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1461 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales, PA 19454 Located in: GWYNEDD CROSSING SHOPPING CENTER

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REVIEWS OF AMC 309 Cinema 9 IN Pennsylvania

Robert Morgan

Nice remodel drive I was last there over 2 years ago. Assigned seating helps make sure you get the seating you want. Nice chairs. Food is expensive, but that is all theaters.

mr JB

Very very nice all around

Mr P Donahue

The nicest amc in the area.

wayne logan

Right now it's at the top of our short favorites list of 3 or 4 theaters me and my wife look forward to visiting since reopening everything is top notch the recliners are our favorite thing great job you get all high marks really a wonderfully movie going experience great job 309

Ricki Wagner

Very nice theater. Only complaint was that there was no soda due to co2 issues

Eric Richards

Great remodel, really comfy reclining sears and movable arm rests.

Diane Lauro

The movie theater itself is nice but I still dont understand why popcorn is so expensive. I brought 7 children for my sons birthday and ended up spending over 80.00 on just popcorn and soda. Absolutely ridiculous!!!

Sarah Mccarty

I love the new seeds how they recline I love how nice everybody is and everybody deserves a raise

Lee Corpier

Love it after the upgrade. Especially the reserved seating.

Stefibox Nurse

Love the updated theater, seats are the most comfortable of all movie theaters I've been to. Staff was nice, temperature was good. They have a bar. Looks nice. And assigned seating. Will def go back

Ken Bailey

Wow, first time at the remodeled theater. Saw Endgame. The recliners were really nice. Great to be able to reserve seats for a movie that popular. I have a hard time with the price of movies these days but I was very comfortable.

James Mahar

Spacious seating, and a very kind staff member changed a poster so my son could get his picture in front of it. Top notch.

Jess H

Clean, good recliners, close to everything, good viewing experience. Food and drink is overpriced. Be prepared to spend at least $50 for a night for two with drinks and popcorn here. Overall above average.

Hannah Feldman

They redid this theater very well! A little smaller, but cheaper tickets than other nearby theaters. Unlike other theaters the front three rows aren't a miserable experience.

Kandi Pelzer

Love the remodel please keep up the cleanliness and the staff is very patient especially with the hostel elderly! Although the full bar is never open. Maybe then they wouldn't be so mean to staff if u at least gave them wine! Lol

lori kondrad

Excellent staff. Very nice Lori Sullick

Micah Pak

Beautiful reclining bucket seats in the renovated theater almost puts you to sleep. Concession stand still expensive though.

LaToya Hawkins

Clean, comfortable seats, staff is courteous. I go hear often because of the AMC stubs Aist. Worth it for me. I recommend for those who like to get inspired by movies.

Kara Scott

The re-vamp was the best thing they ever did! I feel bad coming here now knowing Franks went under... But still great food, drinks, movies and the sound quality is great!

Hoon Lee

New remodelling makes it feels everything fresh. Definitely willing to revisit.

Rich Jette

Another great time, champ mak gets all the credit!!

Brian Moran

Very nice since the upgrades!

Jignesh Patl

Good renovated theater. Sound system is good. There are 2 worse things about this theater. I went there multiple times and mild lighting is always on throughout the movie in all screens and they could hve got Imax or dolby whn they new constructed theater.

Satish Kumar

Seats are very comfortable and nice. It's a small Theatre and very spacious. Worth it.

Steve Yardumian

After the renovation, it's now a great experience. They need to still work on scheduling too many AAA movies for the same time slot. It's not a big building and lines get long really fast. They also didn't take the chance to add stadium seating during reno which is meh. Still, had a nice time at Captain Marvel and they are usually 1.50-2.00 less than other theaters.

