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REVIEWS OF Wunderland Milwaukie Cinemas IN Oregon

Jessi Yazzie

My family's favorite arcade! Also has good movies. We love that they also serve kettle popcorn.


Really enjoyed it here good time with my family

Jordan Wilde

Great place to play games or watch movies

Gaming and vlogs

Movie was good I wish they would get a update for the theater

Angelia Roberts

Great family fun. Wish we didnt have to pay to get in since we have to pay for the games.

Roy Johnson

Nice movie theatre. Seating arrangement and sound system was nice. Staff was friendly and helpful and there are many options of food.

Jamus Duran R

Wonderful place loved the mini golf course

L Berent

Cheap movies and fun arcade! Great place to bring kids or a fun date night!

matt hambone

Awesome games good Service and easy parking

Nicole Jordan

This is a great inexpensive place for kid and adults. Cheap mkvies and cheap but fun games

Charlena Hernanadez

My son just love it there he didn't want to leave .

Anthony Davis

Fun times. Always good vibes

Rebecca Faifai

I had the worst experience at this wunderland location today(1/26/19). I walked in today with my water bottle that I fill with water and bring everywhere I go. The manager Dale told me that I was not allowed to bring it in, so I had to drink what was in it. I thought it was ridiculous, but I still finished my water. He then came up to me while I was playing a game with my son and handed me a bag, to put my water bottle in. As he walked away he clapped his hands repeatedly. I have never been treated so poorly at a Wonderland by anyone especially a manager. He is a lucky that I kept my cool being disrespected. I will NEVER return to this location with my child again!!! The manager at Milwaukie wunderland Dale takes his power to another level!!! If you want to be disrespected and treated like a piece of s*** then go to the Milwaukie wunderland!!!

Aaron Nixon

Small and cute, good prices.

B Gg

I tried liked this place, it had more games than the Beaverton place. I wish the staff would be friendlier, almost like they hate their job. Other than that it was a great time with the family and friends.

David Brown

Nice theatre and seating arrangement was good. I like the place and have food options. For kids game playing activities are nice. You can have your card filled in minimal amount and can enjoy games and movie. I like the place and so do my kids. I came here many times and everytime it was a good experience.

Matt Tate

A family favorite. Join the mailing list for great coupons throughout the entire year! A little goes a long way. Only note; update/rotate variety of games (i.e. more shooters, dance dance revolution, or any multiplayer classic) more frequently

Peghead Pagatpatan

Fun place friendly staff great place for the little ones easy to find i would recommend

William Mobley

Nickel arcade!! Real nice employees. Clean bathrooms and a movie theater on the first floor and a blacklight mini golf course on the second. They even have an elevator if you can't take the stairs.


Been going since I was little

samantha herrera

Fun place for the hole family to play games together

Amy Cameron

Amazing movie theater and it was nice and I like this place!!!

Matt V.D.

This is a nickel arcade, movie theatre, and mini golf venue. This place is great to bring kids of any age. I bring my 14 month old here and he even has a blast. You accumulate tickets, depending on how well you do at the games, that can be spent on prizes. Normal movie theatre food selection and it can get crowded on Friday and Saturday nights.

Antonio Novelo

Awesome to take the kids for a showing. The price is very reasonable and has access to 3-D movies. Concessions are a fair price. The theaters are smaller. The arcade is cheap and entertaining. Could not ask for more from this place.

Eon Chamille

Super busy! Went on a week night and at first it wasn't so bad. The game room is a little packed and they dont allow reentry without paying cover charge if you step outside. We found there are only a few games that were actually worth playing without dumping all your money in to get a few tickets but they were so packed that we never got a chance to play those more then handful of times. Interesting enough to go once but probably wont be returning. Dave and buster's is much better overall.

Christina McKenna

Saw a newly released movie. Surprised how small the theater was but not in a bad way. Everyone working was friendly.

Nikki Shaffer

This place has changed a lot since last time I went but it's still great

Elisha Rudy

This arcade is a lot more affordable than Bowinkles.

Keykey,s channel

Always my first choice for movies, I've only ever tried the regular theater a few times before deciding its soooooo not worth going.. plus I enjoy a smaller more intimate setting.

