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425 Pittsburgh Mills Cir, Tarentum, PA 15084 Located in: Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills

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Donald Leight

My favorite theater that doesn't sell beer.

Lyberti Bruce

I'm a bit biased I grew up going to this movies lol. This mall was my playground for our high school years. Best place to get out walk around with your family and friends without being outside. You can window shop, you can buy things like a grown up your mom wouldnt let you lol I always got dresses and shoes. Best time of my teen years!


It's a little pricey, but is up to date.

William Freker

Nice price for a Matinee 5.00 we had no problems except it was cold in the theatre we were in. The theatre itself is very large and the seating is comfortable too

Terri Ledbetter

Love it there!

Bill McCoy

Nice & clean but like theaters today even popcorn is outrageously priced as are soft drinks.

Jared Smelko

Great selection of movies currently in theaters. Has an IMAX with assigned seating and you can purchase tickets online , at a kiosk or at the box office

Alan Winter

Always great to go to the movies here. $5 night was a plus!

Dan and Tammy Dziagwa

Friendly. Even the seats recline a bit:)


Concessions stand prices are way to high

Marilee Marcantonio

Great and clean movie theatre.

Bean Anyang

Nice, clean and family friendly

Gary Burge

Love this place and the IMAX theater is unique. But it is showing its age and could use as little upgrade.

Derek Stitt

Dry popcorn but movie was good

David Cuiffi

It's a shame that the snacks cost more than the movie it should be illegal

Thom M

Closed on a Tuesday night??? 6 people plus myself standing at locked doors, with no signs whatsoever.

Kahle Lenz

Only the best screens in town

Mary Miskimen

We had an awesome time. The staff was very friendly and the theater was clean as well as the restrooms. Great job everyone.

Ray O'Rourke

Definitely worth getting the refillable cup and bucket at year's end to use throughout the following year, also loving the savings from their Movie Club!

David Blumer

Movie fun

Anna Williams

Had a wonderful time at the Cinemark Galleria Movie Theater today. Saw a really good movie. The theatre is one of the best I have ever been to. The employees are very friendly and make you feel welcomed. They even hire the physically challenged people. I commend them for doing this. I recommend this place to anyone who likes going to movies. One of the. Best!!

Mc Coop

What happened to the mall? Such a awesome theater


Too cramped in the IMAX. Needs more leg room.

Michael Trenga

Love this place

Susan Grose

The grinch in IMAX was fantastic

Ronald Curilla

Decent movie theater...


Excellent movie theater! Large selection of screens

Jeffrey Leech

Great place to see a movie with great snack deals!

Frank Lemon

Excellent theater if your into attentive concession staff, fairly clean theaters, and low headcount. I know a theater needs people in seats to operate but most of the time the showings aren't crowded which make for a much better movie experience. The person next to you is usually at least a seat away.

Aliddy Osche

Love this place , the also have $5 Tuesdays

Angel Hurst

Like this movie theater. It used to be 5 min from my house. Parking is usually terrible though only place in that mall you can't find parking..


Love it here! Nothing bad to say, highly reccomended!

Vicki Mills

We were there for the Christian film festival. It was wonderful!

Mike Yurkew

Was great until a dog was let into the theater wasn't mad a first because I thought it was a support dog then I realized that someone just out a regular construction vest on this dog and said he's a support animal and he was all over the theater he barked and it was the most annoying thing when trying to watch avengers endgame

John Hutchins

Very clean, and the most staff I have ever seen at any theatre, ever! We went to an early screening of 'How to Train Your Dragon 3' and, having never been to this theatre before, didn't know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised at how organized this was. There were no reserved seats but a staff member stayed in the room to ensure everyone packed in and got a decent seat. The seats themselves were on the smaller side but very comfortable. The armrests were retractable which helped. All in all it was a great time, a great movie, and we will look to this theatre again when planning a night out. Highly recommend!

squirrely daniel

Great place to see a movie . Could use a few upgrades

Jessica Dawson

Clean, great sound, comfortable seats

Yaa Ford

Great for family and Clean environment.

Jennifer DePanicis

Mary Poppins was a cute movie!

Thomas Steffey

Easily accessible entrance. Tons of seating available

Ravindra Godse

This is Dr. Ravi Godse. I am a local doctor. My movie " Remember Amnesia" is playing at the mills. There is a fun message about civility at the end of the movie. Katie at the ticketing office was extremely pleasant, friendly and efficient. Extra ordinary. When people are nice to each other, for no particular reason, it feels really good. Keep it up!

