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715 Centerville Rd, Newville, PA 17241

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REVIEWS OF Cumberland Drive-In Theatre IN Pennsylvania

Jamie Sue LeFevre

This is a great place to watch movies. My friends and I enjoy the holiday triple features.

DIANA Shinaberry

This place was great and the people working there were friendly as well!


I have been going to the Cumberland Drive In for a few decades. A true step in time. A quaint drive in movie theatre out in the country. I love it here!


It is wonderful out

Alexandra Wellner

What a fabulous hidden gem! We had no idea this place even exsisted til today and are in love. Admissions and snack shop takes cards which is a huge bonus! The parking is super tight tho (two cars to a post) and they ran out of radios to rent about 30 min before start of the movie; that was the negative unfortunately but it won't stop us from coming back!

Jose Figueroa

It was a nice place just not crazy about the Food,especially what u get for the prices but other then that No Complaints

Hayden Silverman

Good food, cheap, good atmosphere, just generally a good family and friend expierience

Karli Naugle

Good family fun! Reasonable prices. Concession could use some additional healthy options, but otherwise plenty of choices.

Brett Axelberg

A great place with friendly staff. We always have a good view of the screen.

Vincent Hawkins Jr

Been going since a kid. Support the concession stand regardless if you have to or not. Good place to bring family adults and kids alike. I predict a come back in drive inns lets make Cumberland the movement.

Kathy Coldsmith

Always a nice place to spend the evening watching a movie.

Bob Renshaw

Everyone should support the remaining drive-ins. Help preserve this great summer tradition.

Thomas Hogue

My wife and I try to go to the drive-in every weekend we are free. We think that the ticket prices are very affordable for seeing 2 films and we always make sure that we get some delicious dinner at the concession stand. The advertisements make sure that we know that ticket sales go to the movie companies and because we love the experience, the environment and the experience of the drive-in we want to make sure we do our part to help them stay open so one day we can bring out kids for a fun night at the drive-in movies!!

Barbara Ferrante

Always a fun time at the drive in .... glad they are not just showing kids movies any more

Tammy Z

We go to this place just about EVERY weekend. Very family friendly and you can even bring your dog too if it is well behaved. Great food prices and way cheaper than going to a movie theatre!!!

Grace Pereira

Love the drive inn good old fashion fun with the family

Keely Crooker

Great! Love the reserve your spot option online. I hope it stays around.

Red Metzger

Love this place..

Sean Hayes

Great for family and couples. Sunday nights are great bc there's hardly any line to get in. Be prepared to pay top dollar

Kat S

We always have a good time here and it's 2 movies for the price of 1. You can rent a radio for $2 if you don't have your own or don't want to use your car stereo but get them fast because they do run out. Go early or reserve so you can get a good spot. If you get behind someone with a raised hatch they are supposed to tie it down so as not to block your view. The drive ins provide the rope. The bathrooms leave something to be desired. There are porta-potties and a regular bathroom with 4 stalls. The ladies bathroom floor gets soaked from so much traffic and splash from washing hands. I no longer wear flip flops and prefer slip-on sneakers for the drive ins. I doubt this would be an easy activity for someone in a wheelchair just because of the bathroom situation but I wouldn't say it's impossible. Also take hand sanitizer in case the soap runs out. We always take blankets and bug spray just in case. We go to the concessions for fries, pretzels, and drinks. It's a fun time even for our 1 kid who always falls asleep halfway through the 2nd movie

Colleen Wise

Good spaces, large screen, ..

Eric Armolt

Great place to see movies n hang out with the family

Sgt. Stronghold

Nice place that takes you back to a simpler time.

Sandy Smith

Rude employees directing traffic into lot. No signs saying on Route 233 the whole right lane is for drive in lane.the smart arrogant traffic man argues with you if you go past the entrance even after you waited twenty minutes in the mess and drove past. The staff at the ticket window are oblivious and mock you when you ask and sure can not see two kids in the of car and try to charge adult price for a six year old you can clearly see in a booster seat. Bare minimum space to park two cars between posts. Did not shop at snack bar since only takes cash. Come up with the times. The group loved the movies and one young male employee who stopped and chatted while we parked was respectable. Another young man who jump started the car next to us was respectful and very helpful. Shame on the attitudes of the older generation.

