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REVIEWS OF AMC Philadelphia Mills 14 IN Pennsylvania


Terrible movie theatre. Its Saturday and they only have one cashier at ticket office box!!!!..meanwhile the line is getting longer and longer!!!!

ladell ramey

One of my favorite places 2go✔

Tateasha Peterson

I usually go to the movies with my kids. This was my first time going to the movies alone, it was a great experience. The theater wasn't crowded, there weren't a lot of people making noise, it was a peaceful experience. Since I was there by myself I noticed that chairs were a little worn and needed to be replaced, but surprisingly the floors were clean no debris in sight.


They have a big theater but no upgrades in forever


Right off the back this movie theater gets 5 stars I travel from South Philly all the way here to go to the movies got to love the place is clean decent kid friendly

Larry Reed

Ok for non-peak times if you want to enjoy a movie.

Genna Skoller

Nice theater, good people but very understaffed. Huge line backed out the door for concessions. Took us over half an hour to get popcorn and soda because only one side open.

Lynn Harris

Good seats and prices r good

Shadeia Wilson

the floor was super stuck & that's before I walked into the actual theater I was gonna be sitting in. The concession line was sooooo long with only 2 lines open, the cashier was annoyed & definitely did even try to hide that she hated her job. There was popcorn everywhere in he lobby I wind up helping to obviously exhausted kids working clean around the butter machine, he was polite & thanked me

Nia Acevedo

workers were great

Tammi Alverest

Its always a nice time watching a movie there

Christopher D Crist

A Nice place to Shop; Eat; Play Games or See a movie & there Is Parking & also Septa Buses that You Can Take You to the Philadelphia Mill Mall & Take You Close to Home. They even have the Relaxing Chairs that Massage You.

Maribeth Dennis

The customer service is great and the theaters are clean

Sandy Samaroo

It was good.

Rachel Solarek

Amess, miserable and unenjoyable movie experience. Very disappointed. AMC I'd usually better

Liz P

Needs better seats, an cleaning

Joan Troutman

Employees were very friendly and helpful, movie theater was clean.

Young Peshi

The movie start time is 3:30pm but there's a good 15-20 minutes of coming attractions to cushion any late comers. But not if there's only ONE cashier and the line is a half a block long and isn't moving. So after 25 minutes of waiting I just left the line. Would it have killed then to have another cashier? It's a Friday afternoon in the Summer time! Then they wonder why more people are just staying home watching bootlegs. I'm not going to this cheap theater again!

Angelo Silva

Third is the curse... i have been having issues with this place. I had two real bad experience and today i had the worst. Staff was rude “except the manager and another lady.” I bought the movies online for 6:45pm and still 7 20 and the movie still didn't play. I spoke with the staff about it and they seem annoying I complain the movie i pay for wasn't playing. Later the manager came. I did not for my money back.. instead I received some kind of guest movie ticket. Worst experience and service ever. Never again.

Michael Watson

Need better seats, it a nice place to watch a movie.

Ana Marrero

I just watched the Avengers,and was a magnificent experience, even when the theater was so crowded,staff keeps the line go smooth. And the food service was fast and excellent

Jamiel Thompson

Not crowded. Great movie. Clean theater. Bathrooms? Meh

Harold Evans

Nice quiet place, good parking

James Alexander

Is very nice in there good place to watch a movie the only thing I'd like everybody else says and snacks or soda is too way too expensive what is a nice place to watch a movie is clean people are nice and there you can work there anyway

Hazard 09

Like the star rating says this place is okay. If you simply want to watch movies then it's fine. The food is nothing out of the ordinary and can take a while. There is two IMAX screens and the rest is normal and there is no reclinable chair's

Carol Haines

Saw John Wick 3... Great movie, the people who work there have always been pleasent and helpful to me !!

Desiree Fuller

Please don’t go here. It is filthy, seats are broken and since they are assigned seats, your just screwed. Terrible experience. Will NEVER be going there again. If I could give a negative star rating I would have. Companies to AMC directly about the experience, and asked for them to have a manager contact me, they said “I can pass on the complaint and your information but there is no guarantee that they will contact you.” AMC you have disappointed me truly. Will be visiting Regal and Cinemark from now on.

Nelson Martinez

I saw Toy story 4 and we was in room 13 you guys need to clean your movie screen there was a big ol spotted stain right on the screen when I was watching the movie .

jamal gilliland

Nice place to go, don't have any trouble. Usually can see a movie with little people unless it's popular. No reclining seats

Cheryl Jones

My favorite movie theater and the pop corn always fresh n delicious

Sarah Capanna

This experience was horrible!!!! Seating and the employee cleaning up and manager were extremely rude will never go back. Seat were very uncomfortable too.

