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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Camp Hill 12 IN Pennsylvania

M. Diane Williams

Cheapest theater in the area. It is well organized and they prepare for large crowds.

Tanya Williams

Maybe I'm spoiled by the recliners at Regal theaters, but seating was tight. The movie didn't even for the screen. It was a standard picture on a wide screen. The picture was showing above and below the screen and words were cut off from the titles in the previews and there main show, it was pretty annoying. I only went to this location because we were out of town and there are no Regal theaters in this area.

Maria Soto

Great movie theater !! Excellent staff . Very clean. First time ar this theater, will return.

Peggy Beck

Great selection of movies, always good service and very clean.

William Jacocks

The screen lighting in the theater was very dark. Made me have a awful experience. Could not visually enjoy End Game. Feel like I wasted my time and money

jennifer wolf

The snack bar is top notch! They have a add your own butter station and plenty of soda machines. Snacks we very accessible and quick. The seats in the theater are wildly uncomfortable.


After having to sell some non vital organs in the black market we finally made it to the movies. 5 people was the same price as a one way ticket to Florida. Was not crowded as it was early morning.

Liane Gladwin

Clean pleasant facility, friendly staff.

Belinda Albright

They could take the volume down a few decibels. Loved the seating....chairs tilt back and were actually comfortable. Great theatre experience!

Bradly Widener

The seats weren’t horrible but they could use an update. The worst part was that the ceiling in theatre 12 was leaking and the place smelled like mold/wet fabric. At least it isn’t too expensive to get a ticket here versus more metropolitan theaters.

Dan Krodel

This is usually my theater of choice. Today was not a good day for them. They were apparently understaffed. Tickets had to be bought in the same lines where people were waiting to order food. At the beginning of the movie, the power apparently went out and popped back on. The staff had to scramble to try to get the movie running again. They need better management.

Rich W

Decent movie theater, rather large. They sell all kinds of food from burgers, pizza to 20.00 pretzles. Ticket prices are average. Theater seats are a little crammed but still comfortable. Movie prices good, food prices are super high as with any theater. Recommend, but don't come hungry!

Codey Ulsh

Are used to go to this movie theater all the time they have really good popcorn of course because it’s from a movie theater and they have a large variety of sodas selections they lock the doors 15 minutes after the last showing of a movie so if you’re running late you might wanna call and let them know that you’re on the way

Sally Serrano

We enjoy the movies at AMC Theaters, Sally Serrano

Lola Bell

Convenient location, but there are cleaner and updated theatres within the local area.

John Capriotti

This is a good place to go if you're into antiques, because that's how old the popcorn usually is. Horribly understaffed, they only sell tickets at the concession stand so the lines are always excessive. Seems to have gone downhill dramatically since AMC bought the location.

Amie Christ

I was there today and it was absolutely disgusting. The bathroom looked like it hadn't been clean in a week and there was barely any soap or papertowels left in the dispensers. In the actual theater there was trash and popcorn all over the floor and the trashcan was overflowing.I was afraid to sit in the seats.

Ken Wrightstone

Nice theater food prices very high.

Leona Hoffman

Because they are want fun and fheyare

Jayson Gard

Excellent clean and spacious movie theatre. They do have the new soda dispensers that include every combination possible.

Maria Cruz

Always fun to come here

Jeremy Caldwell

Standard modern AMC. Easy entry with A-list pre booking. Seats are nice enough.

Rosie K

This theatre has deteriorated over the years. Needs some attention. Especially cleanliness of bathrooms. Went to this theatre two days in a row this weekend (one family movie and one rated R movie) and the dirty toilets were dirty in same spots next day. Lines were extraordinarily long as well. Disappointed - missed all trailers and first 10 minutes of movie on May 26th. For the money charged for movie tickets and a few snacks-a clean facility is not asking for much. If it’s not appealing- rather stay home or spend money somewhere else. Temperature was comfortable and acoustics were excellent though. Thank you for that; however please move the lines faster and also please clean bathrooms and vacuum and have the place smell a little better. It is very much appreciated when you care about the visitors entering your establishment.

Alex M

This theater is old. Could absolutely benefit from a complete remodel. Musty basement smell. Restroom is small and one stall was out of order as it was leaking water everywhere. Only reason we came here because they had a few better showing times. Would not recommend otherwise.

Brooke Mason

Smaller theatre but always clean and tidy....alway up to date movies...and a great menu with actual food! The only reason why i couldnt give it five stars is the food is expensive. Too expensive.. By the time u pay for the movie for two and some food...its easily 50 dollars

Kim Peters

Air conditioning temp is just right.