Yithzack Licona

Great place good customer service at the counter. The only issue was the young lady at the food counter, she was not polite and needs to practice her customer skills, besides that great experience


This is an older area multiplex that recently went through a major facelift. Glad they kept the original neon sign from the days it had a drive-in, though I do miss the old "309 Cinema" sign that was behind the theater. Clean albeit tacky renovations. I often joke that the front of this place looks like a car dealership. Comfortable seats and nice theater layouts help a generally solid presentation. Improved soundproofing between theaters would be nice, or at least more strategic booking to avoid excessive noise bleed. Occasionally, trash left in the theaters or on seats between screenings. Assigned seating is a mixed bag. It's nice to secure your spot ahead of the screening, but if you're stuck near disruptive people, or in a yucky seat, it can be annoying. If you've never been to the theater, it might be difficult to determine which seats you would like. It's a nice place, and my go-to for first run movies.

Kelly Robbins

Chairs very comfy. Movie was so so....not theaters fault.

Jenny Oh

My first time here since the renovation. It is very sleek and nice! I just wished there was a way to make sure that the people would just stick to the seats that they were assigned to. What is the purpose of assigning seats if no one sticks by that rule. Or even ushers or something. It was very annoying. Other than that, it's nice!

Tarika Singh

The theater was recently renovated. It wheelchair accessible. There's a bar and a nice concession stand with coca cola machines so beverage options are endless! The staff is nice and friendly. Tickets can be purchased at a number of available machines in addition to the box office so there have not been lines when I went there. The seating is great with motorized recliners that are so very comfortable. There is plenty of room to walk along the rows and there are plenty of wheelchair accessible seating.

Jamie G.

Such a nice movie theater from what it used to be when it was just 309 Cinema. They have come a long way with this building. I am a premier A list member and I live the perks of it! I love the recliner seating and reserved seating. The app is so nice to have. Everyone is friendly there and the view is great from each seat, just haven't sat in the very front.

Tyler Robinson

The two stars is for the cool new seats they have, Only thing about this place thats worth it. Maybe it's just me but a small popcorn and a water shouldn't cost 14 dollars. these theatres gouge us, people. And they can only do it because we keep allowing it. I implore you to wear large jackets or baggy pants and stuff them with treats from home. Hell, stop by Wawa on the way, and sneak in a hoagie. If that doesn't seem right to you, try piracy. The real thieves are these establishments with terrible customer service, popcorn at a 1000 percent markup, and no free water lol it's honestly laughable.

Tim Buczek

Pretty much never want to watch another movie anywhere but here. It's so nice it spoils you.

Ben Sisko

Haven't been here in a while, LOVE the changes they've made!

Joe B

Great electric seating, bar in house. Walls could have been sound proofed better, food/drink prices are par for most movie theaters (too expensive...)

Tracy May

Love the seats, and the atmosphere.

Benjamin Choi

it's been almost 20 years since I've gone to AMC 309 and i wouldn't have recognized it if it wasn't for the 309 signage. the renovations are amazing and it feels and looks like an actual theater now. the recliner seats are comfortable if not a little on the narrow side but infinitely better than what they had before. definitely a massive upgrade and would recommend others who have been avoiding this place to come back.

Thomas Zhao

Nice seats, popcorn could be better though but I usually don't get it anyways

Supreme Salad

I always love coming here. Its nice and clean every single time and the popcorn is pretty good too.

steve kida

Reclining seats, best prices around.

Luis Fuentes

Nice place withseating areas,employees are nice and I like the new and improved 309 theaters stop by and enjoy with your family and friends

Brittney Weiler

I can't say enough good things about this theater! It looks amazing on the inside, it has a bar, and they have the MOST comfortable seating. Leather recliners that lay all the way back and with arm rests that lift up. Oh and don't forget the HALF PRICE movie ticket Tuesdays if you have a free membership card with them!

Thomas Smith

Been going here for years with my wife and always loved it and now love it even more with all the new additions after the renovations the best part is the new recliner seats that make enjoying the movies even more enjoyable and even makes sitting in the front row worth sitting in since the seats recline and you can see the entire screen with ease

Suzette Riddick

Very clean and nice staff.

Michelle Holmes

This place is drop-dead gorgeous. I only stepped in to see what the theater looked like after the renovation, and my jaw dropped. It is unrecognizable from what I knew. It looks more like an office building with movie screens.