Gordon Wilson

For family fun this is a super affordable place, brings the family together for the video games, mini golf and the movie prices can't be beat. Plus if you join the mailing list you get free entries, tokens and more

Tinkerbell 813

Always lots of fun

Michael Gallagher

Nice little community movie theater with attached arcade, especially nice for kids.

Matt C

Fun place, made me feel like a kid again.

Brian Droege

Cheap movie admission plus arcade and mini golf. The kids love it

Andrew Zufall

This review is for the movie theater side of the business, I haven't tried the arcade. The theater screen is smaller than most places I've been, the chairs are pretty comfortable, but the price makes it all worth it. Fair price for what you get. I'll gladly come back.

Steven Morris

Just not quite as good as the Salem one was in the 90s

Azi Ibbotson

Best place to take a toddler in the afternoon

Greg And Carley Roley

We love this Wunderland. Clean, friendly staff and great entertainment for the whole family. Movies here are great pricing and the kids love the smaller theaters.

Derek LeMasson

Great place to watch movies!

anthony payne

Wunderland is reasonably priced. I enjoy taking my family for some competitive basketball and table hockey. My only complaint is the employees hover around you when you play the blacklight mini golf upstairs. And some of the games stick around long past their prime.

Jake Carroll

Smaller theater but modern and nice. Inexpensive tickets, lots of fun games, pretty decent night out on a budget. Kids really enjoy it. Heck, I really enjoy it.

Jake Carlsen

A family favorite. Lots of fun.

kate valentine

Cheap but guess you get what you pay for ..... they have no brain between them all

Gary Davis III

Mini golf is kind of small space but other than that i enjoyed my time here.

Kristopher Blakeley

Standard fare local arcade and movie theater. It recently (2017) was renovated, and is much nicer than it once was, and now includes a decent mini golf course upstairs complete with black light lighting and decent (if a bit cheesy) special effects. Movie ticket pricing is as cheap as it gets, and while you won't get the full sized movie theater experience, it's certainly better than you could do at home.

alisha grezlik

I love it here! Where else can you pay $5 to fill up a card and play all the games AND get prizes in the end?! Plus a movie! As an adult, this is a fun game night. I recommend going to the Beer Store around the corner first. Who says you have to be a kid to have fun? :)

Jon Parker

GREAT value and staff was friendly/inviting. Fun time waster in DT Milwaukie :)

Maddy Fitts

I have always loved wunderland. The fact that I could play arcade games for just a nickel amazed me as a kid and now. I always have so much fun every time I come here. I love that it's not expensive at all and they still have a great atmosphere. They have old and new games, and the staff is always helpful and kind.


More expensive than it is worth, and despite being just right outside for a phone call I had to pay admittance fees all over- they should implement a thing for those of us who need to take calls or need to run to the car, like amusement parks will have stamps or bracelets on your hand

Angela Palacios

Great inexpensive place to take the family.

Mblaske studios

Always so much fun for kids and adults alike!

Ed McCoy

Went to the movies. Inexpensive, decent chairs, good popcorn.

Evan Patten

Staff were friendly and games were pretty good. It has been a few years since I been here so some things have changed that I didn't care for; they don't use nickels anymore they use a card that loads your money and tickets on it. I kind if missed the old-fashioned nostalgic feel of putting the the nickel and having the tickets ring out. I took my 3 year-old for the first time and it wasn't the same experience I got as a kid. That being said it was still fun and we all enjoyed ourselves for a pretty decent price. Great family fun.

Jopey Coffin

Was super packed, and some of the games were broken, but the stuff I came to play was cool. Pop-a-shot had plenty of basketballs and they had the rubber ducky claw machine, so we're cool. Cheap second run movie theater is awesome.


Place is nice and the mini golf is cool but the staff is horrible. Bearded kid behind the counter is rude and acts impatient with children as they choose their prizes. Yelled at my son for leaving and would not allow him back in from a quick trip to the car

Steven Lopez Langer

Very friendly and open. I enjoyed the staff and the machines here. Kept fairly clean

Delasio G

Awesome theater and service.

Gabriel Alvarez

To much fun

Mary Spooner

I had fun watching my grandson enjoy lots of different activities, taking home several ducks, and leaving points on the card for a return trip!

Richard Thagon

The fact that your games are still truly a nickel is amazing.

Margaret Kreder

Great little one screen theater. Inexpensive movie tickets. Huge arcade area.