Jay Klotzbeecher

Really great place to see a movie, two issues 1. There are no wide seats my niece is pregnant and could barely fit and those with weight issues have a tough time of it. I think if people could sit comfortably you would get more business 2. We like to have popcorn for the ride home, we live pretty far but when we went to the counter they threw it all away.. so please allow them to keep a few buckets if noone take a it dump or at closing wash bucket win win Thank you

Danielle McBeth

I've always liked AMC, however as of lately the theater is showing its age. It could definitely benefit from a few updates. Half of the seats in the theaters have tap on the head rests, and in general it just look dingy. The staff is always nice.

Brian Klaus

Nice theater, some of the screens are really large but some of them are super small. The sound is really good in the larger screen rooms but the sound isn't as good in the smaller screens. Seats are pretty comfortable but they aren't recliners, I did really like the stadium style seating though. Overall though the theater was nice and tickets were cheap but the smaller screens aren't very impressive. From the back seat in the room with the smaller screen I felt like I was at home watching my tv. The rooms with the larger screens however are very nice. You're better off seeing the popular movies here and avoid the less popular ones.

Chris Flynn

My only reason for changing it to 4 stars is because they don't have the luxury recliner seats.

manna kelley

For $38, the soda station was not balance right and the soda tasted flat, the cinnamon sugar pretzel bites were nothing fabulous and the movie software malfunctioned. However, they did give out free movie passes to all who came to see the movie.

Bob Foster

Great greeting from the Front Desk...and food service. But $11 for a soda and bag of popcorn is excessive... not doing that again.

Mike Lacoste

Good place but not the cleanest

Josh Moeller

Great place to see a movie seat a liite Uncomfortable

Andrew Gibelius

Movie set to start at 4:10. No previews or advertisements AT ALL. It is now 4:20 and literally nothing has shown.

Paul Cantrell

Was good and clean. Has discount for over 60. Drink dispenser was broken though.

Barbara T

Their prices are outrageous. Spent about $50 to take our 4 and 6 year old grandkids to see an afternoon movie. They do not offer a child size lemonade so your only option is to buy the gigantic one for $7. I understand that they make their $ from the concession sales, and not the movie tickets so they don't allow customers to bring in their own drink/snack. Well, not every family can afford to drop $50 for a 1.5 hour kids movie. Make it more reasonable and we will come more often!

Matthew Wagner

Great place, but over due for updates

Scott Beattie

Greatbfor the price. Seats are not the most comfortable for a theater, older theater style seats.

James Hogan

Love this place catch me every Monday

Robert Yeager

Went to see Dumbo with family and we all had a great time. The theater was clean and the employees were nice.

Nick Holley

Good theater but they destroy you on concession prices...its bordering on criminal.

Rob B

Nice, clean theater with huge main screens if a bit aged. Friendly staff and fresh popcorn make for a decent theater.

Chris hummert

Huge place. Alot of parking Decent prices for tickets. Some odd food choices for a movie person. However the choices are a quick bite before the movie. Will return

Duane Alleman

Nice clean theater. Watched Avengers End Game, and enjoyed the experience. Seats were comfortable and the sound was very good. Was not too loud and distorted. I would consider it a very good overall experience


Unfortunately it smells like sewage in here. It does offer stadium seating though and isn’t too crowded so if they solve the malodorous situation it will be a good theater.

Travis Miner

Went to see how to train you dragon. The place was clean, staff was courteous

suzan donovan

Lots of room, ample leg room. Manager helped with gift certificates that would not scan.

Gary hall

The theater #9 stunk like poop. Very short handed. It was very hot in the theater. #9

John A. Royston

A really nice movie theater complex. Good seats that get you above people's heads. Decent price on drinks and popcorn. Clean and the staff is friendly.

IceBear hikes

Food wasnt the greatest. Theater was kinda hot inside. Guess the Carlisle recliners and ac have spoiled me!

Brownie and Friends

Small screen and cold but the seats were comfortable.

Phill Olson

Great place, maybe needing a refresher but friendly helpful staff none the less.

chris brown

Love this theatre, always clean and staff is nice except late showings they close up concession early and wont service you halfway through the last movie

Emma Clites LMT

Nice, clean theater, the drink selections are awesome

Toody Silvis

Theater was clean and personnel polite. $6 for a small coke!!!