Adam Gregus

This place is pretty low-key, great seats, decent sound system and friendly staff. plus, they tend to have a lot of good deals going on. Definitely recommend to friends and family.

Ben Carswell

Friendly staff, clean atmosphere, and controllable seats. Awesome theater!

Anthony Skumpija

Seats are huge and comfortable. The ailes were wide too, but we heard too much sound coming from the theatre next to us, which is a joke. Go to Penn Cinema instead.

Patrick W. Jones

One of my favorite movie theaters! Always clean with great staff.

Lisa Eldridge

Renovated theater offering reclining reserved seating. Place is clean even in the bathrooms. Buttered pretzel bites were really good.

Peggy Harper

Great place to see a movie! The renovations are great. The recliners are too!

Ryan McCabe

So much nicer since it got renovated. Chairs are great and recline. Best place to go locally now

Michelle Camp

If they could make this a dinner theater, it would be a 5 star. Miss going to AMC Painters Crossing and enjoying a burger and beer delivered to my seat while watching a movie.

Scott Timmons

I really enjoyed the re-newed 309 cinema. The seating is excellent with large comfortable, fully reclining seats. The picture and sound were great Even though I was close to the screen(3rd row), it wasn't overwhelming. The ability to reserve a seat online is a huge plus, it takes the stress out having to hurry to scramble for seats. The theater seating itself is spaced nicely with double armrests for each seat and a spacer between each set of 2 seats. Food is obviously pricey, but if you join the movie club(free) you can get deals on small popcorn and drinks. They also have 5$ Tuesdays which was a amazing deal. Come back to the wont be disappointed.

Mike Goldschmidt

Great seats and nice facility.

Lakeyia Dixon

The theater was clean. The seats are slightly tighter than Regal, but was able to raise the armrest for more room

Ronni Beck

I have to tell you that we will never step foot into another AMC ever again after the way we were treated. We went to the newly renovated 309 AMC in Bethlehem Pike in north wales Pennsylvania. We usually go to rehome where their customer service is excellent and we’ve always been treated well. But my sons friend wanted to try something new so they did… And never again. My son will be 17 in two weeks his friend is 17 but did not have id. His other friend will be 17 in a month and a half. They wanted to go see the movie it. I drop them off and within seconds later my son called me and said that they were having trouble getting in that they needed me to come. I go in and this big ogre tells me that they cannot get in because they’re not 17 and they need a parent to go with them... I say that I give permission for them to go, to which she says I’m sorry but you have to go in with them. Seriously if you’re gonna make me buy a ticket? I asked to talk to manager he tells me the only one available is checking people in. So I go and get in line. I wait and I wait and I wait finally I get to talk to the manager who also tells me that I have to buy a ticket if the boys want to see the movie Seriously?? They can get a refund or they can go see another movie but according to her if they go to see another movie and they sneak in to see it they will get kicked out…… Really??? I buy a ticket. I walk them into the theater I make sure they’re settled and I leave because I had already seen this movie at the regal along with a lot of people who were Definitely not 17 and definitely not with a parent. I get to my car and my son called me to tell me that they may be getting kicked out but that it might be OK because there’s a guy there who said that he would be their “adult”... But then two seconds later he called me again and tells me that no ... they are getting kicked out because I am not in the theater with them. Seriously??? I have to physically be in the theater with them? Why what’s going to happen to them? Is the killer clown from it going to come out and murder them? Well the killer clown from it turn them into murderers??? Really what do they think is going to happen they are there to watch a movie.…… We get refunds . As we were leaving we see the big ogre outside the front of the building smoking. Seriously?? He can’t do that in the back of the building where nobody can see him or in a designated smoking area away from the front of the building where people actually walk in where people who might be allergic to smoke walk in??? Whatever one affect us because we’re not gonna set foot in the AMCs because we’re going back to Regal. Bye Felicia

Tanya Rozier

Comfortable chairs but soda machines were down. You could get water or tea

Victoria Marchak

Went here to see Glass, first time I have been here since the whole update. Was definitely easy for me to get around on crutches, very easy for handicap people to get in and out of theaters as well. The recliners definitely made it much easier for me to watch and enjoy the movie since I was still in my full leg brace and unable to bend my leg at the time.

