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REVIEWS OF AMC Woodhaven 10 IN Pennsylvania

Louis Godbold

Comfortable seating and beverages. The atmosphere is great and I would not go to another theater.

Bridget Sweeney

not happy with the worker. i’m am so disappointed...... about 15 minutes ago my friend and i were about to see a new movie, we had pre-paid for the tickets and as we gave the worker our tickets to scan....he asked for ID. Which too me is QUITE unprofessional, i denied and we were told we were not allowed to see the movie. We tried to return the tickets to get our money back. INSTEAD they put both of the tickets onto one gift card when I WANTED THE MONEY ON TWO SEPARATE GIFT CARDS..... i am highly disgusted and will never go back EVER AGAIN!!!!! movie theater....more like RUDE MAN!

randy ruiz

Only place my family goes to watch the newest releases.

Allen Williams

Everything was good even tho the screen went off for about 2mins because of the storm. But they fixed it quickly!

Jackie Armstrong

Smaller theatres, good reclining seats, comfy and lots of room so you're not right on top of strangers. Huge variety of snacks, which is newer, but not a fan of the new pretzel bites. Our movie theatre of choice!

Sasha Hudson

Plenty of parking , good food and entertainment


Nice comfy reclining seats, clean theatre, clean bathroom, usual movie food (and prices), too many trailer's .... Movie started 30+ minutes after scheduled time. Still a good choice!

Janny S

First time here, caught a late movie. Experience was great, purchasing tickets was easy. However, it smelled like feet in the auditorium. That was the only downfall that lost one star from me.

Jennifer Rhoads

The theater is comfortable, reclining seats and spacious

Kathe Sobczak

We absolutely enjoy going to this theater. The staff are very professional, warm and friendly atmosphere. The seats are very comfortable. The bar is a great added touch especially when we are there for an evening movie.

R Coe

Nice theater. Limited seating get tickets in advance. Had to sit in corner suprisingly was still about to see the full screen. Reclining seats very comfortable and theater was clean.

Gina Favro

A-List lets me see 3 movies a week for a low monthly fee. The recliners are amazing! The popcorn is always hot and fresh. The icees are cool and refreshing. Bathrooms are very well maintained. Friendly staff!

Alice Guld

Except for the price of Popcorn and Soda $15, I enjoy going to Woodhaven esp Tuesdays. Theatre..Comfortable Seating, fast, efficient and clean and of course there is a BA R

Tina L Green

Awesome atmosphere multiplex theatre, enjoyable family vibe

Yoly Martinez

The movie theater itself is great and the reclining chairs were awesome. The employees were very withdrawn and not friendly. The "priority lane" does not exist for those of us who pay more to be a stubs/premiere member. We got there and EVERYBODY was in the "priority lane" and when we finally got up to the counter I mentioned how I did not see anyone present a member card and the guy at the desk said "I don't know about that plus I say something and people give attitude so yeah so I just dont ask". Probably not going back. Customer service should be a priority but it isn't.

Nichole Harris

Always nice always clean. Drinks are amazing!

Jason Davis

Seat comfort was great. As a person who shows up on time for things, I'm not sure I like the whole reserved seat thing that is the norm now but the seats fold almost flat and the front row is not really an issue at this point in regards to visibility. Plus my kids loved being that close anyway. Still hate how much food costs at these places but what do you expect at this point?

Keith Herbert

I went to see Rocketman! I was very comfortable in this theater. The staff was very polite. From the ticket booth, to the clean up afterwards! Even the men's room was clean and smelled great! It made for a very pleasant movie going experience! I would watch a movie here any day.

Contessa Nowacki

The movie theatre wasn't really clean but the customer service was good.

Richard Hahn

Reserved seating and reclining seats are nice and clean. Theater is well kept, just wish they had a couple more screens for a bigger movie selection. The bar is nice for adults 21 and older. Never disappointed, and the staff is helpful and friendly.

Donna Coyle

Love love love this theater. However I do think they should have staff in the theaters to keep ppl from talking throughout the movie and ruining for others.

Kerry Hummel

Best place to watch a movie hands down!

freddie lipscomb

Love this place especially for 5 dollars movie night check it out

Jeremy Miles

Selective seating in this theater. Quite clean, even with big names movies (ahem, marvel, star wars). There's a bar located here as well. Minus 1 star because the parking lot near the movie theater typically fills up very quickly, so you usually have to park a bit far.

John Sharpe

Nice, updated place. Theaters themselves are a little small but the nice, leather recliners totally make up for it.

