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Where is Cinemark Stroud Mall and XD?

REVIEWS OF Cinemark Stroud Mall and XD IN Pennsylvania

Courtney Stewart

We go to the movies at least once a week and love it here!

Georgina Ruggiero

clean, friendly, and love how welcoming they are need a bit of clean up on the butter table

Amy Flickinger

Clean, stores, food court, movies. Lots of stuff to do

Claudia Bellino

Comfortable and not too busy.

Kadedra Jackson

They should expand it more. More profit coming in

Hemsley Moe

Angel Has Fallen, AWESOMENESS

Nikolas Becerra

This movie theater can be very good or just ok depending on which theater your movie is playing. If you catch a XD movie in theater 1 you will most likely be very pleased, but if you see a movie in “regular” in a smaller theater venue “there’s 12 theaters I think” then you will still have a good time but not as good as in XD. Also TUESDAYS ARE DISCOUNT DAYS, MONDAYS ARE SENIOR DISCOUNT DAYS I like the theater a lot they have 3D movies and every big blockbuster

jared navarro

I was told by Jesus to write this, also Jaime ross

Mayaro Media Group

Nice theater, great selection of all the latest movies. Good popcorn.

Debra Gares

Very clean. You can get tickets fairly cheap if you go at certain times. Food is costly. Customers can be rude.

Huda emcmora

I usually come to this movie theater to enjoy movies with my husband.. And some of those movies happen to be rated R and we get our tickets without any problem. But today, there was an older woman with glasses at the ticket counter who had a nasty attitude. We had already purchased our tickets online for the movie "Happy Time Murders" and we were going to get them in person. However, this woman decided to give us a nasty attitude and ask us for our I.D's as if we were teenagers. My husband showed his, but i didn't have my ID. Because of this, It took 10 minutes of her looking at me with an angry expression telling me that an ID is necessary for me to watch this movie which I've already PAID for. I understand this is standard procedure for teenagers that look underage who are going to buy the tickets, BUT we had already bought the tickets, therefore she had no right to keep the tickets from us and lecture us as if we were kids. And why did she have such a stern attitude? She was not friendly or kind. Just arrogant and rude. This is a place of business, NOT school. Train this employee to have a better attitude. Because of this, we've decided to take our business elsewhere, where they wont treat us like kids.

Richard Futrell

Had to wait 2 hrs to get my phone repaired. So I went and watched a moving. Very nice theater.

gregg poskitt

Tuesdays $5 movies all day

Dahiana Feliciano

Really neat and organized. The sound system is really really good! And the staff are really helpful.

cynthia wright

Only good memories with my family

christian saltos

Great place to catch a movie

Montoya Evans

The theaters are small and you better come get a seat early or you will have to sit down front and go blind.

Lourdes Burgos

Great place to go to the movies.

Nancy Scarnecchia

Great time


The theater itself is very nice. Always clean and employees are kind. I only have it 4 stars because the handicap stalls in the bathroom need some changes. Toilet paper caddy are too low for persons with spinal injuries and are wheelchair bound.

Lasandra Diaz

Great for 5.25 movies on Tuesday. The kiosks for purchasing tickets malfunction so you're better off waiting on the line.


Nice place as longs as it's not crowded. The theater rooms are to small so if you don't get a seat high up it's hard to see and enjoy the movie

Jonathan Dimmick

Great experience once again, a little pricey tho $10.50 for a ticket, $4.50 small popcorn, $5.50 medium soda. The movie was great and I like how they do reserve seating saves time trying to find a seat upon entering the auditorium.

elaine jackson

Lovely. Close to home. Clean theater and rest rooms. Professional and friendly staff.

Cal Leon

Great movie experience :) always changing to improve. Cinemark movie club is definitely worth it if you live within 15min of here.

Harriette Parris

My daughter and I went to see a movie. The ticket collector was very nasty and said we had to pay for a one year old. No other movie theater that we know charges for a One Year Old! Ridiculous and Stupid Policy! Make your money somewhere else not charging for a baby in a stroller who cannot even speak!

Danessa Garcia

It is a nice place, affordable and nice. It would be nice to have better snacks available or more options. Movies always look great.

Marykathryn Newman

Had a great time with family and friends

Uneeda Gurley

I enjoyed going to the Stroud's Mall movie theater for the most part you get to actually hear the movie and most of the time it's pretty clean

Cloud Shadow

Theatre was friendly and clean. Despite coming for a late showing staff was very friendly and helpful. Lost my keys there, realized it when I got home since I was not driving. Despite calling at nearly midnight my call was answered, the young man was incredibly helpful and friendly, and he even went and searched the theatre and found them. Definitely one of the best staff experiences Ive had in a long time. I just wish I could remember his name after all the panic I had.


