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REVIEWS OF Becky's Drive-In IN Pennsylvania

Dennis Lombell

Better than the movies theater you can sit in your watch the movie without anyone disturbing you

AngryGoat 6.0

Took us a little more then a hour and fifteen minutes to get to Becky's. When we arrived ( 2 hours before showtime to see The Lion King ) it was already filling up. It was a very hot day but, lots of trees seemed to help cool the area down. We pulled into a nice parking area ( thank goodness we got there early ) and spread out our chairs, blanket and picnic basket. The whole nostalgic experience was definitely worth the drive. There is a nice playground for the kids and a train and firetruck ride ( all mini ) too. The staff is very nice and friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have. The movie itself was clear and bright. Playing the sound through your cars radio or boom box makes it so nice and convenient ( we used a small boom box). Fun for everyone. I strongly recommend going at least once. Just remember it is a double feature and if you stay for both movies you will be there until after 1:00 am most likely.

Tom K

AWESOME place to take the family (especially if you have younger kids) to see a movie, but wait, you get TWO (first run!) movies for the price of one!! We drive over an hour each way; well worth it!! They often have pony rides & "fire truck" rides (a cleverly converted lawn tractor) on nights when showing "G" movies, for an extra cost. Playground is always free. 2 food stands, choices include pizza, burgers, dogs, chicken fingers & funnel cake in addition to popcorn & candy. Also 2 sets of bathrooms, less waiting in line!

Peter DeConti

Great double feature brings you back to my childhood

Paul Sedlock

(2)screens with different movies. And (2) movies per screen. Kid friendly. Fair food pricing.

Gregory Eidinov

Fun place that is strangely timeless. And social in the best way

Donna Servidio

Just fun bring your own drinks and snacks

Seth Rehrig

Awesome place... go early

Valedy Ross

I love Becky's! Friendly drive in

D Kram

Nice drive in theater. Has 2 screens for 2 different movies. Reasonably priced. Plenty of room to park. Has nice playground and train to ride. They also usually have activities for children.

David Pargas

Very fun time watching the double feature with family. The playground, train ride and concession stands helps kill time before the movies start.

Adam R

This place is awesome. The atmosphere is perfect, fun for the kids, and the price is totally reasonable. Get there early and really enjoy it for what it is.

Joseph Jefferson III

Great experience but the breakfast sandwiches are NOT worth $6.50 at all.

Paulina Foley

Very fun. Good entertainment for kids before the movie. They have snacks and food for decent price too.

Erica Rose

Beautiful open field. You can lay on the grass while watching a movie or sit in your vehicle. There is also a concetion stand for food.

Michael Martin

Food wasn't to good. Didn't even stay for the second movie we originally went to see

Kathy Deery

Love Becky's great service, great value for your dollar, family friendly & knowledgeable & friendly staff

Luz Messinger

Excellent experience at this Drive-in. We got there early enough to get a great spot and set up at our convenience. We got the truck set and had enough time to use restroom and get snacks before the show started at 8:30 pm. The staff at the ticket booth and the consession stand were wonderful. Overall it was a great night.

Ozawa monser-kernosh

The price is really good and the people are nice its a nice family event

Donna Foley

Always a great time and a great value I have been taking my kids there for over 19 years and will continue to do so I hope for the next 19!

Krystal LaBeija Conyers

Great experience to share with my husband,whose never been to one. Outs good to know this form of entertainment is still surviving the times

Noel Santiago

Great place for any occasion whether itd be for a date, a night out with the family, or a night out with friends... Becky's always has movies playing for all ages and the play movies of most genres so its always something different, plus who doesnt like a double feature for a fair price ?!

Candace Snyder

Way to many people not paying attention to the nothing above your roof line. Than when we went for food we stood there while everyone else got there stuff and kept getting skipped. I had to walk up and say something. We ended up missing the intro to the movie, in which this case was an important part. We made sure we went in early enough to not miss the movie. I think we will stick to Shankwheilers.

Andy Gallegos

Good family fun. Great deal on movie prices,. Food is overpriced just like every theater

Joann Ames

Best drive in. Always updating. Plenty of places to park, good view from almost anywhere. Good movies, 2 screens. Plenty of food choices. 2 movies for one price. Clean restrooms and a playground for kids. Bring a chair and your radio. If my review was helpful please hit like.