What? Who?

Great movies and food!! Only three stars because they seem to be to relaxed with the two cars between a pole on memorial day weekend. They also have rule stating that trucks can only park in the back but Im looking now and see them scattered everywhere! They need someone going around the entire time checking!! Seriously you have rules in place for everyone to have a great time so enforce them and show you care about your customers.

Cody Kerrick

A great place for Friends/Family to get together to see your favorite movies! And it's cheaper than the theatre!

Kristi Plank

Had a great time. Havent been to a drive in since i was a kid. Enjoyed every moment. Snack bar food was good n reasonably priced. Cant wait til next year to start!

terry young

Prices are great always shows new movies

Amy Rowe

This is my second time here and enjoy it and love spending time with my family

Lisa C

This is such a wonderful place to go for couples, friends, and families. It's is very reasonably priced from admission to the concession stand. Everyone that works there is so friendly. It is almost unheard of to find this type of customer service anymore. It's one of the only drive-in's in the area and definitely worth the trip. We need to support this family owned and operated business and keep it open for years to come!!!

bri gain

Great drive in. Good sound and picture quality. I wish there were more of these left.


Great place to take the family.

Sheri Coene

Love it differently Old home town / school feel. Took our Granddaughter and just loved it...we will be taking her again.

Brian Compton

It's a classic family drive in. Good food, and very friendly staff!

Dick Kendrick

Newly released movies, inexpensive night out for family. Can reserve a spot if you like. A lot of early arrivals, great concessions for tailgating. Large play area for kids to burn off energy before film. Double features, and last one ends in week hours.

Susan Floyd

Absolutely love this family friendly drive-in

Edward Ness

Great drive in and good food!

Lisa Kuykendall

Have loved this place for 45 years and 3 generations

Nathan Smith

Out of the way but worth it. Drive in 15 minutes from me closed years ago. Closest drive in is 45 minutes and is small and shabby. Cumberland is decent sized lot. Decent screen size. Can pay extra to reserve a spot/guarantee you'll get in for the night. Decent snack bar prices though of i remember correctly they dont take credit at the snack bar ... girl when im movie hungry that 20 dollar bill i brought is nothing compared to the credit card sized appetite i have. Picturesque boulders in front of the base of the screen fun for the kids to climb on. Swings for kids to play on. Grass for kids to play in. The see saw seems like it saw better days. This season was terrible for movie selection, but so was every other drive in in a 3 hour drive. Fingers crossed for next year. Very nostalgic

IceBear hikes

One of the last drive-ins in this area. Wonderful experience every time we go. Love this place!

Crissy Warner

Great quality, easy to get in and out Grandkids love it

Norma Bartko

Old fashioned fun!

Robert Moseley

Love this place wish their was more around

Deven Robbins

Very nice staff, I usually arrive 2 hours early so I get good parking, and we just get a radio there so the car don't die,

Tom Willis

Have been going here since I was a kid and the whole family loves it! Very nice place to take the family for a movie. Reasonable prices on food and popcorn too. Only complaint I have is trying to fit 2 larger vehicles between the 2 parking posts. Minimal room for error and too small in my opinion.

jim rem

Great time great movies awesome price

Sam Earhart

Very spacious and quiet. We live in Mechanicsburg which is not even 10 minutes from Harrs drive in, and I will drive the extra 30 minutes everytime to go to Cumberland. So much better than Harrs!

Ryan Werner

Pros:The place well curated, beautiful, typically plays two movies, big enough for hundreds of cars. Cons:getting to the concession stand is a pain, doesn't mention until you get there you must have am radio, the workers are rude, and the constant turning on of car lights and horns really turns down the movie experience... Oh, they have coffee and hot chocolate on their menu but they don't run the machines apparently. So, I suggest not advertising that you make it!