Patrick W. Jones

Horrible theater and everyone knows it. We were forced to see Avengers: Endgame here on opening day because it was full everywhere else. The place was virtually empty. Seems as though folks would rather wait than see a good movie here. I didn't get the memo. I should have waited.

XxYoMeatlyx X

I give this a 2 star because there was no butter, icee machines weren't working, and the popcorn actually gave me a stomach pain for a week


The BEST place to watch movies for we could watch Avengers Engame or any other movie

lucy lopez

Was there during the week not packed. Enjoy the service for my popcorn and drinks. Server was very helpful. Will go again . Plenty of free parking

Nikita Cook

Nice toy story 4 was great

Courtney Lawhorn

Inside the theaters are surprisingly clean. The seats are comfortable. It's handicap accessible. It has a large selection at the concession stand. The problems are that it's always dirty at the concession stand, there's only one concession stand (it took 20 minutes for them to make my boyfriend's curly fries), the bathrooms were nasty, and there was only one cashier working the ticket booth. There were two people in front of us and it still took about 15 minutes. Now that I know that you can just walk in and get your online ticket scanned, I guess I don't have to worry about that issue again at least. The tickets ARE only $5 on Tuesdays with the free membership, so... I can't complain much. With T-Mobile Tuesdays' Atom Ticket discount, I only paid $0.25, so I really can't complain. I definitely wouldn't have gone to the movies if it was full price.

Joseph Bernat

The concession stand was at least 50 people deep and they only had two concession cashiers. They only had popcorn and nachos readily available everything else was a 10 minute plus wait. Also, the self-serve beverage machines were out of almost everything. The IMAX theater was ridiculously small, didn’t have the reclining seats that it stated it would and the sound had too much treble and not enough bass. The majority of the guests we encountered were ignorant and the idea of purchasing specific seat numbers was a complete failure.

Anitria Odum

The seats are cloth seats and disgusting looking. They really need to upgrade, switch out the material seats to something more durable and can be cleaned off good

erika Lyn

The movie was great they need to update the theater. ASAP

t brennan

Overpriced and bad management. Shows announced at a certain time but in actuality you are forced to watch commercials for twenty minutes. Like you time isn't valuable.

Bria Floyd

Favorite Theater In My Area , Reclining Seats


Good movies to watch I watch Aladdin and Will Smith in the movie. 5 star for will smith


This was a fun day...I came to see Captain marvel and after this I'll be watching endgame


I feel they should get recliner seats my niece and nephew were falling out the seats.

Victoria Trower

The theatre is a little ancient, but it's very clean, nice crowd and it's so much does get a lot of evening traffic so being on the AMC movie list is convenient because you can jump the line and get checked in right away.

Nafissa Young

Free refills and nice ticket prices

mike brutosky

Great service from friendly staff. They haven't transitioned all theaters to recliners yet so be sure to check which one before buying tickets.

robbyn johnson

Nice, clean theater. Made us on the spot members to receive immediate discounts on the movie we were seeing. Almost 1/2 off!!! Good deal...

David Sax

Old school. Not fancy. Much cheaper. I'll take that trade!

Anthony Rovar

Cheapest movie theater in the northeast Philadelphia area. Frequented by good amount of teenagers. Sometimes have to tell them about their phones.

Olivia Buttons

It's very good

yasir awad

Love their recliner seats.

anonymous otter

The seats we comfortable but one star off cuz there was hair in my popcorn, and not like a stray hair, like the hair was wrapped around a piece of popcorn...

Jacqueline Smith

I always enjoy going to this mall. I can always find just what I'm looking for.

Felicia Monteiro

Not very helpful. They dropped the ball today, ticket kiosk wouldn't print, said to see ticket stand. Ticket booth says opens at 12;15, AMC employee washing windows, customer goes by and says you have to go inside for tickets, I as window washer and they say yes you have to go inside. We go inside and I tell the cashier all this and she just prints up the tickets and gives them to me, says theater #8, go there and theater is dark, they haven't even opened up yet! You all are just a wealth of information. Geesh!

Cookin Out The Trap Wit Triple

This AMC Theater is not up to date. The seats are real old, floors are sticky. They are poorly staffed, they only had one cashier in the concession stand which took 30 mins just for me to get popcorn because he had no assistance. There was leftover food on the seats in the movies and the list goes on .. me and my family will never come to this movie theater again!

Paula Smith

It was nice and clean enjoyed the movie


Went to a 10:15 show. Experienced an issue at concessions, however, the manager quickly handled the issue. I did miss a few minutes of the movie but overall a fair experience and the movie was very good. Not the cleanest theater but less expensive than neshaminy and Grant.