Like the self ticket kiosk ... smaller theater, lines were short. Picture and sound was good. Overall, good experience. If I'm in the area again and there is a film I want to see, I'd go back

Rhonda McCloughan

Theaters have stadium style seating and the seats are very comfy. Concession prices are high, but so is every other theater.

Fasutino Pichardo

Nice clean place.

Shane Connery

Lost cost, high quality theater

Jasmine Lynch

went to see a movie here tonight that ended about about 7:46. When I left the movie theater, I walked alone through the food court to the parking lot outside. It was pitch black and raining. I found it intimidating. No Lights, no security, people parked and sitting in car with lights out. I felt nervous and scared and will never go to a movie at night time there again. Warning to others....its dangerous and creepy people are lurking in the dark.

Michele Barthlemess

There ruining there mall with the seat chart half the seats are taken besides the ones in the front at this point you can barely see and are going to be blind after you leave i had 2 people with me and could barely find seats all together. all because "they want to fit in with the others"

Chad Ryan

The place is nice and well kept. Movie choices are always good. Customer service is pretty good for a movie place.

john amato

We came in today hoping to see Venom, on fandango it said there was a 430 screening. Apparently the new Grinch had sold out all day so they canceled the 430 Venom show to add a Grinch screening which was an inconvenience but the general manager Mr. Dinardo comped us 3 free tickets anytime we come back which he definitely didnt have to do. I was pleasantly suprised, this is why i come here.

Michael Torres

Best prices compared to other theaters

John Lawrence

Always a nice experience.

Preston Bolden

Good standing movies and staff!

Craig C

Great placet to see a movie. Best if you preorder tickets

James Bratcher

Nice place to see first run movies but go on a Saturday or Sunday early to avoid the herds of teens loitering about. The mall itself is a prime example of the on going retail apocalypse.


Double feature had me a great time!

Lorielee D. Mais-Romey

The movie theater is pretty clean so that's really good some of movie goers sucks by talking too loud

Norton Kevin

The seats were so comfortable. Also it is convenient that you get get tickets on a tablet at the theater

No One Of Importance

This is a nice theatre. Clean and seats are nice. Never had a problem going here for movies.

Danielle Gathagan

Wow, I waited 3 week to see End Game to avoid the Comicon rush and instead was met with poor management of the theater. People walking in 20-30 minutes into the movie, people fighting about their seats (again, 20 - 30 minutes in), and people on their phones. What happened to having an usher to help you to your seat as well as mitigating the crowd? This was the worst and most expensive experience I have ever had at the movies to not enjoy myself because there was no one present to tell the people to stop. One guy behind me was on his phone for over 20 minutes! Take control of your theater's and maybe you would stop failing as a company. This is why I pay more to see movies at theaters more than 20 miles away. Couldn't leave because I was with a group. Great movie, horrible control of your audience.

Austen Hernandez

Great seats and a nice theatre. The only issue is the size of the place all the theatres are small besides the 1st one, so it gets packed for almost every show

Kenny Stasteck

Mall was clean Movie theater WAS great

Michael J. Zito

Very nice atmosphere and clean. The prices are average.

Sonja Murray

Cinemax theater very clean a little pricey but I still enjoyed my self

James Simmons

Stores close too early. Even on Sunday...


Power went out in the middle of the movie. Then they got the movie playing again - with no sound. Movie played for a solid straight 10 minutes with no sound. No apology, no offer of a voucher, nothing.

James Hanzimanolis

The seats are very comfortable and the individual theaters are small and intimate. The employees have always been very nice. The only downfall about this place is the price of food and tickets. I would highly recommend.

Asia Taylor's

This one is close to home and always clean and the food is fresh

Aurelia Braxton

I love their popcorn

Janyt Beltran

Such a comfortable chairs


Great place to watch movies with friends and family, or just by yourself. If you don't want the theater packed and almost empty try going in the mornings if you don't have work or school. You might get a whole theater to yourself.

Leon Dixon

I visited the concession stand today 11/26/18 and was served by employee AS1234 at terminal 1061CONM06 I made an ala cart purchase and pointed out to the cashier that if I ordered it as a combo it would been a better deal. Her awkward chuckle showed she didn’t comprehend. I added a hot dog, she rang it up and after she took my money discovered she didn’t have what I ordered and instead of appropriately compensating me, she charged me additional for the type that I didn’t request. It would be great to train the cashiers to deliver more effective customer service.