Dana Miller

Love the seating. The bathrooms are ALWAYS clean Love

Not the cleanest I have been to but seating was comfortable.. Bathrooms were nasty .. Girl behind counter must have been new ...

Heather Iffrig

Love this movie theater small but nice love the recliner seats

Melvin Bussie

This theater was very clean! The plush reclining seats, sound system, and small size gave it a real "at home" Home Theater experience....the bar offered top shelf alcohol, food menu limited but convenient. My children and I had great first time visit and definitely plan on returning!

Judy Hawort

The staff was very helpful. Snack bar was well stocked. This movie theater had a bar for adult beverages. Theater had reclining seat and was spotless.

Flower Girl

I love this place for its central location to I-95. Very Easy to get to and from and there is a little pizza shop right next to it for a quick bite to eat before or after the movie and there is even a dollar plus type store for movie type snacks at half the costs in a pinch and there are also Adult Beverages available for purchase in the lobby of the theatre

Lakeyia Dixon

This place is very nice and clean. I haven't been here in years, this will definitely be my go to movie theater. The bathrooms are clean too. The seats are comfortable.

janet smoluk

Had a horrible experience tonight. I’ve been to this theater MANY times and I’ve never had an issue until tonight. I bought two tickets to see the 9:40 The Lion King and I also spent about 20 dollars in concessions. During the movie, there was a row of teenagers who would not stop talking. A few of the other movie watchers had told them to be quiet but it didn’t work. I tried to go to guest services twice to complain about disruptive teenagers in the theater and not one worker was to be found. So not only did I not enjoy my movie but I missed two parts of it trying to track someone down. I finally got ahold of someone after calling to see if anyone would answer and someone did, mind you I’m still in the building, and the person who answered informed me that they were upstairs doing paperwork so I asked if he could come down to meet me so I could discuss my experience. He informed me that the workers go home at a certain time and the two people who stay to finish up paperwork stay in the upstairs office. I told him about my movie experience and not only was I mad that my movie and my night was ruined but I was more mad that I couldn’t find a single worker in the building. I told him that someone should be present at all times because what if there was an emergency?? What if something happened in the theater?! I went to the movies with my mother tonight who doesn’t always carry a cell phone. What if I was choking and she ran out for help?? There would be no one to help!! He said that it would be up to corporate to decide if someone can stay at guest services. I got corporates number from him and called immediately and the woman I spoke to said she would relay the information. Considering it’s called “Guest Services” there should be someone present AT ALL TIMES while there are guests in the building whether it be a worker or security guard.

Tracy Poindijour

My fave little movie theater!

Ryan Valor Travels

Favorite movie theater because every theater has the reclining seats and service is nice. Never have any problems here

Duane Deppen

Best place to see a movie. Seats are great.

Nygel Sander101

Love this place. Always clean and everyone is nice!!

Richard Dillow

Nice theater with comfortable seating. The place is clean and up to date.

Ashanta Owens

Took my daughter and my little cousin to see toy story !! They had an absolute blast! The customer service was amazing and it’s an all out comfortable experience! This is definitely my go to AMC spot!! I definitely recommend!!!

Bert Ramos

GREAT !!! Best theater ever. Always a pleasant experience..

Tiffany Davis Lyons

I seen a roach at the bar. Other than that it's ok. I will not be eating or drinking anything from there. I rather go to another theater but they are the cheapest so you get what you pay for.

Brianne Nicole - Origami Owl

Movie theater we watched the movie in was thankfully clean but the lobby & snack bar area were FILTHY. There was trash, food, spilled drinks all over the floors and counters. It was definitely disgusting and ALL of the movie poster ads in the lobby were geared towards buying food, drinks and/or alcohol while there and not ONE case featured an upcoming film. If your gonna try to direct everyone to the snack bar and base your advertising techniques around your snack bar the least you could do is ensure your snack bar is clean at all times and not looking like there was just a riot of kindergartners running through the place.

Laura Niemczura

Staff were helpful, snacks were great, theatre was a little warm for a hot summer night...

Natashia Lizsette

The best movie theater in Philly. The best seats the best screens, polite staff, convenient e-tickets machines, and drinks. Wether I’m going with my friends or my kids, we always have a great time.

Videos to Watch

great seats...sound, food.

Kristin Eileen

I love coming here and always has the best seats. The staff is friendly and hard working. This theater has the reclining seats where you get to choose your seats in advance which is great. There are times I brought a blanket, but not because it's cold because it's not. The place even has a bar

You So Crazy Sisters

My family and I are in love

Terece Jenkins

Spacious, comfortable seats. Stop by Champs Pizza place next door for a pre- or post movie meal. Much better taste and prices than theater food.

