they have the flea market

Rich Matthews

Great bang for your buck.


Great flea market

John Tomsak

Great drive in movie place. Reasonably priced concessions. Big flea market on Sundays.

Danny Mowrey

Marketplace is great

Hey Hey

It's a fun place movies n flea market

And E

This is a pretty fun movie theater. You don't have any of the restrictions of a room and it's pretty cheap. The flea market is interesting, too.

Dana Comstock

We love The Garden Drive In. We have seen many movies here and both screens/parking are perfect. The staff is pleasant and the food is good.

Gamel Derghm

Very nice, amazing

John Puzio

Flea market on Sundays good stuff great prices

Joann Gomez

Good movies and on Sundays they have a huge flea market

Lee B

The movie part is great. Two movies for the price of one. The flea market is basically junk now. Not much stuff worth anything.

Jose Cardona

Very nice place , I love it


Flea market is great so is the drive in theatre. This is a great place to visit

Aleisha Potechko

Been going there for years. First for dates with my now husband and now we take our children there. Great food too and still at decent prices! We are going this Saturday!

J Jdirod52

Took our grandchildren had a great time.

Melissa Zuccarelli

Ths place is a gem!! So glad my son gets to experience the fun of a drive in movie. Great prices too

Chantel Thompson

Not many of these left in the U.S. $8/pp for 2 movies and the concession stand prices are very reasonable. Affordable family fun.

Lynn Tomassacci

Love love love love. So happy it opened back up again.

Julie Domanski

Because u can get good stuff there

Tina Tremblay

I like seeing my flea market photo being used on the site.


Awesome as always!!

Sara C.

Great place to catch a few movies with the family.

Amber Filkovsky

I would have given it 5 stars except I believe the movie was started too early. It wasn't quite dark enough outside yet and there are some missed details in the opening scenes of the movie.

Tamira Marie Chapman

My best date nights with the hubby.

Dillon Hector

Good picture quality... toos movies 14 in prices and comfortablitly

William Ward

This place is the best! 2 movies, one price, great experience!

John Glow

Nostalgic ..clean. ...good concession is delicious

Jay Stiles

One of the best flea markets I've ever been at, one hell of a huge variety and selection, I bought half a dozen items or so


We visit the drive-in on Sundays, for the huge flea market they have. Something for everyone! Hubby bought a fishing reel this morning, at a fantastic price! Everything's a treasure to someone. Go there!

Teresa Willard

Good selection of vendors.

Kim Hummel

Plenty of parking, great exercise, bargains and crowded. Be careful where you park as fines are large.

Douglas Spry

Love this place

Big O

Great bargain for first run movies.

Eric Grohowski

Laughed all night. French fries and nachos with cheese. Washed down with ice cream. Fine family time.

bruce a

Awesome place to go see a movie and get out of the house also has flea market on Sundays

hejdhxhxjxicncyxnudns6ss hejbxh

Great place to watch movies with family

Cassie p

Great place to watch movies. Affordable, get 2 movies for less then one at theater. Fun place!

Kathy Pritchard

Great drive in movie theater and flea market ♥️

Chris Hogbin

Love the drive in. Great flea market on Sundays.

Sarah Smith

My first ever experience! As I'm from the uk. Can say I truly loved it. And lion king absolutely epic!

Emily Kennedy

Love it here on Sundays flea market

Rob Rathbone

Go every Sunday for the flea market. Above average flea market. Most vendors are friendly, with good wares. Good exercise for me and the dog.

Jessica Manzolillo

Fun way to spend a night. Reasonable prices.

Michael S

Nice atmosphere

Launie Brown

Fast and furious movie was excellent

sean hunter

Very nice

JoLynne Frie

Love this place, 2 movies for price of 1!

Rob W

Staff is great movie experience is great but the people there are a-holes. They leave their lights on every 2 seconds and the lights are always on and off the car lights that is...

Diana Latsko

One of my favorite places in the valley

Jared Gray

Cheep easy family night


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