Chet Shank

When you want to take your kids to enjoy the thing we did as kid this is a great family fun night for young and old kids . The food is not very desirable it could use an over haul. But the over all family experience is great. Fun to take kids there for a fun night that they will never forget. I recommend taking your kids there to a chance to go back in time to fun outside !!!

Melissa Inez

Our family loves this place!!

Tracey Christie

Great place for family fun!!

JC Pitboss

The drive-ins are always a great experience. Especially for family fun. Screens a little dim but still a great experience


Pros: Great prices, friendly staff, radios to rent, playground area for kids before the movies, reservable parking for out-of-towners. Such a fun experience! Cons: Bathrooms old and smelly, long waiting line to enter theater (not the theater's fault, because there are 2 lines and it's just very popular).

Cliffton Carmack

Great personnel and a feel at home atmosphere

delenaswade rotz

Loved it so much fun everytime

Alan Byler

It's a great place to take the family to see a double feature movie. Clean and friendly. Inexpensive and good food too.

Jen Liebrum

Always a great night under the stars! Staff is always polite and welcoming!

Alicia Paulus

Attendants are always friendly and helpful. Food is served quickly, tastes great and is a great value. Now has a digital projector, which makes the image much more clear. I have been going for years. Great for families. Highly recommended!

Derrick W

Nice community drive-in theatre. They provided everything needed to enjoy a family themed movie for a reasonable price.

Nate Bee

What a great time that was had by ALL!

Jaime Bouder

I loved going to the drive-in as I was growing up and I love it now. The late nights, the concession food, the climbing rocks all add together to create a memorable experience every time. Great for a night out with friends or fun for the whole family (including the dog). Most of the time, I don't even care what the movies are!

Courtney Wert

Fun, family atmosphere. Memorable experience for the kids.

Kristina Hockley

Always a fami fun experience. Great prices for two movies and food is great too

Mary Geedy

Enjoy movies outside more fun

Nicole Johnson

A great place as always! It's really cool that they have a jump pack for if your battery dies! Food is really good and customer service is wonderful! Def will be back

Brandon Deitch

An excellent continuation of an American past time. Good value for 2 movies or sometimes 3 movies (holiday weekends). Tune your car to the local radio, wait for dark, and enjoy the show. The staff was fast and friendly at the concession stand. Plenty of room for cars and a nice play area for kids before the show. (Swingsets and rocks to climb on.) There are extra restrooms. The original ones are not so clean, the portable potties are not bad.

Andy pandy

Not to many drive-ins around any more for a short drive to the country and a great show for your money its well worth it. Call ahead reservations available if desired double feature weekends, triple feature on holiday weekends. Its in the …

Allan Bishop

Got to love a good old fashioned drive in. Food is decent and the movie selection is usually up to date however the sound cut in and out on the radio when I was there last

Florence coffie

Interesting experience as a first timer, not enough food variety. Needs a modern touch!

Dave Lombardi

This drive in is always Great! A real blast from the past. Always a good time and good, family fun.

Kyle Knouse

Always fun at the drive ins

kathy Livengood

Awesome place to see movies

nesha givens

Loved, this place!!! it was my first time ever going to the drive-thru, theater & I loved it!!! Cheap but good food. and the price to get in was so reasonable:-)

Jay Sweeney

Brought back great memories! It was just like I remember. The smell of hot buttered pop corn, hot dogs, hamburgers, great fun for all


Awesome. We go there a lot in the summer and it provides a nice place to enjoy movies with family.

David Holsinger

Lots of parking quiet area and cheap food prices

A black

Very good weekend with the grandchildren with triple movie night.

Chele Braxton

I'm so lucky to still have a classic drive in around. I saw my first movie from the hood of a car and I've been able to share this joy with my son. I'd give a better rating if the bathrooms were better. I try to not drink much to avoid using them. $20 for two movies for 2 adults and a child is unheard of in a theater.

cherie stoner

The drive-in themselves are great, you always have those inconsiderate people who are coming late or leaving early that like to turn on their headlights! And the bathrooms could be a little cleaner but again inconsiderate people can't we all do our part to help keep things cleaned up?

