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1 Susquehanna Valley Mall Dr, Selinsgrove, PA 17870 Located in: Susquehanna Valley Mall

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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Selinsgrove 12 IN Pennsylvania

Mike Greenwalt

Ridiculously expensive. I normally Bloomsburg, the seats recline at Bloomsburg AMC and the tickets cost less. It was only three of us tonight and we got the same.snacks we usually do and when I was told the total I thought he must have been wrong. He wasn't. I asked him why was it so much more then Bloom his answer was the busier the place the more they charge. Way to go Selinsgrove AMC, no wonder people are streaming at home

John DiCarlo

Movie was good, although sitting through 25(!) min of previews was too long.


Recently renovated. Very clean.

Brittany Yetter

Clean, friendly staff, great selection of movies, snacks and drinks.


Best Grinch ever! $5 Tuesdays made it more awesome!

Beth Davis

Recently renovated, friendly staff, just an all around nice theater. Only thing I would change is the setup of their sofa machines. It's a little cramped and hard to access if more than two people want soda at the same time. Pro tip: buy the popcorn bucket. $4.50 refills for the rest of the year

bryon morrison

A little pricey but all around a good time

Samantha Burgess

Very expensive concession stands, too loud.

Robin Kennedy

Best place to watch a movie and play a game!!

Tammy Guthrie

Great place.. except it is always too cold. Year round but worse in winter.

Karissa Bower

Through the years, this owner has made things quite pricey; however, with it being the only movie theater with many options and an arcade- it has its many perks, too. They give you the option at checkout to be a stubs member or just be a common guest. Great place overall.

Carl Zettlemoyer

Great employees, great movies, great time


Really good theater to watch anything

Owen VanKirk

*Mediocre* Pros: The staff is nice, the arcade is cool, the soda fountains offer a wide variety of drinks to enjoy, and the theaters are at least there so that you can watch the latest blockbusters. Cons: The theaters themselves need to be more clean. Spilled popcorn and greasy butter seems to always be on the floor. Tickets need to be cheaper for later showings. My biggest complaint is that before the movie in the commercials, there is a short segment that says to enjoy your experience at AMC and then cuts to weird, slow shots of people enjoying popcorn in red, leather seats that seem to be in a really neat theater. Reality here is the complete opposite. The seats are kind of worn down in certain theaters and uncomfortable, and the theaters just aren't as good as AMC says they are...

Ann Shilo

Too loud. Great movie.

Elaine Glassner Glassner

I like your Tuesday deal. We do have a general card for the movie theater I was wanting more information on upgrading to a better one. The movies are always the latest and always the best. I appreciate your movie theater it's clean so are the restrooms. And a cinnamon bites are just fantastic. Thank you very much.

Nicholas Gray

I was very good, I watched the bumblebee movie, which is the best transformers movie so far

Rhoda Auman

Everything has change it is so much easier to get tickets and help your self drinks with free refills!

Ian Coller

They kicked me out for being too cute

Kirsten Wilson

Amazing time with my family. I cannot wait to go again! Amazing movie choices

fs Burn

No negative reviews of this place. The surround sound was amazing and I loved the movie

Darlene Shaffer

Great movie Theater. Comfortable and relaxing. Great popcorn! Good club deals for members!

Tim Sechler

Great movie theater. Might be the only place keeping the mall alive.

Cameron Munro

No indication/signage of which movie is in which theatre (strange). No way to pick up e-tickets other than waiting on concession line (obnoxious). Theatre itself seemed fine, a bit dirty perhaps. Projection seemed fine, a bit dark perhaps. Surround sound worked well.

Michael Shearer

Gets the job done! Efficient staff and setup! Saw two movies here a few days after Christmas!

Echo 22104

Had a blast watching a movie. It was a tad expensive but still fun time .

Robert Nulton

Good Theater with good food choices to have during the movie.

sean zanella

Recently remodeled nice place to go to I just wish they would have made the seats a little wider. It is stadium seating so at least you don't have to worry about staring at the back of someone's head in front of you.

John Ivory

Nice movie theater, but like most, it's expensive for a family of 4.

Kelly VanKirk

Not a bad price at all for a matinee... needs to be a lot cleaner though!

Cindy M

Clean, friendly staff. Love that they have coke freestyle and unlimited drink refills. They have a stonefired pizza, but haven't tried it. They did have gluten free chocolate covered pretzels. It is normal theater pricing, so don't expect great deals.

Denise Pisarcik

Seats need updated but the theater itself is nice and the lobby is welcoming

Tiffiany Funk

Very nice theater, one of our favorites!

Diane Persing

No crowds watched great movie

Mark DeFord

AC was good in 90 degree day

Melissa Zilinski

I have gone to this theater since it opened years ago and I still always like going here. It is always clean and the employees always seem to be very nice and patient considering the large amounts of people they deal with. It is expensive to go to the movies nowadays but when I do go, this is one theater i don't mind going to!!