Chris A

Great place to take family, affordable as well!!!!!

John Rigsby

Had a great birthday party. All the kids loved it.

Jonathan Mutchler

Really enjoy taking the family here. With the coupons they routinely send out it is pretty budget friendly. Definitely recommend.

Levi Cogle

Recently renovated and added mini-golf. It was one of the coolest mini golf experiences I have ever had! And cheap too! Save your pennies and bring the kids, they'll love it here just as much as I did (as I'm still a kid at heart).

Kyle Brookhouse

I've been going here as my go to arcade, and a great place to catch a film last minute for most of my life. I've been here so much its not even funny, and the manager does me and my youth group a huge favor, enabling us to have a fantastic place to bring our kids and let them have a blast. To the management, please keep doing business the way you do, and hiring great people. Sincerely, one loyal customer.

Karen Pyatt

We love coming here, especially rainy days and super hot summer days. They also have a decent movie theater that I can take the kids too, and it doesn't matter if the kids talk because we all have young children. We recently had a birthday party here, and it was great! They were super laid back, helpful, and their pricing wasn't terrible. I only wish they would charge you at the end, after tallying how many people have come in and how many children need cards. They do refund you the entrance fee, if you don't have that many people come in, but I could have saved more if I didn't get too many cards for the games. We also had a lot of last minute RSVPs and people that didn't RSVP show up, no biggie, but it would make things a bit easier for those of us that budget to the T.

Joshua Shelton

It’s a great place. It is clean and fairly priced. Needs more games though

Robin Morris

My kids love this fun entertaining video game, cinema, and mini golf place. If my kids had their way we’d be there at least ones per week.

Brendan Foster

Fun for all the fam. Can't beat the price and all the options. Cosmic Put Put, arcade games and movies.

Beth. AMAZING Hughes

We love wunderland. We have a blast everytime we go and the miniature gulf is so cool. And the manager is amazing so nice.

Michael Pommer

Good arcade. Great place to take the kids.

Michael Davis

Enjoyed a short game of mini golf with some friends and their kids. Didn't play any Arcade games but it looks like a great place to bring the family. Many things you can do while here including food movies and games. Looking forward to bring the family here again.

lakia ross

The workers were acting disrespectful towards me and I'm not gonna come back and spend my money if the service is bad

Kenny Hutchinson

This place is cheap and very entertaining.

Becca Gates

Love this place. Lots of fun games to play.

Corey Swim

Other than too many"ticket games," the place is enjoyable for kids and adults.

Nicholas Bearman

Great little arcade and really fun mini put golf course.

Robin McKinney

Super disappointed that they replaced the coin operating system with a card system. It takes away the whole purpose of a nickel arcade. It also is less enjoyable for kids.

Lace Fluharty

Very clean and the staff was attentive to all of its customers

Sapphire Sunset

All around fun place! They've got cheap movies as well. Great place for families or even just a casual date

Mark Lyle

Excellent service

The Thomas family

We had a great time! Came here for a 2nd grade birthday party and had a blast. Would definitely go back and without the kids

Matthew Craig

Small movie theater, OK game area, It is a kids place though.

Bryan Watt

Always a great time. Great staff...go on a Wednesday! Only a buck and a quarter to get in!

little cartoonist

Great place to have fun with the family!

James Stewart

I have a gripe about one of the machines. But it's still usually a very fun place to go

Candace Sims

Got an amazing coupon in the mail for being part of their newsletter and it was free admission for up tp 8 people in the family plus $2.50 on each card. This saved my family of 6 about $35. What a good value for such a small commitment. Thank you Wunderland

Mackenzie Powell

Cheaper alternative for movies than your average cinema. Its 30$ for one adult two kids with medium popcorns and drinks, and its always empty. Can't beat that!

Olive Lai

Great price for movies and the arcade! Watch movies here before 6 pm is only $5.5! The movie theater is small but we don’t mind it. We went there for avengers movie at night time. All the people are really laid back. The arcade just takes Nickels! Cheaper than most arcade! They also have mini golf upstairs, we haven’t tried it but we will definitely try it out later! Recommend it if you want cheaper price for movie and don’t mind small movie theater!

Dianne Williams

Great place to take your kids and have fun.

Jim Vargas

It's a slick little joint. Good to avoid crowds, catch a movie in a small theater.