Keanu Davis

Movie theater definitely got worse over the years. The reason why I'm giving it a one star is because they had mice running around. They did not clean the theater prior to the movie starting. Trash was all under the seats and it smelled like Cigarettes. It's definitely not clean and the staff aren't that friendly rather energetic aka helpful. You do better off going to the AMC theater on Broad and Cecil B Moore.

Stacey Wilson

Great movie theater but need reclining seats

Damon Daniels

You need to hire college students to work at the Philadelphia Franklin Mills Mall can you get a higher college students because they know what to do the tile to talk to a customer not be angry nobody don't work unless y'all got there they look like they don't want to work then

Pyrus Torrel

Myself, my mothet, & 1 of her friends went to see The Best of Enemies. The audience appeared to me to be at least 95% female & almost all black. With that said, I guess there was no less than 18 people, but not much more if that. My mother grew up in the south during Jim Crow era & through the Civil Rights movement. Even though the movie was light-handed on showing just how bad things really were, what was portrayed still made my mother distressed & uneasy. This wasn't the type of movie she was hoping to see.

Mike Aquilino

Great theater! Nice atmosphere! Friendly staff! Check it out!

Leanna Bolovschak

Eh, IMAX was incredible but the room was hot, no air flow and the snacks stand ran out of soda and then their computer systems crashed. Movie was good though

Quanda Guyton

Racist place.... will never ever go again

M Anderson

This place sure has changed and not for the better. The popcorn was disgusting must have been leftover from the night before.Concession stand area wasn't clean food on the floor but I did enjoy the movie.

Carina Metso

Nice theater. Good popcorn, but I wish the seats reclined!

Sherry Garrison

I love AMC but this theater needs work

Ben Eichler

Haven't even made it in yet, will edit review if i remember. I pre-ordered, went to a kiosk, it was out of order, went to the other and it processed my order but couldn't print. There's one guy in the box office and no one at customer service. This alone tells me never to come again with all the options in the area. I only came due to IMAX with times decent to me for the day. First edit: i didn't know at this location that preorder goes straight inside for a scan. The kiosk still isn't printing for people ordering at it.

Christie Spry

We went and saw a movie in imax. The only good thing about this theater was the sound and the nice ticket guy up front. The arm rest and floors were sticky. Nothing looked clean. The entire movie I smelled old ketchup lingering god knows where...maybe in the seats themselves. I know they didn’t even bother the sweep in between shows with popcorn and napkins all over the floors. The bathroom was a nightmare. Toilets were stopped up and unusable. There was bodily fluids all over the floor, I mean ALL over. Tissue was missing from the stalls, and there was no soap in the first bathroom I went into. I felt like I was dodging land mines in there and seriously was disgusted to even touch a door handle. Lastly, I don’t know what policy is for the area, but we brought our 16 and 14 year old husband is almost 40 and had to card him to make sure someone was an adult because our kids would be out past curfew before we could even enter the place. So yea, great movie, but I’ll not ever return to that theater again until they bulldoze it over and start again.


The best movie theater in philly

Martina Usmanova

Nice but i wish they had better chairs too

Jonathan Smith

Really disgusting place. There’s garbage everywhere and the bathrooms wouldn’t be up to standards at a music festival. Arrived to find old seats and spilled popcorn on the floor. Wouldn’t return.

aiyana funny life vlogs

I loved my experience . the employees that were working were alsome

Angelique Burgos

Great theater. Seats don't decline

Michael Smith

The place was nice BUT..... What the H*LL is up with the food prices? I'll eat Before I go again. Cost me $19 for a soda & popcorn. I must have temporarily lost my mind when I bought this. Never again.


Omg great experience come here for every premiere!!!<==3

Ezina F

Had not been to this movie theatre in years and was shocked to see how much it has changed. If i could give it negative stars, I would. From the moment you walk in there's this musty smell, like the carpets haven't been cleaned, deep cleaned in decades. That smell permeates not only the common areas but inside the screening rooms where the movies are playing. The popcorn was stale and the icee melted almost instantly which was disappointing since I paid close to twenty bucks for one small popcorn and a small icee. As soon as we arrived at our reserved seats that's when I realized I should've paid the extra 3 bucks and gone to another theatre. The chairs were nasty, with sticky stains all over them as well as the arm rests. Yuck! They are gray cloth chairs that literally open and close and that's about it. No leg room whatsover to stretch and get comfortable. One of the chairs was actually broken and I had to go all the way back to the front to swap our seats for others that were just as dingy and dirty. Really annoyed. Went there to watch Lion King which ran for 2 hours and I regretted every minute. I mean sitting in a wooden church pew would've been more comfortable. Needless to say, never going back there again. Pay the extra 3 bucks and go to a theatre where management actually cares. This place is a dump!

matthew Evans

Nice, clean theatres, and not very busy for matinees at or shortly after noon. And the dollar store in the mall makes snacks very cheap to carry in with you. Just don't carry them in, in a bag, and be too obvious about it. A 24oz bottle of soda for $1.00 and several boxes,of snacks for $1.00 each, instead $30 cost for a 16oz cup of soda and several snacks at the theatres concession stand. The Sr matinees are several dollars cheaper per ticket, making it a bargain for 2 people .