Donna Carl

Great theater

Donulus Schantz

Had a good time. comfortable and clean

Tom Showalter

Watched "overcomer " movie here , it is a good place to watch , recommend

Jodi Shambach

chairs comfortable, atmosphere nice temperature was great & sound & movie was great

Rebecca Shoup

I know AMC just bought this theatre so I'm guessing they are working on updating. The workers are nice all the time and the bathrooms are usually very clean. Some of it just needs to be updated. Other than that it is nice, Bloomsburg is nicer though because of the reclining seats. We chose to go there for that reason only!

Tina Cheek

Great picture and sound on movies. It could be a little cleaner

James H

The movie, What Men Want, was very good, the theatre is very dated, and seriously needs the seating updated!!

Richard Minnier

Nice theater. Good seats. Food price is high but aren't all theaters..

Nick abc123

The service was ok and the theater had good quality and atmosphere

Tim Miller

The seats are good for about 2 hours. Beyond that...ouch.

Jen Stainer

Clean, modern facilities. Love it.

Deborah Reevs

Popcorn prices are ridiculous. Other than concession stand prices, the theatre is pretty clean. Employees are friendly.

The Nerf-Lete

Although prices are a bit steep at this location, the employees are very polite. The popcorn had been salted a little too much the last time I attended the theater, but the addition of the unlimited refill soda fountain quickly makes up for it. As for the quality of the movie, the sound is very clear and as is the picture. The seats are sometimes uncomfortable and are in need of an update, but that does not take away from the enjoyment of the movie. I would attend this theater in the future.

Lorak The Brute

Awesome movies

Krista Wagner

Good clean fun place for the whole family


Great sound quality, picture quality, and overall viewing experience. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good time

C.G. Brownawell

Picture quality is well below standard. They stopped the preview and have the whole theater waiting to try and fix the issue. 70+ people waiting...20 minutes now. I have an idea move us to a different theater so we can watch the movie we paid to see.

Anna Wertz

Always clean. Movie selection is great. Snacks are too expensive but that's expected of eve movie theatre.

nathan sanders

My go-to place to watch new movies. Popcorn, snacks, and video games! They also have the soda machine that let's you pick sooooo many different flavors. Never been disappointed visiting here. The seats are also comfortable even if the whole place is packed full. You would be missing out if you skip out on this place.

Kenneth Hall

Theatre was nice and clean .restrooms where clean . Employees are very nice and courteous. They are very nice to special need kids. Movies are not to loud

CarrieLynn 6488

I love all the upgrades so far that AMC has made in my hometown theater. It would be great if they would continue the upgrades in the actual theaters though. Upgrading the seats would be amazing!!

Bradley Bennett

They don't have reclining seats so it's not exactly the most comfortable seating. We saw the newest Lego movie and it was pretty good. My kids really enjoyed it. Tuesday nights is $5.00 movie ticket night so that is why we went.

Brad Young

Was a pleasure stopping in to watch a movie. The ticket price is a little much, but overall the experience was good...

Michael Sweger

Nice clean theater. Took my son to see Legos in 3D.

Adam Resseguie

Regular theater. I've seen larger screens at other venues, but for the area it's about as good as you are going to find. No ushers keeping ppl quiet or enforcing no legs over back of next row though. So in a college town you're not likely to get premium ambience. I've even had to endure stinky feet when somebody kicked off their shoes.

Andre' Varner

Close to all counties. The prices are right. Nice lobby. Nice theaters. The only negative I would say is that the place is often too hot.

Dylan Young

Great place to go and add app to be stub member.

Annette Hutt

Enjoyed the movie there. It is always clean and comfortable. The staff are nice and friendly.

Jennifer Schmidt

Good on Tuesdays when you r a card member it's $5. Nice and clean

Kiduro 889

Doors locked at 8:26 on a Monday, kinda odd. No wonder the prices are high. They don’t get enough business and lock up at odd times

Samuel Guyer

Watched The Secret liveof Pets 2. Very Funny!

Sandy Delong

Always a great time...we played in the pinball area for a little then watched a good movie

Melissa Fuhrman

Good deal with $5 Tues. As usual food and drink prices are crazy high. I got a really big soft pretzel and it was $15.. yea it was big but not $15 big.


This was a good experience. We bought tickets the day before so we didn't have to wait. The facilities were clean and well maintained. The screen and sound were good. The seats were comfortable and they have a good reward program.

Michelle Melachrinos

Awesome staff & great movie ' Breakthrough

Gavar Kelly

Great theater, very polite employee's and a overall awesome viewing experience.