Dima N

Great place, not very busy but always clean and nice.

Clarence Johnson

It's a date theater as far as the never Cinemark's go... No leather no reclining seats... Looks like it may be close to going out of business...

Sparky K. Rider

The food is probably overpriced, but it's got great seats in the theaters, and most of the folks that work there are friendly. So it's a good time.

Tracey Geracia

Too hot in theaters. Over priced snacks. Dollar tree has some things for a buck lol. 5 bucks for a drink is ridiculous

Jim Bridges

Movie theater. Nice clean. Most of concession isn't open. The popcorn I'd a rip off Rediculous that popcorn is more expensive than the movie

Val Hodek

Always go here for the movies available in IMAX! Great venue

Sheila Roehrig

At the mall so parking is always available. Tickets thru kiosk or at window. It always seems to be kept clean even with crowds. Employees are nice and pleasant

Lorraine Limegrover

I love the mills!

Heather Broman

Best theater in Pittsburgh! Offers IMAX, DBox, 3D and barely ever a crowded line.

Josh A. Grossman

Nice theater. What more can one say?

Lori Oertel

My place to go to the movies! Great customer service and reasonably priced. Plus they show some great faith based movies

Brian Clawson

Nice and newer movie theater. Great digital projectors and sound. Unfortunately it does have issues with cleanliness from time to time. You must go into the mall which has had some issues over the years. No outside entrance. Hopefully it will survive over the years.

David Von

Excellent theater. Staff very friendly


Very clean. Prices for matinees could be lower

Alex Miller

I would rather stay at home and watch movies than go out anymore, people on their phones and talking to each other throughout the whole movie. It's annoying, get off your cell phone and enjoy the movie! that's what you're there for right?

Timothy Kelley

This is a huge movie theatre with lots of room and big selection of movies and foods. The worst part of the movie theatre, though, is the prices. The tickets are expensive and you would need a small loan to get a popcorn, soda, and some candy. However, every movie theatre is like that now, so I guess that's okay. I would recommend this theatre to anyone.

Josh Palazzi

Such a nice theater, a little old but well kept. It's a good place to see some of the newer releases because of the area, it's a bit out of the way and the mall has died off some in the last few years, but that means the theaters aren't always extremely crowded and you can almost always get a good seat. Is recommend joining their movie club for the discount on concessions and the cheaper tickets.

Michael Ringelholtz

Great customer service with a smile. Never a line for the popcorn.

Dustin Therrien

Always a good experience here. Staff is friendly, food and drinks are consistent. The theater seating is comfortable and has the arm rests that you can put up if you want that extra space, or to get a little closer to the person you're with.

sarah mcvicker

Cinemark is great go to the matinee s Monday is 5.00 all day and lots of viewing options digital, I max etc

Sean H

Was a nicer theater, but we were very annoyed at the proximity of the seats from the other patrons. Movie trailers kind of ruined our trip though the seats were comfy. Refreshments are insanely priced like most theaters, so no real shock there!


Seats are not back far enough for the large screen.

Nathanial Perry

The IMAX theater was amazing. One of the larger IMAX I've been to. Seats were extremely comfortable and the staff was really hospitable. Tickets were also reasonably priced too. Overall an amazing trip.

Heidi's Page

All movies are ridiculously expensive this is no diff but they do offer 3d and the seats that move so that's cool but really not worth paying my arm, leg, and my 1st born in order to get a popcorn and drink

Joe and Wendy Page

Saw the movie "Overcomer." It was an excellent movie!

William Brooks

Went to see movies here for a couple years never disappoint got great snacks and good seats


Love the cozy chairs great sound quality but snack prices are crazy expensive

Sandra Lubawski

We went to see a Lego move with our daughter her husband and two kids and another grand daughter. After the move went to dinner and our granddaughter said she had a really nice time today. So out of the mouth of a babe it was a really nice time.

Joseph Pellegrino

Great selection of movies and a great theater

Richard Langin

Awesome place to take the kids and family out to see a movie.

Mr.Moose 2019

Gotta say Imax makes me feel like im inside the movie. I recommend this place to see a movie.