Shawn Rizzie

Terrible sound, temperature was to warm, sweating in our seats. I told management and they replied with “anything else” than propped the theater door open with a trash can

Danielle Pierre

I pay about $20 a month for AMC A list to order tickets online so I can skip the lines, but this theater hardly ever has staff manning the ticket scanning podium so I have to wait in the concession line anyway. I came to a movie today and the theater floor is so sticky and there is popcorn everywhere. The bathrooms are almost always out of toilet paper, toilets don't flush. They need to hire more staff or something.

Robert Radbill

Arrived 25 minutes before screen time. At least 75 people in line for concessions and tkts. Ticket booth empty. Hats off to mgmt for making me want to go to the movies at any theater other than AMC.

Neal Rudnick

Had to wait 25 minutes to buy tickets because they only sold tickets at the snack bar. This was not a relaxing way to start my movie night experience.

Teresa Hogan

Love 5 dollar Tuesdays. Only negative was once I walked in (I think it was a Sunday morning) and the guy in asked what I was doing and they weren't opened. I was like the door wasnt locked. So I left but it just rubbed me the wrong way. I was only there at that time to pick up tickets for later. I've never heard of them selling out a time but I like to be prepared.

Eric Stambaugh

The atmosphere is great, the staff are friendly.


Best place to go to nearby. Drinks can be a little pricey though.

Ray Sla

Small theaters, fairly clean bathrooms, but entire theater location needs a good scrubbing from top to bottom because the entire building looks old and tired and like nobody there has any pride in their work environment.

Michael Konarski

No air conditioning in theatre 7 made a very uncomfortable movie experience. Also movie is scheduled to start at 7:10 but kept showing previews until 7:35

April Zeigler

Went to see 3 From Hell. Was not told that you had to be one of the first 50 people in line for the poster even though I ordered the tickets months in advance! There didn’t seem to be 50 people in the movie but was told I wasn’t there in time for poster. Drunk couple behind me talking and yelling the whole time. Spilled popcorn everywhere. 2nd time I have been to this theatre and was not impressed!

Rachel Krumrine

The seats were uncomfortable and the place smelled of dirty wet bathroom.

Brian Jones

This theater needs renovated. It smells, there are broken seats everywhere and the employees don't clean very well. Seats are also fabric and show many stains. It looks as if nothing really changed since the 90's. Two stars instead of one because the prices are good & there's a coke freestyle. It's just not an all around comfortable experience. Go elsewhere.

George D

First time in this theater since it was bought by AMC. I can only speak about auditorium 2 which is a very large one. The quality of the movie presentation is on par with other large auditorium with digital projection and Dolby surround sound. It doesn't seem to be Dolby Atmos equipped, yet, to be fair, it isn't promoted as one. The prices for concessions seem to be slightly lower than their competitors. Don't expect to save a fortune, but for a regular popcorn, regular drink, and candy you might save a buck and some change. A big positive is the array of soft drinks available. You have to vend the drink yourself, but be prepared to be dazzled by the number of Coca Cola products available. The AMC chain does offer a very attractive ticketing feature called their A+ Stubs program. For a $19.95 + tax monthly charge you get to see 3 movies each week on any size screen and even in 3D if offered. As a senior I couldn't afford to see three movies a week let alone 12 movies a month without this program. If you're a real movie buff this program is fantastic. Before you go check this out and see if it can save you some money every month.

Atlantic Ryder


Ryan O'Toole

Nice theater, but like most, you will max out your Visa if you buy food and drinks for two or more!

Dave Roller

Nice theater plenty of seating they keep it nice and chilly in there. I saw Dragonball Super: Brolly

Amy Shank

Was my 1st time at that theater. Very nice but the parking is a little tight.

John Piazza

Went on a groupon deal. Nice seats and decent sound system

Bonnie Nolt

Worst theatre experience on a consistent basis. They feature Fathom Events but never get the movie started on time. It's simulcast so we never see the full feature we pay for. Have also had issues with movies being shown in wrong theatre.

Anthony Rush

Very nice staff. The only problem I have are the prices of the food. Especially the popcorn

Peter Andrews

Great place clean and quick. Comfortable seating too

Skinny Snubbull

Elderly white man in front of me scanned his AMC A Stubs QR code from his phone and got in, no ID asked, me, a Hispanic, was asked for my ID when I came up the window from the guy with glasses - while it was in the car - I questioned why I was asked when he sees me once a week anyway and the other guy wasn’t. He said it’s just the policy or he can’t let me in, so the policy is to pick and choose who to ask ID for apparently? I asked to speak to the manager and she was rude as well, gave me a speech on “consistency” which doesn’t exist there and I asked “ma’am, what form of consistency are you speaking of because you guys are picking who to ask for verification?” After a long dispute, I let my kids go and see spiderman without me and I told them I’ll pick them up in an hour when it’s over. You would think they would excuse me for not only showing my ID several times before to the same people, but also because it’s a family movie and we traveled. I suggest skipping this theatre and going to the one on the pike, much more clean and has a boat theme, just have to get there early cause it can packed. The Simpson ferry road theatre is racist and actually has dirty aisles, food all over and found a few pairs of socks too.