Marquise Reynolds

One of the best chill movie theaters in the northeast.

Nicholas Turner

This is my absolute favorite theater. The chairs are fantastic and it's always well staffed and clean. Parking isn't great directly outside the theater but if you park a bit back you'll be fine

Eileen McGinnis

I joined the A-List. Love it. Can see 3 movies a week. Enjoy the perks of the Stubs card, especially $5 all day Tuesdays for movies. But you have to have a Stubs Card.

Krista H

Very nice reclining seats, and everything looks updated

Anthony Pizzino

I was treated like an object by the honestly disgusting manager at this astablishment. I felt like I was just some number. I am absolutely discussed with their pigish management here and I am thoroughly disappointed as to what this once great theter has become!

David Vendetta

Awesome place to visit...

Janell Cruz

The theater itself is ok..however I've been coming here for years and I've never seen it as dirty as I did last night. I went to see the Lion King. There was spilled popcorn and bits of trash EVERYWHERE! On the countertops as you order food...on the floors by the soda machines. By the stands where you get your straws..I thought maybe by the time we got out that they wouldve cleaned it. No..they didnt. So I feel bad for the ppl that had to work today with that mess. Makes me not want popcorn or anything. If they dont care about that..what else dont they care about??

Carly Cowan

It's a very nice theater. Looks new inside. Parking is terrible. I know this is not their fault, but the theater was a disaster as we walked out. The patrons are the absolute messiest I've ever experienced. Good theater, though, comfy recliner seats!

Paul Moyer

Don't let the location fool you. Its all the way back in the corner but out of every theater I've visited. This one was the cleanest. Most comfortable seating and overall best movie experience I have had in my life. Staff was knowledgeable and from the moment I purchased my tickets not once did I find any reason to rate it any less

Brittany Davis

We go here every week a list member u can watch 3 movies a week definitely saves money

mike brutosky

Great place for adults and children. Movies for everyone. Snacks for kids, and adult drinks for adult patrons.

Karen Carr

Very hot in the movies. No fans on or ac. Dirty and candy wrappers in the drink holder and on the seats.

Shonta Morris

Favorite place to view new movies in theaters. ALWAYS CLEAN.

Johnny Correa

It was great. Comfortable and the staff was great

Norma Ramos

I appreciate every theater having recliners.

Unknown Anonymous

Always has the best recliners

Aurora Wright

Great theater, aways clean. Reclining leather seats that are wide, front row has small tables every couple of seats. There it's a bar in the lobby. It has gotten more crowded since they opened the bar. I would suggest reserving your seats a say in advance to ensure you get the seats you want. Overall my favorite movie theater around me.

Jaime Scarpiello

Great as ALWAYS!! My husband and 3 children took me to see the new Rebel Wilson movie today for Mothers day and like always it was AMAZING!!! One place we all agree is great!!

Cassaundra Gray

Stop by the bar befote your movie. Great drinks and really giid service.

MsChristine H

I like it better now with all the new seats. But sometimes they change a movie if people don't buy tickets by a certain time. Twice it happened to us. Got there a touch late and the movie wasn't playing any more

Eric Oliveras

This is thee most comfortable, friendly, clean, and enjoyable place to watch a movie in the northeast Philadelphia region. And, best of all... Convenient!! Buying tickets online and retrieving then on the kios machine couldn't be any easier. Great place!!

Gambino Banks

I Love This Place, My Kids Love This Place. We'll Be Going Back Again!!!

Rafael Sierra

Service is excellent as always. Theater was well kept, clean and service is excellent. Seating is premium, without the premium price for Stubs Members on Tuesdays, and any other day it averages In comparison with other theaters. Sound on regular showings is also great and the screens are of excellent quality!! Hands down best value for the buck in the Northeast region of Philadelphia!!

Rachel Anna Torres

I love it here very clean. And nice staff

Wayne 2

Very clean well-maintained legally accessible from I-95

Penny Davis

Their parking lot is large. You can buy Your tickets when you get there or from Your phone. They have different movies in the theatre that You can watch. The seats are adjustable. They can go all the way back. Nice atmosphere. The food is good and reasonable.

jennifer b

Nice, clean movie theater. Small but has all the concessions and reclining seat upgrades that other AMC theaters have. I like matinees on the weekends. It is usually quiet and my husband and I always find a good seat.