Thomas Summerville

Incredible selection of movies

Rebecca Allen

No signage telling you that in order to get the $5 deal on Tuesdays you need to use the rewards app.

Melonie Seward

We observed an employee unlocking the door so we entered the lobby. Mr Robson, one of the manager, shouted across the lobby that they were not yet ready and instructed us to wait outside the doors. He never returned to allow us to enter. I would think you would wait to unlock the doors until you are ready. If you hard supposed to be open at 9:30am, you should be ready then. Power trip?

Daniel Klein

Great movie theatre in a dying mall, the seats, screen and sound were great!

Kristy Therrien

Staff is super friendly. We usually go during the day when it isn't as crowded. Lately you have to go in to the concession stand to purchase your tickets or you can usually print them out, outside of the theater if you purchased them online. The popcorn is the best and the nachos are good. You should join the movie club if you aren't a member. We save so much money. The theater and bathrooms are always clean as well as everywhere else. Their IMAX theater is nice. The D-box seats are fun and roomy. The arm rests on the regular seats move so you can lift them up for extra room because the seats are narrow if you are wide in the hips.

Mary Jo Sinchak

Lots of parking, plenty of choices to see.

Richelle Greenfelder

Comfty seats and great service!

Vickey P.

Love cinemark theaters. Clean, well kept and big leather seats that recline!! Senior citizens discount available. Reserve seating online.

Heather Hare

Good service. Clean. Wish they had better seating.


I go to this theater fairly often and its one of my favorite ones around the Pittsburgh area. The seats are pretty comfortable and the theaters are pretty clean.


Since the area is mostly dead during the week days, it’s almost always empty. However that makes it easier to deal with the place. A lot cleaner since no one is mucking it up. But they offset this by increasing the prices from their sister in the Monroeville Mall, which is cheaper. They still show what’s now in theaters though, so that’s good.

Eric Easley

If you want to TRULY experience a movie instead of just watch it, this is the place to go!

Harold Jordan

This is the only theater I will go to. They clean the theater after every showing. You don't have to walk in the popcorn left from people that think that they are home. I say that because when I drop popcorn on the floor at home I have fur babies that take care of that for me. LOL

Eric Petuska

Excellent movie theater. Theaters are clean, seats are comfortable and ticket prices are very good. Food prices are high like most theaters but not insane. I have many theaters closer to me but actually go out of my way to go to this theater.


I would not go for the D Box because it’s nothing like the 4DX! Just a 3D would be ok for here. Other than that, I thought it was a nice theater.

Keith Harbison

Clean and pleasant place to watch a movie.

Alonzo Garcia

Theater is nice but the snack prices are crazy high. I know all movie theater food is a rip off but it’s really high here. I like IMAX movies though

Ian Delp

Today was the worse experience from a theater anyone could ask for. I ordered my tickets online do I could just show up, print, and go in. Well the online booths were not working. So I waited in line 45 minutes while only one employee worked on selling tickets and referring online orders. Movie started at 7, finally redeemed my online order at 7:05. Go to get popcorn and a drink and one of the managers is working there. Clearly did not know what he was doing. Line was slow and it took him forever to get orders complete. Finally received popcorn and drink at 7:25. Go into the movie and there is a fly on the projection window. So a gray for moved around the screen constantly. Reported to an employee while getting a refill and he shrugged. While I was walking away I heard him say to another employee it's not his problem. Horrible experience and waste of money.

[MAGA] Clan Battle Royale

Great experience overall

Bailey Sykes

I love going to the movies but the only thing that bothers me is their seats but it's good and all

Charles Casares Jr

"Won't you be my neighbor" the Fred Rodgers movie is a must see. It can't be stressed enough that he was the real deal and a person of character and believed in all people should love each other and get along in our world.

Cindy Kurneck

First theater in Pittsburgh to have D-Box seats and are they GREAT! D-Box seats put you in the middle of the action! The seats move and vibrate and toss you around along with what you're watching. You can raise the motion to an 11 or bring it all the way down - it is up to you. But I'd recommend enjoying the seats to the max! The seats are two rows in the middle of the theater and while they more expensive they are worth it!


Zombie Land!

Montreal Budd

Prices for concessions are outrageous, but overall this is a nice theater.

Jennifer Zak

Very poor signage at this mall directing guests anywhere. Directions to the movie theater entrance which is located BEHIND the mall are MIA.