Stacey Chambers

Love this place! Reasonable food, admission, and the family atmosphere cannot be beat!! The funnel cakes are the absolute BEST!!!!!

Danny Simpson

Awesome experience watching Joker here, nothing like a nice 60 degree night and a movie in your car. Snacks were good and a great retro ambience.

Nigrelli ニグレリMatthew マシュー

Becky's is a great experience for the entire family. We took our two year old to see Detective Pikachu. It was his first movie experience and since you sit in your car it doesn't hinder the experience for others if he talks. There are two screensehich each show double features. Tickets are: $10.00 each for Adults. $6.00 each for Children Children 2 & under are Free. You can bring your own cooler for drinks and food but they have a concession stand was well which serves popcorn and your typical movie theatre fare. No alcohol is permitted. All in all it can be a cheap night out and a chance to see s flick if you can't find a sitter. Becky's is open Rain or Shine.

Kevin Ressler

We enjoy having this drive in close and well run. We get to the area a few times a year and always make it a point to come visit you!! Thank you for this rare opportunity to have a nostalgic experience.

Cal Leon

Great drive in movie theatre! Worth the drive since there aren’t many near us

Maryanna Troxell

You can see two movies for the price of one here and they have better food. From where I live it is a bit of a drive, but so worth it.

Douglas Loy

I actually loved it. My only problem was you can't take a modern vehicle to a drive-in movie unless you know how to turn all the lights off in the car. Lol

Steven Negron

Excellent place to watch a movie, no matter where you park it is a good spot. My wife and kids first time and they loved it

Enrique Infante

What a great place. Being from NYC I have not been to a drive in movie in 40 years. I was at camelback lodge for a few days and this place was about a hour away so i had to go. Tell the truth Becky's was the best part of the trip. Friendly staff great prices and the way they had the parking set up made everything work great.

Cynthia Pham

Great place to spend with family very clean the bathroom to the snack bar a bit pricey but over all a great fun place to hang out an watch great movies

Kk h

Reasonable prices, friendly staff, two movies for the price of one, and a clean facility (especially bathrooms).

deborah labar

Enjoyed the movies and the food was good also. It would be nice to give senior citizens a discount on the price of the admission.

Mai A.

Great theater, clean and concession stand isn't as expensive as the movie theater. 2 movies for the price of 1.. very reasonable.

James Rigg

The only thing I didn't like was that they close the bathrooms even if there is still a movie showing... Otherwise it's a great time!

Thomas Anderson

Top 3 Drive-in Movies in the country. Definitely the cleanest and best kept property I've been to. Very fair prices on the tickets and the food. Arrive early and let your young ones play in the play area for a while. Just a really great, family focused and wholesome establishment.

Stephanie Biechy

Always a fun time. Never any issues. Love that I can take the kids and we can really enjoy the movies.

Toni Ermatinger

Very affordable for the whole family and a great place to hang out! Can't wait to go back.

Quintin Colabella

This is one of my favorite places. Good food and great place to see a movie or two

anacelia perez

This drive-in is fantastic!!! We attended the dusk till dawn event and we all had a great time! The movie selection was good, the bathrooms are very clean, there is a cute playground the kids can play at during intermissions, pets are allowed, the food is delicious and very reasonably priced. Alot of people bring tents/ cots/mattresses, etc. but we just brought chairs and blankets. Add Becky's to your list of places to visit!

Yahaira Bustos

Words cannot describe how awesome Becky's drive in is! Everyone is so great and the atmosphere is so family oriented! Best theater ever!

Elizabeth Cortez

Becky’s is a summertime must for me and my husband. At $10 an adult for two flicks with two screens to choose from, we love being able to set out our lawn chairs in front of our car and dig into buttered popcorn, funnel cake, nachos with cheese, and much more. Oh, we go hungry! And while the individuals waiting behind us at the concession stand may hate us, the cashiers have always greeted us with a smile. Also, while Becky’s is wonderful for a night out with your partner, it is 100% family-friendly. Your children will love the trolleys and on-site playground.