Topher Henness

Good skee-ball, and what else matters? Okay, seriously. Friendly staff, a good selection of games, cheap fun, and a dirt cheap movie theater. What's not to love?

Tony Reyes

The fact that i dont have to break bank to treat myself and my family they have kettle pop corn. The only thing is missing is hotdog in a bun and personal pizza. I would love that more if they have it. Great place to bring your family to watch a family movie.

Erin yasin

Fun for kids and family

Joseph Myers

Love the experience here and watching movies is great economy and close to our home.

Denyse Schwengels-Loe

Always great to see double features! I thought that was a trend of days long gone! But not here!!

Tim Giugni

Reasonably priced theater where you can take the entire family and the employees seem happy to be working there.

Robert Brents

We always have a good time here. It's a great place to just tune out and plug into the fun for a couple of hours.

Holly Curtiss

It's too small but really fun

Amanda Hudson

The theater was fine, but the manager was irritatingly type A. As I waited in the hallway before the movie started, he repeatedly issued unsolicited instructions about where I should stand and when I could go into the theater. Message received, you are in charge, buddy. It was a bit much for a Tuesday matinee. With the numerous bargain theaters in the area, I have little interest to return to his domain.

Kevin D.

Was here for a friends kids b'day party and had a good time. The arcade floor is pretty loud and there is basically no food available so bring some snacks at least

Gary Wasserman

Economical first run picture house. Movie and popcorn at a reasonable price. Friendly staff. Convenient street parking.

Ellisia Cone

Always nice here. Wed is a discounted fee to get in. Only.1.25 so not bas.


Good theater seating, low price concessions. A LOT of nickle(card swipe) games. Fun place. Ticket prizes are a little lame...but I'm not a kiddo so I don't expect anything :p

Tayller Phillips

Nice theater, great price, nice staff. Only bummer is you can’t bring in your own empty water bottle and get it filled with water (even regal allows it). We even bought treats from them, and they said we could buy .50 waters (little Dixie cups) and get free refills...... why couldn’t we just pay .50 for them to fill up our water bottles ... instead of wasting cups

Neil McGown

Always fun. Great discounted movies and nickel arcades. Fun for the whole family!

Jaz A

I got one of the water yo-yo’s and when I looked at the water in it, it looked like there was DIED SKIN in it. Not to be a hater but I think their going down hill

Chris McCann

Cheap and fun

Edwin Perez

Fun place for the plebes

Raquel Wright

I loved this place since I was a kid .

Nichole Daniels

Not my favorite Wunderland. The process to play mini golf seems to be organized but its not. We bought our tickets and where given a set time to play. We went up at our set time and they had given the set time to. Another group as well. We had to stand around and wait forever. The lady explaining the rules was very short when talking to us. After finishing up playing mini golf we moved on to the games area. There were several games that were not working correctly. It was very hard to find some to help fix them. Went up to the front desk and the were several people just standing there. I think if they were a bit more organized it would all be running smoother therefore making it a better experience for customers. I personally will stick to the Gresham Wunderland myself.

Adrian Barrera

Overpriced place sometimes you'll spend more to get in then what you spend in the games. Cheap theater tickets but when you get in to see the movies you know why their cheap. My kids like this place.

Cristie Poole

Lots of fun!! Like 5 hours worth of fun to be exact. :)

eugene wewa

Watched how to train your dragon what a great movie .... Nickle games were great also

Jeremy Colbert

Updated games and fun times with my kids.

Betty Denny

Cute small town theatre and game land. Comfortable seats. Clean. Inexpensive compared to “big” theatres.

Tyrel Johnson

I took my children and a friend here to play the arcades. It was a great time. My 3 and 5 year old were able to find several games they were well entertained by. The tickets were easily tracked on their play cards. Prizes were better than I suspected they would be.

Charles Lewis

Daddy and me night at Wunderland. Kids love the place.

Tessa Brich

Cute glow in the dark mini golf

jody ausmus

Miniature golf was a bit scary for my 8 yr old. Lots of jumping out items and noises. They refunded the money and we played games. It was a great experience overall with very helpful staff.


This a kind of hokey place with an old fashioned nickel pinball gallery. It is three blocks from my home, so convenient. Just one screen but, current movie.

Amanda Sheppard

Much smaller indoor area.