Vicki South

Prices are good and it's comfortable.

Raza Ali

Like the big screen here ! Nice immersive experience with the 3d.

Cassie Lutz

Clean! Friendly! Great snack options!

Rhiannon Kirshner

Dora and the Lost City was amazing! And the man who takes your tickets is always so kind and uplifting

nick chybrzynski

Make sure to sign up for the emails and get great coupons - also try the snack pack for $5

Christopher Chirdon

The theater property is well-managed and tidy. The projection is high quality as is the audio quality. All theaters are "stadium seating", and have plenty of room. However, I just can't deal with the number of commercials and trailers anymore and we have chosen to go elsewhere. If I have to spend $12 on a film, I like to get a good seat: top half, middle of the theater. To do so with a popular movie, one has to arrive 20 minutes early. No problem - I'll endure the pre-film commercials. But I've often peeked at my watch and found that the actual feature film starts 5 - 7 trailers (and a good fifteen minutes) AFTER the scheduled start time of the movie. I don't mind a trailer or two or three - but that's ridiculous (to me). I couldn't take it. We now get reserved seats at Waterworks with their recliner chairs for the same price. No fighting for "the good seats". The films start promptly, and the trailers are reasonable. The projection is not -quite- as good as the Mills, but I leave feeling like I got my money's worth and my time wasn't wasted - and that feeling is worth it.

Yonta Jasper

Great theater. Love the arcade.

Mitch Fierce

I have been to many theatres in the area and this one is the BEST! The theatre is huge and the IMAX is amazing! We went and saw Dark Phoenix and the IMAX made it so much better. The staff is the BEST in Pittsburgh. The friendliest theatre I have ever visited. Bob the podium guy is so animated and energetic. The ushers were so Nice. We were told by many employees to enjoy the movie and have a good night when we were leaving. I was extraordinarily impressed!!!! I can't wait to go back.

Mary Noel King

love this place ,my favorite theater

DragonFire 2017

Great show, lots of seat options, good showtimes. Some cons are the really high snack prices and seating seemed a little dirty. The chairs felt like an old rug, and my cup holder was kind of sticky.

Mark Shaffer

Best IMAX around! Very clean with superior screen and sound. Plenty of theaters and while you wait for your movie, you can enjoy their arcade. Plus with the theater being connected to the mall, you have a lot of options for shopping or activites like Glow In The Dark Putt-Putt.

Stormy Horan

Fired most friendly employee for no reason. Will not go back until she is rehired. New managers are rude and nothing short of ignorant. Prices are high and not worth my drive. I used to come here once a week at least. I would see the same 8 employees. They told me they were all forced to be let go. Will not be returning anytime soon.

Clocked Pro

It's still a very nice theater even though Mills Mall has completely closed!

Kenneth Maben

Best theater around me.

Jeff Gordon

Good variety of movies at a healthy price for popcorn & pop!

Justin Atherton

Nice theater. Ticket prices are average price. Concessions are expensive just like every movie theater but it's a nicer environment than most.

Josh Lowry

Always loved this theater. Plus they have IMAX and seats that move with the action. Makes the movie going expierience much more fun.

Tori Hilty

Option to add butter at the bar. Heck ya. Comfy seats, ok price

Isaac Renaud

Was a very good quality theater.

John Hampton

Nice staff, clean theaters. Always a good time!

Amy Richard

Nice and clean. The movie was extremely loud. Even my 6 year old was getting a headache. I think it was because there weren't a lot of people in the theater.


Best theater, I hope they never get rid of imax

Delmar Holmes

Movie was good. They had no goobers. I don't know any movie theater that doesn't sell goobers. Well, I do now.


Love the Tuesday $5 movie day. See a great movie, for only $5 can't beat that. Movies has very comfortable seats with leg room. Always clean. Talking and cell not allowed so you can enjoy the movie.

Samantha Mittelmeier

The movie was great, staff was friendly, and the prices are reasonable. The seats in IMAX are extremely cramped, though.

Jack Konieczny

A very good place to watch movies, defiantly one of the better cinemarks I’ve been to.

L Sylvester

Went to see Overcomer great movie.

Nicole Shetler

Very little wait time at concessions, we were very pleased :)

Brian Brooks

Food service is slow, but otherwise good clean cinema.

Dianna Switzer

The seating is comfortable Nice and cool place.


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