Zachary Johns

Another movie theater that seems as if it hasn't been remodeled since the late 80's. I seriously dont know how theatres stay in business these day without reclining seats. These are old school seets that I would hardly say recline. The popcorn was slightly stale, and you had to butter it yourself. Theres was no salt packets like what human wants salt only on the top layer of their popcorn. The staff was friendly but this theatre is trash

Brandon Deitch

Big theater. Many screens. Clean. Friendly staff. Cheaper prices compared to some other places.

David Weller

I loved the movie called overcomer it was a very good movie and I had a very good time.

brad doerr

Great staff. Left my jacket called and they held it for me. So thankful to deal with an establishment that takepride in doing a good job and following up with customer service.

Mario Palermo

It was nice! Friendly staff and pretty clean!

Kira Leigh

Love the food options they have available and how I can pour my own butter on the popcorn. The only real downside is the seats in the theater are not reclinable like some of the other places. But I still love this theater and recommend it.

Mike McCusker

Nice theater:)

Ravi Patel

That's good but not that big screen and sound system is also okok but over all good

Neal Reager

Great to go on $5 tuesdays

Chele Braxton

With various options in the area, this isn't our first pick. The chairs claim to be recliners but you can't put your legs up like the real recliner chairs. I always feel like it needs a good scrub down too.

Jonathan Good

It shows all the big new movies, has nice comfy seating, good sound system as well. It comes with the standard fare overpriced yet tasty theater food. It's about as clean as any movie theater is, which is to say it could be better... Restrooms are pretty good though. Overall, quite a good experience.

Tim K

Slightly dated, smaller seats but very good prices and refills of soda or slurppies you can do yourself.

Ava Glavas

Was there tonight and the lobby smelled terrible the theater itself was so dirty our feet stuck to the floor! While I was walking to my seat my foot came out of my shoe because it was stuck to the floor!!! Popcorn was everywhere and empty box’s under our seats! Have never seen it so horrible in there!

StormLord Darius

All around great place, the staff are very helpful and enjoy talking to guests. The theaters are great with wonderful sound. The staff assist guests as needed and it has an arcade for kids to enjoy as well. Drink machines have up to 100 different flavors. Prices are a little pricey but all around a fun place to be. Only reason it isn't 5 stars is they advertise it in previews with better seats and more attractive upgrades but sadly the theater hasn't employed those yet. Also the stubs membership would add a nice bit to it as well. Make a section for the premium members to sit with those luxury comforts and perhaps add in something to make it more relaxing while watching the movie...

angela h

Wonderful experience! The theatre was cold so prepare accordingly (it was 90 degrees out and I wore pants to keep the chill off). Great deals if you are an AMC member (there were 4 of us and we did the movie popcorn and drinks for 40)


It's my favorite theater to go to. Always clean, good sized theaters and screens, comfortable seats.

Russ Stewart

Pros: Comfortable seats, clean as you can expect, clean bathrooms, spacious lobby. Big parking lot, easily accessable and easily spotted from the road. Cons: OH-MY-GOSH-IT'S-EXPENSIVE! Even matinees are close to ten dollars, and forget about snacks, I've spent less taking my family of seven to Outback!

Bill Howe

Really nice theater. Well lite parking lot, comfortable seats, good sound.

Christine Swartz

Awesome theatre with the buy a bucket and less for a refill price. Great seats and pretty clean facility.

K Patton

Comfortable seats n good movie 4 stars only cuz movie wasn't that great but that not there fault! Slushys r good !

Kavia Williamson

The theater is a bit dated. They do have freestyle drink machine!! Expensive, but great variety at concession. Bathrooms definitely need an update.

Frank Moran

Went there for the first time to see "They Shall Not Grow Old". Seemed like a clean, well managed lobby and theater. The movie was sold out, but only stood in line for about one minute, as I had pre purchased my tickets. The usher scanned my the barcode on my phone, and went right in. Plenty of restaurants of all types in the immediate surrounding area of the theater, should you want to eat before or after a movie. No complaints from me!!

