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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Robinson Township and XD IN Pennsylvania

Tyler Lyon

I live in washington, and this is pretty much the only theater I'll go to these days. The seats are awesome (leather and reclineable), nice little tray things for food and drinks at each one. They serve alcohol and have a nice selection. Lots of good food options as well. Love the reserved seating. Nice bathrooms. Picture and audio quality always good. Everything is clean. Highly recommend, nothing bad to say.

Daniel Kidder

Ultra modern theater with reclining big seats. Top notch video and audio, and enough play times to accommodate your needs. Prices are the norm for a theater, but you can sign up for the club and it becomes discounted.

Joseph horowitz

We don't go to the movies anywhere else. They have great beer too

Joe Aracich

The power recliners are more than enough for me to reccomend it. The place is always clean and the staff are super nice and helpful. I won't go anywhere else to watch movies.

Julie Kelley

Seats are comfortable, but I HATE that you have to reserve them. I come early only to find that everyone booked online (for a convenience fee, of course) and the only seats left are front row. Many times, we are out shopping and decide to see a movie, so booking in advance isn't an option. We haven't been here in a while now. We've started going to AMC Loews at the Waterfront and shopping and eating there as well. Theatre is great, cool outdoor shopping, Dave & Buster, Improv Club. And I don't have to make a decision about which movie I'll see at which exact time a week in advance!

Matthew Brind'Amour

Prices are too high but they are everywhere these days. You can buy beer here which is nice and all seats are reserved, reclining and very comfortable. We go often and will continue to do so. Just recently watched a 3 hour movie in both this theater and in the South Side Works and have back issues. Can honestly say that the seats are so much more comfortable here and better for my back. Anyway, besides all that it's a theatre like any other, but modern and better than a lot of older theaters.

Brent Clary

Big comfy recliners great pic and sound

Nancy Fargel

Very comfortable seats. A little chilly. Will bring a sweater next time

matthew centner

Very nice theater! Serves alcohol which is cool and the reclining seats! Had a great experience.

Martina Fetzer

Nice theater with cozy reclining seats, but every time I've been here the crowd has been full of talkers, even for movies that have already been out for several weeks. Other theaters seem to have fewer jerks.

Sarah Olszewski

Always a great night out - comfy seats and a wide selection of snacks and drinks!

Bennie Ruffins

Very nice theatre. Big comfy seats and there electric recline

Heather Hutto.

Best movie theater around PGH

Nina Beach

Seriously? A bar in a movie theater, M&Ms by the pound? Warm packets of butter? Ice cream by the scoop, a rewards program too?? I loved this place!!

Gavin King

Excellent location. Attentive staff, comfy and clean recliners, beautifully designed auditoriums, fresh popcorn, reserved seating, on-par picture and sound qualities. What’s not to enjoy?

Sam Blood

Beautiful cinema with tons of room and extremely comfortable seating. It was packed pretty full, but we felt at ease. Super friendly staff as well!

Becky Thatcher Baer

Beautiful clean theater with an exceptional variety of snacks and large bar.

Shooting Star

Parking was horrible! Only afternoon shows for now on when I take my lil guy. Check-in for tix was quick & every one was soo nice & friendly! The reclining seats are awesome!

Justin Michel

Love this place. Great theaters and clean. Great place for the kids and family. Must go to.

Barry Zug

This theater is awesome! Super comfy reclining seats, tons of room--there's a bar, by the way. Love going to see a movie here.

Robert Board

Awesome place, I wish all theaters had seating like they have. Pick your seat before hand and they recline! 8D

Diego Sanchez

Lovely place very comfortable seats but the staff in the concession stand where i get coffee are always rude and have attitudes

Cindy Yeager

Very neat & clean. They have reclining chairs for everyone! I was so comfortable I loved it! !


This place is really good My family and I always go here now even if it's an hour away from our house

Vijay Prithiv Bathey Ramesh Bapu

Came to this theatre for a movie during a road trip from Boston. Beautifully maintained and clean theatre. Very friendly staffs and moreover, the seats are reclining which make you feel comfy and relaxing. Would definitely visit this place again.