Edward McNeal

NEGATIVES: - bad video. - bad sound. - smokers everywhere. *this wouldn't be so bad, except you have to open your windows for your car not to fog up. - gross and overpriced concessions. - awkward and limited parking. - - mosquito infested (huge negative, unless of course, if you like swapping blood with strangers). POSITIVES: + large, sharp rocks for your children to play on, and no emergency services anywhere close. + about the same price as theatres with better video, sound, HVAC, and no smokers or mosquitoes. + great if you are a chain-smoker who can't wait until a movie ends. Maybe I am being a pessimist, but it was hard to find any advantages over traditional theatres.

Chris Thompson

Not your father's drive-in, the Cumberland Drive-in has offered several movies on release day this season. Kids love drive-ins. Because there are two movies each night, and on special days even three, the ticket price is an amazing bargain. The popcorn is tasty, buttered to your preference. The downsides are obvious: rude neighbors that smoke, car headlights blinding you between movies as some folks depart early, and the need to monitor weather conditions. I recommend reserving a car spot before 4pm on the website to get the best view. The extra fee is worth it.

James Stewart

Great fun and food

Mike Holsopple

Love this place no better place to spend time with your family under the stars.

Breanne Smith

They started the movie later than projected and aren't utilizing the two entrance lanes efficiently. Traffic is backed up to the light and onto the side road, be prepared to wait!

Its Isaiah

Good place to watch a movie but the people you get the radio from a rude but overall good place

shirelle Milligan

Movies family time

Lesley Hook

It's one of the last drive-ins around....It's spacious, in a rural setting and their concessions are easy on the wallet

Dakota boyles

Amazing family friendly environment. Great prices and food!

Thomas Hock

Food not very good cold Fry's

Jessica Dietz

A great family night for a weekend! Bring ur chairs and get ready to settle in for 2-3 of the most recent movie releases at a great price!


Great place to relax on the weekend. There's nothing like watching movies outside on a huge screen .

Carly Trembecki

Old school it's been open since 1952 and is a great way to watch a movie. Sit out under the stars with friends and family to enjoy all kinds of films

Margaret M

Good setting. Play area before the movies. Food is good and fairly priced.

Tyler Johnson

Great family friendly atmosphere. The family and I love spending our weekends here. Two movies for less than the price of one at an indoor theatre. Snack bar food prices reasonably priced and a great variety!

killz forless

Good place for the family,had a problem with the second movie, but other then that one time,enjoy it every time

Joe Torres

One of the best theaters I've been.

Chelsea Oliver

It was great except for the rain

Candace Diehl

We enjoy going here! Everyone is so nice and helpful. Prices of food are good, enjoy going and helping support a local favorite place to go!

Dennis Benson

A great piece of Americana. Great prices and pet friendly.

Racheal Rock

Love it. Peaceful and quiet. Beautiful scenery. Second year coming.

Outsider Carnerero

It would be a five if you could at least order a beer.. at least 1 beer for 2 movies that ain't bad!

Brent Stouffer

Was to find, quality picture... We rented a radio. The prices at the concession stand were steep.

Joanne Furman

Love take my grandkids to the drive in. It cheaper than regular theatres


Definitely family friendly and fun

Paulette Runk

Awesome family night

Kelsey Schafferman

Movie was great! The concession stand wasnt awful. Prices were decent. However, the food could use some work. Also, even though they advertise they have pizza; They do not unless its a "special occation." The concession stand has the ability to do great business! Hope to see pizza come back.

H&H custom fab

great family place to come and watch a movie... nice and friendly. only problem is the dogs. they are noisy and some had them off the leash

Stephen M. Woodburn

A vanishing American tradition in most places, preserved here in more or less original form. Double features on weekends all summer, adults $8, kids half price. Bring chairs, radios, snacks, blankets or hoodies for when the temperature drops after dark. Put the kids in their pajamas, and drive your wood-paneled station wagon for old times sake


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