Nora Cooley

Went to see Kevin Heart "The Upside" with no problems. Family of 4

At the Heart of Home

Theatre clean.quick service at snack bar, plenty of comfortable seats

Logan Lopez

Good seating and lots of options for food. I normally go early or when it is expected to have less people in the theater. The staff is always helpful and friendly. I do wish they would pop fresh popcorn at all times. In the morning, the popcorn tastes like it is from the night before.

Naomi Campbell

A great place to see a movie!!! Also has a wonderfully expansive menu

Sheree Wells

I thought it was awesome very comfortable. And the gentleman at the window that sold us our tickets his name is Bill. He helped us get discounts for our tickets so instead of paying $20 we only paid 10

Matthew Haun

Fair prices and very comfortable seating! The staff are very nice and helpful. Makes going to the movies much more of a pleasant experience to the casual and seasoned movie goers.

Arshanie Niketa

This theater smells so bad it’s disgusting. Not only that but the place is so dirty. Idk if anyone even cleans the place.

Denise Wagner

They show a wide variety of films, not just big budget comic book movies

Caleb Horst

Not clean. Food was okay but overpriced

DamirB 423

Great theater.. pricey but which 1 isn't nowadays. Reclining seats!!

Priscilla Garrison

It was my first time. If you have their App. They have $5 Tuesdays! Movies are $5 ( I think there might be a restriction with new releases so you need to check before going if the movie has just been released) and they have $5 extra small popcorn and a soda. The perfect size! Seats were comfy, rocked, and reclined.

Alec Jace

Great theater. Loved the AC on a hot day. Plenty of perks for being a member.

Linda Hoffert

I have been going there for 12 years. Love the movies, tuesday is $5.00 day. Consession stand prices aren't real bad.

Tim Williams

A very good theater with a decent snack bar and plenty of screens.

Nora Bobb

Very nice and I had a great time

Clint Tennis

Nice theater. About average price you get and pay at a theater. Nice that they have Coke freestyle machines and slushy machine at your disposal and you get to do it yourself unlike other places that fill your drink full of ice and little amount of yiur drink.

Carly Kaiser

Saw a movie on a Tuesday which is fairly popular due to $5 tickets. For some reason, they places all 7 employees at concessions and none at box. With this, those that aren’t buying concessions still have to wait in line it makes no sense. …

Stephen Trauffer

Everything was good about it. The screen and sound was good. My seats were good. The one thing I would have liked, was to have the chair amrs be able to lift up. That would make it 5 stars.

Tim Loving

The theaters are nice. However they are money greedy in terms of what they charge at the concessions and for the tickets.items that other AMC theaters giveaway with their concessions this theater charges extra for. I have seen them want to charge a child's ticket for a baby that was in a baby carrier.wasn't even old enough to understand what was going on in the movies but they still wanted to charge a ticket for him.The staff is really fairly rude and condescending when they tell you no you have to pay for that that is not included in the price or I'm sorry the baby still has to have this ticket.

Latoya Vega

Always enjoy my movie experience here! Great service!

Amanda Hank

This movie theater was alright seems like minimum crew working ......we saw the 3rd how to train your dragon and it was a good movie.

Koi Photography

Classic is right! The place is ancient, the seats are from the 80's. They don't clean between movies so theres trash everywhere in the theatre. The hallways smell like public restroom. They still use paper bags for popcorn instead of buckets.

Omkar Mamidpalliwar

This place is good and I definitely liked it. It has all the latest movies and a great rewards program. One thing I did not like was the prices for drinks. It was not reasonable because if you go to a different shop it is much cheaper for the same product. Soda is much more in the movies than it is in Target.

Yvonne Wilson

Clean quiet theatres. Enjoyable time!

Irish Creme

I love this theatre. Great comfy seats. Stadium seating so there isn't a bad spot anywhere. There are wheelchair seating spaces. Snacks are expensive like everywhere but fresh popcorn in 3 flavors, good nachos, love the dogs with lots of topping options, soft pretzels, those soda machines with the mix your own flavors. Good candy selection. And the sound volume is perfect.

Jermaine Ferguson-Smith

Always great experience. Courteous staff.

Daniel Kim

Preordered 5 tickets at 11$ each. Was charged a 10$ convenience fee.

Greg Kirst

Very clean. But had an old feel. Sound system was mediocre. Price was right. Very small seating area. Typical high cost for popcorn.


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