Corey Hine

Great new reclining and reserved seats. Much better than before. Also Cinemark movie club is well worth it with rollover credits. Discount snacks make it more reasonable.

Aaron Caplinger

Great excuse for date night, comfy seats, junk food galore

Adia Snyder

Love the Cinemark movie club! Saves on ticket prices and concessions. Also love the rsvp seating now. No more showing up an hour early to get a good seat! We can buy days in advance and get to choose where we sit. The theater is always clean and the staff is friendly.

Barb coulverson

This was my first time being in this place it was really nice

TrinityW VlogsYT

This is a cool place for watching movies. And since the room is big, you get a lot of space and comfort! Just watch out for the numbers assigned to you if you want a luxury seat or almost any seat for that matter! I hope that you enjoy going there if you decide to!

David Watts

Plenty of space and comfortable reclining chairs. This was my 1st time at this theatre. I will be back.

Nicole Cochran

Great movie theater! We always go to this one. Lots of room for parking. Choose your seats in advance online or at the counter. $5 movies on Tuesdays! Lots of options for snacks and drinks. Large popcorns are only $8 with free refills! The seats are super comfy and have adjustable leg rests as well as recline. Very clean theater as well!

House of Heathens

The seats recline. I don't mean a little, like a full-on reclining "I'm gonna kick back and chill while I watch this movie" type. Also, a retractable tray helps position whatever snacks I happen to gorge myself on. Movie theatre, I love you.

Les McGregor

Awesome recliners with a little swing arm table. Nice and clean theatre. Not a bad seat in the house. And they serve drinks!!! Definitely go again...especially for early afternoon prices.

Loretta Hufnagel

Great theater so much room, very good snack counter.

Tracy Crawford

Awesome! Friendly staff! Dont leave your keys in your pocket when you sit in the luxury loungers! You'll be readjusting the seat through the whole movie!

Captain Awesum

Seats are great. they are recliners. Found clean. I like the rewards program. Everyone was cool.. I spilled my non-refund drink and they had no problem letting me refill it for free. They seemed prepared for the rush of the primer. Recommend buying tickets ahead of time and joining the movie club.

Ashley Nichole

Would recommend this theater. Very clean and the service and concession stands are always organized and stocked.

Jason Goble

Great theater! Even turned the volume down in theater for my little girl (it was really loud at first). Great and nice staff.


We watched the Lion King in 3D. The seats reclined and legs of the seat go up. It was an awesome, relaxing experience.

Renee Watson

Awesome. Everything is perfect. Love it!

Andy Diehl

I would like to say this theater was not only clean, nice, and very well kept. Customer service and the manager Karen was so understanding and kind and after a long day of let downs and mix ups at the airport and lost of items and our minds she showed the up most courtesy and kindness for a mistake we made on the Fandango website. So we want to thank her first and foremost for her hospitality and kindness and the theater second. Hopefully they choose to reward her for making 2 couples night and keeping kindness and excellent customer service in your theatre

Samantha Berg

Love the reclining seats. Very comfortable. Many snack options as well!

Terry Oneil

Best place to watch movies. Great reclining seats. Excellent food service.

ty. slimes

Pricey for snacks but great experience

JoAnn Snow

Great Theatre. The bathrooms could use a little cleaning between visits. Otherwise a good experience.


This is a great theater. It's rare that we go to the movies but Cinemark does appear to be making excellent attempts at bringing ppl in. The XD experience is incredible. Obviously more expensive but a nice upgrade.


I use to come to this one all the time. Great seats and great prices of you come to the off days. The staff is friendly and the food is decent. The big reason why I gave this place a star less is their game room. They had a great game room with pinball and a few other awesome cabinets. But they got rid of some and the ones they have seems janky. I would come more often of they got games. It's a big part of a movie experience playing arcade games before a movie for me.