Jennifer Goodson

Buying and picking up tickets is so easy thru the app. Theaters are clean. Staff is great! Love Love Love the recliners and the wide space between rows! This is key when bringing small children. We bring their blankets and they get cozy! The rewards membership is awesome and honestly back to the recliners....they always win me over. I don't even do other theaters anymore.

Irene Dearden

Rest rooms are not adequate for size of facility, over run every time a show ends

Richard Moyett

Everything is brand new and remodeled. Looks great food was good staff was excellent. The only thing that isn't really a complaint is that as an A List member I was in the 'priority line' and when there was only one clerk (I was there at opening) he only said next customer without specifying which line. To avoid conflict I just stood by and let everyone else go because I didn't want to be accused of cutting. I don't think it was malicious of the employee or done on purpose, I think I was expected to assert myself which I wasn't comfortable doing.

Melvin Goldberg

We used to go to the "old" theater on occasion and it was ok. Since the renovation we now truly enjoy going to a movies. The theater has plush, reclining seats that make you want to move in and never leave the seat. The digital projection and sound system are all immersive. If there is something showing that we want to see this theater is our first go to choice


Love the recliner seats . There's ample free parking in front of the theater. The refreshment- staff were friendly and quick. The lounge area could have more chairs or seating area. The only chairs that I could find was by the bar area. The sound system was good. The restrooms are crowded right before and after the shows. I know, that is expected. But there are only 3 urinals and two stalls in the men's room. And I don't want to miss the movie waiting for my turn. Lol.

Hero Brayden GtDomin

Good and comfortable. The seats recline nicely and the movie volume was nice and clear without being excessive. Our seats were dirty and had garbage in them when we walked in though. We had to get someone to clean them.

Jim Valenti

Very comfortable movie seating, everything else very over priced.

Main Street Magic

The seating is great, but the staff needs training in hospitality. I have been here on two occasions where buttered popcorn and drinks were spilled on my seat when I arrived. It seems no one was tasked with cleaning up between shows. Someone did come right away to clean when it was brought to their attention. Sound and video were OK, but not outstanding. The place could use better soundproofing between theaters.

Ethan Mellinger

It was very nice, the seats were comfy and there was a lot of room. It was very hot though.

George Ziegler

Awesome movie going experience every time.

Jennifer Brothen

Great place to go ,relax put your feet up and watch a movie!! Clean bathrooms and theaters seats I enjoy going there!!

Danielle Cooper

Beautiful through and took my breathe away for a movie theater ! Highly recommend this theater !

Michelle Harper

The new seating is comfortable with wide aisles. Good experience and Dumbo was awesome!!

Andrew Weiss

Very nice place clean friendly employees there. Easy seat selection and good array of movies.

Carly Cowan

The best theater around! Small but that means not too busy.

Connie Byes

Newly renovated and great job AMC! Check it out.

Dave Eckert

This place is really nice since they renovated it. My only complaint is the recliner chairs. A little too narrow compared to other theaters I’ve been in. Luckily no one was on my right side so I could move the armrest out of the way.

Tristan Rabuck

There were annoying kids, people on their phones, and the projector was on the wall.

Leon Poulson

It's a cozy movie theater with great concessions and bar!

Rebecca Zoltowski

The seats are comfortable and if you use the AMC app and the kiosks it is so quick to get in and in to your seat. There is a bar and lounge area as well as your snack counter. Most of the shows have assigned seats so be aware of where you are sitting.

Ford Tuff

Love the new place. They did a complete makeover and it’s a nice relaxing place to enjoy a movie.

April Teesdale

This is a great theater. Plenty of parking and guest/member services. Visit the counter to your right to purchase tickets or use the kiosk to scan your WR code (for tickets purchased online) or manually enter your confirmation number. The area to your left is a cozy sitting area and bar. Order a beer, glass of wine or cocktail (ID required). Snack bar is always popping popcorn and make your own drink and load your popcorn with as much butter as you want. Each theater has a screen at the door so you clearly walk into the correct theater. The isles are huge and every seat reclines. Even pick your seat when you purchase your tickets. Awesome experience!