Richard Grube

Its a awesome place to take rhe family. Very cheap and affordable. It gets full so get there early.

Meagan Witters

Just so dissapointed. I drove for 2 hours through traffic with a kid and 2 dogs only to arrive and have an angry man violently wave me away with his flashlight when I suppose I paused a minute to long trying to understand what the heck was going on. I have recommended you guys to hundreds of clients as recently as yesterday before I made my pointless journey to your drive in. I will never again attend your drive in nor recommend it to anyone. At the very least your angry flashlight man could have called out a halfhearted apology for my inconvenience. Please don't respond with a comment about how I should leave earlier as I work every Saturday and literally rushed right over as soon as I could. I had to drive another 2 hours home with now very restless dogs and a crying child.

Jennifer Beier

Great night at dusk til dawn

Teresa Souders

First time going there. Besides all the dogs, I like the wide screen. Food was good to. Can't wait to go again

It's Just JJ

The best place in the world to me

Robert Giordano

Great place. Great food. 2 screens. Family friendly

Lisa Scimeca

Nice drive in with friendly staff. Pice is $10 per person and pets are welcome. They have a conssession stand and rest rooms. Facility was clean. We enjoyed watching two movies in the comfort of our car. Just don't forget to bring a radio to hear the movie.

Tranquil Rhythms

That is an awesome family friendly place to go.

Mark Lynn

Cub scout campout 2019! Always the most looked forward to event! Thanks for a great night! See you next year!!!

Amber Wallace

Really fun way to watch a movie! The snack stand was nice and the bathrooms were clean.

Randall Frey

Love the drive in theatre. It's an hour drive for us to get there but we just can't stop going there. Beautiful night's under the stars watching great new movies.

Lynn Shupp

Want to experience a part of Americana? The drive in was packed tonight with smiling faces galore. It's a family owned business and they try to keep the whole family in mind. They have a playground and trackless fire truck and train for the kids to enjoy. A good amount of food choices to enjoy. Also they tie in events during the season. Tonight was the 73rd anniversary with a bunch of extras. Definitely give Becky's a try to enjoy your piece of something very American. America is the birthplace of the drive in.

Paul O'Connor

It's a bit of a drive but well worth the trip. Most adults under 40 and kids have never been to one. 10 for adults and 6 for kids.

Nichole Moll

We loved the drive in. Definitely worth the 45 minute drive. We seen the lion king and toy story 4. They have a playground for the kids which gets over crowded and the food locations are nice. Prices aren't bad for food. $10 an adult wasn't bad at all to get in. Employees are super friendly. We will definitely go back.


I did not come here to see a movie, I attended their Dream Come True benefit. This was the 31st year and I have attended many times, but this was my first year as a craft vendor. The car show is always fantastic, every year. This year as a vendor, my experience was excellent. The event is beautifully organized and I recommend everyone check it out. The entrance fee is a donation and every year they raise a lot of money for a worthy cause.

Paula Seymour

Very clean and organized. Nostalgic. Kids really enjoyed it. The best for the summer.

Allison Scully

Love Becky's Drive In!! It's great for a fun night out and you get 2 movies for the price of 1! You can enjoy the movie from the comfort of your own car (or open the hatchback if you have one). Before each movie they play retro advertisements which is great. Depending on the size of your car will depend on how close you can park to the screen (to make sure you don't block anyone elses view. Very reasonably priced. They also have an outdoor play area for the kids if you come early to hang before the movie starts. Looking forward to coming back before summer ends!!

Eric Henning

What a great place to see movies you get the privacy of your car and dont have to be crammed into a theater great snacks or bring your own. Always a great date night with the wife and kid

Rafael Castro

The drive is very organized clean and the staff is very nice.

john sikora

This place is amazing!!! I had no idea I could still find old school drive in movie theaters. The privmce is reasonable and they do have military discount which was greatly appreciated. The food here is interesting and again very reasonably priced. I was blessed enough to bring my grandchildren and they all had a blast and enjoyed the playground here that is open before the features begin. The double feature we watched were both current movies playing in all the local theaters so that was nice as well. If you have the opportunity to come don't hesitate to bring the while family for great family bonding.