It was chill, if you have the tickets on ya phone, it's way faster cuz you can go straight in

N Williams

This theater needs to be remodeled, why is there still a poster in ladies room from when JLo was in Maid of Manhattan?!? Although there's a wider variety of food, at least perfect the original ones. Pretzel bites were a bit dry/stale and popcorn was burnt. Candy was overpriced at over $5 small bag of M&Ms. Most theaters now seem to have reclining seats, this one is not one of them.

Drew Lerman

Avoid this theatre at all costs. Very short staffed, dirty, broken seats and absolutely no monitoring for unruly, loud obnoxious customers on phones, talking loudly and taking flash selfies throughout the movie.

Joseph Homanick

Still love this theater, not the greatest facility wise, however if you are a 90's kid like me you appreciate this theater and for the record...its Franklin Mills!

Samantha Coronado

Service wasn’t terrible, but the theater was very dirty. The seats were broken, there was trash left on and under the seats from the previous showing, and just overall uncomfortable to watch a movie. AMC Woodhaven (which is five minutes away) would be a better choice if you are trying to watch a movie around this area.

MIke Spinosa

I used to always go here as a kid. Now I dont want to come back the theater seats are dirty smelly sticky you name it. And the ceiling tiles have so much water damage and stains it looks like they are going to fall through. Please get it together before someone gets hurt.

John M.

Seating is not as comfortable as in other theaters; arm rests cannot be manipulated

John Barrett

Pricey but extremely comfortable.

Denise Crump

Yes this movie is very nice and clean the staff is friendly

nacy ray

There is plenty of parking and the prices are cheaper than AMC Neshaminy and AMC Woodhaven, Ben Salem.

Ronnie Wainwright

It was good but give 4 starts becuz no Recliner seats in IMAX

Craig Middleton

First, the seats were old, uncomfortable and small. Second, not run well, saw Avengers Endgame, no one managed the lines, even though they did have a sign by some cutoffs that this was the line for the movie. Need better manager and more staff for nights like last night. Too disorganized.

Lera Park

I know movie theaters are dying out these days, so it's not a surprise to come to a just-released feature and be one of three people there. Still, the showrooms (theaters?) here are relatively clean, but nothing special. The reservation through the AMC app is kind of pointless, since there is often literally no one beside you. The plus side of that, of course, is that you can sit wherever!

Lisa Yingling

Ugggg they do not have lounging chairs, at least not in #11! As usual, the prices for popcorn and drinks were more than they should be. Ohhhh but Maleficent was absolute amazing!!

Donna Agar

The theatre was a disgrace with food all over the floors. Floors were sticky Bathrooms smelled like the subway. Bathroom was a disgrace

sohum Agrawal

I really just think it's a normal theater, if it's close to go... but I wouldn't go out of .y way to watch a movie there.

Daniela Gamer245

It is so amazing to watch a movie

Strega Ribiera

Clean movie theater. Staff was quite friendly and helpful. I saw Ad Astra in Imax. I highly recommend this theater.

William Dacosta

This movie theater is a disgrace. bathrooms R disgusting filthy and dirty. My son goes off to get food and three people in the back or standing there talkin i had to HELL to get there attention. Didn't feel like driving to Neshaminy movie theater Oxford Valley BUT that was a mistake I'll never never go to Philadelphia Mills movie theater ever again I'll take the long RIDE..

Pamela Smith

For mother's day Me and my children watched Breakthrough. We had a great time together there.

XXGaming Bubblz SM

Ehhh they could've made the chairs bettet

Torres Designs

Went to see hustlers it was hilarious had a great time

Benet Lavelle

The seats feel like your sitting on a rock and you have to constantly adjust yourself. Idk how we sat here as child because as adults we were fidgeting.


Went to see Alita: Battle Angel on Valentine's Day and the tickets for two adults were super cheap! Popcorn was good, seats were good too, just wishes they reclined

Ruth Ramos

The service is good but the line to buy food was horrible. Just 2 person crew . Thank God I got there early because we were in line for 40 minutes.

Yansels Party Crafts

I have always enjoyed coming Here, but lately it’s been a bit trashy & smelling like they haven’t cleaned the rugs in ages

Artensa Eleazer

Loving $5 Tuesdays and reclining seats

Fresh Swag

The movie sucked but the theater and the quality was outstanding


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