Nikki Breneman

Super comfy seats!! Super clean and I HOPE it stays that way!

Juliet Kelchner

Nothing you can do about the expensive prices in theaters, but service was great, the place was clean, the theater chairs are awesome. Not a big movie goer (see price comment above) but this has become my new favorite for when I do go.

Gabriella Modica

Amazing staff and the theater is prestine!

Eric Meyers

Great atmosphere with the new remodel done. Seating is amazing with individual seating with tons of leg space and reclining chairs. I love the ability to pick your specific seat and have it reserved and not worrying about rushing to find a seat with a good view. Staff was also on point clearing out the line with speed and great customer service.

shaya pita

This is my go to theater. My main one. My number one. Whenever there is a new movie out I always try to come to this theater to watch it. They have great reclining seats. A very friendly staff and always someone manning the machines so you never have to wait too long. They also have those unlimited fountain drinks which is always a great thing and the bathrooms are really clean

Maria ?

Went to see Madea and someone had their 2 kids watching cartoons on their cell phone with the volume on high. Throughout the movie the kids were running around the theater and the parents were not saying anything. I have been to this theater often and it is not the same. I was not able to enjoy the movie as I was distracted with cartoons and kids running around.

Bruce Kowalski

Nice renovation. Comfortable lounge seats. Nice to be able to reserve seats. But why do they charge so much for snacks? When you can stream at home, it is getting harder to go to the theatre.

Brian Anderson

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody at the AMC on Hwy 309. The theater was clean and the seats were super comfortable. Popcorn and soda prices were reasonable. At the early 5:30 PM show parking was plentiful.

Christian Warren

Renovations to the old cinema look awesome! Neat, Clean, reclining spacious seats make the experience. No IMAX and I would rather not have the self serve butter or drinks so cannot give 5 stars, but a great theater none the less!

anthony wilson

Nice theatre, good drinks but not enough parking at all

LiFeng Liao

Facility is good. Manager Nicole was very rude. She had no manner and needs more training on how to be nice to customers. Today, I stepped in to the bar section only for less than 30 seconds , to grab a wrapped up birthday cake dropped by my friend on the bar table . My friend ran out to pick up tickets in the car. Nicole raised her voice at me in a rude way and sated “ you r not allowed to step in the bar, this section is only for bar drink. I responded back to her that I only picked up my cake. She then followed me to really yelled at me and my friends (we all got scanned in ) no outside drinks allowed. And very demanding , saying “who is in charge here” to my group. It was a jug of “ water” I brought for our group 7 kids who were happily watching pikachiu movie. AMC 309 general manger Nicole is not a good fit for the job. She appeared to be mad to go to work in the morning on a Saturday before mother’s day when my groups were celebrating for it, and took her anger out on customers. It’s such a shame!!!!

M Anderson

Excellent place to enjoy a wonderful date night or family outings.

Vivian Marchak

All of the people working there were courteous and helpful. And seats were absolutely wonderful.

fotios malliaris

Clean theater comfy seating

Deetra Irvin

My favorite movie house. Clean with very pleasant personnel. Live it there

George Young

They redid this place awhile back, and it's fabulous!! The chairs are comfortable and the snacks great.


Newly renovated theater

Madeline Hobson

We went to see Avengers Endgame and when we arrived our seats had no power and one of them was stuck in an awkward position. The only other available seats were in the front and side, and we are finicky about seats so we decided not to see the movie that night. The staff was extremely accommodating and kind and refunded our tickets. We will definitely be back.

Scott Zielinski

The revite to this theater is tremendous. I remember coming here as a kid and I'm glad they're still here and modernized. The assigned seating makes it stress free and there is a bar right inside.

D. Watkins

Always have a great time at AMC 309 movie theater!!!

James Ette'

Really Nice and Extremely Friendly Movie Theater staff.