Jason Belmore

So much fun for all ages. Games for bigger and smaller kids.

Jamie Cooper

Cute little theater with good prices

Amy Collver

Awesome mini golf.

nick baird

Great place to take the kids

Thomas Chasity

Enjoyed the film, popcorn and time with my woman. Made my last weekend.

Morgan family playtime, kid cooking & toyreviews!!

Great variety of games, awesome little golf course upstairs with black lights and the prices are fantastic


This place has a great arcade filled with games for everyone of all ages. Popcorn, drinks, snacks. They have it all. Games are well maintained and space is clean. Great place to his kids birthday parties. The environment is particularly good for young ones with all the bright lights and sounds. We will be back again soon!

.. Greco

Great place for fun and movies

Matthew White

The kids always have a great time here. I've only ever been for birthday parties but it seems like a great venue for that. You can play a lot of games without spending very much money. It would be nice if they had hand sanitizer stations with all those kids running around touching everything so if you're a germophobe, bring your own.

Bill Meigh

Went for a movie and the seats were uncomfortable and the sound system is fromn1970. Then after the movie the kids were playing games and I went outside and they would not let me get back with my group without paying again. I wonder how much additional $$$ I would have spent if I was able to return to my games. My card only had 5$ on it so they got to steal that but I had more ready to reload my card with so they lost those additional funds

Jay Lastname

Worst location for wunderland, go to Gresham or Beaverton.

Kenneth Haertling

Good value movie prices, fun arcade, and mini golf. Only complaint is the snacks were not fresh for the movie, the icy drink tasted as though the machine had not been properly cleaned forever. If people know you keep everything fresh they are more likely to buy it, therefore helping you move stock, keeping it fresh in turn.

You've Been Taylored

My daughter loves this place good for all ages and the prizes are obtainable for small kids, as well.

Colten Tidwell

Good value. Wish they had more games that weren’t geared towards winning tickets. Movie prices are great.

Grant Williams

Excellent place to hide from the punishing heat.

cris stovall

Awesome place to take the kidos, and hey even as a adult I love playing arcade games here.

Shana Hays

If you're trying to go with kids than this location is far more...kid appropriate as far as these places go.

Myrtle Tate

Fun with the Granddaughter

Jody Mendoza

Saw Incredible s 2, except for the guy who sat behind us who announced his feelings all throughout the movie about what was happening in the movie (think soccer announcer)..... The theater was fine. $21 for three adults is a pretty good deal for a 1st run movie. They remodeled the bathrooms and staff are really friendly.

David Rhay

The miniature golf and theater pack a lot of fun into one visit.

Stephanie Andrews

This tiny arcade, tucked away in downtown Milwaukie is cute. However, there is not a wide variety of games to play. The mini golf is fun but the space is small. There is always free parking, which is a plus.

Michelle Peterson

Fun place. Liking the renovation.

Katie Mansfield

They have a new miniature golf course up stairs which us really cool looking, but they have holes that are animated. So if you anyone is sensitive to noise or dosent like things that surprise them I would stear clear of the mini golf.

Marcia Figueroa

The movies should be louder. Great staff!

Anne LeSenne

Fun place to bring the kids. Play some arcade games, watch a movie, play mini golf.

Mud Dog

So much fun

Brian Strickland

Awesome place great games and always brining out new movies.

Jessica Phillips

I love the game but to small

Mike Hernandez

Had sucha blast with my son here great place good prices lots of nickle games and prizes too.

Angel Girl

Great movie and game time tonight :)

Aerial Bear

Kid-oriented cinema and arcade. The arcade is small but varied and upstairs there blacklight minigolf with a jungle theme. Had a great time in the arcade with an eight year old.

Jenah Winkler

It's a nice little movie place. There are 2 little theater areas inside wonderland. The movies cost about $6.50. In the back space is a arcade section. There is a place to buy refreshments and snacks. It's a nice little place to go to pass some time with young children. Or for some teenagers to hang out and have some fun.

Mlgspacedorito Peridork

An absolute wonder to take the kids to. Decent priced with a good selection.

Heidi Pennington

Some games are set up so you don’t get complete time. Also prices compared to other wonderlands are quite high. Belmont is more economical and you get full play time.

andrea perkins

My daughter loved this place so much. And ita so cheao we can come here regularly!


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