Mike Lewis

The mall might be dying but the theater is pretty decent. Their Movie Club seems very inferior to the AMC monthly club but I don’t belong to either. Theater one tends to have the better experience. Usually reserved seating and nice seats. We try to snag row G because you only have the railing between you and the screen. Great footrest.


It a decent theater. Xd is no Imax but it pretty good for a local affair

Jon Paul

The seats that we were supposed to sit in were a little dirty from a previous movie. I said something to somebody and they were very apologetic, and promptly came to take care of the issue. They also gave us guest passes for free admission for the next visit. Very well done.

Gale Marchese

Great movie theater with comfortable seating.

Bri Neglia

Good movies I went to see the Lion King and I loved it♥

Raynaldo Velez

Only movie theater in Stroudsburg.

Stacy Harrison

Comfortable seating

Anthony Konkowski

Good movie theater. Popcorn always fresh

wayne hall

Nice clean theater. Comfortable seats. Pretty good prices.

Rachel Torres

Theater is filthy. Walking in there was popcorn on the floor. When ordering food workers took food with bare hands. They do not wear gloves. They dropped a bunch of cups on the floor they picked it up and put it right back to use for customers. Has potential but they have to care.

Maria Negron

Very minimal valuable stores to shopping at nor do they have places for kids to truly hang out besides the theater.

demetrius prince

Always clean And Nice

John Natiello

Love this theatre

Joohi Ali

Took my kids there...great seating and clean theater! Snack prices are higher. That’s the only complaint but theater is great!!

Ed Muller

Theater was fine. Snacks are a bit pricey.

Joe Walsh

Movies and comfortable seats.

daniel sommo

Great place till they kick you out

Luz Burns

Wow great place

blueblood 00

Lots of things to do, great atmosphere and a comfortable place

Mike C

Great movie theater, all digital projection, stadium seating, and the top of the line sound system. Wonderful snack stand, with everything from popcorn, candy, hot dogs and to healthy foods like applesauce. they also have butter dispensers that you can use to put as little or as much as you want.

Ashia Robu

Great theatre. The theatres are very clean and comfortable. Great associates

Donna Demarest

Staff was friendly, prices are reasonable. On Tuesdays, you can see a movie for like 5 dollars. Concession stand is small, and a little slow on busy nights, but it has everything you need. Theaters are clean and quality of picture and sound are good as well.

Marilyn Wier

Always people cleaning up. You do have to wait in line for a long while. However the quality is good

Victor Dinnen

This movie theater is the closest theater to me, but it is also a nice place with decent selection. It also hosts special events sometimes which is nice to see!

Jay Garcia

Id rather see a movie in regular, i hate wearing 3d glasses

Brandon Carels

Nice place stadium seating

Majarani Morfa

I love Tuesday movie!!

Joseph Johnson

Can't complain. Comfy seats can buy ahead of time for certain movies. $5 on Tuesdays for a movie. Good theatre.

Thomas Calandra

Excellent theater and customer service!!?

Margalene Smith

Seats are ripped up and sticky. Floors are sticky. The sound is starting to go in some of the theatre rooms. It needs a serious upgrade. Reclining seats would be nice!!

barkley rainey

Love the seats!!

John Curtis Jr.

Being one of the only mega movie places in the area they do put out the stops. Comfortable chairs and clean isles.

Trucking with a company man Trucking with Matthew

It was a great experience

Kathleen Paulino

I always go to a matinee and there is rarely a line at either the ticket counter or the concession stand. Everyone is polite, professional, and friendly. The theater is usually clean. My only complaint is the seats. It recline whether I want it to or not and it ends up lifting my feet off the floor (and I'm not short) which is uncomfortable for a long period of time.


Best and most affortable theatre in the area!! Awesome service, food, seats, and movie system!!! Go here!

Mario Galarza

Great experience my daughter and wife loved it.

Daniel S

Nice place for a date

Evelyn Vale

Awesome. Affordable comfortable multiple news

frank digeloromo

Best place to see a movie

Leia Transue

Wonderful place to watch movies that are my favorite

DaReal Bezrkr

Clean, great price and very clean.

Mighty Mouse

Not a bad movie theater. I would prefer travelling to another one though. Seats are kind of crammed in.

Patrick Fei

Nice theatre. Great price.

Samuel Cruz

Great place to watch a movie. Comfortable seats, great staff, great snacks and many movie options!

Amber Roome

The 3d movie experience was awesome! My 6 year old loved it.

Marvin Gallardo

Let's band together and keep this theater alive the places still doing well let's keep it that way

Rachel Pellot

Comfortable, clean, very nice looking theater. Surprisingly big for a mall theater. Friendly staff.