Ronna Gralitzer

Had as n awesome time with my son very polite workers we I'll definitely keep going back thank you

Matthew Frankwitt

This is probably the best theater I've ever been to. The obvious reason are the incredibly comfy reclining seats with tray tables. However, they also offer a large variety of snacks to enjoy during the movie. I reccomend seeing the movie in XD which is a little more expensive, but I think makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Justin Cantley

Every theatre is equipped with electronic recliners and trays. You'll have plenty of room and comfort while enjoying the movie of your choice. With this new format even the front row isn't all that bad to sit in. Of course the ticket and concession prices are somewhat high, which is to be expected at any theatre. Also Tuesday nights are discount nights. The price has changed over time, but I believe it's under $6 those night. This is the best theatre to go to in the area by far.

Dustan D

Comfortable and nice big xd screen. Good sound and a great experience.


Seating is superior comfort and assigned. Concessions are fantastic. They serve alcohol and Ice cream as well. Pop corn tastes like garbage though. Haven't tried the kettle yet.

Jul Kar 'Cerum

Best cinema I've been to in a long time. Chairs were awesome, reclining leather!

Mike Sparrow

Great seats. Too many treats etc to choose from. Loved the whole experience.

Gail Gregory

Love the seats they are the be Best. Downtown baby film was great .

Donna Grace

Great place and people. Snacks are high but they are in any theater

Terry Giles

The only movie theater my wife & I go to. Great atmosphere. They also have the luxury loungers which are amazing. Honestly haven’t had a bad experience there!

Renee Sadie

Love this theater. Best reclining seats, never too close to others, POPCORN.

Sally Hagerty

Love this theater!! From the reclining seats to being able to HEAT them!!

Tina Shamber

We enjoyed our experience here. Choice of movies and times were convenient for us. Soon, they will need to remodeled, at the theaters. We felt very comfortable and enjoyed our movie.

Kimberly Thomson

A very comfortable theater experience. Was amazed at how many other people were out to see a movie at 10:50am?! Was kinda glad we pre-registered as we had the very best 4 seats in the House! Later found out I had paid for the pre seating at $1.70 per ticket, but what the heck, it's not like we go very often so we just ate the cost..overall, a very positive experience!!

Naveen Reddy

Horrible sound. I went to movie with my young son. He was scared. Also recyclers don’t recline fully. Cheap quality.

Jazz DeMands

We had a poor Customer Experience involving Jaclyn Eisel.

Ahna Anderson

The seats are very comfortable the environment is really relaxing

Dan Anderson

On a business trip, came from the office with work bag via uber. Would not allow me in. No bag policy. Would not inspect or check. 12 year old senior manager said no exceptions. Spent 30 to get turned away. Cinemark should post policy clearly. We need a safer place to live.

Ginny Druzisky

I'm too spoiled to go anywhere else to see a movie! This place is the best! I love the seats, and the Cinemark Movie Club is fantastic! In 11 months my husband and I have saved over $230 with the Movie Club! (We go to A LOT of movies!) Wish I could give this place a hundred stars!

Forrest Dickey

Great theater! Friendly staff, good concessions, amazing seats! Not a bad seat in the house, didn't feel packed. Not a single complaint whatsoever.

Betsy Franz

I went to see Aladdin at South Hills Village on Sunday for the 3:40 PM showing. There was a water leak (possible roof leak) during a recent ra decided to go out to the Robinson Cine Mark to catch the 6:55 PM showing. When I went to get a ticket, it was cancelled due to a technical issued. I explained to Dan what I had gone through to see Aladdin. He gave me a free ticket to any other movie I wanted to see. I choose Lion King. The showing was in 3 D and the seat was a luxury seat!!. Thanks Dan for making my day. I totally recommend Robinson Cine Mark for anyone wanting to see a movie. Great accommodations!!

Marlaina Wolfe

Great place comfortable seats and even so many things you can buy for snacks and even more

Linny D

Such a great movie theatre!!! Clean, reclining, leather seats. With tray and cup.holder that's on a swivel stand. Kind of expensive snack bar. But very friendly staff. Very very nice, we'll always drive the extra miles to come here.

Jared Robison

Seemed to be clean and employees were hospitable..


You can't beat the large, plushie, Luxury Lounger Seats! The thought-out design allows plenty of legroom for others to get by, and the large space between rows eliminates people from being able to kick the back of your seat. Hooray for that! They have a very nice, convenient swivel tray to hold your food and drinks, as well. The facility is modern, clean, and in a great location. It's my family's favorite movie theater to go to!