Sara Nichols

So much better now that it's been refurbished. Large seats in small occupancy theaters so it's best to reserve online for popular movies early in their run if you want to sit together.

Nick Pompei

Wow. Best theater I've ever been to - the seats are awesome!

Chari Fix

Great place to see the movies. Bathrooms always dirty though

Natalia Butok

Usually we have good places to seat. But in room #8 it is not good. My daughter 44" and she has to seat on her laps because of not enough space between rows.

Brian Pearson

Dude, you can get a beer and watch a movie. Awesome.

Bonnie Hoskins

Always love my movie theater

Kay P

Staff was super nice, seats were comfy, and it wasnt super crowded. Got good suggestions for snacks and movie choice from different workers. Only issue was that I saw a horror movie and you could clearly hear the much louder showing of Aladdin next door. Still was a super great experience though!!

John Genatossio

Best place to see a movie. Great customer service!!! So clean and love the high end luxury feel

Popescu Oana

Not really happy with this cinema, 1st wewait 10 min to get our food and after we had problems in the cinema, my son and me we couldn't see all the screen because of the people in front of us., in front of my son was a lady who never lower the recliner and in front of me was just the chair but because nobody lower it , we couldn't see the nothing. The cinema should have a person in charge of this , in special because they don't have a great angle for chairs. 2nd problem was a huge light behind the last row, but so bright all movie and from time to time somebody pass in front of the light. I'm disappointed about this new cinema.


Best theater in the area. They have a bar in case the movie isn't very good. The leather, lounge, seating is awesome. Like to get one of those chairs at my place. The theater is completely renovated w better screens and sound. I've been going here since I was a kid and it's better than ever!

Steven London

Clean , every seat is a good seat. The people and staff are kind and courteous. The only thing is the sound can be louder inside the movie theater

Jet Boston

Beautiful clean and modern theater. The recliners are so nice and comfortable. The machines in the lobby that let you create your own drink are great along with icee machines and you can even out your own butter on your popcorn which rocks. I definitely recommend it.

David Hunt

Little to no customer service is offered. I have called on several occasions since it re-opened. These calls are at various time when they are open and every time, they do not answer the phone. When you go there, the people at the ticket booth are all too happy to make sure they don't have to interact with you. If there is no one there, they still direct you to use their automated machine rather than just help like a normal person. Their food is pretty good. The pretzel nuggets are top noch for a movie theater. The bar is pretty cool. The only bad part about the bar is that the last two time I went, they were closed. The theater was open, but the bar was closed.

Elizabeth Pinel

Took our grandson to see lion king.. we love the spacious reclining chair had plenty of room for our three year to move around. The theather was pack but the bathroom where clean the staff kept up with the crowd.. young staff very friendly and helpful.. i would give it a five but my hotdog was to pricey. 6.35.. haha

Johnny Judas

Great place for movies free soda refills and comfy recliners

Frank Morales

The AMC was clean. The staff was friendly. There is a full bar, but it was not open while I was there so I can't speak to the service in that area. The fountain drinks and slurpee area is self serve which made it nice for refills when I ran out for one mid-movie. This AMC has the reclining seats. Overall a good experience.

Matan Barnea

very comfortable recliner type seats. highly recommend.

Trey Morton

Not the nicest AMC but not the worst Would like them to do a better job of acknowledging Premiere and A-List Priority Lanes I feel like that’s the one of the main benefits of the programs and it gets overlooked by lazy staff/poor training or both

Tim Lukens

Newly remodeled and looks great. It is a little confusing to select your reserved seats if you have not seen the new layout inside the theaters. Picture and sound were great. Not too loud and in focus. New power seats are comfortable and view was not affected when fully reclined. Did not use the snackbar. The bathrooms were nicely kept and the facilities handled the job

Peck Reviews

The theater look like with a bar & lounge area, newest reclining seats, and updated snack area. I went on a Thursday to see The Nun and the gentleman at the ticket counter was very friendly. He heard us talking about wanting to see White Boy Rick which was to come out the next day. He up-sold us and got us to get tickets for a special showing they happened to be having that night, starting right after our original pick. That was great! But during The Nun, they did not turn the lights completely off. It was dimmed but you could read a book in there if you wanted. When I asked an employee if they could cut the lights off we were told that they are required to leave them on. Worst experience watching a movie; it took away from the whole experience. Then when we saw the next movie the lights were off. Guess it’s safe to say someone lied to us. I went back after that experience and again the lights were left on. Unfortunately I wont be back to this location.