Lorie Loftin

One other best soft icecream around

Brian Williams

Great place to see a movie. Great comfy seats n incredible sound. The prices are not to bad essp if you have the movie club.

Frank Lopez

Very nice theater and comfortable seat.

Rocco Supino Jr

This theater is extremely affordable and has most of all the new movies that it the screen...and when a particular movie is favoured by the public they may use multiple rooms showing the movie at staggered times which makes it more convenient to the public...the snack bar can use much improvement in a variety of choices and most complaints are that they either don't have enough hot dogs or you need to wait while they cook , otherwise it's ok

Tia A

The Cinemark Stroud Mall cinema is a family friendly classic movie theater featuring a majority of the latest films out of Hollywood. However, the theater itself could use an upcycle in accommodations like the sublime and comfy electric recliners of AMC movie theaters! Beyond that it's a go to weekend outing sure to please and if you're a Cinemark member take advantage of the discounts at concessions.

Ebony Elle

Friendly staff, popcorn covered floors and counters were dirty, trash needed to be picked up, but it was an AVENGERS weekend and busy. Perhaps they were short staffed, but even when it was later and slower, I didn't see anyone cleaning the mess up. Bathrooms were clean. We had to ask them to fix the sound in the theater because the movie started and sound was only coming from the front speakers. Other than the lobby, theater was clean. Security guards I assume we're present.

Dlanor Sdlonyer

Located inside the Stroud Mall,.. the Cinemark Theater is quite popular in this area. As with most theaters, the concession stand is very pricey. The popcorn is good, and you get one free refill. The areas are clean and seats are in working order. Moviegoers seem to follow the rules at this location which helps to ensure a pleasant movie going experience. There is ample parking outside, and access in and out of the theater is very easy. Most of the employee staff are young adults & working teenagers who are friendly and helpful. This is our primary choice whenever we want to see a film.

Della taylor

It's a nice place to have movie night with the family

Amanda Welch

Comfortable seating, great movie screen, good variety of snacks and drinks. I wish there were more 3D movie showing times for kids movies other than after 10pm.

John A Seitz

This is the only good part about Stroud Mall. The theater is very clean and XD is amazing. My favorite theater in the Poconos!

Edward Dillon

Nice theater with affordable prices compared to other theaters. Some of the theaters here are on the smaller side so be sure to get there early to have a chance of grabbing a good seat.

Myrna Lopez

I saw overcomes Great movie Good price.

Angie Famularo

Movie was great,service was very good. Thank you for your service.

Erin Peters

Clean, enjoyable with the kids on a crummy day. Have nothing but good to say.

NNatz Inatz

Nice theater. Clean and seats are comfortable Popcorn served fresh. We loved coming here. This is the only movie theater that we prefer to go. Let's support our local movie theater!!! Oh, the staff are very accommodating! Thumbs up!!!

Mario Magoo

Great theater been coming here for years can't wait to see what's next

July Bernard

Years back before they remodeled I hated going to this movie theater. But now it’s my favorite place in town. I go at least twice a month and love the experience especially watching movies in XD

Jerry Zou

Went there for the Avenger's Endgame opening. Pretty neat theater with good audio

Sheila Dori

An older theater in the mall, but I enjoy seeing movies here. I believe Tuesdays are $5.00 . It is affordable for some people that may not to go at all.

juan valenzuela

I love the movies and they have great options of great movies

Susan Zanet

Love the fact you can pick your seats and decide if it's to crowded. This allows us to select another movie.

Jason Oody

An awesome night out at the movies , bringing back date night on the spur of the moment was a good thing . As someone that doesn't go to the movies often , I was surprised by the level of comfort provided in every detail of the experience.

Jared Sabater

This place is amazing in every way, I go to order food and the workers don’t get distracted and it’s like they have a mission to get your food perfect. Great Place

Robert jr Wood

Awesome movie theater

Jay Acevedo

Great theater. Comfy seats. Friendly staff. Awesome sound.

Jason Delp

Place wasn't dirty. Being in Stroudsburg you think the citidiots would have a garbage dump. Im surprised


Lots of good movie theaters around, but the prices... They are quite good, and on Tuesday they're cheaper. Popcorn is incomparable as well. The theaters are comfortable and well sized. The screen is clear and clean. The sound is really good too. Overall this is a straight up great theater.

Edward Fernandez

Place looks great the theater had been renovated since the last time I went.

Debbie Smith

Love this theater. Stadium seating with comfortable seats with arms that move up and down. Ticket prices are reasonable especially daytime prices.

Shawn David Meister

4 lanes to buy food but only 1 person working the register, REALLY!!!

Bryan Scott

Don't remember


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