Patrick Murphy

they have the best seats around!! It's normally very clean and the movie start right on time

Caryn Geer

Love that all the movies shown have reclining chairs. Very roomy and comfortable. Nice staff, always helpful!

Erica Schal

Neat, friendly staff, good deals on Tuesday.

TheGaming Chef96

The best movie employees I've ever seen period!!


I go there quite often. And lately I noticed the place staying dirty when it comes to bathroom and and the counter area and floors. Also it would be nice if staff ask if visitors are members. Or at least make and give key card for members

Michael Kenny

Whatever I want to see a movie, I always check to see if Woodhaven has it first. Even though this theater is a little further from me than other AMCs, these guys have only cozy chairs which elevates the movie-going experience like nothing else. My one critique is that MarketFair 10 seems to keep movies longer by only having one or two showings per day of older movies, maybe you could do that instead of letting movies disappear so quick.

Derek Wilkerson

Me and my wife go here for date night a lot of times Wheel Of The Gourmet Popcorn the cheddar cheese everything is normally beautiful love the reclining seats love the atmosphere


Always very clean nice employees also.

paul tillger

I like coming to this theater because it's closer to home than other AMC's. Also a little cheaper per ticket

Cara Canty

It’s so great it has really nice recliners

Martina Usmanova

Lovely place. Very comfortable seats and u can enjoy the movie.

Irene Lax

Conveniently located at Woodhaven Mall. They have reclining seats in all 10 theaters with not a bad seat in each theater. I recommend taking a sweater or jacket because I find it to be on the chilly side.

Mark Nucero

Saw Joker. 7/10, Joaquin pulled off a spellbinding performance

Gavin DeBonte

Smaller theater and need better workers but later show times


Went to see spider Man far from home. Besides the noise that people were making behind us we still managed to enjoy the movie. The theater itself was really nice and the staff was very friendly.

Audrey Metzger

This theatre is upgraded, the seats recline and the atmosphere is clean and organized. The updated AMC theatres are really easy to navigate. Concessions have a wide variety of candies. Invest in the stub program at this location for sure.

Mary Monaco

My favorite place to cat has a movie ! Clean, comfy and not too far from home

Colleen Matthews

Great see you there nice staff a little sad that I lost a bracelet there that couldn't be found

joseph cifone

Its nice.... Nothing much more to add

Amanda Robinson

Nice reclining seats. Popcorn station is usually a mess. I never see anyone cleaning.

Doris Mulero Rodriguez

Small movie theater but it's nice and offers all the amenities of the bigger theaters. It has big comfy recliners, a bar and a large concession stand. And the most important thing for me is CLEAN bathrooms!


This place is the best movie theater in northeast Philly. Very comfortable seat and helpful staff.

Vicki Eden

Love the reclining seats !! Very comfy.

Stephanie Ballard

Was a wonderful experience. I haven't been there since childhood. I loved the reclining seats and bar. I was presently surprised by the bar but the price for a drink was $13.00. Anywho an overall great experience!

Noelle Florek

Went for a family night out. We didn't order the seats in advance so we were limited to where we could get three seats together. We were left with the first row and I didn't mind but thought it might be uncomfortable. It absolutely wasn't. The reclining seats were super comfy making the movie that much more enjoyable. My only complaint would be their concession area. They were a bit understaffed which made for a long wait, especially since the 1st priority members were taken first. Also, the area near the fountain soda machines was an absolute mess. Soda all over the place. An additional staff member or manager willibg to help out would have been useful.

Silvia Vazquez

I love this movie theater is like a home away from home an the seats get me sleepy everytime 2

Elizabeth Koschorreck

Very rude staff got mad Because we didn't know we was supposed to not been in there right after the first movie ended Because they needed to clean it and before are started and started a fight and got into are faces over one thing he could of said nicely to ask us to leave he said it highly rudly when we was being nice

jeremy loughran

Quiet and can watch a few if done right ;-)

Carlos Galaraza

Awesome theater they have a bar and lots of parking this is my favorite AMC.

Mini Muu

The service is great. Its clean. Foods a little expensive. The seats are comfortable. Overall a great movie theater. I enjoy going their to watch movies.

Colton Jameson

The last time I was here there was an issue with the volume of the movie, when it was complained about by multiple people (the volume was enough to buzz the speakers), it wasn't changed. They seem to be more receptive to issues and have made upgrades to their facilities however, so we'll see if the changes are permanent.

Marylou Pfau

The movie was very Good. Like Will Smith.

Valerie Spanelis

Its very clean & well kept. The daytime shows are a wonderful delight for adults.


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