Linda Fishman

Very clean and I really like the new chairs

Erik Wilson

Modern and clean theater. Reduced prices on Tuesdays is awesome. Concession prices are crazy but that's any movie theater.

Ben Zaitz

Easy parking, great sound and projection!

Roy Anderson

Have been going to this since the relaunch. Better seats. Recliners. More room. Regal needs to step their game up.

shely Smith

Clean theater great seats enjoy and God bless

Russian Bot #139

Nice new theater. Very cold a/c. Great sound system, reclining comfy seats.

Deborah Davis

Still a great theater. Went as a child with family to drive in and all adult life as theater. Newly remodeled is comfy. Prices on concessions...well, these are different times

Shotiko Edisherashvili

Recliner chairs good and quality good just the foods way more expensive than regal.

Trena Gustaveson

Seats are so comfortable and the place looks great. I try not to go anywhere else

John Roscoe

Very clean. Reclining seats. Not cramped at all. Has a bar. Standard movie theatre snacks and food.

Gregory D.

This AMC was always over looked by myself. I used to always go to Plymouth Meeting AMC when this one was basically in my back yard. The chairs were comfortable. This was one of the most comfortable recline chairs and when its fully reclined there was still walk way space. The surround sound and screen was really good. Popcorn wasn't cold here. Overall great experience. 5/5 rating from me.

Nayla Y

It's the movies and the seats are reclinable it's large too

sharon mack

I love the reclining seats! The cinema is small-to-midsize therefore the lines are not very long. Plenty of parking. Clean bathrooms. And a bar on the premises. What more could you ask for.

John Maltese

Clean nice and friendly...

Koi Photography

The renovation and upgraded to this theater gave it new life and created a great new experience.

Jenny Benny

Visited this theater on their discount day. The guy at the box office charged me full price. He told me I couldn't take advantage of the discount day price unless I signed up for the AMC Stubs discount card. This resulted in me refunding my full price purchase cuz he actually charged me full price. Then he put the refund on a gift card or something instead of giving it back to me in cash like I paid him. I've been to many AMC's on the discount day and this is the first time I've ever had a problem.

twistedgamer 21

Great place to watch because of the moveable chair and the amazing service

Josh Godshall

Awesome since the renovations. Great sound system with amazing reclining seats.

Kelly O

I did not bring my ID (40+ years old) and was turned down at bar, but my husband had his ID and the bartender told him he could not order for himself either. We turned around, got a refund for our tickets and went to the Movie Tavern instead. I will never go to the AMC theater again.

Mark Reid

It was clean, nice seats, and the service was great.

Buzz Bray

Nice theater, reclining seats. Way too much air conditioning.

Cynthia Marlena

It was clean, the people were friendly, purchasing the tickets was simple and there was not a long wait for food.

Annette Smith

A big improvement over what it was like before! However, they need to tighten the locks on the women's bathroom stalls. One of the locks had completely fallen off on to the floor, and many of the other locks were loose. The worker that I informed said they would call maintenance, but all they need is someone with a screwdriver!


Clean, spacious and not too big.

Al-Yassa Al-Mahi

I've always liked the theater for convenience, even when it was poorly run. The upgrade they made is phenomenal. My only issue is how they separate the menu. As soon as you hit the concession line, your eyes focus the higher priced food combos. If you look all the way over the the right, the lower priced menu is there. Great sales ploy but deceptive after you drop $100 on food for family of 5 only to see the cheaper menu on your way to your seats....other than that it's all good.

Nicki Ping

Nice theater. Nice seats and atmosphere but very pricey and always crowded


AMC 309 Cinema 9 en Pennsylvania
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