Matt Mullan

if you often show up to see a movie on an empty stomach, this is the best theatre to go to. there are plenty of options from coffee & alcohol to ice cream & hot dogs. if you’re interested is more traditional snacks, like candy or popcorn, the cafeteria-style line has plenty of options to pick out, and pour yourself. this part of the line can get kind of hectic since everyone is filing into one cash register at the end, so make sure to spare some time before your movie to move through this line. the XD theatre is a nice treat with a swivel table for your goodies and a big leather-feeling seat that has a motorized foot rest. i was pleasantly surprised that the foot rest’s motor was not too loud even during the movie. these seats are slow big enough to have plenty of room to yourself, even when you’re sitting next to someone you don’t know. the screen size and sound were on point for my screening of Endgame. my only criticism goes to the assigned seating. i like the idea of assigned seating, however, the row letters are hard to find, stitched into the carpet flooring, and not posted on the side of the seat like most other theatres. so finding that assigned seat in the dark can be trying if it is your first time at this Cinemark. overall great experience with helpful staff and clean facilities. a good treat for when you want a big, comfortable seat.

rob l

Best theater I've ever been too. The seats were so comfortable

Tony Blan

Always great. Best theater in Pennsylvania.

Zackary Mott

Always recommend this movie theater to anyone. I always go to this one because they have really nice seating and it's located in a good area with lots of places to shop and eat.

Javier Campbell

Comfortable seating not like the usual great environment

William Kottner

State of the art , great comfortable lounge chair seating, nice snack area, similar prices, bust so that theaters sell out so buy tickets ahead on line.

Sean Loar

My favorite movie theater. So many amenities. The recling chairs are the besy

Fred Terling

The only theater I now attended regularly. Superior concessions and orderly theaters. The ONLY theater I can say that about.

Josie Mayhew

We haven't been to a theater in soooo long! The recliner chairs,,, AWESOME. The price,, CAN'T BEAT. The hotdogs,,, AMAZING! I mean its clean, we all just loved it so much!

Michelle Landsittel

I absolutely love going to the Movies Now !! My friends and I go every Saturday Now! Relaxing and very clean !!! I tell everyone what a big difference!!

Eugene Mauro

Great movie experience. Large, cleAr, IMAX like screen with hi- resolution projection. Clear, crisp and undistorted sound with balance and proper equalization. Seats that recline with foot rests including plenty of room for others to pass through.

Dakota McWee

Pros Good, comfy seats Good snacks Only good movie theater around Cons Only good movie theater around Opinionated Summary Without a doubt this is the best movie theater I've been to in south western Pennsylvania, it has recliner chairs that are leather and cushioned, you also get a table to set: food, drink, phones etc. Me and my group had front row seats to the "good boys" and it wasn't uncomfortable.


Wow what a great theater! I love that we can pick our seats. The seats are so comfortable and a good size, too. We liked it so much we joined Movie Club! I used to avoid the movie theater... When I was a kid, going to the movies wasn't such a great experience. The theater was dirty, uncomfortable seats, unusable bathrooms. What a difference! Cinemark is always clean, the bathrooms are nice, the food and beverage selection is pretty good, too! Now we go to the movies pretty often and almost always bring friends.

christina Nagel

Comfortable seats it's a great idea to select before nice combo packs kid packs

Ed Chimera

XD theater was superb. Picture and sound beat expectations. Clean and comfortable theater and seating. Concessions were fresh and reasonably priced.

sharon martin

This place never loses its appeal. Its always clean with employees visible and working. One of my favorite theathers

Kraig Smith

This movie theater is sweet. The ticket buying process is a little challenging, but once you realize its 2019 you'll figure it out. Nice perk that it has a bar - fair prices.

Sidharth Malhotra

I have grown to like cinemark a lot, has been my favorite theater so far.

Dan Seals Sr

Comfortable seating, fresh snacks would go here again

Sarah Woodward

Love the seats! Best matinee prices!

Shawn Litchfield

Beautiful theatre - big and clean, good service. Download the app and join Cinemark Movie Club to make reservations for seats with no fees, and additional perks. All seats here are the large, comfortable luxury loungers, and it's all stadium seating. Excellent overall.