Julian Davidson

Awesome family owned place. 2 screens. Reasonable prices concession stand. Clean bathrooms.

Norman Boring

Yes a nice place food is good just don't think they're fair we have been moved 3 times cause they think they will sell out but 2 and 3 rows in front of me they're not moving a soul they say no dogs I've seen a Beagle ,Pug,Poodle,German Shepherd some kind of hunting dog I forgot the name of that kind and I hear a little type dog behind me I do t think all of them are service dogs

Dayana Soto

Loved it!!! Cant wait to go back and watch more movies! Such a great date idea.

Audrey Haddad

I just got home from Becky's & had a nice night / morning there for their dusk til dawn event. Money well spent. $12 admission for 4 movies is unthinkable in this day & age. It's always a good time there. Been going for many years & will continue to do so. Wonderful staff & I can go on all day, but I just wanted to let it be known that this place is loved by many in the Valley & greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.



Samm Kallelis

Chill as heck place. You can bring your own food and there is lots of parking. The sound is clear and works just fine on FM radio. I used to go here when I was a teenager and some things don't change. That is sometimes a good thing. I will come here on every one of my visits from now on.

Peter Vilanova

Always a very fun time with family when watching movies at the drive in

Manuel Nelo Esteves

Always an amazing time at Becky's! Fun-filled, family atmosphere with Crystal Clear Digital Projection Double Features on 2 different screens.

Kevin Kresge

Always a great time with the family, honestly the best way to watch a movie

Minerva Ramirez

Our new family spot . The little ones love it we love it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

MsChristine H

I don't know if it's nostalgia but we live this place. Whether we bring the nieces and nephews or make it a date night, it's always a good time. I've been going for over 29 years. Many changes and a lit more people going. Lines can be long for food but we go early so we can eat before the shows start. We go every season at least 2 times and often more. When I retire we'll be checking it out during the summer week days. Everyone should check it out. A few hotels in the area if you're coming from far away.

Homie TheClown

Love taking the family here. Great atmosphere and staff is very friendly.

Melissa Yeisley

Love coming here every year. Unique experience that you can't find locally.

Brianne Sousa

I love becky's! It's out of the way for us but it's really one of the only drive ins around us. The prices are great and it really is always such a great time every time we go. We went last week and my boyfriend wants to go super soon

chris ferraro

First time being there. Was double feature night, saw lion king&toy story 4. We really enjoyed it.

d e c a n c e l

Love it! Can’t wait to go back. Totally worth the 2 hours drive from where I live. The food is good, the service is great!!!!

Kenneth O'kelly

This was a enjoyable

Angel Martinez

Really cool drive in! Very family friendly! Snack bars are super sweet as well. They always offer 2 family movies on one screen and 2 adult movies on the other. They have a playground for the kids too! If you dont want to keep your car on for audio they have Little radios that you can rent for $3 and your Drivers license. Just return the radio at the end of your entertainment session and you'll get your Drivers license back! Have fun and bring your family! Or bring a date

The Crazy K's

The best drive-ins in the area. It has two different screens giving you many options when you visit. My only piece of advice would be to bring citronella candles as there are a lot of mosquitoes.

Mr. Haberern Paradise

The best Drive In theater in the world! Good features, good food, fresh popcorn with all the most recent feature packaging! Two screens, two features each, and fun pre movie features both new and throwback. Good sound, funnel cakes, friendly staff, clean updated bathrooms and a lot of spaces at both screens. Seasonal, but dont miss the overnight movie marathon on Labor Day weekend and other events late into the season like Trunk or Treat. For less than the price of a movie theater ticket, you get 2 features plus the great atmosphere of days gone by.


Great place for spring and summer dates! The staff is always polite and helpful. 10$ for 2 movies compared to 12$ for one movie at a regular theater; you can't beat that!

GHtv 'GHMammalZ'

A fairly wonderful atmosphere for couples singles, and families.

Lyne M. Friendly

This place is a gem nestled away in the country with a well preserved nostalgic culture that has been faded out by corporate America. The staff is warm and friendly and the snacks were fresh and tasty. The grounds are clean and tidy and the screens and supporting technologies are in good working order. Out reception was crystal clear. This was our first visit and we will definitely be back again. Thanks Becky's!!!