Kayla Caraballo

Tried to give me a $20 stale bucket of popcorn

Katherine Connolly

The girls in charge in the front of the theater were excellent especially the woman woman in charge. The movie did not work and they offered us another movie and they gave us two sodas and popcorn free of charge. They were kind and very customer friendly. They deserve to be commended for their fine service.

donna vanderwalt

Good movie clean bathrooms very friendly except no sign stating there was steps tripped

josh fowler

Its what you expect from a movie theater, high priced tickets and small bank loans for popcorn and such.

Nick Knouse

Always expensive for tickets and popcorn and drinks. Actual theaters aren't bad. Go early because they now don't use the ticket counter and make you wait in snack line even if you just want tickets.

Virginia Swift

I always enjoy seeing movies at this theater. There's a great selection of flicks to choose from. My only "issue" would be that sometimes they could be better at keeping up with the cleaning; and. Other than that, it's a good location & I'll go back again& again.

Arden Steiner

AC was working! Clean facilities..... popcorn is great, just cost your life savings

Cathy Madison

Nice clean place

Brian Nevel

Great sound system, purchased my tickets ahead online so checking in was a breeze. Snacks are expensive which is to be expected.

David Casey

Armrests do not retract.. seats do not recline or slant... patrons dont know how to shut up during the movie.

Kristyn Thomas

Passing thru on a road trip and took some time to relax and catch a movie. Good little theater. Very great show prices.

Al Whitecavage

Very comfortable and clean. Areas for wheelchairs in theaters. Clean rest rooms and a arcade for kids or adult's.

Cynthia Brosius

Bought our tickets and popcorn...then a hellacious storm hit. Power went out...manager gave us passes. Staff and management did a great job dealing with this unexpected event.

susan mitchell

Great movie house. If you join, for free, every Tuesday is only $5.00. Staff nice, facility clean

Eric Schrader

Clean and not crowded!

Bob Wagner

My wife and I took in a movie together. Momma Mia- Here we go again. And my,my what a nice experience. Nice clean theater with plenty of room.

Nathan Bingaman

Always enjoy myself when I go see a movie here.

Robert Beard

This ageing theater has been sold twice in the past four years. It has old fashioned movie house seats but a decent refreshment stand with up-do-date soft drink self-service. The flick fare tends to the loud and violent, but always with 2-3 kid movies. RGB would never see the screen here for highly intellectual movies are rare.

Joe Welker

Compared to other theaters in the area, this one needs a little updating. The arm rests don't move. The seats don't recline at all. The restrooms need updating also. The water runs very hot and didn't appear to be adjustable. No hand dryers, only paper towels. The food selections have recently improved and the the game section is pretty decent.

Mary Jane Elser

Really nice theatre, good selection of movies and great popcorn! We have been the past 4 weeks and have enjoyed it all!

Lyn Whitenight

Assisted me with hearing impaired devices, worked really well. I recommend to anyone who needs.

Amanda Kline

It's your standard movie theater. No frills.

Evan Forshey

Employees are so understanding and the food was great

Bree Sulouff

We ordered tickets online for a 9 PM movie and they had to change the time. They made sure that all the staff was aware that we bought tickets online and needed to inform us of the change. They gave us 2 free popcorns to make up for the misunderstanding. The staff that was there was amazing

Hannah Marie

Great customer service!

Richard Findlay

Nice comfortable typical movie theater, but with several different theaters playing a nice selection of contemporary movies offered at different showing times. We appreciate the senior discount.

Craig Molnar

Nice place, clean, I believe 10 screens. Well priced.

Derek Bade

Fast service, great snacks and drink selection, clean, great experience all around.

John Wood

Great theater always clean only issue I have is they do not keep movies in 3d for very long. I've had so many movies I wanted to see in 3d here and I don't want to go the first week they are out with the huge crowds I'm talking the blockbuster films and within a week they no longer offer it in 3d. Other than that it's a great place with average pricing and good facilities.

matthew benner

Screen was torn.. but movie was great.

Lon Diffenderfer

My family always enjoy seeing movies here. The theaters and restrooms are clean. They play the latest releases and also show live events like Live from the Met (New York Metropolitan Opera) which my wife and I love.

russell lamb

While a little dated, and not having some of the better seating you might find at larger, high traffic cities, it is a good place to go see a movie. The projecting isn't state of the art, but you are not paying "state of the art pricing" either. Being part of the larger corporation now (AMC), they can offer new incentive programs like 3 movies a week for just under $20/month. Since a ticket is around $10, that would be enticing and affordable for those that care to catch at least 3 of the Summer Blockbusters, each month.

Brandon Heck

It’s an ok AMC theater. The staff is really friendly but the seats are very uncomfortable.

Drea Rollman

Clean friendly Not too cold with the air! Food , clean bathrooms 9 outta 10


Super old and rundown. No apparent remodeling done, seats were old school and uncomfortable.


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