Jim Yaeger

Great time. Great selection of movies. Very comfortable.

Nashwa Ahmed

Probably the most comfortable movie theater I've ever been in. The seats recline, the snacks are yummy, and the staff are super helpful.

Elizabeth E. King

Great Theater. Food is good and easy to get around.

deonte Scott

I love this movie theater. It's clean, and all of the employees have been very personable when we've gone. All it's houses have the recliner seating, so you don't have to worry about sitting that close to strangers. The comfort level gets high marks. The concessions are set up to keep the transition from popcorn, or what have you to your seats as seamless as possible. A lot of items are right on the counters for self serve only needing to as an attendant for a few things that aren't available free range. It's a pretty smooth set up. All in all my wife and I enjoy our experience every time we go here.

Ron Williams

Saw Lion King....animation graphics were outstanding. Now if the woman who thought it was okay to keep walking back and forth in front of people during the movie.

Jennifer Palmer

We really enjoyed ourselves watching the new movie called The Art of Racing in the Rain. I love the reclining seats. It is really relaxing and comfortable.

GopiKishor Maddi

Good place for watching movies and hangout.

Jeremy Thomas

Great theater, seems fairly well run.

Google User

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This movie theater! It's my favorite in the entire city! They have discounted matinee prices, friendly and courteous staff, a member rewards program (which I use). And the best part? The huge, reclining, comfy chairs! The place is always in top notch shape. If I could give 6 stars, I would!

Nicholas Dembowski

Luxury loungers for the win. Most comfortable way to watch a movie.

Cory Bernazzoli

This is my wife and I's favorite theatre. Hands down the best movie experience. Sure, concessions are pricey BUT you gotta get the reserved seating so you can relax in the comfy leather seats that recline and have a convenient tray for your snacks. Also, do a movie in the morning. Less people, cheaper ticket, better experience.

Gary Darnell

Beautiful theater. Awesome reclining seating and concession offerings are extensive. I love watching movies here.

Greg Covington

Very clean theater. Price not too high yet not too low. I would advise getting the membership plan as its cheaper than a ticket and the tickets roll over. Good for a free date if you already have tickets saved. Theres also ice cream inside and alcohol for the grown kids.... Staff is laid back and everyone is knowledgeable to some degree of all the theater has to offer from pricing, to specials, to birthday parties and memberships.

Kirsten Robinson

Really nice theater. The seats where ver comfortable. The theater was fairly clean as well.

Deb Weishner

W love Robinson So comfortable! But I must admit I always doze off for a 5 min nap

Jedi Gemini

Great place to watch a movie. Nice comfortable seats and spacious room. Screen and sound system are also great.

Wanda Kelly

Comfortable seats, great selection of snacks. Entire experience was great!

Perry Bradburn

I've been boycotting every other movie theater since rediscovering this one! Robinson is a great area to spend an evening or afternoon, and this theater provides a stellar experience. It's super convenient using the Cinemark app to purchase tickets and reserve seats, and the luxury recliners are amazing. On top of the convenience and comfort factor, they offer daily/weekly deals to make the luxury theater experience affordable. Favorite place around to see a movie, hands down.

Robert Smith

Awsome theater very nice recliners for seats and small tables attached for drink and food. Very comfy spot

Luke Markiewicz

Prices for tickets and some food items are not listed in the theatre. It is a nice theater otherwise.

Mike Russell

Nicest theater around and now they sell alcohol so that's a bonus

John Fascetti

I am modifying my review from a few years ago. The renovations, and new reserve seats are great. My only complaint is where they designed the recliner buttons, on people of the larger persuasion you can find yourself accidently engaging it requiring you to lean to one part of the seat

Mary Kate

I go to movies here regularly... like once a week regularly... the staff is always friendly and the luxury lounger seats an added bonus to a great movie watching experience.

Shane Maclaughlin

This is the best theater in the area, unless you're willing to drive to Pittsburgh. But honestly, why would you? Typical prices for snacks, but the reclining seats make it. You can also reserve your seats online and not worry about getting a good seat. $5 movies on Tuesdays!


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