Neftali Tolentino

It was really fun so if you are going there it's a good idea but the one thing was are radio it was hard so my mom had to put her hand on it until my girl scouts leader bom box started to work so I would use your cars radio

Amanda Gannon

I love Becky's! It's only $10 to see 2 movies and it's so nice being able to just relax in your car or lay in the back with the seats down! Wonderful place!! Highly Recommend!!

Rey Perez

Drive-in experience is 1 you can never get tired of. Took my 3 year old daughter for the 1st time to see Toy Story 4 and she enjoyed it.


Saw 2 movies. Grandchild could play before show. Food is good. People are nice.

Amey Gunderman

Love this place! Been going for years. Clean n affordable. People are really nice. Bring her own snacks too!

Flor Sylvestre

Saw Hobbs N Shaw with Family it was an amazing movie n night

Johnny Judas

Loved it. The place is great summer and fall place to spend family time. At a bargain for the movies.

Erica Koloski

There is truly no other experience like it! I love it!

Kai Evans

can we just talk about why becky’s drive in has white people dressing up as people of middle eastern descent? that’s called white washing and that’s messed up. I used to go to becky’s all the time but because of this, I will not be supporting this business and will tell others as well. if you can’t do it accurately, don’t do it at all.

Ryan Tyrrell

Great place to take the family.for a night out

Tiffany Chapman

I absolutely love Becky’s. I have quite a drive from Philadelphia but its worth every minute. This family oriented business is amazingly ran and their legacy continues each year of wonderful traditions. I would definitely move closer for the environment and to come here everyday and enjoy the movie experience of my elders and hopefully my next generation to come. Keep up all the great work!!! See you soon!


I love this place.. building memories with my children here

brandi hogg

Always love going to Becky's great place for family to enjoy movies and family time prices are good food is great friendly employees great family oriented people

Jen Jamerson

Loved going to Becky's even though it was close to an hour drive, it was well worth it. This drive in is very well organized with how parking should be done. There is also plenty of parking to find the perfect spot. Come hungry, there's plenty to choose from to eat off their menu.


I love Becky's Drive In. I do not go anywhere else. The Food Is amazing. See ya under the stars. Hugs

KrisTin Sell

Love the great family time!! Reasonable pricing and yummy snacks

Diane Maris

Every parking spot a great view, Clean, fast service, pretty good food

Christen Heiden

Fun night out and great experience for the kids. Wished the radios worked a little better but overall we all had a great night.

Francisco Rivera

Get there early to pick a decent spot in front of the screen or you will be stuck looking at the screen from the side or worse behind an SUV! Snack bar is nice & reasonable overall excellent place to sit back and watch some flicks!

Tina Schoenwandt

Perfect for date nights! Wonderful experience and very inexpensive!

BethAnne Cotter

Had a great time! Sound through your radio, good food, so clean! Cant wait to go back.

Katrina Barnes

Great food, great staff, great atmosphere, and it’s always a fun place. For those of you commenting complaining about issues such as: a car/ truck blocking your view or someone’s hatch blocking your view, all you need to do is call the office and let them know. Then they send someone right over to resolve it. We have done it many times. For those of you giving only one star and not leaving reasons, you’re obviously trying to lower their ratings.

Anna Jean

We had soooo much fun here! Worth the almost 2 hour drive. The food was great and really cheap.

Jeff Heck

Nice friendly people. Can't beat a drive in movie

andrew lutz

Fun family adventure for everyone. It was extremely fun going to an old time drive-in movie theater recently priced the staff was courteous and it the overall experience was enjoyable

J Cohen

We love this place! Not expensive & friendly staff. Great family fun

Scott G

Awesome way to watch a movie. Cheaper than a theater and cleaner. Bring your own food and drinks. Sit in your vehicle or outside and enjoy the night.

bob doriety

Great snack stands and friendly staff. Awesome nostalgic place to take your family. Way better than going to the regular movies and they appreciate your business. Worth the drive if you don't live close.

Rachel Thompson

Best place to watch a movie!


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